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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  March 8, 2017 7:00am-7:18am EST

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correspondent julie ♪ host: good morning. it is wednesday, march 8. host:republican leaders are movg ahead with her newly unveiled efforts to scrap the affordable care act. markups of the gop replacement plan will take place in two key committees today despite full throated democratic opposition, and pushed back from a moderate and conservative republicans. good morning. on washington journal we did deeper -- dive deeper into the new health care act. is thets, (202) 748-8000 number for you. republicans, (202) 748-8001.
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(202) 748-8002. you can catch up with us on social media. c-span., among the republican leaders leading the charge on this new health care replacement plan, health and human services secretary tom price. committee chairman came out to speak yesterday and of course how speaker paul ryan. [video clip] >> what i want to tell my fellow citizens is the nightmare of obamacare is about to end. we are repealing and replacing this awful law that is crashing. let me say one more thing. let's not forget, obamacare is collapsing. obamacare is not staying. the law woulding, collapse and leave everybody without affordable health care. mercy ioing an act of
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repealing this law and replacing it with patient-centered health care reforms we have been arguing for an fighting for for years. host: democrats unified in their opposition yesterday as the details of this new bill were laid bare and talked about yesterday. the bigger concern for paul ryan are the republicans who may end up opposing the legislation. focus of many headlines today about this new repeal and replacement effort. here is the headline and usa today. critics and gop revolt on health care bill. it's the front page of the washington post this morning. gop spars over obamacare replacement. center moderates slam -- senate moderates slam ryan's legislation. the wall street journal this morning. health bill draws fire from foes in the gop. one of those members of congress leading that opposition, the sharpest voice that has been out
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there this week so far is senator rand paul of kentucky. [video clip] >> we should do repeal and replace of the same time, not in the same legislative vehicle. i still would. if the replacement bill with noted government programs, if they would allow that the part of the repeal effort, i am for that. i am for bringing replacement into the repeal package if it is good stuff. if it is obamacare lite, it makes it worse and that divides us. whereas divides us, there are some issues. expanding health savings accounts. i'm guessing almost every republican in congress is for that. for those in the replacement and repeal together and we will vote for it. good health care associations. get rid of the regulatory part of obamacare. we are all for that. if you have a new entitlement program, obamacare taxes, subsidies for insurance companies, it will divide us.
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part of what we are here today is present there is a way forward, but the current way forward i don't think is going to work. host: here is the math laid out in the whip count by the washington post. to get their version of the obamacare replacement group, congress and president trump's desk, republicans only need a simple majority in both chambers to improve it. we will talk about why that is. even that could be difficult. the magic number for the house of representatives is 218, and the senate it is 50. assuming no democrats support the bill, republicans lose -- can lose only 21 votes in the house and 2 in the senate. we are talking about the chances of passage in congress and your thoughts on the republican repeal and replace bill for the four look care act. democrats, (202) 748-8000. republicans, (202) 748-8001.
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independents, (202) 748-8002. kira is up first in eden, north carolina. good morning. caller: yes, good morning. are you there? host: go ahead. caller: i think the entire way this is being done is divisive for the entire country. i think it we got together on issues and did not have these parties and really cared about health care, we would demand we have the same thing our representatives have voted for themselves for decades now. why don't we do that? why don't we just say, you have to be on whatever you come up with? i guarantee you it would be better. host: seattle, washington, eric. caller: thank you. i would like to say the democrats have to fight against these republicans in everything they do. they will not work with trump on
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nothing. what i would like to say is this. the republicans were against medicare, medicaid, social security programs, but they got money. they don't have the money for us for social security to raise our pay, but they have money to go to best give to israel. billions and billions of dollars. this is the second amendment remedy. to come against trump and his corrupt -- we need to see his taxes. you will let him off the hook simply because he is a white man. , youthing obama did put it under the microscope. the second amendment remedy, to get these racists out -- host: what do you mean by the second amendment remedy? caller: that is what the republican say. when the government turns to tyranny, that is when the second amendment is soft. people like donald trump, that
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is what i'm saying. when your government takes over the people as heated to the constitution and these type of things, this is what the republicans talk about all the time. host: you are planning on taking up arms against the government? caller: i didn't say nothing about arms or anything. i said the second amendment -- this is what republicans talk about. host: claude, good morning. caller: hi. can you hear me? host: go ahead. caller: i'm concerned about the health care issue because the republicans have put forth a tol that will allow taxes lapse on the most rich -- the richest 1% and those in the higher income levels in this country. consequently, that money has to come from somewhere and it is
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the elderly in this country that will pay more and have less coverage. people here younger in this country will have to pay less in order to get into the health care system. that wast is something done previously and another administration, particularly the ronald reagan administration where they have these trickle down economics and it carried over to the george bush era where he gave tax breaks to the richest in this country. i'm sure many people remember receiving a tax credit when george w. bush, the second george w. bush of course started giving tax credits to the richest. even i did get something back. however, the issue is here in
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this vast right now with donald trump, the richest are going to get rich. he is talking about a tax break for 35% to corporations which are owned and run by the richest in this country. it is history repeating itself. taxes,ing donald trump's he has been in cahoots for 30 years because no banks -- has been in cahoots with russia for over 30 years. no bank in this country would loan him money. host: we are talking about the affordable care act replacement plan. with where we will start congressman steve king in a few minutes when he joins us here at our desk. until the joins us we're taking your call. the light from republicans, patty in north palm beach, florida. good morning. caller: good morning.
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they keep saying the affordable care act is going to die. it is going to die. it is going to disappear. my question is, why don't we let it just? -- just die? when it is dead and gone the democrats want have anything and republicans want have anything. and then the two can come together and create a bill that both parties can agree on. host: do you think the people who would be impacted if that happened would want their members of congress to do that? not act until the system collapses? caller: i don't know they have a choice because the democrats are against it. republicans are against it. they can't agree. it is going to die if it is not fixed. they are not going to agree. i feel bad about the 11 million that have got health insurance,
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so there could be something they say, ok, we will keep it going until, you know, until they have a new plan. they are at each other's throats so much. it will be taxes and do entitlements. it just needs to just completely itaway, let it die because supposedly is in a death spiral. it is the -- the democrats can't do anything about it. they will finally have to work it out. host: there are those of their that believe -- out there believe the republican fix may destroy the system. this column and today's washington post, the acting administrator of the centers for medicare and medicaid services
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from 2015 the 20 17th. the harm the bill could do. he writes today there is a great deal about the bill that is not apparent at first glance. none of that will be missed from the impartial congressional budget office takes a look at it. the tax credit structure would not only make calculus affordable for millions, particularly those over 55, it would destabilize insurance markets. theould effectively end popular medicaid expansion created by be affordable care act. medicaid pays for nearly half of the births and half of the long-term care in this country, this ain't nothing for the millions of americans with disabilities who rely on it. in the federal government retreats on its commission -- commitment to medicaid, repercussions will be felt by our neighbors and health care providers. that is an the washington post. oregon, independent. walt, good morning. caller: i look at this health retired somed i'm
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years ago. we paid about half of our retirement for health care. here, how looking at come they just don't go ahead? you go anywhere in the united states, you pay taxes for funeral taxes. you can go anyplace in the united states. how come they don't just go ahead and make a small tax for health care? the good anyplace you want to thesee doctor and insurance companies. i tell you what, they really have pulled the wool over people's eyes. they got lobbyist working for them, and the politicians that they paid for to get back in office again. to me it is really pretty bad. ago from a- years
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friend of high school you had to pass a constitution test. i studied that thing because i wanted to go to high school. i've missed one out of 300, but i remember they were only supposed to be in their two years. the president four years. eight years of reelected. congress -- two years. lifetime made a populist thing. it is sad to say but they really have messed things up. host: we appreciate our viewers. earlier the opposition of rand paul leading the opposition on the republican side of the aisle for this legislation. president donald trump tweeting last night about senator rand paul, "i feel sure my friend
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rand paul will come along with the new and great health care program because he knows obamacare is a disaster." we will look more of president trump's tweets this morning. we are hearing from you as we talk about the republican plan to repeal and replace the affordable care act. stephen in richmond, virginia, a democrat. good morning. caller: how are you doing? host: doing well. that one called to say of the congressional orders that donald trump signed with the gut the expenses to obamacare. the republicans telling you right there that 30 million and 20 million people that is on aca, they don't hear about them. how can we rely on the republicans to come up with a plan? why don't they do this -- keep
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cracks.e, fix the but these republicans are corrupt, just as much as donald trump is. and they don't care nothing about the american people. host: we will ask one of those members of congress about that in just a few minutes. steve king will be joining us. first, we want to show our viewers some of the democratic voices of opposition yesterday. this is any lawyer, house hoyer.y whip -- denny [video clip] >> should we have spent the last six years trying to make it work as well as a possibly could? yes, we should have. were we able to do that? no. the only alternative the republican party offered to the american people and to this
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house was to repeal. not to replace, not to repair, not to fix, not to make sure it was more affordable and more available to the american people so we would be a healthier and stronger nation. was to repeal.on urge republican leaders withdraw this bill. together to ensure what almost every member says they want and that is a health america that is affordable by all, available to all.and enjoyed by


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