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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  March 15, 2017 7:00am-8:04am EDT

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larry bus bucshon. accountability in government. ♪ host: good morning, everyone. a democrat from rhode island has told reporters that fbi director comey is likely to tell them today whether the fbi is investigating ties between russia and the campaign of president trump. there is a hearing this afternoon on russia's interference in the election. coverage of that will begin at 2:30 on c-span3. the first two pages of the president's thousand five tax return was leaked to a journalist yesterday. the document was confirmed by a white house -- by the white house in a statement.
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of $100 right off million. we want to get your reaction to that this morning. democrats 202-748-8000. republicans 202-748-8001. independents 202-748-8002. you can join the conversation on twitter at we begin with the new york times in 2005, trump had a right off of $38 million. he had an effective tax rate of 25% according to forms disclosed by richard -- by rachel maddow on her nbc show. he currently saved millions of dollars in taxes that he would have otherwise owed. in usa today, their front page "trump 2005s --
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tax returns leaked" is their headline should most of his -- is their headline. most of his income came from rent and loyalties could $32 million in capital gain. $9.4 million in interest. he claimed $130 million in unspecified business losses. his eye defies -- itemized $17ctions was more than million. what do all of you think about this this morning? this is what the white house had to say -- they confirmed the authenticity of the documents in a statement saying, "you know you are desperate for ratings when you are willing to violate the law by pushing two pages of tax returns over a decade ago."
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" mr. trump paid $38 million even after taking into account large-scale depreciation for construction on an income of -- $150n $150 million." " the dishonest media can focus on this one the president will focus on health care reform for all americans." what is your reaction to learning a little bit more about the president's taxes from 2005? caller: good morning to you. this is a decade old tax reform. there is nothing. president trump has already said that he used the system. he used the system like all the senators and rich people. he does the same. being in this issue now -- we
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are discussing the obamacare issue. we have the german chancellor angela merkel is coming to meet on friday. they want to distract from him doing his job. they are trying their best to overthrow the legislative government of the united states through these leaks. is anotherhe media part of the united states. who gave them the right to leak this information anyway? if somebody has the right to -- taxur tax refor return, then we do not have individual rights in this country. what it tells you is that in 2005, his tax return has now become an issue over the next week. we are living in a leak time. we are not doing our job. that is very sad to me.
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the president will continue, because he is not breaking any law. the washington post this morning, it said that the documents were obtained by pulitzer prize winning journalist david k johnston. they were shared on the rachel maddow show. johnston speculated on the show that these tax returns were leaked by mr. trump himself or someone associated with mr. trump. willis in atlanta, georgia. a democrat. good morning to you. caller: hello. host: good morning, go ahead. caller: i would just like to say that i believe donald trump released the taxes and self so he could distract what is going on with the russia investigation. i do not understand why donald trump would not release his tax returns, because it would clear up a lot of things going on.
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the 2005 taxes do not really mean anything, because they were only two pages. he needs to release more taxes or recent filings so we can find out what is going on with his business ties. -- hedonald trump had not is making a mockery of the government. that he makeshem the united states government look real small. he is making them look real foolish. has tweetedesident out this morning already. he has tweeted his reaction to this news "does anybody really believe that a reporter the one has heard of went to his mailbox and found my tax returns?" news" is what he is saying. they show that the tax -- the vast bulk of the federal income
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in taxes you paid in 2005, three $1 million, was paid under the alternative minimum tax that mr. trump wants to abolish. that turns as a -- it serves as a backstop to the minimum income tax which prevents wealthy americans from paying any income tax at all. without it, he would have paid nearly $2 million in $153employed taxes on million in income in 2005. less than the $38 million that he paid according to the document. michael, a democrat. you are waking up to this news. what do you think? caller: i do not know. i am rather impressed by his tax return. i wish i could make that kind of money. i have been in the alternative minimum income tax loophole before. i have had to pay a lot of money. he is just using our tax code.
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maybe it does need to be changed for the better. host: michael, do you think we need to see more? caller: of course. is af your callers said it decade old -- it is actually 12 years old. i think it is a big distraction. i wanted to make one statement -- i think him calling president obama a bad or sick person in one of his tweets is embarrassing. why does this president that we have now keep embarrassing this country? host: kathy in new york, and independent. go ahead. what you make of these tax documents? caller: the whole thing is nbc. it is their way of continuing to go after the president. everybody recognizes it. we are not dumb. they have been trying to get his income taxes for a long time.
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he is not going to show them, so get over it. he won. they are going to continue and continue with other important things are out there. what about the video of snoop dogg shooting an advertisement for his new song? think the outrage would be about that? host: that is kathy with her thoughts. joanne is a democrat in providence, kentucky. go ahead. yes.r: host: you are on the air. good morning. caller: good morning. i just wanted to make a comment. there is nothing for donald trump -- if there is nothing for donald trump to hide, why doesn't he released his taxes? i think he is just afraid of what might come out. host: thank you, joanne.
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information one the president's taxes. let's go to danielle in michigan. a republican. go ahead. caller: good morning. i just do not care about him and his taxes. the reason i do not care is because that is just how the rich people use the system. they use it to their advantage just like everyone else would. if you could write up so much money, to me it does not matter. news" tod of "fake tell you the truth. host: you do not want to know more about business ties that the trump company has? caller: yes, i do. i was studying on my own. i would not listen to the news, because the news is extremely biased. what we hear on the news is nothing compared to what the
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whistleblowers are saying. they are only giving us a glimpse of what is really happening. so, i am doing independent research. definitely not watch the news for any type of information. host: the washington post notes that trumped taxes were a major point in last year's campaign, and they continued to be a point of major scrutiny for democrats who say they would show whether he has financial relationships with any russian entities. the newly released pages of his 2005 tax return do not disclose his financial ties, but they do seem to relate to the theory that mr. trump avoided paying any federal income in taxes during that period. last fall, the new york times revealed that mr. trump posted a massive loss in 1995 which would have allowed him to avoid paying income taxes for up to 18 years.
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he was able to use those losses as a deduction in 2005. the returns show it did not zero out his tax obligation altogether. he used real estate deductions to pay no income taxes in 1978 and 79. according to come taxes submitted to new jersey regulators. much of the losses came from a deduction offered to real estate developers allowing them to subtract from their income on the basis that buildings depreciate in value over time. this is what donald trump junior had to say on twitter yesterday. i'veo not know much, but -- but if i recall correctly, $38 million is a lot more than zero dollars, right?" host: kenneth from el paso, texas. a democrat.
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welcome to the conversation. go ahead. good morning, kenneth. [inaudible] just like you and i, we have to forms goingtax through the process. he is the president of the united states, and he should have to do his tax forms to show differencese is any with his transactions in russia or whatever. those, buting he has i am saying his tax forms will show a lot of things. however, if he does not show these things, then he is trying
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to hide something. he is trying to simply hide something. host: kenneth, we will leave it there. your kind of breaking up a little bit. connecticut, go ahead. caller: i think we should give him praise to paying 25% as opposed to warren buffett paying 15%. host: i will jump in for a second to say look at this. trump paid a higher tax rate of 25% them. 24%. and comcast paid 13%.e sanders paid higher if the rich pay a percentage, then maybe we would not have the deficit in this country. low taxthere should be incentives for any rich people. vegas, ae in las
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republican. go ahead. caller: good morning. bless donald- god trump. he came just in time to save the republic. he is the richest resident we have ever had. he got that way, because he knows what he is doing. he has had up and downs in his life. he has had failures and successes. it is nobody's business what the tax returns are. it is his business. long as he is following the law and paying what he is supposed to pay -- he needs to get on with running this country, and a lot of people do not like it because of the way he carries himself. he is a man. of a communityrs organizer, we finally got someone in their who tells it like it is. there is no filter between what he wants to stay. he is going to do what he
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promised. i hope he does. he has pretty done 50% of what he promised. host: would you have felt the same way if president obama had not released his tax returns? caller: absolutely. it is nobody's business. it is absolutely nobody business. this man is the richest resident to ever take office. -- president to ever take office. i think the second richest man to ever take office was probably george washington. this was a multibillionaire businessman whose devoting his time now in his twilight years to get this country back on track. it does not mean uniting this country. it means getting this country back on track and where we need to be as americans to save the republic. we would have had another god,rat in office -- oh my
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i just cannot think. his tax returns are his business. i am sure he has attorneys and accountants and everything, and i am sure they are going to dot every t. i said that wrong. host: it is ok. it is very early. 2005 income reported in may call into question his net worth. some say he is worth then $10 billion, that may be overstated. in 2005, he said he was worth more than $5 billion. carl, you are on the air. caller: how would you like to have your tax return released? without the ok with you? host: your point being this is no one's business? caller: it is illegal.
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you folks will not talk about the legality of it. [inaudible] this is getting right down dangerous what people in our government are doing to private citizens. it is absolutely dangerous. host: carl, people would argue -- some would argue that he is running for public office. caller: folks at nbc would argue that, but i would not. , you guys in the not tellingsolutely the truth a lot of times. it is getting very bad. host: carl, the washington post also says that mr. trump current finances are set to face a new test with the coming tax deadline in april.
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he has yet to release his returns pointing to an ongoing audit and his belief that americans do not want to see them. however, a pew research survey showed that 60% of americans feel he has a responsibility to on -- to reveal his returns. all u.s. presidents are automatically audited every year as prescribed by a guideline to the internal revenue service that was put in place for president and vice president since the 1970's. urge treasury secretary steve mnuchin to change that provision. liz, go ahead. what do you think about the news? caller: i think that the two pages we saw on rachel maddow's show did not give us all the details that we needed to know about president trump's business
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entanglements. i do not know exactly how large his corporation is, but evidently he has -- if you just b of connections all over the world. i do not know-- all of it, but i think it is important that he does release them. we need to know. now we have this russian interference with our election, and drip by drip we are learning more about the various connections. the connections his campaign advisers have had with the russians. soopens him up to having many questions that need to be answered. he could easily release his full
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tax returns, and some people are saying maybe 10 years worth, so that we can see them. so we can see where his money is coming from. if he does not have any relationships with russia, as he then what would showing us his full tax returns -- how could that harm him? it could only help him. that is my feeling. we really need to see those in order to best let us get off this russia thing if there is nothing there. but i think, personally, there is something there. however, if you just released released -- if he just his taxes, we would know one way or another and we could proceed from there. his tax returns are creating a from what is going
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on in the government. he does need to release them. host: scott in her link, new hampshire. and independent. go ahead. caller: you keep quoting washington post, but that has become a liberal rag so i do not trust anything they say. second, president trump was a private citizen. he did not get rich as president. off theclinton got rich backs of americans in a public office under out. it is funny now that the democrats want all of these investigations into foreign contacts, but their candidate had the clinton foundation -- of of the craziest webs deceit and lies and corruption. that is all i have to say. it is a bit hypocritical. nebraska, as in republican. charles, go ahead. caller: i would like to see
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somebody go to jail for releasing those tax returns. it is a felony. or half aeast one dozen people should go to jail for doing it. the other thing is, trump did not sell 20% of the united states uranium to russia. i think we ought to stop worrying about trump and russia and start worrying about ill clinton and hillary and russia. she signed off on the sale of uranium to them. that is worse than anything he has ever done. host: charles in nebraska with his thoughts. more news. the front page of the washington times this morning -- president trump revised travel ban is set to go into effect at 12:01 a.m. on her stay. -- thursday. must provide answer to
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a slate of legal questions likely to come on wednesday. to similarorder is washe original order which stopped by a federal judge due to issues of constitutionality. coupledow were scope layoutovisions that waiver programs for anyone who might be affected addresses those concerns. two hearings are scheduled on wednesday in cases brought in maryland and hawaii. there is also this on the front page of the washington times story this morning. trump backed plan breaks all campaign thousand eight this is about health care. the congressional budget office breaks all campaign
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.ows i this is about health care. the congressional budget office released in the report that millions would lose insurance coverage under the new gop plan. we will talk about this with two members of congress -- a republican and democrat -- coming up on the washington journal. , the democrat of california, said that she would had wonnow if clinton the election, but she is sticking around because of president trump winning and the legacy of the health care law. some of the front page stories of the washington times here in washington. also in the papers this morning, the wall street journal has a similar story to the washington times. a snag with its
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own senators. that is related to the health care bill. take a look at the hill's whip list. -- wherelican stand on republicans stand on the new health care bill. there are 20 who are uncertain or unclear in the house. there is one senate republican so far, rand paul, who is in official but there are 20 who are unclear. , jeff flake,ruz lindsey graham, nevada's dean , lisa, james lankford murkowski of alaska.
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pennsylvania as well. all are uncertain or unclear how they would vote on the republican plan to replace the affordable care act. back to your calls on the news of the president's 2005 tax returns being leaked. the first two pages being leaked. he wrote off about $100 million. a tax rate of about 25%. anna, sugar thoughts with us. go ahead. -- share your thoughts with us. go ahead. caller: the tax returns released were from 11 years ago, correct? ago, yes.o 12 years 2005. caller: i had to show my tax returns -- i refinanced it twice. i had to show my tax returns. think he needs to show the
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most up-to-date tax returns. we are not talking about bill and hillary clinton now. we are talking about the president of the united states that showed -- i do not know if terms or if his own someone just found out, but i do think it is ridiculous. he needs to show them. host: charles in lawton, oklahoma. in independent. go ahead. caller: good morning. i love c-span. there is a very good chance that that returned from 2005 was released by donald trump. he could have sent that in in order to cloud the issues that are coming up with his ties to russia. his son-in-law's ties to china. we do not know where his investments are. -- who ispporting him
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supporting him. we need to know that stuff. hopefully, a congressional investigation will get into this and let us see what he is actually doing. host: charles, we noted at the top that the white house is saying the fbi director promised ,o tell the congress senators the appropriate ones, whether there is an investigation into russian ties into the campaign of the president. caller: which is very good. i think it has taken too long. i wish they had got into a quicker. my last comment what the president said during the campaign, how he is going to save medicaid, medicare, social security -- those are all under attack. we can't trust anything he says, but watch what he does.
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thank you. host: thank you. sam in kansas. a democrat. good morning. caller: yes, sir. yes, ma'am. i'm kind of thinking the whole thing about trump and his taxes theust smoke to divert republicans from knowing that trump got into office because the russians helped them out with it and obama -- or the hillary, they just released the information just at the right time to cause doubt for taxpayers to not go that way. as far as his money goes, i've got to say one thing. my brother is in the government. he has said for years that the people that are in charge of the country right now are the corporations and the ones that are in charge, they don't want you to have any rights, they don't want you to make yourself,
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they want you to be a slave. if you want to follow who is in charge, follow the money. host: all right, albert in santa ana, california. good morning. caller: good morning. ok. two words about taxes. thing there was no such as income tax until 1913. there is no constitutional legal requirement for any president or candidate to be president to show income tax, except for the necessity that richard nixon found expedient in 1972. this whole thing is absolutely ridiculous. plus, the taxes the clintons have filed and made public for 18 years or whatever is ridiculous because all of the
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money was hidden in the there is pay for play, as you probably heard about. host: do you think that hillary clinton had to release her taxes when she ran for president? caller: yes. that was the politically expedient thing to do. again, all of their money is hidden in a completely different place, the foundation. host: but for donald trump, when he ran for president and now, he doesn't need to? caller: i don't believe there is a need to. if there is any wrongdoing, which is entirely possible there followed it is to be with a completely different approach. , but this thing about income taxes is totally ridiculous. [indiscernible]
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idea of showing your returns is absolutely baseless. my opinion. host: ok. that is albert in santa ana, california. ispening in washington today a hearing about the conflict in syria before the senate foreign relations committee and we will have coverage of that at 11:00 a.m. eastern on c-span,, and you can listen on c-span radio. that is coming as we mark six years ago this week according to "usa today" that fighting broke out in syria and now the world is engulfed. the hearing today, we will hear from doctors who have been from in -- who have been involved in the situation in syria and they will be testifying about the human toll it is taking in the
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country. that is live at 11:00 a.m. today eastern. it is free. you can listen easily on that. this afternoon, russian interference in world democracies. before the senate judiciary committee. that will be on c-span3 this afternoon, also on the web or you can listen on c-span radio. tonight, the president will be holding a rally in nashville, tennessee, 7:30 p.m. eastern. look for coverage on c-span2 or the website or get the free .-span radio app that is what is happening in washington today. also, the secretary of state rex tillerson is on his first trip overseas. "reuters." in that is happening. he has already left his first stop will be china. that from "reuters."
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barbara in oklahoma. good morning. caller: good morning. yes. everybody is talking about the irs. i used to work for the irs in california. somebody accused her of looking into an old boyfriend's taxes, which see shed -- she said she did not do enter supervisor backs europe, but she was fired, she had to go before congress, they threatened to throw her in jail just on somebody else's, which is in fresno, according to her, it is mostly mexicans working there and a lot of them are illegals and off the street and one black man pulled a knife on a supervisor, they did not fire any of them even though they had done the same thing they accused her of. they were going to send her to jail and she is just a worker
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even though she did not do it. people are saying that the irs this, the irs that. as far as i'm concerned, they need to get rid of the irs and throw them all in jail. host: roseanne in san diego, california. democrat. caller: hi. i just can't believe what anybody trusts donald trump after the last 60 days or whatever it has bn. 60 days of nightmares. but i do hope that the senate or the congress will subpoena his tax returns. they don't need necessarily to be published so that we know, but somebody, especially on the democrat side because republicans are just lapdogs, the democrats will tell us if they find any kind of dishonesty, which i fully expect they will.
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but also whether there are any ties to any other country that would be revealed if he would just release those tax forms. he is obviously hiding something. republicans are happy with him doing that. they don't care. but it is something that the american people should know. we don't need to know the numbers. we need to know if he is a liar or if he is a crook, the winick way back-- nexen was then -- the way richard nixon was way back then. we can rely on the democrats subpoenaing them. host: boca raton. republican line. lauren, you are on the air. caller: hello, hello. that donald trump or any other president should have to release their tax returns. would say that let's let the whistleblowers do their job.
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right now, there are no whistleblowers on illegal dealings of donald trump from the oval office, from where he is as president. there is no whistleblowers. has anybody considered that the man could be completely, completely clean? come on. host: all right. go ahead, lauren. finish your thought. caller: where are the whistleblowers? host: all right. rene. crystal river, florida. independent. caller: good morning. glad to get on. it takes a while to get on here, very busy. we are talking about the president and income tax returns. first of all, we are talking about the president of the united states of america, who was elected to our -- through
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our constitutional method and that is the way i see our president and we need this president. his income tax returns, i'm sure after he's in office for a year, i'm sure he's going to release his income tax for the job he's doing. i can't see why anyone would want someone's income taxes prior to being elected as the president because he was elected and that is the new job that he has taken as president, so i would expect him to release his income taxes after he has worked for a year in that particular job and then we will see what his income tax return is area i would say, the president should. as far as a private citizen, none of us as private citizens are required to give our income taxes to anybody. i'm not sure why anyone would want to expect to any -- expect any person, american citizen, to give up their income tax return
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as a private citizen. i do think we should expect anyone that has run for public office to release their income taxes before they go into that office. but anyway, i think we are going to need this president. if we have nightmares, i have concerns that we've got real problems with these nuclear bombs that are being developed in north korea and we have a lot of enemies in the world, we need this president to protect us. i think we should respect him as a president and he was elected, let's go with that. host: let's take a look at what our audience is saying on twitter. reports 1% of taxpayers actually pay 40%-plus of their income tax, that seems to be true.
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more calls coming up. first, other news. "new york times" -- "court ." inee has web of ties this is about neil gorsuch, the pic for the supreme court.
7:42 am
that is a lengthy story that starts on the front page of the new york times for those of you that are interested. also, the front page of the "washington post." half.ory about senator in viewers know that he has called climate change "the greatest hoax ever." when he was on the floor on c-span2 with a snowball in his hand to make a point. "the washington post" says happy dozen former aides have been hired into top positions at the the chief ofg staff and the deputy chief of staff, scott pruitt.
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tony, atlanta, georgia. democrat. caller: good morning and thank you for taking my call. and i also want to say i really love your show, so i decided to be a first-time caller. this issue around donald trump's tax returns is a big deal. he holds these highest political office in the country and he is really representing our country, so he should share his tax returns. as an want to cite example that i did have a government job at one time and it was a director position. and i had to share my tax returns for the past three years. it was part of the process and it was something i had to do, so i did it. i don't think it is a republican or democratic issue. it is as simple as this. he's the president, he should share his tax returns.
7:44 am
host: so these first two pages are not enough? it shows he did pay taxes. it shows he paid the amount he was legally required. that is not enough for you? noter: well, to me it is the fact that he paid taxes, it is the fact that he needs to share his tax returns for at least the last five years or 10 years or whatever the process is. we are not scrutinizing whether or not he paid taxes. we just need to see what is on there. there could be conflicts of interest, conflicts of issue with another country or a third party. we just need to see it to make sure we have the right person in office who has legitimate tax returns for the past 10 years that we can look at. i just think it is not a big deal to share your tax returns. host: i should mention actually related to that front-page story on the supreme court nominee neil gorsuch that the hearings for mr. gorsuch begin next week, march 20 through wednesday.
7:45 am
it could go longer through the week. look for our coverage of that. we will be in the room of course and bringing you every minute of it as they begin monday with opening statements from the senators and from the nominee. we told you that president trump is headed to tennessee. here is the story in "the washington times." ofwill visit the home admired hero andrew jackson. tombll lay a wreath at his and receive a private tour of his mansion. as the people's president and mr. trump styles himself as a devotee. that is also on the president's agenda today. this is the story in "the washington post."
7:46 am
the white house looks at deep funding -- and united nations funding. voluntary contributions include what is by far the largest amount of assistance to global humanitarian aid programs. the story goes on to say that foreign policy reported that the state department had been directed to seek cuts a 50% -- programs -- program costs. it accounts for less than 1% of federal budget. the state department's budget accounts for less than 1% of the budget, but that the president is looking to cut it up to 37%. thetor lindsey graham said
7:47 am
proposal is "dead on arrival." mitch mcconnell says he is not favor of such akoni and cuts that probably could not -- draconian cuts that probably could not pass the senate. let's hear from dorothy in michigan. good morning. caller: good morning. my comment is that people are so hung up about releasing his taxes, which, like the previous caller had said, when he was a it does noton, that make much difference because people in their private life don't have to disclose that information, but i wanted to say also that during the time the president obama was president, prior to, he had all his records sealed. you could not see his college records. there was nothing out there that was provided. why don't those things be released so we could see what we were dealing with when he was in
7:48 am
office? then you've got hillary clinton and all these other people in the government that have had dealings with russia. at that point, it is no good when you are already in the government and doing it, but donald trump just became president and i don't think russia has anything to do with donald trump and vice versa. have obamaically, unseal his records so we can see about him and that is it for today. host: jay in concord, virginia. independent. caller: thanks for my call. just a couple comments. the first one is i think it is ironic for the highest job in the country, you don't have any sort of background check relative to looking at financial records. if you were to work for any kind of federal job, not only are you initially processed through an fbi background check, which looks at your financial records, even for bankruptcies, to where
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you could at some point be influenced, whether it be a foreign country or whoever, you are also looked at annually. they do background checks annually to verify you are not influenced relative to money. i thinknd thing is that it is sort of a slap in the face at this one arbitrary report comes out it really does not have any bearing on anything other than to give fodder to people to say that he has paid taxes and that he has had some income. trump,ot vote for mr. but i want to give him a chance, but i think he could very easily and a lot of this controversy and taking our country done this rabbit hole if he would go ahead and release whatever is out there and let the chips all as they may. by all ofisheartened the -- on certain things.
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anyway, that is my comment. host: jay in concord, virginia. hawthorne, california. erma. caller: how are you? i think that the president should release his taxes. he is hired by the people of the united states. we pay taxes. we have hired him. i think that there is something wrong, he is a great manipulator, he reminds me of off, peoplemade follow love with a man, but forget about the country. it is the country first. he is being hired by the united states of america, he should be honest and show us that he is not a crook. host: one more thing to note for all of you. will, the federal reserve
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be holding a meeting and after that, janet yellen, the chair will hold a news conference. three things to watch from the federal reserve on wednesday from the "denver post" this morning. and from the associated press. the first is that thing is the state of the economy. the federal reserve will raise interest rates today. that is one of the announcements that the chair will make. dot plot.forecast nand each policymaker offers his or her own anonymous forecast. that is another thing to watch according to this report. and janet yellen's view. she will hold a news conference and she is likely to stress many of the points she has made in recent speeches that while the fed is raising rates, the pace of the increase will likely remain gradual and that rates will still be at historically low levels.
7:52 am
for consumers and businesses, that means that loan rates will remain relatively low. we will have coverage of the news conference. go to for more details. let's hear from diane in patrick springs, virginia. independent. good morning. caller: good morning. my name is diane and i did vote for donald trump and i'm proud of it. what theyt understand are doing to donald trump right now. why did they not do it to obama? he started all this stuff with the obamacare. now he is out of office, now they are putting trump down, they want to fire trump from the white house and it is just not fair, you know? leave it go. give him a chance to run this office for four years. see what happens. if he does not do it in four
7:53 am
years, then we don't have to vote for him again. host: all right, diane. let's hear from ronald in virginia. republican. what do you make of this leaked 2005 tax return? the first two pages. go ahead. caller: good morning, how are you? i would just like to say that i've been to very many presidents, i've seen many people that have been elected to office in this country. i have never seen a president that has went through the trouble and the problems that this man seems to have day in and day out since the day he was elected. . don't think it is fair to him i think he has done a lot for this country for the short period of time that he has been in office. plus the fact he has given up his salary. he does not really need the money. but to give that up and to do the job for nothing and to sit there day after day and do all the what -- hard work that that
7:54 am
man has done, i think that the people in congress, especially the democrats, should be ashamed of themselves. that is about all i have to say. host: all right, ronald. laude is watching and riverview, florida. independent. caller: thanks for taking my call. i think it is a sad day in america when the president of the united states refuses to show his taxes. in addition to that, we know that donald trump is a liar. he said that there are more people on the mall during his inauguration on the that there are 5 million people that voted illegally. there is so much going on with this president. think about it. in the last 50 days of his presidency, we have seen more chaos than we have seen in eight years of president obama. in addition to any other president has never had so much turmoil. with regard to his taxes and his connection to russia, we need to
7:55 am
know. in addition to that, the dossier which came out specifically linked donald trump's finances with russia and his own sons said that money was pouring in from russia. yes, we need to know. our democracy is under attack. donald trump is a liar. we know that for a fact. host: how do you know that for a fact? caller: he said 5 million people voted illegally. where is the proof? he said he was going to put mike pence on the case. for 50 days or however many he has been in office, we have heard no mention of proof. attorney general from every state have even confirmed the that 40 people may have voted illegally throughout the whole nation and he is talking about 5 million people. -- is trump is
7:56 am
deceptive. host: as we heard from probing the russian interference into the election, james comey has indicated privately to senators that he may provide a clearer explanation of the existence of russia related fbi investigation in advance of an anticipated senate hearing today. senator whitehouse said the fbi director made the suggestion during a private sitdown between him and senator lindsey graham on march 2. the meeting occurred the same day jeff sessions announced his recusal from any investigations involving the 2016 campaign.
7:57 am
senator whitehouse and senator graham sit on a judiciary subcommittee looking into this. into it in aing hearing. afternoon wednesday with key foreign-policy experts. we are covering that. look to our coverage, that is that 2:30 this afternoon on c-span3 or on the web . app.can get the radio ross in clarkstown, michigan. caller: i honestly think that this tax release that rachel outow collected -- released , i think that actually help their president. i'm just one of these deplorables. i used to be an independent voter, but after watching the democrats belittle this president like they have and try to run him right into the ground, i just cannot, i just cannot get over it.
7:58 am
i'm one of these deplorables or like nancy pelosi calls us "real people." i think that the release helped him. , bernie sanders paid only 13%. president obama paid only 18.7%. that we 4%. they all paid less for donald trump did. i actually think it helped their president. left democrats, because that is all they are anymore, would jump on the wagon with trump, he is our president, and help this man out. the democratic party, all they are doing right now is out to destroy our country. fromf your callers florida, he is a perfect example of one of the people that want to destroy this country. host: thank you, russ. he is referring to links on the
7:59 am
"drudge report" banner page. he paid a higher tax rate than msnbc, comcast, president obama, and senator sanders. turns on its sister network is another headline. we know that trump paid $38 million on $158 million on virginia, democrat.thispatricin caller: i would like to comment on the tax release, the tax thing. nobody put that out there but the trump people. trump is behind leaking out stuff and every time they get caught with their pants down, they always want to throw out the democratseter from concentrating on what they should be doing.
8:00 am
nobody leaked that but trump people. who cares about 2005? 2015 orto come down to 2016. a 2005 tax lee? that is trump -- tax leak? that is trump. us fromt want to deter what we are supposed to be doing with this. host: we will leave it there. coming up, we will talk to two key members of the house energy and commerce committee or their perspective on what is next for the health care law debate. we will talk with representative gene green of texas. later on, public and congressman larry buchson. it, -- you missed republican congressman larry buchson. in case you missed it, the committee meeting on the marine
8:01 am
nude photo leak scandal. >> it is a serious problem when we have members of our military denigrating female marines who will give their life to this country and the way they have with no response from leadership. your answers today are unsatisfactory. they do not go far enough and i would like to know what you intend to do to the commanders who are responsible for good order and discipline. all of this behavior is in violation of article 120 as so stated. if you are dedicated to fixing the culture of the marines and all the services, what do you plan to do to hold commanders responsible who fail to get this done? >> senator, i understand and
8:02 am
share your concern. -- i wouldware respect that any commander who was aware of something as serious as sexual assault in the chain of command did not do anything, that the chain of command would be held accountable. statistics fory you on that. that of all those individuals who have come forward with allegations of where theault, charges ended up with some sort of process and adjudication, but those are just numbers. as you have rightfully stated, this is a problem with our culture. i am still -- i don't have a good answer for you.
8:03 am
i'm not going to duck around this thing. i am responsible, i am the commandant. i own this. we are going to have to -- you have heard it before. we will have to change how we see ourselves and how we treat each other. that is a lame answer. that is the palestine can tell you right now. we have to change. that is on me. >> washington journal continues. host: joining us from texas, congressman gene green, democrat of that state who sits on the energy and commerce committee. he is the top democrat on the health subcommittee. thank you for being here. guest: glad to be here. host:


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