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tv   Washington Journal Bill Kristol Discusses President Trump and the...  CSPAN  March 6, 2017 11:09am-11:40am EST

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noon eastern time. at 3:00, a look at economic policy and increasing worker productivity in the u.s. at the annual conference on the national association for business economics. kari, hear from neil cass president of the federal reserve bank at minneapolis. members of the trump administration on new policies dealing with visas and travel. first, we take a look at the relationship between president trump and congress. from this morning's washington, journal. >> our first guest of the morning is bill kristol, the founder and editor of the weekly standard. good morning to you. at 5:00 this morning, you posted an editorial on the weekly standard's website that headlines the crisis and the truth dealing with the events of the 48 hours. what is the summary? >> donald trump's post saturday morning is different from his previous posts.
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he has said things that i think and my colleagues think are vulgar and inappropriate and reckless and irresponsible before but here he is grading and institutional crisis. he is accusing his predecessor of wiretapping him for political reasons and inappropriately, based on information that he allegedly had "just found out." i don't know how he found that out at 6:00 a.m. a serious charge. that is the president of the united states making that charge. presidentthe previous of using the fbi to wiretap, the current fbi director then is the fbi director now. it is different from when he attacks the media, about the 3 million voters who are fraudulent or whatever, those are silly things, irresponsible
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things, but this does create an institutional crisis. for his quick open hearings at the highest level, either at the congressional , or theommittee committee headed up by serious people, retired judges, retired attorneys general. what did the obama administration do? what is the truth about this whole complex of issues raised? host: that is aside from the investigations currently taking place. guest: those need to be stepped up and done well but there is so much partisanship already on those committees. you have the chairman of the house intelligence committee already giving it different opinion on what is happening. we have seen them provide -- preside over a series of investigations. statusges were at senior , appointed by obama and bush and something like that, highly
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respected people. and sayld take 60 days they have the full authority to get a part -- to the bottom of this. i think jim khamenei to say something. he is the leading federal law enforcement agency. the president of the united states just accuse that agency of basically, for political purposes, of using the authority they have for intelligence inquiries. >> he turns that>> -- to the justice department. guest: he reports on the justice department and i remember this, the director would go to the justice department with the and the general assistant attorney general for a public appearance and put out a statement. i think if jeff sessions says you can't say anything, i think he may just say, i'm sorry, i'm going to say something. if you are the judge, what does it feel like?
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what lesson is being conveyed? this is what is damaging about this. you are republican, you think the previous president used for political reasons, abused serious counterintelligence processes in the u.s. government. if you are not up front supporter you take the current president as recklessly taking charges and questioning the integrity of the whole process by which we start to pursue counterintelligence. a serious matter either way and it should be resolved as soon as possible. sunlightse, as much should be shed on it as possible. i think it was justice brandeis who said sunlight is the best disinfectant. host: the crisis on the truth is the editorial post on the weekly standard website. editoristol, founder and of the weekly standard joining us to take your calls. democrats,000 for
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(202) 748-8001 four republicans and for independence, (202) .48-8002 john is from missouri, calling on our democrat line. good morning caller:. versus question for you. 1941, september 11, 2001. january 20 2017. now, my question, since you remember -- you are a member of "e press and therefore the enemy of the people" how can we trust what the weekly standard says? guest: you don't have to trust anything. you can make it up with euro mind and use the information you have all around you.
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i think we have a diversity of news outlets in this country and the enemy of the people phrase, that is an example of donald trump the in totally irresponsible and using a phrase that is associated with lenin and totalitarian regimes to describe members of the media. think you actually get to the level of response ability of accusing a proceeding president apparently without evidence. for political reasons, wiretapping, distorting the institutions of the law enforcement and the u.s. government. host: from the new hampshire republican line, jake, hi there. guest: the previous administration, obama wiretap all of the political leaders across the world. arehe was doing things that far below the level of what he should have done. in whato confidence
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obama did and i do believe that he did wiretap trump. i was not a supporter of president obama and have written so many editorials on every possible policy issue and so forth, but obama did not wiretap the leaders across the world. the u.s. government wiretap leaders across the world and that is something the bush and ministration did as well and i don't think president obama change that much but if you try to do certain things like wiretap for bad reasons, this is the republican presidential nominee, he can do that. he has to order people to do that. are we really to believe that people in the fbi and cia layers down were complicit in this conspiracy? did they fool the fbi into thinking something was when it wasn't so? that is the crisis.
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what people who think "obama wiretap trump" really think is that the fbi was complicit. jim comey was the director and there ise director and some institutional crisis that needs to be addressed. host: do you think people would ultimately accept these things and these results for these crises would be resolved? guest: one problem with having a kind of president who doesn't talk to conspiracy theorists -- i am a critic of barack obama george w.linton and bush, i had problems with the way he did some things too, but in none of those cases do we have a president who indulge in conspiracy series. i think that creates an unhealthy dynamic in the body of politics. this goes back to the birth certificate of president obama and so forth. therefore people will say that is another cover, it is a conspiracy.
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luckily, it is a free country and our institutions are pretty strong and that is one thing that does reassure me. congress is congress, the courts or the courts, the fbi is the fbi and 98% of the people and the fbi are not going to do illegal things. .or political reasons i don't believe james comey would do this. he may have used bad judgment at times. the irony was that three months ago democrats were complaining , saying he elected donald trump by releasing the information on the investigation of hillary clinton. now he is the guy that suddenly republicans are complaining about because they think he might have done this on president obama's behalf. it is bad for this country to have this level of conspiracy theorizing. this is shining a spotlight on it, explaining what happened. the truth will end up being much the -- i don't believe that
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federal bureau of investigation was complicit in a political, lyrically motivated investigation. they may have investigated certain people for ties to russia or a may have been eavesdropping appropriately on foreign agents or come across connections with the trump campaign, those connections might have been theory or innocent or trivial but now we need to know all that. that is the problem as far as intelligence and counterintelligence, what it reveals and what you know. there are ongoing intelligence inquiries. i would air on the side of what we called in the editorial, calling the phrase radical transparency. there is a crisis of confidence in the country, a constitutional crisis that we need to give up a little bit, owing to ongoing investigations or on the part of intelligence inquiries, we have to give up a
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little bit of that. but the public needs to be reassured that we have some sense of where we are. host: the democrats line, jackson, mississippi. hello. caller: hi, how are you today. hard forat it is so the people i hear that are not experienced in these things to think what ever they want to think but they are so caught up into the trunk era and what and, is putting out there he says anything he wants to say and people tend to believe what he says. that is why we have such a problem. if obama had said some stuff like he said, it would have been a catastrophe. he accused him of not being american, he accused and whenever he gets in a hole he fights his way out by digging dirt on other people but people don't have a problem with that. they have a problem with the
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truth. and the truth will set you free. it will come out sooner or later. guest: i agree that the truth should come out and i think it will come out but it will come up faster if we have a serious bipartisan investigation. point, -- i am a republican and i have voted for every public and -- >> including mr. trump? guest: i couldn't vote for him. that was the callers point, that you could agree or disagree with obama or all these other people running for president but trump has indulged in the kind of rhetoric and conspiracy theorizing, something that works the political system in a way that hasn't happened. i had hoped when he became president-elect that might change and there was some indication, some of his points were good and maybe the administration would be ok even if from himself is a little bit
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questionable as a president, but you think maybe he is going to get serious and then he gives a decent speech to congress and you say finally, but i really am worried now. he is going to be president for either four years or until he leaves office or is removed for office -- i don't think that is likely a manure future -- -- in the near future -- but he does need to internalize the fact that he is president. clinton, bush, once they were in the oval office they said i've got to be different. even when you are candidate you should be more careful. i can't say now. i can't speak on who is wiretapping who. i should be dignified in the way i conduct the office. most of the time. they all had lapses that they regretted but trump does not
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even have the notion that being president is different from being a private citizen or a troublemaker or a tv reality host. it is just different. that is what worries me about him as president. i think that is what he can do a fair amount of damage to the system. having said that, i think institutions are strong and will overcome this particular problem one way or another and we could end up with policies that i agree with and some agencies in the government that are well run , the defense department and so forth, but i don't think at home everything is dark. but i do think this tweet storm saturday morning shows a sort of lack of understanding of what his role is. host: and this week, the trouble than expected and republicans are expected to act on health care. does this overshadow that? guest: in a way that is
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reassuring. we could have normal arguments about these immigration policies and health care. that is what the system is supposed to have, but i think it will overshadow. but really, calling into question the fbi director and whether -- it is more serious than the details of the public health care proposal or perhaps the executive order. i think people could do a lot of things at once. getting himself driven from things kissinger did not like, but it is the whole world stops within institutional crisis but i think the sophisticated view that while this nonsense is going on with trump and the serious people are focused on health care, but i don't believe that. the most serious issue we have now is the basic trust in our institutions of government.
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host: from arkansas, this is charles on a republican line. caller: good morning. who is going to take the possibility when we are attacked by someone? comey, the newspapers, and loretta lynch lie. is the ninth circuit court going to take responsibility? is comey? is the aclu going to sue our president? for they going to say we are sorry? people are going to become dead over this. there has never been any proof the trump group actually committed any crimes by
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, if they didssia or not. it who is going to say "i am sorry that we held back all this , these items that have to be done to protect this country." >> there is no proof that they committed any crimes or that his senior advisers did and i have never said they did and i don't think most response will people say they did. there are things that should be investigated and they are being investigated by congressional committees. they are chaired by republicans so it won't be fair investigations but there are things they should look into. there are unusual aspects of the campaign. trump let his national security adviser go partly over russia related matters. that is worth looking into but i agree. you shouldn't accuse anyone of a crime without having evidence. on the executive order, it may
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be that the various tightening up of certain requirements trump tried to do in his first week was important to fight terrorism. it is not clear that it was. lots of experts think this is pretty marginal and trivial or counter productive at times but trump said it was urgent and had to do it right away and then these things that struck down in court and now it is taking four or five weeks to propose a substitute. meanwhile, people have been coming in the way they were. it's not like people were flooding in. they need a visa, they get interviewed, maybe it should be tightened or shut down entirely. i'm not sure iraq is one of them, a country we have been fighting in and who soldiers we have been fighting with and who have been fighting and dying with us. that american troops being denied and is not appropriate but we should have
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a policy on that. of shouldn't be accused helping terrorists or wishing to help terrorists. we will see what happens. generally on immigration, i am liberal on immigration and i'm hawkish on the war on terror in general. -- i am sort of a hawk on the war on terror. i am not that liberal immigration policies. there is no reasonable case -- there is a reasonable case for scaling back a little bit. but with these raids in separating families, that shouldn't be popular. what trump is going to do is going to discredit conservative arguments. there are serious argument that we need to rethink, immigration immigrationng some
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but there are serious policy arguments. there is policy about what you need to do with the 11 million people who are here without documents. obama deported people, obviously, everybody think crimes shouldport be deported but trump is going to do everything in such a ham-handed way that i think you will discredit conservative arguments that don't deserve to be discredited and leave conservatives much worse off and republicans were soft as a result of what he is trying to do. host: from new jersey, this is maria, independent line. caller: i have a couple of points to make. first of all, mr. kristol said it was unthinkable to question the intelligence agencies. i like to remind him that mr. klapper lied under oath about surveillance of citizens. schumer threatened president trump with the intelligence agency revenge. loretta lynch met with president clinton before all of the
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brouhaha came out. i also want to make a comment it really isn't a question of party, a question of the globalist establishment wanting their little wars, wanting no borders for our country. nobody has looked into president obama's records yet. the globe had an article about the clintons being put under a grand jury in december and that actually, hillary clinton tried to leave the country. either that is true or that is false. look into that. have toamerican people fast and pray and believe in the goodness of people of this country and i am tired of the snark and the smears of the neoconservatives. i want them to just go away. thank you. guest: if you believe in the goodness of this country, that includes those of us who are republican. all of these things should be looked into. i don't believe they are fleeing
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the country or anything like that. but if some reputable news organization learns that they can report that. of course intelligence agencies make mistakes. i'm not going to defend every person who has run an intelligence agency either. i don't believe that the fbi would go about and politicize investigations of trump. jim comey is the guy who released the letter by hillary clinton. i don't think the fbi is viewed as a hotbed of that even in the obama administration but i am not a fan of some policies of the obama administration. there are people who differ on policy but all wish the best for the country. most people who go into government do so. they want policies they think are good for the country. most people on the intelligence field, they know this, they
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actually worked pretty hard to keep the country safe. and they have a pretty good job. how many attacks have there been since 9/11? there have been some obviously in some people were let in who shouldn't have been in the fbi should have deported them after -- first meeting set of instead of sending information to the local police, like in orlando, but this is places that trumps travel visa changes would not affect. there is one reason why people -- there are things you can do to tighten up our country terrorism efforts. but people involved in this work hard since 9/11 and we'll them quite a lot. -- we owe them quite a lot. ,ll of this globalist rhetoric i have no reason to defend him but don't attack other people working there. imagine thateories the entire cia or fbi is hopping to it in things they shouldn't
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be doing. that is not the people i know who have worked at the fbi and cia. host: this is sandy off of twitter this morning. who do you think is leaking daily from the state and the justice department against trump ? obama loyalists." >> that could be. they certainly. these leaks have been hostile, perhaps to the trump administration. that happens in the past and that happened when reagan took over. i am sure that obama thought they were people in the pentagon who gave accounts of meetings he had early on who were loyalists, ,ho believed in the war in iraq and didn't like the fact that president obama was getting us out of there but again, there are leaks often in washington and there are leaks when you administration takes over. and if there are serious national security implications
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there should be a special prosecutor. leakgeneral matter, investigations are not a good idea because you could get yourself in trouble with the leakers. you should remember that watergate began with a leak investigation. why would a breaking into those offices? why? they wanted to discover who was leaking stuff. there was a group x and put together to stop the leaks. -- nick together to stop the leaks. but ifn be annoying, donald trump has a successful foreign policy, if donald trump repeals and replaces obamacare, his economic policies lead to economic growth and keeps the country safe, it doesn't really matter that there were all these leaks. judged -- he is in office for four years. he will be judged by the result of his policies, from his own point of view.
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some of his aides know this. it is not great to be obsessing about what hillary clinton did or what president obama did. what does it matter? i don't believe it but let's assume obama had arranged for comey to do wiretaps on some people in october at trump tower. so what? trump's president. no one has done anything with them. there have been some leaks but those have come and gone. there is no evidence behind them. evidence is evidence. but if it is all sony, it is all fake and there is nothing there, the smoke will go away in a day or maybe a week. it is annoying to see a article so thinly sourced in the washington post or new york times but if you pass your obamacare replacement or your economic package and run a serious national security policy you will be fine. even from his own point of view
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it is crazy for him to obsess about this. host: bill kristol joining us. mike from georgia, democrats line. caller: good morning. i'm not going to waste too much air, that what i am concerned about is we have set here and watched all day and c-span had right-wing or you could think of talk about hillary clinton and everything but now we've got serious compare is used -- conspiracies on this ministration and all c-span does is put republicans on to give us mobile talk. -- bubble talk. our president prior to obama wiretapped his office. we had mass voter fraud. serious lines on the easter bunny and santa claus. we need some serious journalism going on and c-span needs to put on people like mother jones, the young turks, somebody that's got
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a voice and is in bringing in all these white ringers -- these right-wingers who had no problem with conspiracy theory on hillary clinton and obama. host: both representatives have been on this program over the course of time, i will add that. but there are 355 days in the year so if you bring them on two days and right-wingers the other days? host: that is not true at all. i will leave it at that. louise is in fredericksburg, virginia. republican line. caller: first off, i am not a fan of bill kristol. i wasn't a fan of his father either. but let's stick to the facts. there were 17 intelligence agencies that came out in december, saying that russia thatd but they didn't say they had hacked the emails of podesta. they did not say that. what they did imply was that
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there was a propaganda war that russia influenced the election and may have influenced through russian television, which i happen to like. they have a lot of different things about the world. as compared to cnn, nbc and all these others that only stick to trump. but the extreme right, which you .re, you are very upset you are afraid that president trump is not going to do your bidding. you are absolutely obsolete. let's stick with the facts. what i would like to say is i trust james comey. i trust the fbi. i absolutely do. i've met different fbi agents and they are good people and honestly they are fair and honest and i trust them just like i do the state police. doing, with are
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your opposition to trump and you and the left-wing joining together, you don't want to change the system. the system suits you find. fine. you need to go away. host: we will leave it there. guest: i'm glad you trust james comey and the fbi. i wouldn't trust him blindly, but it is donald trump who attacked him saturday morning, not me, so your problem is with donald trump. i disagree with donald trump on something. >> we are going to leave this. you can find it online we are now live foreign announcement -- for an announcement at the homeland security department. >> good morning. thank you for joining us. the executive order signed by the president earlier today protecting the nation from foreign terrorist entry into the united states is a vital measure for strengthening our national security.


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