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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  February 16, 2017 7:00am-7:34am EST

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froms arounthe country, "the washington post," "first nominee." eat, labor
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throwing the white house into "more turmoil." "the washington times" editorializing this way, "democrats finally get a scalp." the editorial board of "the wall street journal" this morning, "another trump casualty this morning." "the white house should be especially concerned that republican senators dumped zder soner -- mr. pu easily. this is what happens when republicans fe they must us in some cells from such an unpopularresident." for more on that nomination withdrawal, we turn to russell berman, associate editor of "the ." antic what happened yesterday? why did he see his route -- why
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did andrew poster sees support crumble? guest: republican senators withheld their support. it became clear he wouldn't have the votes. it was a combination of injured -- of issues. having acknowledged that he employed an undocumented immigrant for several years as a household made. that was obviously a problem given the trump administration's hard-line stance on immigration. he has also supported higher levels of immigration and that was probably going to be an replican some senators. in then there were the allegations that he abused his ex-wife in the 80's. there was a video of an appearancehat his ex-wife made on "the oprah winfrey show" that came to life and recently -- came to light in recent weeks. the, of those two issues in seems to -- the
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combination of those two issues in particular seems to have cost in the nomination. we know this point do how ny republicans were prepared to vote against him if it came to a floor vote? guest: thereere reports that a dozen we shaky and him. the latest report from cnn was not there were four firm votes. many of them were on the senate ouldth committee, who consider the nomination and hold the hearing that was scheduled for this morning. including san collins of maine. if on that commiee even one republican voted against puzder and all demoats opposed him, than his nomination would have stalled in committee. given the narrow senate majority, he didn't have much to lose in the first place. was: of l the nominees, andrew puzder expected to be the hardest to get through? yes, his nomination has
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been in trouble for a while. while he was nominated in, i believe, early decemr, he delayed for i think two or three months in actually submitting his paperwork to theenate. there were delays in him getting ethics agreement confirmation hearing, which was delayed four times. democratic oosition was steered from the start taste on his opposition to the minimum wage and the personal issues we discussed. they knew from t outset that this was going to be a difficult battle. trump course, many of the cabinet nominees have been difficult battles and until now they have all gotten through. host: look forward to us. -- for us. what ds this mean for the remaining nominees? can the speculation is there about what this does for democrats or republicans regardinthis withdrawal yesterday?
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it certainlyt: going to embolden democrats and liberals more broadly. they have now gotten a scout. they tried to defeat betsy devos -- a scalp. they tried toefeat betsy devos, now they have one on on puzder it's on -- puzder. it's unclear if they will be able to defeat any of the other nominees. looks like you will be confirmed, though he will get one no vote. scott pruitt, for the epa, is next up. it's hard to see where democrats right now are going to have anher opportunity to defeat a trump cabinet nominee. host: russell berman is an associate editor withthe atlantic." preciate your time this
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morning. guest: thanks for having me. tot and our phones are open you this morning. we are asking about president trump's everts to surround himself with the people that will implement his policy. what do you think of the process of far in light of this first defeat yesterday? phone lines -- host: rob is up first, in new york city. democrat, rob, good morning. caller: good morning. thank you for c-span. host: go ahead, rob. caller: you know, contrary to draining the swamp, i think that these appointments are just polluting the swamp even worse with millionaires and billionaires. secretary, what was it, donated $200 million, in her lifetime?
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it's just a system of political campaign contributns and, you know, i think he's going so far to the right that the thing th would this -- that would scare a lot of democtss if he became more moderate, because that would make some of his selections more acceptable. we didn't -- i don't need a tax break, but i will welcome it. buhe's affording wealthy people tax breaks to the tune of -- i know people, $50,000 per monthn a tax break. hundred thousand dollars a month in a tax break it is plans go through. millionaires and billionaires, this is not draining the swamp. do you think most americans really care about his nominees, watching this cabinet
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proces caller: you know, i think that he's drawing a lot of attention to politics. more than i think the politicians are normally used to. so, in that sense it's a good thing. he's messing up the litical situation by again, not doing the righthing by the middle-class., hyattsville, maryland, good morning. good morning. i think that the issue with the both q2picks, you know, e narrative, for instance, with the labor secretary, that ericans earn too much money to be competitive in a global market. a cabinet position in the department of labor is really
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leaning into his, in my opinion, his fight agast the american worker. i know that those ofhe people that voted for him in the rust belt, buif they really paid attention, he's not real for the american wker. workersired immigrant to work illegally. taxed people on their pay. that is not the behavior of someone who is for the american worker. host: bill, hazelwood, repuican. caller: first of all, i live st up the street from ferguson . would like to thank the democrats, including my congressman, for hing nearly destroyed ferguson, which is a wonderful community, but for the first time in a long time, and i'm 70 years old, i'm very proud
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to be a republican because of president trump. . i'm not a trumper i've g to say that mr. berman has got to be out of his mind. he did not once mention the fact that the democrats haven't won anything. once again, we have many publicans abandoning principles and staing up for silliness. talking specifically about the senators from arizona and, i believe, south carolina. i'm very, very pleased with everythi president trump has done. puzder would have been a great guy, but the republicansgain had to show that ey wouldn't backup other republicans. we will take care of this in two years and we will straighten out that senat you, therean i ask is a tweet from fox news research that shows the number of withdrawn cabinet level selections since 1987. donald trump, winning at that
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point. president barack obama, three. george w. bush, to. ronald reagan, one withdrawn. do you think that democrats are making too much of this scalp that they were able to get yesterday? i don't think they had anything to do with it. i hate to te them. it is the republicans, once again, abandoning republicans. i'm not a trump pern, i'm for senator cruz all the way, but donald trump has made me proud as a republican and i would like to thank him and mr. puzder, who happens to be from st. louis, for trying. we have to straighten up the senate. we are going to try to get over lindsey graham and senator mccain, who are disgrace to the party. it's really sad. you know how long the republicans have been a minority in my lifetime? the whole time, almost. the -- one ofof
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the republicans thcame out against the nomination of andrew puzder was tim scott. sterday he put out his statement as to why. "i was impressed by the direction that he wanted to take the department of labor, but as revelations came out about illegal immigration and comments regarding the american workforce can to light, developed serious concerns and i share those concerns with senate leadership and chairman alexander and i look forward to working with a new nominee to lead the departmenof labor and focusing on the priorities of the people of south carolina, such as apprenticeships and workforce training." that was timcott, a member of the committee that andrew puzder 's nomination was moving through. marissa, democratic line, good morning. caller: we need you guys more now than ever. i'm so grateful. thank you for brian, thank you r book tv. iscomment to the cabinet
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that it's obviously completely inappropriate in every regard. it's obvious he doesn't give -- it's obvious that these are just political appoines. i want to ask you about the fact that he's trying to get rid of scienfic information. would you please do a show on that? isn't that information collected by the american taxpayer? doesn't that information belong to us? and he's trying to destroy scientific information like climate change? doesn't it long to the american people? that's my tax money just going up in -- and i don't know what he's doing. ok, thank you, bye. host: always appreciate suggestions on upcoming segments. line for republicans, james, good morning. caller: howre you doing, c-span? thank you fotaking my call. this, something that
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republicans, calling out sin 2002.s clasfied, cannot discuss what it was. but anyhow, donald trump beats hisecond wife, ok? thisther g, this advisory, beats his wife. the guy that was the labor secretary beats his wife. all.t all, not at ,his is not in the mainstream going home and beating your wife. you are commenting onhe line for republicans. did you not support trump in the election? did i vote for donald
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trump? no. maybe i would have voted for cruise, but i did not vote for trump. did i vote for donald trump? -- cruz, but i did not vote for trump. beating their wives, donald trump did beat his second wife. no onealks about it. steve bannon beats his wife. st: we are going to move on to gloria in fort washington, maryland. line for democrats. gloria, good morning. thank you for c-span. this 79-year-old blind lady is about to worst with the silliness going on in the trump cabinet. and of course i didn't vote for him. i'm with the majority. he didn't win the heart of the nation. he only won the electoral college. but we need to be in prayer for him, he is the head of our country. i agree with nothing that he's doing. he is surrounding himself by people that he thinks he can
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control. not necessarily folks who are going too the best job, but i will tell you that i'm an incurable optimist and i strongly believe in the values and principles that the people fought, ourtry have brave men and women have fought and died to protect for years. so, i'm betting on the strength -- he'sca to teach this not my president, there's no way i could ll him president. unss he becomes someone who values the extraordinary .ential in people right now all that he values is his own control, his own ways, and he appears to have ahead that is as empty on the -- as empty as the lord's tomb on resurrection morning and he doesn't appear to be attempting to learn. those of us that know the words a donald trump can become a good leader. america is at stake.
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we have to stand up against his foolishness and pray that he is able to become a great leader thank you very much. the president has been tweeting this morning. here are a few of them since the program began this morning. leaking, classified has been -- host: he also tweeted -- "the new york times," today, speaking of the new york times in a tweet, the president wants one of his allies to review u.s. spy agencies and leaks. he plans to assign "a u.s. billionaire to lead a broad review of these agencies, according to an official --
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host: so, we'll see how that plays out. one other story getting a lot of attention this morning on the same topic of the intelligence communities is on the front page ," "the wall street journal they're concerned that intelligence could be leaked or compmised, according to current and former officials. host: that story also noting that a spokesman for the office of the director of national
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intelligence said "any suggestion that the u.s. intelligence community is not providinthe best possible intelligenceo the president and his national security team is not tru." sto,u want to read that it's in "the wall street journal" this morning. we are talking about leaking and the calls to stop the leaks later in the program. for the next 10 minutes we will still focus on his cabinet and what happened yesterday with his nominee, andrew poster. --andrew puzder. phone lines -- host: winchester, virginia, is next. sheila, independent. caller: there he good morning to you, america. i wasn't crazabout the nominee, but the one that scares me the most is jeff sessions,
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who has wanted to sue the epa 13 times. america, here's my fd for thought for e week. if you sued your employer 13 times, would you be hired? if you are thinking like i think, as rational person, call your representatives, senators, and let them know. can i stop you for just a second? are you talking about the attorney general of oklahoma, scott pruitt? confirmationhis vote on the floor by lunchtime tomorrow. there are procedural votes happenin today on his nomination. one nator who has come out against his nomination is senator susan collins of maine. here is the story abt it this
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morning from reuters. didn't want to cut you off, di you want to finish her thought? caller: i'm the type of person who has learned that washingto is not always the answer to our problems. i'm trd to make my own hometown better by just doing something instead of just wringing my hands and blaming washington. maybe if you pick upome trash or just do something positive. let's all, everyone of us, americs, stop being negative for alling washington of our problems. i thank you very much and may you all have a really good day and thank you for taking my call. host: marie is inharleston, south carolina. go ahead, murray. -- marie. caller: hi? hello? host: go ahead. caller: i want to piggyback on
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the last call. everyone around -- everyone ande ould read proverbs they will be able to know exactly what is going on with the clowns inashington. right, speaking of charlest, president trump is expected to be at the boeing factory in charleston, next to the air national airport and the joint ace charleston miliry facilityhat is there. he plans to help unravel the nest dream line or 787 on friday. that trip coming up at thend of the busy week here. joph, college park, maryland, republican, go ahead. voted for donald trump and i'm barely satisfied with the job that he's doing. some of the things, like the travel ban, were implemented poorly in could have been done
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better. when i see him reaching out and having meetings with ceos of the top industries, i think he's making an effort, h's facing a moving forwardut it needs to be less about the attack against the media and doing thingthe republicans actually care about. repealing and replacing obamacare. we had a specific agenda that we were promised. we are waiti on it to happen. host: when does that need to happen by, joseph? caller: politically? i sense at what he's going to do is wait until after 2018. i mean, a politician would wait until after the republicans retain their seat bere they make a controversial policy. host: isn't there always anoth election coming up after that? caller: that is the mindset of a politician, but we were promised that he's not just another pilot -- politician.
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what i ultimately sense is that when you are in washington, you become just another politician and we will have to it until 2018 for this supposedly amazing replacement that is going to happen. host: rosemary, good morning, what do you think about the effort to fill t cabinet of president trump? i don't like it. i believe that the people don't need money men in there, like he's putting in there. they are only in there for the interest of the republicans. everybody should make mr. trump ,a for his taxeturns because i think we are going to see what kind of man he really is. i give mr. romney credit for showing his -- even though he didn't put his money here, but in the cayman islands. they had a lot to hide in that is why things are going on like they are in the repubcans are taking care of him andhen they
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are, but entually they are going to get tangled up in his web. rosemary, was it different for the obama administration? the people that president obama was putting in, do you ink that they weren't in it to help out that president? that democrats in congress were trying to protect the president then? caller: no, i don't believe. i didn't have to worry about, when my husband and i were working, when we were working our money counted. i lost my husband a couple of months ago ande are hearing thathis guy is going to -- one of them is going to take away social security and medicare? what about the people that depend on it, that paid for it for all those years? i'm 75 years old. whe are the elderly going to turn? they are not going to turn to the people that he's picking on the hill. they don't care about us.
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do youhink they care about us? i don't reallyelieve they do. that is why i am in fear right now. i'm lucky that i have a son that will take care of me, in case anything happens, but there are a lot of elderly people out there that do not. that is who i worry about. let's go to hn in pennsylvania. john, republican, good morning. are you with us? caller: i'm here. hello? host: go ahead with your comment. caer: first-time caller, little nervous,orry. 100% behind trump. i keep hearing the stories that you put on, listening to the people here, igree with a few people, but these stories where a reporter says from a source that this is what is going on? i get my information from
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listening to the president and then digging through in finding my own stuff. i don't take it up off of fox, cnn, msnbc. i watch you guys, but i also watcthe hearings they have. you know, senate and the house. i listen to what's going on. the one thing that i will say is , i'm 60 years old. when i watch this stuff, when i listen to the republicans talking, when i listen to the democrats talking, the republans are like children, they are like little kids. they turned me right off. i switched. i was a democrat for 30 years. now you can call me a hard-core right-wing repubcan now. ask you, 60 years old, you say you have been watching this for a long time. why was this the topic you wanted to be a first-time caller on? what about this caused you to
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pick up the phone to express your opinion? listening to this, his cabinet, i have seen cabinets voted ibefore. i have never seen this kind of childishness. listening to some people, there was a guy on there that i'm listening to. trump beat his first wife. this guy beat his wife how does this guy know this? he's listening to some kind of -- i don't know the word for it. he's listening to what i call m media.strea he's picking it up f of these stupid websites. he doesn't know nothing. a lot of these people that talk that say thathey know trump, they don't know the man. i'm giving the manna chants. i voted him in. so far i don't see where he's doing anything that these people are saying. john, thanks for calling
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in. call in again. texas, independent line. good morning. caller: hausa going? host: -- how's it going? host: doing well. supporters,trump they don't care what trump do, they support him no matter what they do. i wanted to ask a question for c-span, too. can you get somebody to report on that -- when there are nominations -- i can't get the words out, forgive me. when he had his concert, when they shot up, nobody reported on that. the letters. it was supposed to say usa, but it said u.s. are. usr.
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you say that donald trump supporters support him no matr what he does. going back to the obama administration, was that differt? do you think that thereere supporters that supported president obama no matter what he did? caller: no. i'm not democrat or republican, i look at it like this. looking back on the obama administration, when he did something, they felt uncomfortable. the democrats, they didn't back him up. a lot of things went flat. the democrats seem like they get week. just backup.ns they fear they're going to lose the vote. when obama brings up something, the republicans throw it up every day. the democrats, they back off on
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it. they don't want to investigate or do anything. whatever you do, they make an excuse for. these republicans were against it, but the hard-core trump people, you got democrats, independts, all people, no matter what, his vote is for trump. we've got a republican member of congress coming on in just a minute. i want to get to that member of congress, but john has been waiting for a while. john, go ahead. caller: wikileaks was praised during the election. i would like to praise them right now. if you do what is honest and correct, you don't fear the leaks. and we are fearing the leaks right now.
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we will talk more about the leaks, the investigations that have been called for, coming up today in "the washington journal." we will be talking to tom mcclintock, member of the national resources committee of capitol hill. later, susan dell than a will be here. it she serves on that key tax-writing committee. that is all coming up this morning on capitol hill -- on "the washington journal." ♪ >> this weekend, c-span's cities tour will explore the literary life and history of richmond, virginia, saturday at noon eastern we will talkh


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