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  Vice President Pence at Jewish Cemetery  CSPAN  February 22, 2017 9:05pm-9:21pm EST

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eating disorder is more likely to be violent i should no longer be allowed to hold a gun. there is no evidence to support that general idea. announcer 1: at a news conference, nancy pelosi spoke out against president trump's policy and agenda. nancy pelosi: it embraces vladimir putin. the disgraceful new ice rates targeting people are upsetting, cruel and designed to spread fear. this vision is less strong and less compassionate. announcer 1: the centers for medicare and medicaid services, at her confirmation hearing. >> i am extremely humble as a first-generation american to be sitting before this committee after being nominated by the president of the united states.
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it is a testament to the fact that the american dream is very much alive for those willing to work for it. announcer 1: all c-span programs are available at either on the homepage or by searching the video library. announcer 1: today vice president mike pence visited a jewish cemetery. the vice president spoke to volunteers working to repair the damage. we will hear first from missouri governor eric greitens. eric greitens: good afternoon, everyone. today with a neophyte obama. .- anita feigenbaum we are proud to be with her today. >> absolutely. eric greitens: what happened
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here was a despicable act of vandalism. it was anti-semitic, and it was painful to so many families. we come together today to let those families know that we are going to make sure that we preserve the blessed memories of their parents, their grandparents, and their great-grandparents. you know, moments like this are when a community is made up. and today we are going to demonstrate that this vile act of desecration is not who we are. we are instead going to turn it into a moment of resolve. >> yeah. [applause] eric greitens: we are going to demonstrate, we are going to demonstrate that this is a demonstration of our faith, and that together, we are going to come together in shared service. know i ami, you might
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here with one of my friends, vice president pence. [applause] [cheers] eric greitens: and earlier today, you should know the president of the united states called me, and he asked me on his behalf to personally thank all of you. thank you for standing up in the fight against anti-semitism. [applause] and he said,: thank you for showing the people of the world that what happened here the other night is not who america is. it is not who misery is. this is who misery is -- missouri is. [applause] eric greitens: anita, we are honored to be here to support you.
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anita: i just want to thank each and everyone of you for coming. i want to thank the organizations that have reached out to us. can you hear me now? hello? hello? [laughter] thank each and everyone of you for coming out to volunteer to help us today. in the jewish tradition, we take out most care to give respect to our deceased. buy you coming out here today, you are helping to once again give respect to all of the deceased here. [applause] thank you toaum: all of the organizations that have reached out to us, to the governor, to the vice president, to the federation, to the adl, to the entire community.
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thank you. [applause] [laughter] i am mike pence, i am the vice president of the united states of america. >> yeah. [applause] mike pence: i spoke earlier today in st. louis. that were from the heart. there is no place in america for prejudice ors of violence or anti-semitism. i must tell you, the people of missouri are in firing -- are inspiring to the nation for your love of this place, for the jewish community in missouri, and i want to thank you for the inspiration, for showing the
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world what america is really all about. [applause] mike pence: i also want to thank leadership,r great seeing the headstones are already repaired. evidence of your love and your care for the heritage and history and those that are cherished here. to the federation and to all of you, but let me also say that i want to thank your new governor. your new governor for -- [applause] thank you, governor andons, and -- greitens, thank you all of you for coming out and showing the heart of this state and the heart of this nation. again, this place, and you, you all make us proud. god bless you. [applause]
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eric greitens: all right, guys. we got some work to do. i will turn it over. all right, we got some good work coming up. if you have a yellow sticker, you are going to go to the far end in this direction. raise your hand. that if you have a pink sticker, you are going with stephen out by the chapel. chapel. head to the , you will beange doing debris cleanup with eli, eli, raise your hand. he is in the back. if you are a green, come to my voice. you will be working with me. if you are yellow, go to the fence. if you are pink, up to the
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chapel. if you are orange, you are with eli. if you are green, you are with me here. sticker, not have a come to my left. maria will head to a sticker. questions, talk to the people in the back. thank you very much. let's get to work. one more time, if you are yellow, you go to the fence towards alley. he is waving his hands in the back of the cemetery. if you are pink, you are in this area where the chapel is. if you are orange, you will be with eli for debris cleanup, moving to the east side of the cemetery. if you are green, come to my voice.
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>> good afternoon, a pleasure to meet you. >> i am a marine. >> semper fi. >> i don't get that every day. it is an honor. can i shake your hand as well? we will have the rep meet us all through prayer. >> step over here, rabbi. tradition,ewish deadcing cemeteries, the are considered -- everything you do for somebody is for life. ,ou don't know if it is real because they will pay you back. did people can't pay you back.
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we will never get to get it back. it is our fervent hope and prayer that through the act of kindness that we are doing for the people that can no longer fight for themselves and fend for themselves, god will pay us back with true kindness. >> a moment of prayer? >> can we do that? >> i can say a prayer in hebrew. >> ok. hebrew] ing
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amen. >> amen. >> thank you so much. >> let's get to work, chris. what have you got? >> if you guys want to stay with us. >> what have we got? >> thank you. >> ok, where to? >> what we have got to do, we have just got to meet up here. so pick a square spot, corner out, you did a pretty good job with this. just grab some debris, put the pile right over here, dunk it here. >> we are bringing debris -- you want to make a nice presentation for the folks that come to check on their loved
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ones. >> put it all in a pile? >> certainly. >> and if your back is a little bit like mine, you want one of these. >> that one over there.
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>> bring this here for one second.
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story, how to build an autocracy. and senior vice president for policy jim kessler talks about the new campaign, an effort to bring disaffected democrats back into the party. be sure to watch c-span's washington journal live at 7:00 a.m. eastern on thursday morning. join the conversation. c-span, where history unfolds daily. in 1979, c-span was created as a public service i america's cable television companies and is brought to you today by your cable or satellite provider. announcer 1: the group knew america hosted a discussion in washington dc about how african-americans can increase their political influence. the panel was made up of political science professors and slate magazine reporter. this is 90 minutes.


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