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tv   Reince Priebus and Steve Bannon Make Joint Appearance at CPAC  CSPAN  February 24, 2017 11:13am-11:33am EST

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ellison, a minneapolis democratic congressman running this weekend for chairman of the democratic national committee. --is putting his critical political career on the line to be that person. that is tomorrow from the dnc at 10:00 a.m. eastern. who will be back live at the cpac gathering coming up. we want to show you some of the conversation from yesterday with white house chief of staff reince priebus and chief strategist steve bannon. [applause] >> all right guys. take a seat. [laughter]
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>> alright. cpac is known for having important moments. i think it is safe to say by a full room and a couple of cameras that this is one of those moments. i think the first thing that would be appropriate after 30 days of running a continual sprint is to thank these two guys are what they have been doing. thank you. >> thank you. matt: i also think it's a perfect moment to thank all of you for helping to select what will be one of the greatest presidents that ever served. that because of your work
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he made it happen. >> i want to thank you for finally inviting me. >> there are many alumni in the audience. decided to say that everyone is a part of our conservative family. that is what donald trump is on the so many of us run the country politically. you guys have put together an amazing operation. you all know this, but the last time a president came to cpac in his first year it was ronald reagan. 1981. -- thee put together president put together the most conservative cabinet we have ever seen according to the ratings. it looksppy about what
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like it's going to happen on the supreme court. i'm lookingou two, in the back of the room. let me ask you two -- >> is that the opposition? matt: let me ask you two. we read a lot about you two. >> that's all good. matt: i bet not all of it is accurate. i bet there are some things that don't get written correctly. what is the biggest misconception about what is going on in the donald trump white house? us,ce: in regards to everything you are reading. we share an office suite together. we are basically together from 6:30 the morning until about 11:00 at night. steve: i have a thing called the war room. he has a fireplace with a sofa. reince: it is actually something
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that you will have helped build, which is when you bring together , and what this election showed, and what president trump showed -- let's not kid ourselves. i can talk about data and ground game and steve can talk about big ideas, but the truth is donald trump, president trump brought together the party, the conservative movement. the party and the conservative movement are together, similar to steve and i. it cannot be stopped. and president trump was the one guy -- he was the one person. after overseeing 16 people kill each other, it was donald trump that was able to bring this party and this movement together. steve and i know that. we live it every day. our job is to get the agenda of
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president trump through the door and on pen and paper. if you look at the opposition party and how they campaign and portray the transition and other administration, it is always wrong. on the first day kellyanne and i started, we reached out to the same team that everyday was around this campaign. they did the transition. the campaign was the most chaotic by the media's description, most chaotic, most unprofessional. no idea what they were doing. then he saw them crying and weeping that night. the reason it works is president trump. he had his ideas, have the energy, had the vision that they galvanize a team around him of disparate -- we are a coalition.
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a lot of people have strong beliefs about different things. we understand you can come together and win. we never had a doubt and donald trump never had a doubt he was going to win. i think that is the power of this movement. >> if you go back and watch the tape of president trump four or five years ago, that was the trump agenda. governor walker get sick of me saying it, but i think president trump found it. that's what all of this where starving for. we are so sick of politics and politicians. in spite of the fact we love being here, we hate politics. what we were starving for is someone real, salmon jim and -- somebody genuine, somebody that
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was actually who he said he was, and the media attacked us on a campaign. remember, attacks me, you cannot spend the money on trump, give it to the senate, attacked us on the transition. president trump put in the best cabinet in the history of cabinets, i think. and now i see ridiculous stories, and all we do every day and all president trump does every day is hit his agenda every single day, whether it is tpp, whether it is deregulation, whether it is neil gorsuch. whatever it is, his promise is coming through every day. >> he is even leaving bathrooms alone, that's a nice, refreshing thing for a lot of people as well. >> let us go back to that point that reince made for a moment . is runningent trump and this is another thing the , mainstream media or opposition party never caught. if you want to see the trump agenda, it is simple, it was all in the speeches. he went around to these rallies where the speeches had a tremendous amount of content in
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them. i happen to believe that he is the greatest public speaker in the larger arenas since williams jennings bryan. we did not have any money. hillary clinton and these guys had over $2 billion and we had a couple dollars. hundred million it was the rallies and speeches. all he is doing right now is he has laid out an agenda with promises he made, and our job every day is just to execute on that, get a path to have those get executed and he is maniacally focused on that and that is one of the powers of the transition, where many people try to convince president trump, hey, you won on this, but this is what you want to do, and he is like, no, i promised the american people this, and this is the plan we are going to execute on. that's where you've seen the executive orders, supreme court, the weight is gone to the supreme court. and the other 102 judges we are eventually going to pick, it is just methodical. that is not what the mainstream media will report, just like they were dead wrong on the chaos of the campaign and
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dead wrong on the chaos of the transition. they are absolutely dead wrong about what is going on today, because we have a team grinding it through on president donald trump promising the american people. the mainstream media better understand something. all of these promises are going to be implemented. >> that is awesome. you know, steve, you are a really likable guy. you should do this more often. steve: not so bad. [laughter] matt: so, 30 days of action and you guys have touched on some of the action. each one of you, tell me the one or two things that have happened in the last 30 days that you think are most critical, and the one thing, like you said, steve, maniacally focused, that have got to happen early in the administration to turn this country around. it starts for the 30 days and what is the focus after that? mr. bannon: there is a lot that have happened in the first 30 days.
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you look at our world order and some of the things that are going on that i think will be dealt with soon, but the first thing i think is neil gorsuch. for a couple things. number one, we are not talking about a change over a four-year period. we are talking about a change of potentially 40 years. number one. but more important than that, more important, it establishes trust, it established that president trump is a man of his word. we always knew that, but when he said, here is 20 names on a piece of paper back in july, remember, he said i'm going to pick my judge out of these 20 people on this piece of paper, and he did it. that is number one, because neil gorsuch represents a conservative -- represents the type of judge that has a vision of donald trump and fulfills the promise that he made to all of you and all americans across the country. second thing, deregulation.
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what has not been talked about a lot is that president trump signed an order that put in place a constant deregulatory forum within the federal government. for every regulation presented for passage, that cabinet secretary has to identify two that that person would eliminate, and that is a big deal. lastly, immigration. protecting the sovereignty of the united states, putting a wall on the southern border, making sure that criminals are not part of our process. these are all things that 80% of americans agree with and these are all things president trump is doing within 30 days. matt: steve? mr. bannon: i think the same thing. if you look at the minds of work, the three verticals or three buckets. the first is national security sovereignty. and intelligence, the defense
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department, homeland security. the second line of work is what i refer to as economic nationalism and that is wilbur ross at commerce, steve mnuchin at treasury, peter navarro, steven miller, these people rethinking how we are going to reconstruct our trade arrangements around the world. the third, broadly line of work, deconstruction of the administrative space. and if you -- [applause] mr. bannon: i think the three most important things, one of the most pivotal moments in modern american history was his immediate withdrawal from tpp. that got us out of a trade deal and let our sovereignty come back to ourselves. the mainstream media do not get this, but we work in consultation with the hill and people are starting to think through amazing bilateral relationships, bilateral trading relationships with people that will reposition america in the world as a fair trading nation, and start to bring jobs, high value-added manufacturing jobs
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back to the united states of america. on the national security part, it was certainly the first that you started to see implemented under general kelly, the rule of law is going to exist when you talk about our sovereignty and talk about immigration. general kelly and attorney general sessions, you'll start to see with the defense budget, we will thought about next week when we bring the budget out and also with certain things about the plan on isis and what general mattis and these guys think. you will see the other part of that. the third is regulation. every business leader says it's not just taxes but also the , regulation. i think if you look at these cabinet appointees, they were selected for a reason, and that is the deconstruction. the way the progressive left runs is that if they cannot get it passed they will put in some , sort of regulation in an agency. that is all going to be deconstructed, so that is why i
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think this purgatory -- regulatory thing is so important. mr. priebus: he brought up the fact that we are promulgating more laws and regulations than we ever had before, mostly from independent agencies on autopilot. you guys can stop that. matt: also coming from the
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