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tv   Washington Journal Christopher Ruddy Discusses President Trump and the...  CSPAN  March 3, 2017 7:36am-8:13am EST

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the observatory was going through a heyday. it was the largest of its kind in the world in 1880. announcer: watch of the cities tour of san jose saturday at noon on c-span2. on american history tv on c-span3, working with our cable affiliates and visiting cities across the country. >> washington journal continues. host: we are back with christopher ruddy, ceo of newsmax. thank you for being here. what is newsmax? guest: do you have an hour? newsmax is an online news service. you get a quick, good view of the world from an american perspective. we have a cable channel on about 10 million cable homes, verizon files. you can download our app for
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free and watch newsmax anywhere in the world for free. and we do a number of other things. we publish a magazine. we are reaching, according to comp score, about 50 million unique readers a month. host: your mission? guest: an independent news source that gives the other side of the story. paul harvey used to collect the rest of the story. -- call it the rest of the story. donald trump cap intuit -- tapped into it there is a disconnect between the heartland and beltway and hollywood and they come to newsmax and we build a better mouse trap. i did not have a gazillion dollars. i started it with $25,000. it has an enormous reach not because of me because of the people who read us. host: would you say you are
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conservative outlet? guest: absolutely, unapologetic. i did my grad studies in london. i love the british press. i love "the guardian," even though it is known as liberal. they are very open about their perspective. even though newsmax is conservative, we are very open to different people and ideas. newsmaxshowitz makes his whole block. we have margaret carlson. opinion.iversity of when we reported to the news, what to be straight about it, fair and honest and give balance . but, when we did not have a perspective, we did things through the lens of big tent idea of the conservative movement that people need to hear a lot of different ideas. website, you have been described as a longtime friend of the president, early
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supporter of his. when did you become friends and how often do you talk to him? guest: i first met donald trump in 1999 when he gave a speech called the palm beach pundits in florida. i had just moved to down there. he probably does not remember. he was talking about running for president and why he felt america needed to make a comeback. through the years, i would get to see him at various events down in florida. he owns mar-a-lago. we became fairly close and close 2005, 2000on around six. i have gotten to know him over the past decade, i would say very well. we talked very often. i am careful not to pester him. we have talked since he was elected several dozens of times or seeing each other or had phone calls. host: have you talked to him about his worst he has used calls it that calling the media
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the enemy -- calling the media the enemy? do you agree? guest: i am the media so i guess it makes me the enemy. i guess because i understand donald trump, i understand what he is trying to do. i would say when you think about donald trump, you have to understand there's a difference about what he feels and what he believes. how he feels about something can change. it is not fixed. he does not come in with a concrete idea about the world in a lot of ideas. he believes china's ripping off america and they have been a bad actor. he will make changes. i think he feels bad about the press. i do not think he really hates the press. when he says enemy of the people, he is crating and negotiating position with the press. look, you guys are out to get me a you are being nasty or
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vicious. i want you to come in the middle. think you will see donald has had very good relationship with the press over most of his career. he is probably the most media savvy guy ever to sit in the oval office. i think you will see it coming together and taking time. it also requires, the press can say controversial things. the press, "the washington post" to have 15 reporters, the daily rundown, i am shocked by the negative stories about president trump, his family, his candid -- cabinet. it is ok to say criminal things. said, ao jeff bezos, i lots of supporters like myself and others see "the washington post" coverage and think it is all fair. he says i have nothing to do with it even though he owes the
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publication. he has a lot to do with it. andaid the editor runs it he keeps editorial independent. that is fine. i am an owner of my media. if i felt a reporter was unfair, i would say we need a balance. host: more than 80 groups, the aclu, reporters committee, pan america, magazine editors have signed a letter, political reporter for dimming the trump administration's handling of the press with the worse he use. former vice president joe biden received an award and this is what he said about the rhetoric being used by the administration. joe biden: the idea to question the actual legitimacy of a free press is one of the most dangerous things out and there.
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the degree we depart and denigrate -- we denigrate, honest to god, weakens our ability for self-government. we understand our democracy, we weaker,e it, it becomes not stronger. do not take my word for it. i worked very closely particularly during the bin laden raid, this is a true patriot. left-leaning,me liberal, whatever you want to characterize, this guy is a patriot. president obama risked his entire presidential career on trusting his judgment about osama bin laden. he just said last week that the believe that the news media -- belief that the news media is the enemy of the american people -- be the greatest threat to
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guest: was he talking about obamaent trump or when was trying to throw fox news out? obama did just of that pretty it was pretty egregious -- did just that. -- it was pretty egregious. words.s been a war of i do not think it's particularly smart for the administration to going to war with the media. my advice would be bypassed the media. no president has understood the tools better the donald trump with twitter, social media, the ability to hold press conferences. he is a great communicator. reagan had the same problem. the press was hostile when he arrived. what did he do? he spoke directly to the american people. national addresses, saturday radio dresses. he would go out to the organizations and groups and we
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shall to union. the president has a lot of tools. -- he would go out to the .rganizations and groups and d we have criticized donald trump. there will be information critical about the president we pick up from or other organizations. the level of invective of calling steve bannon a white nationalist all the time or attacks against the president or his wife, that is where the president is very reactive. he gets back and he feels like he has the strike back. i think he is on a learning curve because he is no longer donald trump. he is the president of the united states and the leader of the free world. i think twitter have to evolve and it will. host: let's get our viewers
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involved. richard, independent. you are up first. caller: with a trump and the media, a lot of the problems that i have seen that we are talking about today, the current events, the connection with russia, a lot of that came from president trump talked about email andto hillary's asking the russians to do it for it for he brought the issue into play. -- russia's to do it. -- he brought the issue into play. , am not highly educated organize individual with the technology, the computers, the twitter, all of that kind of information. by, i amually go looking at the news or reading what is going on on the internet. what i see that is confusing to me, a lot of the stuff is high-profile and put out whether
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true or not, it needs to be filed out. one of the issues with the presidency and a connection with russia that he brought these things out. whome, as an individual, does not have knowledge to all of the investigations and cannot keep up with it what am i to believe? i believe what i'm hearing in the press. these stories could be true. they couldn't be true. what we are hoping is that the press is supposed to be responsible. it is not supposed to be your view of it. it is supposed to be the truth. host: ok, richard. guest: i think we're on the same page. the media is throwing so much smoke. a lot of people thinking this is watergate. when you get down to it, everybody has admitted the russians try to interfere and
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they did as result not of donald trump because obama showed so much weakness that vladimir putin think he could do something so bold embrace it. president trump -- so bold and e brazen. -- president trump, a lot of his rallies gone on for an hour and a half. i do not think he was advocating. if donald trump wanted to hack hillary clinton's emails, he has a lot of resources. i do not think he was trying to hack her email. looking back on it was probably not the best things to say. the contest between the administration -- there are a lot of campaigns through the years that have had contacts with foreign governor -- governments print a lot of time for government want to know what the campaigns are going to do in terms of policy. i have spoken to donald trump
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about putin and he is raised the subject. he thinks he has an opportunity to really resected this button, create a new partnership on issues of mutual concern like defeating the isis. i think and i have told him that eventually the relationship would blow up because putin will overreach because putin has a history. do you know i'm a people obama tried to reach out -- and you know how many people try to reach out? obama tried to reach out. donald trump, what is he doing? modernizing the nuclear forces. he is try to increase and he has gone over to nato and said, increase your budget. putin must be flipping out. government media in moscow was told about two weeks ago, no longer praise donald trump that came after germany,
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two days after germany announced it was increasing troop levels. this is not going to end well for putin. if donald trump wants to extend the all of brent, god -- olive branch, god bless him. host: the washington post said that he could admit that the kremlin is acting against it. guest: the president has admitted that they did interfere with u.s. elections. , a lot ofback interference with the different foreign government and u.s. elections and may be covert. it is written about and above sprint johnson -- and written about. johnson et al. vietnam was helping the next and. these kind of things have gone on. -- johnson thought vietnam was
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helping nixon. hillary outperformed obama in many, many states. she cut the margin of victory for trump almost in half. what romney got in the state of texas. issue ands such a big heard hillary clinton as a candidate, you would have seen it in the poll numbers and you did not. cori in indianapolis. question or comment for our guest? say,r: i feel like, let's this whole idea that the media is his antagonist. that is the whole point, i would say. check thehere to presidency and check people in power to make sure they are there and upholding their elected to duties. second of all, i would say that
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trump got probably more press than any of the candidates during the primaries, easily. and that is, he it is a record, it is a fact. press, he had an incredible career in showbiz. year hit to have a 15 show. he love story lines. one of the storylines that he likes to have a foil. during the campaign, it was hillary and obama. the current storyline is the press is the bad guy. if you notice, the president rarely attacks democrats unless they attack him. he does it in a funny way. schumer has fears. pelosi is incompetent. why?
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he knows he can work with the democrats. hasas had a lot of -- he been meeting with a lot and reaching out to them. i was with him in the oval office and he was amazed, he told me, barack obama had so little use of that office. with a nancy brinker issues the founder of the breast cancer group thomas susan g. komen race for the cure. you have a president, only in office over a month and meeting with the leading female advocates for breast cancer research in the country area spent half an hour and he -- country. -- and is spent half an hour and has very good questions for her and a strong interest. it was not to pretend meeting. what does it say? it is a guy that is sincere. you see the press, trump lives in chaos. i have had a lot of engagement with his businesses over many years, ok?
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picks strongis he people and with seen it in the cabinet and they have strong deputies and those businesses usually run flawlessly. he usually does not interfere with the businesses on a day-to-day business. he is an information junkie. he blessed -- he will ask everybody about the business, he wants feedback. if he hears something is wrong, you will see a guy on the warpath to get a fix. host: that brings up michael flynn. what can you tell us why the decision was made? was it made by the president? guesstimate you can be sure it is made by the president. i am not privy to all of the details. we spoke once briefly about it. i am sure the president had a lot information and feedback. i would say the most influential member of the cabinet is general mattis. the president has an incredible amount of respect. wrist has been widening
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-- widely respected by democrats and republicans. this is a guy that is a very sensible guy and he has the ear of the president and has been weighing in. tillerson, you have been seeing mattis driving policy. he has been ensuring to allies. across the policies globe, president trump has done. reaffirm one china. backed up south korea. tremendous relations with japan. reaffirm support of nato. real firms support of stash reaffirmed -- reaffirm support of england. very traditional approach to global foreign policy. the only exception is putin. i can assure you, we do not have a naive president.
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he is working every day to get leverage over the russians and make sure it when we go into the negotiating rooms, we are not going to have a bad set of cards. let's hear it in malibu, republican. i listen to some of the people who call and they are not informed. -- i am thee legislative leader and i have been in years. i took the journalism and college free it was, who, what, when, where and why. the problem was selective reporting. , 95 percent of the people disapprove of what government is doing and developers opposed. i keep looking for someone to be unbiased and i do not see it. there was a satirical book done
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in the 1960's about the people of the -- this is a was problem we have in america. we do not read or pay attention. we live through the media and we can't because of the bias. host: let's have mr. ruddy respond. -- guest: iuld just would disagree with the masses. i have confidence in the public. people with all would be bad presidents turned out to be -- i think the public has been better informed than you think. i do not think the media can ever be biased.
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i am not worried about media bias. i am worried about fairness and all of the major media right now "the wall street journal" is an outlier, they are more conservative. you have "the new york times" and they are leaned left. you have fox news on one side. i think that is where the problem is. within the publications, they have great journalists. i'm a big fan of maggie at "the new york times." sometimes you of other reporters that seem to have a lot of agendas. politico does a lot a straight shooting. i never got the feeling when you read politico that they have axes to grind. they have good people. think there are some good people and you have to
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selectively look at different reporters to see was doing a more balanced job of reporting the news. host: kay in riverside. good morning to you. caller: i never would have voted for trump in a million of years but he does say things that are fascinating that i agree with. when he says the media is the enemy of the people, i mean, to some degree, for innocence in the run-up in the invasion of iraq, the majority of mainstream outlets did not demonstrate to theere opposing views spoonfed information that the bush administration was handed out that they swallowed and disseminated to the public. deadlyw, dangerous and and you and people like scott ritter on cnn, the former head
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of inspections in iraq for the international atomic agency and they can to be a real danger to the american public. in regards to with need serious, verifiable information so that we as the public can support our on hard facts. for instance, the media didn't hillary clinton's war record or didn't really dig into dan into brazill having her he campaign. i think the majority of people decisions ifonable they are handleded srer phiable verifiable information. guest: it is not just donald overstates facts or mis stat misstates facts.
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comes out a long year of show business and will exaggerate to make a there is even a line of logic a t you can do this to make point. but now he is president of the president of -- the united states and leader of the free world you will see when tillerson and others there will be a better insist -- better emphasis that when he says things he has to be lot more accurate and that is one of the things i would mention so many people are trying to figure out what he is to there is a book by david called big agenda and is the best book to understand administration. a lot of people are encouraging praised itgh had has and others and laid out what the president is trying to do and a things david put in the book the president has
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implemented. seeingink you will start more and more that real things be done. at the end of the day donald trump knows he can tweet all he wants, the under of the day is results and if he increases jobs the he think he will economy comes back and makes america more secure and the only secure he's not accomplished his goals he then is up for re-election and he will win. host: what do you make of the disagreement on capitol hill about going licans -- how to repeal obama care. line the draft is unacceptable. looks like the listen wants to o slow in repealing this and republicans like rand paul and others want a full repeal right away. the president need to say this is what i want? steppedhe president has in and set broad parameters for
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congress, which he wants to keep good parts of became care. conditions, make ure people have blanket coverage. he wants to remove mandates and costs through the roof. this was done to cut cost and them.tically increased i think that obama care is a quagmire and i think it is going to take a lot of work to repair it and i think that is the going.on they are really they may repeal it but they will keep the good parts and i think the smack that -- the mistake if there's been within with the administration they have moved quickly on tax reform and infrastructure first here they had more bipartisan support. but the country needs the economic stimulus. they are talking about getting legislation in midyear or later this year and the president has the most leverage over congress. this thing is going to be, as
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a disaster because there are so many different pieces to it and i think over it but i would not throw the baby out with the bath water so quickly. we go to kathy in texas, republican. morning.good i have a few things to say. i have tears coming to my eyes. onald trump gave the most beautiful address that i have .ver heard a president give given that i'm only 50 years old under a was raised businessman. he was not a politician. is mind is complex and structured for business matters. people should appreciate and he s trying to fill his cabinet with the help that he needs to succeed. he doesn't want to fail. see him fail.o people need to calm down, take eep breath and give him a chance. guest: could we hire her as the
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white house communications you hing or other because are great, kathy. the resident told me in oval office when i first walked in what i thought about the many said it aid is the greatest i ever gave and i think he was surprised because he's given a lot of speeches and he thinks they are all pretty good. guy that i have always known as a consensus guy, a builder he was friends with people -- you are the only guy that i know that is both billy ith graham and howard stern and only one that could be friends with them.of so, he was a former democrat, he understands democrat. a long-time friend of chuck schumer. i think if we give him an isortunity and the president not on top of him every second, thatimately criticize him, is fine. everybody says he can't take criticism. baloney. i have criticized him. he can handle it.
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hat he doesn't like is the personal nasty invehicle active invehicle active against his family and personal things. i think this call are is right on target. 90 a deep breath, give him da days. this presidency is only 30 days one point she made he's thatirst citizen, which by i mean nonpolitician or general, office of d the president. so he is new and he decided i don't want the same old people so you brought in all new people and his guy, -law is a bright jared kushner, ran a multi- multibillion dollar company to run. in the nnon never executive branch and reince priebus. host: can you answer the report out there about who has the
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president's ear? has the most influence over him? bannon or reince priebus or steven miller? uest: i'm not privy to all the inner workings but my experience is the president's ear is owned the president, especially this president. onald trump is an information junky and i mean that in the best sense of the word. he loves getting information lots of different people. a lot of presidents have gate keep ers keepers. donald hates gate keepers. access to every level of person. i'm sure he is asking the maid residence e house what she thinks or one of the and he what he thinks takes that and computes what that is and strap let's to other strep lates that.
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i think he is listening to a lot people.erent i think steve bannon obviously a lot the original policies and a lot policeman are like why -- a lot of people are is he doing that? well he promised in campaign he is going to do it and he is fulfill those as rapidly as possible. i personally would argue that it he not focus that all the promises but the three big things that you can do while you have got and ountry's attention support. and that is where we go back to nd reform, border security apbd maybe one or two other issues mixed in. care host: richmond, california. a democrat.atching, caller: i was just wondering i the nobody talking about untruths that he said during his release like he would his tax returns.
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in the stories about 1980's when he was in bankruptcy debt and putin was one of the ones that helped bail him out loaned him money to get out of bankruptcy. with a ays been born silver spoon in his mouth. him answer.l have guest: solomon, i think there untruthing that you have. he didn't say he would release returns. he said after the audit. i said before i think he should a long time them ago and get it over with. uch knows he has complex business dealings so i don't think there's anything wrong in that.g but on the other hand there is no requirement in the constitution that every person released obama never his college transcripts. of ook him about six years people complaining to release his birth certificate.
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i happened to believe he was born in the united states but he could have settled it. releasedke john mccain their birth certificates when there was a question immediately. there is a little bit of a why trump has to release everything and others don't. host: thank you for your time and conversation. with always great to be you. host: we will take a short break and then open up the phone lines and we will continue talking about the trump administration's relationship with the media or investigations into russia or other public policy debates. back.ll be right tv live on saturday beginning at 6:00 p.m. eastern
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