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tv   Washington Journal Scott Pace Discusses Federal Funding for Space...  CSPAN  February 25, 2017 7:30am-7:46am EST

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congress will be tough challenges. host: when it comes to actual programs, what is currently on board in nasa when it comes to pure space exploration? what is being planned? guest: right now there is the ongoing space vision, the giant international partnership operating in earth orbit and plans for visiting and astroid, bringing it near the moon and sending a crew to examine it. that is than controversial and congress has not been supportive of that as they do not see what it leads to. there have been longer-range discussions about humans eventually going to mars but several decades from now. that has not resulted in very detailed planning. right now, we have a space station in earth orbit and an
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unclear future as to what the next step is. i am personally hoping for some more definition on exactly what missions we could undertake right after the space station. host: what do you think as far as the future is concerned, the role of commercial space companies? guest: they will absolutely be part of the partnership. nasa really is -- because it has a limited money, it needs to focus on doing things only it can do, that make no commercial sense, if there are areas where you can buy services from the private sector and not have to develop it yourself, that is in the interest of nasa which is happening now with cargo deliveries to the space station. launch ofently had a a cargo vehicle going for the space station it should be docking soon. you can imagine commercial
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services for communications and more cargo delivery. even in the future, commercial services to get our astronauts into lower orbit and nasa doing , tooration deeper beyond the moon and beyond. 1st: the trappist announcement, what does it mean for exploration? guest: that is a great example. i should mention that exploration is not just about humans, though that is mostly what we think about, but also about learning more about the universe so the hubble space telescope, the great images. what you are seeing with this trappist, and the last decade, amazing progress in discovering planets around other stars and here you are seeing multiple earthlike or potentially earthlike planets are bidding -- orbiting around another star. the galaxy is much more
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populated with potential places for life to exist than we have ever thought of before. host: i am sure you are asked this a lot, some of our heroes have brought it up, what is the benefit of space exploration, especially with the money we put toward it? caller: i am an educator -- guest: i am an educator at the university and i would say one of the biggest benefits of space expiration is that it is a training and education to teaching tools. in order to do space exploration you have to master pretty much every form of human knowledge, every form of physics and engineering to be able to carry out a space mission. it is really challenging. it pushes you to do something you would not do if you stayed home. i think that is the first thing. it teaches us how to be better and smarter.
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the second thing i would say is that space represents a potential area for both international cooperation and international competition. russia and china are developing anti-satellite weapons and we are very depended on space for our economy, communications and gps. space is an area that we also have to be present on because we are so reliant on it already. exploration is important for learning and teaching and also important to protect our interests. with georgepace washington university space policy institute, their director talking about space exploration and related topics, thank you so much for time this morning. guest: my pleasure. host: let's go back to calls, john, new mexico, while for those not sure. good morning. caller: thank you so much for taking my call. this is something that being a
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child of the late 1960's and 1970's, growing up during the and which was really a point of national pride -- during the space program which was really a point of national pride. i am a proponent of space travel, i asked the question -- have we reached a diminishing marginal return from what is gained by going to space? i just listened to a man speak on that from jpl, why go to mars? a lovely concept and would be a great point of national pride if we could go to mars but we have mars but we haveon the 7 billion people on the planet. space,ill go out in let's do something, do not trap and astroid or some mission that we have already done redundantly
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. we need to do something big. if it is not big, why do it? we reach this area of technology, does everyone really need a cell phone, nasa claims ever piece of technology invented since the 1960's on the space program. we do not know that without a space program what the other developments would have been, would we still have a cell phone and investments in medicine? what there has been -- have been an assailant without the space program, i bet there would be, some of those arguments are there was a great marginal return from the space program and no one can argue that technology was not advanced. host: north carolina, our line for those who oppose exploration and the cost. hi. caller: hello? host: you are on. caller: i am opposed to the
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space station because we need work on earth and to take care of home. charity starts at home. do -- we cannot outdo god, no person on earth can, he planned it for us and why on earth can we do more to help our then send the -- heat when the space station since something up, all of the heat comes back down here. god is in control, no matter what man does. we should get on our knees and start praying and get him the authority to take over, give him our heart and soul, and let him do here what we need here on our. host: iris in new jersey, you
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are on. caller: hi. thank you for listening to me. i have three things to say. the first one which i think is the most important, military defense, when they cut back on the military it was frightening because we have the russians and the chinese all doing space exploration. we are being monitored in outer space. think of google maps and the other things. we can now see everything live versus the flat map. i think that is the most important. the other one that technology when talking about cell phones, i personally am dependent on my cell phone because i am an elderly person with a lot of medical issues and when i leave my house in my car i have my phone with me in case of an emergency. concerned,obs is
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there are at&t, t-mobile, verizon that employ thousands and thousands of people. if we did away with that capability, thousands of people would be out of jobs and more children would be hungry. the other thing is that we do benefit from all the lease companies -- these companies make millions and millions of dollars that go into the economy and if we got rid of that, that is not a good thing. i think people are looking at it as one item. host: let's go to suzy and hatfield, arkansas. good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call. i would love to say i support the exploration in my heart i do. ,ecause of one primary reason an alarming rise in flat earth there's -- earthers. but i oppose it because we have
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to pay for our freaking wall. thank you for taking my call. host: do you think space exploration is worth the cost is our topic for the next 20 minutes. call in on the line. for those who support exploration and oppose it and knows who -- and we have a lot for those not sure, pick the one that best describes you. tennessee, support line, vivian. caller: i definitely support it 100%. i was heartbroken when we stopped it when obama came into office. the one thing we should continue. without a doubt. thank you very much for the call. host: headlines from the papers, the washington post takes a look at a story about white house officials asking intelligence dispute stories regarding president trump
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campaign and alleged contracts that contacts between the campaign and russia, white house officials may cause to news organizations and attempt to challenge the stores about the alleged contacts between members of president trump's campaign team and russians intelligence operatives, the gulls orchestrated by the white house after unsuccessful attempts by getnistration officials to senior fbi officials to speak with news organizations and dispute the accuracy of stories on the alleged contact with russia. if you go to the pages of the new york times this morning, it highlights president trump's speech at cpac which you can see on, they highlight that he criticizes fake news organizations that publish anonymous sources and reflect poorly on him, hours later he said as if he demonstrated his determination to punish reporters whose coverage he deflects, the white house press secretary band
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journalist from the new york times and several other news organizations from attending his daily briefing, a highly unusual breach between relations between the white house and the press corps and the invite were made when it came to the off-camera briefing, sean speiser asked about that -- sean spicer was asked about that and here are comments concerning the story. >> that is a concern to some? >> i think we have shown an abundance of accessibility, we brought more reporters into the process and the idea that every time that ever zynga person cannot give a question answer or fit in a room, we have gone above and beyond with making ourselves and our team and everyone more accessible and probably -- than probably any previous administration and you can take that to the bank. people that are credentialed to come in here. there are not six. that is false. to say there are six, maybe six
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reached out to you. there are way more than six that want to come in. we started with a pool and expanded it. i get it. there are plenty that want to come in at all times for every event. we do what we can to be accessible. if there is a problem, i understand but we do what we can to accommodate the press and we have gone above and beyond when it comes to accessibility and openness and getting people to our officials and our team. respectfully, i disagree with the premise of the question. host: other things taking place yesterday, the president signed an executive order reaching -- requiring each federal agency to create a task force to look over existing regulations and whether theepeal those harming economy or job creation and when it comes to the environment, he will sign a soon as monday an executive order calling for the
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repeal of a major obama era water regulation and directing a hold the legal defense of the rule according to a draft view by the wall street journal. and philadelphia, pennsylvania, not sure about space exploration and the cost. caller: good morning, c-span, thank you for taking my call. i am not sure and some of the guest you have had on bring that out pro and con. one thing i am very sure of, that is that we have to figure out a way to clean up the space junk. all of the things we take for granted, cell phones, gps, all of the stuff that make our lives so much easier are in jeopardy if we do not clean up the low level . junk. level space if president trump wanted to unify the spacefaring world powers, this is the best way for him to do that.
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to get all of the technology from the meeting space fearing countries to figure out a way to get rid of the space junk. that much i am absolutely positively sure of. host: virginia in waldorf, maryland, hello. caller: how are you? host: well, thanks. caller: i am in support of it and agree with him that we need to clean up space junk. the donald trump initiative to stop environmental areas with the united nations puts us in jeopardy and i am in favor of space exploration, it promotes jobs and keeps us close to being with other nations. right now we are falling so far behind in those types of issues. i am in favor of it. host: let's go to billy and


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