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tv   Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov Remarks at Munich Security Conference  CSPAN  February 18, 2017 10:30pm-11:05pm EST

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justice bryant. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg talks about her life and career sunday night, and i can't em eastern on c-span -- 9:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. announcer: at the munich >> at the munich security conference, sergey lavrov russian d claims of interference in the 2016 u.s. election. he also discussed future with europe. 35 minutes.
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>> it's my pleasure to welcome has spoken v who here more times than i can remember. you know he's one of the oldest serving foreign more or , 13 years less, something like that. ince we're running out of time this morning i won't give a long speech.ction please speak to us and if we have time we'll have a few questions at the end. >> thank you, ladies and gentlemen. president putin and ssed this conference many back at the time in the west considered him to be a thoughge, even a threat, the main content of that message as we need to get away from
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unilateral actions and to get to cooperation based on international law and joint evaluation of international law finding collective solutions. nevertheless, the expressed forewarnings regarding all the thwart tempts to attempts to reinstate -- these forewarnings became truth. now this historic stage which can be defined as post end.war has come to an outcome in our belief the failure to adapt new institutions to the post per. war thes look at the results of middle east and northern africa. ato has led to unprecedented over 30 years level of tensions years s year we mark 20
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yearsning of nature -- 15 since the adoption of the declaration about a new quality of nato russian relations. basis for the documents was the obligation of russia and the ensure security based on newt which you will respect of each other's strengthening confidence and preventing threat nothe euro atlantic region, to create demarcation lines. this did not happen mainly due that nato still remained a cold war institution. that wars start in the heads of people, and according o this logic, they should stop there as well. unfortunately, this did not happen with the cold war. we can judge about that in regard to many appearances by europe and the the statements which were heard yesterday and of our t the beginning
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conference. spreading of nato, i have entioned that already, we vehemently disagree with those who blame russia and the new of world -- in their attempts to thwart the so-called order.eral the crisis was programmed, back inherent because the process of economic and was ical globalization thought out as a main kid in order to increase the domination elite club of states in the world. the standing of such system be a long term one and right now responsible leaders should make a choice. the choice will be done in favor of creating a world order.d just if you want, you can call it ost west world order when each country based on its sovereignty within the rules of strive ional law, will to find a balance between its own national interests and the of partners rests
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with a respect for culture identity of each country. russia has never tried to hide frank in and has been creating a common space of good neighbor and ions, security, space, development from vancouver. the tension of the best here is u.s., europe the an russia -- it's natural and counternatural. sean is a you're race power uniting a plethora of cultures an nationalities, and towards all countries, first and foremost to our neighbors. part of always been a our politics. work th this position, we euro-asiian economic union. in the basis lie
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of europe. we're part of one continue innocent. history, reached successes when we've worked our her for the benefit of nations. millions of soviet union people freedomir lives for the of europe and we want to see a free europe. independent in international affairs. carefully t it will treat our common future and remain open for the world. the fact rejoice at that the e.u. still can't find strength in order to abandon the policy with regard to russia. common nciple of least denominator when common sense to been sacrificed minorities speculated on the principle of solidarity, we monsters.son defeats what kind of relations work with the u.s.? utual respect, understanding our special responsibility for global stability. ur two countries have never
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been in direct conflict. we have much more friendly history than standoffs. done quite a good deal to support the independence of the united states when they were becoming unified, a strong state. our common interest to russia-u.s. ly base relations, even more so now that away s. is no more far than europe. he bearing street is only four kilometers wide and that's what separates us. e have immense potential there but it's still yet to be tapped into and we're open for that in u.s. open for that as well. of y there is an abundance evaluation of global threats traffic lobal drug problems in afghanistan, in syria, with bleeding yemen, and other countries. i hope the mini-conference will discuss chance to
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these issues including the remaining conflicts in europe. that a thing is settlement cannot be achieved through military methods. regards the ukrainian conflict. to e is no alternative implementation of a package of direct -- it's the position of russia, and the council as the most important thing is that authorities start to imimplement words. right now, we need dialogue more han ever on all difficult issues. we need to find compromises. ontinuing actions in confrontation and zero sum games are useless. for a is not looking conflicts with anyone but we'll all be able to protect its interests. we want to strive for dialogue, o find understanding based on mutual benefit. it will be natural to give here alexander -- in
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1861, he addressed the ambassador of the u.s. with words. there are no such non -- which cannot be brought together by work in the just and moderation. if everyone can sign under these simply en we can overcome the post truth period the hysteric information wars in the global and continue work without lies. let it be post fake era. thank you. [applause] . very much.u we'll have questions. that went up and
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was lucas right here in the second row. a somebody give him microphone. >> it coming. >> thank you, mr. minister. i wanted to ask you a very about the estion military exercises. we personally see military exercises. the so-called snap exercises. and this year, we'll have west 7, the biggest military exercise over the past 20 years, and the neighbors, of course, worried, they do not understand why such exercises nontransparent. in order to o confidence? >> you know that the relations etween russia and nato and the
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nato-russia council activities was frozen through nato initiative. though after the caucasian 2008, our ugust condoleezzaleagues, rice, in particular, said that he freezing was a mistake and it should be even more active during the exacerbation time. make the same mistakes and alliance made a decision to practical activities. and, yes, it was reiterated yesterday. he said it in the context, the ambassadors in the nato russian council and his they are ith me, prepared to continue that, but the practical work has been back.d at a certain stage, the president of finland, which is member, expressed concern that not only russian but also nato
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airplanes fly with turned off transponders over the baltic region in. his visit during russia he touched on this topic with putin.nt after that, he test our military propositions in order to how to solve the issue of transponders and the overall security in the nato region. our military has brought -- in of last year, some proposals, and there was a nato back n council meeting then. we were positive that such pecific proposals would be adopted right away, and the experts would sit down and look at how to make the security more efficient. this did not happen. up to this point. yesterday, i was told that there as hope that experts will finally gather in march. well, it's quite a long time, ut city, our conscience is clear here. yesterday, he talked about the made and he .s.
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expressed satisfaction with the russian military late fall ut the exercises, and we hope that the exercises planned for this year, be also a special briefing in regard to that, as i'm not a exercises military man but i know that add people including from nato are invited to such exercises. those who work in moscow. but my main answer to your told that to in etary general of nato, order to alleviate all of these need to problems, we renew military cooperation. his rday, surrounded by deputies, he can't say -- he did not say nato is prepared for regrettable 's because without practical by eration any words
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diplomats cannot bring -- no added value there. in regard to solving the security issues. now, as for our overall relations with nato, we have ago, ed quite a long time blame game, we need to talk the walk and walk talk. as for increased nato potential borders of russia, before that was done, it was necessary carefully talk about what's the situation is. the ggested to look at maps, who has how many weapons, and personnel, and where it's situated. nato and russia. we have such overall general statistics, it will the general what picture is. what's the state of military e.u. continent?
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and with that starting point, we further go on to agreements on weapons andts how to provide extra security measures. repeat once to again, we did not stop the work with much.ank you very >> i have two questions from over there. okay with you, we'll ake both questions and then go back to you. the first one is, former defense of germany and another is from paris. want to go first. >> very much.u the eard this morning what federal chancellor said.
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you heard what the federal said this morning? on the relationship to russia? it comes to the european peace border? think it would be necessary now that russia should also send that wesitive signal so come to a better situation when to our relations. question, we have greed on -- russia itself at the u.n. security council. it was discussion and adopted. disagreement comprises cease-fire, return of heavy staff and deployment of to all conflict areas. hy does it seem to be impossible for russia to as ament these commitments
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confidence building measure to improve the overall situation? situation? minister, at the end of your your statement, post fake newut a world. i would like to respond to that. during the u.s. electoral -- possible n the interference of russia in the campaign.oral we have an electoral campaign one of in france, and the candidates has been russianing about, again,
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interfering. so that the french president an emergency meeting last is it true uestion, or not? does russian foreign policy exerting influence on elections in democratic ountries or is this just an in a post truth world? the first question, i'm glad that you have read the agreements. unimportantly, you probably you it to the very end. indeed, the first item underlich draw of heavy weapons, but later it is said, the e 30th day, after beginning of the withdrawal, in 30th day, , so on the
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after the beginning of the key authorities proposal, draft law, about with elections and start with consultations. here could be other questions about the schedule, about the imetable, about the minsk agreements. not everywhere, there is a time stamp but here we have it. 30 days, their withdrawal began consultations were not stipulated as the end of the withdrawal of weapons. as you know, a lot has changed. the weapons have been withdrawn. later, they went missing from special ge places, and monetary mission is working -- under very difficult conditions. evaluate their activities and we hope that you more representative.
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in terms of representation of members, not only from the nato, so this -- has noted multiple times violations both sides, and as far as the cease-fire violations go, and the presence of heavy zone, in the security the champion in in storageavy weapons many places -- i would like to repeat happen on both sides. we were blamed multiple times in recent interviews by putin ukrainians, first was blamed for the fact that e's creating live shields --
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human shields from men and women, and secondly, that he's impose on the ukrainians to the left of the line, the idea that them are people who hate and they are being convinced that ukraine wants to destroy them. all so full of this is an apparent lie. there were news that -- is being russian troops in order to blame ukraine later. while i have said multiple started with, ve how to make the cease-fire a we, in the one, youian federation, whatever think about you're immediate our lives, we show how orrespondents work on the line
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of contact. hey report live, show the destruction of the civilian infrastructureal including schools, hospitals, they show and casualties among the city civilians. expressed interest, what is happening to the west of the line? cnn, and fox news, and other news channels well and bbc, s of course. not see the same work by the western media correspondents to the west of the line of contact. them giving the same picture as our media are risking their lives, sometimes they die. wounded, and y are i asked my western colleagues, is it not recommended, due to
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reasons, for the western media to work to that contact?he line of i had no answer. -- for them he smm to pay verbal attention to what of destruction in the civilian infrasuckture we can to mutual bombings, shelling, from left and from the of contact. line >> right now, we had not had information and this bring to us a thought why to bring dia who want the truth to the whole of the world about the ukrainian situation, they did not show happening to the west of that line of contact. are the ukrainian forces active. for are not allowed there security reasons, or this is censorship. to find out, our statistics show that the of infrastructure in
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area, basque controlled there is more destruction to the west. the shelling is done against the position taken by ukrainian forces. nevertheless, some media make it the combat not so long ago i saw a report by the international institute strategic research in washington, and i saw a report they went ton post," of contact, that iolence is provoked by voluntary battalions which are ot -- they are not part of the ukrainian army. happen hazardly. that was written by "washington post."
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of e are thousands ltranationalists, of ukrainian sector. kiev is probably benefiting from he fact that angry radicals remain on the line of contact in bonbass, and i would like to nazi foreigners, this is also disregarded. e're discussing that within the -- today, we're going to have a meeting of foreign russia, of france, but as for germany the lack of information about what is happening to the west of he line of contact still remains open and this is a key question in order to answer your question. why is there not enough security, enough progress in security. >> but there is no progress in security. be a purpose in itself. our goal is full implementation minsk agreements, and
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they say yes, security on the is important.t it's not happening due to some reasons. reform, constitutional in order for the special status law to become part of the amnesty for all participants of military actions donbass as well as all mydon were s of -- pardoned, and a state of full ukrainian the government over the border with the russian federation. said, we did ave not see that. european partners are saying in regard to sanctions, i have already spoken on that matter. illogical and e artificial to talk about the minsk agreements
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should be implemented by russia, sanctions.ll lift we also want the agreements to sanctionsnted and our against the e.u. would not be lifted as well until the are implemented. we have to understand that and the real picture of what's happening in the ukraine and the picture of those reasons, minst are to with the stalling, this is known very paris, berlin and i hope in washington including the of nato as well. dissorted idea of who arity, with those decided to bring freedom to the ukraine and european values, not allow people to loudly.heir ideas very friend says good
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that sanctions are a tool, are a implementation of minsk, i take that as -- the idea, in regulate the crisis in sanctions, so h sanctions blame unambiguously so maybe it's a freudian mcspeak, but we'll wait for russia, to concede to get away do something unilaterally in order to make the militias in this unilateral decision. hidden message here? >> >> kiev is doing everything convinced, that is known in the key capitals, if not publicly, in with ukrainian
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authorities, the necessary being sent. i don't know how they are sent, it's hard to judge. second question, with regard to interference by the russian federation in different and other ampaigns processes in foreign you know, when democratic party in washington to donald trump, who not that elections were very fair, the democrats voted the sdauld dead souls the democratic party said, give facts and somehow, when no one asks for facts.
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i have seen no facts. -- recentlyadership that the been leaks presidential campaign in 2012 in france -- they were c.i.a. spionage and a c.i.a. representative said that they had no comments on this topic. comment, but s no when my good friend described the nformation about elections in 2012, and and about suspicions that the cia interfered, there were not only suspicions but understand there were specific facts there.
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he spoke in parliament and said we will fight cyber espionage from russia and other countries. modesty is always a good thing for a person, but here, i would like to say once again, give us some facts. i would like to remind you, russia was the first country who many years ago initiated in the in regards to just talk about positions and cyber security and information security for a long time. our western partners if they did that. several years ago, we had a consensus vote on the resolution. there was an intergovernmental expert panel. they wrote a report that became the basis for the next resolution. there was another expert group, and it will deal with these issues now. more specifically, about cyber technicalssues, in
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and professional times and technological sense, we asked our colleagues to talk about it for a very long time. started toericans catch our citizens, sidestepping the agreement, which we had during the obama presidency, and , thesed not report that were the suspicions about cyber crimes. we suggested let's sit down and talk about all these issues. .e do not want russian citizens in november 20 15, we suggested we sit down with the obama administration and talk about cyber security and suspicions. for a year, we had no reaction from them. i reminded john kerry every time meet, and until we have a transitional administration, let's postpone
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it. today, chancellor merkel was talking about cyber security, and she had a very interesting idea -- that the nato russian council could deal with this issue. now, chancellor merkel, one of the leading nato countries once the council to deal with cyber , this is a signal that at least berlin wants for the nato russian council to renew its full functioning and not just be a discussion club. excuse me, sorry that i took some more of your time. >> no, no, that's quite all right. we wanted you to have the time to respond to these questions,
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and i'm sure if we had more time, they would be 10 or 15 more questions. we have run out of time. i know lunches are waiting for all of us. you have probably bilateral's waiting period thank you for your contribution. the morning session is concluded. >> next, a discussion on cyber security, including russian tactics during the 2016 u.s. elections. then president trump speaks at a campaign-style rally in melbourne, florida. next, a discussion on russian cyber operations hosted by the harvard university kennedy school of government. this is 90 minutes. >> all right, the ball has dropped. happy new year.


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