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tv   Washington Journal Timothy Snyder Discusses Tyranny in the 20th Century  CSPAN  March 6, 2017 11:52am-12:02pm EST

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transportation infrastructure from the cato institute in washington, d.c. we take you there live in about 10 minutes, noon eastern time. first they look at travel and security for the first family. this is from today's washington journal. >> drew harwell reports for the washington post on business and other matters and joins us now to talk about cost and expense for a security and travel for the first family and president trump. good morning. , will review the headline saying that when it comes to the trump family and his lifestyle it is a list of -- it was ethical light -- nightmare. where does it come from? >> it comes from the complexities that come with protecting the president when he travels, protecting the president's family, the vice president's family. every president travels, every president goes on vacation. not to mention state department trips overseas.
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but with president trump, he has taken it to the next level. he is traveling to mar-a-lago quite often. his children are traveling on business trips quite often. not just across the country but in places like to buy. the president's wife, the first lady, melania trump and the president's son both live in trump tower on fifth avenue in new york. it is a delicate place to it costs the police department hundreds of dollars a day. .hese are costs security is important to the the president criticized president obama for and traveling while america was facing all these problems.
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for president trump to be following that lead and almost dumping ahead -- jumping ahead, it raises questions on how diligent is president trump being and taking this travel and making these trips happen? not just once in a while as we have seen with mar-a-lago, four out of the last five weeks. the next four years, we are going to see how much are the taxpayers going to spend on that kind of travel? are they comfortable with effectively subsidizing the president's children going on these private business trips, effectively selling the president's last name, seeking to trade favor with the president. host: when it comes to the trips to florida and he travels to mar-a-lago like we have seen, what is the estimated price tag for a trip? guest: we want to down to the line item what this costs. it is incredible complicated.
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all of the agents have to go down and do advanced trips. they have to make it into a fortress. they have to guard mar-a-lago which is on two bodies of water on both sides. there is one roadway right outside. there are airports all around. they have to safeguard that. we are seeking that through the federal agencies. like the department of homeland security. but we know from president obama's travels that a very similar trip including traveling to florida during his presidency, cost a little over $3 million. -- $3 billion. we can extrapolate the cost of flying every hour, which is close to $25,000 an hour. the cost of mobilizing the secret service contingent and moving stuff like the presidential limousine, the beast. safeguarding the motorcade.
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we can extrapolate that every trip is something like $3 million. when you look at four trips in the early months of his term, that is something over $12 million. that is not even factoring in the fact that the president's son went to uruguay, eric trump. hundred precipitated. -- per secret service. ofs could be in the hundreds millions of dollars just in safeguarding the president and his family. host: in some cases this is happening simultaneously. the president in florida, the first lady in new york. are accruingtags across the world. the president already troubled to divide and vancouver in uruguay. the president is often in florida.
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costseans that membership $200,000. these can accrue very quickly. with president obama, he had kids and they would go on vacation but they were not necessarily traveling for private businesses. possibility that it will become even more incremental and the exponential in the way that it gains. host: our guest talking about the security and travel costs associated with the first family and president trump. for democrats. (202) 748-8001 for republicans. for independents. an independent line for our guest. caller: in all the time i have been watching c-span, i almost never hear any complaints about how much it costs for bush or clinton or even obama that
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traveling but now it is. we have two people going back and forth on the debate but this point is, i may have to block -- because all i hear is this every day, relentless pile on on trump. i never have anybody on that says anything that about trump. point, youe first talked about president obama in relation, but what about the bush family? >> it is a good point. president bush traveled to his ranch in texas and there were secret service costs including protecting a remote ranch. you have to mobilize a lot of vehicles and agents. that cost something. president obama's term, the travel that he took was actually a big point of criticism among a lot of people who said the
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president was traveling on all these golf vacations. president trump made that a he liked to raise quite often. , with some any problems facing america, why is president obama traveling for vacation? i think it is worth it to raise that point with president trump. there is a group called judicial watch who is right-leaning but they accrue some pretty good data on president obama's travel. they found out that over eight years it was 90 to $100 million. host: 96 million. guest: that was for the secret service travel costs which is a lot of money. what we have seen with president security, it could be hundreds of millions of dollars. comparing the two between president obama and trump, you
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see the choices president trump is making, the choices that president trump's family is , they are guaranteed those choices. they have the right to make those choices but the cost of them is what we have to be facing. it is that cost that we are going to be continuing to hear more about. this is what president trump drew our attention to during president obama's term. this is what we have to face now. host: is, aren'tquestion there standard salaries for everyone associated with anything he does, from the pilot to the secret service? anddo they separate it out always make a video about what they cost? are they moving about? understood how you have a cost for it.
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that is a great question. when we look at travel like we have seen with president trump, he can choose to stay with washington, said kerry cost are less than if a travel professionally overseas, because -- the rest of this on we take you live to the cato for a discussion about transportation infrastructure. >> president trump has repeatedly called for a trillion dollar m per structure plan p or we do not know exactly what that means. does he mean federal government pending or the plan by these for new, tax credit investment ever structure. i am hoping the white house --


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