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tv   [untitled]    February 26, 2017 10:46am-11:06am EST

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this is the first time we have ever done a joint session with the governors and the spouses. why? we all realize that kathleen, dorothy, we were all discussing the planning of this meeting. it's a partnership that we couldn't do alone. virginia dorothy has supported this project out there. this is teamwork and i want to thank all the spouses that were here today. this is a great session. as i say in virginia, 5 million more meals. 100% of the at risk children are part of the cep program. we have made tremendous progress three times now with our children in virginia that now get summer meals. this is important. i talked constantly in virginia about building the new virginia economy. right now, 36 thousand open jobs in virginia, in ciber, starting pay 88 thousand dollars. you have to build a talent pipeline. i had 149 thousand jobs open last year in technology.
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the pipeline starts early. i put an extra billion in their last year for redesign on the high schools, k-12. none of that matters if the hungry to learn children are going to school plain hungry. this is so important. the other final thing i would say, and i hear the hesitancy with superintendents. sometimes it is hard to change the bureaucracy of a state government that has been doing it forever. i was very hopeful and i met the superintendent. i was hopeful when i'm at the principles. they are always coming to me for money, but here's an opportunity to bring it back to the community. 35,000 people in fairfax? do the math. it's about two dollars per breakfast. $70,000 per day. that's 300 $50,000 a week. it is $1.4 million a month. it comes back to your community and runs through your community and a lot of it is locally sourced agricultural products.
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it is also a gigantic economic doing the addition to plane right thing. i want to thank our former secretary of agriculture, tom hill sack, who was such a champion of driving this program. appreciate all the work that everybody has done. finally i want to thank the leadership of kathleen and dorothy and what they have done it this session. we are going to take a quick five minute break and then something new, never been done before. for hot topics at the plenary session to talk about what we -- four hot topics at the plenary session to talk about what we need to do. thank you to everyone for being a part of it. [applause] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017]
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>> i know we have a little bit of time. i was talking and i said why don't we support here. so, as you know, many years ago [indiscernible] figure out a way to do it. it was very complicated. the pointat [inaudible] and we -- part of the problem is, downtown reno, warehouse issues continue. mostly because the city doesn't
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want a warehouse. they want to redevelop. back then it was -- if they want anything, now they are doing better. but it was 35% of the sales tax. so, our executives now look at this [indiscernible] or we could choose to go in another state. and that has changed since we were there. the deal that we made, none of so, the company, that's for you come in.
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if we go forward, you lead it. you know? >> coming up, we will go to a panel focusing on a range of topics, including civic engagement, state power, and the job market. you are watching live coverage from the national governors association winter meeting in washington. the meeting continues this afternoon in washington, d.c. with transportation secretary elaine chao discussing infrastructure needs. we will have it for you, live, at 1:45 p.m. eastern here on c-span. while we are waiting for the next meeting, several of president trump's cabinet nominees face a senate vote in the week ahead as congress returns monday from their presidents' day break. a capitol hill reporter looks at that and other issues ahead for the house and senate.
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>> so, we would by not only the land, we would buy the [indiscernible] and then we would build buildings. deal that we had before was defined by the city. >> senior senate staff writer at cq roll call. the senate, set to vote on for a president trump us nominees. beginning monday, with wilbur ross. tell us about the status of each of these four nominees and how each of them will fare. >> well, it looks like the nominees that are up before the senate next week are going to be facing smoother sailing than
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some of the previous nominees that had been featured in the round-the-clock sessions and the real protests from democrats. wilbur ross, while there had been some concerns about some of his business dealings, is expected to easily be confirmed monday evening. , they will though invoke cloture on this debate on the choice of the congressman from montana to be the secretary of the interior. and then later in the week we should see them get to ben carson, the former presidential candidate and medical doctor from johns hopkins. and rick perry, the former texas governor for energy. so, carson for hud, perry for energy at the end of the week. these are all seemingly less controversial nominees than the
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likes of rex tillerson at the state department. betsy devos, some of the people that were previously confirmed. >> also coming up in the next week, president trump will make his first address to a joint session of congress tuesday night. what are you expecting to hear from him? what are you hearing about possible democratic boycotts of his tuesday night speech? >> well, what we have heard so is that the white house they are anticipating perhaps more of an upbeat message from president trump. in taking that sort of approach. i think the question about protests, some of this may lie and who was chosen by democrats to be guests at the event, which
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is an address to a joint session that isn't technically a state of the union address, although it will look a lot like one. we have heard of democratic lawmakers who are inviting people who have been victims of anti-muslim violence in recent times, or people who stand to lose their health insurance if the 2010 health care overhaul that a lot of people know as obamacare is repealed. i don't know how much of literally not showing up we are although theret, will certainly be some of that. one of the really interesting questions be whether some of the democrats in the house, who are known for always wanting the aisle seat so that they can be in the camera shot with the president of the united states walking down the aisle, whether
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or not those people will actually want to be there this year. the senate side, it will be old home week as dan coats, former senator of indiana, is up for a physician with the trump administration, director of national intelligence. we will hear his hearing next week before the intelligence committee. what is he expected to be asked about? the confirmation seemed like it was going to be one of those really easy ones and at the end of the day his confirmation will be probably , but given some of the news that has come out easily in the reporting about russian interactions with people within the trump administration or the trump transition or be asked he is sure to about that. senator susan collins, a republican from maine who was on the intelligence committee signaled in an interview with public radio up in maine that
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she was probably going to be asking something about the inclusion of steve bannon, the conservative senior white house adviser on the national security council meetings. so, there's those questions. the other thing that coats is probably going to have to address is what exactly the trump administration views as the role of the office of the director of national intelligence and whether or not they expect that the power center is going to [indiscernible] mike pompeo. >> we are seeing this at, possibly forcing trump conflicts. what is this all about the house judiciary committee? >> what it is going to be up to is basically attempting to kill off an effort by the congressman
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from new york to force the house floor vote on something that's known as a resolution of inquiry about president trump's potential ties to russian interest, or those of his administration. what is basically probably going to happen on tuesday is there is going to be a difficult vote for some republicans on the judiciary committee, but one that they will have to take in ther to basically thwart resolution from becoming available on the house floor. this has been referred to the judiciary committee and the judiciary committee is to act in order to prevent what is effectively a discharge and the resolution being able to be brought up on the floor, for a really probably difficult vote for vulnerable house republicans. this reporting
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at thank you for joining us, neil. >> thank you. >> you can watch live coverage of senate confirmation and debates and vote this week, on c-span2 and, or listen through the free c-span radio app. the national governors association winter meeting continues this afternoon. this morning, in washington, d.c., the transportation secretary will discuss infrastructure needs. we will have that for you live at 1:45 p.m. eastern here on c-span. right now we are waiting for the meetings to resume. next panel will focus on a range of topics, including civic engagement, state power, and the job government. this is live coverage, on c-span.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats. we will be starting momentarily. >> i will have that conversation when i get back. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. [laughter] ♪
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>> as you can see, we are waiting for the national governors association winter meeting to get underway again. the next panel will be focusing on a range of topics, including civic engagement, state power, and the job market. this should get underway shortly. this afternoon, the governors association will hear from the transportation secretary, elaine discussing infrastructure needs. that will be live here on c-span at 1:45 p.m. eastern. again, this is the national governors association winter meeting.


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