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tv   Senator Leahy on Attorney General Sessions  CSPAN  March 2, 2017 9:07pm-9:18pm EST

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called for. thank you everybody. >> every day we learn more about the troubling connections between the russian government and president trump's administration. last night, it topped everything. attorneyion that
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general just sessions met with russian officials. that raises a new level. we know the attorney general under both miss led the response committee in to my direct question about his contacts with russian officials. sessions if he had contacted anyone with the russian government about the 2016 election. his answer was unequivocal. he said no. provided another misleading response saying he was not aware of any connections between the trump campaign and the russian government. we know it is an egregious
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breach of public trust. sessions has not recused himself from this investigation. he has to recuse himself. the questions rise [no audio] to discussicials issues of the campaign. that is an inadequate response. the attorney general was a top advisor to the trumpthe questio. he had a private undisclosed meeting with the russian ambassador about russian involvement in our election. there are reports everywhere with concerns about russian involvement in the election. he has an undisclosed meeting with the russian ambassador.
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one would think at the republican national convention it is possible politics might be discussed. the attorney thinks his explanation is sufficient, he is mistaken. everybody would agree to that. the president's first national the president's first national security advisor lied to the vice president about his communications [no audio] even that was weeks after the president had been informed.
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the president's chief of staff , inmpted to use the fbi violation of public policy, to suppress the reports about russian contact. republicans and democrats always played by the rules. this administration wants to make up the rules. my concern is about russia. we are strongly the greatest democracy history has known. we are the longest existing democracy in history. russia meddling and trying to undermine our democracy. every american should be
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.rightened this is one of the most disturbing national security challenges facing our country. putin orderedent a campaign to help donald trump win. outrageuld alarm and everybody no matter what party you belong to. hear a word about it during the president's speech on tuesday to the joint session of congress. the president's only reaction is andisparage investigators andintelligence community to cast reporters as enemies of the american people.
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russia, russia is the enemy of the american people. putin is the enemy of the american people. don't cast are journalists, our intelligence, our as our enemies. our real enemy is vladimir putin . it is about time we take this seriously. i have been here 42 years and i have never seen such a threat on our democracy as what we are seeing from vladimir putin. and the administration doesn't call it for what it is. we deserve to know the fat and a full investigation.
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jeff sessions should recuse himself. that he wouldr recuse himself on anything he should recuse himself on. he said he would recuse himself whenever it is appropriate. response ludicrous from the attorney general. recusal is not optional here, it is required. in order to maintain a semblance of integrity in this investigation. the attorney general have to recuse himself. it is a rule in the republican
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and my craddick administration. the investigation have to be led by someone who is impartial and removed from politics. not somebody in the trenches of a political campaign and the subject of investigation. it doesn't describe someone who misled congress. he has been implicated in the investigation. it is not a close call. we know that russia is doing everything to undermine our democracy. let stand up for america and do what is best. we need an independent
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investigation. think the distinguished senator from alaska. i yield the floor. president trump was touring an aircraft carrier. he was speaking about attorney general's alleged contact with russia. [indiscernible]
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>> the russia u.s. relation will be the subject of a discussion at george washington university. back now to newport news virginia. ♪


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