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  Vice President Mike Pence Meets with Conservative Leaders on Health Care  CSPAN  March 10, 2017 8:12pm-8:19pm EST

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announcer: vice president pence and health and human services secretary tom price met with conservative groups that have expressed skepticism about the republicans' health care plan. in attendance, the club for growth, the american conservative union, and the tea party patriots.
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v.p. pence: thank you very much for being here. i bring greetings on behalf of the president. we welcome you to the white house, and we are here to listen. it is a privilege to have the opportunity to serve in this role, and a privilege to have the opportunity to talk about -- [cell phone rings]
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president'sthe repeal and replace of obamacare. the men and women gathered around the table represent the leadership of some of the most significant conservative organizations in the country. i am well familiar with them, having been involved in the conservative movement throughout my life. i appreciate your willingness to continue discussions on how we move beyond the failed policies of obamacare, and move our country back to a health care respect for the doctor-patient relationship, free market principles, and state flexibility and reform for our most vulnerable. . want to thank you all i think the legislation was introduced this week in congress represents a framework and
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of thisof the strategy administration and leaders of congress to accomplish that objective. it's what the president likes to call phase one, and that, combined with the work at health will takeservices, regulatory action that will continue to dismantle the of obamacare on our families and our economy, as well as beginning a national marketplace for health insurance. phase three, of course, will be whatever remains of additional legislation to move our country permanently passed obamacare. i think we can all agree that obamacare has failed. virtually every promise of obamacare has been broken. i was a member of congress when the legislation was written behind closed doors and brought to the floor of congress with very little input from voices in our party.
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frankly, i remember the promises, if you like your doctor, you can keep him. that was not true. if you like your insurance, you can keep it. that was not true. the promise was the cost of health insurance would go down, and obama has broken a promise to millions of americans who have seen the cost of their health insurance skyrocket. last year alone, a 25% increase in premiums. president trump and i and congress are absolutely committed to keep her promise to the american people to repeal and replace obamacare, to lower the cost of health insurance by harnessing the power of the free market and state-based innovation. we look forward to your suggestions and recommendations today, and i am very humbled and grateful that you would take time to be with us here. i'm going to recognize the new secretary for health and human
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services for a few welcoming remarks, and then we will let these people go to the white house. sec. price: thank you, vice president. i appreciate the time you are providing today, and the leadership you are providing for this important issue. i know the vice president and i both feel that we are incredibly honored to serve the president who understands completely that outside of the washington bubble but people are hurting when it comes to health care, and he is adamant about making certain that it gets fixed. i have the privilege of serving him as secretary of health and human services, the third position out of 23 health and human secretaries in the long history of the hhs, and it feels work. life's now to have the opportunity to serve at this pivotal time, to be able to help the vice president and president lead, to accomplish what the vice
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president said, and that is patient centered health care where families and doctors are making medical decisions and not washington, d.c. i can't thank you all enough for the work you have done to date, and the work you will continue to do to help our efforts to make sure refashion the highest agenda that we can when it comes to health care for our great citizens across the nation. thank you very much. v.p. pence: thank you, dr. price . with that, we will let the members of the fourth estate and on what their next appointment. thank you all very much. [laughter] announcer: now that the house ways and means committee and commerce committee have finished , the budget committee will meet next week to combine the two bills. kevin mccarthy spoke about the next apps in the process and the house schedule. we also hear from democratic with denny lawyer. this is 35 minutes. .