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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  February 20, 2017 7:00am-8:01am EST

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we will take your calls and you can join the conversation at facebook and twitter. washington journal is next. host: good morning on this president's day. donald trump returns from mar-a-lago this evening on february 20, marking one month into the trunk presidency. nextess in recess until monday but a busy week for nation governors here in tc. a conference taking place in the national harbor in maryland. and the democratic national committee meeting this weekend to vote on a new party chair. we begin with another c-span cities tour. ranking america's presidents from george washington to barack
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obama. want to get your reaction. who is your favorite president? tell us why. (202) 748-8001, if republicans. (202) 748-8000, democrats. (202) 748-8001 -- -- independent colors. you could also share your comments on facebook. good monday morning to you. thank you for being here with us on this presidents' day holiday. we talked about this yesterday with three leading historians survey.ed conduct this this is the third time that c-span has conducted the survey. the first in 2000 and the second in 2009 and now, our third presidential historian survey. number one, no surprise, abraham lincoln.
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followed by george washington. franklin d. roosevelt is number three. teddy roosevelt is number four. followed by eisenhower, jefferson, kennedy, reagan and johnson. different point of view. we want to hear your calls and comments. yesterday, explaining the methodology. who was involved and why the historians came up with these. guest: we chose the 10 categories that we thought were the most important to use in assessing presidential leadership. each category was worth 100 points. so we ranked them from one to 10 with one being the least effective with 10 being the most. and the total score could come to 1000 points. host: how many historians and
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biographers did we reach out to? over 150, i believe. 91 responded. which is a good return on our effort, i think. part of our panel yesterday, that conversation is now on our website. she was explaining the methodology explaining the presidential survey and all of the details and categories. the details are available on our website at "george washington -- he kept the country together during the fledgling years of the democracy o." i like [indiscernible] because of all his [indiscernible] he lost seven political races.
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he was a failed lawyer. hishe constantly plotted rise., the seven 1860 republican convention in chicago, no one expected him to be a candidate. [indiscernible] when -- how him and his -- cooper's union on the way to new hampshire.
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and this president [indiscernible] william seward, his one-time rival, he was just a leader. host: we are getting a little bit of feedback. but we do have the essence of what you are saying. thank you for weighing in. today has an editorial this morning and donald trump "chaos crowns the first month of our 45th president." an early donald trump supporters said trump was elected by hard-working americans who wanted to fix the dysfunction and he hasertaken put the world on notice. special interests will no longer factoryt the expense of small, truck drivers and business owners. someone else said the only one
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who walked the talk was jimmy carter. let's go to gary from georgia on the independent line. your favorite president and why? caller: barack obama. he is only president we have ever had to knows what it feels like to be discriminated against. therefore, he wouldn't discriminate against anybody else. he tried to please all the andle with health insurance stuff like that. he tried to help the poor. thank you. from our twitter page -- "my favorite is eisenhower, he made the wealthy pay their fair share and gave a super infrastructure that is in disrepair." we now go to the democrat line. caller: i can only speak on the president that presided over me
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and my lifetime and that was barack obama. most of that has to do with the respect that he had shown. he got quite a bit done and he didn't get very much help from the republicans. and carter, i liked carter. it has a lot to do with respect. and the demeanor they show. george bush, the first george bush. he carried himself in a very respectful way. and i think that carried a long way with the people. i'm sure history will show that a lot of the other presidents may have gotten a lot more done. but i think respect and class goes a long way with the people, the way you carry yourself in office. host: i am checking twitter feeds. here are a few. "towards washington set an
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example to the nation with term limits and the transfer of power by not running for another term." from steve -- fdr is a winner in my category. from paul -- "reagan was my favorite, he brought hope and pride back to americans." "arthur -- he is easily forgotten. not really, but i thought i'd give him a shout out since he is so easily forgotten." we are talking that your favorite president, and why. first in the hearts of this country. george washington. i can't understand why lincoln is up there. more human lives lost in this
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was at the helm. most people don't realize but the succession of the during acy occurred time when he was president-elect. he was elected by 33 states and was inaugurated by 27. , i would haveera to say that my favorite hillary clinton -- oh, i'm sorry, she's not president. host: an obituary this morning charles barkley. he was a reporter who set up john f. kennedy and jaclyn -- on jacqueline bouvier on a blind date. was from 1960, december of
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.960 he was a longtime reporter and columnist. go to joe joining us from massachusetts. good morning. call co-good morning comrade citizen. jimmy carter is my favorite president. was because hen had every reason to go to war against iran and we chose not to. and ali hostages came back alive. the second reason is that he was the best presidents that this country had ever seen. jimmy carter and his ex presidency -- that is also available on our website. april came out more than a decade ago. post, am the washington look at the third president, thomas jefferson at monticello
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-- making room at loss -- room at last for sally hemmings. in 1941, the caretaker of monticello turned that into a restroom. the floor tiles and bathroom stalls covered over the story of the enslaved woman who was owned by jefferson and had a long-term relationship with him. was a scandalent during his life. many historians now with the third president of united states was the father of her six children. thomas jefferson is in the rankings. good morning, welcome to the program. caller: my favorite president during my time is president barack obama. he stayed the course. he was involved in all the issues that we had a hand.
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and he was the commander in chief. for all the people. he kept grace. how to keep this world safe and secure and that is what he did. and with class and grace. he stayed focus on how to run this country. he did just that in the face of total opposition, where everyone tried to deny him. and to have to plow through that . the majority of the tea party are people that caused obamacare right now. so what we need to do is look at what is going on and keep things in place that will help all people. host: thank you. more comments.
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"my favorite presidency was roosevelt because he change the presidency and the country and created the great america that we know. " "theodore roosevelt -- vibrant, energetic leader he is the path of reform to bring out the u.s. best." obama was ranked 12th. that is as the best president ever. barack obama was whisked to a very good table at the club of former presidents. obama's 12 ranking only a month after leaving office is the best for any president since reagan. historians gave barack obama high marks for pursuing equality, managing the economy,
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public persuasion. below average in handling international relations. he placed above james monro and james polk. led by lincoln and washington. the bottom spots include james buchanan. from go to jean joining us jackson. your favorite president and why? call co-eisenhower. he took credit for the interstate system but that was started in 1945. and he extended the cold war by 25 years with the plane incident. he is responsible for what is going on in korea now because he gave the founder of north
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korea everything he wanted in 1953. nt goals to his way through both terms with the recession. that is my opinion. thanks. of real clearor politics has written an essay that you can find on the orange county register website. it is called "the presidential ratings rocket." it said that in the darkest hour, c-span rose to its rescue. more humility around the chattering crowds. "liberal elites confidently assured anyone who would listen that george w. bush was the worst president in history. into donald month trump's term, these historical critics would give anything to have george w. bush back in office. there is no system of assessment.
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differences of opinions flow out of personal experiences, prejudiced and preferences. find the full essay on the orange county register website. a is -- his father wrote biography on reagan. anthony joins us on the independent line. good morning, welcome. yesterday's episode was fascinating. i actually have downloaded so i could have record of that. you know, i think it is a lesson to this very polarized nation. there were 90 experts plus. that may be 3000 years of experience in study and analyzing presidents. was a bittice, there of a movement up for truman.
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a bit of a fall for woodrow wilson. that for the most part, it is pretty stable. and i guess it is a comment more for people who listen to your experts how could 90 come out and say obama is the 12th-ranked president after this short amount of time and yet you have so many people on the right who would say he is the worst president in all of history. am i going to believe them or do i believe the 3000 years of historians? it's like if you have a toothache. do you go to an auto mechanic or the dentist? so for the people who take one side or the other, i think they should just take some time and look at the list and maybe read
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a book or two or three on every one of the presidents that have been listed even in the top 20. and they may get a better why areive on who and they ranked where they are. host: can use down the line? i want to get your reaction to something. this is from the american spectator, a professor of political science. he actually because they did in the survey. and he wrote the following on their website. "i have been getting emails from colleagues asking about a survey whoresidential voters determined that barack obama is the 12 best president in the history of the u.s. putting him up near the top of our presidents. i too was mystified. -- few sources do
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their job like c-span. c-span is unrivaled for its ability to simply place a camera and a room and let reality speak for itself. the nauseating surveys of the 1980's and 1990's that were measurements of the liberalism that is the academy of liberal political scientists professing their liberalism by their liberal rankings of presidents. c-span has endeavored to provide the invaluable corrective. that was from the american spectator. i just want to get your reaction. caller: if i understood what he endorsing ore is taking the same position i am. like ronaldsomebody reagan, who came out in his first year and in the first of valuation in 2000 and he was 11th. he has moved a couple of notches
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up. so a conservative president by any standard. and now he is ranked in the top 10. we see republican and democrat presidents in the top 10 and top 20. so again, i think you have historians with various but there are enough of them, a big enough when i look at the list, i say yes, that seems fairly reasonable. i can't go down the list and pick. saying the guy who is 25th should be 20th or the person who is 25th should be 30th. there were like 12 or 10 different measurements? so i think it was a fascinating show. and i think that listeners on both sides of the aisle should really pay attention to that. look at how the list was built.
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you cannot be the worst comedent in the world and out as number 12 according to historians with 3000 years of experience. it doesn't make common sense. you forthony, thank that call. again, the full criteria and who participated is all on her website at if you are listening on c-span about theare talking presidential historian survey. you can call in with comments at (202) 748-8001, republicans. (202) 748-8000, democrats. find us on facebook or send us a tweet. more from yesterday's program with a historian who teaches at right university, the author of a number of books on carter and roosevelt. guest: president's day that it has nothing to do with the
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president but every time polls come out, it spurs a national debate. the fact that andrew jackson was taken off the $20 bill last year and the fact that donald trump embraced jacksonian economic , and moving andrew jackson's portrait into the white house, does that is something to do with the decline in jackson's reputation? are making anrs anti-trump vote by ripping jackson down a few notches? we don't know the answers to all of that. we have such a wide pool of scholars that it does make for an interesting conversation. was alliam henry harrison president of one month and then he died of pneumonia so you don't want to be ruling him but
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he had a negative presidency and you see that with james buchanan , who was there at the very end because of in action. host code that was a historian who joined us yesterday. one of three historians. we spent 90 minutes with them and again you can watch their comments on our site. the l.a. times. the defense secretary general mattis is in baghdad to meet with troops remaining in the country and to make it clear that the u.s. is not there for -- we have a story on that at the l.a. and -- commenting on our survey. placing barack obama just below woodrow wilson. the third survey by c-span which began pulling experts. obama scored particularly high on the categories of justice. coming in third behind lincoln.
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but he ranked fifth from the bottom on issues of relations with congress. ongo to sharon from michigan the democrats line. thank you for waiting. thatr: i would like to say 47thd trump is now the president of our united states. always say that the americans still haven't settled the civil war by abraham lincoln. that is all i have to say. i enjoy c-span. think god for c-span. host: thank you for tuning in. we go to don in pennsylvania. good morning. caller: how are you doing this morning? i think everybody should give donald trump a chance.
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he didn't even start yet. he has the media after him. -- i think itimes is disgraceful. people have to give them a chance. host: thank you. reporting on the new c-span survey, the headline says "better than the munro doctrine. next, a call from virginia with brad. good morning. call co-the morning. i want to go more obscure. i want to say james k. polk. and i say that because as a teacher and fairfax county, i like to talk to my kids about how these one term presidents don't get the credit they deserve. and it was like to call him the best president nobody who has ever heard of and he did so much.
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oregon territory. one of the first presidents to get into the lowering the trade tariffs that were controversial at the time. so i would go with him as one of the obscure that good ones. host: now from san jose, california on the democrats line. who is your pick? call co-thank you for taking my call. host: absolutely. cohead. him wisdom, aves and my feareart, president is the father of the constitution. james madison. ao said if tiring he of person comes to this land -- it
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will be a foreign enemy. host: the washington post is reporting on the debate that lawmakers will take up when lawmakers return. plan for thed the affordable care act will be unveiled next week. fast, one of trump's primary goals is to repeal the and house care act republicans are briefing members but there is no consensus yet on what the plan will ultimately contain. more details are available online. thefrom manchester on democrats line. who is the pick for the top president? caller: i don't have a favorite president. but i like gerald r ford. he did two things for this country. all, he was not
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elected. the only president we had that was never elected. would never vote for a republican. at least, i never have so far. but gerald ford did two things. first of all, people at the nixon business to rest. i was livid. i wanted to hogtie him for war crimes. but ford put that business to an end and that was absolutely necessary. the next thing he did was when the north vietnamese came rolling down highway one and two saigon, he gave it up. the idea of dying for somebody's personal honor just doesn't get it with me. so gerald ford did both of those things. and i'm proud of him. that is all i have to say.
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you are right, he is the only nonelected president serving 2.5 years. smith isrd norton working on an extensive biography on richard nixon and came out with a book a few years ago on rockefeller. and he joined us yesterday to talk about the survey and what it means and his own thoughts. here's part of the conversation. test co-people want to know, who is your favorite president? tell them it depends on which side of the bed i out of that morning. question is,etter who is the most consequential president? i find them all interesting. their personalities and the events and interactions of the character. wilsonwoodrow
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fascinating. you know, why approach ideologically? host: that was part of the conversation yesterday with three historians. we had more than 90 historians participating. -- ny joining reporters yesterday in defending the news media against trump's claim that the media is the enemy of the american people. --ator john mccain politicians and media heavyweights blasting the president's tweet in which he demonized much of the mainstream media. including john kasich who told cnn that the press is vital and plays an important part in our democracy. we do carry all five sunday
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shows on c-span. john in missouri. caller: thank you for taking my call, i have been trying for a while. the best president i have had -- bit -- i think a reagan was probably one of the best. i have reservations for a few who were there before. especially mr. carter. and then we had mr. obama. to what no comparison reagan stepped into when we had the iran crisis there with people who were held there for 400 days. and we all knew that when the election came, and reagan ended
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up being president that the situation was going to end. and they didn't give him enough credit. the president of the united states, trump, 100%. and i wish the news media and , they wouldsenators give him time to put his agenda in. people inmocratic congress are not letting him get his cabinet in there so he could straighten that stuff out. glad am just happy and that this is the president of the united states. thank you. host: thank you for the call. this piece from the american spectator website. "below that there are fascinating trends and opinions.
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robert mary says polls are nice -- everyoneto the is entitled to his or her own opinion. and there are two things here. even prejudices may have guided some of the outcomes. adding that perhaps conservatives go to work on calvin coolidge. you get that full article on the american spectator website. we do have information released on this. caller: i'm calling in from as a republican. i think the greatest president ever, there is no doubt in my mind -- he gave the americans
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hope during the great depression. he gave american mothers hope for their sons who were destroyed by the worst dictator in the world. he bought us out of the great depression and created social security. i think he should have been carved into mount rushmore. caller: i just want to say that was one of the best presidents that we have ever had. thank you. host: again, the top 10 according to the survey was abraham lincoln followed by
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george washington, franklin d. roosevelt, teddy roosevelt, dwight d. eisenhower followed by harry truman, thomas jefferson, .ohn f. kennedy let's go to charles. from west virginia. caller: good morning. i listen to wall street journal a lot. president kennedy is one of the best presidents that we have had. there are others prior. but i'm 71 years old. and he was within my range of age. i would like to say one thing. actually would like to say two or three things. he was one of the first ones who destroyed the union.
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he had a big rally when no one was around. clinton was another bad one. because he was the one who started all the trade wars. bush is one of the worst because of all the lives of the soldiers killed. obama was trying to keep our soldiers alive. now the republicans in the senate are nothing but warmongers. they want to go to war. and they support this president against our media. people, they these are patriots. who think of america. and there should be more of those in the white house right now. about what harms america. and that is what i say. thank you very much. host: a couple of comments on
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our facebook page. 5?senhower is what for? lbj was a mixed bag. great president and horrible human being. is too high, he was in office a month." and lake -- "lbj -- really? i understand the civil rights and voting agenda that that was a kennedy issue. donnie?"re is -- on our twitter page rebecca -- my favorite president was jfk. he was the greatest we had. and this goes for carol who makes the important point saying it is hard to evaluate students
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near to us, like obama, when there is a biased liberal media. so much we haven't found out yet. go to the website to learn more about how we came up with this. darlene is joining us from new hampshire. good morning. caller: good morning. my favorite president, by far, is abraham lincoln for what should be obvious reasons. but i say to the gentleman in pennsylvania, please. issuggest that he responsible for all of the deaths in the civil war when the secession begin the civil war for reasons that are both economical and obviously slavery? review his history, with all due respect. honestly. get serious. just because he was a republican that you don't feel was far
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enough to the right for you, that is ridiculous. honestly, grow up. host: thank you for weighing in on this c-span survey. the most better question, the most consequential president that sheer as part of the conversation that runs 3.5 minutes. tesco truman is a great one. i would go with franklin roosevelt. when our great depression came withe was able to come in the civilian conservation corps and pay unemployed men a dollar startand plant trees and prefixing and repairing the land of america that had been so abused by big agriculture. we were very lucky to have fdr when we did. but to get another president into the mix, james monro. i am a big admirer of james
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monro. and i think recall call his presidency the year of good feeling. we needed to heal as a country. termse in and ran for two and was exceedingly popular. he studied the hand of the united states at a crucial time. and i think he is underappreciated. -- he the first effect was the perfect president for that moment after the war of 1812. it is tough to beat the first president. the president to defined the office and the republican experiment. washington took office and you have to remember, by the standards that were taught, he was an elderly man. he would have been almost 80 years old. that his hearing
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was going. was sensitive about his lack of formal education. his secretary said that no sound -- he spent time trying to control his temper. so washington was a very human figure. veryola rate -- at a vulnerable time. he'll most single-handedly gave legitimacy to this experiment. war, itox, secretary of wasn't the constitution that together.ountry it was the character of george washington and that is manifested in many ways. most importantly by his restraint. remember, washington became president because the delegates
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of philadelphia reluctantly agreed to this new form of government. a centralized form of government. because george washington had already burned the offer of a crown. and at the end of his two terms in office, washington walked away. it was that talent for in ncaa that gave an important historical restriction. and that is something we live with the -- we live with today. that: forgive me if i say lincoln wins hands down. he is known for his -- it is not for his patients or determination. his love and understanding of the constitution. who we aret be today. so he is dealing with sectionalism and the slavery
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issue that leads to a civil war. he could have done nothing and let the south secede but he decided the constitution with a valid document that had to be protected. and so he went to war. and i think any other person might not have been successful. host: those were the comments the historians from yesterday. our full interview is on of earlier caller made note mount rushmore. you can go to the national parks expiration oft an why these four presidents were selected for mount rushmore. edit in north carolina on the democrat. good morning. for taking myyou call.
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i am a 69-year-old vietnam veteran and my favorite president was bill clinton. because i worked in the construction trade. and there were no jobs at all until he came in. when he left,s, we were so far ahead with money -- mr. bush ruined us all with the money part. obama inherited nothing. and he didn't start the economy going back. and trump is trying to be a to wake so people need up. thank you very much for taking my call. todayif photographing usa from the former? concentration camp outside germany where mike pence and his wife are. sombere president paid a visit to the concentration camp yesterday, walking along the grounds where tens of thousands of people were killed in world war ii.
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they toured the facility that opened in 1933. joined.her groups in time, more than 200,000 people from across europe were held there. more than 40,000 died. it was liberated by u.s. forces in april of 1945. that picture this morning is from the usa today. the vice president on a trip to germany. on the republican line, good morning. caller: good morning. host: turn the volume down or we will get an echo. caller: reagan -- [indiscernible] i don't think he will be much. host: let's go today on.
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caller: whoa, am i on? [laughter] yes. talking about presidents. clinton and you take obama. and you can put them in one book. bushes ended up where they all gave out money to welfare. has got to it is unbelievable. wereught the republicans supposed to be fighting for americans. bushes, reagan was -- he was one of the best. washington and lincoln. guys, all the
7:47 am
money goes to welfare. people have to get off their rear ends and go back to work. host: thank you for the call. a dark chapter in american history was remembered yesterday. the story on the los angeles times website. the 75th anniversary of an executive order that led to japanese internment. it was exactly 75 years ago that roosevelt, number three on our c-span survey signed an executive order which paves the way for the incarceration of 120,000 japanese americans in .azzling camps camps.oes a leesolate that story is on the l.a. times website.
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maryland, from welcome. caller: good morning. i just wanted to say that there are several presidents that i really like and i will give you the reasons why. dedicated to ending slavery. the republican party was the first party to give black people jobs in the civil service. and then the democrats came along. and -- to amended walls between blacks and whites in washington. they also demanded separate facilities. most democrats don't know that they are the founders of the kkk. then is teddy roosevelt. i really like him a lot. i don't have a lot of accomplishments for him. truman ended world war ii.
7:49 am
nsa,ave to think about the nasa, the cia. these were started during truman and were put into office to be built during eisenhower. eisenhower was probably one of the very best presidents. eisenhower built the national roads with -- national roads system. the bills summit johnson was started during the eisenhower days. that is a republican bill, not a democrat bill. people need to read their history. there was only 20% support by the democrats. 80% support by the republicans. it was a republican bill signed by johnson. , he was ansenhower excellent president. kennedy did not support the civil rights bill.
7:50 am
it was completed after kennedy died by johnson. then you have nixon. most people don't know it but was the president for the time he was in office. high marks for dealing with international relations. there were 10 categories, and all in which the historians judge the former residence -- the former presidents. areas, he ranks high. on our facebook page, michael. "i like the president list --"pt for and sandra said lbj should not be in the top 10 does this is the dude that escalated the
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vietnam war. our next caller from california. on the democrats line. good morning. caller: i just had to chuckle, i don't hear that very often. host: was kind of name is that? caller: it has greek origins but you find it a lot more common in england. those of you old enough to remember peter pan and the guy an played captain hook was english actor who was quite famous back in the 1950's anyway. i want to thank you guys. i really like this topic that the last two days. i really enjoyed listening to the experts yesterday. and i found it very interesting
7:52 am
because i agree with them 100% except that -- my wife and i talk about this a lot, we go back and forth between lincoln and washington. but always seem to land on washington as number one. he was the first and the father of our country. it don'te, i think, think enough about or appreciate riskede founding fathers everything to start this republic. they didn't just risk their fortunes, they risked their lives. if king george had caught them, he would have hung them all. washington comes first. lincoln's second. and roosevelt in the top three, i agree with. the only other comment i have is that i think you shouldn't consider the more recent presidents where people have
7:53 am
been alive during their 10 years. there are so many biases that come rolling in, political and otherwise. as demonstrated by some of the callers and their reasons for those presidents. i was alive during eisenhower and kennedy and i kind of break it off there because i am almost 70. and i think history doesn't really write a good script until at least 40 or 50 years after they are gone. host: that was one of the points from the historians yesterday is that new information will come to light. the firstt looking at draft of the obama presidency. re-looking at the george w. bush and eisenhower, now his ranking has gone up because of historians looking at his accomplishments and taking into
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account his successors and predecessors. thank you for your call. more from our conversation howarday with edna from university. guest: not good at all. we used to complain that teachers spent too much time studying the great women -- studying the great men and do not enough time studying the great people they help to govern and we may have gone too far to the other side. will have an overview of these presidents. host: have you worked in your own structure to voice the selection to change that? guest: absolutely. it is very difficult to balance that but you absolutely have to. semester toe one cover u.s. history from colonial to -- it is not very easy. talk about the challenges
7:55 am
for teachers trying to educate. expertise as a professor at howard university, she was one of three who joined us yesterday and part of the core group of historians who drafted criteria that we used for the more than 90 historians who conducted the survey. we are getting your calls and comments. 10 minutes left in this conversation. jim, who is your favorite president and why? caller: thank you for c-span. my favorite president is franklin roosevelt. because he had to deal with two crises. the existence of the united states and the great depression. the rise with hibbler and the japanese empire. and someone remarked that most people in his condition, they can barely get out of dead and and let alone do what he
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did. i think the people who criticize the survey are not eating fair because half of the old listed in the survey are not democrats. lincoln, reagan, eisenhower, teddy roosevelt. so i think it was a good balance in the group. is af course, smith renowned presidential historian. host: on our twitter page, "lincoln, fdr, roosevelt, truman and lbj made the top 10 list?" "comment from charles -- andrew jackson, the first president from the common people. debthe usa entirely out of
7:57 am
." from plainville, new york on the republican line, good morning. caller: i think lincoln was the most consequential president for his time. that it was biased towards democrats. because they don't know how many of the historians are democrat and are subject to the same biases that we all are. how the survey counts for activity. he was called landslide lyndon. and there were voters who actually voted for him.
7:58 am
host: when he ran for the senate? caller: that's right. so he shouldn't have gotten in because he won unlawfully. systeme had a was her when his wife was out of town. about having sex with many women. and i think he should have been given a pass. if you want to get the pole criteria and the methodology and who was involved , we have outlined all of that on her website. a lot of news organizations are reporting on this as well. list was led by george washington. and franklin d. roosevelt. you can select a president to see where they rank.
7:59 am
thank you for your calls and comments on your choices for your best and favorite presidents and explaining why. you are watching washington journal on this presidents' day weekend. coming up in a moment, the american enterprise institute joining us for his piece on presidential power. and later, daryl kimball on dealing with north korea, russia and iran and the trump administration on nuclear policy. the washington journal continues in a moment. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016]] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> so which presidents were america's greatest leaders. c-span asked historians to rate our 43 presidents in 10 areas of leadership. top billing went to the president who preserved the
8:00 am
union, abraham lincoln. he's held the top spot for all three c-span historian surveys. three other top vote getters, george washington, franklin roosevelt and theodore roosevelt. dwight eisenhower makes his first appearance in the c-span top five this year. now rounding out the historians' top 10 choice, harry truman, thomas jefferson, john f. kennedy and ronald reagan. lyndon johnson jumps up one spot to return to the top 10. but james buchanon is ranked dead last in all three c-span surveys. and there's bad news for andrew jackson as well. our seventh president dropped his rating from number 13 to number 18. but the survey had good news for outgoing president obama.


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