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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  March 7, 2017 9:35am-9:59am EST

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revolution," about lgbtq rights, book award for nonfiction author "stamped from beginning," and on sunday starting 1 p.m. eastern, immigration with nation magazine national affairs john nichols and ready," , "people get "new york times" op ed columnist aurine dowd, the year of voting dangerously, and former vice president and her book "my underground american dream, my true story as undocumented immigrant who became a wall street executive," the t.v. is live from tucson festival of books saturday at noon and sunday at 1 c-span 2.rn on >> "washington journal"
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continues. that besides travel ban was signed by the president yesterday, the main stories in takes a or newspapers look at previous guest was talking about this rollout of house tion by the republicans taking a look at what might be the future of the act.dable care headlines from washington times, republicans start to roll out repeal, replacement, oo many comparison to the affordable care act. president trump tweeting about this rollout. new healthcare bill is up for review and negotiation. and care is a complete total disaster and is imploding fast. lso, he tweeted out, don't worry, getting rid of state lines to promote competition in and three of the healthcare rollout, that is some input from the president when it comes to elements of the healthcare proposal, a child can parents insurance through 26 years old, replaces
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remove with tax credit, penalty for noncoverage and covers pre-existing conditions. is just some plan, curead the rest of the plan released you go to, talk or t the healthcare rollout other aspects of things we talked about in open phones. democrats.0 for 202-748-8001 for republicans. and 202-748-8002 for independents. also, don't forget, the chairman of the ways and means committee and energy and commerce hold press conference 11:00 on c-span3 talking about elements of the plan and taking it.stions on you can see that on c-span3 at more to the website for informati information. nelson, hollywood, florida, line.lican go ahead, you are on. caller: good morning. that there point out is -- continues to be
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contradiction in regard to the healthcare plan as to whether or a healthcare is a right or mandate. joseph biden stipulated healthcare is a right, it is onsttradiccontradicts rights. i have a right to vote, that is means. right really since obamacare requires a right.e, it is not a for whatever it is worth, it seems to me the philosophical of this needs to resolve one way or the other. you. host: harold from indiana, morning.s line, good caller: good morning. host: you're on, go ahead. okay, i'd like to ask a question. better if have been
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president trump had decided to immigration? say for six-month period until can give this vetting thing cleared up and wouldn't that stopped singling out of a certain group or the problems he's had? my second question is, with all problems with media, wouldn't he be better to set white house lawn and they could get their information rom twitter, like everybody else? host: that is harold from indiana. apologys, i'm looking for a story talking about media of the white democrats line, albert, go ahead. caller: hi. albert. my thing is couple of things i've heard just a little bit. heard the gentleman earlier talk about healthcare and the not being in cahoot
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insurance companies and i'm in d.c., there is no way there was not in cahoots. another thing is so far as ealthcare is, i understand by mandate, i don't think when the language was put in it was meant it, so eople on eventually was going to get here understanding, president obama said it would be volving thing in which has become and yes, it is a right and i think the mandate was more get people on it, i do not agree with the mandate, does understand it and it not need to be there. but people will not make -- there is a picture because the caller previously brought up media coverage. a picture in the "new york
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times" by doug of the "new york of the white house press corps and talks about the lack televised use precedence. saying monday was the seventh spicer, day that sean press secretary, declined to old televised press briefing, long drought for someone whose role is to be the most visible ace of the presidential administration mrchlt spicer, staplehe inauguration is of daytime television conducted question and answer session with objective of r white house correspondence association. riefing was certain to be contentuous, he addressed allegations mr. trump made over weekend, his predecessor, had wiretapped. -- adding one point when cnn
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tried to ask a question, mr. spicer pushed back saying "you are not on camera, need to jump in," called on the reporter later. "new tory available at york times" this morning. marcy, arkansas, hello. caller: hello. i was just going to have a comment. healthcare.bout the bama pushed that threw and nobody in the united states had it has it. and what brought is a lot of tears and a labor.hard eople are trying to pay the premiums. number two, it was for people, given right.ot a healthcare and
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we pay for premium necessary checks every y month. hoever thinks that it is a right to have these social and medicare is absolutely wrong. host: joe, south carolina, independent line. hello. how you doing? you are one of the best you got on the show tell ly because you everybody everybody, you're kind of medium everybody, okay. host: appreciate you watching. what would you like to talk about today? caller: the obamacare thing they are talking about, which is act.dable care whennow something, my wife i moved to south carolina from
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ew york and retired down here, she had to go back to work, but in the year and a half she had to to -- she didn't have any nsurance when obamacare thing kicked in, she had insurance for that year and a half. but after she got a job, it cost lot more, too much for us to cover and it just, you know, good for the poor people. i'm an iraqi war veteran, get my veteran, i the v.a. and i other dayr a test the is good ust saying it for the poor people but rich
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afford their own insurance, you know what i mean? host: south carolina, thanks. general, jeff sessions, submitted written to senate testimony concerning contact with russian his sador, saying at confirmation hearing senator al franken asked session what he do if there was evidence, anyone affiliated with the trump ampaign communicated with the russian government during the course of the campaign. mr. sessions responded, senator i'm not aware of the activities, i've been called a at a time or two in the campaign and i did not have communication with the russians it. i'm unable to comment on my answer was correct, senator sessions wrote in the letter to public , i noted in statement on march 2, 2017, i was surprised by the allegations question, which i had not heard before. i answered the question, which exchange t continuing of information during the campaign between trump
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intermediaries for the russian government. i did not mention communications russian h the ambassador because the question did not ask about them. that is part of the story in the this" we'll go to next, james, north california. go ahead. caller: hey, good morning. how are you doing? thanks.'m well, caller: listen, i was interested by the last couple callers, last callers on the healthcare plan. i had the same feeling, it seems to me that again, affordable told that i e been have to allow 10% of the income health plan. that is one of the problems seems that i know health plan can help the deficit, whichhe i understand there are a lot of ompeting factors which, you know, move some legislators to
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pass this. ut there are problems with the cost and so i just -- it is amazing more people don't talk about that. not afraid to talk about that. the gentleman who talked about the ife, she got a job and increase in the payment. so that is a real problem with you know, i'm a democrat, i don't look at it as political issue. look at adventure we need to o, on the other hand, i have watched price of medical care, hospital care, prescriptions go past 45 years and it seems like the insurance bloated and it seems like now we're being asked when trump he bloat and some conservatives talk me t competitiveness, to for like ke a nod competitive, the price will be lower. 15 or 20 years later, we're aying more, that doesn't hold water with me anymore. i hope i'm not complaining too
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much, that is my take on that. go to tim in maryland, republican line. caller: hi. taking my call. i actually have a question and a statement on two different subjects. my statement regarding immigration. you know, i don't know if trump doing the right thing or wrong thing. what i have seen in our country s what the flood of people coming in, resources are dwindling very quickly. mega-farming going on, mega-cattle ranching going on, supply, food food chain and health of people. government it, our now has to start protecting ourselves insofar as the livelihood and start containing population, so dwindle.onment doesn't agree partially with trump's travel ban, but look at a bigger different m perspective than trump is.
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to toing needs to be done save the environment and to living and hier lifestyles and just protect our resources. unrelated is healthcare oposed plan. trump talked about getting insurance across state lines and i have not heard or seen it, but knows urious if anyone whether or not in this proposed canslation if an individual go across state lines to get opposed to care as reduced cost? host: i'll look at the stuff, actually the president tweeted today and this is what he said when it came to that topic. of t worry, getting rid state lines promote competition in phases two and three of the rollout.e when it comes to border wall, talked e president about, there are cost estimates,
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potential cost estimates, out of arizona, stimate of proposed wall could run from 8 million to 25 million a mile. in an director said interview monday. he said no decisions have been ade on what the wall will look like, he was speaking on the hewitt show and said the white house will ask for some weeks, the next two won't know the cost until the 2019 budget for another year. trektor raised possibility much of the new barrier will be fencing rather than concrete stretching the 1950 miles of the u.s./mexico border. maxine, good morning. chapel florida, democrats line. hi. caller: hi. good morning. thanks for taking my call. there is one aspect of the aca have not heard too much conversation regarding and to me is just as important as
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the 26 your children on major medical, now with the surgeons spital stay, and whatever, you can deplete hurry llion dollars in a so that cap is very important in goes overg that f. it the million, you are not going bankrupt. say econd thing i like to is that trump is always talking news.fake well, the fake news comes from mouth. whatever fake news is coming out of his mouth is what we're media, those are two areas i want to discuss. thank you for taking my call. host: next from sal, colin, texas, independent line. caller: hello. this is sal.
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to say that, you know, it is a great world, you know. to thank god this morning. thise, they didn't wake up morning and that man in the suit hat is running the show, wow, he's a mexican person, great takes a lot rp, it to handle all these kind of people. lot of people comes out very negative, you know. me. is running the show for i meant running the show. acceptance is the key. a lot of people can accept what is going on in the world, that why having hard time with themselves. and i have life's turn said things the way they are going, life is beautiful. why do people let things go the is supposed to be? this man running the show, they
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you know, he ere, is a great man. he is a -- ody says a big xcellent, he has job i don't know what else to say. host: appreciate the compliment, thank you for calling the problem. robert from missouri, republican line. hi, robert, good morning. caller: good morning. concerns are with the healthcare, one of them. millennials are having outbreak of cancer and when passed, we had all hese toys coming from china, , dia, tainted with mercury lead, now we have an epidemic -- let's see, how
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are we going to take care of all this? we owe china what, 20 trillion or whatever. mute that and put that 20 trillion toward the of thesee to take care younger generation coming up hat will have epidemic of cancer and other illnesses. that is my comment. host: robert, thank you for calling. missiles from north korea prompted action by the administration. the deployment of the terminal high altitude area defense after north korea launched four ballistic missiles joint ay in response to naval exercises by south korea. korealaunching fled south to call for deployment of fad. spokesperson says that one of major five components arrived monday, officials said it could couple months for the system to become truly
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operational. say many south koreans are worried about expansion of military ties with and it could tes worsen tension with the north and china under deal with washington, south korea provide land and build base, the united pay for missile lockheed martin and the first element of thaad eployed monday, same day as north missile launching. hear next from jeff, hepherdsville, kentucky, democrats line. caller: yes, sir, thank you for taking my call. i'm a millennial. i took macare came out, advantage of it. i was having issues with website so i called and spoke to a representative and the representative was nice and i the information that i needed to give her. worried hing i was about, i'm not for sure if this
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-- gave her the w-2 think i on, i don't gave her w-2 information, but my current aking at job, but long story short, we we her my information, discussed and she was like, well, according from your you got $0looks like payment for your healthcare. was like, that is great, shoot, i don't have to pay, that is awesome. catch behind it? she said, jeff, if you make more money next year then you will what you y taxes on made. well, that doesn't give me much monfei'mn to make more getting it for free. i chuckled and that is when went on my way, i'm concerned about it, i thrive to do better, work my way up to different
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ositions, just being 26, i'm doing okay, i guess for myself. i think with that mentality, you get scary if based on income, fu get zero dollars what is motivation to do better? host: "u.s.a. today" talks about being lly with tax month next month and the chance of audit, according to estimations met saying one in 143 for you because of i.r.s. staff cutbacks. story by kevin mccoy, audit rate means it is not too according to sylvia and calculatedfessor who the possibility of audit, 1 in higher income earners generally face higher rates tages for audit, dropped to lows for those whose $200,000 or e is
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more, 2016 audit rate 1.7%, taxpayer income totals $1 million or more based comparable 5.8%, business filers facing declining chance of being all 0.49% of federal tax return filed by small and corporation partnerships and "subchapter s return adutted last year, according to i.r.s. data, lowest rate since 2004, was 0.36%." and steve petersburg, indiana. steve from petersburg. caller: hello. on.t: hi, you are caller: i was wondering with all this about healthcare mandates whyso forth and everything, are -- is no one willing to discuss one payer system? of the insurance companies, make a one-payer system


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