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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  March 1, 2017 7:00am-10:01am EST

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pres. trump: a new chapter -- [applause] of american greatness is now beginning. a new national pride is sweeping across our nation and a new surge of optimism is placing impossible dreams firmly within our grasp. ♪ host: the president talked about a wide variety of topics including immigration, the repeal of the affordable care act, economic matters, even infrastructure and education. addressed political unity as he reached out to both republican and democratic legislators about his agenda.
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all three hours of our program today will be devoted to getting your reaction to the speech, including democratic reaction to it. democrats, 202-748-8000. republicans, 202-748-8001. independents, 202-748-8002. you can post your thoughts on and also on morning our facebook page as well. here are the headlines. reaction to last night's speech. statesman" -- this is "the chicago tribune" who chooses the same headline. "the columbus dispatch" with the headline -- let's get the job done is how the "detroit free press" uses
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their headline this morning. the new york daily news, dawn hits reset, takes brighter tone before congress. reset.hits democrats, 202-748-8000. republicans, 202-748-8001. .ndependents 202-748-8002 >> plenty of reaction overnight to the president's speech. first come of the numbers courtesy of politico. there were 84 applause lines. five mentions of obamacare, one mention of the wall along the u.s. mexico border, one mention of the media, one mention of radical islamic terrorism and zero mentions of hillary clinton . it was the longest first presidential speech to congress in recent memory, just beating
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bill clinton, compared to ronald reagan and the nearly twice as long. -- ronald reagan, it was nearly twice as long. 3 million tweets last night or #jointsession. the most retweeted tweet came from the president's account. the president said "we are one people with one destiny." retweets,er 22,000 nearly 64,000 likes last night and counting this morning. we will get more reaction on the program today. host: some reaction from our
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viewers on twitter -- we will start our calls this morning from las vegas, this is paul, republican line. years to waited 45 basically hear a president say it is time to put americans first. we've helped everyone, now it is time for us to help ourselves. if we can help ourselves and we become great again, we will help the rest of the world. i think it was extremely refreshing. i feel extremely proud and i'm very optimistic about the future of our country. host: what parts of last night's speech reflect that america helping itself theme?
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caller: basically, if we are so busy trying to keep ourselves from falling apart, then the rest of the world is going to suffer. we cannot do that. if we are united and we have one all focusedwe are on moving forward, the rest of the world is going to benefit. if we fight amongst ourselves, the rest of the world is going to lose. with donald trump there, stating what he said, if congress fights moving forward together as a country, we can have our differences, it is ok, but we are going to move forward, the world will benefit and it will be a better place because of what he's asking for. host: patricia in illinois. independent line. caller: good morning. i see asrified by what
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an effort to create scapegoats that will detract from the reality of his presidency which will be built on militarism. this increase in defense spending is outrageous. anduld have been thrilled might have been prepared to put aside some of my differences with this man if he had said something about investing money doing away with poverty in our own country. man who beats the drums of war even as he speaks about america and peace.
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with the verynted prospect or philosophy of these. -- of peace. this enormous buildup he is speaking of will be coming out of the mouths of the poor. how does one propose to pay for all this? if this is all he has to say, i beg america to i impeach this president. host: janet in washington. democrats line. caller: i agree with president the united to do for states but like you said before, we will have to save every dollar we have to be able to do it. why take away from the poor, the working man, the handicapped,
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the ones on social security? we need to go to the billionaires or millionaires and raise their taxes so we can have gettingey instead of every dollar from the social security and the medicare. i'm handicapped from working and i suffer a lot of pain everything will day. i need back surgery, i had an elbow operated on and my hands are going bad. why should we give up our medicare when we worked so hard to get it with low wages? we need to go to the rich man, the billionaires, the millionaires and the wall street. and was bush that put us in a war that he was responsible for the people getting murdered
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because of the war that he lied to congress to have been joint of dollars -- and spent trillions of dollars. >> president trump talked about protecting the american homeland last night. some news on his controversial travel ban -- president trump will not sign the new travel ban until later this week. he was expected to sign that new executive order today. he had initially planned to sign it last week. said he was holding up to make sure that when we execute this, it is done in a manner that is flawless. cnn reporting the same thing overnight last night. white house officials have scrapped plans for president trump design that new travel ban executive order on wednesday per senior administration officials. ap with some details on what that new travel ban is expected
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to look like. it will remove iraq from the list of countries whose citizens face a temporary u.s. travel ban , citing the latest draft in circulation. yakimaibya, some other sudan, syria and yemen will remain on the travel ban. somalia, sudan, syria and yemen. the officials also said the order will not include any explicit exception for religious minorities in the country targeted by the travel ban. theics have accused administration of adding that limits to help christians get into the night states while excluding muslims. pennsylvania. paul. go ahead. caller: thank you for taking my
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call. i am an 80-year-old guy up your watching c-span every morning. speech and the high point was when he introduced brian owens' widow. and when he talked about our veterans. i have a lot of friends who are veterans. they been forgotten. the low point was the reaction on the other side of the aisle. , but lastthose people night, they did not respect our president. from falls church, virginia. independent line. caller: good morning. i did not see the speech, i had heard it on c-span.
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-- thisng is this country, there are certain things that have been embedded in this country. racism, separate people come and inequality, disenfranchisement for certain people. done, he hasp has only added to those negative things that have been embedded. you cannot talk out of two sides of your mouth. he has to understand that. what he ran on in his campaign, the things he said, how he said them, you are sending a message out and the message is very negative. you cannot then come back around and try to clean it up.
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maybe tweak it a little bit to make it sound not as negative, not as hard. host: you are saying that change into tone was the thing that concerns you the most from last night's speech. caller: at the end of the day, he is still saying the same thing. he just tweaked it a little bit. you have people concerned about what you read your campaign on. did he do that to try to appeal to democratic members and some republicans that may not be fully on board with his whole agenda? caller: probably so. i would not doubt that. if you has any ounce of common sense, i would think that he would think that. the people working with him would have to bring that to his attention. we need to change this up a little bit.
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if your agenda is still going to be this particular thing, how are you going to have everybody on board? i am a black female, 58 years old. stamps, i do work, i am try to be a productive citizen of this country. day. see inequality every i see it all the time come every day. i don't see anyone representing me. how do you think you should have addressed that idea inequality?t what would have changed your mind? caller: i'm not really sure. he would never be able to identify with me. he's never had to struggle. who waiting for someone would be able to say i
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understand what it means to maybe have a low point in life where you could not figure out how you were going to get by or bill.are of a i don't know what he would have been able to say. he will never be able to identify with me because he's never had to struggle the way i've had to struggle. -- i will give credit because i'm a fair person. i think he has some good intentions, but on the flip side of it, how you send your message out says a lot. if you say more negative than positive, if you are not thinking before you speak, you will cause a problem. host: donna in falls church, virginia. >> the caller was mentioning
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number onee was the take away from the speech last night according to axios. some distance by his most presidential. un-trumpian, is how they described it. the president spent the day of his first address to the joint assion of congress presidents have before, revising or reworking and rehearsing. the first paragraph was edited as late as 5:00 p.m. yesterday.
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most in the white house never saw the remarks before he delivered them. he began practicing in the presidential limo on the way over. host: delaware. republican line. hello, jim. caller: i think he is our modern-day bruce -- the tallest man in the room just out of his demeanor. he had great body language. he seemed confident. i believe he gave a very positive message. people against him will be against them because they are not right. his point is economic growth is what is going to save this country. i think it was marvelous. i went straight to bed after the address and i came away with a very positive and hopeful
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attitude from it. i hope people are able to understand what he was trying to say last night. host: was there a specific policy he targeted that made an impression on you? caller: when he said he is not a president of the world, he is president of the united states. i thought that was a powerful statement. he came across as pulling together the kennedy-eque, reagan-esque attitude about how to fix america. a rising tide does bring up all boats. he talked about how the illegal immigration is depressing wages. for the poorest of us. and how he can help the poor people by allowing more opportunity because it will cut down on the competition from people who aren't supposed to be here. he talked about the need to get
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infrastructure straightened out. i live in delaware and it is one broken highway after another. it is a pain in the neck to get around this state. even though we are very small. like you are traveling across texas because it takes a long to get anywhere. aboutmed to hit all bases what his plan is. the biggest thing i didn't think he talked about what we are on running into a hole with all the deficit spending going on right now. he could have emphasized more about that. if his plan to grow the economy works, that problem will cure itself. host: jim in new castle, delaware. he talked about the topic of infrastructure here's a bit from that portion. [video clip] pres. trump: dwight d.
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eisenhower initiated the last truly great national infrastructure program, the building of the interstate highway system. the time has come for a new program of national rebuilding. [applause] pres. trump: america has spent approximately $6 trillion in the middle east all the while, our infrastructure at home is crumbling. with the $6 trillion, we could have rebuild our country twice. and maybe even three times if we had people who had the ability to negotiate. [laughter] [applause] pres. trump: to launch our
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national rebuilding, i will be asking congress to approve legislation that produces a $1 trillion investment in infrastructure in the unites states financed through public and private capital, creating millions of new jobs. [applause] pres. trump: this effort will be guided by two core principles. buy american and higher american. -- hire american. caller: hello there. how are you doing this morning? host: i'm fine, thank you. what do you think about last
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night? caller: i thought mr. trump gave a very good speech. when they first go in as president, they go into an of what the former president and his staff have left him with. i would never, ever take that job. mr. trump did a very good speech. thatoke of a young man stood for his country and lost his life, like here in quarter lane, we have a young police , he was greg moore gunned down by a young man and he was a very loving officer. trump spoke of medicare -- i
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--n medicaid, state medicaid they need to look at that and get these young girls off of it. my daughter was on it. ,fter having so many children they need to get into some kind of training program. promised this and promised that, growing and changing america. what is mr. trump going to do for us senior citizens? i worked for the school district for over 18 years. years. cna for 18.5 back the best i can. i have a heart condition and i'm
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doing without groceries and i'm doing without things to make ends meet. that is my question to mr. trump. host: let's go to sean in washington, d.c. independent line. .ou are on of the speechnion last night was just smoke and mirrors. i don't know how to take the sky. -- this guy. he sounded good and he sounded different from all his other times, but what is he really about? he will say one thing and do another. militarypending on the , what about people without jobs? he doesn't need to cut the epa, either.
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washington, d.c. laura on twitter says -- sigmund saying -- alan in brooklyn, york. independent line. caller: i'm on the democratic line. i had a number of points. he spoke about the woman who was handicapped by a rare disease and the special heroic efforts her father took to research the best science that was available faster than the fda would approve it. prolonging her life. i applaud that attitude about allowing the best science to come to the floor as rapidly as possible.
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that is utterly inconsistent with his attitude about climate change which he did not mention once in the months of record storms and heat extremes when it was the very first presidential address since george h.w. bush in his last term when the issue of climate change was not discussed seriously by a presidential speaker. i also think it is unusual that he refers to the new supreme court nominee in the tradition of scalia. helia is noted as saying doesn't go off the reservation in terms of what is traditionally done in american law. were alivescalia this past year and watched what was done in his name to hold the nomination not only from approval but from consideration and from hearings muska leah
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would have said this is not conservative, this is not originalist. hearings, scalia would have said this is not conservative, this is not originalist, this is not. host: dave from pennsylvania. republican line. hello. caller: good morning. thank you for having me on. i strongly disagree with your previous color, the one from new york -- caller, the one from new york. we are facing a $21 trillion deficit. global warming has not been proven. some of the more practical things we could do for global s notng, business i interested in doing. sending money to france for studies is a waste of time. annald trump did i
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excellent job, it was an excellent speech. is one of the first presidents i've heard in 20 years who said i love this country. i wish the mainstream media would give him a chance and get off his back. it is so obvious that they are against him because he is a republican and he is conservative. the gloss over president obama -- he could do no wrong. they needed to give this man a chance. he gave an excellent speech. for the democrats that call in and come home and him -- called in with an open mind and complement and him, they want to give the man a chance. news highlights the part of the speech in which the president gave honor to william ryan owens, the navy seal.
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[video clip] pres. trump: we are blessed to be joined tonight by the widow of u.s. navy special operator senior chief william ryan owens. ryan died as he lived, a warrior and a hero, battling against terrorism and securing our nation. [applause] pres. trump: i just spoke to our great general mattis just now -- reconfirmed that ryan was
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that generated large amounts of vital intelligence that will lead to many more victories in the future against our enemies. etched intoy is eternity. thank you. [applause]
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host: that portion of the speech got a lot of reaction, not only in the papers, but on the internet and other sites. >> we showed our viewers a portion of the standing ovation. official twitter handle other public and marty noting lastedl standing ovation one minute 41 seconds. -- the official twitter handle of the republican party noting.
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senator tom tillis said it was a powerful moment in the address. god bless the owens family. a republican from illinois said -- there were several others who tweeted about that moment, including chris murphy, democrat from connecticut. senator murphy referring to this story in "the hill." president trump appeared to blame the generals for the raid that resulted in owens'
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death. and a 75 were killed million ws aircraft was destroyed after it crashed. -- 75 million dollar u.s. aircraft was destroyed after it crashed. certainly that moment perhaps one of the most tweeted about moments and talk about moments from last night's speech. host: mechanicsburg, pennsylvania. republican line. dave, go ahead., new independent line. caller: good morning, sir. with thelly impressed widow's composure and all the emotion she went through. i want america to unite like falls in thea hero
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battlefield. do not politicize it. donald trump was accused of being divisive for the last year. yesterday, for all that of his come he proved once against that he is presidential. it is up to the congress to work with him. if they want him to fail, they can hide, they can do a lot of things. the american people are watching. him.e with we are not going to spend our time organizing day after day, denouncing this man. to him, we need to give him a chance. his speech was right on the spot. if he repeals obamacare, we must
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be sure that we have health care to benefit all americans. if he doesn't do that -- doesn't do that, it will be very bad for him. i hope you will do right. host: them across line. ernie, hello. -- democrats line. caller: it's been a couple of decades since i've called in to c-span. to get through has made my heart race. i appreciate some of the things the president said last night. i don't agree with most of his positions. one of his ending lines was that we are all made by the same god. i don't know how many of our fellow citizens would agree with that. is listing think he the obvious that everybody in the whole world and even on the
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space station are all created by god and we need to appreciate all creation. to seek those that might want to annihilate us might have a change of heart. amen. host: jack is next in falls church, virginia. independent line. caller: i thought it was a good speech. he is doing what he said he would do in the campaign. that kind ofhings made me concerned is he talked about building the wall in his speech but did not say the mexicans would pay for it. means he is, sticking to his ideology of building the wall but when data and reality come back that they will not pay for it, he keeps pushing the wall and has is paying port. -- for it.
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it will essentially be paid by us. he should be more driven by the data and reality to adjust his ideology. the oneealth care law, thing he did not mention that should be part of it is there is no lifetime cap. they should be no pre-existing condition exclusions and no lifetime caps. these insurance companies like that they don't have to compete lines andate county lines. hopefully, he can fix that. nancy pelosi and chuck schumer looked like sore losers. they need to get a positive message rather than just a protest temper tantrum. host: "the wall street journal is what editors write this g -- "the wall street
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journal" editors write this morning -- even better was a ton of relative optimism. haverevious major speeches a parade of american warbles. .- american horribles we will go to new york. rob on the democrats line. caller: thank you for c-span. i was not really going to mention that health care savings accounts don't operate like major medical policies. major medical policies, the
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insurance company pays your doctor and you pay your co-pay. health care savings account, you are saving your money for your bills. , if you caner it even afford it to begin with, you've got no money left. fan. big ross perot president trump is sounding more perote is mimicking ross and i'm glad. never talked about giving tax break to millionaires and billionaires. guise here is this is really all about the tax breaks he wants to give to rich people and the middle class and the poor people will get middle-class tax breaks for families, for working-class families, that is a scam. crumbs, but a few
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the super wealthy and the wealthy will receive annual tax breaks in the hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars. people who actually don't need the money -- trickle-down economics does not work. it has always shown itself not to work. in that sense, we have been scammed. host: taylor from monterey, california. republican line. caller: good morning. i am in fairfax, california. host: thank you for calling. caller: i found the speech a bit boring. one thing that could have livened it up was to talk about my favorite topic, th abortion. which mike pence cares deeply
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about. i would like to hear more about that in the future. i don't know what the solution is, but there is certainly too many of those going on. host: what would you like the trump administration to do on that effort? caller: you mentioned neil gorsuch. wheres that is probably it is going to be solved, maybe. overturning roe versus wade. i don't understand all the particulars of that issue, but if you do come i would love to hear more about it. host: port arthur, texas. democrats line. leo, good morning. caller: good morning. honestly, i heard the speech several times over. a lot of rhetoric, no substance. what i'm waiting for is trump to start legislating.
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daysbeen in the office 41 and not one thread of legislation has come from his office. he's holding meetings with the titans of industry, but he's given them nothing to work with. speeches are good when they are heartfelt. he missed the mark with me because it is rhetoric, no substance. host: give me an example of rhetoric, no substance. caller: everything you heard last night is what he's been saying since the campaign and since he's been in office. take your pick. the legislative point i referenced, he's not put out one thread of legislative material for the congress to act to start the progress of moving us
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forward. host: florida. phyllis, go ahead republican line. caller: the morning. i'm glad to be on c-span. -- good morning. i am a republican, used to be a democrat. changed over to the right side. proud of it. also, i am a christian. i agree with everything that was in the speech last night. it was excellent. i'm so excited about this presidency and hope it continues. it would be great if we did not have any parties commit everybody could just join in and be pure americans all the way. put america back where it should be, putting god first in our country. host: we go back to john
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mcardle. congressional leaders, two very different takes on the same 60 minute address. first, the democratic side of the aisle with nancy pelosi. here's her statement. he has jeopardized the security akened country and wee our fight against terror. that is part of her comment from last night. then, there is chuck schumer, the democratic senate minority leader. more populist talk but the american people want action and the president has enacted hard right policies. the republican side of the aisle , here is a speaker ryan calling president trump's address a home run. .
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we now have a government unified around a simple but important principle. empowering the people, not washington. senator mitch mcconnell included his comment in a video that he taped last night. [video clip] andositive, uplifting designed to unify america by the new administration and the new direction we are trying to take. i thought the president did a terrific job. host: that was senator mcconnell. we go next to dolly in florida. independent line. caller: i watched tv last night and this guy, he doesn't want to be president. he wants to be a candidate, he wants to be a showman. me insists on being a show
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an. to be a president, you have to be a great person and be unifying for everybody. catholic, muslim, jewish, everybody. he is speaking one way and he destroyed everything with his hand. he has to do a lot to be a president. it is not enough. host: james is next from salem, oregon. democrats line. caller: thank you, c-span. my think it was august or something. i told you guys that he woke up a sleeping giant. he's got all the people talking with each other and trying to figure this out. staying ats not
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home. they are getting out and doing stuff. they are involved now. he did wake up america. i think he will be the press best president we've ever seen. i met president kennedy, i met his brothers -- i think this man will be great. i hope everybody gets involved and doesn't just stay at home and drink the cup of coffee. "washington post" this morning highlights the winners and losers -- amongst the winners, the president himself. he also highlighted steve bannon trump.nka
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it also highlights as a winner joe biden. the state of the union speech was always a moment for biden and a pace of 1000 expressions to shine. among the losers, details about the affordable care act. let's go to melinda in mississippi on our republican line. thank you for calling. go ahead. caller: i just wanted to get everyone to take a moment to consider that when president trump said he wants to be a president for all americans -- i
7:49 am
know that is easily dismissed by many, but you have to think about what that really means. muslim mom who has left a war-torn country or a dangerous ideology and you come here and you have children and you take them to the mosque and you are teaching them your religion and then you have who areho aren't vetted bringing those ideologies, coming to those mosques and trying to turn your children that you fought to protect and into these dangerous ideologies that want to go do president trump is protecting her children by keeping those dangerous ideologies and people who hold those ideologies away from her children.
7:50 am
who hasmexican mom come here for opportunity, she's in neighborhoods with gang members and she's tried to teach her children work ethics. these gang members are taking over the neighborhood. he is protecting americans. and including those americans who came here for the american fundamental foundation that we are providing them. he is protecting that. host: marion in daleville, virginia. democrats. caller: good morning. and i getspeech whiplash every time trump speaks. during the campaign, he wanted nato to be obsolete and now he loves nato. onhated teleprompters and the teleprompter, he did a good job actually.
7:51 am
he went on about the middle class and then he's going to let all the billionaires who've put their money offshore to avoid taxes, he will let them bring it back and he tells us they will invest here in this country. but stagnant wages, people cannot buy anything. of course they are not going to invest here. they will take that money and build factories in other countries. what a windfall, what a christmas present. -- when i go to buy a car, if the salesman says uy the car, you will of it and i say, can i look under the hood, please? he says believe me, it is a great car. to me, looking under the hood would have been the tax returns. saidhe lady who if you hadant to --
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somebody in your neighborhood that cap saying one thing and another and another, you would not trust what they say sometimes. we need jobs and trade. i just want to let republicans know that a lot of democrats, a lot of the ones i know are very thoughtful. we also criticize democrats, too. we are a lot more together than republicans think we are. host: off of twitter -- milwaukee, wisconsin. republican line. hello, karen.
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caller: thank you for taking my call. this is the best presidential speech i've ever heard. i am for mr. trump 100%. true, hehe says is does. he's already shown so much that he's done in one month. feel he will be one of the best presidents we've ever had. president, theme thought that went through my head is he was boasting about how he was going to bring change to the nine states of america. that's the united states of america. i would getng that change from him would be change in my pockets. do you think he provided on thesetails for you
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policy positions he wants to take? caller: absolutely. has given us a lot of hope. so far, he's come through with that hope. i hope he keeps it up. host: north carolina next. independent line. hi there, james. commenti want to make a -- i was not impressed with the speech last night. it was just regurgitated campaign rhetoric that the donald has used before. i can't believe the boundless nature of the hypocrisy of the right. when obama was in the white house come all these right didn't care about that stick together, let's get behind the president and give him a none of that came for
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the right wing. trump will give donald credit for is he's proven that all trash is not poor and he has dispelled the myth of white intellectual superiority. host: ann in north carolina. line for democrats. i want to call in because i am a recipient of obamacare. i do have obamacare and i've been on both ends of it where i had to be penalized for it because i did not have insurance because i had made too much for medicare and not enough for obamacare and when i got my taxes, i got penalized. now, i have it again and it works so good for me. i got a hip replacement with your out-of-pocket.
7:56 am
-- zero out-of-pocket. you can tweak it, but don't take away completely. appreciate it. thanks for listening. >> as usual, the president was joined in the house chamber last fort by his cabinet except the so-called designated survivor. there is a video of david schulken. president trump does not have his entire cabinet with him at this point. five still awaiting votes, including ben carson for housing and urban development, rick xander --energy, and alexander acosta for labor and for agerdue
7:57 am
secretary. some of those members were gallery.n the ben carson, rick perry and sonny purdue sitting in the gallery. because they have not been confirmed yet. individuals will get their vote today at 10:30 on the senate floor. this is craig kaplan, that is -- viewers ryan' can watch live on c-span2. after that vote, there will be another vote to advance ben carson for his nomination as hud secretary. of ryan' icture speech. after the
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montanans. host: we've been getting your thoughts and reaction to the president's speech last night. we are inviting you to call in and give your thoughts. 202-748-8000 for democrats. 202-748-8001 for republicans. independents, 202-748-8002. editors of "washington post" this morning saying in their editorial a bleak view of the -- mr. trump wrote a series of checks he certainly cannot cash. he promised dying industries would be coming roaring back to life
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the ugliest moment came when mr. trump announced the formation of an office of victims of immigration crime engagement. introduced families of people allegedly murdered by legal immigrants -- illegal immigrants. some reaction off twitter and the internet -- again, your phone calls over these next two hours. the numbers will be on the screen. we go to kansas, republican line. caller: good morning.
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how are you? host: i'm fine. caller: i will to say that i am very impressed with the president's speech last night. each president takes an oath of office to protect this country against all enemies foreign and domestic. president trump has been in office for 41 days. i think that he is the hardest working man that i know of. i think his heart is good. i think the american people have got to give him a chance. toma lost so much site as his oath to protect this country. i think trump has his hands full. things undermany the cover of darkness.
8:01 am
-- they have to got to work with him. the only other thing i would like to say is the democrats -- you know when you were a kid and your mom said you keep making that face and your face is going to freeze like that? there were quite a few, beginning with pelosi, elizabeth thatn, a bunch of them should remember the american people are watching and listening and that got to change their ways. you can stick a fork in them. they are done. that's all i got to say at this moment. host: let's go next to our democrats line in sterling, virginia. good morning, logan. caller: how are you? host: i'm fine. caller: i'm an army veteran, recently got up. out. the speech last night was the same kind of thing that we hear for morale building and not much
8:02 am
direction. you don't hear that from any state of the union addresses. it's more for morale. in that case, what we have routinely heard from the president so far has been a number of easily proven lies. a have seen him isolate middle eastern ally by putting iraqon the banned list in and really much of the deployment efforts and training efforts are to win the hearts and the minds of the locals. a lot of our battles were actually won. to isolate a partner that fought hard with us in the middle east was really disheartening. a listener recently spoke to muslim mothers being protected locally or mexican mothers who want to raise their children the right way, there is an inherent social -- and i understand she meant well, but there's an
8:03 am
inherent social ingrained racial thought that a mexican mother living in a community with gang members or a muslim mother will be protecting her daughter from other muslim terrorists incident just any terrorist in general that she may be living with or going to a mosque. those are dangerous to the us, which is what mcmaster said which is why we need to stop saying radical islamic terrorism. that's why we need to take barak off the no ban list as well. host: we go to ohio on the democrats line. hi, art. i think we will never get a president that is for the people as long as the networks shape our thoughts from morning till noon till we go to bed at night. quit taking money from the big insurance companies, wall street ,ankers, the energy companies
8:04 am
because nobody bites the hands that feed them. you ought to have somebody on as a guest to show us the money flow. -- a snaket we get oil salesman that will make you feel good until you take it home and trea drank it. host: how does it apply the last night's speech? caller: i see a snake oil salesman when it sounds good, but you take it home and drink it and you get a hangover. nothing he says is true. he has another story to tell you about it. why don't you have somebody on their shows the money? -- on that shows the money? you talked about hillary and the clinton foundation like it was some kind of mafia organization. one of you have somebody on the thatwith the money flow points to the insurance companies and wall street bankers and how much money they give to the tv networks and see that money flow? host: that is art from ohio.
8:05 am
health care was one of the topics of the president's speech last night. it earned a democratic response from the former governor of kentucky, steve bashir, who directly addressed several elements. here is part of the governor statement. [video clip] >> mr. president, as a candidate, you promised to be a champion for families struggling to meet ends meet and i hope he live up to that promise, but one of your very first executive orders make it harder for families to even afford a mortgage. then you start a rolling back rules that provide oversight of the financial industry and safeguard us against another national economic meltdown. and you pick a cabinet of billionaires and wall street insiders who want to have this rate the protections that most americans count on and that help level the playing field. that is not being our champion.
8:06 am
that is being wall street's champion. troubling, you and your republican allies in determined to rip affordable health insurance for millions of americans who most need it. does the affordable care act need repairs? far everyes, but so republican idea to replace the affordable care act would reduce the number of americans covered, despite your promises to the contrary. mr. president, folks here in kentucky expect you to keep your word, because this isn't a game. it is life-and-death for people. these ideas promise access to care but deny the importance of making care affordable and effective. they would charge families more for fewer benefits and put the insurance companies back in control. behind these ideas is the belief
8:07 am
that folks at the lower end of the economic ladder just don't deserve health care, that it is somehow their fault that their employer doesn't offer insurance , or that they can't afford to buy expensive health plans. but just who are these 22 million americans, including 500,000 people right here in kentucky who now have health care that didn't have it before? look, they are not aliens from some distant planet. they are our friends and our neighbors. we sit in the bleachers with them on friday night. we worship in the pews with them on sunday morning. they are farmers, restaurant workers come a part-time ,eachers, nurses aides construction workers, and entrepreneurs working at high-tech startups. before the affordable care act, they woke up every morning and went to work just hoping and praying they wouldn't get sick,
8:08 am
because they knew that they were just one bad diagnosis away from bankruptcy. you know? in 2010, this country made a commitment that every american deserves health care that they can afford and rely on. and we democrats are going to do everything in our power to keep president trump and the republican congress from reneging on that commitment. host: this is rose from rockford, illinois, republican line. rose from rockford, hello? caller: hello? host: you're on. go ahead. caller: i listened to his speech last night and thought it was a wonderful speech. i think he's going to make a wonderful president. let's give him a chance. what they need to do is get rid of for losey. pelosi. someone needs to buy her broom and let her fly out of washington. host: what part of the speech
8:09 am
made the most impact last night? rose? what part of the speech made the most impact on you last night? caller: what he is going to do for medicare and what he is going to do for our soldiers. our soldiers need help so bad. they have just been neglected for so many years and not had any help. i think what they're going to do for the v.a. is great. happen what's going to is when he is in there, it it is going to be a much, much better presidency. host: this is mylan's office twitter, who says "i kind of liked trump speech. spoke to more centrist instead of hate filled deplorables." caller: thanks for c-span. this is my first time calling in.
8:10 am
first of all, he sounded presidential for the first time, even though i disagree with many of the policies, but he did at least sound like a president. that statement about the victims attacks and that whole thing that he is starting is very dangerous because it's going to continue to tear this country apart in terms of people basically hating each other and being afraid of each other. i think that's a very, very dangerous thing. it just continues to show that this man doesn't really understand the nature of living in a pluralistic society. he doesn't get it. i think that's a very dangerous thing. host: that was fuller in maryland. we will go back to john mcardle. host: at very high-profile day for the president yesterday, a less high-profile day today. here's the president's schedule
8:11 am
today courtesy of politicos playbook. the present will get his intelligence briefing and host leaders for lunch, host a strategy session, and dinner with secretary of state, rex tillerson. tomorrow, the president is going to norfolk, virginia to speak aboard the uss general ar ford. on friday, the president will be in orlando hosting a listening session on school choice at saint injures catholic school. -- saint andrews catholic school. if he does go tomorrow lago, it will be his fourth weekend trip asorro mar-a-lago president. one speech tomorrow on capitol hill is the president's supreme court nominee, neil gorsuch. gorsuch will return to capitol hill today for a variety of meetings with senators including angus king, cory booker, bernie
8:12 am
sanders, john barrasso, tim reed, and dan sold sullivan. a very busy day for the supreme court nominee. host: here is anita from lubbock, texas, republican line. caller: yes, i thought he gave a very positive speech. i think he tried his hardest to .nite with the democrats and god willing, he will do everything he is going to try to do and they will help them. host: from manassas, virginia, william is next. caller: my comment is i'm an independent. i didn't find his speech to be anything but lies. 90n he started talking about million people unemployed and looking for jobs, that right there is a complete lie.
8:13 am
that guy continues to lie. i never see him saying anything that is so positive. if anything that is positive about his speech, it has to be the speech for deplorables. he says is all positive ended. find anythingn positive about his speech. host: cheryl in maryland on the democrats line. caller: the matter what he says, there is still a cloud that hangs over his head. the cloud is his tax information. hours heare how many .ractices for his speech there is still a cloud that follows him.
8:14 am
if you releases his taxes and comes clean, then i think more people will be able to or willing to work with them. host: what particularly are you interested in learning from his taxes? caller: his relationship with russia. , raleigh, north carolina, independent line. caller: yes, sir. he didn't say nothing yesterday about immigration or refugees. they need to get out of this country. we need to clean our own backyard first. host: he spoke about both of those issues actually yesterday. caller: they give those refugees $2700 a month. they ain't never gave me nothing and i was born and raised here. why are they given these people money? no. send them home. all of them. bye. host: from fort worth, texas, republican line, this is l
8:15 am
ee. go ahead. caller: two points -- quickly first, there has been so much talk about donald trump needing to be a president for all americans, but that seems sort of inconsistent with the speech that came from the same side during the campaign when everyone wanted to inquire as to why he was not denouncing this position or that position or saying i denounce the endorsement of x y and z. secondly, regarding the start of the voice program referenced last night, i don't understand how that can be seen as being -- hate and hit driven driven when people were claiming that hillary clinton bringing up the mothers of individuals who had been shot by police officers was seen as heroic. if both of these things are drawing attention to seemingly an issue in this problem involving people dying unjustly,
8:16 am
how can one be so positive and one be so negative unless it is simply based on the party of thei individual doing it? host: don from california on the democrats line, good morning. caller: boy, i'm telling you. these republicans have really picked them a real choice this time. that man is just the biggest liar in the world. what i need to say is dollars trump is just doing his job, ok? e to save his people from all the stuff that's , the whited them people that's here in america. that's who he is for. hispanics, ands, native americans here in america, you're never going to get ahead because you are in captivity. you are not going to get ahead because it is all for the white people.
8:17 am
we are over here to serve them. we are slaves here in america. we have been captive here ever since we have been here and we are not going to get ahead because the lord says that we are here to serve these people and they are going to be in power over us until we come back to his word and separate from these people and get our own president and the our own people. -- be our own people. we need to come together so we can leave these white people on. alone. host: that is don from california. from "the washington post," tiffany trump is saying that she is the daughter of the president by marla maples and soon to be within the organization. the brother said in reference to the organization, donald trump is a trustee along with eric trump, and an arrangement with his father.
8:18 am
that was after he took office, clearly referring to the presidency. tiffany trump soon to be joining the family business. tim from ohio, hi there. caller: good morning and thank you for c-span. i wanted to comment on the health care thing. i've never heard anybody say exactly how many million people had subsidies further health care through the affordable care act. the democrats say it is not perfect and needs some changes, but they have never laid out a plan on what changes they needed to make to make it better and perfect for everybody. remember when they try to sell this? they said there was 33 million people without health care. we passed this bill and all those people will have health care. now we're hearing that there are still 20 million who don't have health care.
8:19 am
where's all the positive out of this? i don't understand the positive. i hear people call in and say it's the best thing they ever had. the lady who called and say it didn't cost are not a penny for her hip replacement. what happened between the time she couldn't get on it because of her income and now it didn't cost for a penny? host: what do you think this administration should do with the affordable care act? well, i don't have all the answers for it. i don't think anybody in washington has all the answers for it. there definitely has to be something done about it because of the republicans would have just left it alone, than a year or two, it would die on its own. there would be no coverage for nobody. host: should there be some type of health care program or should it be eliminated altogether? let's start with that. caller: yes, there should be a
8:20 am
health care program. yeah, i kind of agree with the insurance thing of selling across state lines. we all know that competition brings down prices. the more competition you got, the cheaper things are going to get. that all throughout life. in everything we buy, the more competition there is, the prices come down because the businesses need to sell their product and it will bring the price down to as low as they can in order to still make a profit. but the consumer benefits from it. host: that is tim in ohio. you heard earlier from the former kentucky governor speaking about a given his response to potential replacements for what is known as obamacare, via formal care act -- the affordable care act.
8:21 am
the president also laying out what replacement should look like or at least offering to members of congress and people watching what guidelines should be in place for replacement of the affordable care act. here are some of those guidelines. [video clip] the principles that should guide congress as we move to create a better health care system for all americans. first, we should ensure americans with pre-existing conditions have access to coverage and that we have a stable transition for americans currently enrolled in the health-care exchanges. [applause] secondly, we should help of americans purchase their own coverage through the use of tax credits and expanded health savings accounts, but it must be the plan they want, not the plan forced on them by our government
8:22 am
. [applause] thirdly, we should give our state governors the resources and flexibility they need with medicaid to make sure no one is left out. [applause] fourth, we should implement legal reforms that protect patients and doctors from unnecessary costs that drive up the price of insurance and work to bring down the artificially high price of drugs and bring them down immediately. [applause]
8:23 am
and finally, the time has come to give americans the freedom to purchase health insurance across state lines. [applause] which will create a truly competitive national marketplace that will bring costs way down and provide far better care. so important. host: by the way, if you want to see the speech from last night and also get some reaction from members of congress, you can go to our website at not only that, you can see the speech and other speeches the president has given in the campaign and as president. you can also see other state of the union type speeches. you can see all those speeches on her website at
8:24 am
here's john mcardle. host: we have been keeping track of some of the stats from last night's address. earlier on twitter, there were 3 million interactions, a record for a president to address or state -- presidential address or state of the union. on facebook, 7.5 million people generated over 20 million directions last night. here is a step from "the washington examiner." one of the issues they were tracking -- present trump used times.d i 48 eight during present obama's first such address, he used the word i 68 times and my on eight occasions. the word most important to the president says it might be the ratings number that comes out of last night's address. the first number that trump will hope to beat is 31.3 million.
8:25 am
that was the viewership total last year for president obama's final state of the union address. it was also the smallest recorded by nielsen since the firm began tracking state of unions in 1993. you can see some of the charts in his column on viewership of presidential addresses to congress. he goes on to write that a better gauge of interest in trump's speech will be how it stacks up against first addresses bypassed p presidents. bill clinton set the standard in 1993. viewership for his first speech is the highest. if trump wants to break the record, 67 million is the magic number. if you want to read more of that, it is in his column today. host: "the wall street journal" offers a trump that looks at president trump's speech and president obama's speech in 2009 and compares some of the topics
8:26 am
that were discussed by the two men. when it comes to budget, the topics come up twice and president trump's speech compared to 13 times in president obama's speech. the economy comes up twice in trump speech. when it comes to the topics and government, that topic came up nine times with president trump and seven times with president obama. immigration came up 11 times with president trump and no times with president obama as far as topics are concerned comparing the two speeches. judy is next in florida on the republican line. caller: good morning. onlyncerned with not president trump's speech last int is he mentioned the past that communism has been defeated. liwever, communism is a ve. there are two live websites,
8:27 am
communist party usa and people world usa, that are alive and well. they literally spell out on their website that they are working through the democratic party. a name names -- they name names. they name who their candidates are. there are democrat socialists of america within congress. there are over 70 of them. socialist being the politically correct word for communist. and nobody, nobody is reporting this. party had alican communist agenda, do you think the media would be all over that? the communist party is alive and well and they have even said that they are working through our colleges and public schools. host: let's go to sandra in
8:28 am
denton, texas, democrats line. caller: yes, thank you for taking my call. i'm a democrat. my whole family has been democrats for generations. i watched the speech last night, me and my family. some was good, some was bad, but what i was upset with was the democrats that i elected to .ffice sitting there it didn't matter what the president said. it showed me that they were not going to do anything that i sent them up to washington to do. that was to not act like republicans and take care of business. , it wasof leaving early just beyond embarrassment. anyway, i want to say the democrats made my family republicans. host: sandra, are you still there? she is gone.
8:29 am
let's go to sean in buffalo, new york. caller: how are you doing, pedro? host: find, thank you. caller: it's not snowing, so we are doing good here. i wanted to comment on the previous two callers. there is a documentary for people to watch out. it is called "the wolf in sheep's clothing." seen't know if you have it, but it does definitely wake you up on what is going on with the left. channel?t is the ew tn caller: i believe it is the catholic channel. if you get a chance, i would suggest that you and your viewers watch it, whether you are republican, democrat, or independent. it's definitely interesting and it will differently open up your eyes. host: wide you think it is important for your viewers to? caller: it explains how the communist party has infiltrated
8:30 am
the democratic party since the 1920's and 1930's. it has to do with saw lewinsky -- saul linsky and his rules for radicals. i think it explains a lot of what is going on with the left. host: we will hear next from marlene from north carolina on the independent line. caller: how are you? unaffordable -- on affordable health care, when they put that in, they knew it was going to be a disaster. there was no way for this to be affordable for anyone in the long run. i say that because my daughter and her husband do not have insurance where they work. so they are forced to pay $400 a month under the affordable care policy thatnsurance until each one of you have accumulated $8,000 out of your pocket before they have to pay a penny. on top of that, what even concerns me more is that $400 a
8:31 am
month that they are paying is also getting an $850 a month subsidy from the government. who is paying that? wears that coming from? -- where is that coming from? people have no idea. how i happen to subscribe to "time" magazine. last month they had an article in there about doctors and hospitals that are being set up around the country that only take cash. what an operation or particular procedure in a hospital would cost versus what it costs when there is no insurance involved. they had operations that would ,e $350,000 in the hospital $35,000 when no insurance is involved. was a
8:32 am
let's go to tacoma park, maryland, darrell. caller: what she is talking about is untrue. $1074 a month and it was based on my income. obamacare actually paid into it. for a year and a half, i was on insurance for free because i didn't work and i just moved here to a new location. i've actually managed to reverse my diabetes. i was actually prediabetic. because of that, i actually no longer have diabetes. diabetes runs in my family. i actually saw a doctor at the age of 31 for the first time. they are actually keeping a lot of the good things in obamacare, so they are not going to repeal it. they are going to improve upon it. they are not going to repeal like they say. the pre-existing condition thing that obama passed, it is great
8:33 am
in obamacare. i just feel like these republicans want to sit here and say how terrible it is, but the bottom line is that 21 million americans have insurance and i'm one of them. they're going to sit there and want to cut us because we are basically poor and lazy and because our employers don't offer it, we are out of luck. that's not fair. host: to the next hour and a half, we are taking calls and comments on president trump's speech last night, the joint address to congress. democrats -- -- (202)-8001 748-8000. republicans -- (202) 748-8001. (202) 748-8002 for independents. the president called for the creation of a new agency, specifically to take a look at the victims of crime by immigrants. cnbc andhe story of the president expanded on those
8:34 am
thoughts and last night's speech. [video clip] >> i've ordered the department of comments in. homeland security. the office is called voice, victims of immigration crime engagement. we are providing a voice to those ignored by the media and silenced by special interest. [applause] the joining us in the audience tonight are four very brave americans whose government failed them. their names are jameel shaw, susan oliver, jenna oliver, and jessica davis. jameel 17-year-old son was viciously murdered by an illegal immigrant gang member who had just been released from prison. was anshaw junior
8:35 am
incredible young man with unlimited potential, getting ready to go to college, where he would've excelled as a great college quarterback, but he never got the chance. his father, who is in the audience tonight, has become a very good friend of mine. jameel, thank you. thank you. [applause] host: we will hear next from kip in arizona on the independent line. caller: yes, my name is kip. and ierstanding is watched the speech last night and i thought he did a excellent jobn on what he
8:36 am
has in mind of doing. there was one area that concerns me and that is the fact that our haver citizens now do not ample enough money to take care of ourselves, much less medical costs and any cost-of-living. therefore, we would like to know what you are planning on doing about that, mr. trump. it would be nice if you could tell us for once and give us a straight answer. we have not had an increase in our social security in eight years. i think we deserve one. host: their efforts amongst republicans and others to change social security, reform it, make changes to it. what do you think about those ideas? caller: as far as the reforming of it is concerned, if it would lead to money, we wouldn't have
8:37 am
to be doing reforming of our social security instead of congress borrowing several billions of dollars through it. we would have a cost-of-living and senior citizens would be able to live comfortably. host: farmington, missouri, jerry is next. jerry, good morning. go ahead. caller: good morning. what i would like to know is that everybody keeps raising cain about this immigration bill and they say obama deported 2.5 million people and not a word was said. they don't accuse him of breaking families apart. brokee illegals, they their own families apart by coming here a legal to begin with. host: jerry and missouri on our republican line calling. we go back to john mcardle. host: beavers last night likely saw a group of democratic lawmakers -- viewers last night likely saw a group of democratic lawmakers wearing white on their side of the aisle. that was led by the house democratic women's working group.
8:38 am
you can see some video of that group there. the chair of that group is congresswoman most frankel, who put out a statement before the address about the effort to wear white. she says we wear white to deny the efforts by the chop administration to rollback progress that women have made in the past century. nancy pelosi was one of those members of that group sending out a tweet last night of her and her colleagues before the address, gathered wearing white. the group was also responsible for some of the top reaction gifs that were listed by cnn in their wrap up of last night's event. there is nancy pelosi looking far less than thrilled to president trump's mention of repealing and replacing the affordable care act. below that, you have commerce
8:39 am
congresswoman jackie spear and judy chu making clear their response of the repeal of obamacare, giving the thumbs down. some of the gifs in cnn's wrap up. host: in kentucky, this is patrick. caller: hausa going? -- how is it going? i've got one thing to say what president trump says our current governor said that obamacare does not work in kentucky. well, it doesn't, and that's the reason why our previous governor , mr. steven beshear, came up with a health care plan that is s.fordable for all kentuckian it mainly helps children and families that are under the poverty line and everything. i think the republicans and democrats and independents that are in the congress and senate are to look at what governor beshear did and take that and
8:40 am
model that if they're going to repeal and redo obamacare and say, look, here's what governor beshear did during this time. is working for the families of kentucky. let's tried out on the rest of the nation and see how it goes. if it doesn't work, get back together as a unified congress, working with the people in this nation and with the president and everything. get together and say, what do we need to do to get this right and get it going good where everybody has affordable health insurance? host: governor beshear gave the response to the president's speech last night. you can see that on c-span if you go to the previous governor talking about the connect system in kentucky which provides health care which are guest talk about. we will hear next from sarah in bryan, texas, independent one.
8:41 am
caller: hi, how are you? host: i'm fine. thethank you. caller: thank you for taking my call. i did want to make a comment about president trump's speech. i did think it certainly sounded a lot better than what we have heard, you know when he was campaigning. in his inauguration address, i did feel like there were things that he said that sounded good and made a lot of sense, and even some of the things he said last night. though because i know, for one, i feel like -- youwhat i knew of him know, and i wanted to vote for him -- that he was a good businessman and all this kind of stuff.
8:42 am
elections, ithe changed my mind about that, i have to say, because i really started paying attention to what he was saying and how he was saying it. i'm a mental health professional. i do need to say that i am so fuelingd about the feelin that he did of hate and racism. even though his speeches sound good, i am very aware that he out anys to leave direct information about -- like i totally support all of our and our police and our firemen. these people put their lives on the line. however, i am not a parent and i
8:43 am
a grant and iot also know that we do have problems. there are problems in some of our police departments. there are a lot of people that have lost their lives. he doesn't talk about that side of it. concerned that last night, i thought, great. he talks so much about how he wants to protect this country. however, people don't know this. y'all need to cover this, see c-span. i'm very concerned about who yea he is and what his real motives are coming because i really was going to vote for him until the last minute. people need to really look at what he says and what he does
8:44 am
deal and heade a signed into legislation , which is going to allow people that have serious mental illness easier access to guns. ok? that is not protecting our country. host: sara, thank you for the call. we will follow up and find some information about what you just brought to the table. the president fond of twitter, as you know. sending out his first lead of the day in which he just says, "thank you!" assuming because of the reaction to last night's speech, that came out this morning. highlightsgton post" one of the things that the president and congress may have to tackle before long. that is about the federal debt limit. 2015ites, "that it was in that the obama administration and congress agreed to suspend the federal debt limit to march
8:45 am
15, 2017. it was after that date of the treasury department is expected to enact emergency measures to buy more time for the government to continue paying its bills. these often include actions as a spending pensions payments, but the department runs out of flex ability after several months. during conflicts with president obama, republic that one point tried to ban the use of these measures. budget experts believe that by august or september, if covers has not acted, the treasury could begin falling behind on payments, potentially triggering a new crisis if the government will default." from kansas. caller: i listen to the speech last night and people need to listen to what this man says. he says that people with pre-existing conditions would have access to health care, not that they would be covered, but that they would have access to health care. so what does that mean? i sit and iing is
8:46 am
listen to people. they could've heard the same speech three months ago. they are the very same talking points that he has used since his campaign, but what people really need to know is the details. spend a trillion dollars in infrastructure. he is going to spend 100 million more citizens going on and buying a new car and getting a part-time job. the numbers don't work. i just encourage people to pay tention and ask for details.
8:47 am
calling up next, cincinnati ohio, republican line. caller: how are you? host: find, thank you. caller: excellent. i watched president trump's speech last night and the one thing i don't hear from the current president or past president or any members of congress for that matter is the idea of personal responsibility. i would like to hear more about that from our leaders. i think the idea that the government is going to solve all our problems is absolutely laughable. i agree with the fact that we need to increase competition, which hopefully drive down , but weith health care are putting such a strain on our system right now. we aret, i don't think educated about our health and what we are putting in our body. will we need to do as an american people is sit down and take a good look in the mirror
8:48 am
and say, hey, we have to take responsibility for what we are doing to help our health care system, to help our country, and to help ourselves. it doesn't just apply to health care. it applies to many other areas in a life as well. host: let's go to john mcardle. host: the fact checkers want to work last night during and after president trump address. to fact checks to show our numbers are two of the numbers that president trump cited in his speech. the first was the 94 million americans that he said are out of the labor force. nbc news with their fact check -- the labor force number is technically correct. the 94 million number according to the bureau of labour statistics, but it's extremely misleading. he is ou adding out of work americans and those who are working out of -- not working out of choice or circumstance .
8:49 am
the real number of americans out of work and in the job market is 21 million, a quarter of the number that president trump cited. he is correct to say that 43 million are on food stamps and in poverty, one of the other numbers that he cited. another statistic he put out there was his claim that the united states had spent $6 trillion in the middle east. he said with a $6 trillion we could've have rebuilt our country to or three times. says president trump is using the long term cost estimate. the actual amount spent so far is $1.7 trillion. he writes that it may be the long-term estimate by a boston university political science , including future cost such as veterans disability costs, and what related spending in the department of homeland security. trump is right about the cost of the war being high, but the $6
8:50 am
trillion number he cites has not been spent yet. he is not correct in saying "with the $6 trillion we could've rebuilt our country." host: sherry is next on the democrats line. caller: i was very, very pleased with president trump's speech last night. i am a registered democrat since 18 and i'm very proud with what he is trying to do. here in kentucky, i want to make a comment on her ex governor. the reason he wasn't reelected -- i've been trying to rescue my american grandchildren out of mexico that my own daughter abandoned down there. and he set me to ed whitfield's office, who is republican. he had never done anything could that's wh. that's why he didn't get reelected. that's why he pushed it off on the republican's anyway.
8:51 am
i'm a democrat, but i'm definitely behind trump. host: the former governor talked about the affordable care act and some of the callers this morning talk about the health care system in your state, the connect system. do you have any thoughts about him giving the response and give us some insight on how connect is working? caller: yes, i do, and i disagree. i make under $100,000 a month. i've got no help with the obamacare. they restrict their medication so much. with the one man who said something about his prediabetes, i had prediabetes. the only medicine they could prescribe was metformin. i went off and got the money to treat myself naturally. theuld soon not have
8:52 am
insurance they implement a right now. host: what about your state system, connect? could you qualify for that? caller: right now, i have been fighting for my grandchildren. usually you have to have children in the home to get plain medicaid. host: got it. let's go to sally in florida, independent line. caller: hello. my name is sally. thank you so much for taking my call. the speech last night was nicely delivered and mr. trump delivered it very well, like a good actor. it talks of unity, but in reality, he is the one who divides the country with his constant hatred and criticism to the media and anyone who says something that he doesn't like. another thing is about tax reform for the rich.
8:53 am
intend to put more loopholes so that they do not pay taxes like him? how is the government paying for all the promises that he cited last night? that is all of my comments. it is really troubling. i think everyone should be concerned about what he says. host: wild and wonderful off of -- "if asks the question the budget we have not seen it has been scored by the congressional budget office?" sandy says he hit a home run last night. he reached out to democrats and inspired americans anew today. you can respond on twitter at or you can call (202) 748-8000 for democrats, (202) 748-8001 for republicans, and (202) 748-8002
8:54 am
for independents. claudia up next in new jersey. caller: hello, good morning. i'm so glad you took my call. i am 100% with donald trump. i was a democrat. that was eight years ago when th obama became a democratic president. i left the party. i don't know how he became a president when he only had two years in the senate. anything toed on have a paper trail behind him. his fellow people in chicago where burning down houses and got him elected into the presidency. i don't know how you di he did t
8:55 am
and how it came about, but he was the most lousy president we have ever had. that is when i turned to be a republican, because he had no experience in government, only those two years in the senate. a very,id our country -- how should i say it? wasn't disciplined. you listen to people who shouldn't have. smart man and could've done a good job, but he was a lousiest president that ever step foot in the white house. host: the current president -- one of the things he did yesterday before the state of the union speech was signing a bill that overturned a rule put
8:56 am
in place by the obama administration. greg corgi reporting for "usa today" that president trump kill the regulation that would have tightened gun background checks to undo one of his predecessors executive actions following the san bernardino shooting into a 15. the obama ad measures and role required the social security administration to submit records of mentally disabled people to the national instant criminal background check system, the fbi database used to determine whether someone can buy a firearm under the 1993 grady bill. applied tould have about 75,000 people who were "adjudicated as mental defective" and who had applied for social security benefits, and had a mechanism to notify those affected so they could a appeal, but congressional rep. upton: said the rule could incident people who had mental health issues but otherwise were competent to own a gun. francis is next in georgia on the republican line. caller: good morning. how are you?
8:57 am
host: fine, thank you. go ahead. caller: for one thing, i think and why i was great voted for him. there aren't a lot of times where i've never voted for any of the. m. host: ok. caller: and being 82, or in a month i will be, i was proud i finally have somebody i feel like i can depend on as was my family. i like to remind these people that all they can do is complain, republicans and democrats. they definitely need to work together. the other problem is most of these people evidently haven't even been out of the united states. i've been fortunate enough that i have in the middle east. there is one thing about it. they disrespect president trump. and he is our president.
8:58 am
i think they call him every thing but president when they refer to him. in these other countries, they may think these beheadings are a idea but if they had any that one of their people over there didn't like their leader, that had would come off. i wish they would just stop and think how great a country we do have, how much better it could be if we all work together instead of against one another. host: that is francis in georgia. for at least the previous two hours, we have been showing you sound bites and portions of the joint address to congress that was made by president trump last night. we will show you more in the final hour up until 10:00 and we are getting your response to the speech, reaction to it, and those topics as well. if you want to call us and let us know, again, (202) 748-8000
8:59 am
the democrats, (202) 748-8001 for republicans, and (202) 748-8002 for independents. if you want to post your thoughts on president trump address to congress, you can put thoughts on our twitter page at and also post on also joining us throughout the morning to provide other news and information is john mcardle. ,ost: as c-span viewers know these joint address to members of congress can invite a guest to be in the chamber. and pr noting the number of democrats used that invite to and reviewednts president trump's executive orders to halt refugee entry. for example, congresswoman nydia velasquez of new york brought harmony darwish, who is detained at jk airport for hours when president trump's travel ban was enacted. congressman crowley, chairman of the democratic caucus, brought a victim of alleged anti-muslim
9:00 am
hate crimes. congas and eric swallow sought to make his point in a bit of a different way. he said i just handed this letter to congressman donald trump and i told him he must address this family's muslim been concerns. the letter is from a navy veteran who lives in his district. just part of that letter that eric swalwell. since the election and now, president donald trump has been spreading fear and bigotry regarding the deportations of mexicans and muslims from the united states and with increasing hatred toward muslims come i've no answer to my fearful kids and wife, especially being muslim. if the on place they've ever -- thethe unit states united states.
9:01 am
gathered in the hall in the apitol and talked with our folks at c-span there and one interview that took place was democratic representative shankowski and her guest for the evening. have brought a guest with us, introduce us. salulle, founder of network reseteling syrian efugees, many who come to my district. so, it was a great pride of the a welcoming place for people from all over the globe, people who have made our better, hard-working mmigrants escaping violence, escaping sure death in some instances. > tell us about your reception here among the members and what
9:02 am
ou think about the president's speech, particularly in the area of immigration restrictions in the you. >> i've been sincerely welcomed congresswoman's office and everyone i have been introduced to today have open arms n. th terms of the president's speech, t was disappointing, the only time he discussed muslims was radicals, islamic that was disappointing. he didn't mention muslims are fabric of the society and make up many doctors and engineers and lawyers, members to the communit community. we have many refugees who have been here two or three years and two to three r years to come here and make it to and to be subgi gaited this type of attack, they have been labeled as people who are to our community when they escaping the same danger to
9:03 am
lives. rebuild their i feel like he doesn't understand what it means to be a refugee and what it means to come to the united states and how important it is to welcome them. i could say one thing, he immigration a system. my parents would not have made the cut. they were escaping immigration russia, they came with nothing in their pockets, i know wouldn't be here right now if there was a system sed immigration because my family would have families oor and many would make that cut sdmrchlt numbers, how raw many syrians waiting to get into the u.s., raw number on number that have fled the country refugees with the united nations, syrian refugees
9:04 am
across in turkey, jordan, lebanon, and so we have united states we settled 18,000, but we 20,000 syrian refugees vetted who have gone through the checks and biometric checks and all they need is okay for them to come here. now those 20,000 people vetted, who need to start heir life and have their children in school are not able to make it here. open a doorresident by saying we will work with the allies, muslim nations who are with us? >> open the door to refugees? think so. muslims as ng errorists, and he has actually in the past put religious test here anduld be welcome prioritize christians. we'll see what actually comes the new rules, but we didn't feel much hope in the
9:05 am
speech. next up, alfonso, prounsville, texas, democrats line. caller: yeah, i'd like to say ryan, he's ell and listening to republican party his executi gns to utive -- what he wants do, it's just what it is talks nce in what he about, what he wants to do. hey know mitch mcconnell, ryan and the republican party, they unexperienced and agenda to him and i think he's more confused and -- maybe he should listen the democrats for advice because the andblican, mitch mcconnell, ryan, are threat to this
9:06 am
country. they want -- he's an as a ndent, i know he ran -- blican party, just like democrat, he should do what he says he's going to do republicanisten to a party. gwyneth, white county, independent line. caller: good morning. things that scare me about this, the government that is being put n place right now is the dictionary definition of a facist government. me second thing that scares most is out of one side of his mouth, mr. trump says he's a christian. of his he other side mouth, he's doing things to me word.ry to god's it goes to the same, one of my sayings, just because the mouth is in the cookie jar
9:07 am
him a cookie, thank you for taking my call. mexico, onew from new the line for independents. go ahead. morning.good host: hi, you're on. caller: hello. yes, if there is anything that not only this presidency, but our elected direction they are going in, one, the actions are taking upstanding rock unarmed citizenry there. nd also, the actions that democratic representatives, like debbie debb debb debbie debb wasserman. how disrespectful is this that on their ownen get a dead honor the wife of veteran?
9:08 am
if there is anything that for an absolute, absolute term limit for these action has done it standing rock. host: lois, from martinez, california, democrats line. caller: yes. guys with w what you subject matters, my comment is salesperson. a is developments, as far as spending big money is in real estate. trump is just as capable of creating conflict among god's country as any used car salesman. this.t comment is y and s the richest part always will be rich because its
9:09 am
conflict to always the public. the next thing is this, this never balance considers the it business community have all of the tax deductions from the citizens when it comes to their business. the next thing is this. when people does not realize united states rules in this country and when it is workers andmong the the upper class, you're going to suffering. the principles of the bible who s state to the person believe in one god, these people re not your god, these people are creating conflict to ontinuously manipulate the largest funding system, when it the people. host: lois, thank you very much.
9:10 am
she mentioned taxes and issues taxes. mary barra, c.e.o. of general motors, giving her thoughts on idea of border tax that could be applied to trade under administration telling the economic club of washington tax, "if er adjusted not done thoughtfully could be problematic. reflects concerns order tax with the renegotiation could damage business model predicated on the terror-free flow of products borders, the auto industry ships across borders times before they are completed vehicles. still, barra, who serves on c.e.o. advisors to the president, says the company is of corporate tax reform. described trump administration action-oriented, also action-oriented this day is john mcardle. hello. host: pedro, one of the most
9:11 am
interesting moments, whether tate of the union or presidential address, walk by the president down the center aisle and the floor of the house and it is tatives also closely watched to see who greets the president on his way down. christina marcos, writes that shook hands crats with president trump, two the rats standing along house's center aisle, congressman gerald polis, of sanford bishop, on the way into the chamber. n the way out of the chamber, reporter tim alberta of politico joes that donald trump gave bro n a pro hug and handshake. ne face that wasn't on the centerile was democrat elliot angle of new york, the ranking ember of the house foreign affairs committee and for a long time has been a face always on center aisle. he took to the floor of the house yesterday morning to
9:12 am
explain why he wasn't going to there last night. >> this will be the first time the house 9 years in that i've made this decision, i have deep respect for the will attend the joipt session. that respect between branches must be mutual. attacked free press by calling it the enemy of america's , rejected traditional role, welcoming refugees who make the country great. codeied up to vladamir putin, moved to gut the like thee care act and other way when threats gains the ewish community increased in the recent year. this is not part of political iscourse, this goes beyond differences, the president needs to work with all people. to ll listen to what he has say today, but will not greet him and shake his hand, thank you. host: gar nefort mitchell, kentucky. republican line. caller: i'd like to comment on he president's speech last
9:13 am
night. thanks for taking my call. moving you know, he's slow, but i think he touches he goes around and i it k he's finally getting together, taken him a while to get the cabinet and everything. wish the democrats would kind of reach out. we only had two people last night shook the president's hand democratic party. i mean that doesn't seem like they are doing their job and coming up, like to get your comments on that. thank you. spring, new york, lewis up next, republican line. lewis, go ahead. caller: good morning, thank you for my call. to comment, i thought that donald trump laid agenda in a most way and i'm disappointed in the reaction
9:14 am
democrats. these people are just obstructionist, no matter what does, they are trying to obstruct it. it is sad. country is -- needs a lot of things he's supposing. democrats is, o you know, just go item by item his at he proposed in speech. if you have disagreements with it, then let's have a debate, you instead of going back to he said contained, et cetera. this is him now. being in as a human office, i think his heart is in the right place. need tocrats, you know, get onboard with trying to help our country. y suggestion to the people of the united states is, pay attention to what democrats are the way of going orward and when the 2018 elections come up, let's get rid
9:15 am
of all these people and put in to support our country and move forward. that goes for republicans, as know, there are reports that republicans a way of some he programs. my advice, let's get rid of country well, this voted for donald trump for many reasons, one of which was in washington, d.c. you know, the requirement these people go to work and get things done, the democrats are just to g the opposite, trying obstruct every little thing mr. rump is doing and i hope that they pay a price for that, if they don't get onboard. let's hear from someone on the democrats line. geri, hi illinois, there. caller: i want to comment about the speech last night. commendable of donald trump to recognize the wife of he soldier, however, i thought he should have given some recognition to the father, who
9:16 am
also a veteran, he was displeased with the way his son killed, he should have recognized that father. the only other comment i want to the expense we're spending on this president. this president is traveling to weekend or y other every weekend, so far, according o records i've said, we've spent over $10 million for the trips he's taken so far and now will travel he again this weekend. hese trips are costing 3 to 4 million per weekend, not counting the fact and we own property in brooklyn, new york, the fact that we're spending over $500,000 to $1 day for his wife to be there. if he stops spending so much couldon himself, maybe we afford that wall. to give we could afford jobs or help seniors. thank you. if you have questions for me, i will answer them. the people that showed up in front of the c-span
9:17 am
is nicky haley, currently u.s. united or to the nations. here is that interview. >> on the foreign policy front, expressing strong support for nato, what else did you hear in his comment? think you heard he will have the backs of his allys and allys to have our backs, as well. when we see a bad actor doing them out, we will call on it. america will get strong again, military frchlt a standpoint and international standpoint, you will see a new strong america emerge. how has your time been at the united nations? weeks and issue of sanctions on iran have come up, supportstrengthening of for israel have come up and talk about the united states possibly human rights council of the united nations. the think we're looking for united nations, the united states needs a return on their
9:18 am
investment. for a long time, the united states didn't lead. these ambassadors are excited to have america come back and lead again. theyant to know where we stand, what we're for, what against, who we're being ocal, honest in where we are, what we want to see. we will oppose when we see iran missiles, we'll fight. when we see syria using chemical people, we will have the backs of israel. they will not have a bashing ession over and over again, we will defend them and defend them strongly. ost: betty is next, elizabethtown, kentucky, independent line. caller: yes, i voted democrat republican, so i've listed myself independent. i was concerned, first of all, 'd like to know what congress pays, what kind of insurance they have. i was a little surprised that would show this young lady
9:19 am
who had the rare disease, she uncomfortable, like putting her on display and some of the others they put. about the native mericans, who they are going across their territory and i don't see that. however, that , mr. trump was more reserved, me very much. i don't see him bringing our together, however, we and he y divisive continues to be that. he takes a step forward and hree steps backward, which really is disconcerting, but i come hat our country will together at some point because we have violence, not only in community, but also in the white community. -- go back committed by americans on american soil things the young man shot, shot from the tower in
9:20 am
texas, killing people, that was for taking hank you my call. host: tommy in new york, republican line, good morning. caller: good morning, perdue, how you doing? said he ative angle wasn't going to show up, you know, he wasn't going to be person, but -- he didn't want to shake the president's hand. number one, that is disrespectful. number two, he mentioned the anti-semitism in the country. is not brought on by this administration or these people, last s brought on by the administration and all the this that are against republican regime. last know, the administration was the most nti-israel pro-muslim administration we had since trum an, this administration isn't other way on
9:21 am
nti-semitism, that is one point. it is the last administration and all the morons protesting to the pot to make it look like the republicans are doing this complete opposite. number two, a woman came on and talked about taxes for orporations, it is the democrats when empowered, take a at anyone who works. ost people call up or people looking for -- they don't go to work. paycheck, anyone steady for the last few decades. any time democrats are in power, are the ones, they tax the work, they destroy the working man. working man to death and give it to the people handouts.the i work for huge corporation, i rather give that huge tax break so i coverage y job with and health coverage and 401(k)s
9:22 am
$800 tax me miserable break that will go in an hour. that is all i got to say. you. host: st. petersburg, florida, cindy, hi. i did not watch trump's speech last night because i can't stand the man. i watched it on the internet and i can take him in short spurts. he woman from new jersey, who aid that she, when obama was electe lected -- she didn't know a thing about obama and started saying she couldn't vote for a who only had two years in the senate, but she's supporting doesn't have any experience whatsoever. and is a billionaire and could less about the working man nd how he's conning people is amazing. and she said that obama
9:23 am
defendant's exhibit do a thing? ignorant.lly first of all, he's the one who which healthcare reform, over centuries, no president has ver done and now there are people who have affordable care and now the republicans are rip that to shreds. accomplishe he accomplisheaccomplished -- dodd-frank, i'm sorry, consumer protection act. republicans, at least trump wants to rip that also ended the war in things, heust so many got rid of bin laden, this woman is ignorant. to john >> cindy said he didn't listen to the speech, she may get takes.nt start with conservative
9:24 am
headlines. drudge report, trump rocks the house is headline. news max this morning, the have, pence-trump showed big heart in speech. washington examiner with their headline this morning, trump looks and sounds like a president to his political the washington free beacon this morning with their focusing on the moment with the navy seal who died and the ife, his widow in chamber, trump produced valuable intelligence. same 60 minutes, here is liberal ebsites and news organizations on how they played that speech. starting with buzzfeed this morning. headline, one of the darker moments quoting from the president's speech. the new yorker this morning with their headline, don't be fooled, donald trump didn't pivot. salon with their headline trump visits capital lies and vice
9:25 am
headline, their trump's misleading claims of the economy. of the different websites where people can go this morning and get different takes on the speech. host: republican line, washington state, here is mark. caller: good morning. i want to point out the glaring omission of foreign policy in night's speech. all i hear about is how the discriminated ng against, both politically here immigration. maybe just bright idea would be o quit bombing those muslim countries. bama dropped 26,000 bombs last year, 25,000 bombs the year before. on and deported 2.5 million no one said a thing. i never knew this was such a country, but it is on the left.
9:26 am
pc s surprise thanksgiving nonsense where we can't have free speech any longer and our government monitoring every phone call, no one is talking act, even patriot though bin laden is long dead. e need to get out of afghanistan and out of iraq, imagine what we could have done trillion.$5 we could have had healthcare for americans. border, so i ed did vote for trump, the first republican," but not really a republican. we need to close the border, or e can't have unions or socialized medicine and we need both. o this is a better pill to swallow, i voted for trump. thank you. from michigan, that is tim michigan, independent line, hi. you're next. caller: it's minnesota, actually. that's all right. really agree with that guy from washington, except the part
9:27 am
because voted for trump i think he's nuts. think this banter between the two big money parties that landscape isitical just silly pause you can look and his itch mcconnell comment, he stated while the only thing left to do is make country ungovernable, what an irresponsible thing for to say.igure nd the only difference between democrats and the republicans is -- one guy from washington hit it on the head, lot of bombs and handlers, i'm sure, because i think that is the way it is. the fake news thing, that has going on for a long time, really, donald trump has a point each big party has their perspective media and they bend
9:28 am
want to bend it. anyway, have a good day, everybody. carolina, up next, randy on the democrats line. morning, pedro,d doing? host: fine, thanks. caller: just a few comments. i want to correct the lady in doing?k that he called in about host: brashear. he served two terms, he wasn -- couldn't run for a second term -- third term. now getting back to all these slick-brained right wingers morning about, i was a republican, now00 eye was a democrat, now i'm a republican. what. i could say i was a republican, ow i'm a democrat because of donald trump. he didn't file his income tax, putin.t ties with a break.ive me
9:29 am
first of all, the country is going to be great again with donald trump. always pulled a a break. the boot straps, little nervous this morning. okay, but i don't believe a lot of stuff he's putting out there, trillion me a break.e republicans are not going to go for that. everybody just have blessed day and pedro, you are one of the best, i appreciate it, my man. talk to you later, okay. call.appreciate the topics coming he up during the speech yesterday to the joint address of congress, immigration related issues. here is president trump. resident trump: same time my administration answered pleas of the american people for and ration enforcement border security. applause]
9:30 am
president trump: by finally we rcing immigration laws, will raise wages, help unemployed, save billions and and make ourollars safer for [applause] we want all mp: americans to succeed, but that can't happen in an environment lawless chaos. we must restore integrity and law at our borders. applause] president trump: for that eason, we will soon begin the construction of a great, great our southern applause]
9:31 am
president trump: as we speak removing gang members, drug dealers and criminals that threaten our pray on our very innocent citizens, bad ones are out as i speak and as i promised throughout the congress whoany in do not believe we should enforce this ws, i would ask you one question, what would you say o the american family that loses their jobs, their income r their loved one because america refused to uphold its laws and defend its borders? host: about half-hour left until we go to the house of representatives. up until then, your thoughts on last night's joint address. democrats.0 for 202-748-8001 for republicans.
9:32 am
independents, 202-748-8002. on our republican line from iree, hi.lorida, des caller: hi. thanks for taking my call. for having to listen to this dribble. it is ridiculous, there could comeback from ve the speech last nights or wants to if you have problems with anything president trump wants any of ou do not have the best interests at heart for this country, none. under the puppet master rule of the leftist people, like lady said, i think from kansas, they had looks on their faces. they look like a blob, i couldn -- hold head up. they are obstructing, have nothing constructive to say. callers that call in, even
9:33 am
florida, the ones that do have something against donald trump or his plan, they start man, isaying, i hate the hate the man, i will never do nything, i hate -- have a reason why. yes, i was always independent, registered republican because of obama, maybe even clinton, but l say er has something to about switching parties, it takes a certain person that might light a fire under you and we're going in the wrong direction. we luckily have someone that country and is going to try to make living a little bit better. their right mind could have a problem with that? are people slims that say they are racist, if you oncoming here and blowing up buildings, slicing hroats, holding up convenience stores, you have nothing to worry about. ost: buddy, lincoln, nebraska,
9:34 am
democrats line. caller: from lincoln, nebraska in reference to trump wanting to build a great wall. the u.s. leads the world in isegal drug use, that demand not going to just vanish. or many decades, drugs have been smuggled over the mexican borders.nd other our government, drug cartel, percentage of smuggled drugs. indestructive e institution that will quickly regroup resources that outnumber u.s. forces. building a great wall is not to stop the drugs and it will not stop the illegal aliens being smulelled into our country. nstead of spending billions of taxpayer money on a wall, i would rather see that money used saline bridges in our country.
9:35 am
host: from fellowsville, pennsylvania, independent line. norm, good morning. caller: yes, good morning, pedro. for c-span. i look at all, everybody making from the right and from the left and i can't the but wonder when i watch sunday morning pundits say, well, the republicans and emocrats and congress just can't agree on anything. to that, i say, oh, really? be a bill that comes efore both parties that benefits big oil and gas, insurance companies, the aceutical companies, wall street banks, big the-business or any part of industrial complex, they will get together, have a beer and by prt san by s 90-plus percent every darn time, every time. makes me say what ever happened to the united states of
9:36 am
america? states ow the corporate of america and they own all three branches of our government. go back to john mcardle. last pedro coming off night's joint presidential address to congress, the news fficial washington was expecting today was a -- release of new version of the executive order on betting. ox news and others reporting overnight that will not happen today. the president will not ign that new travel ban today, will not happen until later this week. been expected ly to be signed last week, spokesman sean spicer saying the holding off to make sure when we execute this, it is done in a manner that is flawless. we'll have to wait until later this week to see that. the associated press with details out about at least the atest traft that is in circulation, the order will
9:37 am
and face travel ban citizens of ap, other countries, sudan, syria, on the travelmain ban list, officials said who had seen that draft version. the new order includes other changes, the official said the longer document no singles out syrian refugees for and includes d them in 120-day suspension of says the ordernd won't include ks plicit exemption frr religious minorities. critics accused administration of adding that language to help get into the united states, while excluding mus rims. out later this week. host: michael, walnut creek, line.ats caller: hi. i would like to say as democrat has eels like his party desserted him, moved so far to
9:38 am
follow, while i might not appreciate the way the president says things, i do fact that he is addressing issues that i've addressed with my representatives in the past going back four congressman, our free-trade agreement, they are not free, hey are costing the american people. as far as a muslim ban, that has ever been on the table, what has been on the table is radical movement. there.d of difference the president traeszed bringing jobs back. i don't think he loves corporate much as a lot of people like to make out he does. i hear a his cabinet, lot of complaining about millionaires and billionaires, necessarily think that is all bad, these people have made it, they don't need to they don't have cousins to take care of, they are all taken care of. actually ern might be doing well for this country. now, i will agree with the lady
9:39 am
called earlier and said, we don't have national corporations multi-national, and they're concerned mainly as bottom line. this president is addressing that, saying, hey, if you're oing to manufacture things overseas, you will pay for it. if we export things to columbia or any place else, and there is a big import tariff on we charge that same tariff on things that are coming into this country? that people say people have to pay for it, no, hat will happen is these countries will stop this because the exports will slow down. think that the president has addressed a lot of issues that i feel are important. i said, i don't way he sayslike the things, but he is saying things host: lorettafrshgs cleveland,
9:40 am
line.democrats caller: hello. host: hi, you're on. caller: i'm sorry, i'm in orange, virginia. hollands go, you're on. goter: i am a democrat, you that part right. i watch for about half an hour democrat, and being a actually what made me turn the television off was paul ryan was snickering like a school boy behind him and it was no integrity in that. that was my statement. i would have liked to have watched it all, i couldn't do it. thank you for taking my call. host: the president reached out democrats ans and yesterday in joint address to congress. one democrats who joined us in front of the c-span camera, democrat from new york, epresentative joseph crawley, in joint address to asked about his thoughts on the joint address, here is some of the interview. >> i think anything is important, we want to be about country and direction we're heading, but i think a lot of
9:41 am
fluff with no substance the speech.crawley, talked about tolerance and same same breath talking about rounding up people tonight and that is a criminal element, we of expelling, r but rounding up international people would be caught up in web. talk about healthcare, no real mentioned of change until we bring about as they call undoing affordable care it. replacing we are a few on details. from eight g change years of president obama and evening, not much for democrats to stand and cheer for in that speech, it appeared, ou are the democratic caucus chair, what is strategy of house democrats as the president as ils his budget, republicans begin to bring forth their repeal and replace legislation? democrats have made clear we will continue to fight to maintain the affordable care it is working for 30 million americans in this
9:42 am
country. fight for tinue to good jobs in this nation, we're president will step forward and ask for assistance and republican colleagues, but to ask for t assistance in helping in any way, shape or form. unfortunately, same old, same old, they're going to make like they are talking with us and doing nothing to incorporate or reach out to us. loretta, from is cleveland, ohio. go ahead. caller: good morning, pedro. morning, america. did watch the whole speech last night and i was horrified. to see that the obama fors obstructed eight years so they can steal agenda.ocrat's e now have the republicans
9:43 am
putting forth the infrastructure plan, which is introduced by obama. the healthcare, they want to oneal it and put their stamp it. trumpe people did not put in office, the racist electoral college did. still counting votes for hillary clinton. the disrespect trump introducing the navy vet's family, who lost their son invite the khan disrespected horribly and for those who islamicalking about the jihadists, try talking bout evangelical white supremacist homegrown. crim ve committed more
9:44 am
rimes -- host: john from south milwaukee, wisconsin, independent line. hi. caller: yes, good morning. i had a comment on the borders react verybody seems to on. i guess i have a couple things like when you go home at night, house, lock your car, you go to any other foreign they check you out, they want to know where you are, there, why, will be if you do this with your own personal property, your house it car, why wouldn't you do with your country? we are a nation of immigrants, of our fore fathers or mothers, i guess came here overally, they didn't jump a border and hide in bushes or whatever. i think he's trying to do the right thing. think whether it was obama or whether it is this president or is me, we all it give each other a chance.
9:45 am
we might not agree, but we give shake the handnd and say, what will be, will be, cross the bridge when we get there. for your time and patience. host: back to john mcardle. >> heard plenty of reaction from viewers over the course of the program today, of course plenty f polling coming out overnight from the president's address last night. here is one from cbs news, nationwide ers strongly approved of president trump's speech, tuesday night democrats joining republicans in calling it in tone.ial and the speech, one of the surveys one of the survey questions asked how did make you feel,'s made americans said it them optimistic. he polling story noting half democrats found the speech divisive, one-third said mr. was specific and knowledgeable, neither majority,
9:46 am
to sizeable numbers compared more negative reaction democrats have had of other aspects of president's time in office so far. of course, one number that will coming out ofched this address is the ratings number. waiting that number, but plenty of speculation and reporting about it. "washington post" saying the pattern of presidential speeches before congress is often they viewers as the presidency moves forward, you that ee that in the chart accompanying the story in the "washington post." bill clinton's most popular first in 1993. george w. bush's peak was in with iraq r approached. his last by clinton received owest rating, barack obama rating slipped consistently over notice, e story saying the first speech received higher rating than bush and clinton's one, suggesting trump will
9:47 am
probably enjoy higher ratings last year, even host: fan frehallelujah, good morning. caller: hi, how are you? fine, thank you. caller: i'm calling to make a about one of the callers the expense for taxpayers. the taxpayers for -- spe and -- for kids everything. and about how expensive it is with the secret service. for, i don't ng think it is right, that taxpayers have to pay for his adult children to to other countries for usiness to increase income for other trumps, other presidents
9:48 am
lived or children, they at the white house, his wife and be there.ld and melania talks about wanting bullying, she needs to look in her house and start with her husband and he talks about hillary lies and he should take a look at some of out.weets that he tweets i never voted before and when i news,you know, through the i believe the news, and i just a disgrace and it is our his is something children, grandchildren supposed o look up to and i don't think t is fair that us, you know, disabled and the hard-working middle class have to pay the tax bill for them.
9:49 am
host: okay. nd just reminder to fanny and the rest of you watching at home, turn on your television as wait tprevents feedback from happening and keeps the rolling smoothly. vicki -- let's go to daniel, republican line. hi. caller: how you doing today? good morning to c-span and viewers. i'm call nothing today because president trump's speech last night actually converted me. democrat and democratic party just been moving too far and last night was the straw that broke the camel's back. them not standing up when president trump was talking helping america and making things better for us, them not up and applauding that o want to help america better for us, straw that broke the camel's back. host: joint address last night the president talking about and condemning
9:50 am
ttacks against jews and indian immigrants and opening of his speech. you can see the whole thing on is a portion from the opening of the speech. resident trump: recent threats targeting jewish community centers and vandalism of jewish as last s, as well week's shooting in kansas city may be a while we nation divided on policies, that stands ry united in condemning hate and vil in all of its very ugly forms. [applause] president trump: each american generation passes the torch of truth, liberty and justice and nbroken chain all the way down to the present.
9:51 am
in our hands now and we will use it to light up the world. a m here tonight to deliver message of unity and strength deeply s a message delivered from my heart. -- w chapter [applause] -- of american beginning.s now a new national pride is sweeping nation.our and a new surge of optimism is impossible needs firmly within our grasp. witnessing today is renewal of the american spirit. our allies will find america is once again ready to renewal of. applause]
9:52 am
philadelphia, democrats line. caller: hi. to make to a comment all the republicans and for donald at voted trump. okay. the about the four years or eight years that they sat on heir hands and helped obama to nothing. they said up front they were one-term ake him a president and wasn't going anything.ith that was okay, it is their friend. now there is a different story, tonight think the democrats for disrespectful at all not standing up. they -- at least nobody yelled him a "liar," and biggest liar i've ever seen in our political system. thank you. ost: from montgomery, alabama, democrats line, adolf.
9:53 am
hello. caller: good morning, pedro, how are you, sir? host: fine, thank you. darn --man, i sat on my democrat, m a black certainly i didn't vote for donald trump, but i'm willing to chance and sident a hope that he can put in place things he want to do. 'm not ban him 100%, but watching him closely. host: what kind of things do you on?ort the president caller: certainly on jobs. i'm concerned about the jeff session, the attorney general andspeech he made yesterday in alabama, man, they are prisons.two new they got to be housed, i'm law and about his order. create jobs, can maybe won't need as much law and
9:54 am
order. wanting to give the president a chance, but these people calling, republicans that talking about cooperation now? what about the last four years, i don't want the democrats to to as the republicans did against yeah, i want a, the country to go forward. playing and tired of games. that is it pedro, thank you. host: okay. john mcardle. >> just a few minutes before the end of the program today, keep up to date what is happening on both ends of pennsylvania avenue today. starting at the white house, to politico's playbook, president trump will get intelligence briefing today. and senate leadership at a lunch, hold legislative affair dinnery session and have with secretary of state rex tillerson. capitol hill, fox neil gorsuchg nick
9:55 am
will return for meetings with king, booker, sanders, reid and sullivan today. in the senate chamber itself, craig capland noting senate will vote today 10:30 to confirm congressman zink zinke and he would then resign his seat in the house. can watch on c-span2, followed by a vote to nomination carson's s housing and ush ban development secretary. that would break the filibuster on ben carson. more tweet about zinke. here he is last night with montana member of congress, senator steve daines, hours g less than 24 until the senate confirms ryan montanans is oud the hash tag on that photo.
9:56 am
caller previous mentioned the attorney general in "wall ons, story street journal" saying that the justice department will pull back from investigations from lleged civil rights and other abuses by local police department. the attorney general said esterday in addressing to what he had been hallmark of the obama administration, "the department has absolute duty to ensure police operate within the law, we need to help better, partments get not diminish effectiveness and i'm afraid we have done that, sessions said, we'll pull back on police departments and i don't think it is wrong, mean or insensitive, but out of concern to make lives of people communities safer and happier. on : akron, ohio, joining the independent line. si, good morning. caller: good morning. god bless all. last six presidents bombed 4 countries in morally, illegally, killing millions of
9:57 am
war impoverishing us all. court n't had a supreme execution since antonin scalia i'm asking the senators, please vote against serially killing neil gorsuch down -- d host: you still there? caller: yes. a corporate pawn. if you want to know the truth the lies, why the wars 9/11 host: the speech last night, your impressions from president trump's speech? mr. mnuchin, ided wilbur ross, nored who is vice president of the bank of cypress. avoided jeff sessions, racist
9:58 am
executions, i think hat he is the chief of the lemons and we don't have to call them chiefs. host: robert from terry, line.sippi, republican you're next. caller: yes. donald trump just beating a dead horse. if he gets 5% of what he wants should consider that a success. knows that. already the country has been going down so many years, it's totally ridiculous. host: why do you think he's dead horse? caller: because this country is gone. cassy.okay, let's go to hi, kathy, good morning. caller: good morning. i watched to say, the speech last night and he's doing better than what he did
9:59 am
least it is not all i, i, i, me, me, me, about me. is but i still feel that we are on campaign trail, he talks a lot and does nothing. of bannon s a puppet and bannon is a white upremacist and everybody voted for a hitler, that is what they ready.o get host: washington, pennsylvania, the house is about to come in. kimberly, republican line. jump in and go ahead. caller: hi. to work fromly had 4 in the morning to 9 at night at a job who raised my insurance in one year, what i did see was democrats not applauding with everything. i was disgusted. plain disgusted. you, i voted for obama his first term. second term i went back to being a republican. i thought there was hope.
10:00 am
as we hat, as long have -- we have a country. host: kim in washington, pennsylvania. again, if you want to see the speech, by the way, if you watch it and want to again, we invite you to go to, watch the speech, reactions and other information there, too. the house of representatives about to come in and we will take you there live. the speaker pro tempore: the ouse will be in order. the chair lays before the house a communication from the speaker. the clerk: the speaker's room, washington, d.c., march 1, 2017. i hereby appoint the honorable keith j. rothfus to act as speaker pro tempore on this


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