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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  March 11, 2017 9:36am-10:01am EST

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to the additives or that may havewed, been a california case as well. is anel mishak-800 investigative reporter. thank you so much for your time. coming up, we're taking your calls. give us a call. the line for democrats is (202) 748-8000. the line for republicans is (202) 784-8001. the independent line is (202) 748-8002. you can always reach us on twitter and facebook. week, news makers
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interviewed maxine waters. democratd about strategy to stop republicans from dismantling the consumer protection bureau. centerpiece of the reform is the consumer financial protection bureau, which they have voted to dismantle or change in some way. i expect it is coming and i think the president and one of his executive orders issued a statement about doing a review and analyzing not only. frank --orm but financial session issues. they will come forward with their way of dismantling it or getting rid of the consumer financial protection bureau. we are going to defend it.
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we do not think the director should be fired. he has done a great job. he has been complemented by people who don't agree with him. he has been on their radar and under attack ever since he has been there. we're going to stand up for him. we believe the agency should have a single director and not a commission. think they should not have to go before the appropriations committee and order to get their funding. we think these are things that are being dreamed up in order to weaken the consumer financial protection bureau. to 2008 when we had the meltdown, consumers in this country didn't have any agencies looking out for them. the regulatory agencies were
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supposed to have that as part of their responsibilities. consumers did not have protections. that's why the bureau is so important. job,s not only done a good he is taken on the payday lenders, the debt collectors, automobile dealers who were targeting certain communities and charging unfair interest rates. i believe very strongly that consumers in this country need their legislators looking out for them and policy should reflect those concerns. welcome back to we are taking your calls about the week's news. are at looking at the new york times and the wall street journal about the jobs report. the white house is welcoming the numbers. 235,000 jobs and
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the unemployment rate fell to 4.7%. similarly in the wall street journal, job growth clears the wait for the fed did the lead here sums up. the expansion is the third longest on record and showed no signs of letting up in february with robust hirings and firmer wage growth opening the way for the fed to raise interest rates and there is another story you might have missed this week. nancy pelosi speaking with reporters yesterday at a breakfast appearance said she would have retired if hillary clinton had won the white house in november. >> we knew she would win. shocking that
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somebody like donald trump was the president of the united states. yearn for mitt romney or george bush. i will make a decision when it's the time. i would have been gone by now if she had one. host: she said she is staying to protect the affordable care act. she did not say if she would run again. arthur is calling in from tennessee. caller: good morning. the job growth is because of obama, not donald trump. they don't know what's going on. host: what is the economy like they're in memphis?
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we are going to move ahead to jerry calling in from alabama. good morning. caller: good morning. i wanted to talk about the house of representatives and the senate. i've called in on this several times. i am going to see if i clarify it today. maybe i am stating it wrong. since 1930 teen, the house of representatives has the same amount of members as it did over 100 years ago. we have increased our population at least three times. our congress needs to be unfrozen. 1400ed to have at least members in the house of representatives and are senate two-yearbe reduced to terms so they will be accountable for what they do
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when they do it and avoid the monopoly they have in government. that's all i want to say. i hope it gets through to some folks and they understand what i am talking about. we need representation in the congress and the senate are in this is one way -- senate. this is one way we could do it. host: let's go to 10 in california. ken in california. caller: that place in southern california they were talking about was the canyon refinery that leaked into the air for months. whichople in porter ranch was the area around their in it doesn't matter if they are republican or democrat. they don't want that reopened. they saw the effect it had on their property value, on their
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health and that's all i have to say. int: let's go to michael california on the independent line. i am calling about the aca. i am wondering if the senators and the congressman could get on that same program. they are americans like we all are. why doesn't it affect their health care programs like it does ours? i think that would cut out of a lot of debate. one other thing about our wondering i am just why he is putting people in office the don't really want to inance the programs they are charge of like the epa. he sued them i don't know how
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many times trying to defeat their purpose. donald trump is bad for the country. i don't know why people would trust him. i have heard he is such a big businessman. he filed for bankruptcy six times. he has contracts all over the world, including commonest china, ukraine, russia and all these places. somebody you trust like that who'd deals with mobsters in new jersey? i hear he has a problem in new jersey when he tried to build the casinos there that he had. a lot of people didn't get paid work for him. he had ties with mobsters. i guess that's all i have to say. i appreciate c-span.
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i wish we could go back to when you had to points of view right there sitting with you where the claimsdispute that were made by republicans and democrats. that was really great. i used to watch c-span quite some time ago. you would have a democrat or in opposition guy on one side of the desk who could dispute what the other guy said. right now you just have a platform for democrats and a platform for republicans. that's all i've got to say. like i said, i do appreciate c-span. host: michael flynn, the former national security advisor, is back in the news. this was written by ashley parker. paperwork, he filed identifying himself as a foreign agent who was paid last year to
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do work that could benefit the turkish government. on friday it was revealed that his attorney twice told of his plans. donald trump was never informed that he might need to register as a foreign agent. we have some sound from the press are torry -- press secretary. >> what dealings are you referring to? he was head of the department of defense intelligence agency. he had 40 years in the military with impeccable credentials. what are you getting at? stellar careera in the military. i think for you to impugn -- >> he wouldn't have -- >> there was no disclosure at
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the time. if his counsel determined he didn't, that is up to him. the burden is on the individual to seek the legal advice to decide what they have to file or not you we can have a hypothetical question about somebody who made an inappropriate filing on their tax returns or qualification. day, they seekhe expertise and counsel and legal advice about what's appropriate. that is not up to the transition attorney to go through someone's livelihood and determinate. they were given proper legal advice at the time. he had already obtained counsel. >> let me clarify. the transition officials were not concerned? >> the question is did they provide him the avenue they were supposed to. did they tell him to seek counsel.
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that is what is supposed to happen. let's go back to the phones. we have jeffrey in florida. good morning. caller: good morning. host: what's on your mind? caller: i am calling to change the sub checked it i am looking howome statistics and aggressively these self moving the a closer moving along. , for theon to you young children out there, buying stock in these self moving cars beause they eventually will start building the new vehicles basically. about want to know weinstock in this particular -- buying stock in this industry.
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host: kevin is calling in from california. is an opencomment comment about the office of the president and as americans, everybody has a right to disagree with the policies or some of the things he comes up with. problem is when people disrespect the president, use foul language. office, to maintain the the respect for the office he holds. he is the president. i think it's rude and out of line. i understand it's passionate and tensions are high. maintaine should respect to the office of the president whether you like him or not.
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we have a caller from texas. i would just like to ask about the health plan. are the insurance companies going to be able to make any money as a business? americanto what the health care plan compared to the plan,ss health care that's the way we can tell if it's going to be the one not. host: we have a new tweet in from donald trump. here it is. republican leaders say they want to move the bill through congress by easter. let's go to andrew calling in from pennsylvania.
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he is on the independent line. caller: i would like to make a comment about who is involved with russia. the actions speak louder than words. the comments brock obama has made and the deals hillary clinton has made. who is involved? larry is calling in from tennessee. good morning. what's on your mind? , ther: the way i see it president being abused by people's words and the way they address him, i think in order to get respect you have to give respect to as far as health care something,u pay into you are entitled to get something from it.
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i think there has never been a time when our allies been more concerned. now more worried than they have ever been. along, he has spent more ego thatying about his he has anything going on in the world. other countries are doing willy-nilly and he is not concerned about the people in who are giving him his information and so forth. i hope they find out who he is for, if he is for the united states or is he just in it for himself. host: how would you grade his
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time in office so far? exactly what doing his supporters want him to do. i don't fault him for doing that. i don't have any animosity against him doing that. , if he gets the economy going along, i won't have a problem with that. his attitudeing is and ego. maybe do that for showmanship when he's out in public. orn he's among his friends people in his cabinet that he is asiliar with, as far unifying the united states, he
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needs to take a more positive attitude toward everyone and not just his base. host: we have mark calling in from florida. good morning. republican until bush said weapons of mass destruction too many times. i flip-flopped. i went over to the democratic party. when trump stood up on that stage and confronted the republican party, that this was a big lender, i did backflips -- blunder, i did backflips. i do question this wall thing. it didn't keep the mongolians out there and -- out.
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i have to scratch my head. he comes up with some good ideas, but i have to swallow some poison. he said he is going to keep kids living with their parents, no pre-existing. how is he going to pay for this stuff? it's like he lives in a little la la land. i want to love him. i think hillary was status quo. she was just going to keep going. she was lined up with wall street. some at least has independent thinking that cuts through and could change. i just want to make this other comment. we going to have to break the system and i'm pretty sure he is going to break it and we will have a chance to fix it.
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that is my take on trump. i think as americans we should patriotically support the president. i have to swallow really hard with some of his decisions, especially with this health care thing. huge swing for redistribution of wealth to rich people. host: next week have new mexico. good morning. have new mexico. caller: i am 91 years old. i was raised in southern california. wells allto have oil around huntington beach and that natural gas burned off. you could see the flames in the sky.
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what a waste that was. that was almost 100 years ago. could that have any relation to the sinkhole? goes, as hillary clinton the constitution, you're not supposed to take any money from any foreign countries paid what has arabia devon her $300 million for. her $300 million for. all the donations go on. government the channel. and it get around to good don't see too good. host: thank you for your call. next is the independent line. good morning. caller: thank you for taking my
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call. mine is on obama care. it worked for me. i had it ever since it first came out. the republicans are lying. they know. they want to try to make him a one-time president. they won't have anything to do with it did on the immigrant issue, some of the emigrants came along. they were here before some of the white ones. african-americans, the slaves were immigrants. not be so hard on the emigrants. the indians were here before the whites are in the whites took lands from the emigrants and now they don't want to hit -- help the emigrants or the indians.
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donald trump has mexicans in his buildings overseas. we have mike from alabama. you are the last call for the program. got 50 million people on welfare. they gave the banks $3 trillion. what did the banks do for small business? if they were in trouble like the banks, they would foreclose on whatever they had. they


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