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tv   Washington Journal Representative Tom Mc Clintock R-CA  CSPAN  February 16, 2017 11:23am-11:33am EST

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that at in the senate just a short while ago, they approved the nomination of mick mulvaney to be the director of office of management and budget. the vote 51-. they moved on to advancing the nomination of ott pruitt to head e.p.a. you can follow that over on c-span2. we'll have live coverage of the house when they return in about 35 minutes at noon easte. once again, work on a couple disapproval resolutions on rules from the obama adnistration. one dealing with hunting in alaska and the other on a health and human services rule on family planning and preventative health care services. live coverage re on c-span at noon when they gavel back in. while we wait for speaker ryan, we'll show you part of this morning's "washington journal." >> "washington journal" continues. host: tom mcclintock is back at the desk. i want to start with your view on the opening wee of the trump administration.
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in the past several days we have the a federal court block vetting order, the resignati of a national security adviser, yesterday the withdraw of andrew puzder for labor nominee. you have beennvolved in federal politics, state politics for a long time. what would your recommendation be to the trump administration right now to try to stabilize things after the week they've had? guest: don't forget you have had a number of groundbreaking executive orders and legislation thathe preside is calling on , now proceeding to the congress. a lot of very good things have been going on, too. these are turbulent times. ere's an administration tang office with unprecedented hostility from the opposition party. you have an intelligence structure that has beme a government unto itself, become highly politicized. ese are very turbulent times. remember the old chinese curse, may you live in interesting
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times. nevertheless, advice to you would be to stay the course. i have not heard one person object to him becae he has broken any of his campaign promises. that he'sions are keeping his campaign promises and that's what elections are all about. the last four elections culminated in a pridential aection and have defined dramatic political realignment in this country. president, tweeting again this morning about concerns over leaks from the intelligence community. what does he need to dohose -- to stop the? top to bottom housecleaning. it what is frightening about this is that the confidential conversations between the president and heads of state are between senior officials. in the flynn case, the russian ambassador, these confidential
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convsations are being leaked to the press. tells every world leader is -- i can't speak candidly with the leader of the united for fear that my private conversations -- united states for fear that the private conversation a habit and will be leaked. that's the damage that the intelligence -- i have with him will be leaked. that's the damage the intelligence community is doing. need to stepngress in to investigate what's in some of these leaks? specifically the campaign staff, the ported contacts with russian television's officials? guest: as part of an ongoing investigation it was launched on the previous administration with inpect to russian influence hacking email accounts, that's perfectlappropriate. host: is it appropriate for congress to do something as well? congrstop priority for
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has got to be to find out how these leaks are occurring. this is a major national security problem, when heads of state cann communicate with the president for fear that their conversations will be leaked. we have people in the intelligence community who are doing it for obvus political reasons and are doing enormous damage to our ability as a nation to conduct international diplomacy. touching on the travel ban, the executive order, presidentrump promised new action last week, the week of that court decision. do you know if that is still going to happen this week? do you have any more details about what more could come? i don't. i certainly hope that heill issue a new executive order th takes into account -- host: pull back the old o? guest: yeah. athe same time, i would continue to fight for the old one in court. the ninth cirit court of
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appeals decision wasrazenly political. they ignored the law that gives m the authority to issue an executive order. that's not a legal decision. that's a brazenly political decision froa brazenly political court. host: why the to track -- to track -- two track approach? guest: as we fight for the old order, we have a system with gaping holes in it that we were warned about as a congress two years ago. those holes have to be addressed and addressed soon. host: congressman mcclintk is with us for about the next 25 minutes here on "the washington journa" phone numbers -- host: bob is up first in duluth, minnesota. democrat, good morning. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. my comment is i do think there
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withks to russia president trump. i think that they should make is his taxrns public -- returns public so that the people that vote can get an idea of what's going on. and they do find something wrong with -- if they do find proof that trump has got these russia, i think it's going to affect the next election. i think you're going to find out that the american people aren't going to sit back and stand for mebody that wants to praise wave theputin and then flag in our face. that's my comment. fix thing to me, bob, why is it that it is a bad thing to have better relations with russia? -- guest: it's
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going to be, bob, why is it a bad thing to have better relations with russia? explain to me, bob, why is it a bad thing to have better relations with russia? the leaks that we heard about yesterdaynvolving campaign folks who were in touch with russian officials, even the person that we thatnformation said tre was absolutely no evidence of collusion. a bad thing tot improve relations with countries with which we had deteriorating relations under the previous administration? host: on investigating the leaks versus the material coming from those leaks, congressm boyle tweeted yesterday, a democrat, "imagi if during watergate they investigated deep throat instead of the nixon white house." guest: this is a question of
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senior intelligence officials leaking the most classified secrets our country has and underming ou country possibility to do diplomacy. by theay, that damage will be long-lasting. any world leader looking at the way our intelligence community has leaked infortion is going to be very reticent to communicate candidly. not only with this president, but future presidents. rose, franklin, west virginia, independen rose, good morning. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. host: go ahead. caller: i've just been watching all the hearings, the congress, the senate. i've been doing it for years, i've been watching that. i justave to say that i think the republicans are really going to find that reality has an uncanny ability of catching up. and what's happening now is what you can expect to continue to haen because you all are hiding behind the noense going
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on. you are letting trump run rampant an hiding in the background trying to shove your agenda through and totally undoing everything else. this is what you are going to ge because reality is now coming home. irene with you. >> all of this at we'll leave here, take you le to the capitol visitor center for speaker paul ryan. the speaker: it has become ineasingly clear that this law is collapsing. people's premiums are getting higher and higher. their deductibles are soaring and their choices are dwindling to the point that so many families have no choice left at all. but if it was not already clear, look at the events that happened this week. on tuesday, another major surance company announced that it, too, will leave the marketplace. in its decision, humana cited a lack of youngeople signing


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