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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  February 20, 2017 9:38am-10:05am EST

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to talk about lady bird johnson, she was the first spouse to campaign independently campaign band on the trail. n. was really such a force 1960 and 1964, president johnson was hesitant to go to the south civil rights act was assed and so he sent his most trusted delegate, his wife down there, she had southern roots, people in the south, she felt she could communicate better than perhaps could.e she made great strides in the way of campaigning, in particular. host: on behalf of the resident, presidential spouses and white house communication strategy today, the book by our guest, lauren wright. in san francisco, thank you for being with us, please come back again. you.: thank host: turn our attention to a tweet getting a fair amount of last attention over the couple days. donald trump, the president of united states, saying he
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inherited a mess, this tweet was issued last week. don't believe the mainstream fake news media, the white house is running very well, i inherited a mess and i'm in the process of fixing it. o our ge: did the president inherit a mess? for republicans, 202-748-8001. democrat, 202-748-8000. independents, 202-748-8002. we have a line for those united outside the states, we welcome our listeneros c-span radio. ere is the president last week talking about this very issue in florida., donald trump: we're here to speak the truth. i hear your demands, i hear your and i promise you, you will deliver, i promise that.
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[cheering] donald trump: and by the way, you've seen what we've accomplished in a very short period of time, the white house is running so smoothly. so smoothly. nd believe me, i and we inherited one big mess. he, : based on that, did again, give us a call or sunday a [cheering] donald trump: and by the way, ou'vetweet, did president trump inherit a mess from the obama white house? this question was posed on the unday shows with chris wallace on fox news and chuck pretsz,"nbc's "meet the hite house chief of staff, priebus responding about how the white house is operating. >> look, if there is a problem here, people will have big issues, the truth is that we don't have problems in the west wing. stories, i don't get along with bannon, actually gelled as a team and get along great and we're the ng well together and
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amount of drama and spin you read about mostly in the gossip rags is unbelievable stuff and it just isn't true. every day and wonder what alternative universe they justeporting on because it isn't true. i think every west wing has personalities, romney rove, el, karl different people. that doesn't mean you don't ultimately get along and want to make the american people proud. that is what we do everyday and try to do every day. host: priebus. he support there today, returning to white house tonight. cover story of time magazine, nothing to see her as a encircling president trump from the oval office to the white house. roberta from dayton, ohio, democrat's line. a the president inherit
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mess? caller: no, the president did a mess.rit host: why do you say that? because anyone that has paid attention and follows what the media is fake ing, which is not puts accept for what he out there, he himself, he, along followers, spoke highly aily on what was fake news because they created it in order discredit hillary clinton and verybody is seeing what is ugly on he created this news, he loved it and it's he's still m, but crying about it every time you turn the t.v. on. case to see this man has become the president of lyingited states and he's
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more everyday, it's just a sad case. roberta from dayton, ohio. .weet from maverick come on, "washington journal" credence to i inherited a mess? how low is the bar? tweeted about it, spoke about it, we want your reaction, did a mess?it from another viewer, trump is the able of comprehending complexity of the presidency. of course it looks like a mess. good morning. caller: yes, good morning. host: go ahead, please. caller: thank you for the call. host: sure. caller: just like the last guest talking n, they were about how ivanka -- i mean the wife of donald trump, the donald trump, they attack her daily in the new, hey attack her kids, did that
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ever happen to michelle obama on all the news stations? inherit a mess? obamacare, we all part-timers out here now that work low-paying jobs, they dropped our hours from 40 or more hours hours or less, no nsurance, high insurance premiums, yeah, the veterans, did the last administration take veterans and she was talking about how much people die per day not having about veterans, how many commit suicide a day because they can't get seen by v.a. which donald trump will fix. ask peep nel pennsylvania, ohio, he's going to bring back jobs there. you, sir. host: mike from south carolina, thank you. mark wallace has this tweet. mess is an understatement he says, the national debt, libya, country is the divided like never observe.
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politifact is writing about donald trump's tweets because "a mess is a subjective term, writes politifact, we decided rate his statement, instead look at hard numbers and et readers make up their own minds," for example, we should ote no president is all powerful in global market forces, change necessary technology, oil shocks and roles, as ts play well. the president, donald trump, was reigns with unemployment rate, 75 job cutive months of growth, rising stock prices, home values, corporate profit consumer confidence. travis from grand prairie, texas. a the president inherit mess? caller: yes, i think he i don'td a catastrophe, think a hurricane could give him political age,
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hurricane, so i think he had to into office behind probably go down in history as one of the worst presidents had.e ever i think the former president only showed success just because of mentality of the people that support him. most of his people that voted for him don't even know the issues out there today. on the streets and ask them which numerous programs -- you can ask about different had. i think the former president only showedissues and they don' are even ea what you talking about. travis, thanks for the call. next from wisconsin. good morning. caller: yes, i'm calling on of president obama. i can't believe what i'm hearing, people's memories must short because he had to the auto he banks and
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industry and the housing industry and we were bleeding like 8000 a month and to mess, the ir that iraq war, i mean trillions of of ars there and billions dollars on palettes that people don't even know where it went. just have a comment that president trump really needs to back in and look at his think that ause i president obama has done a wonderful job and to care enough about the american people to ant to make sure everybody has good healthcare. i believe that it is a right and not a bridge, if you want a working od, viable, addle class, you have to have middle class.
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thank ust like to say you, c-span, i watch you everyday, and soldier on. thank you. host: thanks for the call. a lot of attention about the upcoming state visit the president will have in great britain, formerly invited by queen elizabeth, it is reported the president will receive full courtesy of the state visit when that occurs. next from silver spring, maryland, stacy, independent line. welcome to the conversation. caller: hi. good morning, thank you, c-span, i watch you everyday, and soldier on. thank you. host: thanks for the call. he did notspan, at all.a mess, not e's saying things that are not true. host: stacy, thank you for the call. the president om in a story getting attention. his comments about sweden and swedish from the government. here is president trump. what ent trump: look at is happening last night in sweden. sweden, who would believe this,
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sweden, they took in large numbers having problems like never thought possible. look at what is happen nothing world,s and all over the niece, and paris, we've allowed thousands and thousands of people into our and there was no way to vet those people. no documentation, there was nothing. country safe. host: communities of the we carry today live on saturday, this response from the embassy of sweden. informing thed to united states administration about swedish immigration and policies and president trump explaining my statement as to what is happen was in reference to a story broadcast on the fox concerning immigrants in sweden, a program that aired friday evening. lynn, from
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independent line. did the president inherit a mess? caller: good morning. yes, i believe he did. and obama inherited a mess and baush inherited a mess. it is rediculous that trump inherited this mess. my question is, you know, when you look at the senators and congressmen that have been there 30 or 40 years come on and talk about the mess? caller: good morning. problems and try to . blame the current president, laughable.lly the thing, i listen to your show everyday, like the other callers that call in, and i fully believe none of us american people that are just getting up and going to work everyday and trying to keep our
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families together and our lives together, have a clue as to what washington, d.c. and the thing, i listen to your show everyday, like the other callers that call in, and i if you are republican, democrat, independent, we are all getting completely ripped from the government. i just wish there was term sick to see kes me mccain and schumer and those talk about up and the same problems. you guys have been there 30 years, so to blame on trump is ridiculous or clinton or any president, they do inherit a because of how out of control washington, d.c. is. that at is what i hope people start paying attention to. to donald kind trump. if you don't like him, it doesn't matter, we're trying spending all this money on anti-bullying programs in our schools, maybe we need to spend money on anti-bullying so rams for these people they could just give trump a break, you know.
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needs to at i think happen. host: thank you. caller: whoever becomes president, it will be a mess. is : couple of tweets, this from steve. talk about mess, angering missile tests from iran, russia, north kore just the first month. another tweet, first obama could not do anything because of republicans, next obama did a wonderful job, which one was it? ways? question mark. arket watch is reporting on whether or not the president inherited a mess, in describing the economy at market important, without taking anything away from challenges trump faces overseas, things should be noted. 227,000 jobs dding last month according to first job report far surpassing predicted 180,000 by economists. wages are rising, up 2.9% from
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year, adding $.75 to the hourly pay. inflation is up, context matters. by the way, the president just a moments ago tweeting on this president's day. realis what he said at the donald trump. happy president's day, make again. great from seabring, florida, republican line, good morning. caller: good morning. the air, go on ahead, please. caller: good morning. i'm a hispanica, merican and i have a couple i need to point out. yes, president trump inherited a and here is my base. failing schools, the system, the system is a mess. point number two, immigration, i -- an interview congress ad with immigration officials,
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they cannot even give the people came w many in or out of the united states. they had was from, i believe, 1994, we don't have exact numbers of who is here or who are here in the united states. a mess. third point, leaks in the white house, lack of ethics, why to we for the le working president that they cannot keep their mouths shut, they have to all the secrets? -- divided we have nation. this divided nation, we cannot is in power right now. host: thanks for the call. this tweet. of en is the bowling green europe. another tweet from president trump. give the public a break, the trying to say
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large scale immigration in weden is working out beautifully, not, exclamation mark, says the president. joe is next from columbia, south carolina, good morning, welcome to the program. caller: good morning, sir. host: go ahead, please. caller: yes, sir. inherit a id not mess. inherited a mess was mr. obama. got loyment nearly 11%, he it down to less than 5%, how is that a mess? also he did other good things, too. we need to work on the judicial for the way now, some of the african american prothers have been shut down in unarmed most of them, work on that, but i don't expect trump to care about that. roblem with the -- a lot of part of this country. you think trump cares about that?
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combat had a program to this. where is trump's? problems.f inherit a mess? or crisis her mess will face, he's not able to do we don't know the personality or makeup to deal with it. huge mistake put thanksgiving idiot in office and many t understand why so drink that poisonous trump koolade. host: the tribune reporting on protest and demonstration in the windy city on mild day. protesters taking to the streets esterday in the chicago loop area voicing concern about a number of the president's agenda items, including immigration issues, the police escort people to the plaza er discussing displeasure with the ravel ban, his policyos immigrants in the u.s. without promise to ss and
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build a wall. ory next from new jersey, democrats line. good morning. caller: good morning, sir. thank you for having me, i appreciate i am so repelled of this man is in power. it's scary to me. my husband and i talk about it everyday, i'm frightened. i'm an old lady, okay, i'm 18,ghtened for the young 17, 9, 20, 21-year-old kids that this lunatic is going to throw into a war. that's my scare, that's my fear. every night, sir, people, pe all these i've been listening to it, that is wrong -trump, what with them? i mean, what is really wrong with them?
9:58 am a we have a lunatic for a president? scary to me. it's scary to my husband, i we sit 're old people, here and croak, that's fine. okay. the young rry about kids of this world and i wor that are children going to come up and hear that rhetoric, it's to me.ning new jersey, rom thank you. this is a similar point of view from tony. trump is the mess we inherited and this comment from a viewer saying thank you to the beenornia caller, this has a mess for the last 30 years, really "read my lips" mean, polish people? go to jay joining on the illinois.nt line from good morning, jay. caller: great question. inherited complexity of the presidency, foreign policy is
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complex. trying to build together and get gridlock is complex. muddel through in some regard, measure, when ve you look at the economy, any objective measure, we are on the upswing, that should be undebatable. at the comment necessary terms of measures used to determine recession, stock prices and so g, forth, clearly tremendous mprovement, but the one caller eluded to the fact immigration policy, again, that goes back to effort to gridlock, that is complex. have to s," you disaggregate that and look at each case as it is. some wins and as losses. he was greature stature, calm, when you juxtapose that , buttrump, he is clearly obama has some wins and losses. he was very calm.
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when you juxtapose that with trump, he does have a significant learning curve as it relates to his voice and how he responds to certain things. he looks erratic and messy, but he has some ideas that make sense. we want to do better on a reporters and that certain people. trump is learning. it is not like a business. it is very complex. all of a sudden there is something you cannot control in iraq and you are blamed for that. .ome wins and losses i will give him a shot. thanks so much. host: thank you very much for the call. we will devote three hours tomorrow on the "washington question, ishis the issue of freedom of speech, are there limits to freedom of speech? we will be checking in with a
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for thef individuals museums is that you first amendment center. we will be speaking with the director for the american center for law and justice. focusing on this issue of religious freedom and freedom of speech. are there limits? we hope you tune into "washington journal." thank you for joining us on this monday. have a terrific weekend. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> in about one hour and a half live from london, we will have the british house of commons debate on whether or not to with draw an invitation for a state visit to president trump.
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nearly 2 million people have petitioned against the visit. 300,000 have signed a petition of support. the week after president trump's inoculation, theresa may invited him to the u.k.. president president bush and president obama were not invited until several years into their presidency. covers atve live debate a 11:30 a.m. eastern time. police bracing for protests on parliament square. barricades have been put up outside parliament. lastly, a protest sign was projected onto westminster palace by the group global justice now. in his official response, the u.k. government said ministers will you the president of the u.s. should be extended the full courtesy of a state visit and that they look forward to welcoming the president once dates and arrangements are finalized. >> which presidents were america's greatest leaders?
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c-span recently asked 91 presidential historians to write our 43 presidents in 10 areas of leadership. top billing this year went to the president who preserved the union, abraham lincoln. he helped the top spot for all three c-span historian surveys. three other top vote getters continue to hold their positions. george washington, franklin roosevelt, and the or roosevelt. dwight eisenhower who served from 1953 to 1961 makes his first appearance in the c-span top five this year. rounding out the historians talk to choices, harry truman, thomas jefferson, john f. kennedy, and ronald reagan. lyndon johnson jumps up one spot this year to return to the top 10. pity pennsylvania's james buchanan. he is right that last in all dead laste is ranked in all three c-span surveys.
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the survey had good news for outgoing president barack obama. on his first time on the list, historians placed him at number 12 overall. george w. bush moved three spots up to 33 overall with big gains in public persuasion and relations with congress. how did our historians rate your favorite president? who are the winners and losers of each categories? you can find all this and more on our website, >> live coverage from london on the debate in the house of commons about whether or not to withdraw an invitation to president trump for a state visit will start at 11:30 a.m. eastern time. first, especially at russia and cyber security with david singer of "the new york t,"


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