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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  March 16, 2017 7:00am-8:16am EDT

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on the democrats agenda. also, the federal reserve's decision to raise interest rates . we will talk to reporter howard schneider. host: it's the "washington journal" for march 16. the republican plan for the repeal and replacement of the affordable care act will be the subject of a hearing before the house budget committee. that's going to take place at 10:00. you can see it on c-span2. this is several stories today suggest house leadership and others are working to amend parts of the plan to get more skeptical republicans on board with it. several things happening in regard to the trump administration today. we'll get to those in a moment, but first, we want to get your thoughts on if you believe president trump's claim that the obama administration ordered wire taps on trump tower and the camp during the campaign. it was on television last
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night, that president trump said more information is forthcoming about his allegations, that president obama wire tapped his phone before the election. several members of the house, including the chairman and the ranking member of the intelligence committee, also commented on these claims as well yesterday. for our first hour, we want to get your thoughts on these claims by president trump and what you think of them. if you believe president trump and what he says about the wire tapping claim, 202-748-8000. if you don't believe him, 202-748-8001. and if you're not sure, you can call us at 202-748-8002. you can post your thoughts on @cspanwj. also give us your thoughts on facebook this morning when you go to "washington times" picks up the story from an interview that the president gave last night on fox news when it came to his wire tapping claims. this is the story that he said
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yesterday he didn't mean to suggest that president obama actually tapped his phones, but he insisted "some very interesting items will be coming to back up his claim that the previous administration snooped on him and his campaign." host: again, that enter introduce was on the fox news channel and the president talking about these wire tap claims. here's what the spread -- here's what the president had to say. president trump: i don't want to do anything that's going to violate the strength of an agency. we have enough problems. the c.i.a. was hacked, and a lot of things taken. that was during the obama years. that was not during us. that was during the obama situation. mike pompy is there now doing a fantastic job. but we will be submitting certain things, and i will be
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perhaps speaking about this next week, but it's right now before the committee, and i think i want to leave it at that. tucker: why not wait to tweet about it until you can prove it? you devalue your words when you can't provide evidence. president trump: because the "new york times" wrote about it. not that i respect them, i call them the failing "new york times," but they wrote about it using the word wire tap. tucker: but you're the president. you have the ability to gather all the ed you want. president trump: i do, but frankly, we have a lot right now. i think if you watch -- if you watched what he was talking about, how he mentioned the word wire tap, you would feel confident you could mention the name. he mentioned it. other people have mentioned it. but if you take a look at some of the things written about wire tapping and eavesdropping, and don't forget, when i say wire tap, those words were in quotes. that really covers -- because wire tapping is pretty old-fashioned stuff, but that covers surveillance and many other things. nobody ever talks about the
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fact that it was in quotes, but that's a very important thing. but wire tap covers a lot of different things. i think you're going find some very interesting items coming to the forefront over the next two weeks. host: that's the latest from president trump about these claims of wire tapping by the previous administration. we'll show you more that took place on capitol hill amongst members of the house intelligence committee and other sources, but we want to get your thinking, or at least your thoughts on these claims, and if you believe them, don't believe them, maybe you're not sure. if you are one that believes the president and what he says, 202-748-8000. if you don't believe him, it's 202-748-8001. if you're not sure, 202-748-8002. you can post on twitter. bill king did this morning, and @cspanwj, a tweet, saying outside of trump supporters, he says, nobody believes the wire tapping charges by president trump against president obama. those are the ways that you can
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reach out to us for this hour, as we take a look at this and other things happening within the last 12 to 24 hours, considering the trump administration. chicago, illinois, is where we'll start. connie says she doesn't believe it. hi, connie, go ahead and tell us why. caller: hi, pedro. o, i don't believe it. the only thing i can say positive about trump is that he is consistent, and he consistently lies. we all know that he is the original birtherism creater to. i have to side with bernie sanders that he's a pathological liar. everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie. now you have lawmakers saying that you cannot -- they don't know whether to believe anything he says. no, i don't believe it. president obama has held himself with dignity and respect all throughout his
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eight years of his tenure as president, and here this guy comes along and want to smear and put tar on his reputation, and i find it repulsive. it's revolting. and no, i don't believe donald trump, and i never will. it's a really, really sad day that we have something as low as him sitting in the oval office. thank you for taking my call. host: let's go to jim from georgia, says he believes the president. jim, go ahead. you're on. caller: yeah, i have my own ideas on how he was tapped, according to edward snowden. e n.s.a. has been -- has had ability to wire tap every individual in this country simultaneously, and i don't think that trump tower was any exception. host: so you're basing that on mr. snowden. and what do you think about the charges overall and the president making these charges?
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what do you think he gets from this? caller: well, as far as what he gets from it, he gets his attitude out there that this country is in trouble. i mean, when they're spying on both political parties, it's clear what the d.n.c. and with trump that there are nefarious people behind the scenes that are trying to destroy this country. that pretty well covers that. host: in the "washington times" op-ed section this morning, andrew napolitano, judge napolitano, you probably see him on fox news, makes this argument, saying that president obama and did he spy on president trump, saying in 2016, mr. trump says the surveillance of him took place, mr. obama needed only to ask the n.s.a. for a transcript of mr. trump's telephone conversation to be prepared for the digital versions that the n.s.a. already possessed, because the n.s.a. has the digital version of every telephone call made to, from, and within the u.s. since 205, if mr. obama wanted transcripts
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, the n.s.a. would have been duty-bound to provide them, just as it would have been provided to provide transcripts of mr. obama's calls today if mr. trump wanted them. but if mr. obama did order the n.s.a. to prepare transcripts of mr. trump's conversations last fall under the pretext of national security to find out whether mr. trump was communicating with the russians would have been a good excuse, there would exist somewhere a record of such an order. for that reason, if mr. obama did this, he no doubt used a source in which he'd leave no fingerprints. again, the thoughts from judge napolitano in the "washington times" this morning. you can read them there. let's go to linda from miss miss that she doesn't believe the president. hello, linda, go ahead. caller: no, i don't believe the president. because the first caller took my thunder, stole my thunder. president obama owe bided by the laws and regulations while he was there for eight years. no one had to tap donald trump
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to know that he's a crook. he tells on himself all the ime. all of his cabinets have had contact with russia. and if the body is working, the head knows too. so no, i don't believe president obama tapped it. that might be the guilty conscience of him to know he said and said things he shouldn't have done, and he said that because of paranoia. he's a 70-year-old man that is not going to change his habits, tweeting in the morning. get some sleep, donald. maybe the man needs a rest. host: let's go to kay, new york, also doesn't believe the president. hello, kay. caller: hi. sir, it's so funny what the woman said before, not funny, but she said, the person stole her thunder. yeah, i truly believe, i don't
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believe that president obama wire tapped trump in any way, shape, or form. you know, i believe he's using this to divert, you know, what's on him with russia, and i truly believe, yes, putin has something on donald trump, and, you know, i just don't understand where people come from that, you know, clap when he talks and so on and so forth, you know, because, number one, you know, it's obvious, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know, you know, the man is corrupt. he's not a very good person. anything that seems to come out of his mouth, sir, is a lie. you know, it's just -- he's doing this, sir, to divert from himself. he's very disturbing to me, sir. he's very, very, very
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disturbing. i think something is wrong with him. he wants to, for whatever reason, you know, taint president obama. you know, it's obvious he wants to do and reverse every everything obama has done while he was in office. i just -- truly, sir, no, i don't believe that president obama would do that, and i really don't like donald trump, sir. i don't like him. host: ok. let's go to maria, fresh meadows, new york, says she believes the president. you're next, maria, hi. caller: hi, yes, i do believe that the president is investigating a situation, and that first woman and the woman that just spoke now, i'm very disappointed in the way they speak about our president. he was elected by the people, and that's the way it is. talking about the russian situation and any of these people have listened to the reports coming in from people, different investigators, not trump people, but different
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investigators have come over again and again that the russian situation is closed, there was no connection. i don't know where these people get their information, and i'm very disappointed, because this is our president, and they ought to be ashamed of themselves the way they speak of our president. as far as president obama, for eight years we had to suffer with what he did. we suffered. and we were quiet. we didn't go out picketing. i am an independent, and i'm what isappointed in president obama has done while he was elected as president. host: maria, back to president trump for a president. why specifically believe these claims? what leads you to believe the president is telling the truth? caller: why do i believe him? because president trump accepted the responsibility of being president.
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if you listen to him, he was a very wealthy man. he was living -- he had all the things that he ever needed. he gave that up to be our president and to take our country and put it back where it belongs, to get rid of criminals coming into our country. and i believe him, and he will test this to the bitter end. in the end, we may find that's not exactly obama, and might not be obama himself, it may be somebody in his campaign or, you know, lurking with him. but i believe that he's going to investigate and get down to the bitter end of it and find out what it is. host: that's maria. again, we're asking your thoughts on these wire tapping claims by president trump. if you believe them or don't believe them, or maybe you're not sure, one of the bits of information that came out yesterday, this reported by politico, the f.b.i. director on the topic of the russian investigation next week will
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testify publicly. austin writhes writing, saying he briefed leaders from the senate judiciary committee and the heads of the house intelligence committee announced that he agreed to testify publicly before their panel next week. lindsey graham also held a hearing, in which he pleaded for the f.b.i. to stop stone walling congress on this topic. they say that lawmakers are centering on two questions. they're determined to get answers -- i'm sorry, lawmakers in both chambers are commanding they clear up the president's claim that the former president wire tapped trump tower, and both panels are using their leverage to ensure to get what they want, raising the prospect of issuing subpoenas, mentioning the house intelligence committee was both nunez who n, devin claim out yesterday and specifically talked about these claims by the president and how they feel about them and as far as where they are as believing
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the president, and here's those comments from yesterday. >> that evidence still remains the same, we don't have any evidence that that took place. in fact, i don't believe, just in the last week of time, the week we talked to, i don't think there was an actual tap of trump tower. however, as i expressed last week and remain even more , cerned about this, which one, the people tied to the trump campaign that could have been leaked, similar to general flynn, and secondly, the unmasking of americans' names potentially for political purposes, which we're continuing to ask more about that. i want to join in saying that, to date, i've seen no evidence that supports the claim that president trump made that his predecessor had wire tapped he and his associates at trump
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tower. thus far, we have seen no basis for that whatsoever. we still want the justice department to respond to our letter. we've given them until march 20. we're both willing to use compulsory process if that's necessary, though neither of us, i think, believe that will be necessary. certainly at the open hearing that we have on march 20, we will be asking the director if he has seen any evidence that substantiates the president's claim. it deeply concerns me that the president would make such an accusation without basis, and we think it's in the public interest that this be addressed very openly by the director, and we certainly expect that he will. host: up next, tom, gaithersburg, maryland, says he believes the president. tom, good morning. thanks for waiting. go ahead. caller: good morning, my friend. i do believe the president. i don't understand why there's a controversy about this. the "new york times" reported
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on it on several occasions. one person went on national television and said that the clinton campaign knew about the wire taps. so i don't understand why -- the president isn't making any extraordinary claims that haven't been reported. now, i have a theory on how on why top congressional republicans are saying that there's no evidence. host: ok. caller: if i wanted to do this, and i was a very powerful person in washington, obama or somebody directly beneath him, i would create a special access program, and i would limit the distribution of this material to three or four or five people, and that then, it was also -- and so congress would have no knowledge of this program. it was reported in the "new york times," again, and the "washington post" also reported that obama was leaving "bread crumbs throughout the intelligence community to hinder trump's presidency.
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i cannot even understand the people who are saying that trump is lying, when he is really just repeating what the "new york times," "washington post," and robbie mook, hillary clinton's own campaign manager, ave said either in print or on national television. host: next to new jersey. josephine does not believe the president. hi, josephine. caller: good morning. i know everybody keeps reporting the "new york times" said this, well, i would appreciate it, pedro, if you would read the article, because it never says anything of this sort. the man, i've watched him for over 50 years, and he lies about his wealth. he's only worth $250 million. he lies about the president, where he says he's not a citizen. this man doesn't know the truth if he even stares it in the face. he's a habitual liar.
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and more important, this man is cutting the state department. the state department is the agency that keeps us out of war, so you know what direction he wants to go in, world war three, so long as his sons don't fight, your sons can go and fight, but nobody else. sad. very, very sad that we live in a time. and he idolizes andrew jackson. if he don't know history, please go back and read it. andrew jackson was a failure, and everything he's doing, he's emulating. it's very, very sad. host: ok, josephine, thanks for the call. thanks for the segue as well, as she mentioned the department of -- the state department. and the budget cuts it might see. the president released it yesterday. if you go to our web sited, right at the top of the web page, you can click on the link and get information about the budget that was released by the president yesterday, a skinny budget as it's called, as it only gives the initial information about what he'd
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like to do as far as the various departments are concerned. when it comes to increases that are planned, some of these have already been announced, particular when will it comes to the areas of defense, homeland security, and veterans fairs, $52 billion requested for defense. homeland security, $2.8 billion. veterans affairs, $4.4 billion. those are the major increases. almost every other department seeing a cut. this also by a chart from "the washington post" this morning. the caller mentioned the state department, a 29% potential cut of $10 billion. environmental protection agency , 31% cut. and the list goes on of the various departments the president would like to see cut in the budget, this specifically to programs, also adding that the national arts, chemical safety board, corporation for public broadcasting, united states institute of peace, and others would also see cuts as well. again, that's in "the washington post." there's some more details that we'll share with you during the hour. back to the topic of the wire
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tap claims by the president, if you believe or not believe him. someone who doesn't believe him from minnesota, this is ted, hi. caller: yeah, just wanted to mention, they did release transcripts of the conversation tween flynn and some foreign dignitaries. they also released copies of trump's conversation with the australian prime minister and another foreign leader. so clearly there was surveillance, but i don't think it was wire tapping. i think it was a lot more sophisticated than just surveillance, so that article you just read from, was it "the washington times"? that's probably what's going on. they do keep records of everybody's conversation, including this phone call, and if somebody from the white house called and said, hey, we want to know what ted had to say on c-span, they just bring it up and say here sister is.
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so it's not wire tapping. that's an old-fashioned term. they've got surveillance that's way more sophisticated than that. and if they want to take somebody like trump out, well, they just do it. it's pretty obvious. host: andy from ohio says he believes the president. go ahead. good morning. caller: yes, sir, nobody had to tell me that they did this, that they chose to. mr. trump didn't have to. president trump didn't have to tell me. didn't ral democrats -- have to tell me. i'm 70 years old. i've read the paper. i know what a liberal democrat that smiss they're smarter than the people in this country, they'll do anything. this is a man who wants to build up our self-defense. he's the last person in the united states that the russians ould want to be president.
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highway stupid do they think we are? host: jim see next from maryland. -- jamie is next on on our line from don't believe the president, from maryland. caller: the caller before that, i just wanted to say, i don't think that you have to be in the secret service or anything to understand that our leadership are like puppets. if you have a conversation with a higher level official, especially in places that we have concerns, places like andrureb china, then i think you should automatically assume that your conversations are being monitored. so i don't think that's something that president obama ordered. i just think that the folks that they were talking to were people of concern. like i said, high-level officials in russia. so if you were to pick up the phone and call them, your conversation is going to be monitored. that's not up something that president obama asked for.
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that's something they happened to catch. i think that that's basically it. i don't think that there was anything personal about it, but furthermore, i want to say that trump himself made his own self a person of interest when he said the things that he was saying on the campaign trail, when he was saying that, basically implying that he would like to see grureb after hillary clinton's emails and she was really in there and that kind of thing. the entire world saw trump say that. he might have made his own -- put his own self in the hot seat by making those comments, you know? host: so that's jamie. and here's what we're talking about, asking about the wire tapping claims and if you believe or don't believe them. again, we've set aside the lines this morning. 202-748-8000 if you believe the president. 202-748-8001 if you don't believe him. if you're not sure,
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202-748-8002. even as all this was going on, it was yesterday where the revised travel ban from the white house saw a stay come out from a court after an argument by hawaii's attorney general. the "daily news" reporting it's the ninth circuit court after peels that you probably heard several times during the course of these conversations, also saying they won't reconsider the president's original travel ban, writing that they won't hear the case regarding the original travel ban that the court announced on wednesday. that decision came hours after a revised ban was blocked by a federal judge in hawaii, and last month, it was last month, a three-judge panel from the ninth circuit concluded that the president's initial executive order was likely unconstitutional. the administration withdrew the order, which limited travel from seven muslim-majority countries, substituted it, barring travelers from six muslim-majority nations and suspending the refugee program. and following the broad injunction dense the policy, the president went on the offensive, calling the judges'
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impartiality into question. part of that judgment occurred while the president was traveling last night to that rally in nashville. if you didn't see it, go to our website and you can watch it there. it was during that event with supporters that he responded to the ruling of the hawaii district court judge on the new travel ban. here's the president from yesterday. president trump: moments ago, i learned that a district judge n hawaii -- [boos] part of the much overturned [boost rcuit court -- [and i have to be nice, otherwise i'll get criticized for speaking poorly. about our courts. i'll be criticized by these people, among the most
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dishonest people in the world, . will be criticized i'll be criticized by them for speaking harshly about our courts. i would never want to do that. a judge has just blocked our executive order on travel and refuse scombreeze coming into our country from certain countries. the order he blocked was a watered down version of the first order. that was also blocked by another judge and should have never been blocked to start ith. this new order was tailored to
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he dictates of the ninth circuit, in my opinion flawed uling. , an is the opinion of many unprecedented judicial overreach. host: again, several times the president mentioned the ninth district court, including the court after peels. if you go to the court of appeals website for the ninth district, it gives you a map of some of the states that are included, hawaii and alaska included, while california and many of the western states. again, you go to the court after peels website, you can find that. by the way, if you're interested in learning more about the ninth district, the house judiciary committee holds a hearing concerning redistricting of that court, how it works, how it operates. and if you're interested in learning more, you can see that live today, 10:00 on c-span3, also view it at and listen to it on our c-span
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radio app. back to the president's wire tapping claims. will free brooklyn, new york, says he -- willie from brooklyn, new york, says he doesn't believe the president. willie, you're on. caller: yes, i don't believe that, because why are we going to waste our time tapping somebody that only worries about themselves, you understand what i'm saying? and for president obama to do that, i just don't understand that. it's a waste of time. host: so when you say worried about himself, expand on that. what do you mean by that? caller: ok, trump is for trump. that's what i mean. ok? that's what i mean. that's how i feel. i'm from new york. trump is for trump. i don't know about anybody else, but that's how i see it. host: ok, let's go to kay in finley, ohio, also doesn't believe the president. kay, you're next, hi. caller: hi. totally agree with the last gentleman. trump is all about himself. he is never wrong. don't believe the wire tap
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story. he just likes to bait and switch subjects. any time something comes up that is against him or against his ideas, he's got to bring something else up to change the subject. like right now, some of this was about the russian stuff, some about the healthcare bill. because he knows it's going to benefit the rich. it's going to be unfair to poor people and older people. just when people need to get more help when they get older, they want to take more away from them. so he changes the subject like he always does and makes it so -- makes it seem like he's the one that's being hurt, or he's the one that's done against. well, that's not right. it makes you wonder where he gets all his information at. the one lady said people should support him because he won. well, he didn't get the popular vote. and why should you support him when all he's been wanting to
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do is take away regulation, stuff from the pefment a. that's going hurt lakes and rivers. what about his own grandchildren, my grandchildren? what are they going to grow up to with rivers and scomplakes stuff? they can't even go to them or have clean drinking water, because all the regulations he wants to change the e.p.a. healthcare laws, he wants to change all that and make it where, you know, it benefits the rich. they're going to get tax breaks on stuff because oh, they really need it. host: ok. paul, clearwater, florida, says he believes the president, hi. caller: hello and thank you for taking my call. i appreciate it. you know, i'm a republican, and i voted for trump. and the people that are against the tapping, it's the credibility, who has more credibility? president obama or president trump? people that voted for trump are going to believe trump and people that voted for president obama, they're going to vote --
7:32 am
they're going say that it wasn't tapped. but if we listen to the president of the united states, he said in a couple of weeks he's got some evidence. you know, he's the president. he's going make a statement, a false statement. host: so you're -- paul, you're saying that he has credibility on this issue. caller: what's that? host: you're saying that president trump has credibility on this issue. caller: yes. scommoip you're basing that on? you're off. let's go to joseph, charleston, south carolina, also believes the president. hi, joseph, good morning. caller: well, pedro, let me clarify. i don't have an option here, but i'm on the fence, and here's why. have you ever heard of the aumm resolution, the authorized use of military force resolution. it was passeded under bush under 9/11. a lot of people aren't aware of it. it gives the president, whatever president, doesn't
7:33 am
matter, democrat or republican, quite a bit of latitude and exercise of certain powers during war. now, we can say we're at war with afghanistan, or war in afghanistan right now. now, the president can do a lot of things, including wire taps, which, as you know now, nobody has to go out and perform a physical act to conduct the wire tap. it includes monitoring surveillance and the interception of any kind of communications. so, the justification possibly would be that trump has a relationship with putin and russia. general nicholson, our commander in the region, in afghanistan, has already stated that russia is trying to undermine our efforts there, which would lend itself to the fact that russia is tied to terrorism against the united states. it's possible that president obama would have interpreted that as justification to onitor trump's communications.
7:34 am
therefore, a warrant would not exist, so nobody can find a warrant. now, i don't know if this will reveal itself, and i don't even know if he actually did it, but it's quite possible, a distinct possibility under the aumf resolution. i personally feel, if it happened, a deep throat will reveal himself one stay tell us a story. but it is a possibility under the resolution, i think. host: what do you think about the president making the claim in the first place? caller: well, let me tell you something. i'm an independent, pedro. i think he's way overusing twitter. i think he's a knee-jerk reaction president. he doesn't get his brain in gear before he lets his mouth run. i do wish he would cease use of twitter so much. but once he makes a statement, you know, he's got a big ego, and you know that. we all know that. he's not going to withdraw it.
7:35 am
it's going to take a lot to make him say, hey, i made a mistake. we all know that, i don't care if you're republican or democrat. we know that. host: ok. let's move on to larry. memphis, tennessee, says he doesn't believe the president. good morning, larry. caller: good morning. let me tell you why. he waited inside, to get inside, and they showed -- host: larry, go ahead. you're on. caller: they actually showed the people outside, it was only people outside protesting. this man is a serial liar. if anybody believe him, there's something wrong with him. like he said, if he shoots somebody in new york, his people would still vote for him. he told the truth about that. these republicans believe whatever this man says. have a nice day. host: that's larry. he is also commenting on these claims by the president, the current president, about wire tapping by the previous
7:36 am
administration, getting your thoughts on if you believe or don't believe it. it's 202-748-8000 if you believe it. 202-748-8001 if you don't believe it. the viewer who called before said he's on the fence. we have a line to help you with that, too, if you're not sure, 202-748-8002. you can let us know those thoughts. issues of healthcare, specifically the replacement plan by the republicans, repeal and replace the affordable care act. it was written this morning, changes to this plan need to happen in order to attract the interest or support of skeptical republicans. he did not t -- receive his previous comments, calling it a binear choice for republican lawmakers, so now
7:37 am
that we have our score we can make necessary improvements and refinement to the bill, referring to the estimate on the effect of the number of those covered by health insurance and what the g.o.p. proposal will cost. he also adds that -- typically 218 votes are needed to pass in the house, but five pending vacancies have reduce that had threshold. no democrats are expected to support the bill, and with 237 republican party leaders can afford no more than 21 defections. they will whip it, and they will find 40 nos and another 30 or 40 undecideds. that was representative mark meadows, republican of north carolina, chairman of the hard-right house freedom caucus, who has called for changes to mollify conservatives. all that said, the house budget committee today meeting on the proposed plan by the republicans. now they will have a c.b.o. score as well as part of this consideration as well. they meet today to look at this
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, in light of the c.b.o. numbers, that's at 10:00 this morning. you can see it live, c-span2. go to for more information and our radio app, if up to the see the latest back and forth on where republicans are when it comes to the healthcare proposal that was released. that's the place to do it, and that's the hearing to watch. carl, chicago, illinois, says he doesn't believe the president. you're next, hi. caller: yeah, hi, pedro. look, let's get straight to the chase. donald trump is a pathological liar. probably 80% or more of what he says you can easily demonstrate it's not true. i know a lot of people believe him, but i've listened to a lot of people who said they believe him, and what you find is they want to be lied to. even when they explain it to themselves, they say, well, he didn't mean it literally, but i just like the way he said it. they don't believe a lot of it their own self, but they want to be lied to.
7:39 am
but this guy is just a -- he lies for no reason. and i mean, you can demonstrate this. like i said, a lot of what he says, you can find other times where he's in the opposite direction. he's just a liar. we need to just quit, is he telling the truth? no, he's just lying. accept it. hey, this guy is an outright liar, thank you. host: burbank, california, on our believe line. you're next, hi. caller: hi, how are you? host: fine, thanks. caller: i absolutely believe trump, and i thank god for donald trump. and you know what? i have a question. i'm third-generation new yorker, and i wish these people would stop speaking for me, because we are fed up with what's going on in this country, and this country is going to hell in a hand basket because of the corruption and
7:40 am
the deceitfulness and the lies and the money manipulation that the democrats have been doing for years and years. kobe and hillary clinton and -- whole democratic party obama and hillary clinton and the whole democratic party, i wouldn't put it past him for trying to run him, ruin the presidency. and i have one question for the democrats. why do they never talk about our borders? why do they never talk about the drugs in this country? why do they never talk about the welfare system, how corrupt and deceitful most of the people are that are on welfare. host: so back to the wire tapping claim. so you're saying specifically why you believe -- telus why you believe donald trump specifically. caller: why do i believe it? who else would have the power to do what they are doing and to expose the things that they are exposing that nobody else
7:41 am
would know about unless it was somebody very powerful that could do these things and expose things that shouldn't be exposed as far as the white house is concerned? and also trump tower. this is something that has to be done by somebody very powerful, and obama was doing a lot, a lot of terrible things just before he got out of office. $150 billion giving to the oinians, all the tarmac, linton, and the other one, meeting on the tarmac in the plane. all this stuff was being done. host: one more thing. to your thinking, what do you say about republicans who are distancing themselves from the president's claim, including, you heard yesterday from the top republican on the intelligence committee kind of questioning this, as well as the ranking member democrat as well. caller: i have a question to your news media, too. i have a question for all you reporters. why are you so against donald
7:42 am
trump trying to bring back america and make america safe and make america prosperous and to be -- and to look to the american people to have good healthcare and to have better scols, and why is the media so against that? i really to want hear that. why are you against borders? why are you against not bringing manufacturing back to this country? host: ok, we'll go on. marcus, laurel, maryland, says he doesn't believe the president. good morning. caller: good morning. how are you doing? host: fine, thank you. caller: thank you for c-span. i really appreciate you guys' programming. no, i do not believe donald trump. it's absolutely ridiculous. this is what it is. when he tweeted at i think 6:45 in the morning that i just found out that president obama had my wires tapped at trump
7:43 am
tower, people have to understand, if he doesn't actually mean wire tapping, then what does he actually mean? he didn't mean that president obama himself went in and did the wire tapping, yes, of course not. but do they think that he now understands that, as a president, that he only now understands that conversations could be digitized and transcripts of those could be provides, because if he just found out, that's a whole lot he didn't know in his 70 years of being in america. so if they take him literally, they take him literally, if they don't take him literally that she means he just found out a whole bunch of stuff that he was supposed to have already known. and one guy's point about the last caller, why is the media against trump? it's not that. it's not that most people are just against trump, he happens to have a personality that most people don't like, most people don't agree with, most people didn't vote for.
7:44 am
most of america would not want america to be ran by donald trump. but yeah, he is a pathological liar, and no, it didn't happen, or else he would have already had the information and would not have to be an investigation. host: let's go next to new york, shawn, calling in on our line for those who aren't sure. hello. caller: good morning, pedro. how are you? host: fine, thanks. caller: well, we're done digging out up here, i think, got over two foot of snow, but we're a hardy bunch. host: so you've had a lot of time to think about this topic, i suppose. caller: well, yeah, between going out and shoveling, yeah. host: what do you think about these claims? caller: i think they're definitely possible. i mean, i would say the wire tap word may be, i'd say is a blanket for surveillance, and we all know we're being surveiled from time to time. i mean, it's just part of the times now, because we have to
7:45 am
watch out for terrorism. so i think it's definitely possible, and i would lean more toward that it is possible, that it did happen he was surveiled, or maybe the trump tower could have been surveiled possibly. i think everybody just needs to calm down and let the investigations go through. and if the president does have some proof, which did he say on tucker carlson, that some stuff may be coming out in the next couple of weeks, we should all just sit back and wait and see hat comes out. you know, and just also another comment, pedro, i would just like to say, i would assume a lot of the callers are from the democratic party are liberals, you know, just relax a little bit, give this president a chance. host: ok. we'll go next to senator lindsey graham, one of the people commenting on the topic of wire tapping and related topics as well. here he is from yesterday. >> i just want to let the
7:46 am
american people know that this subcommittee, with support of the chairman and the ranking committee, that we're going to get an answer to whether or not the trump campaign was surveiled, was a warrant ever requested, was one issued, and i hope to be able to answer the question, is there an active investigation on the criminal side of the trump campaign regarding ties to russia. the director of national intelligence said a couple of weeks ago that he had no evidence of collaboration between the trump campaign and russia. but the best way to find out is to have people in charge today with that responsibility to tell us. and we're going to get there. i don't know how we get there, but we're going to get there together. we're going to do it as republicans and democrats. we got a ranking member and a chairman to support us. host: next is darren from illinois. go ahead, you're on. caller: yeah, no, i absolutely do not believe donald trump's
7:47 am
allegations against president obama. he's been lying throughout his whole campaign, covering things p. he haven't been honest. he's just not -- i believe the worst thing tt therican people did was vote for donald trump. host: gay in texas, says she believes the president. tell us why, gay. caller: well, why not? i mean, you had watergate. and that was a long time ago. and there are two reporters talking been 20 years about how they have found that there is proof, and they work for the a.p.
7:48 am
and i am so sick of everyone, if you were to call president obama, obama, or barack, and accuse him of being all of these names that they're calling the president donald trump, then they would be in trouble. host: so, gay, to the wire tapping, you brought up watergate, but specifically the case of these claims by the president. what makes you believe him? caller: because i just have a very good instinct about people. and i honestly believe that he is telling the truth. there is something to it. there wouldn't be so much information being leaked out, so many people's names being out there. and i believe these two reporters that have been working on this and investigating it. they've been reporters for 20 years each.
7:49 am
one of them is john solomon. and i really honestly believe that they're telling the truth. ot like the other reporters. he is our president. host: that's kay from texas. we mentioned budget matters before, taking a look at the budget that was released yesterday. this is reported on the hill, saying the president will ask congress for $1.5 billion this year to begin work on the wall that he promised to build along the u.s.-mexico border. it's part of a $30 billion supplemental spending request that's being sent to lawmakers on thursday, according to the white house budget director. the request could trigger a fierce partisan showdown over the controversial wall proposal, as well as the president's broader efforts to
7:50 am
crack down on illegal immigration. now, that $1.5 billion is going to be outside the other budget requests, saying the hill story also reporting that the president is going to ask for $2.6 billion in funding in his fiscal 2018 budget. that's also being released today. and document is the president's top line budget for next year, doesn't include projections over a decade, and the full funding request for the wall could come as early as may when the president releases his broader budget proposal. again, if you want to take a look at the initial budget that was put out there, go to our website at we've included a link that you can click and kind of take a look at the president's thinkingn what he nts fund and what he wants to cut. agai is where you do that. gary from ohio doesn't believe the president. good morning. caller: hello. host: hi, go ahead. caller: hi, pedro. thank you for c-span. i just want to say that we have
7:51 am
all these departments, you've got the d.o.j., the d.o.i., the f.b.i., the c.i.a., and you have all these other spinoffs from their departments, and nobody can find no evidence of hat donald trump claims. another thing, as far as the healthcare bill, that's just smoke and screens. they're not going to repeal obamacare, they're just going to make it better. the bill they've got doesn't even have anything to repair obamacare. and as far as donald trump being president, people should have stepped back and watched him on the campaign trail. you can't believe nothing that he says. he's been proven a liar over and over. just yesterday he was quoting that he read it in the "time" magazine that he was being wire tapped and that it was told to him the day before he became president, so i would just like to say that anybody that
7:52 am
believes that man needs to think twice, and if this would have been another president, like barack obama, they would already had impeachments against him. thank you. host: let's hear next from henry, south carolina, says he's not sure. caller: yes, good morning, pedro and america. the reason i say that i am unsure, because this administration has tried to make it to the pointf where people don't know what to believe. people that say they believe donald trump, when he has people talking about alternative trues, which is nothing more than a sin nism for lies -- a synonym for lies, and to me, president obama has more integrity and moral values in his pinkie finger fingernail that donald trump has in his whole body. we mustn't forget that even when president obama was president, now-donald trump was talking about how he had investigators over in hawaii,
7:53 am
and you just wait, you just wait, they're finding fantastic stuff, unbelievable what they're finding, and nothing came out of it, nothing at all came out of it. and so this didn't start since he became president. it's been way back. and as the previous caller said, if america had its eyes open, they would see this stuff, and instead of us being wrapped up now investigating a lie, an alternative truth, what need to be investigating is the truth, which is russia hacking, which is calling, causing the institution, the very fiber core of this nation, to disintegrate. america is losing its greatness right in the face of this lie of let's make america great again. and people won't admit it. if you watch trump's audience especially here in the south, i'm from south carolina, and it's basically just full of white people. and i'm not saying that in a negative way, but i'm just going, he feeds into that
7:54 am
psyche of let's take our country back. from who? host: ok, that's henry in south carolina, bringing up the topic of hacking and russia. yesterday, it was two russians charged when it came to hacking yahoo!. kevin johnson, jessica writing that the four men face 47 criminal charges, including computer fraud and economic espionage. it's the first time the u.s. government issued criminal charges against russian officials for cyberhacks, and the two officers of russia's federal security service, known as the f.s.b., allegedly paid hacks to break into yahoo!'s system as part of an intelligence collection operation and tli pockets of fall, according to federal prosecutors. the acting assistant attorney general making the announcement yesterday. that's "usa today" writing about it. there's also a story that you can find in "usa today," taking a look at why the country, russia, outsources its spy work to hackers. this is elizabeth white writing
7:55 am
in the pages this morning, aying that -- host: let's go to mike, california, says he believes the president. go ahead, mike. caller: yes, good morning. thank you, c-span, and good morning, america. i absolutely believe our great president trump is telling the truth.
7:56 am
people just can't stand it that he won, and they need to get over it. they're coming up with every little picky thing to pick on our president, trying to pull him apart, and see what they can find. that's our media. our media has been crooked since walter cronkite, and that's a fact. but the problem is, with the democrats, they know the jig is up. and they're going to be found out about their insider trading, and they don't want to audit the federal reserve board. host: so back to the president's claims. what do you base your belief on, that it's the president telling the truth? what do you base that on? caller: well, number one, he said give me two weeks, we're investigating it, everybody, hold back, bite your tongue, and let's -- let me prove to you what's going on. i mean, everybody -- well, i shouldn't say everybody. half the country knows obama is the most corrupt president we've ever had.
7:57 am
i thought jimmy carter was bad. but, you know, he took over from ford. ford took over from nixon, who started the e.p.a. he was corrupt. jimmy carter was corrupt. and obama, i can't believe this guy is getting away with what he's doing. host: ok. mike in china lake, he brought up the e.p.a. that's one of the agencies that might see cuts under the president's proposed budget, the state department could sustain cuts. and it was the secretary of state, while traveling in asia, taking a look and talking about the state department and the cuts that could come, saying he said today the department's current spending quonet was not sustainable, and he willingly accepted the challenge that trump has driven him, cutting a quarter of his agency's budget. the president's budget for the fiscal year on october 1 will cut 28% of the budget for u.s. diplomacy and foreign aid.
7:58 am
speaking in tokyo at the start of a trip to asia focused on the threat from north korea, secretary tillerson defended the cuts as a necessary correction to "historically high" budget that had grown to address conflicts abroad in which the united states was engaged, as well as disaster aid. host: reuters reporting that this morning. we'll flare douglas, texas, for those who believe the president. douglas, go ahead. caller: yes, sir, thank you for taking my call. i'd like to piggyback on what mike says. i think he was pretty much spot on. i'd like add a couple of things really quick. i do believe that something happened there, and let's give him a chance to come up with the information that he has in a couple of weeks. but i want to make a couple of quick comments, and that is all of these callers that don't
7:59 am
believe that he's been wire every single one of them has called him a liar. this is a constant talking point, a constant accusation of calling donald trump a liar. he's a liar, he's a liar, over and over again. and i don't think that's wise. it's not a good way to win an argument. it's childish, name calling. and i would like to say one more thing is that matthew watters has given a very bad example for argument to be calling. i won't even mention the names that's used, but it's very foul word that's used to call donald trump a name. host: ok, let's go to ray, connecticut, says he doesn't believe the president. hi, ray, go ahead. caller: yes, good morning. thank you for taking my call. a first-time caller, long-time listener, and it's programs like c-span that, you know, and your coverage that really is getting to the heart of why i wanted to take a little
8:00 am
different tack. i wanted to talk about henry in south carolina. i thought his comments were spot on. obamak that president should take a play from trump's playbook and sue him for libel and defamion. i think that that would be something that is in keeping with his profile as a person. 's, that is. finally, i believe that president trump is clearly the least intellectual or i should say the most intellectually challenged president that we have ever had. you can listen to a lot of his
8:01 am
callers, the ones calling in for most of can clearly -- them probably have not achieved in eighth grade reading level, much like president trump himself. host: let's move to jane in port orchard, washington. good morning. i'm not sure. i listen. i try to discern. i listen to both sides. i threw those who call trumpet pathological liar. know't know if they even what a dictionary definition of a pathological liar is. i think maybe they parrot what somebody else said. everybody begins to jump on the bandwagon and say pathological liar when they don't even know the definition of it. on the other side, i can see people who believe everything. they are wanting to believe so much because there is such a desire for hope to save this country, as myself too, being 74
8:02 am
years old. i want to believe he is telling the truth. sometimes, i can hear statements of exaggeration or uncertainty, so i tried to listen to all of it and then come to a conclusion. i believe we have to give the man a chance. i give obama a chance, i give sh a chance, i voted all three ways. i voted independent, democrat, republican. i had hopes of seeing the country revived again. some of these big terms like "make america great again," i think people are hoping for that. that term came out of that thinking. i think we have to give him a chance. ofhas only been a couple months. let's not titled demographic call logical dust pathological liar.
8:03 am
-- him a pathological liar. why do we just observe meanwhile and be an american citizen and don't look at black and don't look at white and don't look at hispanic? he is our president. thank god. i believe he is going to be doing good. s tont him a couple buck help out. host: the front page of the "washington post." a below the fold story taking a look at actions going on in syria. saying that the military has drawn up early plants that would deploy up to 1000 more troops into northern syria in the coming weeks. that is according to u.s. defense officials according to the matter. ,he deployment, if approved will potentially double the number of u.s. troops in syria and police -- increase the
8:04 am
possibility for direct u.s. .nvolvement in the conflict days gave the pentagon 30 to prepare a new counter-isis plan. kim from iowa. you are next calling on the line for those a don't believe the president in the matter of wiretapping. caller: no, i don't believe him. -- going to put it as pathological liar. obama did a great job. he is not our president no more. trump is our president. i don't understand why he has to come to the american people and fib all the time?
8:05 am
it is ridiculous. he needs to grow up. with the mainstream media, i enjoy it. , watch nbc, c-span, and cnn and they are telling the truth. fox, i don't care because they have some conservative reporters starting to do the alternative facts too. to all of the callers and the voters that voted for trump, he is prying -- trying to put everyone in a senile stage. he broke every law. ourn't see how he is still president. all of the laws he has broken dealing with russia, the iran deal, the money with china. it is not right. kim from iowa.
8:06 am
a lot of things happening even in the last 24 hours news-wise. constant discussions between republicans amongst themselves about the gop replacement plan for the affordable care act. place inhose taking hearings, including the house budget committee. it play out for yourself at 10:00 this morning. ,ou can watch it on c-span2 this markup of the budget by the budget committee. you can watch also on and c-span radio. wendell from michigan believes the president. wendell from michigan? hello? let's go to ray. he is in stafford, virginia. he says he doesn't believe the president. caller: good morning.
8:07 am
here -- ifresident you accuse someone without any , we are spending all this money, no evidence , no one even far looks at the legality of this. he is setting a precedent that is just the base. he is not providing of the evidence -- any evidence. you think that you have the evidence and then y turn around and say, wait two weeks, and then you turn around and there is still no information after two and a half weeks. people can get mad and call him a liar, but we knew this when he
8:08 am
was a campaign. he stated he had this big plan on how to defeat isis and he will chair the plan because he does not want no one to steal it and then all of a sudden, a couple weeks ago, i've asked my top generals to come up with a plan. this guy has constantly chon -- shown that he cannot be trusted. to follow him blindly without questioning anything he does is ridiculous, it is crazy. host: let's go to aussie in harrisburg, pennsylvania, says he is not sure. caller: not sure that donald trump is capable of telling the truth and he is unqualified to be president of the united states of america. have show the american people -- sold the american people down the river. for a few russian rubles, they
8:09 am
have been acting in concert with the russians prior to this election. be manifested in these hearings that will start on e th of this month. they he all acted in concert with the russians, the greater good of the russians. acted and committed treason, punishable by prison or death. host: joe says he believes the president. caller: good morning. the truth is a obama is a liar, he was against cops, he let people out of guantanamo bay. executive orders and he lied about the health care. come on, people. host: why do you believe president trump about his claims? caller: well why would i believe obama about the russians?
8:10 am
he tried to rig it up to say the russians did it, who is the real liar here? obama destroyed the country, destroyed it. nevermind, just executive orders alone. look at all the cops getting killed. give me a break. cassandra on our line for those who don't believe the president. cassandra from colorado? hi there. ok, i think we are having a connection problem. in chesapeake,x virginia. hello, max. caller: hello. i actually called on the line that i do not believe the president because for the little fact that he made the claim, but you've also got counterclaims by the dni, who would have known,
8:11 am
by the gang of eight, by the fbi director. numbers, we have a number of counterclaims of credible people in the public trust who have records of telling the truth and public service. i believe them. brian is next in bel air, maryland. caller: good morning. how are you doing? host: fine, thank you. caller: yes, i do believe president trump. administration has been dirty from the get-go, underhanded, they did a lot of bad deals. , they releasedl proners om guantánamo bay. the people that wanted to kill americans and hurt this country. that lead to believe president trump when he says he was wiretapped? caller: when you have loretta lynch, head of the department of justice, doing meet and greets
8:12 am
on the airfield, that screams it , that is just like the proof of the administration and how they work. on top of it, i get tired and take it personal, people don't know me, they get on the air and accuse me of different things and the one caller that said we are not educated are smart enough to know better, which is totally false. i get so sick of hearing that narrative. it is all they go for. aboutmocratic party is character assassination and if that don't work, they start screaming racism, which is totally untrue. host: that is brian in bel air, maryland. two guests joining us, to members of congress. conversation will start with tom garrett from virginia. he will talk about health care,
8:13 am
the status of the bill by the republicans. similar conversations will take place with mark pocan of wisconsin. those conversations coming up when "washington journal" continues. ♪ >> this weekend on "american history tv" on american history "realturday night on america" we look back to 1987 anthe confirmation heangs for judgrobert bork. >> judge bork is wrong on civil rights, wrong on equal rights for women, wrong on the right to privacy, wrong on freedom of speech. president reagan is wrong to try to put him on the supreme court. record p.m. six eastern on american artifacts,
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we will visit the national world war i museum in kansas city, missouri. >> when the museum was being constructed, the city and congressional leaders went to the u.s. congress and asked for this to be designated as the national museum. because of the scope of the collection, the significance among other museums in the world , congress designated in 2004 the museum as the national museum. >> 6:30, historian catherine quentin -- >> following her retirement from the army in 1865, she returned from her home in the finger lakes region of upstate new york , where she settled into the role of activist, philanthropist. for aid andd funds benefits. remained active in women's suffrage and other important reform crusades. >> for a complete schedule, go to
8:15 am
sunday night on "afterwords." the history and science behind body fat in the book "the secret life of fat." she is interviewed by the medical reporter for "the new york times." >> your brain sets what your weight is. does it change as you get older? >> it is almost a force of nature that we seem to accumulate more fat, a great many of us. , the fat busting hormones decline with age. testosterone levels decline with age. in both women and men, we have less of it as we age. you can't really eat what you did when you were 22. that big plate of food will make you fat as you get older. it is not just the level, it is


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