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tv   Democratic National Committee Chair News Conference  CSPAN  February 26, 2017 6:35am-7:01am EST

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mobilize this grassroots energy, because january 20 was an undeniably important day. but jenny way 21st and beyond was far more important for america, millions of people stood up and said donald trump, you do not stand for america. donald trump, we will not allow those values to divide america . and that is what we will do as a party. leading with our values and moving forward. that is how we will win. it is an unmitigated privilege to take this gavel. i recognize i have a lot of work to do. i recognize i have a lot of learning to do. i would simply ask everyone across america, whether you are a democrat, republican, unaffiliated, another party, to simply listen to our message. come with an open mind. because, you know what folks, our values of inclusion and opportunity, we have those
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shared values. and when we lead together, that is how we succeed. i will be out there listening and learning a lot in the weeks ahead. i want to say thank you to everybody in this room regardless of who you supported. because you were supporting the values of the democratic party. that is our strength. thank you very much. i want to relinquish the chair back to someone, i want to end by asking you to give donna --zile a remarking remarkable hand. she came in during a challenging period and helped lead the party. i want to thank you so much. you will always be madam chair to me. thank you very much. ms. brazile:
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>> tom froze and representative keith ellison to reporters after worse. they were asked about the trump presidency and the dnc's direction moving forward. this is 25 minutes.
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>> the new deputy chair of the dnc. we are united as a party. we have so much work ahead of us. across america, people are fearful. people are fearful for our future. democrats united. they have a hope for that future. we had a special election today in delaware. we have actions all over the country today. strength in numbers, millions of people have been coming out since the donaldation to say -- trump, you do not stand for our values. thate marshaling remarkable energy moving forward to build a nation where our andes of inclusion
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optimism, the value of diversity are in place. it is great to be here today. we have a lot of work ahead, we have a lot of things to do and we will do it together. [speaking in spanish]
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>> thank you. let me take a moment to tom perez of the democratic national committee. heis a tremendous honor that has extended an invitation for me to join him in his leadership of the dnc. us.ill take all of he is our leader, our chair. but tom is ready to call on all americans to rebuild the democratic party and stand for the values that we share. inclusion of all. prosperity for all. for anyone who supported me in this race, i want to say thank you that i want you to support tom perez. i want you to put your energy and time behind making this the best democratic national committee it can possibly be. i think i can speak for all of the other candidates in the race
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. we are all united behind the idea that tom is our chair and we are proud to be part of the dnc. we are proud to say that this day is the day that the ,emocrats come together charting a new course for the bright pewter of the american people. >> is this a turning point for the democratic party? --people all across america there are new -- more rallies today. we will win a special election in delaware. in the six congressional district in atlanta. we are moving forward in new jersey, in virginia. we will elect a democratic governor in both of those states. we are ready to hit the ground running. we also know that our party succeeds when we have a real presence in all of the states and territories.
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it is not just the presidential election. what we are united on is our the strong belief that mission of this party, this committee is to elect people from the school board to the senate and the best way to do building aso party it was done in minnesota. to the people that supported they thought they do not have a home. about your loved taries being desecrated, if you care about those people, then you have to stay in here and back tom perez
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for chair. sort of at some little thing, it is a big thing. the fate of our nation is in the balance right now. all hands on deck. i trust tom perez. if they trust me, he can come on and trust tom perez as well. i have had the benefit of sitting next to this man during many debates. we were friends before this. he shares a vision. it got to the point where we agreed on a lot of things. said that there is not enough arguing going on in this particular race. i think there is a consensus. as tom said, we will build. as tom to the center --
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said, we will build dogcatcher to the senate. revolution led with bernie sanders who i want to thank by the way. there is a lot of action but it has to be channeled into the dnc so we can win elections. >> do you agree with your new deputy who said recently that president trump has recently things has recently done that could require impeachment? >> there has to be an independent investigation. you cannot have the attorney general, out on the stump for the president, doing that investigation. that is disrespectful to all
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foxes to call it the fox guarding the hen house. we have to make sure that it is fair. had the tables interned and hillary clinton had won the presidency with the help of putin, and the help of all of this hacking --how many benghazi hearings did they have? 15. there would have been articles of impeachment already filed. i am glad to see some republicans finally call for it as well. >> did this conversation about coalition happen week ago? >> we have been friends for a long time. when we sat down to talk about this campaign, the number one
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value was that there is no one in this race who wanted to win at any cost. this race is not about keith ellison, tom perez or any of the other candidates. it is about making sure that we are helping the immigrant who is being potentially sent home, it is about making sure that we are helping the worker who lost their job and needs help. that in order to move forward, it is imperative to be united. we have spoken for some time about how to we bring together unity, whoever wins. if the tables had been turned, i would have been honored to serve under congressman ellison. we have spoken about this for some time. we did not document the days. because we really think it is important. i am honored that we are here
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together. we are the embodiment of good synergy. had you perceive your role of the day-to-day job? >> the role of the chair and about chair is fundraising but also leading the fight not only against donald sure but we have to make that we are implementing our shared vision of culture change. so we are no longer the committee who helps elected the president. we are the committee that helps ensure we are electing people up and down the ticket. if we want to take back the house of representatives, we have this best we have to take back -- we have to take back the statehouse. and equally important, we need
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to do more to collaborate with our partners in the progressive movement. on andch what is going the existential threats. we cannot be alone. the union movement is under attack. planned parenthood is under attack. the democratic party will always be there to defend our friends. press, -- chairman message withs your the people in the back of the room. many were for senator sanders or congressman ellison. will you stay in the house as deputy chairman? >> my message is that i look forward to listening and learning you. i have already begun that. we are all in this together.
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when i went out on the road in , i last couple of months have had fascinating learning moments, talking to people. some voted for senator sanders, some for jill stein and so for hillary clinton. what is important for us is to .nderstand what unites us and as congressman ellison said, we are staring unbelievably existential threats right in the eye right now, and we have to be united moving forward, because we have so many people across this country who are fearful. we have a lot to work -- of work to do, but i think our diversity is the strength of the party.
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tom perez: i love passion. people need cash and because we -- people want passion and want to make sure we address the abiding issues of equality. when congressman ellison and i worked together on the overtime room, -- rule, that was addressing the passions. i met a woman in detroit was part of the fight for 15 movement, and when i met her she slept in her car. with her three children. we can do better than that. i have the same passion because america is only america -- truly america when everybody has a fair shake, and not enough people are getting a fair shake. that is why we are so aligned, because we have to make sure this economy and the country works for everyone, not just for a few at the top. keith ellison: i absolutely will remain at the house of representatives, because if tom is leading the way i will be be
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able to be in contact with other democratic institutions we need to be in communication with too. we need to stop so much sidling and find more institutions to cooperate. i will still be in the house. >> how would you send the money to the state houses? can you talk about over the , thecouple of months changes and actions we will see in the committee to create this infrastructure and what it will look like? tom perez: we are putting together now a transition application so that we can understand what the immediate
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opportunities are, the immediate needs are, and understanding those immediate needs moving forward. i expect over the next week or 10 days that we will get a pretty comprehensive email or some sort of directive out to members asking them our questions. as you heard me say earlier today, there is an incredible amount of talent in the dnc. they are chronically underutilized, and we talked about that before. among the questions that we want to discuss collaboratively, how do we channel this remarkable energy? how do we partner and turn that energy into sustainable a momentum around preserving the affordable care act? what the immediate and construction needs of the dnc? after the election, there were plenty of people that were laid off, which tends to happen after
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elections. there are a lot of basic nuts and bolts we have to do. we need to do external outreach not only with members but to the broader community, and this is like doing maintenance on a plane at 25,000 feet, because you cannot shut the plane down and do that. i'm excited about the weeks ahead and i will be looking forward to working with not just the two of us, but the other candidates, who have all asked how can i help? so many dnc leaders and political friends elsewhere who are saying thank you. >> the budget has not been transparent. hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent on national contract. how are we going to make sure the money goes to the states art
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-- that are starving for resources? tom perez: transparency is something that you are talking about on many levels. in transparency, for instance, means making sure that decisions are made in an open and transparent manner. transparency and budgeting is a huge priority is a huge priority -- in terms of making sure that we are including members of the dnc. we are making it available and open, and as we spend money making sure the procurement process is fair and partial. -- impartial. we have never begun a new venture that does not have a steep learning curve. we saw the shame shared value -- still have the same shared value
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of making sure that the dnc's firing on all cylinders. you go there, you listen, you learn, and then you innovate. >> is there going to be change in the democratic donor culture, in that money is given more to the state as the dnc, rather than the outside political groups that some people have -- believed to have siphoned resources. tom perez: one aspect of culture change is doing a better job of collaborating with our partners out there in the progressive movement. i look at the republican party, because there has been a lot of collaboration between the rnc and the koch brothers, and the nonprofit infrastructure, including but not limited to the senators baptist church, and -- though southern baptist church, and that partnership has yielded results at the ballot box. we need to do a much better job
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of that collaboration as well. as i said before, we cannot be bowling alone. we have to be pulling together as we move forward. that is something we are both very committed to. the good news is that these partners the progressive movement our partners that we have spent virtually our entire career working with. i'm actually very excited about our ability to hit the ground running with them in collaboration. >> you talked a lot about the disagreements in the party. are contested primaries a good thing for the democrats going forward? tom perez: are you referring to [indiscernible] >> or how the congressional races and the state legislative races -- do you see talking about people coming from the progressive part of the party to challenge incumbent democrats is something that is a good thing,
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a bit and healthy thing for the party? tom perez: we are going to have robust debate within the democratic party. that is who we are. the democratic party in massachusetts is different from the one in west virginia. a democrat in west virginia may have different stands on different issues, but our job is to elect democrats. what we have in common, whether you are in west virginia or massachusetts or kansas, is a commitment to economic opportunity. i think we are focused on that message of jobs, good jobs, and help for the middle class, retirement security. that is the message that has elected democrats in missouri, west virginia, minnesota, and across the country. that is what we will make sure we are doing. >> are you doing some sort of
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project over the next few months or weeks that is a more forward-looking from the one in 2016? congressman, do you anticipate getting involved with that building out some project that looks at internally what would wrong during the primary process? tom perez: absolutely. keith ellison: let me tell you, we will have to look at what went wrong, across the numbers and get specific, because we have an idea what we want to ask others about it. the real thing is we have to win. people are expecting us to win. we have to be geared toward winning elections in this time to come. not just 2017-2018, 2020, we are and we on redistricting are looking back but looking back to look forward. >> thank you so much everybody.
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here on c-span, washington journal is next. at 9:15 a.m., we will take you live to the national governors association winter meeting in washington, d.c. for a discussion on ending child hunger. later this afternoon on newsmakers, we hear from leonard leo who serves as an advisor on judicial nominations for the trump administration. coming up on today's washington journal, a look at the trump presidency and its impact on conservativism and the future of the republican party le of thes ant washington journal. theheather vogel shares details of a new investigation on schools that use alternative programs.
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and later, former state department official thomas countrymen talks about his recent departure from the state department at the request of the comp us -- the trump administration. it is my great honor to present the next chair of the democratic national committee, visionary, great american, mr. tom perez. ♪ donna brazile unbalancing the new head of the democratic party as members gathered this week in atlanta. it is sunday morning february the 26th. congress is back to work following the presidents' day recess. the senate voting on a number of cabinet nominees and president trump delivering his first speech before a joint session of congress. he


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