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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  February 18, 2017 9:37am-10:03am EST

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[applause] last month, the president -- utterly defeat isis. president trump has no higher priority than the safety and security of the american people and ensuring the security of our treaty allies. to confront the threats facing our alliance today, nato must build upon its 20th century -- continue to evolve to confront the crises of today and tomorrow. welcome back. in this final segment we're asking you to grade president trump. they have a friend in the white house and that's one reason paul ryan is saying this will be the most successful congress ever. there's a piece in the hill right here where you see -- it says ryan insisted trump and gop
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law makers are on track to accomplish their agenda. >> when i heard repair, my head nearly exploded. that's not the plan. the plan is repeal and replace this law. we ran on a plan to repeal and replace it. tom price helped write that plan. he's now donald trump's
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secretary of hhs. >> a plan that's now being scored by the cbo. >> correct. >> here's my question. i just listed his agenda, what he ran on for the forgotten men and women that voted for him. do you -- >> again, that's the agenda we're working on right now. that's the -- >> any item that i mention that you disagree with? >> not at all. >> you're saying that the american people and conservatives that are impatient including myself. >> i would love to do this yesterday but getting congress to act on all those things like you said just in one year's time, unprecedented. we do these things, this will be the most productive presidency and congress in our lifetimes. >> the most productive presidency in our lifetimes. but former gop congressman dave jolly wrote if republicans in turn fail to challenge trump, fail to challenge him on his overreach, his attacks on an
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independent judiciary, a free med media, they will have ampled his actions even the actions that undermine the very power of the congress, the rightful authority of the courts. to be silent is to be a follower, not a leader and republicans in congress now own the fate of his presidency just as much as president trump himself. that was in the february 12th issue of the hill". ". so we'll start now with emily calling in from green bay, california. good morning. caller: yes. well, i think so far things are pretty good. they're working the way i want them to. and i wanted to make a quick comment on the immigration point. i don't know if americans are aware that there's an hidalgo treaty. this hidalgo treaty is that the mexicans own california. now, here in california, our
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governor wants us to secede from the union. and so we're having complications. also that president obama in the last 17 days in his presidency changed the law on secrecy and privacy of the american citizens so that more intelligence agencies were added and people are being listened to without protection. they're breaking the law. that should be checked by the american people. but as far as the president trump, he has been left with six wars. he's been left with a $20 trillion -- obama spent 10 trillion more in addition to all the presidents we've ever had. and also as far as his wealth, no one asked george washington
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to get rid of his -- he was worth billions of dollars in today's world -- and get rid of his farms and tobacco farms. so i think that -- i can't think of many more things than what -- once a lie is given and it becomes popular, then people believe it. this man has done nothing in 19 days to hurt us. this country cannot take a house divided. thank you. host: all right. debbie calling from florida. how is it going so far? caller: i think president trump is doing a great job especially since he's gotten so many against him even some in his own party but i think his agenda is awesome and i'm hoping that the congress and senate can get
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behind him and get it through. i wish the media would stop lying and report the truth. and i hope that the lib cal judges would stop obstructing justice and stop the immigration which obama has done before i think he's doing a great job and i'm very excited. host: what do you think the media is lying about in particular? caller: they just take anything and distort it and say things that are not true. thank you know, just to create havoc. i just think that the constant russia, russia, russia. there's nothing with russia. nothing. you know, they had a phone call which is normal. and, you know, they're making
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it -- hillary clinton sold 20% of our uranium to russia. but that was okay. she made money off of it. but that was okay. you know. obama did all these things, you know, wrong, but that was okay. he comes in and tries to help and save america. and he gets demonize for it. host: next, chris is calling in from california. caller: i can't hear. host: all right. we'll move along to mia in san diego, california. good morning. caller: good morning. i think the president is doing an excellent job as well as congress and i'm very excited for the next four years with this administration host: what are you excited about particularly? caller: tax reform. immigration. jobs. i just think that his policies are on point for those things
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that we need in our country. host: president trump held a press conference this past week described as combative. definitely unconventional. here's what mitch mcconnell said about that news conference and the senate majority leader held his own conference on friday. here's what he said about president trump. >> well, i've been candid with him and all of you that i'm not a great fan of daily tweets. what i am a fan of is what he's been actually doing. as i look at what we might have expected from a president mitt romney or jeb bush, i can't see much difference between what president trump is doing and what they would have done. i think the cabinet has been truly outstanding. it's the most conservative
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cabinet certainly in the time that i've been here and i've serveded with other republican presidents. i just mentioned getting regulations off the books. i like what he's doing. i've not been a fan of the extra discussion that he likes to engage in. but we're going to soldier on. we like his positions and we're going to pursue them as vigorously as we can. host: all right. let's go to laura. laura, you're on the line. caller: hello there. i just want to say first of all, i'm 80 years old. i voted democrat my whole life, and this year when i -- and i've never been able to watch television because i've always worked. i retired in my 70s. i discovered fox news and i discovered c-span. i realize -- i have never been a political person but like i
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said, i always voted democrat. as far as i could. we texas term republican a few years back. but anyway, what i want to say is i never watched him doing his apprentice program so that was not the reason -- when i saw that they had a business man running rather than a politician, my daddy always told me politicians and of course he's been dead for years but politicians were a lot. ty thought maybe it will make a difference and i'm so glad as i watch things that i did because i think we were on a downward spiral. we don't need to be one big world because we're not. we're so different. at least we can be the lighthouse on the hill for the rest of the world if we continue. i think he's doing a wonderful job.
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i love it. i just love it when he's different. i mean, george washington's day is over. when they were making fun of him because he didn't act like a politician, i was, like, why would he know how to act like a politician? the man knows how to work. that's -- pardon me for saying so, but that's a totally different thing than what politicians know how to do host: i hear you talking a lot about the president. what do you think about the substance of what he's doing. do you think that's wonderful as well? caller: i think yes. i think it is. i think -- i mean, he does it in a strange, different way. but, yes, there's so many things. it's like i know a lot of farmers and people with little acreages around here. and of course i read my farm bureau news and the business about claiming every pond on someone's land, it's ludicrous.
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it just -- it's just unimaginable to me that the government has reached out so much in the last eight years to say -- to make us almost like we were -- i mean, elite owned everything, ran everything and the little guy became more and more a little guy. i think trump is saying no more of that. and i hope they do away with a bunch of those agencies. regrettably when i think about it, i worked for the government until i retired. but i never saw that side of it. i see it now. but we may have a lot of unemployment in the last eight years but a lot of that unemployment was in government because we were hiring people in government just doing away with the industries.
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and the government can't employee everyone because there will be no one to pay. it's just -- i'm so happy with him. i'm so happy with him. i will have to say i have friends who are kind of like oh i don't want to talk about it around them because they definitely -- they worry about the poor people and all that but you know what i think about? get a job. get a job. i'm sorry. so matter what it is, get a job. and one other thing if i may say so. they're having a big little march over in dallas today. it's for immigrants and aliens. they're not putting the illegal in front of it. so if you're here legally, wonderful. if you were brought here by your parents, get busy and get legal. i know it's hard.
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but get legal. >> okay. we'll go now to ben. we're asking republicans to grade president trump in the republican-led congress. ben is calling in from lincoln. caller: good morning host: how are you? caller: excellent. i want to say that mr. trump is doing a great job. i really wish that congress would help him get his cabinet and his full team in place. give the guy a chance. we voted him in. in regards to his policies and what he's doing, i think he's right on point. i really believe that we should know who is coming into our country and why shouldn't we try to protect our borders? host: all right. let's take a listen to what some of president trump said yesterday in his visit to boeing's south carolina plant. >> my focus has been all about jobs.
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and jobs is one of the primary reasons i'm standing here today as your president and i will never ever disappoint you. believe me. i will not disappoint you. i campaigned on the promise that i will do everything in my power to bring those jobs back into america. we wanted to make it much easier, it has to be much easier to manufacturer in our country and much harder to leave. i don't want companies leaving our country. making their product, selling it back, no tax, no nothing, firing everybody in our country. we're not letting that happen anymore, folks. believe me. there will be a very substantial penalty to be paid when they fire their people and move to another country. make the products. and think that they're going to sell it back over what will soon be a very, very strong border.
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it will be a lot different. it's going be a lot different. host: that was president trump speaking yesterday in south carolina. we should say that c-span will carry the president's campaign rally later this evening in florida. but let's go now to mary calling in from little rock, arkansas. how do you grade president trump in the gop congress so far? caller: 100%. i think he's doing what the people asked for. that's what they voted for. we want our country safe. we want the illegal criminals aout. i believe in legal immigration. i don't believe in illegal immigration. i think this is a great change for us and i'm praying that this will turn our country around and bring it back to the people. he has so far done everything he said he was going to do. he's attempting to. they're trying to stop him.
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but most of the people that i talk to on a daily basis, i work with the public, want exactly the same thing. host: let's go now to jim calling in from california. good morning. caller: good morning. i have to say that i didn't vote for trump. but i'll say this: i think the democrats have taken obstructionism to a whole new level. you know, in the past in this country, we've always had differences as far as policies are concerned and we've had political and idealologial -- including the results of that process. this time for the first time in history we had nearly 70
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democratic members of congress who boycotted the presidential inauguration because they didn't like the results of the election. we have democratic mayors across the country who are openly defying our federal immigration laws in these sanctuary cities. protecting illegal immigrants even criminals who are illegal immigrants like the man who murdered kate stinley in san francisco who had been deported several times, had a long criminal record, and, yet, was being sheltered by san francisco city officials. you know, if all of us started to pick and choose which laws we're going to comply with and which ones we weren't, we would have anarchy.
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the only thing that holds us together is common respect for our laws and electoral process. host: thank you. let's go next to bonnie calling in from riverton, wyoming. good morning. caller: hi. how are you this morning? host: i'm great. what's on your mind? caller: well, i would like to make a suggestion. all of the democrats need to take a shovel and go to california fix that -- that the democrats have let go for years. i appreciate your time, and i hope that this here country will get together because we do have a wonderful president.
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i thank you president trump. host: let's take a look at a story reported by bloomburg politi"bloomburg politic politics". it compares to where we were back when president obama was elected in his first term. he already signed into law -- 4.1 million u.s. children, $787 billion economic crocodile.
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get rid of him.
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thank you. bye bye. host: all right. we'll have to end it there. that's washington journ"that's . we'll be back tomorrow at 7:00 o'clock. until then, enjoy your saturday. up next, a senate hearing on government waste and inefficiency. that's followed by president trump and canadian prime minister justin trudeau holding a joint news conference at the white house earlier this week. and later house minority whip talks about sanctions against russia and new legislation that would give congress the ability
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to review any easing of those sanctions. this weekend on american history tv on c-span 3, this evening two days after president lincoln's assassination and a week after robert e. lee's surrender in april of 1865, generals sherman and johnston met to discuss the army's future. >> once they were inside, sherman took out of his pocket the telegram that he had been handed just as he was leaving for the meeting and showed it to joe johnston. so far, he had shown it to no one else. it stated that two days before abraham lincoln had been assassinated in washington d.c. johnston looked up at sherman with horror and declared it was the greatest possible calamity
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for the south. >> the patent was awarded after three tries with the patent office on may 20th, 1873, for an improvement in fastening pocket openings which is basically the envex of the blue jean -- invention of the blue jean. >> sunday at noon on oral histories, a series of five interviews of prominent african-american women. >> getting in the door because i survived this insult of being paveed in a certain way was one thing but then hi to prove to them that i could write, meet a deadline, be a good colleague in a newsroom and a newsroom environment where once again i was one of very few people of
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color. so just getting in the door is not enough. it's what i always say about affirmative action. it's what do you do once you get through the door. this hearing will come to order. good afternoon. i want to welcome our witnesses. appreciate your thoughtful testimony and your willingness to spend some time here with us today. i ask consent that my written opening statement be entered in the record. without objection. this hearing really is what t


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