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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  March 5, 2017 9:43am-10:01am EST

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"afterwards," sophia nelson on her latest book. she is interviewed by michael steele, former chair of the rnc. >> where it is unity come into play and how does this book provide prescriptions for turning that important corner to recognize how important unity is? >> this book is a refresher civics but i wrote it in a way of my sophia weight of we need a little help, we're messed up. america is a great country but we are confused right now about who we are and what we want. that is what we are wrestling with. this unity peace, we have to break it down because the problem is on the last election is that half the country feels one way and another half of the country feels another. >> tonight at 9:00 eastern on "afterwards." >> "washington journal" continues. host: "for the remainder of the
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program. (202)-748-8000 but democrats. (202)-748-8001 for republicans. independents and others, (202)-748-8002. we started talking about yesterday's tweets by president trump. on "the new york times," -- with no proof, they write that president trump accused president barack obama of tapping his phones one month withouthe election, offering any evidence. response this morning from white house spokesman sean spicer in the series of tweets following up that and the russian investigation. here is the first of 4 -- reports concerning potentially, politically motivated investigations ahead of the 2016 election are troubling. president trump is requesting that is part of their investigation into russian activity to congressional committees, exercise their oversight authorities to
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determine whether executive branch powers are used in 2016. he also says that the white house will not comment any further until the oversight is conducted. morning,lvania, good republican line. welcome. caller: good morning. i was just listening to the 10 breakthrough technologies and i was just caller to start and buy one of the -- i was just disheartened by when one of the callers said, what will you do when the battery is repeated over goes bad after five years? isave a 2003 previous guide 13r 2.5 years old -- that is point five years old and the battery is fine and it has a small battery to in the accessories. that lasted 9.5 years, when i have never had a regular 12 volt
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battery us more than four years or five years. host: how far to get on a charge? how many miles? guest: the previous is a hybrid, so i have been getting 50 miles a gallon on average for 13.5 years. host: brian, i appreciate that. in massachusetts, we hear from mark and independent line. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. i want to touch on the fiasco wiretapping. this in theht of last few minutes. if the precedent out as though it was a matter of national security, regardless, he has every right to wiretap if there are allegations. this whole thing, i have not been paying that much attention to the news because i have been thingusy, but this whole
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is completely ridiculous in washington, d.c. i just pray that things work out. thank you. host: playing or making headlines, obviously, on the newspapers and news sites, "the oregonian" on sunday -- trump, obama tapped my wires -- their headline this morning. go ahead on the democrat line. caller: thank you and good morning. [indiscernible] science for 35 years, i just wanted to tell you that we could actually cut the health care halfand cancer research by if we remove the fraudulent science, particularly cancer research, and therapy and the
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fact that the establishment has been very good in establishing chaos iner versus the council science. my book is related to cancer research and therapy scam of unity, giventes and yelling -- yin and yang. i have recently written an article regarding safety concern and hidden agendas with hpv vaccine which is being promoted by the establishment, and ofently, 80 million doses the vaccine has been consumed by healthy public. uses, obamacare
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could be beneficiary to people who actually need it. i have mentioned in my book and a recent article that the medical establishment was there to promote in unity. unfortunately, data shows that america, despite the fact that we are spending enormous amounts of money, higher than any other country, we had the lowest among developed countries. host: a couple more callers. point of easter, colorado, ist, coloradoa. bart. caller: i was calling about wiretapping. that president
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office.pped into his well, democrats have been talking about russian implications going on that they had not proven one little thing on misconduct as far as what is going on with the russians, so the press seems to be totally against trump from the get go, but i do believe that i would not put this past obama. phonespped james rosen's . he was busted spying on angela merkel, so i do believe that obama, the obama people to have something going on there. that is not in the up and up. to you why. host: minnesota, donovan, good morning. caller: yes, i would have to agree with what the previous caller and basically when the
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president or the previous president was out there to get cheap steel dumped in here, he signed right along with the president and i thought, come on. and now that we have the other side, he is trying to kiss up to everybody else because we have 4000 people out of work in northern minnesota and they only want to catch up because they want to get there home in next time but they really bang this banged us up. host: front page this morning of "the boston globe," and a first amendment issue -- the headline -- it writes that students and
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professors at middlebury college were ashamed and embarrassed after an explosive protesters in night that has forced the school to reconsider what it means to embrace free speech. the normally peaceful campus of middlebury college with its mountain backdrop and delete reputation was shaken last week after violent student protest great many on campus, including leaders of student organizations, disagree with murray's views on social worker programs and grace. on saturday, they said the campus had failed in its duty to on popularebate ideas with stability. here is mary from reynolds station, kentucky. good morning. republican line. caller: good morning. i hope you are having a good day. i was listening to the guy talk about electric cars and that good stuff. host: brights. caller: i am an old timer. we used to drive a tractor. that thing builds up your muscles, legs. i am a farmer. weed-eated,-- i
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take away from common sense, and they will look at what is this thing they're looking at continually. host: you mean their phone? caller: yes, there's no communication between people. the thingto talk to they've got in front of them. at the time, they don't know who the other person is they are talking to. in the old days, we used to have get-togethers. remember old sunday dinners where everybody comes in and everybody said around and you have a good time? we would get our kindles, sinking, kids playing tag? you don't see kids playing tag or them out in the woods looking at nature. my grandkids do because that is
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the way i raise them. to get out there and work. host: mary, are you still operating a farm? caller: i still have a farm and we just got about eight cows. i'm getting older and i am -- can you still drive the tractor? caller: into my hubby took me off of it. [laughter] host: thank you. this is what houston is reading in "the chronicle" as they wake andwriting about technology the energy industry with no littering target for sophisticated target cyber attacks. the sabineater of not just walked away, conducting sweeps for unprotected wireless signals that hackers could use to gain access to oil, gas and petrochemical facilities. that is in "the chronicle" this
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morning. in houston, dana. welcome. caller: good morning. i just want to say we call it "the houston comical" except for lisa's column. think wanted to say was i it took donald trump's administration a long time to suddenly realize that the phones at trump tower had been tapped. of course they were tapped. while he was a candidate, probably, the intelligence immunity to the he had all these ties to russia and you know the story about selling one of his properties for $100 million when it was only worth $40 million, so of course the president asked the warrant to tap the phones at trump tower. he was a candidate for president and he had a lot of ties with our main enemy, so good for you,
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obama, go get 'em. host: let's hear from england, listening this morning on the bbc parliament channel, we welcome bill. good morning. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. i'm interested to know if you can predict when newly elected president trump might be but to address one feature of his manifesto relating to tackling in the real way drugs, gangs, crime? if he started to meet it with some success, this would really help -- well, it would encourage other countries, starting from the u.k. and europe, and sort of go on to the poor countries, where hunger, poverty are endemic, but it president trump can really make any roads -- it
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is not an easy job, i realize it -- but if he really puts the same determination into that subject as he is into other priorities, it would start a chain reaction that the states could make some headway. do you understand? i do. thank you for calling in. in detroit, would attacks or prices?all jack up kcb a kohl's sold or made in the u.s. would cost $2500 more they want. on abc, sean spicer reacted to what former attorney general michael mukasey says, saying i think the president -- i think the president is right that there was surveillance from the obama department of justice. reminded that they run on new and beginning on c-span radio. one more call from scott in arizona. good morning. caller: good morning. i am a retired military officer,
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and one of the things about when you move into the command chain in the military is the first rule is you accept what you inherit. but the other guy has begun, you improve the fighter position and you don't complain. donald trump, president donald trump is my commander. i accept that, but one of the things that we seem to be missing is if he is going to spend all at his time talking about what he inherited, then he is never going to have an opportunity to do what you can do, and i would also like to you are going to have sophia nelson on tonight, that is a great author and i bought her book today. another great author is about bill gates senior, and those two books kind of provide when you
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say, i wonder be your president, then you own it. you don't have the time to be what i about this is inherited and this is what somebody did. check all the drawers, the desk, move on, be the commander-in-chief, the ceo of our nation. host: scott, we appreciate the everyn the tv on c-span2 weekend. that will do it for this morning's "washington journal." we will berning, joined by journalist bill kristol, looking from "the weekly standard," looking at the trump presidency and what is ahead with the republican led congress and timothy snyder, professor yield and author of "on tyranny." we will also hear about the president and first lady's travel and security expenses, which reporter drew harwell from "the washington post." all of that on "washington journal", starting monday at 7:00, as usual.
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enjoy nanext, newsmakers with aron. then, president trump's address to the joint congress. then, joe biden receives the patriot award. >> newsmakers this week joins na mn


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