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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  February 28, 2017 7:00am-8:01am EST

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at a: 30 a.m., more about the proposal with congressman berry loudermilk. at 9:00 a.m., new york congressman ♪ it is the "washington journal" for february 28. you can see the hearing at 10:00 this morning on c-span3. the members of the house and senate will gather for president trump's first joint session of congress. among the highlights already departmenthe defense and cuts to other domestic programs at the state department and epa to upset that increase to the military. what you think about that plan?
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-- offset that increase to the military. .or republicans, 202-748-8001 democrats, 202-748-8000. independents, 202-748-8002. if you want to give us thoughts on these reports on what the budget will look like from the trump administration, including the increases to the military, you can tweet us or post on our facebook page. "the washington times" reports on this joint session. details on thehe ans to those budget items -- increase of 10% to rebuild what mr. trump called a depleted military and to hire more border
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patrol agent and u.s. immigration and customs enforcement officers. "reuters" takes a look at these other programs that may be affected by these calls to increase the military budget. the state department budget wouldbe cut by 30%, which force a major restructuring of the department and elimination of programs. president expects to lay out some of that tonight in his joint session to congress. us for thatto ask coverage, you can also see it on our website and our radio app. ive yourant to g thoughts, 202-748-8001 for republicans. 202-748-8000 for democrats. , 202-748-8002.s
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the president addressed these issues and dvds of what to expect in tonight's address. [video clip] president trump: this budget will be a public safety and national security budget. there he much based on those two with plenty of other things. it will include a historic increased in defense spending to rebuild the the pleaded military of united states of america at a depleted's military of the united states of america. we must ensure that our courageous servicemen and women have the tools they need to deter war and when called upon to fight in our name only do one thing -- win.
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we have to start winning wars again. when i was young in high school and college come everybody used to say we never lost a war. you remember. we never lost a war. america never lost. in a war.ever w we don't fight to win. almost 17 years fighting in the middle east -- i saw a chart the trillion we have spent in the middle east. unacceptable and we are nowhere, less than nowhere. the middle east is far worse n 16, 17 years ago.
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we have a hornets nest, a mess like you've never seen before. we will straighten it out. this defense spending increase will be offset by finding greater savings and efficiencies across the federal government. we will do more with less big host: president trump from yesterday teasing the budget items that he will address further in tonight's address at a joint session of congress. your thoughts on this idea of doing more with less, especially when it comes to increases to the military. you can call us at 202-748-8001 for republicans. for democrats, 202-748-8000. .ndependents, 202-748-8002 "wall street journal" composes a chart taking a look at military spending by the united states in comparison to other world powers.
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it was back in 2015, 500 $95 billion slated for the budget. before percent of world military spending. -- $595 billion slated for the budget. .4% of world military spending let's go to gilbert in oklahoma. independent line. good morning. what do you think about these initial highlights of what will happen with the federal budget? , this: first of all president who never served a day and none of his children have served a day will bring back the draft. an exploding military budget.
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we have more people dying in this country from illnesses they cannot afford to take care of but we are spending money on a bloated military. theg back the draft and let rich start working. host: gilbert in oklahoma. from kansaso sharon city, kansas. republican line. caller: good morning. i think the president is right about increasing the military budget. if we don't protect our country when nobody else will. -- country, nobody else will. said be sure once you are right and go ahead. we arehat do you think worried about?
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caller: just to improve our equipment that our military has an paper these border patrol -- and pay for these border patrol. what do you think about these potential cuts to other programs like the state department and the environmental protection agency? should there be concerned? caller: there are people on the payroll who don't need to be. host: dean from louisville, kentucky. independent line. caller: i'm a vietnam veteran. the pentagon gets $54 billion. it is a joke. we are not fighting a war.
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they want to increase in spending and we are not fighting those kinds of wars anymore. it's about the military-industrial complex. now, we will spend money we i did not vote for donald trump or hillary. donald trump will put us in the poor house. host: from south carolina, this is brenda. democrats line. good morning. caller: good morning. host: you are on. go ahead. why they are't see focusing on building up the military when you have kids out here with all the student loans who need health care. i have four kids with a total of eight degrees that they are bogged down with. why is he focusing on the military?
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just the other week, the navy --l that got killed in a they are focusing too much on the military. they need to focus on the middle-class and their needs. who are they afraid up? on the lowercus class and the middle class. host: rich in ohio. republican line. caller: just a suggestion that may help fund the budget -- we are fortunate to have electronic industry and the computer industry that is working on cutting prices in half and increasing the quality. the budget should give preference to anyone who can approach it that way and come up with that type of increasing quality and cutting prices.
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care my think everyone has to ask what they can do for our country. people going into operations that don't need to be going because they are taking care of their health, but why do you want to get an operation if you can avoid it by a little more exercise? that's what anyone can do to keep the costs of health care down. concernedpresident is -- the president may also weigh in on the health law. they remain unified in their desire to see the law overturned . chuck schumer when initially seeing the reporting on this as far as the totals are concerned --d this
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that is the thought of chuck schumer. also, members from the republican side also giving their thoughts on the budget . democrats weighing in from the house budget -- that was released on twitter this morning. krista from florida. independent line. go ahead. caller: hi. i'm krista from florida. i have a couple comments on
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trump's budget proposal. the first thing we have to do not do is the wall. it is impossible geographically to build it. mexico is not going to pay for it. i personally don't think our country needs to have this huge tax burden when every expert says it would not even be effective. another disagree with is the huge military buildup. it is just not the way we should be living. we should be trying to solve our diplomacy and with learning to get along with some other countries. instead of browbeating them. i don't know why he thinks we need this buildup.
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little bit to replace some things, but if you're going to get rid of the epa and education department and certain , there are a lot of people in this country that do need help. the disabled, the disabled we do have an obligation to see to their welfare to some degree. churches aren't doing it, families aren't doing it. medical costs are way too high. anything we can do to bring down the medical costs makes sense. from all the experts i've been listening to, what he proposes is going to absolutely destroy the economy.
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it will be a huge explosion of more deficit. host: krista from ford appeared senator john mccain when looking at the information previewed saying the white house defense budget is only 3% more than president obama's which left military underfunded, undersized and unready. representative mac thornberry saying below defense number out can and should do more." we are getting your thoughts on those numbers. what do you think it reflects about the trump administration it comes to these types of numbers being put out there? 202-748-8001 for republicans. 202-748-8000 for democrats.
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.02-748-8002 for independents we go next to jim in sterling, new york. independent line. caller: first of all, the epa do nothing. and theget rid of osha taxand go with a national -- you cannot build a wall along the mexican border. you have to start defending the southern border. 18-year-old recruit and give him a drone and a gun and have them protect the southern border. we need some kind of military buildup to achieve peace through strength. that is where we need to go here. class whathe welfare
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they have to pick themselves up and find a way because we cannot keep paying for deadweight. host: lydia in maryland. democrats line. budget ise military the largest portion of the budget anyway. who are we defending ourselves against? there won't be any more conventional wars. we are fighting isis. what are we spending all this money on? we need to be conscious of all this money we're spending on the military could we have homeless or do we have homeless veterans, casualties of the wars we fought. we have to use that money to increase the budget of the veterans administration and take care of our homeless veterans to take care of our infrastructure.
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our bridges are 100 euros old. -- 100 years old. it's ridiculous to keep spending this money on the military when there are so many needs oat home. we are rebuilding iraq after bombing it to the stone age. this is crazy. "the new york times" adds this morning that the white house blueprint calls for a 24% cut to bpa's budget -- the epa's budget. it were of $2 billion from the agency's annual budget. -- a reduction of $2 billion from the agency's annual budget.
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george from jacksonville, florida. republican line. caller: good morning. military,arding the they call it the defense department, which means it defends the country. to defend the country, you must defend your border. in order to defend the country, you cannot just go around and go to 100 foreign bases outside of your territory to defend your country. you have to stay by your border and prevent anyone from attacking you. epa, anotherhe worthless organization. it has no function in the unite states. i'm in the environmental business. i know enough about what goes on
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in the environment will business. we have the local environmental enforcer in the city i live in. we have another in the capital of the state i live in. these are the two people who enforce the local initiatives in any industry in the country. in washingtonng are nothing, bureaucrats doing absolutely nothing. you can fire all of them and the environment will stay the same. can close half of these international bases all over the place. there are waste of money. we get a soldier and we send them out there and they get a nice trip hanging around in foreign bases in korea and japan and germany and so on.
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it's absolutely unnecessary. givingenator tom carper a comment this morning when it comes to these proposals, particularly to the epa. up, and in north carolina. -- ed in north carolina. caller: thank you for taking my call. i'm a 69-year-old vietnam veteran. the first thing i've got to say, has america not been great? it's always been great. as far as the military goes, our military is not depleted. we haven't lost the war. n stopped the bombing and we won the warwe'd
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when we came home. he doesn't talk about grenada and places like that -- we've done what the politicians want. we are just soldiers. we do what the upper-class say to do. the only people it's hurt is the lower-class people. the rich got it made. surviveto be the strong in america. it is now only the rich. speechresident trump's will take place shortly after 9:00 this evening. on c-span andit see it there on and our c-span radio app. "washington times" talking about the preparations for
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tonight's speech. it was influenced by the president's listening sessions in the last month. judy chu announced her guest in the visitors gallery on tuesday night will be an iranian graduate student who was temporarily barred from entering the u.s. last month after mr. trump issued an executive order on extreme betting of travelers -- extreme vetting of travelers. california. democrats line. caller: good morning. i have a couple of comments to make as well. , whenr military spending you guys showed the graph of the
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noticey spending, i did that other countries to spend in significantly less -- we are a huge portion just by ourselves. do morethe epa will damage than good. because of the pipelines that are exploding every other day and leaking oil into our water systems. look at flint, michigan. they still don't have clean water. these are problems that need to be addressed. we don't have clean water in this country. instead of going to war with other countries, we need to go to war with ourselves. we need to help our veterans and help our fellow man and have access to clean water and health care. ourhere a way we can keep military spending at the same rate instead of increasing it? there must be more we can do for -- fellow man then put more
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than put more spending in our military. host: stanley in vienna, virginia. caller: the budget to the military is very interesting in dollars from no weapons and systems and moves that to pay increases. we have a cabinet the president has hand-picked where you've got a few guys that would not take an action dollar to do what they did in military service. i know them. i served with them. you have most of that cabinet that would not have their children make $1 million to
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serve for one day in the military and battle. how does that group of people reconcile a budget that actually submits no increases for military men, women and then with toward weapon systems another $1 trillion spent towards the same exact wars and no value proposition to the people? we have a proletariat military and a best of these, richest of these who are actually sending them and continuing to send them to war. if you want to make a move that would be good for all americans, back the bringing
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draft. ring back the draft that gets all of us collectively engaged in the fight. we are getting your thoughts on reports of what might exist in the first coming budget from the trump administration. the president teasing some of those elements yesterday. $54 billion to the defense department. also, potential cuts to other programs like the epa and state department. 202-748-8001 for republicans. 202-748-8000 for democrats. nancy pelosi was asked about the atsident's topline budget the national press club yesterday. [video clip] >> while we haven't seen all the particulars of the budget committee budget should be a statement of our national
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values. what is important to us as a nation should be where we put our investments. the paid on the budget is one that has been going on for a number of years and we have come , somee bottom lines baselines about how to go forward. this is a major departure from that with a high concentration of billions of dollars on the defense side and cuts on the domestic side. we've reviewed the strength of our country to be measured in the source of our strength of our military but also in the education of our children and the health and well-being and welfare of the american people. this budget that has gone no surpriseld be because it's the attitudes of this director who said cuts in medicaid and medicare and social security are not off the table. host:'there will be a response to the president's address
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tonight. outside hisknown own state and doesn't represent bent in today's democratic politics. dave in new york. independent line. caller: good morning. is getting a little bit crazy because we've got -- he wanted to put 10,000 border patrol people, start another gigantic police department.
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and $50 billion more to the military and cut entitlements, of course. and then lower taxes for everybody. to me, the whole picture is not ringing true. i'm wondering how they will pull it off. campaign speeches, you mentioned the fact that we will do a huge infrastructure bill. i don't see how any of this is possible unless everybody gets on the same page as far as paying taxes pa. -- thing texas. it appears to be more supply-side economics. gets on the same page as far as paying taxes. it appears to be more supply-side economics.
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i'm not agreeing with the whole thing. we will have to see how it plays out. -- there reported cuts were reported cuts to entitlements. house speaker paul ryan looking for those changes --
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from connecticut, this is doreen on our line for others. good morning. caller: good morning. but i justublican don't know where he's going. he's confusing the heck out of me. why would you take money from the epa knowing you need that for our environment? you should not touch social security, medicaid, none of those things. if you want to get money, cut some of these people who work for you. take some of the pay from their paychecks. don't take it from things we really need. that will hurt all of us. i did not vote at all and i'm sorry i did not vote because i did not like either party at the .ime
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. i don't want him to hurt people in the process. i believe he can do good if he decides to make better choices. he needs to make better choices in order for us to have better choices. he cannot randomly pop off with all these nonsensical things. they don't sound correct, they are not adding up, they're making people like me very nervous. he's doing too many things at one time. mustn stick to the script a forward and focus, we can have a good president in donald trump . he needs to focus on what he's doing and what he wants. we reallyinto things need. the epa is very important. we need our water to be clean. we need our air to be clean. we need these things in order for our children to be able to have a future. you wants to put money into the military, fine.
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but people don't want to put military fore reasons we don't really agree with. host: anthony in st. paul, minnesota. democrats line. caller: good morning. my whole issue is that we are spending way too much money on defense. the last time i got on here come i said trump makes it seem like every day we have explosions happening in america. the wall needs to be up north that's where all the harriman when and everything is coming in. heroin and everything is coming in. when you get rid of obamacare, all of you people whining about people on welfare and stuff, you have to worry about whether or not you get a catastrophic illness. saying get ridt
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of social entitlements, you have to worry about the things that just one illness away stamps --foodrence stems host: oklahoma. republican tom cole in the pages writes new york times" --
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you can find this online at ronald from louisiana. democrats line. i see a few things going on that really rocks me appear. they showed $156 billion wasted at the pentagon. but he wants to put $56 billion to the pentagon taken from the state department that protects the country and works with other countries. he has pushed away our allies, which makes me quite nervous.
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he's not working across the board with them. when it comes to isis, he wants to go it alone. it will be a bloodbath because we are not working with our partners that live right there were isis is. the it comes to environment, getting off of that subject -- he's taken money out of the environment. he will take the money out of it. you had a subscription in front of you where they will take money out of the environment. if you make your planet the greenhouse gases go through the roof with the exxon pipeline which we need to get away from fuels as fast as possible -- aerybody does -- if you need balance to figure out how bad it would be with greenhouse gases
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when not just fuels, but there's other chemicals that will last in the atmosphere thousands of years that will put it up there -- look at venus could look at the math. it stays at 900 degrees because these greenhouse gases won't leave. for: 202-748-8001 republicans. 202-748-8000 for democrats. independents, 202-748-8002. a boostident planning as far as military spending is concerned. $34 billion. ,n order to offset those cuts to other programs. -- $54 billion. more to be revealed tonight at the president' address at 9:00s on c-span. , the white mulvaney
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house budget director, who talked about the blueprint of the white house taking a look at the budget. it reflects the america first campaign promise. it would include undoing the military spending sequester. [video clip] >> this is not a full-blown budget. that will not come until may. you will not see anything in here that has to do with mandatory spending, entitlement reforms, tax policies, revenue projections or the infrastructure plan. it is a topline number only. these are the president's policies as reflected in topline discretionary spending. it is a true america first budget. it will show the president keeping his promises and doing exactly what he said he would do when he ran for office. rebuilding the military, protecting the nation in
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securing the border. enforcing the laws currently on the books. taking care of bets and increasing school choice. vets and care of the increasing school choice. if you two number is $4 billion increase. -- $854 billion increase. $54he topline number is a billion increase. proposed reduction since the early years of the reagan administration. keeping hisesident promises and doing exact what he said he was going to do. it reduces money we give to other nations and reduces the plaintiff -- duplicative programs. host: we will go next to william
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in detroit, michigan. independent line. caller: hello. good morning. i got fired up to call because i heard people wanting to throw away the epa. which would be a drop in the bucket in terms of the budget. i'm old enough to remember the i of 1956.campaign it was an unprecedented economic .oom ec we had this increased level of ddt and other toxins and people solve the problem and they came up with this terrific solution
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-- saw this problem and they came up with this terrific solution. we have had clean water and air ever since. who was saying we don't need clean air and clean water? ban on people from the seven countries where there's never been any terrorists but their argument is some of them could become terrorists and by that line of reasoning you have to admit that people from any country could become radicalized and could commit acts of should lock up everybody and just let us all out one by one is what he saying. in position from the justice department when it comes to texas voter id laws. it was the justice department that will support texas officials claim that the law did not specifically target minority voters.
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opponents were switch --f this whice darrell is up next from wilmington, north carolina. on our line for republicans. go ahead. caller: the budget for the military is a win-win for everyone. they upgrade all the outdated tanks, it will be built in unite states. this united states. it is taxed. private companies hire employees and they pay taxes.
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the get a return on dollars. new taxes.ruit the gentleman from florida made a point -- i listened to the congressional hearings on flint, michigan. they should listen to how they did the flint water. we just need a state epa. host: virginia brick democrats line. -- virginia. democrats line. caller: i just want to say that know whate don't happens in latin american ,ountries like cuba
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bolivia, venezuela -- this president is doing exactly what happened in those countries. ed before they became president and once they , it happened exactly like this president is doing. , whathut down the media he is doing right now, and they boosted the military because they are protecting the president. they don't care about anything and they become dictators. this president is doing the same thing. host: harry from georgia. independent line. caller: good morning, america. thank you, c-span. --ould like to remind people
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i do this every time i call -- there's $2.5 trillion surplus still in social security. this is an insurance program. it is not an entitlement program. i think you could juggle the military budget and focus it on the current needs without it having to increase. meanwhile, you have the state department which is just 1% or less of the budget. i can't imagine you can cut that. epa is even less than that. i can't imagine you would want to cut that. , you have putica
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for 40, 50 years, 60 years, you've been putting money into an insurance program which is called social security that the congress has been spending as part of the budget. focus our budget on where the need really is. mary jo in go to washington, maryland. caller: impeach, impeach coming page. everything that comes out of his mouth is right it down for impeachment. we are not afraid of isis. we are not afraid of anything right now that we will need to west another military -- need to take care of the .a.,rans and improve the v
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which is a single-payer health system, by the way. he will not be able to repeal any health care or create one. i hope the democrats have the nerve to send that signal to us because we are supporting the movement right now. stand up and tell this so-called human being that he is a liar. democrats, i want to see what you are going to do. the only thing he is going to do when he gives his speech is put his tiny hands up and talk about how great he is. host: do you think democrats should be disruptive? caller: as disruptive as they want to be. this is not a traditional president. he did not run a traditional campaign.
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i call it letting the people that are supporting them know to give us the power. don't shop for one day. send a month to the corporations supporting donald trump. he is a dictator. post" looks aton ,he $54 billion increase comparing it to five total --gets all those combined, $53 billion, still less than the proposed increase for the defense
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department. david up next in georgia. republican line. caller: how are you doing? host: fine, thank you. go ahead. caller: i've been watching the news quite a bit lately. what i'm saying from president trump is he is trying to cut epa orot to mess up our waters cause these climate change things and everything -- he's trying to cut these regulations or anybodyit him trying to do a business to get permits. when you buy one permit, you have to buy 10 regulations to get something done. that's what he's trying to keep from having happen in this country. i stand behind him.
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i voted for donald trump. i think he is a man who will do the job for the country. need to staybody out of his way and let him work. host: the head of the house intelligence committee making it yesterday about looking into potential contacts between members of the trump -- es andent trump's aid contacts in russia. callingmakers for a full-scale look at the former national security adviser's communications with russia while others saying there is no evidence of such contacts.
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>> what we are doing is we are formalizing the process with my democratic counterparts that they have a nice scoping document on everything with look at as it relates to election come everything that has until the. >> [indiscernible] >> what i'm trying to be very careful of here -- we cannot have mccarthyism. governmentave the some of u.s. government or the chasing down the citizens and hauling them before the congress as if there's some agent. secret russian
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host: in the lead up to tonight's speech by president rallies taking place across the nine states with those who supported president trump during the campaign -- on monday, "nservatives got out their make america great again" hats and helpcan flags rallies and state capitals and on courthouse steps. in stateallies capitals and on courthouse steps.
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there's pictures highlighting some of the events that took place yesterday. one of them taking place in louisiana. the usually quiet eve of mardi gras. beverly in columbia, missouri. democrats line. caller: i have a question. , wherethis budget talk are we touching the rich? where are we touching the rich? but we can go out here and get rid of food stamps, not worry about poor people's health care, get rid of it. where are we actually touching the rich? we are hurting poor people. we are hurting bets. -- we are hurting vets.
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but we don't touch the rich. everything they're are doing up there in congress benefits the rich. he doesn't that the middle class or the poor. -- it doesn't benefit the middle class or the poor. host: victor in florida. independent line. with the laste caller. nothing is being done for the poor or working class. congress has a 20% approval rating, we are in debt 19 $20 trillion with no long-term plan to reduce the debt. they are coming in to work and getting large campaign contributions from the 1% in the doing their bidding. we have the highest costs of health care in the world right now. we are giving $38 billion to
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israel. we ought to have the same health plan is israel. you will have to pay more out of pocket. republicans have never done much for health care. they did pass a prescription part d, that was about it. ofy've never been supportive people at the bottom of society or the working class in this country. host: 9:00 tonight is when the presidential address takes place. or for it on our c-span radio app. anti-doping on capitol hill today. wayshallenges it faces and it can be improved, part of those testifying, olympic gold-medal swimmer michael phelps. at can see live coverage 10:15 on c-span3.
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gary in louisiana. caller: i was calling to talk about the military. we need to build the military up. under president obama, the military has been weakened more than anything i've ever seen since world war ii. build it up. trump is absolutely right, this is a democrat saying this. complainingher ones , they are complaining about something that happened in the past. it's time to forget the past and move on to the future and move on. groups inupting these protests and all that -- you can do all you want, but if you don't get out there and vote, you can walk until you walk your shoes off. host: next caller.
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caller: third we need to apply whatever texas we do have to reducing the national debt. , if you add up the dod budget, anything related to the military, it conducts a third of the overall budget. the problem with the department of defense, like the other entitlement systems, military pay and benefits continues to increase. there's not enough money for other war fighting. the veterans need to be taken care of. there's plenty of money to do that trying to control the growth of military pay and benefits. host: that is charles in georgia
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talking about the potential increases in the budget and reported increases to the defense department. our next segment will take a look at where these potential increases might be best used in the defense department. jacqueline klimas from "the washington examiner" joining us for that discussion. loudermilresentative k. we will have more of that conversation as "washington journal c-span as president donald trump delivers his first address to a joint congress. >> this congress will be the busiest congress we have had in decades. >> following the speech, the democratic response given by
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steve bashir and your reaction to the president's speech along with comments from members of congress. like tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern on c-span and listen live on the mobile app. c-span -- where history unfolds daily. in 1979, c-span was created as a public service by american cable television companies and is brought to you today by your cable or satellite divider. -- satellite provider. promised, jacqueline klimas is joining us from "washington examiner." good morning. about the $54 billion, put that into context for us? guest: there claiming it is a 10% increase, but no onwa


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