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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  March 18, 2017 7:00am-8:04am EDT

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atlantic council sean minor about rex tillerson's upcoming visit to china. communicator ashley mitchell talks about pre-k charter schools. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016]] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ♪ host: good morning. it's saturday, march 18, 2017. and on todd's "washington journal," the headline focus on the first official meeting between president donald trump and german chancellor angela merkel. while they speak of the common bond between their countries, their join appearance on the white house yesterday was also marked by some awkward moments between president trump and chancellor merkel marking their difference on both policy matters and style. an exchange between president trump and a reporter also heightened tensions between the u.s. and great britain after president trump declined to back down from a claim that
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intelligent officials aided president obama in wiretapping trump tower, a claim british officials deny. we are asking viewers on your thought between president trump and chancellor merkel. democrats can call 202-748-8000. republicans, 202-748-8001. and i-n-t's can call -- independents can call 202-748-8002. you can also reef us on social media, on twitter at and on facebook at on "the washington post" front page, president trump unproven allegations that predecessor lays a new path of political disruption friday as he dragged two foreign allies into his increasingly then argument that he is right. standing next to german
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chancellor merkel, trump declined to express regret or the accusation he tweeted nearly two weeks ago despite some of the highest ranking members of his own party saying they have not seen evidence of any such wiretapping occurred and trump passed on the opportunity to reject a fox news report that british intelligence agency aided in that effort. let's start off by looking at the member of the german press asking president trump a question yesterday about media relations. reporter: so how dangerous do you think this isolation policy is what was the import terrorist that he plans and also was the fact that he doesn't think the e.u. doesn't deal with the e.u. in a very respectful way and then mr. president, don't you think this is going to weaken the european union and why scared off diversity in the news and in the media that you speak
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so often of fake news and that things that cannot be proven that you have been wire tapped by mr. obama? president trump: nice friendly reporter. first of all, i don't believe in an isolationist policy but i also think a policy of trade should be a fair policy and the united states has been treated very unfairly by many countries over the years and that's going to stop. but i'm not an isolationist but i'm a free trader and also a fair trader. you look at the deficits that scombeff you look at all of the accumulation of debt, we're a very powerful country, we're a very strong country. we will soon be at a level that we perhaps have never been at before. our military is going to be strengthened. it's been depleted. but i am a trader.
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i am a trader that wants to see good for everybody worldwide but i'm not an ice lacist by any stretch of the imagination. i don't know what newspaper you're reading but that would be an example of as you say, fake news. host: and there were moments of fremont and praise between the two leaders yesterday as shown in this report from a german newspaper. it says donald trump and angela merkel make nice, sort of. but it points out that there was praise given by both sides. says president trump praise and vows to continue that german-america partnership and the value it rests on. he declares his support in nato and he lauded germany's apprenticeship model and expressed his hope to bring some of those foils the u.s. for the
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benefits of american workers and he grease as merkel did state to participate in the g-20 meeting even though he generally prefers bilateral talks to multi-lateral one. merkel expressed not just that she understands one of president trump's seams that american-european allies should pay more for their own defense but that berlin was doing something about it and ready to increase its military outlays. rom democtic ng f line. hi, dennis. caller: oh, well i'll start off with when trump said that somebody on fox news was the one hat put out that report. -- about the white house, trump towers being bugged because fox news as already issued a statement that they didn't have anybody on there to say anything at all about that. which is one lie that he told today.
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and companies moving back into the united states, i want him to let us know every time a company move back into this country, he got this country on a fear, scaring people thinking the military wasn't no good and everything in this country was bad. everything was terrible. started off the first thing they asked him was that mexicos are rapists and murderers. so he got a lot of preng white people to support him that was head of obama -- hated obama and was so glad to see obama go. they started all those walls and spend all that money and obama did not start that war in iraq. his name happens to be george bush. that's who spend all those trillions of dollars when y'all keep talking about the deficit. host: ok. we have rob calling in from new york. rob, what are your thoughts about the meeti between chancellor merkel and presint
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trum caller: hey, good morning. thank you for c-span. host: good morning. caller: you know i am a democrat but i agree with that -- with president trump that thai nato should pay its fair share of the defense of europe. and i agree with what trump said but i think as far as fair trade is concerned, he needs to stand up to china and japan. you know, there's a way out and i think that there's a way out of this mess that i don't hear anybody really get in too much. the mess that we have $20 trillion in mess and i think the wealthy people have a lock on low taxes and i don't think that middle class and working class can -- and i wish you would do a program.
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we need to self-impose a gas tax of $1 gallon, $2 gallon as an emergency fund. maybe even on stock trades, $1 a trade, $2 a trade or more. maybe $100 per automobile sold, an emergency fund to go -- money that -- and not a vat tafpblgs tax. ed to keep our people need to speak about addressing the financial emergency that is $20 zprl come up with a concrete plan. i think we need to put taxes. the middle class needs to tax ourselves and it needs to go down to pay down the $20 trillion. host: ok. you mentioned nato and president trump's repeated request that nato members pay their fair share. let's take a look at what he
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said about that yesterday. president trump: i reiterate you to chancellor merkel. my strong support for nato as well as the need for our nato allies to pay their fair share for the cost of defense. many nations owe vast sums of money from past years and it is very unfair to the united states. these nations must pay what they owe. during our meeting, i thanked chancellor merkel for the german government's commitment to increase defense spending and work towards contributing at least 2% of g.d.p. i want to thank the chancellor for her leadership in supporting nato and its efforts in afghanistan. this has come at significant cost including the lives of over 50 german soldiers who sacrifice -- whose sacrifice we greatly
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honor. host: larry is from la mesa, california. what was your thought? caller: i thought the meeting was informative. it shows that donald trump is not connected with the rest of the world. he seems to be on a tangent and destiny is trouble. it seems that he should be more analytical instead of producing these off-the-wall words. he produces things out of his mouth that don't really make sense and he repeats himself. he needs to be more decisive and more like a president instead of somebody who bids on contracts the world would be a much better place. thank you. host: ok. derrick is calling in from randaltown, maryland on our democratic line. good morning, derrick. caller: good morning. donald trump is a vain, self-centered, habitual liar who
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has a serious disease. if you lived in a decide you had a disease he has, you would call it he has diarrhea of the mouth. he talks too much. he has no idea what he's saying. he has more enemies than he can possibly manage -- imagine. this guy is probably hated by every race and religion in this untry except for the evangelicals and they aren't even a legitimate religion. thank you. host: ok. and we are talking about yesterday's first official meeting between fed cup and german chancellor merkel. democrats can call 202-748-8000. republicans, 202-748-8001. nd independents, 202-748-8002. a little bit more from "the guardian," the take of the british paper on the ongoing
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situation with the white house claims of wiretapping. it says the white house reveals a leader willing to alienate allies to stay safe says the extraordinary public review by the united states closest surveillance partner has revealed an emerging characteristic of donald trump's white house ax willingness to antagonize even its allies instead of admitting error. gchq intimately linked with a national security agency has taken public exception to an allegation repeated from the white house podium that is true would probably shatter the intelligence alliance so dear to washington and london. -- host: ron calling in from
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memphis, tennessee on our independent lin good morning, ron. caller: thank you. talking about president trump and the way he -- he wouldn't even check -- shake merkel's hands on germany. the way he carries himself and the way the -- is a disgrace. how can anybody look at this and see that it's a positive sign when he's doing stuff like -- he's acting like a spoiled child. he got his children and on-in-law standing back. it's like a joke. it's like this whole thing that's going on with the administration is a joke so far.
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like we're going to start a war or go to war with north korea. we are going to send people into a country that we know nothing about. you would think -- we got to stand back and think about this before we go with something like his. the comments about allies, it baffles me. host: ok. caller: it kind of worries me. but i appreciate you taking my call. host: tim is calling from columbus, ohio, on our republican line. tim, what did you think about yesterday's meeting? caller: i thought the things donald trump said about the meeting and the conversation with president merkel were woerful. and in fact,reat support of nato. and it is true that most of the members of nato don't pay their fair share. the same as most of the members of the united nations don't pay their fair share.
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the united states has been footing the bill for most of these countries for many years. now i keep hearing about how he is upsetting our allies. well upsetting our allies is on we did to israel, the surrounded europe by radical islamist terrorists that want to overthrow israel and condemn it. and that's just one ally. he reinforced the -- our friendship with great britain right off the bat. and all of -- see, we turned our back on our allies. now we're rebuilding our relationships with them. now -- and the unfair trade with other countries. that should stop. it's time for fairness in america. and america used to be a leader.
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it's time to lead again. and i think this foreign policy is the best i've seen in the la 20 years since ronald reagan. i think that trump makes sense. the only people who don't are the people that watch cnn. because -- look at brazil. caught red-handed and fired for what she did. and then turned around and made head of the d.n.c. which shortly after that her e-mails on wick leaks got -- caused her to tend her resonation there. - resignation there. host: let's look at the handshake when president trump didn't respond, according to "u.s.a. today," amid the chaos
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of president trump and germany chancellor angela merkel's first meeting on friday. a request was made. photographers wondered if the world leaders would change hand. merkel turned to trump. do you want a handshake? trump didn't respond. and then merkel made a face, sort of one of the awkward moment between one of the two as they pose for a photo op amid meeting yesterday for the first time. tim's calling from alabama on our democratic line. good morning, tim. caller: good morning. host: and what did you think about yesterday's meeting? caller: well, i thought some of it on the news and what i saw was angela merkel and donald trump sitting in the chair in front of the cameraman and he sat there with his hands clasped
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together. and he wouldn't even shake her hand. he never looked at her. he never acknowledged her. insultingght that was and disrespectful. and you're doing something like that in front of all the cameras with all the news people watching and other countries and leaders from around the world and this is supposed to be, you know, your ally that you are acting in this way like a child. and then the other comment -- the other thing that i saw was some was questioned by german reporter and he -- he had the nerve to include the british government of wiretapping trump towers. -- which is another one of our
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allies. and the guy is not wrapped right upstairs. and there's something seriously wrong with him. host: ok. all right. here is a call from our republican line from jackson, florida. good morning. caller: the people criticizing president um don't realize e wants to protect america from illegals. plus the last thing i want to say, the ones that say he's racist and all that, 93% to 94% of the black people voted for barack obama. to me, they could be say racism also. thank you. host: and a little more from the "new york times" about the meeting between angela merkel and president trump on the issue of immigration. it says that mr. trump did not mention his executive order banning travel from six predominantly muslim countries.
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he did say immigration is a privilege, not a right in the safety of our citizens must always come first without question. ms. merkel offered a vision of what she called open-minded globalization. refugees needed opportunities to improve their lives in part to stabilize their countries and prevent them from sliding into civil war. she extoled freedom of movement as one of the great strengths of the european union. germany's success was tied to the success of the european union. - host: kenny is calling from st. thomas virgin islands on our independent le. good morning, kenny. caller: good mning. how are you? >> i'm good. what are your oughts about yesterday's meeting with the german chancellor at the white house?
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caller: the president, president trump seems like he was in another world. no interest. he didn't show any respect to the german chancellor. you know? host: and what would you have liked to see the president say or what issues would you have ike to see him focused on? caller: well more about nato because even some of the people do not pay a lot of their countries, allies of nato's, they lost lives during the gulf war. that was unnecessary, started by bush, president bush. you know, these people, these untries lost soldiers even though you do not pay up your full share of the money. your soldiers lost life. who is going to compensate these
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countries for the loss of lives? for holding the americans back? by going to war with the u.s.a.? i don't understand if you know where i'm coming from. host: ok. lissette is calling in on our democratic line. what did you think about yesterday's meeting? caller: well, i do apologize. i only saw snippets of it and i did hear a lot but i've been paying attention to trump for quite a while now. and i don't know what business school he went to but apparently, it's not the one that i did because everything that i learned in business school is not what he's saying. yesterday what i did get to see though, i don't know what has happened to diplomacy.
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a simple cordial smile would have gone a long way. i would have liked him to extend his hand in a gracious manner as to show her he was happy that she was there even though there may not be things that they agree on. smiling always helps. we've always been the country that, you know, is open armed and hi, we're glad you're here. we're going to make sure you have a nice day and we'll talk about whatever we need to. even if there's disagreements, but it was just literally like he could care less and i can't believe he continues to go on games laming rants and dish mean, that's so childish. i can't believe somebody hasn't actually really let him have it because i just wonder what all of my teachers would be thinking right now, watching him. you don't blame people. you just -- a good leader takes
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responsibility even if it's not his fault. he could have handled all of that and smoothed it over. but i don't know where he's going with the way his behavior s. host: let's watch a reporter about his twitter habits. reporter: what is your take on it? are there other suspects or do you think it was a mistake to blame british intelligence for are there y the way, from time to time 2003 -- tweets that you regret president trump: very seldom. reporter: ok. president trump: probably wouldn't be here right now. very sell do. we have a tremendous group of people that listen and i can get around the media when the media
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doesn't tell the truth. so i like that. as far as wiretapping, i guess this past administration, at least we have something in common, perhaps. [laughter] and just to finish your question , we said nothing. l we did was quote a certain very talented legal mind who was the one responsible for saying that on television. i didn't make an opinion on it. that was a statement made by a very talented lawyer on fox. and so you shouldn't be talking to me. you should be talking to fox. host: and according to the "new york times" on friday, fox news forced to disavow the statement by that legal analyst. said fox news cannot confirm the judge's commentary. the anchor shepherd smith said
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on the air. fox news does not know that the president of the united states of america was surveiled at any time. sharon from kingston, illinois on our republican line. good morning, sharon. caller: hi. i don't think anybody cares about that wiretapping stuff or other russian stuff they've been hearing about. people are too worried about what's going on on their own lives. only rich people who have nothing to worry about worry about that kind of stuff. people are too busy working to pay off their insurance money and everything. but i think if president trump was friendly to merkel, i think it would have, you know, it would have been kind of phony and i think it would have scared the american people, you know, people would have think that he's turning into a rhino. you know, there with the other stand up he has to
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because he doesn't want to turn into germany or ance. i don't think it's prejudice or anything to -- you want to protect yourself when you see what's happening in germany, it's really scary. nice that angela merkel tries to let people in and feed people and everybody wants to do that kind of stuff. but it's just too dangerous when you're not looking out for your own people. the white culture's there that having their nazi guilty -- guilt or whatever or white guilt scares angela merkel. but everything having to do with the nazis was just not a few people. probably hundreds of people. everything that went on with germany has nothing to do with
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the common personal your normal everyday person. it's nice and kind and will help anybody but when you mix cultures, it's not really a prejudice thing because cultures are different. every culture is kind of prejudges another culture because they're afraid and they're different and once you get to know specific people doesn't mean everybody is harmful but you have to look at it in a broadway. i don't think -- host: ok. jacqueline's calling in from heightstown, new jersey on our new jersey line. what did you think about yesterday's meeting between president trump and chancellor merkel? caller: good morning. i have to apologize for my voice. i'm getting over a flu. and thank you for c-span. i've been watching you for almost 15, 20 years. i thought -- saw snippets of it. it was really embarrassing.
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it just goes back to show that he's really unfit and unqualified to be president. the very word presidential, having manners, knowing how you should be a host. whatever your personal an mist towards chancellor merkel, for those who keep saying president merkel, it's chancellor merkel. you are representing the united states and all of its people and when you display the lack of civility, not acknowledging her presence, his to the body language but he respects women. but beyond that, everything that he's doing is just a shell game, smoking mirrors. he rode into the white house on this birther thing where the president wasn't really a citizen, used that for five years even after the birth certificate was produced. so for people who keep saying they have discounted everything he said, there's no evidence.
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he should give it up. he'll never give it up. that's not what he dums he's going to double down. double down, double down, double down. when are articles of impeachment's going to be drawn up? at the very least, you smear a president, you smear the first black president, now you're accusing our allies, united kingdom of illegal activities. they should censure him. there should be some sort of retribution for this. host: ok. let's take a look at the "new york times," again, with more details abou yesterday's meeting between chancellor merkel and president trump. it said world apart on style and policy. mr. trump and ms. merkel made a show of working together as they sit side by side in the east room, the white house that they could not disguise the gulf that separates them on trade, immigration and a host of other thorny issues. well people are diskets ms. merkel said when asked to
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chancellor merkel: let me look back into the past. we, the germans owe a lot to the united states of me, particularly with regards to the economic rise of germany. this was primarily due to the help through the marshall plan. we were also able to regain immunity after decades of the united states standing up for this together with other allies. and standing by our side during the period of the cold war. and we are very gratified to know that today we can live in peace and freedom and a unified country due to that. so i was gratified to know that the president underlined how important he thinks nato is. nato is of prime important for us and it was not without very good reason that we said during our summit meeting in wales that also germany needs to increase expenditure we committed to the
7:39 am
2% goal until 2024. last year, we increased our defense spending by 8% and we're going to work together again and again on this. host: and edwards calling from washington, d.c. in our democratic line. caller: i am very embarrassed by our president of the united states of america. but i want to say this, c-span. you are doing a beautiful job on that program and i thank you very for that. and sten, i speak german anish- and the thi is, angela merkel is a classy lady. the thing is, she's the head of the european union and she's done a beautiful job in germany and she outclassed donald trump. he didn't even shake her hand
7:40 am
nd she has a ph.d. in physics. and she's chancellor and outclassed this man. he didn't want to shake her hand. and i have also a ph.d. and i .tudied in germany also i was an african-american scientist. one of the only scientist in germany and she said to hillary clinton, she would be the only one right now facing vladimir putin and had she been elected, she would have been the only president in the western world facing vladimir putin. she is a classy person and i'm very much ashamed at this p. i'm going to work the rest of my life to see that this man does not get another term in the white house. thank you very much. you keep on doing a good job.
7:41 am
you're doing a beautiful job. host: thank you. and we have neata calling i from charleston, tnks onur republican line. good morning. caller: good morning. i want to say i don't understand why he did not shake ms. merkel's hand during the press conference. did he shake it earlier when he met her? president trump is refreshing to me because he is not ashamed to tand up for america. we have been so client with leaders of other countries for sheers. and now it's time to put america first. i am in my 6. i'm retired. and -- 60's and i'm retired. and i want to say that for once, i have hoped during the past 10 years or so that my grandchild will have a future that is
7:42 am
bright, that is sunny, that is one that he will be rewarded for his hard work. and my hope is because of the stand that president trump has taken with the world view and putting america first. i was at the rally when he came to nashville. i stood for five hours on concrete. and when i got into the arena, there were still thousands and thousands. i would estimate at least 10 waiting in line to get in but it was full. i was one of the last ones to get in. we love president trump. there are so many americans that love to see this refreshing man. thank you so much for letting me speak today. host: all right. and from eureka, california, williams' calling on our democratic line. what are your thoughts, william? caller: yes, good morning, everybody. i joined the basket of
7:43 am
deplorables. i am a democrat and i was embarrassed yesterday. i'm still for donald trump. he is our president, but he was so embarraing yesterday. and everyone listen. what you're missing the whole point. you're mission everything that's going on in his head. what's going on in his head is he did not get person of the year on "time" magazine and he's sitting right next to her. that is what was bugging him and i know imtill the day i die. that is all that was on his mind. he's sitting next to the person of the year of "time" magazine. he wanted himself to be that person. host: ok. and in some other headlines today from "politico," it says that reince priebus's talk with the f.b.i. aptos have broken white house rules. reince priebus requests that the
7:44 am
f.b.i. refute a report with russian intelligence aptos have violated the white house policy restricting political intending an investigation according to a conomy of the -- copy of the policy. e policy says -- host: ronny is calling from sohern pines, north carolina on our independent line. good morning, ronny. caller: good morning. thanks for taking my call. i just want to say i am amazed that this is even a topic that everybody's harping about whether he shook her, hand and how everybody is so embarrassed
7:45 am
when he didn't shake her hand. led her into the building. i watched later on as he moved into the building. he was very courteous. just because he refused to bow down to some photographers wanting a handshake. he did what he had to do and that's fine. i don't know why this is such a big deal. but i lived in germany for 21 years. i speak the language fluently. i have friends who are like family there. i went and visited two years ago. they're not the average everyday german are not happy with chancellor merkel of what she's done to their country. so making her the leader of the free world and making us to be world d or third class citizens is just news people hyping things up. concentrate on what he's been doing instead of spending the whole morning talking about
7:46 am
whether he shook her hand or not. host: on the massachusetts line is robert. caller: good morning. thank you for c-span. i'm calling to say that the party line is kill democracy in this country. people cannot see that donald trump is really acting like a guy who is not representing this country. and people are talking he's -- look at what he's doing. what is this guy doing what he's telling our former president did this to him and do not apologize ? this is a guy that is feeding white supremacy that the jewish places are being vandalized. this is a guy who does not -- all he cares about is greed. and people got to stop the party line because somebody called earlier talking about when obama was president, people vote 93%
7:47 am
vote for obama. of course. as black americans, we never had a president. people are not -- i think people re looking at trump is a immigrate, he's against minority and a lot of people watch the president, they like that. please, why don't we look at a country that should be run properly, a guy who does not act as a sick mind and he's making a lot of people sick and the white supremacy love the way he acts. if obama ever act like that, they would say this guy is unqualified but trump is ok. please, get off the party line and look at this country. thank you. host: and then some other headlines. george conway, the husband of kellyanne conway senior white house official is eyed for job as a justice department according of the "wall street journal." george conway, the husband of kellyanne conway is set to be
7:48 am
nominated to run the justice department's civil department. the position would put him at the forefront of defending the controversial executive order on immigration and fighting other lawsuits against the trump administration. mr. conway, a partner at the wall street firm -- host: jenny is on the line calling from farmington, new mexico on our repubcan ne. good morning, jenny. caller: good morning. how are you? host: i am good. and what are your thoughts about yesterday's bilateral meeting with chancellor merkel and president trump? caller: well, i have to agree with several people. i agree with a lady earlier who said yes, he greeted her very
7:49 am
cordially. he was smiling. he was happy to meet her finally face-to-face and that's one thing that she made the statement that things are different whenever you are face-to-face. you know, sometimes we don't realize exactly what's going on in some people's -- what's going on in the inner circle because they know so much more about what's happening in our world than we do. and i personally think that we are -- some people are very hard on president trump and was calling him earlier very unpresidential. but they forget about how obama whenever the prime minister from israel came over, they knew exactly when he was appearing. they knew he was there at the white house. they left him sitting in an office for two hours while him and michelle went upstairs and had dinner. now to me, that's called very unpresidential, especially when they knew that he was coming. and so, you know, i just kind of
7:50 am
feel like we forget. and i am so proud that we have a president now who is standing up for the american people. i mean, every time president obama would go overseas, he would talk about how horrible we were. and i'm excited that we now have a president who will at least lift up his people, you know. we are americans. and he needs to support us. not everyone else. and yes, i think we need be really nice to everyone but sometimes we can't always be nice to them because they're not very nice to us. so if you lk around the world right now, just this -- just recently in paris, another person was shot, you know, over trying to come in and kill people. do we really want not happen to us here in the united states? we've already had 9/11 and numerous other attacks. we need to be careful. we need to make sure that the people that are coming here into
7:51 am
the united states want to be here, want to be part of our culture here. yes, it's great to have other cultures, but we need to make sure we're stimulating them into our world of america. host: ok. let's take a look what chancellor merkel said yesterday about the importance of compromise and diversity. chancellor merkel: well, i'm here as chancellor of the republic of germany. i speak to the president of the united states of america who, well, stands up for the american interests. that is our task respectively and i must say that i was very gratified to know the very warm and gracious hospitality with which i have been received here. we held a conversation while we were trying to address easy to areas that we disagree wery to show what is our advantage
7:52 am
point, what is the american advantage point and find a compromise because we need to be fair with each over. each and every one is expecting for his or home run leader that something good comes out of it. for germany, i can say people are different. people have different abilities and different origins and have rounds their way into policy along different pathways which is different diversities which is good. sometimes it's difficult to find compromises but that's what we're electeded for. host: shirley is on the democratic line from virginia. hi, shirley. caller: hi. i thank god for c-span. i'm glad you're well. well, i saw yesterday and i saw the same way i felt when they were having the debate. he snubbed her. and we don't -- you know, the
7:53 am
american people as far as i'm concerned, he does everything he can to get us off of russia and his taxes. i know that, you know, the people in the world, you know, seems like everybody, all of a sudden, it's black and white. it ain't no black and white. we all are connected in this world. all of us by blood from somebody else. and he makes -- he is not a true patriot. he doesn't talk good about our country. he doesn't act like he's proud of us. and i feel hurt by it because i feel like if we in this world together, we got to breathe the same air. we all got to eat, which he's messing with. he's messing with everything that has anything to do with the people that are not making more than $250,000. we don't matter. and that's not fair. and i just want to say i love our country. i love our people. i love our world.
7:54 am
and i don't want him to start a war because he's got his nose stuck up in the air and i thank you for taking my comment. host: ok. kenny's calling from baton rouge, louisiana on our independent line. good morning, kenny. caller: hey, how's it going? i just wanted to make a comment on -- i want to make like three major points. and one, with one is trump's a nationalist. and angela merkel is a globalist. most of what she said on the press conference yesterday, she was lking about us doing business with the e.u. instead of doing a bilateral agreement between germany and the united states and that's why a lot of their talks failed. really don't think that people understand the functions of donald trump. he's a negotiator. and if you do read the "hart of
7:55 am
the deal," just like to yesterday y'all were talking about the budget, you know, what was in the budget is outrageous but it's kind of like whenever you go to buy a car, you know the guy offers high and then you go low and you find somewhere in the middle. i'm not really worried about meals on wheels and it being cut. they're going to find a middle ground somewhere but i do think trump's major goal is to break down nafta and just like the u.k., i think they want to break down the e.u. and that in itself breaks down the commissioner which breaks down the whole globalist scheme. and i think people really need towns that if they donkeys they really need to go and research what it is. all the way back to everything else and that's all i got to say. thank you. host: robert's calling from mt. carmel, pennsylvania on our republican line. what did you think about the meeting, robert?
7:56 am
caller: well first of all, good morning. host: good morning. caller: i like to say that all those people that are embarrassed for our president yesterday at that meeting and also i would like to say for those liberal judges that insist on putting america at risk including hawaii who has really nothing to do with mainland america. they have -- they are two different worlds. i would like to say those that are so embarrassed by our prident, watch how embarrassed they are once we get t good. that is all. host: ok. and beverly is calling from north carolina on the democratic line. good morning, beverly. caller: good morning. how are you? host: i'm good. caller: i have a long speech but i'm going to cut this thing short. host: we only have a couple of minutes. please cut it short. thank you. caller: he is just really embarrassing. it's not just this meeting.
7:57 am
he's embarrassing all the time simply because president trump needs help. there's a problem there. i taught school for almost 30 years. you can tell when a person begins to walk or talk. this man needs help. he hates everybody except himself and his family. and i'm going to make this really short. this man is -- if we're not careful, he's trying to become a dictator. he has put everyone in those office who is either hate the offices or don't know about the offices and when those offices or departments fail, it's over for us. you know, i don't know why people can't see through this person. but well, whatever. god help america. host: all right. and thomas calling in from ironwood, michigan on our independent line. what are your thoughts, tom? caller: hi. thanks for taking my phone call this morning.
7:58 am
yeah, donald trump, a psychopath, truly, a compulsive liar. 75% of the words that come out of his mouth are either from breitbart or alex jones or the "national inquirer" is also another good source for him. instead of obtaining data and using his intellect to come to a decision, he watches fox news. and if fox news tells him that if something is true, well then by god, it's true. it's really scary. how can you trust a man who was unable to use critical thinking to arrive at an answer? and he has always been like this. i would assume that he always will be. there will come a time when this country actually has a crisis and we will need to rely upon donald trump to say yay or nay. or to say that maybe we should
7:59 am
incompetent said this country or maybe we should not. and i would say half of the country's going to say i can't trust anything this man says and you can't. it is very scary. i have a daughter. she's 17 years old. she's scared. this whole country -- you know, you hear these people talking about how great donald trump is and it just astonishes me by their ignorance. they all need to go back to school, take a civics class and concentrate and take donald trump with you because he has no idea how the government works, what the constitution is, what this kins built upon. it's not built upon the million and the billionaires. but that's donald trump. i thank you for taking my phone call. have a good day. host: ok. up and next, we will have a discussion about u.s.-china
8:00 am
relations and an update on what's happening in the region with timothy heath of theion an the atlantic council. and later, our weekly spotlight on take a look at charter school education. ashley mitchell will join us then. had of the supreme court confirmation hearing for judge neil gorsuch, c-span caught up with chuck grassley to discuss how he prepared for that hearing. our live coverage of that hearing starts monday on c-span2. , whether itration is for this one are going way back to 1981 when i have the first one, it is about the same. you read all you can about the individual. tendonlawyer that i am, i
8:01 am
to rely upon people that raid the 200 -- read the 250 some decisions he has written but i like to read about him, and i have briefing papers for my staff. i also give direction to the staff of the kinds of questions i want to ask like for instance, appreciation of what they think about the original intent of the constitution writers, the extent to which they give deference to administrative bodies on writing rules or interpretation of law. in other words, i want to know that they are going to be a referee of our separation of powers. is certain executive responsibilities and certain legislative responsibilities, and i want to know how they approach that and divide the line, or draw the line because i see them as a referee of our constitutional system, and the
8:02 am
final voice in regard to what is constitutional or not, and whether or not administrators follow congressional intent as we write the legislation. youow much do you feel like can learn in the meetings with the nominee before hand, and went to you need to learn in a public hearing? >> in the private meetings a have had with the nominee you try to understand and become acquainted with them as an individual. he did not get into the weeds of the law. maybe some members have, and maybe some nominees in the past i have done that but with this particular nominee it was under staring -- understanding where he comes from and i knew about his reputation for a year because he was on president trump's list that came out. some came out in march, the rest came out in june, so you kind of
8:03 am
had a feeling of the type of people that president trump, if he were president, would put before the senate. out that with three or four of them that were cropping up as possible nominees , then you zero in on those three or four. i can certainly see why president trump picked this nominee as opposed to some of the other three or four prominently mentioned. >> washington journal continues. host: we are joined by timothy heath, senior international debt corporation.t rand they are here to discuss u.s.-china relationships. thank you, gentlemen. guest: glad to be here. guest: thank you. host:


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