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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  February 13, 2017 7:00am-8:01am EST

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♪ host: good morning, it is monday, if there were a 13th, 2017. the house is back in session later today. we'll talk about some of the items that are on the agenda this week. getting your thoughts on the growing list of retailers who decided to no longer sell trump family brands. it comes amid an online campaign calling for a full one cut of the trump brand. -- a full boycott of the trump brand. we are asking how you feel.
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you can catch up with us on social media. a very good monday morning to you it would begin with this "washington post those quote story. the list of companies dropping products. -- major retail retailer subsidiary kmart will discontinue online sales of 31 items from the trump home collection. the story noting that in the past week nordstrom's, neiman marcus and belk stopped selling ivanka trump name brand shoes. none of the companies have
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directly addressed that campaign called "grab your wallet." their statement suggests that the statement was driven by consumer feedback and how well the product sales. has -- hereampaign is their facebook information, encouraging customers. directing people to the grab your wallet website. regarding ivanka trump's brand earned a response from president trump on his twitter page last week. two tweets about his daughter. the first -- a couple of days later, he wrote -- ask
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those two tweets were the new york times uses today in the story with this headline -- ask line -- with this headline they going to other examples. are asking you your thoughts on the decision by some retailers to drop trump branded products. phone lines again -- eric is up first. white plains, maryland. good morning. c-span.good morning, thank you again for giving me the opportunity to express
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myself c-span is the only media that i trust where american people can express themselves. when it comes to the question, i am very saddened. i wasn't born in this country. i became a citizen and i believe in the american dream. i believe in the first amendment. i'm saying that since donald trump has been elected, the left -- therecompletely become the new mustek terrorism. the media is not denouncing it. they are boycotting all the products. this is not a good way to express themselves. the democrats should remember in four years there will be election. i am an independent. that is my comment. thank you, c-span.
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host: mike in white house, ohio. caller: thanks for taking my call. i wanted to bring a point of that if somebody had done this to michelle over barack obama or their family, the outrage would be immense from all over the country. wanted to get your guys thoughts. host: what do you think of the efforts to target the brands going after the president and his family in that way back up -- in that way? jeffrey, good morning. caller: good morning. i have a comment. son.65 still work her i voted democrat my entire life, but this is the reason i have left the party. it is a bunch of "demo-bullies."
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i am ashamed of it. my party needs to come back home. host: what do you think of the president's response to this? do you think he should be tweeting about it? what your that is objective is is to get a reaction from our president, i am more concerned if we get some jobs going. this divisiveness, it trickles down to our kids. it is all about, they are no good, they hate you. we are on your side. look what you people have done in the last eight years. there is not a country out there that we have a better relationship -- it goes on and on. failure, failure, failure. host: pamela is up next, line for democrats. caller: good morning.
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it is funny, the guy from ohio who just spoke. it is funny that republicans are partyed to have -- be the that likes freedom of speech and freedom of assembly and all of that type of thing, but when democrats do it, it is a problem. when nordstrom and other stores do it, is a problem. president trump, he has the daughtersay, well, his -- by her products. it, theocrats do companies do it, it is a problem. i don't understand it. goal what do you think the of this boycott effort is? caller: i am not really sure wallet"at "grab your
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campaign. i guess they don't agree with his policies. as far as the stores, the bottom line is the online. if you are losing money, you are losing money. they are going to go with what is good for keeping them in the black. host: nordstrom last week saying the company's decision to pull the products was based on the products performance, not politics. here is a quote. belk another one of those companies that stopped selling ivanka trump brand products says --
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rob is in delaware. good morning. caller: yes, what does it matter whether products are being sold? shouldn't he be running the country? he is the president and you are worried about products. if they are good enough, they will be sold. host: do you think it was right to bring it up on his twitter page. caller: i think he should be running the country. all he does is worry about all this stuff. worry about the country. host: the president's response, the subject of some outlets, political cartoonists, saturday night live. -- to tank drivers reading a dispatch from cincom regarding orders from the president commanding them to withdraw from korea and
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redeployed to nordstrom. live,n saturday night lampooning of sean spicer from the podium and this issue came up. here's the clip. [video clip] >> and there is the terrorism this week when nordstrom's decided -- [laughter] [applause] clothingive line of and accessories. these are high quality products. in fact, i am wearing one of her bangles. it is beautiful, shimmery, $39.99.and unbelievably affordable. don't even get me started on her shoes. [laughter] [cheering] host: that from saturday night live this past weekend and we
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are asking you your thoughts from retailers that dropped trump branded products and the wider campaign by some groups online to boycott specifically trump family branded products. let's go to darrell -- darnell in kansas. i am all for what they retailers are doing. there are consequences for what a businessman says or does, and he was a voted in because he was a smart businessman, it doesn't seem so smart now. the consumers are voting with their wallets and the retailers, they are business people, they have to go the way of their consumers. i hope it continues. host: what is the point? to send a message of displeasure? caller: absolutely. he is making a mockery of america. we are on a decline.
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again, the retailers, they are smart. trump, he said he is a smart businessman, but it doesn't seem like it is going that way right now. host: jim, spartanburg, south carolina. caller: good morning. i want to say that when the lady -- solely for political reason. yet when a bakery refuses to make a gay wedding cake for religious reasons, they don't have that right according to liberals. do you see the hypocrisy? it goes beyond nordstrom. he goes across the whole spectrum of issues. they want to bar people from shopping at certain places. yet a gay person -- a bakery cannot have free will to do what they want to do with their product. i think it is pretty incredible
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-- a lot of hypocrisy out there. host: stephanie is in montclair, new jersey. caller: i want to say donald trump should not be tweeting about his daughter pictures a big girl, ok? january.done in evocative has known about this since january. just ivanka -- ivanka has known about this since january. host: does the timing make a difference? caller: no, it doesn't make a difference. ivanka did not say anything about it. sinces known about it january. but it wasrted then, like, this is what happened. the newscasters went on
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something else. to donald trump feels he has seek out -- speak out about his daughter. an article in usa today's money section that president trump finished a distant third among norstrom workers who made individual campaign conjugations -- campaign contributions. hillary clinton of course took first place receiving $38,000 from 60 donors whose employer was identified as nordstrom. senator bernie sanders took second place. donald trump, $2500 from 17 nordstrom donors according to the data. the employees joined eric nordstrom who gave a donation to hillary clinton's campaign last year.
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brian is in northeast in washington. good morning. caller: good morning, c-span. i was calling to say i do support the retailers act of dumping trump in the way that it's his right at home just like in indiana with mike pence proposals with the state -- what the state in the bind. the professional sports, college sports, big economic drivers spoke and the end them people listened -- and the indiana people listened. just like we talked about the nfl boycotting texas. actions do make a difference. all the wayproven from indiana to our super bowl,
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and now i am going to to kmart or sears and purchase my valentines gift for my loved ones. thanks for a great show. host: did you get a chance to listen to the caller earlier that said this is hypocritical, because some of these same groups might criticize a baker for religious reasons do not want to make a cake for a gay wedding? call, butmissed the with your comment. that is why we are americans and we have a choice to support the ideas that we believe in. whether it is through a letter or me talking to you over the purchasing,tive they are sign of what we believe in and what we want ever country to strive for. donald trump said that he was electronically
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communications and go to a handwritten letter with a courier. haven't seen it done yet. i'm listening to a senator from virginia say that they have voter fraud -- good grief and i am in washington state p we mail in our ballots. i agree with the president, signed it on a piece of paper, have it hand-delivered, whether it is a post office or courier. things are going to be 100% no fraud. i really appreciate your show. i think there is no h ypocriticism involved here if people have different views and act according to support those views and idea. host: on twitter --
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the wall street journal story from over the weekend about these issues, talks about ivanka trump took a leave of absence from her family's company and her own brand when her family was sworn in as 44th -- 45th resident last month -- 45th president last month. the new york times with the front-page story today talking about donald trump's two oldest sons and their work to guide the trump organization since they began taking over that, piloting an empire through a tempest.
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if you want to read that story, it is in today's new york times. catherine is in massachusetts. line for republicans. good morning. caller: i think it is very hypocritical and i think people go and google obama's birth certificate. this man was a total farce. he is not a legitimate president . everything that he has done for this country, given money to iran, just before he left office, he gave billions of dollars to iran and these people -- they love obama. they hate trump. trump worked his tail off for this country.
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why don't they see what obama has done to this country and how they are using a boarded baby cells in the foods that we eat. they should check out what obama has done for this country. host: let's go to eric, washington, dc. caller: good morning. i have a couple of things. people like that call. what i find about c-span, they are not correcting people when they make false statements. about that birth thing. they are telling me. -- they are killing me. they dropped them lines because it is not making money. , now all of a sudden the republicans want to go clean by yacht, they want us all to come together. when president obama was going -- was there, people were going around the guns, the patriots. now when we decide want to protest, there is a problem p it where thugs, hoodlums. be strong, democrats.
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eventually everything will come. . it is amazing to me that you are not stopping people when they make these false statements. that is not right. host: you got your chance after the caller before. let's go to jamie and seven, maryland. caller: i want to say that i love what is going on with the retailers and them paying attention to the customers. it is still supply and demand. the customers are not happy, then they dropped the product. independent.i am i want to say as far as the far right goes, they remind me of the mom of the child that bullies all the kids at the playground. while there child is in the leg around throwing rocks, they turned their backs, the act like they see nothing is going on and they ignore it. soon as someone stands up to recruit their child, then they
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they want to rally against him. trump, he created his situation. trump was a bully. people.he spoke about people,he speaks about whether it is arrogant, the words he chooses. people chose to ignore that. they try to say he is been sarcastic. he doesn't mean that. as soon as somebody fights back or people exercise whatever they can do, whether it is not supporting retailers that carry his product or his last name, then they have an issue. , even want to say political satire, people are so -- the fact ofp
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the matter is not long ago, you remember in paris when a lot of people had problems with the political satire there when it came to them joking about muslims and the cartoons in these kinds of things. they said, no, it is freedom of speech. why is this an issue because snl to maketo continue jokes about trump? it is comedy. a lot of times, comedy doesn't urge people to get more in-depth with things. people who would not normally be in politics. marylandie in several, . donald trump speaking to defend his daughter and also some of those within the white house taking to the airways to defend amaga trump. kellyanne conway raised a lot of
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eyebrows for comments she made about ivanka trump's brand. here is that statement she made. >> i do find it ironic that you have got some executives all over the internet bragging about what they have done to her and her line, and yet they are using the most prominent woman in donald trump's -- they are using him.o get to stuff -- ivanka's stuff. >> there is that #, grab your wallet. is that behind the stuff? >> we know where that came from. that is been a huge failure. they had a whole election. she had no message, no positive message. that failed. they had a margin saying the same thing the day after he was sworn in.
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they are welcomed to march. but what is coming of it in terms of commercial interest? this is the test this is a wonderful line -- this is a wonderful line. go buy it, everybody. saying latericer that kellyanne conway have been counseled about those statements on fox and friends it also, this story coming late last week. jason chaffetz and elijah cummings say kellyanne conway appeared to violate ethics laws. the two heads of the government oversight reform committee sending that letter last week. want to get more of your calls this morning. we're asking about retailers that dropped trump branded products. phone numbers again.
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also want to tell you some of the other news -- some of the agenda on capitol hill this week. mnuchin poised to secure confirmation is the headline in the wall street journal. senate is expected to confirm steve mnuchin as soon as tonight. the story noting that his confirmation has faced the delays of the lace -- of and he appears to went confirmation with a historically weak margin. confirmed, he is will be six more trump cabinet picks. interior secretary brian thank you -- brian zinkie.
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that is some of the confirmation hearings scheduled covering all of the confirmation votes here on c-span. one other story today happened today at the white house. justin trudeau is set to hold his first talk with donald trump face-to-face here in washington d c p or he will be at the white house today. story noting the age difference between the two men. mr. trudeau, 45. mr. trump, 70. we will be talking more about that visit happened today later in our program, talking with a
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reporter who is traveling with the canadian prime minister today. back to your calls. jefferson city, missouri. republicans. your thoughts on these retailers ? caller: i think it is a bold. -- bull. trump signed everything over to his kids to take anything away so he ain't on their. there is no ethics problem. the same with his daughter. it ain't the consumer going out and buy -- it is the liberal ceos that want to put everything up and the lies and make it something that it is not. this is crazy. obama got in there and we showed up and let the guy have a chance. and gave him eight years. we -- trump cannot even get his cabinet in their to fix the screwup.
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i don't see any of those democrats out there giving up their government check when they get into office. trump is giving his money over to the treasury to get this country out of the mess the democrats have gotten it into. when are these people going to open their eyes up? the only reason people are working in the last eight years of the ones that the democrats -- to cause mayhem in this country. otherwise everybody that is hard-working in this country, give up working or work to a three jobs to make ends meet. give trump a chance. this is crazy. host: you mentioned reactions from ceos. some ceos with kind things to say including the story that was in business insider. kevin plank of under armour not holding back his praise in an interview with cnbc's report.
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donald is waiting. live from democrats. caller: i am sitting here listening to all of these people calling in. they keep -- talking about trump and them. this man -- do these people realize and understand that we have a congress, senate. trump must go through in order to create all of these things he is going to do? i sat there and told my wife a morning, i said, you should not vote because i see you sitting here. some of these people say some of the craziest things. c-span, you are almost becoming a part of the media.
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you let people call in and say thanks and i see other times you correct people. other times -- why you let some of these people go on and on and we already know where they got the information from. some people say some of the dumbest things. host: what do you think about the retailers question yucca caller: -- question? caller: it is about business decisions. these people are losing money. i don't know if their left-wing or right-wing. these people are losing money. that is what it is based upon, losing money. what are they going to do? pull it from the shelf if it is not selling. all these people [indiscernible] refusing gay people, that is a whole different story.
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that is discrimination. that wasn't about losing money. that was based upon discrimination. that was discrimination. this is different. this is about people not buying these people's products. why should they keep it on the shelf? host: let's go to sterling. caller: good morning. i agree with the last caller about the republican callers with the rightee for the company to stop selling products if they are not making money. that is what capitalism is about . the problem is it republicans -- no one plays board more better than the board more better than the republicans. they are costly under attack.
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they gave obama eight years of a chance -- they protested him from day one and said they wanted their country back. they fought against them to then nail every step of the way. trump has been in for two weeks. he got one band halted in the court and republicans are losing their darn minds. thank you. host: john smith writes that i hope retailers know -- along at c-span wj gives a calling george did. a line for republicans. caller: good morning and thank you for letting me call. i don't know if nordstrom's is losing money altogether, but this is the greatest pr advertising scam they ever came up with. mi on? host: why is this the greatest scam? caller: this is the greatest
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advertising scam that norstrom ever came up with. -- i amo say something a combat vietnam veteran, also i spent three months in the hospital. i fought in the central islands. if that gives me any know, i amon -- you tired -- i am an american .aucasian i am so tired of listening to black callers stereotype us white people to the point of where you just let them go on. anything and say not stereotype, you caught me right off. i'm not going to say other than the one man said our calls are stupid. i wish you would've -- here's
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the thing. much you think there's too stereotyping all around? how do we get away from that yucca -- from that? caller: you have been running saturday night live for days. show us the other side of the spectrum. don't just advertise for saturday night live. it is ridiculous that you do that. i don't find it other than sophomore humor, childish at best. obama butent against he had the congress for the first two years. the guy went gothic. we had the right to do that because he was a socialist. i'm a capitalist. i want my taxes down. the unchecked appellation from the blacks is ridiculous. they're voting for color. they have the option of being
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racist if they like. color?o you think it is or politics? caller: 96% of black voters voted for obama. we arere the people that giving trillions of dollars in two from schools in every conceivable program on earth. they are going to sit there and tell me that they are not bigots when 96% -- they voted for color. i don't want to go into far. host: let's stick to the question we are talking about. retailers talking about -- dropping products. the financial times with the story about donald trump business interests -- the truck brand, the headline of the story .
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steve, ohio. good morning. caller: thank for taking my call. i think it is terrific that norstrom did. my wife called up and canceled
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her $5,000 credit card. my credit ranking is going to go up because since these people -- these retailers are going to politicize, we're going to cut our credit cards. our credit cards. pretty soon i will be on cash only. -- i am down to two days a week instead of seven days a week. my wife once a tv guide. she wants the ads on sunday. she is about ready to give up on the ads and if i can get her a tv guide, i will be spending money on the columbus dispatch. i'm going to make some its money on this in my credit rating is going to be over the top. i think this is terrific. i think what we're seeing here is proof that forest gump is absolutely right, stupid is as stupid does. they should not politicize their business. 50% of the people voted one way and 50% the other.
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this was very stupid. what we are seeing is the death of two things -- the democratic party is dead. the definition of a politician on both sides. the way it is going, when it comes to 2018, the republicans are just as much in danger of a being voted out as the democrats. people want results. american people are not going to put up with this anymore. host: you think it is for an independent candidate to step up? caller: absolutely. i told my friends i was disappointed -- i was only disappointed in one thing in the presidential election. i said, that i cannot run against hillary clinton. i said because anybody could've beat her. she was such a poor candidate. host: beverly is waiting in the
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carolina. caller: good morning. how are you? god, what a program. trump waswhen mr. elected, he should've gotten a copy of the constitution. in it it is written the emolument clause. allrohibits, protects presidents in the nation from people like mr. trump who has all these businesses and are collecting money from them. .nything can happen to us he raised cain about his daughter's business. can you imagine if it was his business? either way do you really think believe thatpeople his sons have taken over his businesses? he knows nothing about them?
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they have made a mockery of the president of the united states. read theld constitution, and then decide whether they want to become president or run for president to all people should do that. this is the most meticulous bunch of people i have ever seen in office. host: have you ever bought a trump branded product? caller: i don't even know what his products are it i do know that the emolument clause say that he must rid of everything with his name on it, so that it people --ect him from you scratch my hand, and i will scratch yours. it protects the people from having a person like this. host: let me ask you a question from liz smith -- do you think boycotting milani's clothing is
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going to impact their lives? caller: i have no idea. i almost said i don't care. i really think -- it is going to impact his life. he has no business being in her problem. country.t to the country. you don't do that as the president. he is a very small minded person. it is my way or the highway, so it is my daughter's close or they are wrong. these people can shut down their businesses when they want to shut it down, as long as they are not disobeying the constitution. host: henderson, nevada. good morning. don, are you with us yucca -- with us? caller: thank you for taking the calls. we're getting the white spectrum. host: what do you think? caller: we are getting a lot of
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calls in and it is good to hear about it. is far as the retailers and the trump brands, i am glad they put it out there, because i am not going to buy any of their products. , i am not going to buy a from any of the stores i mean. i'm glad they identified themselves. hollywood and the left wing progressives and the mainstream networks,the cable most of them, they are so delusional, i was sitting here and watching trump and the first thing that came to my mind were the japanese during world war ii. i believe it was iwo jima where they were jumping off the cliffs.
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and thathe comparison all analytical point of view i have of the extreme left democrats. i have never seen so much disrespect for the office of the presidency. let alone their family and the children of the president, no matter how old they are. case in point, when obama was asked about his transcripts from harvard university, those have not come up yet to this day. and everybody in the media is fixated on his tax returns. i only have one thing to say to -- you areng delusional democrats. you are out of the mainstream. host: when you talk about the suspect for the office of the
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president. what do you say to the democrats we say republicans were doing the same thing to us president obama when they were trying to undermine his birth certificate and spread rumors about his verses get? -- his birth certificate? host: i don't think that was a good thing. i think it was way out of left field. it should not have even been brought into the picture. they attacked president bush and -- aclaimed he was awol left wing reporter from cbs and he was gone after that. this politics in america has gone so far out, like i say. it reminds me of the people who were jumping off the cliffs -- the japanese. host: let's go to jen in
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michigan. line for independence. caller: good morning. truthfully, i continue to say every time i call that i am unaffiliated because i think most people call themselves independents -- they lean very heavily in one direction or the other. my points are, as a business person, i would have preferred the president would have may be called in the head of notions -- of nordstrom's or somebody to speak on their behalf and try to figure out what was going on. i keep hearing that he is a great businessman and negotiator, and i don't understand his tactics on some of the stuff like trying to publicly shame someone into keeping a line in their store. the other thing -- host: do you think he would be even more criticize if he had
7:47 am
those heads of the companies meet with him? caller: that is out business is done. if he is going to involve himself was a think he has a lot of things that he should be dealing with. my other point is i wish his family would lead by example, in that he would bring his businesses act to his country, along with ivanka. why don't they start producing their clothing lines here in this country and give americans jobs? that would win him all kinds of stars on the calendar. it is just after 7:45 on the east coast. a couple of other stories. we are going to continue with this topic until the top of the hour. this story is from the associated press.
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one of the story. the story leading the "washington post" and another wash -- another national paper.
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we will look to see if anything develops on that story. findlay, ohio. democrat. caller: hi. thank you for taking my call. the whole nordstrom thing, the stores, ifny of them the product is not selling, the store is going to get rid of it to get something in that is more profitable. host: is this a different kind of product because of the nature of who it is? straights of a business decision because of the name? caller: i don't think it has to do with the name. i think it has to do with the products are probably very expensive. nothing i could ever expect -- i could ever afford. a lot of the average people who voted for trump, they can't aboard -- they can't afford her products. the store that carries those
7:50 am
products are not selling, they are going to get rid of them. in trump's perspective, he feels like he is always right. it is always someone else's fault. if things don't go his way, it is your bad and you're wrong. he is always the one that is right. host: do you think that is helpful to some of the stores that he goes after echo -- he goes after? caller: that it helps them? pressd hope that the would not help the other stores -- help his other products that would be really wrong because something sells more. that is not right. i feel like the whole thing about these regulations that he
7:51 am
is taking away, all his perspective is is making sure because wet richer, have grown up our whole lives with rules and regulations. if you have a business, you should have rules and regulations. i will less some may be over the top but a lot of these relations , all they are going to do is profit that business. it doesn't always go down because business can take a regulation away. a tax change or whatever. they make more profit and he thinks this is going to get these people to hire more people? no it is not. they just want the extra money in their pocket. that is why when you see gas prices didn'toil change but yet the gas prices go up. it is all about that top-of-the-line. my son worked for the gas station when they make phone
7:52 am
calls and said raise the price. it is all about that topline. host: got your point. we are talking about -- not only butrab your wallet campaign the decisions by retailers deciding to drop trump branded products for whatever reason they decided to do that. certainly the grab your wallet campaign, a story in today's washington post -- talking all about it. have a few minutes left to do
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it. willie is in bilton, virginia. caller: yes sir. how are you? my name is roy. i wanted to comment mainly, think in our political scene today, we have gotten to where we are getting our eye off the ball of what is important. of course, whether or not a store wants to drop trump roddick's is up to them. i believe it was political. someone may believe it is not. neither one of us know. that is the bottom line. what i do know is that if we continue down this path of making the miniscule important, our country is headed for help. -- headed for hell. there is no other way to look at it. we talk about who said this, who
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said what. yesterday, i was in a convenience store in colonial beach, virginia. a lady who worked at the store was losing her job because they did not want to give her enough hours to pay her insurance. that is what we ought to be talking about, not clothing. host: do you think when the president tweets about these sorts of things, talking about his daughter's clothing line not appearing on shelves? to you think that adds to that -- do you think that adds to that? does he have some responsibility? caller: you have shown me one person that doesn't have some responsibility. it is a most never cut and dried. the problem i am having is, i was not a huge trump supporter, but i was not a supporter of the way our country was headed.
7:55 am
i don't hate anyone. i am now being branded as a hater because i don't fall in line with the democratic president? i never hated anyone when they voted for obama two times i do believe the president has something to do with it. the media is taking as much as far as anyone. i think it is easy to see if a person will be reasonable. here was my main point. if you continue to stoke fires this hard, real hurt will come to somebody. we will be talking about, there were some protesters here. what we will be talking about is protesters from trump and from the democrats all got together one night and a bunch of them got killed. wait for that story. host: on twitter --
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gabriel is in connecticut. good morning. caller: good morning pretty pretty much, i don't think it is good or bad thing. i think it is irrelevant. even bad attention will be good attention. market.nd, it is a free it is up to the people and the this is his and consumers. i wish we had more choice in the primaries or the elections and having more options. trump has a lot of potential host:. when you talk about more options, you didn't think there was enough candidates? are you talking about the republican primary for the democratic primary echo caller: -- primary?
7:57 am
caller: i tried to vote but i think ahead to be aligned with a certain party before i could vote. host: you are talking about the primary rules in connecticut? caller: exactly. i got sidetracked from the actual elections. i never got my vote in either. if the light i am voting the lesser of two evils. host: are you going to vote next time? caller: i hope so. i voted for obama. host: time for a few more calls. mount vernon, new york. caller: i would like to chime in on the comment you made about the options in the democrat and republican. i don't think there was enough options. listing.
7:58 am
-- i'm listening. caller: how many candidates were running for the republican party? host: 16, i believe. caller: how many for the democrats? host: five and then down to two. caller: the way the election turned out is because the people that normally voted for obama did not vote because they did not see enough choices. they didn't see enough debate. countryoint that the became stale underneath obama's administration because of the tactics the republicans took to stop him from making any progress, this man turned the whole country around. his men got bin laden, this meant stabilize the economy. none of that was brought up underneath the democrats campaign to continue moving the
7:59 am
country forward. host: do you think they will make more of a point to do that next time? caller: when the public back, that is what they have to do. this issue with trump business, the country is tired of the business taking advantage of the little guy. they don't pay their fair share of taxes, ok? they take jobs out of the country so they can make more money. they do all of these undercutting things to the economy and the expected people to respond in a positive way. that is not going to happen. host: mica, our last caller in this segment. we'll take a look at the week ahead at the white house. we will be joined by mike nussbaum. max stier will join us to discuss workforce rules for federal employees as well as the federal employee hiring freeze.
8:00 am
♪ tonight, on the communicators. the new chair of the house subcommittee on communications and technology, marsha blackburn, on her priorities for the subcommittee and how she expects communications and tech


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