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tv   Members of Congress React to President Trumps Address  CSPAN  March 1, 2017 4:55am-5:48am EST

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americans are a diverse people, and we may disagree on a lot of things but we have always come together when we remember that we are one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. thank you. announcer: that was former kentucky governor steve beshear from the lexington diner, 500 miles outside of d.c. new data out tonight from twitter was the most tweeted joint session of congress or state of the union ever with over 3 million tweets. beating the previous records tweets.00 the previous record was 2.6 million. twitter says the most talked about moment was the president's call to repeal the affordable care act followed by the moment he introduced kerry owens, the wife of a fallen navy seal. the most tweeted person was president trump. it is interesting to note that people use his official at potus handle, whether than his personal at real donald trump
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handle. we will show you president trump's joint address from the start. >> donald trump's speech to a joint session of congress. we are getting reactions. nearlysident got specific on some of the things he would like to see in the area of health care. what did you think? >> i liked much of what he said. his budget has not reflected what he talked about tonight, i hope that will change. we cannot do it with the budget he set so far. with just an increase in defense, we must need this kind of behavior he talked about, we must need it for war. the way they talked about the interest of the nation is not reflected in his budget. that is what i would like to see.
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a the budget won't be up for couple weeks, your big decision areancern is in the budget of domestic? >> yes. we have to look at our environment. we have to look at research development for the future. we have do look out for our children. if he cuts as much as talked about from the budget he has talked about so far, we can't do it. we cannot do it without the money. in addition, all of the tax cuts of the middle class. i would love to see that. i would love to see all of that. that i have not been able to. the cabinet team put in place to is not believe in what he talked about tonight according to their past and according to what a stood for. water,es care of air, food. he talked about putting out the
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national science foundation. that's where we get our research to open the door to the future. we had the bill on the calendar just yesterday because he had problems with that. we cannot close the door on all the things we need to do to keep the american people going forward. >> congresswoman, thank you for coming by. were talking to members of congress and are joined by joe crowley of new york. good evening. welcome. what did you think the president saying it's a new chapter of american greatness ending unfairly up to upbeat note. >> i think ending on an upbeat notice important. we want to to be positive about the country in the direction were heading. it was a lot of fluff this talking about tolerance at the same breath he's talking about rounding up people tonight. they're all in favor of expelling but rounding up
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innocent people to be caught in the web. so talk about healthcare, it's not mentioned in terms of how they bring about undoing the affordable care act. we are few and details. >> a big change from eight years of president obama. not much for democrats to stand and cheer for in that speech, it appeared. the democratic caucus chair, what is the strategy as the house republicans begin to bring forth the repeal and replace legislation. >> democrats have been clear that we will continue to fight to maintain the affordable care act. it's working for americans of this country. we will contribute to point for good and were hoping this president will step forward and as for assistance but they've yet to
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ask in any way shape or form. unfortunately some of this is the same old same old. they're going to look like they're talking to us but do nothing to incorporate or reach out to us. >> it's been out there for 1,000,000,000,000 dollars in a for structure spending, both public and private financing, what you think of that? again, without the details of knowing what's coming from and how the monies race, will it be toll roads where the middle class will continue to pay for decades ahead, we don't know the details. how you get the trillion dollars in how you pay for it. >> thank you for coming back. join next, thank you for being here. the first time in eight years of president addresses a joint session of congress, what to take away from it. >> it's a very exciting speech.
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president trump made a vision for america that's positive where we can us restore open opportunity. he had the points he came pending. on the fact that were going to repeal obama care and replace it with a better alternative he talked about that tonight. he campaigned on national security and keeping america safe. standing up. standing up to islamic terrorism and talked about that. there is a lot there, there were bipartisan moments i was glad to see my colleagues standing clap, but there were a lot of things are surprise they were not clapping for. >> to think he laid out a trillion dollar proposal for infrastructure, the biggest spending in american history perhaps increase in defense. can a 2018 budget budget handle that and cannot pass republican congress? >> the details will matter but i think there's opportunity for bipartisan efforts on transportation. he talked about big changes in defense spending and we need it.
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america is at a time of challenge right now where we have to responded to islamic terrorism. so i think the details were matter but i think there's great opportunity ten thing that's where you saw good support. >> of all the things you've heard in the speech what do you think hits home the most in your district. >> folks are focused on jobs. so when they talk about stagnant wages and frozen paychecks many people working hard they feel like they're on a treadmill can't get ahead, we need to do something to get a growing economy with better paying jobs, all of those would pay hold back in indiana. also also national security. the people worried about the future of the country, they want to know that they want to be safe and that they don't have to worry about being attacked. so i think a stronger national security and better paychecks
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are two things every american can agree. >> thank you for being with us. >> we are join next on c-span to bring a new live coverage from statuary hall, reaction from congress to present trumps chief to a joint session. let's start off by a note that in years past year welcome the president by shaking his hand coming down the aisle. what was your decision this time around. >> my decision was to be respectful, to be at the address to the nation to listen to the president. >> were seen a number of female colleagues on the democratic side wearing white. why is that? >> it's a suffragist color. when woman fought for their rights and only getting the vote in 1920 in a statement was we will not turn the clock back to women's right in this country. >> we heard a lot from president
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trump for proposals for infrastructure and military spending. is is there anything your hearing particularly in the border state of texas that you take away and say i can support that? >> i came with the open mind but in his conclusion i thought it was unrealistic speech. i thought it was very divisive, and i was saddened by the direction it went. i'm a member of the homeland security committee. to establish an office of those who have crimes perpetrated by immigrants is clearly a buzzword to divide the nation. i believe in anyone who has perpetrated a crime should be brought to justice and those family should be taken care of. but to have that is your approach we leave new line administration is clearly a divide to insinuate that democrats as he did hand gesture would not cooperate on positive aspects of leadership was
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extremely divisive. i say to the president, you, you gave a list of trinkets. what he offered tonight was trillions of dollars. the question is, how is going to pay for, and what cuts will the american people suffer because he gives a litany of what he wants to do. i believe if he is serious, first of all he would speak about a civil right task force, hate crime task force to stop the hate crimes against jewish synagogues. here be stented to ensure the rights of all people, lgbtq community. he would be not deep be dividing but uniting and talking realistically about a budget we could support. >> he said that the issue of our time is education. what you think of that? >> i think he is using that to diminish and demean public schools.
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i believe an opportunity, we have charter schools. people attend private schools. we owed to the american public excellent schools. but don't use that as well to divide. the civil. the civil rights of education is important but let's ensure we don't underfund our public schools while we enhance other opportunities. i want every child to attend and_public school and maybe if they decide to attend a private school or charter school, but we must rebuild america public schools and again use them by cutting discretionary funding such as education is not something i believe will be helpful to all america, certainly not my congressional district. >> it's a pleasure to have you here. we are live from statuary hall with reaction from members of congress. a reminder that if you want to weigh in with your thoughts or colleagues are hearing from you at this hour. let's hear from a republican from california.
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the president talking about the largest military spend up in american history. what what did you think of that? >> we have a president now who is, for the first time in my memory is going forward with exactly what he said he was going to do in the campaign. one was increasing spending for the military, now it is up to us in the house to make sure that is just not spending but it is well spent and that our national security is improved by that. the fact that he is on our nato allies to increase their spending and do their part indicates he is not just going to be a push over and say more spending for the military. >> are you surprised that he came around to a stronger support of nato after general medicine the vice president and their visit to munich likewise express the sentiment?
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>> our nato allies have been getting a free ride. we have been spending money that we should spent on infrastructure which is what the president said. america has to start coming first. i'm sorry to say that i'm a little bit pessimistic that our allies overseas are going to step forward and do their share. thus, this president president michael back to his or original skepticism of nato. >> they propose to trillion dollar public and private plan, her reveal is nowhere near your district. was the biggest need in your orange county district. >> in southern california we just went through major drought. and now when the trout is over now is the time for us to be building the water infrastructure so in droughts are happening and i don't buy the idea that noble warming in the air is causing droughts. we can have them now and in the future. we need right now to spend money on water infrastructure in california.
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arose are going back down, this president is going to step forward and create jobs and give us good infrastructure. seems like a big budget to go through how that go over with the republican colleagues well, you have to remember we did not get elected president. thus will have to say to ourselves. this president doesn't reflect a standard gop line which is that we have to make sure that we bring the deficit down, he striking about bigger deficits and at the same time talking about goals like infrastructure, like making sure we have secure borders and making sure we have a criminal justice system that works in our country. those things cost money and it will create a higher deficit. he was the one elected president. we need to follow our president. >> will let you go. thank thank you for being here. join next line michigan's brenda
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lawrence but democrat. welcome, we see you you're joining some your democratic colleagues and wearing right this evening. did it feel like a of a protest for you? >> it was sisterhood, it was women coming together saying that we have a voice. after the march that women had across the country to make sure that our voices are heard and that we are part of the policymaking, to me it sends a message. it was us being together. >> the president took a personal essay i'm going to bring back millions of jobs. he's made efforts with the militant aerospace industry in the auto industry. that must be good news in the detroit area. >> there's one thing to say he's bringing them back there is a lot of things in place i know know the cycle it takes to close
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a factory those were in place way before hand. i hope he continues his focus on supporting them but he can't take that victory lap yet. i'm glad i'm glad to that's one of his priorities. >> what you think about it being dominated by the president and him do you feel like you will have a boy voice. >> absolutely, let's talk about education. he said that every child should have a choice, we need to have a voice because if you were a poor person in rural america in a poor person in urban area and you don't have transportation we made a pope in america that will it will be assessable for every child in america. detroit has been decimated when it comes to public schools and supporting it with these charter schools there's only one pot of
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money for education and he keep pulling it out of the pot. something is going to fail, you're not going to be able to fund all these different options they can pay for that, that's our american way. but we must keep our promise to educate every child in public school. >> congresswoman we appreciate you stopping by. >> 's c-span2 are live coverage as we welcome members of congress and their reaction to's president trump speech tonight. congressman donald payne, welcome. i was very disappointed based on the rhetoric that i continue to hear from the president. he came with no ideas or agenda for the american people tonight, just constant rhetoric. we need to see plans, there's 40 days of absolutely insanity in the white house.
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there is nothing that constituents for my district feel that this president is doing for the american people. we are watching this president take people and dehumanize them in terms of immigration when he constantly harps in chicago we know there are issues in this country, but to dehumanize people in certain communities is not the way to be commander-in-chief, he talked about bringing it together but we see it as a constant division. >> you mentioned bringing together, there's a couple of points of talking about that. how do you you think president trump can make that a reality. to help you support some of the policies he may propose.
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to really stop talking about it and engage the congress. he is really functioning through executive order. has to nothing to reach out to the legislative bridge of government and say these are the things that i want to do. these are the plans that i have. absolutely nothing has come away. the congressional black caucus is still looking to wait and see when will have this meeting. it took him january 19 sending a letter to meet with him and until the press conference where he asked a reporter, if you know them you will set up a meeting. he did not even realize to the congressional black caucus was. so to have an idea what you want to do for people in the inner cities, maybe you talk to the people who represent them.
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>> so you're saying the meeting with the cv cbc is not been scheduled it. >> one last question as you watch this evening a year ago or so we're watching a state of the union speech by barack obama. what was going through your mind in can contrasting this. >> how much i miss him are ready. and what he was able to do for this country. when he talked about saving jobs look at the auto industry. look at the stock market and the things that president obama was able to accomplish in the worst recession of our time. turn this country around, got a facing forward and moving in the right direction once again. and right now we don't know where the ship is headed. >> congressman thank you for being with us this evening. we are are here live on c-span2 and we welcome nikki haley we
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welcome our un ambassador to the cameras on c-span2. what did you hear the president's speech tonight that maybe you hadn't heard either behind closed doors or other speeches of his? >> what we heard is that he will deliver on what he promised the merc and people. but he wants to do it in a way that lifts up all people and work for the american people. those who voted for him and those who didn't. you can tell by the action items all that he is going to continue to do. >> let's talk about medicaid and him empowering governors if i can take it back to that and what you think the president is trying to do in his proposals in repealing or replacing obama care. >> he said exactly what every governor in country wants to hear, you're going to allow the
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governors to decide how best to use the medicaid program when they get that flexibility and are allowed to handle the way they want they save more money in touch more people that way. it will be a great move. >> on the on the foreign policy front the president expressed strong worries support. >> i think he's going to have the backs of his allies and we expect our allies have our backs as well. when we see a bad actor doing something will call them out on america's going to get strong again. i think from a national standpoint you'll see a new america emerge. >> already the issue of sanctions on iran has been, not. even talk about the united states possibly leaving the human rights council of the
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united nations i think what were looking for is united states need to get a return on the investment. these ambassadors are very excited to get america to lead again. they want to know what were foreign what were against so were being focal and honest and where we are and what we want to see. we are going to oppose when we see every into ballistic missiles, but were going to have the backs of israel. and show they're not going to have a bass bashing session were going to defend them strongly. we talked about the historic increase, are you worried at all worried that you may lose funding. >> we might, but he's doing what he needs to do which is strengthener military first and if they need to take the cuts then that's a sacrifice i have
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to take. thank you for being with us. live from statuary hall on c-span to welcoming jack bergman republican of michigan. the president calling this beach the spirit of american renewal. what did you hear. >> not only did i heard renewal, i heard unity in achieving outcomes because we worked together. i heard heard education is a silver rights issue of our time. i heard we as our country will put american interests and an interest where our citizens succeed in the world will achieve better because they know they're working with a strong ally in the united states. >> the president saying i'm not the leader of the world, i'm elected to be the leader of the united states did you find that a strong statement?
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i been elected to be the representative of the first district of michigan and we have 435 liters here in congress, were representing us and our people. if we do it right will be the envy of our world. >> to see anything in his proposal mentioned tonight anyway, do you think his budget is at all possible to pass through a republican house and senate? >> it in fact i think it's probable because when you think about what he says about it not being public dollars that's leveraging good projects not just taxpayer dollars. >> to think that will help fund the project in small town's where maybe it won't be as attractive? >> private dollars go across roads and they go through our
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district proof 30 years ago but never funded. but we have to prioritize which comes first. >> i know a project you'll put on that list. absolutely. some by two of our legislators prioritizing it for the right reason. thank you for being with us this evening. here in c-span to bring a new joint session speeches and brett from california, welcome what did you hear in the president's speech tonight tonight that you might find that you could support. >> he's talking about infrastructure, we like to see that, his, his idea that somehow it will just arise without any government money that has never happened before. he has an idea that somehow private companies will want to
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build water systems and highways since the boys, if they wanted to they could've come forward with programs a decade or two decades ago. >> to think the president will listen to democrats in the house and senate when it comes to areas of the budget that are not the military that are discretionary spending and those budgets will be/quite a bit? >> the worst news came up you for the speech when he propose cutting our foreign engagement through diplomacy and a by 37%. and simultaneously said we need to increase our military by well over $50 billion. not only that a huge money loser for the treasury, but it illustrates the fact that if you're going to cut diplomacy is more likely you will fight a war any better prepare for one. the fact is the cheapest way to
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win awards to avoid fighting one to/art diplomacy by over 30's insane. the state department is not yet filled out in terms of secretaries another staff. we heard from the un ambassador she says it's possible those budgets she seems to thinks that these are priorities overseas. i hope it is to achieve american objectives without war. yet were increasing by over $50 million our capacity to fight a war. it doesn't sell like a good way to achieve our objectives. >> think it is always. we hear next from peter welch here in c-span2, the president
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called education the civil rights issue of our time. what you think of that? >> i agree education is important with us approving our public schools and not abandoning them. >> you live in a state that is a border state. all of the focus has been on our southern border. the president laid out a little bit about his immigration plans. what are your thoughts? >> i disagree with the president and his immigration plan. number one the wall is going to be 40,000,000,000 on paid paid for. there's other ways to secure border second all of us are in agreement we want to secure border, but what the president is talking about is essentially topping and slowing down legal
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immigrations. and frankly that's not the optimistic and he was also talking about accelerating the deportation. what i heard snout was a donald trump with a softer tone. he gave gave a speech not a tweet. that was welcome but his basics policy orientation inc. hardage positions of his campaign. absolute repeal and replace when there's no plan of her replacement it was hardage on immigration in the wall so this speech reinforcing these messages that are going to continue to be devices. a few few promising areas. we want an infrastructure program. it's a way to put america to work. the big question is going to be how we pay for.
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the goal is one we share. to repair our roads and bridges and airports. the others have promising statement that we want to bring down the price of prescription drugs. it's killing consumers and taxpayers. i was delighted that he follow through in the campaign. >> he actually went over to the democratic side in the speech and the president can they make that happen. >> we can. there's consensus on the democratic side. one of the point the president made was let's negotiate some prices. where the biggest buyer of prescription drugs in the medicare program and trump kisses. we buy wholesale to pay retail. >> we appreciate you coming by.
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>> were live tonight following the first speech of donald trump's great to have you with us. tell us some of your initial thoughts. >> i'm still waiting to hear some specifics about what he talked about. he talked the talk today with respect to infrastructure and trying to but he didn't provide us with any specifics and there's no reason to believe that he intends on accomplishing these things. >> so in other words, wait till the proof is in the putting in the budget shows up in a couple weeks before passing a final
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judgment. for the last two years he's talked in generalities. at a certain point he has to responsibly engage in the process of governing. that means presenting real plans to the american people as it relates to improving middle-class folks and senior citizens. instead what he has done was appoint a cabinet full of billionaires who has spent their life enriching themselves to the detriment of the american people. did you hear about a strong increase in the proposed what specific areas to you think the president is leaving behind or drastically propose underfunding >> he talked about one hand the deficit and the debt has increased, but on the other didn't lay out how we would pay for this but program are billions of dollars for military. we are already finance military in the world.
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few aggregate six or seven countries behind us we still spend more. but he played out no plan with details as to pay for the things he suggested. >> to think his plan to cut business taxes and cut the middle-class tax and tax credits, do you think that's workable? >> if we have tax reform will start so that any meaningful reform benefits of working families of this nation who have been struggling who have been left behind by so many. congressman we appreciate you being with us this evening we'll hear next from congressman from congressman from pennsylvania. welcome. a lot of buzz this evening about the president's proposal about infrastructure. was the one take away that you like most from the president
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speech. >> i like the tone. he was focused and disciplined and measured and frankly somewhat to do. the speech was remarkably uneventful in a good way. not any distractions. i thought there is potential for bipartisan cooperation on infrastructure. i may think he made strong points on infrastructure tonight. i think maybe there is some opportunity. >> a lot of folks waiting for more meat on the bone. concerned that all but some of the packages in military spending increase will be a hard sell to your budget committee collects and the rest of your republican congress? >> i'm a member of the appropriations committee. i think were all concerned about how are going to pay for the increase in defense spending where he's talking about taking it out of nondefense.
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we need to hear have more details on how that will be financed and other items. all these will require money and he is more less taken mandatory spending off the table. we'll get more these details when. >> had a think the folks in your district will like what they hear. what is the one issue that is most important. >> fisher most concern is economy many people want to see the economy a more robust rate. while the unemployment rate is low there's a lack of wage growth. the economy is still the primary
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issue. i believe they're gonna be judged on that issue more than any other. we didn't hear discussion form policy we didn't hear type of speech tonight. >> in terms of strategy to think that's a winner to focus on that first? >> no president will go wrong from the economy and creating jobs. i think some time he's provide a more clear view particularly with our friends and allies he did mention nato tonight. but overall a much more domestic policy speech. congressman from pennsylvania, we welcome your colic from
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michigan on the financial services committee, congressman what was your biggest take away from the speech tonight. >> it certainly there is very clear and probably get the most specific and that talked about a nod to the house plan on tax credit. and having it be refundable and certainly that's probably the most specific a gap from michigan. and manufacturing is not only key for michigan but us as a country. were still state that makes things. that ties in with education as well. we need to know what the kids are learning to make sure that they are prepared to be successful in the world. >> congressman presented trump
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talk this evening about infrastructure in military spending and a sizable increase, as the budget is released to think their support among your colleagues in the conference for an aggressive budget by president trump many of us have been wanting to have a aggressive budget and that really kept us from getting more aggressive on the. clearly, he has staked out a territory territory of not discussing entitlement reform. inevitably and eventually we have to do that. some of the other areas of needing to tighten up are needed but eventually will have just talk about long-term entitlement reform. a good step discussing the
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defense department. >> how difficult was this close the mood like smack first will he does not lack confidence in the direction he wants to go. it was rapidfire, pretty massive to do list, but especially for donald trump i think the expectation is that this was far more disciplined in the delivery, sort of reaching out across the aisle trying to unite more than a lot of people anticipated or expected. >> are you happy with that? >> yes. i think that was a positive step to show that he can govern, not just lead a movement or campaign but salida government. >> thank you for stopping day. we get set to welcome the new environmental protection agency
5:36 am
director, and administrator, scott pruitt. >> thank you. >> not a lot mentioned about the environment. did you get a heads up before the speech and with the president say? >> oftentimes people talk about roads and bridges only. one thing the white house is talking about is infrastructure spending outside of the budget the share. is to be a major part of that discussion. that is something that's ongoing, we need to improve within our quality standards. the president has shown great leadership to make sure that we improve our quality and investor water infrastructure. the president wasted no time in signing executive orders. the other clean air rule as well. was sort of direction as the
5:37 am
white house give you same focus on this first. >> what i think he denied in his speeches that he's keeping his promises. his talk about regulatory overreach and regulatory burden. the regulatory uncertainty that has existed. farmers and ranchers, gas producers, people who want to use the land locally in towns and cities, these are always a problem of the states and local level. when the epa several years ago change the definition the pa became the arbiter of that. they want to provide certainty to make sure the state federal government know the balance. >> last year this time a lot of anger about the flints, michigan
5:38 am
tainted water situation. lots of blame to be passed around between the epa, the the state and the town of flint itself. what you see your role as helping to prevent those things. your role your colleagues? >> you have a situation with the state drinking water act where the epa should've been more proactive in making sure the source of that water in the corrosion control is still being used, the status of the infrastructure was being monitored with local officials. this is not pretended he to look at communities across the country, rules in particular. >> i appreciate the presence mentions night that were gonna rebuild america and focus on roads, bridges and airports and water infrastructure to ensure that doesn't happen in the future. >> was this your just a week in
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office, was this your first joints s session? >> i've attended before but this was my first as a cabinet official. i thought he did a very wonderful wonderful job. very inspirational. there is a lot of substance. i think he's keeping his promises of americans. i'm excited about a speech. >> thank you for being with us. we welcome democratic congressman, a lot of talk of saving from members and the president making it official, oh 1 trillion-dollar infrastructure proposal, is that enough? >> it's a good number of your talking broadly, but there's been no reality to it at this point. i've been to the white house to fund 600,000,000,000 dollars
5:40 am
worth, it needs public investment. you'll not rebuild the national system by running through rule america with private ma'am money unless your going to call every inch of the interstate. i don't think people would be happy about that. we that. we have a hundred 50000 bridges that need repair or replace. most are relatively small and don't lend themselves to tolling and public investment. there's some big projects and finally transit. there's no transit system in the world that makes money. you cannot pretend you going to deal with 85 billion-dollar backlog to bring it up to a good repair let alone building it with private money. it won't work. so where's the meat? where's the money? i've sent a plan down, i've heard nothing. the speaker has said it's all private money but that's a nonstarter will get the job done.
5:41 am
>> is what's your best guess of how that is split on public, private? >> well actually in a public investment would be good. on top of that some private investment. if we spend about 500,000,000,000 dollars over the next 15 years we could bring the transit, highways and bridges up to good repair and have some small new options for people. start looking at harbors you have a 30 billion-dollar backlog. the taxes are collected their spending it elsewhere. i suppose we spend it on harbors, that's 30 billion and then we have 32 billion of improvements that airports need to make. they want to pay another broker to box when you fly. people say if they pay next or dollar and they won't fly. let's get real.
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we have to step on big toes and forgot to get this done, in particular if he wants to invest money in roads, bridges, highways, highways, and transit is going to have to roll paul ryan. >> it sounds like pete speaker ryan will need democratic help. >> he doesn't support it. so i don't know, he is said 40 - 1 private money which will do nothing. that will do a few major urban area projects. >> we look for to the debate. it's great to see you. we welcome elliot angle from new york. earlier today he indicated he would not shake his hand, a tradition that goes back many decades for you here at the state of union speeches to joint sessions.
5:43 am
tells my thinking on that. >> well, i have been appalled that a lot of the things that the president and his administration have been doing the past 40 days. i felt that together as i have for the past 28 years and pretend it's business as usual would be untrue, unfair and wrong to do. i felt like i had to try to send a message because all of the things we've been hearing and seeing since january 20 has been this country has long welcomed immigrants, even speech denigrating crime by by immigrants as of all immigrants were undocumented or create committing crimes. forgetting rid of anybody who is committing crimes. i don't like him, were supposed
5:44 am
to have a free and independent press and freedom of speech, he bars the press from his press conferences. he singles out stations and newspapers that he doesn't like. when you're president of the united states, you are there for the papers to write what they want. he wants to dismantle the affordable care act, there's question about his ties to russian and putin, these are troubling things. i felt like i had this show my protest and that is the way i chose. >> we heard from republican members who thought was inspirational and he moderated his tone sounded more presidential. you did not hear any of that. >> to be fair, i don't think he was as competitive as he has been. i think he stuck to his speech, he didn't wander off.
5:45 am
if he wants to use it to reach out to democrats and belt a bridge, not a wall, he wants to build bridges with democrats we will work with him. i would be happy to work with him. we have seen none of it. if this is the first instance of that, fine but there's still little things that he wanted to say that are problematic. he puts forward a budget that cuts diplomacy and the state department by a third. he talks about building up the military but doesn't tell us how working to get the money for it. i'm not against that but you have to pay for it. doesn't mean more taxes? what is it mean? i don't think there's enough substance. again that's only one speech. if you want to work with us on happy to work with him. we can't just sit there and defend business as usual when we see so
5:46 am
>> who will win studentcam's grand prize of $5,000. jonas march 8 for the announcement. this year we asked middle and high school students to -- what is the most urgent issue for our new president and congress to address. we received over 2900 entries from 29 states, plus the district of columbia, singapore and taiwan. students competed for a chance prizes.ash you can log onto our website 30 minutes before our big
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announcement to view all 150 winning documentaries at be sure to watch our 8nouncement, wednesday, march at 8:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. trump's first address to congress was the longest in the last six presidents at an hour and 12 seconds, it asked out president clinton's 1990's -- 1999 speech. another look at last night's address in its entirety.


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