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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  March 12, 2017 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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transition including the 6.5 million dollars it raised in private contributions. and later, a look at rising tensions with north korea. james person joins us from the wilson center. host: good morning, a busy week ahead in our nation's capital. the congressional budget is expected to come up with the score for the republican health care plan. the number could be released as early as tomorrow. the budget committee will then markup the bill early next week. the president will release his budget on wednesday. the same day our debt limit equires -- it is sunday morning, march the 12th and it is 7:00 a.m. daylight savings time as we move ahead one hour.
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welcome to the washington journal. ina reminder, you can join on the conversation. our focus is the issue of the wikileaks, privacy and security. our phone lines are open. we welcome our listeners and viewers across the country and around the world. for those outside the u.s. -- website,tching on our and send us a tweet or join us on facebook at good sunday morning to you. in onf you are weighing our facebook page and issue of your own privacy. the latest batch of wikileaks and national security. here are a few comments from our website.
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versusks privacy security. if you do not do anything stupid or illegal, you have nothing to worry about. people listen in on my conversations -- they would be extremely bored. and this from francis, is the u.s. the only country being attacked in war by wikileaks? it is a war, isn't it? or is it just that most people will take nor this. send us your comments on our facebook page at --/c-span. the headline on forbes, google and microsoft still waiting for wikileaks to deliver the cia hacking tools. it has been a few weeks -- a few days since julian assange promised to hand over hacker tools to tech giants. that pledge alleged leak of thousands of documents. while it's altruistic -- while its altruistic move should
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protect from cyber attacks, neither company has received those tools. more details available online at this past week, the fbi director traveled to the boston opposite he talked about the threat we are facing. we will get that. country, all of us have a reasonable expectation of privacy in our homes, in our cars, in our devices. it is a vital part of being an american. the government cannot invade our privacy without good reason, reviewable in court. that is the heart of america. but it also means that with good reason revealed in court, the government through law enforcement can invade our private spaces. orderedthe bargain of liberty. the most common example is that
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law enforcement has probable cause to believe that there is evidence of a crime in some you control whether that is your home, safe deposit box or car, law enforcement goes to a judge, makes a showing of probable a warrant.ets and then, law enforcement can search wherever the judge told them they can search and they can seize whatever the judge has said they can seize. they can take it over the judge has permitted them to take. i do not mean to freak you out but this is true -- even our memories are not absolutely private america. any of us can be compelled in appropriate circumstances to say what we remember, what we saw. even our communications with our spouses, our clergy members, and our attorneys are not absolutely private in america. in appropriate circumstances, a judge can compel any of us to testify in court about those private communications. and they are important -- and
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there are important constraints on law enforcement as there should be but there is no such thing as absolute privacy in america. there is no place in america outside of additional reach. that is the bargain. overe made that bargain two centuries ago to achieve two goals -- to achieve the important goal of privacy and security. encryptiondefault changes that bargain. in my view, it shatters the market. host: from boston, the fbi director who met with fbi officials in massachusetts and again, the issue of your own privacy versus security and the latest batch of wikileaks. our phone lines are open. on our facebook page at some of your comments including this one from mike that says the cia is there to protect the state and
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not the people. i see them no different from the cagey b. and jerry says we need privacy and security on the internet. has issued aasse statement saying that julian assange needs to spend the rest of his life in jail. it is important to comment on the leaks. he should spend the rest of his life wearing an orange jumpsuit. he is an enemy of the american people and an ally of vladimir putin. his life work is endangering innocent lives, a betting despots and stoking a crisis of confidence in the west. let us go to rob joining us from new york city. >> good morning and thank you for c-span. for the life of me, i do not understand why our government is not able to ward off and protect techniques that we
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have available to us to sort out and we doubt and find criminals, terrorists, etc.. i am very upset that these leaks have occurred. i would have thought that over the past few years, with all of this leaking going on, wikileaks, whatever, and snowed n, they would have stopped this from falling into the hands of our enemies. host: how should they had done that, rob? >> i am no i.t. expert but you would think you would put the -- itxperts on the case is mind-boggling that we have not put the tech experts on top of tech experts to protect this
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kind of information from falling into the hands of our enemies. i do not mind my privacy being invaded. i am a democrat. i know a lot of republicans might think that democrats automatically side on some liberal notion that all privacy at all costs but when you are talking about the leaking of these kinds of investigation techniques that we can use to stop the bad guys, stop the terrorists -- it is outrageous that we have not put these mechanisms into place to prevent this from happening. host: rob, thank you for your call. join us onweet or facebook. the ranking democrat on the house intelligence committee, congressman adam schiff issued this tweet -- the potus loved wikileaks when they were hurting clinton but hates them now.
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says -- he isr consistent. behind thisge is latest batch of leaked material. speaking via skype, here is what he had to say. there is a lot more information on what has been going on with this program. announce todayto what weer considering think is the best way to proceed and hearing these calls from some of the manufacturers, we have decided to work with them to give them some exclusive access to the additional technical details that we have so that fixes can be developed and pushed out so people can be secured. once this material is us, byvely disarmed by
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removing critical components, we will publish additional details about what has been occurring. host: julian assange speaking to reporters last thursday on the latest from wikileaks. we are talking about security issues in your own privacy. this is clifford joining us from rockingham, north carolina on the independent line. good morning. >> i watching the news on c-span and i agree with most of the should bet think he in an orange jumpsuit for the rest of his life. hurt the security of the united states. i think he has helped russia isr up a lot of bs and it kind of scary that our president felt that wikileaks is a good thing when it was hurting
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-- and clinton but now it shows support for donald trump and i get a little bit andous about donald trump the relationship, let us call it that, that he whacked -- that he has with russia. host: this is a headline from the washington post. exposure of the cia hacking renews- hacking tools the debate over cyber security versus national security. that is what we are asking this sunday when. there is also this article from the slate agassiz. messaging apps like signal. what does that mean? it says the cia and other government agencies can circumvent secity.
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chief lorenzo hall, the technologist at the center for democracy says that kind of bulk surveillance we learned about through edward snowden's revelations is now more difficult to accomplish things to the proliferation of encryption. that story is online at heaven is joining us from woodbridge, virginia. good morning. >> a couple of comments about why this happens. we have to understand that first of all, this is the way -- the way that this works is that top secreto has a security clearances with certain caveats, it is a matter of trust. they call it special trust and confidence. when we have contractors who sign nondisclosure agreements, they are allowed to have access
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to these things and because we do not have a system that overlooks, if i might put it a bunch of have approvals for various things -- that is how these things get leaked. it is because some of these people have various viewpoints were various agendas. aw, we could put in technological solution that would say -- if you want to download these particular types of files, you need to get approval. what that does is in a case where we really have to move fast, we have to wait on approvals and that takes time. and then all of a sudden, the thing that we want to use that for has passed. it comes back to the issue of special trust and confidence in those who use those tools. have a special
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trust and confidence or if they have an agenda, then at that point -- i mean, unless we want to sacrifice speed for security, in the case of a national security event, well, that is what we have. host: what is your background? i was in the military, and i will leave it at that. host: thank you. this is from darrell who says no matter how good you are in tech, there is always someone better. and this from michael -- deliveredprobably has these to the tech companies. good morning. >> thank you for taking my call. i would like to make two points. the problem with the fbi director is 11 days before the election, he had no problem releasing a letter that hurt
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hillary clan -- hillary clinton implying that an indictment was coming against her in the case of anthony weiner. he had no problem making the statement that hurt her campaign. he has been quiet. he knows if donald trump lied or not about calling to say that president obama bugged trump towers and yet he is quiet. hillary it came to clinton, he had no problem opening his mouth then. my other point that i have with the religious right is that when bill clinton lied about monica lewinsky, they were all over him think he was an immoral president and he lies but they had no problem with president trump continuously lying. he lies about president obama wiretapping trump tower. he lies about the crowd size at
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the inauguration. he lies one after the other. and they had the nerve to tell us that we are immoral -- what are we supposed to tell our children when we have a president that makes things up and lies at the drop of a hat. what kind of respectability what we have around the world? host: this is something from the new york times -- what the cia wikileaks dump tells us -- that encryption works. if there is one lesson, it is that data scrambling and encryption works and the interest he should use more of it. -- and the industry should use more of it. cia agents must go to great lengths to circumvent encryption that they cannot break. manypresence is needed in cases to carry out these targeted attacks. if the u.s. government wants to get your data, they can.
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shattering earlier assumptions. this morning from new york back to your calls, the issue of security versus privacy. it from el paso, texas on the republican line. the morning. are all kinds of americans in every institution down, including military, intelligence, law enforcement. if they could sell their mother, they would. that would sell their own country out, should be shot. many of the problems of the intelligence community is with the contractors. do not want to do the polygraph. we have a situation here on the
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border, border patrol agents are being caught taking money from drug dealers, to let people in a passing illegal aliens. they are not able to do the polygraph. now, they are talking about hiring new order patrols and they do not want to do the polygraph again. we do not seem to learn. and the contractors -- they should have gotten rid of them that them. edward snowden, manning, and julian assange -- whoever has done this need to be shot. ont: wikileaks released cachey that massive c of data. against the need to protect national security. that is our focus on this sunday morning. let us go to denny, it joining us from bluefield, west virginia. >> i have a couple of points to
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make. corrupt asi has been far back as anyone can remember and they have been caught law.tedly violating the blackmaileder people and encouraged martin luther king to commit suicide. to keep hime files in power for years the aunt the normal retirement age. they have shot several hundred -- 700 odd people over the years in investigations. the investigate the shootings themselves and low and behold, every single shooting was justified. they never once made a mistake. second point, after 911, they expanded so rapidly into the surveillance zone that if you go to fort meade, the home of the
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nsa, nine out of every 10 employees are now private contractors. and they even subcontracted the process of giving people a security clearance. and the company that did it has since admitted that they were just rubberstamping security clearances. the authorities used to come around and check with your , aghbors, with your bank sure you were a reputable citizen that you endeavor bounced a check. they made really sure before they gave you a security clearance. after 911, they were giving them out like eminem's. &ms. it is no wonder it is leaking like a sieve. john joininggo to us from wayne, illinois on the independent line. what is your take on all of this? >> take some deep breaths and count to 10. i have often wondered for a long
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time how good people and intelligent people succumb to fear and propaganda. whichcan it air at -- called therendt banality of evil. chris hedges said that "they vomited up hitler." just calm down people and thank your lucky stars. host: the wall street journal also writing about this -- here is the headline. authorities question the cia contractors in connection with the wikileaks dump. going back to the earlier color with so many contractors. thatxpectation is that
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could be one lead into this investigation. and there is this from woody that says -- wait until wikileaks releases trump tax records. during the campaign, donald trump said famously -- i love wikileaks. and when sean spicer was asked about it this last week -- you can imagine, he is extremely concerned about this, about these allegations and the potential that something, if this were true, would have on our national security. make no mistake about it -- the president has talked before that anyone who leaks classified information will be held to the highest degree of law. we will go after people and prosecute them. this is playing with our nation's national security. this should not be taken lightly. when it came to the campaign and hillary clinton, the president said -- i love
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wikileaks. >> there is a big difference between disclosing john podesta's gmail account about a back and forth and his undermining of hillary clinton and his thoughts on her of a personal nature and the leaking of classified information. there is a massive difference. occurredutrage that last year i a lot of democrats regarding leaks -- it is interesting that we are not hearing as much outrage. host: that was from sean spicer at the briefing this last week. back to the wall street journal story. they are investigating a small group of private contractors. probing those that may have links to the central intelligence agency. they may have been disgruntled job losses. authorities on thursday questioned a handful of
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contractors working in at least two locations in the virginia suburbs of washington. law enforcement officials saying that no arrests have been made that one person said that it was rapidly unfolding. that is more on the investigation of how all of this happened. we are asking you about your own security and privacy issues as well as national security and what this means for the cia. stella is joining us from worcester, massachusetts. you hear all of this concern about wikileaks, julie massage, and edward snowden and the leaking of this information. i have not heard one word about were hiredhers who exclusively by democrats who have held top security, top security clearances that have been accused of stealing secure government material, data, who have criminal backgrounds who had top security clearances. working for the democrats.
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i have not heard one thing about that on any of these talkshows or any in-depth investigations. these people made over $5 million of taxpayers money. they have gone back to pakistan with not even a care and i would like to know why. host: stella, thank you for the call. and forfor democrats are outside of the united states, we have a line. this is a tweet from one of our regular viewers -- one has to wonder why whistleblowers do not feel safe reporting to our government. perhaps they do not feel safe in in -- in doing so. america is more vulnerable today than ever before. let us go to tom joining us from rutland, vermont on the
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independent line. -- no one would even listen to them if our news media was not lying to us and keeping us in the dark. they treat us like mushrooms. they feed us craft and keep us us crap anded feed us. reuters says cia contractors are likely the source of the latest wikileaks release. julian assange met with reporters via skype on thursday answering questions about what has and and what he what information will be released. has and
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what information will be released. here is more from that event. >> wikileaks has a position on publishing in general. we fight for the rights of publishers to publish and we fight for sources to be protected. it is one of our comparative advantages. otherwise, we do not have a position on particular issues that we are publishing about. in this case, we do have a position. we have a position because these types of cyber weapons are used to attack the communication technology that journalists use to communicate with their sources and with each other. technology used to communicate. julian assange via skype answering questions from reporters and we will get to more of your calls. another viewer said -- if they
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leak out the illegal things that our government do, and the laws do not care if the devil himself did it. another story we want to share with you from the hill newspaper dealing with russia and the investigation into allegations that russia influenced or hacked into material that was used in the 2016 campaign. former ambassadors to russia and diplomats are angered by what they view as a witch hunt. they say the his story a over russia will undermine u.s. interests abroad. a trained nuclear physicist who has served as the russian ambassador since 2008 has been enveloped in controversy since it michael flynn resigned after misleading the vice president about his contacts with the russian envoy. the hill newspaper also says countless supports have surfaced many colored by dark
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insinuations of collusion between the russians and the trump campaign as well as the alleged russian hacking campaign. diplomats worry of russian hysteria. you can read more at the from stone mountain, georgia, latoya is next on the democratic line. attention to the people calling in, the republicans sound really angry have theince when republicans taken up for russia. because they want the presidency? i have never seen this go on like this before. that is why everyone is baffled. but the media needs to keep their eye on russia. this will not go away. first of all, nothing has been leaked about donald trump. doesn't that make you wonder?
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supporters -- the same people that voted for him are the same people receiving government assistance. and if baffles me. let me say something -- do not cut me off. hate was is that if not motivating this all the way back to him saying president obama was not our president. he really played the republicans because he knew he could not win any other way so he lied all of the way. he is draining the swat -- he will drain his supporters also. something big is about to happen and it will not be pretty and the republicans all of it -- they all know it. latoya, thank you for your
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comments. president trump has made a joke of security in america. politico with this story -- trumps mar-a-lago is a heaven for spies. the president relishing the comforts of the mar-a-lago estate for repeated weekends away from washington but officials say it is a security nightmare. while his private club in south florida has been transformed into a fortress of armed guards, bomb sniffing dogs and metal detecting checkpoints, there are still notable vulnerabilities notably the stream of guests that can enter the property without a background check and security experts warned that the commander-in-chief frequent visits afforded an unprecedented opportunity for eavesdropping about theng dossiers
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president's habits. on the republican line from the bronx in new york city, nancy your next. >> good morning. madness but ie think it is too sidetracked as walt donald trump is doing real business. -- while donald trump is doing real business. was ak clinton wikileaks foreign job whereas these leaks with donald trump is an internal job. would think that donald trump needs to clean house and get rid of the obama people whether they are contractors or personal. and then we may go forward. and that is about it. host: nancy, thanks for that
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call. over to jean. to make the comment on something i have not heard discussed. much publichow enterprises are playing ball with the cia. ao knew best buy was actually cia front. take your computer to the geek squad and cia knows everything on your computer. i would argue that while a lot of your big box salespeople in stores are having problems. now we know why best buy is not the cause they are getting money from the cia. a lot of my work is in personal privacy because it is the hottest issue out there. i would not want to be best buy right now. this is a headline from the new york times -- the u.s. attorney in new york, i was
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fired. this was an attorney fired over the weekend. and this tweet -- i did not resign. .oments ago, i was fired attorney ing the new york was the greatest honor of my life. the president-elect had asked him to stay on the job. he refused to resign en masse and so was fired. lucille is joining us from strafford, new hampshire. on the independent line. >> good morning. on everythingng that is happening -- i am 62 years old. i have never seen anything like what is going on in our country right now.
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and this whole security thing with the wikileaks and everything -- technology has changed so much but our administration is doing everything it can to undermine the systems we have had in place for keeping our country secure for decades. have someone in their -- now, we have someone in there who does not want us to know what is going on so they are getting rid of everybody that could possibly have a morsel under. host: thank you for the call. on an issue we will be focusing on with david mcintosh who is for club for growth.
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republicans advance a risky strategy on the health care legislation. at the top of the hour, the president will issue his budget this week but a close eye on what will be coming from the congressional record office, the scoring. the budget committee will market up later this week. expect a vote in the house in the next couple of weeks on health care legislation. this is from new york magazine. taking off of what breitbart has been reporting. breitbart may have just killed trump care. donald trump has been good for the news business and the news business has been good for donald trump that no publication has had more of a mutually beneficial relationship then breitbart. this headline -- seven reasons why obamacare 2.0 is almost guaranteed to impose crushing costs on voters, hurt donald trump's base and hand power back to the democrats.
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more health care debate coming up at 8:00 a.m. eastern time. thank you for getting up an hour earlier as we spring ahead this sunday. seven 30 6 a.m. daylight savings time. gary in atlanta, on the democrat line. >> good morning and thank you for taking my call. i wanted to make a comment about donald trump and about how for years, he used to talk about employment. he said the unemployment rate is not what it is said to be. he said it was 40%. employmentfavorable in and then he said -- no, it is ok because he got it. --that is not a blatant lie how can people still support someone who does that and then turns around and says -- almost two years when barack obama was in office. saysall of a sudden, he
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the employment rate is ok because he is president. the same indicators are there. i do not understand how people cannot see through donald trump. i am a vietnam veteran. i made the statement that if he is elected, i will not stand up for the flag again. host: this is from robert -- russia may have given the cia info to wikileaks. of this week's time magazine with a caricature of the washington monument. donald trump's war on washington is a cover story. trump care and the heartland -- big promises may become a bitter pill. and the cover story -- the cultured life. sylvia is joining us. you are up early, ocean shores, washington state. i figured if i tried calling
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at midnight, i might get through. this is my opinion. i have looked at it and read a lot. anything new has its ups and downs. i have been warning people about the computers since they first came out. when you do not even have any idea of what is going to come down the pike, everyone was saying it is wonderful. it is not safe. privacy forhad any ever. and this is nothing new. everyone is pointing the finger at russia. are we looking for russia to start attacking? is this what we are getting too? it is crazy. i have given up on the whole political -- but i do watch it and i am engaged. i wish i wasn't. i have tried to turn it off but
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knowing what's to listen to you in the real world about any of this so i just wanted to get through once to say hey, you play with your toys, you're getting what you got what you wanted. the government is not able to stop his legs. spies on everyone for ever. host: we are glad to hear from you. thank you for getting up early and joining us. this is from richard rogers -- wikileaks -- they have no idea what they released. the other intelligence agencies make sense of it. the fed and the board of governors -- from forbes magazine -- investors are convinced that another interest-rate hike is around the corner. is expected to raise its benchmark rates.
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a 93 percent chance that rates are kicked up 25 basis points. the last hike was in december. and has charted three rate hikes for 2017. this of mid-and improving labor market and rising inflation. over to lisa in prairie grove, arkansas on the republican line. >> good morning. i wanted to make a statement about this russian spying. lastld like to counter the color. there has been not one shred of evidence of any russian spying taking place. there have been a lot of shreds of evidence of cia leaks. i do not and -- i do not believe anyone is taking this seriously enough that the government is spying on its own citizens. it is an incredible and fraction of trust of the american people. all of this political correctness and the spinning --
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i believe a lot of this has to do with the shadow government that obama is still producing while he is living in washington, d.c. which no other do.ident continued to i believe the problems we are seeing with the protesters, the false leaks about the russians, they are not true. i am quite afraid that one of these days america will wake up , we have- oh my god been lied to by the shadow government. i think people are pushing their political agenda and that is all that is going on to undermine the current president. host: the obama white house indicating that the former president and first lady staying in washington, d.c. so their younger daughter can finish high school and the next year and a half. are you saying that he is here for another reason? >> absolutely. host: this is from joe -- the the nsas showed that
7:43 am
and cia have a life of their own. let us go to larry, joining us from jackson, mississippi on the democrat line. hello. >> i just want to say that i feel like donald trump is doing a lot of flip-flopping and all of his supporters that were behind him -- he is going to show his true colors as time goes on. and he talked about draining the swamp -- i just took this country does not go down the drain. host: on the republican line .rom oklahoma, greg >> happy beautiful day that we have in america. host: we may have a storm here on monday or tuesday. that is the big story here on the east coast. >> i have been listening to the wikileaks staff and i am really uff, and i amst
7:44 am
amazed that what has come out hurt the democrats and hillary in her run for president. troops --has exposed ths about corruption, our bureaucracy and big government. i think you are seeing a movement in america. trump is not a perfect man. wikileaks now exposing more .ntelligence type stuff it is classified and her call but the american people deserve the truth. we have been shuttled over in the next -- in the last two or three decades through the media,
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our government which has grown outrageously. grow millions of dollars of the taxpayers money. we as americans are suffering. health care issues could be resolved with the money we waste to foreign governments. host: rex tillerson will be traveling to south korea and two other parts of asia in his first trip to that part of the world as secretary of state. these stories from the washington post. in south korea, george over the president's ouster and hope for a new era. clara is joining us from
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springfield, illinois on the independent line. our question is focusing on privacy and security in the latest batch of wikileaks material coming out. good morning. >> i wish to make a comment regarding wikileaks. that breitbart is behind all of this. involved withs that outfit so to speak and they do more harm to america than any good. steve bannon is running the ump.try, not tr i can remember as a child that my mother and grandmother used to say that russia would get us from within. and i am beginning to believe that they were correct. i think people better wake up and realize what we have in the white house.
7:47 am
and that is all i have to say. host: from fortune magazine, dumpwikileaks, cia hacking reveals about your own privacy. you can get more details online. -- the popularity of wikileaks proves that some people will believe anything. barron is staying in new york to finish his school at great cost to taxpayers. crickets. jeb joining us from boston. welcome to the conversation on the republican line. >> hello. to victor in bar harbor, maine. we will try one more time for victor. good morning. >> good morning. i just want to say that donald
7:48 am
trump needs to do what kennedy is toing to do and that smash the cia in a million pieces. host: that is your point? ok, thanks. juanita says callers used to share important information but nowadays, it seems the callers only know what they get from the other network. david from pennsylvania. thatjust found a curious the trump administration just started but when they are pushing the new health bill, they say they only have one shot at this. do they know something that we do not know about the other shoe going to drop? that is all i have to say. -- thist me just share is the inside of cq weekly. experiencing -- experimenting
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with the poor. states are preparing to adapt changes in medicaid promised by the trump administration and congress. repealing and replacing the affordable care act will be the focus of a lot of debate this week you're in washington. port saint.6 -- from lucie, florida. talking about privacy and security. bringing up hillary clinton's illegal server in her basement. look at the past administration and you see their falsehoods and how they have an openserver and how much trouble we got into with edward snowden. russia knew exactly what was going on. they were even able to hack in. plans tothat we had no go to syria so they popped into syria. the last administration when it comes to privacy and security. look at the white house. people were running over the
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walls and into the white house with a knife. no security at all. how about the helicopter flying right over the fence and landing in the white house area. never heard of such a thing. look at the secret service. under this administration. caught driving drunk and crashing, driving around the white house. not attending to their job. sex also were caught having with the prostitutes they were investigating. people do not feel safe security wise and internet wise. people have to wake up. and we have to fix this. host: scott joining us on the independent line. this is the have i from the new york daily times. walking tall as the now fired plansttorney is fired and
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to go out as an independent prosecutor. the latest wikileaks dump is a donald trump firing those 80's is a bigger threat to democracy. a couple more minutes with your calls and comments. your security and privacy versus the wikileaks dump and what it means for u.s. national security. market from rock hill, south carolina on the independent line. aboutould like to speak the wikileaks and cia leak and things they are saying on the internet. theve been noticing some of things they have been talking about. i think with the russian hacking , that would be one thing but wikileaks and the cia leaks would be another thing. , whoo'reilly on twitter
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was stating that there was s in the midstitor and then someone named edward snowden came up on twitter. the fbi director did a feature on c-span the other day and it sounded like what he was trying fbi wasas that the going to investigate some of the things that the cia wikileaks stuff that was being leaked out. justnot sure that it was the director saying that. host: we covered that. we will show you again. it runs about two minutes but this is what he told fbi officials in boston. we pulled the full event and it is on our website. his first public comments about what happened. let me first read a couple of comments on our facebook page.
7:53 am
wilkss fm nd-- podheney cts thoba aintriosein up sdogornnt oth waou itls swsheisinhe moatha f ari. the truth saying -- is the truth and the facts are the facts. wikileaks makes a valiant effort to make sure that everything on their site is truthful. fear the truth have something to hide. here is more with the fbi director, james comey. in our great country, all of us have a reasonable expectation of privacy in our homes, in our cars, in our devices. it is a vital part of being an american. the government cannot invade our privacy without good reason, reviewable in court. that is the heart of america. but it also means that with good reason, reviewable in court, the government through law
7:54 am
enforcement can invade our private spaces. orderedthe bargain of liberty. the most common example is that if law enforcement has trouble -- has probable cause to believe that there is evidence of crime lawpace that you control, enforcement goes to a judge and makes a showing of probable cause and gets a warned. and then, law enforcement can search wherever the judge said they can search and can seize whatever the judge told them they can seize. i can take whatever the judge permitted them to take. here is something that i do not need to freak you out with but i think is true -- even our memories are not absolutely private in america. any of us can be compelled in appropriate circumstances to say what we remember, what we saw. with ourcommunications spouses, our clergy members, and our attorneys are not absolutely
7:55 am
private in america. in appropriate circumstances, a judge can compel anyone of us to justify -- to testify in court. there are important constraints on law enforcement as there should be but the general principle -- there is no such thing as absolute privacy in america. there is no place in america outside of judicial reach. that is the bargain. and we made that bargain over two centuries ago to achieve two goals -- the very important goal of privacy and security. encryptiondefault changes that bargain. in my view, it shatters the bargain. the fbi director in boston this past week. the full event is on our website. a couple of comments on the facebook page. wikileaks iss -- not to be trusted. our privacy has been invaded and it is no longer a free country.
7:56 am
katrina says -- i would not believe wikileaks. julian assange is a huge reason why donald trump is where he is. in rock hill,ark south carolina on the independent line. good morning. how about louise? democrats, all they want to do is get on the news and put him down. why don't they spend that energy on trying to help him? host: thank you from kentucky. over to peter joining us from lowell, massachusetts. i would like to talk about the text messages. every text we send they store. when i went to find out about -- iat one of the outlets lost some texts and they said
7:57 am
that i could not get them and that i needed an order from law enforcement. if i send a text, why can i not get my own text back. i have not done a crime. should i not be able to get it -- if law enforcement can get it, how come we cannot get it. host: how much does it worry you? if it is stored, and i have not done a crime, why should i not have access to my own text which i consider my property, my own communication. host: from baton rouge, louisiana -- security versus privacy with regard to wikileaks. >> i feel russia has infiltrated the white house and put everyone in that they want to have in there. for the call. coming up in a moment, we will
7:58 am
turn our attention to the debate on capitol hill over repealing and replacing the affordable care act. joining us is a former member of congress and the head of club for growth. david mcintosh will be here. later from the center for public levine will beie here. and her analysis of the nonprofit formed to handle the president's transition. the president promised to drain the swamp. first, our newsmaker program. our guest is the ranking member of the house financial services committee. among the areas that we talked about is the president's plan to dismantle the consumer commission. here is more of this conversation that was taped last week. centerpiece of the dodd-frank reform is of course the consumer financial protection bureau which they had voted time and time again to
7:59 am
dismantle or change in some way. i expect that it is coming and i think the president in one of his executive orders issued a reviewnt about doing a and analyzing of not only the dodd-frank reform at the financial services issues in general. i expect they will be coming forth with their way of dismantling it or at least getting rid of the consumer financial protection bureau. we will protect that bureau. and we do not think that the director should be fired. he has done a great job. he has been complemented by even those that do not agree with him. he has been on their radar screen and he has been under attack ever since he has been there but we will stand up for him. we believe that the agency should have a single director and not a commission as some are
8:00 am
thinking about. we also think that they should not have to go before the appropriations committee in order to get their funding. we think that these are things that are being dreamed up in order to weaken the consumer financial protection bureau. prior to 2008, when we had the big melt i don't know, we had the recession, consumers in this country really didn't have any agencies looking out for them. the regulatory agencies were supposed to have that as part of their responsibility. but consumers did not have any protection. that's why the consumer financial protection bureau is so important. and not only has he done a good job but he has taken on the the payday lenders, the debt collectors, student loans, automobile dealers who were targeting certain communities, and charging unfair interest rates. so i belie


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