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tv   Chinese Foreign Minister News Conference  CSPAN  March 12, 2017 4:25pm-5:10pm EDT

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think this bill can pass. i think the house should take a positive and try to get a good result before they send it to the senate. >> the congressional budget office is scoring the republican bill to repeal and replace the affordable care act. it could be made public as soon as tomorrow. watch full coverage here on the c-span networks on the debate and markup of the health care bill. minister wang yi held a press conference at the chinese annual legislative ceijdunghiine t andcha lation chinph roe on the un security council. ng now from nbc news -- mr. wa
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been quoted as a politician. but there cannot be competition between china and the united states because both sides will lose and both sides nnot afford that. to secureu propose the overall stability of china-u.s. relations? president trump is leader quite like no other. how confident are you that compromises can be found on the most important challenges that concern both sides? and if i may, what is your impression of rex tillerson? thank you.
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minister wang: this is a very important question. through the intense communications and efforts of both sides, the china-u.s. relationship is developing in a
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positive direction. last month, president she jim thing and president trump had important conversation where they reaffirmed -- president she anding -- president xi president trump had important conversation where they reaffirmed the one china policy. it has set the way for bilateral relations. the two sides are having fruitful conversations on ourizing exchanges between presidents and at other levels and expending all levels of operation. as long as we act on the consensus reached between our , operate on the principle of mutual respect and cooperation, there is no reason that china and the united states cannot become excellent partners.
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>> the importance of china u.s. relations between the two major countries with a global impact is self-evident. preserving and developing the u.s. chinese relationship is in the interest of the two peoples and the expectation of the international community. the joint communique have laid a solid foundation for the u.s. relations. it is very important that we write about two things.
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first, the difference of our social systems. china and the united states have chosen different systems and development tasks. the chinese people have a great confidence in the social system and welcome efforts to build a better united states. in the age of progress and plurality, there are compelling reasons for china and the united states to respect each other. to live together peacefully, and related, development. secondly, we need to rise above the zero sum mentality. china and the united states have a growing set of common interests. the areas we need to work together on far outweigh our differences. in many ways, our interests are closely intertwined, so we should pull our interests rather than building one's success at the expense of the other because it is not possible.
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>> since china and the united states normalized diplomatic relations, the chinese people often say one should be able to stand firm and then reaching 41 should no longer have any one doubts. we hope china and the united states can truly rise above the ideas and open up new horizons and build a more robust and mature relationship as it turns
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40 so that we support the minds of our two peoples and the whole world at ease. [speaking in chinese mandarin] interpreter: recently i sat next to the secretary while we
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were both attending the g 20 ministers meeting and after that we had our first face-to-face meeting. my impression is that he is a good listener and communicator. i hope and believe we can establish a good work relationship to realize the normal development of china u.s. relations. interpreter: if you are to use a few words to sum up the diplomacy since the congress,
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what would they be and why do you choose these words? >> [speaking in chinese mandarin]
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interpreter: since the 18th congress, chinese diplomats have risen to challenges and worked -- broken new ground under the strong leadership of the committee. we have accomplished a great deal and opened a new chapter in major country diplomacy with chinese characteristics. let me try to sum it up with three key words. the first is vision. grasped the trend of the times in the course of street and put forth a series of new ideas and new thinking. he asked for partnerships to replace confrontation with dialogue and alliance with her partnership. then we can build a new type of international relations. on that basis, countries can build a community of shared
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future for all of humankind. new ideas and thinking reject the old concept of alliance and confrontation and rise above the old approach of the zero-sum games. we have distinct chinese characteristics and a major implications for the world. they are the guide to action for chinese diplomats in the new era and will have far-reaching implications for human development and progress. the second key word is initiative. chinese diplomats have worked creatively to secure and advance the countries and peoples interest. we have established a global web of part airships and provided and providedps enabling environments and strategic support for china's development. we have advanced the implementation of the initiative and opened a new chapter in the
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corporation. putting people at the heart of the diplomacy, we have improved the procedures and effectively safeguard the legitimate interest of chinese citizens and businesses a broad. the third key word is consistency. in the face of instability and complex in many parts of the world, we have adhered to the peaceful development in the face of skepticism over the international order in the system. we've called for maintaining it and where necessary, improving it. in the face of the backlash against globalization and a rising protectionism, we have championed multilateralism and openness and inclusiveness. the continuity of china's diplomacy is our responsibility as a large country and it can offset uncertainties in the world and demonstrate the
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confidence and firmness. [speaking chinese mandarin] interpreter: this is the year they will hold the 19th national congress, chinese diplomats will continue to forge ahead guided by the diplomatic thinking of the general secretary. china will continue to be an anchor of international stability and an engine of global growth and a champion of peace and development and a contributor to global governance. >> thank you.
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>> thank you foreign minister. i'm from reuters. the situation on the korean peninsula at the moment is extremely tense. north korea has a contest did missiles this week and the united states now serves that all options are on the table for north korea and in malaysia, the leader was ordered on the merits of using a nerve gas. do they think that there will be a war on the korean peninsula and what is the strategy for preventing the war from breaking out? thank you. >> [speaking chinese mandarin]
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interpreter: tensions are again
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rising on the korean peninsula. on the one hand the dprk has , ignored international opposition and insisted on advancing its nuclear program and launched ballistic missiles in violation of security council resolutions. on the other hand, the u.s. is conducting military exercises of enormous scale and ranking up military pressure. the two sides are like two accelerating trains coming towards each other with neither side willing to give way. the question is are they ready for a head-on collision. our priority now is to flash the red lights and apply the brakes on both trains. >> [speaking chinese mandarin] >> >> interpreter: to
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defuse the crisis on the peninsula, china poses the dprk they suspend the activities in exchange for the large-scale u.s. exercises. this suspension for suspension can help us break out of the security dilemma and bring the parties back to the negotiating table. then we can follow the dual track approach in the peninsula on the one hand and establish a peace mechanism on the other. only by addressing the parties concerned in a synchronized and reciprocal manner can the fundamental solutions be found to lasting peace and stability on the peninsula. china's proposal is fully in keeping with resolutions 2370 and 2321 and the choice to get to the matter to resolve the
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nuclear issue would have to work on both which means not just implementing sanctions but also restarting the talks both of which are set out in the un security council resolutions. >> [speaking chinese mandarin]
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interpreter: the nuclear issue on the peninsula is between the dprk and the united states. china is a next-door neighbor with a relationship with the peninsula, so of course we are indispensable to the resolution of the issue. china has a strong commitment to denuclearize and maintain civility and resolve the issue peacefully. indeed, china has done its best to bring the dprk and the u.s. together to chair the six party talks. we've also made awe also made have carpenter bhushan to
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adopting and implementing the un security council resolutions. in the future, to continue the metaphor, china will continue where we will switch the issue back onto the tracks of making a negotiated settlement and i wish to emphasize nuclear weapons will not bring security. the use of force is no solution. talks deserve another chance and peace is still within our grasp. >> [speaking chinese mandarin] interpreter: some people believe
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that the era of western dominates a nation western dominance nation coming to an end and it is china and the other economies that hold the keys to the future. what is china's position? later this year, china will hold the brics meeting, what do you hope to accomplish? >> [speaking chinese mandarin] interpreter: i watch your show
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almost every night and i hope they will achieve better development. the countries are representative of the emerging economies and over these years they may have risen or fallen and they each face their own set of challenges but as they have put it the brics are like five fingers each with its own strength. but when we come together, we are a fist that can punch as
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long as we stay united at the will not, the brics lose its luster, rather it will , shine ever more brightly. >> [speaking chinese mandarin] interpreter: this year brics
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entered the second decade as the chairman china will work with other countries to plan the future offering and the golden decade of the corporation and provide input for world peace and development. we hope to accomplish for things this year. first, in terms of political and security cooperation we will make full use of the meeting of national security devices to build a consensus for holding a stand-alone foreign ministers meeting and demonstrate the strength of the cooperation to the world. second, in terms of practical cooperation we will fully
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implement the strategy for the economic partnership and enhance policy coordination at the macro level and the development of strategies announce a number of solid corporation initiatives and add ever more substance to the corporation. third in terms of people to people exchange, we will implement the agreement of the leaders and hold a cultural festival, film festival, sports meet and so on to expand all areas of people to people exchange and build a stronger public support for the cooperation. the fourth and very important in terms of the corporation we will explore the modality by holding out each day to get to dialogues with other major developing countries were groups of
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developing countries we hope to hoped to establish a more extensive partnership and widen the circle of friends and turn them into the most successful platform for corporations. >> [speaking chinese mandarin] interpreter: after trump became the u.s. president, the world has made a lot of commentary on russia, china and american relations. do you think anything has changed in the relationship and
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how? >> [speaking chinese mandarin]
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interpreter: i'm sure this question interests many other people. let me tell you at the outset we have great confidence in china and russia relations. we have a comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination, not because it is convenient. it's a strategic decision reached by both sides on the basis of our fundamental interests of relationship has stood the test of international. the china russia relationship is as strong as it has ever been, and our mutual trust has reached historic highs. the relationship will not be affected or weakened by any external factor.
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we will have improvements on russia u.s. relations which will be an important piece of good news for the world. this year the presidents of china and russia will have multiple face-to-face meetings which will take the relationship to new heights. china and russia will improve strategic coordination on international and regional issues and together act as a stabilizer in an otherwise turbulent world. >> [speaking chinese mandarin] interpreter: as for the china
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u.s. russian relationship in the new era, it shouldn't be a seesaw game. the countries should work with each other rather than against each other. we should pursue win-win rather than zero-sum outcomes. we believe that countries can develop a healthy and a positive relationship so that jointly we can fulfill our responsibilities for world peace and development >> [speaking chinese mandarin] >> [speaking chinese mandarin] [speaking chinese mandarin] in 2016 china reestablished diplomatic relations. earlier this year, nigeria
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interpreter: in 2016 china reestablished diplomatic relations. earlier this year, nigeria demanded that the missions remove out of the capital. china hailed the news and the baby leaped it shows the authorities strayed further from the principle and they will have no future. would you talk about that? >> [speaking chinese mandarin] i interpreter there is only one
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: china in the world and taiwan is part of china. this is a fact recognized by the world, an important principle in a series of international documents including un resolution.
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there was no basis on the international law for the region to establish or painting so-called diplomatic relations in any country. seeing such relationships has no legitimacy. shortly they have no future. the taiwan authorities should recognize this major trend. no one and no force can block the eventual end complete unification of china. >> [speaking chinese mandarin]
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interpreter: president trump has adopted an america first approach and the policies are quitepulp of theseare quite isolationist and populist in nature. people say this will hand over an opportunity to assume global leadership. they will work with the
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international community to build a just and equitable new world order so will china step up to the global leadership and what is the view of the existing international system? >> [speaking chinese mandarin]
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interpreter: i think the question comes down to whether china will displace anybody as a global leader and first, china believes in the quality of all countries. we don't just believe some countries should lead other countries. second, the un as the world's most authoritative and equitable organization should effectively play its role of coordinating
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international affairs according to the principles. certainly, rather than talking about leadership, we should really be talking about responsibility. comparatively speaking, large countries have more resources and capability, so they should shoulder more responsibility and make a greater contribution. as a permanent member of the un security council, china will fulfill it's obligations for international peace and security as the second-largest economy china will make it contribution to global growth as the largest developing country china will play an even bigger role in upholding the legitimate rights and interests of our fellow developing countries. thank you. "newsmakers" california lawmaker maxine waters talks about president trump and
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