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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  March 18, 2017 9:34am-10:02am EDT

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information. q&a, new night on talks about writer the insider trading case against cohen in her book black edge. side information. dirty money. and the quest to bring down the wanted man on wall street. >> they're very central characters in my book. the two former portfolio cohen's funds. martoma is currently serving a lengthy prison sentence although is on appeal and mr. steinberg was later convicted fter an appeals court made it harder to convict someone for trading.
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washington journal continues. calls on taking your segment. the house panel has voted to recipients to d work. ontingent of house republicans is trying to push the health nsurance program deep into conservative territory. by the an vote thursday house budget committee could require able bodied adults to job to qualify for medicaid. been a way to promote personal responsibility but democrats who fear it would deny healthed care to many most. who need it lynn is on the line right now
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calling from texas on the democratic line. caller: good morning. to call in during the charter school discussion. the gentlemen from maryland the schools not equired to admit problem children in terms of behavior and learning ability. used to work in the school district down here and i know for a fact that's what happened. lot of the kids that were not public school he districts, their parents tried in the charter, and when they did not succeed there, then they were shoved into the public school system. i would like to know how, you know, they propose to equalize
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gentlemen e as the from maryland pointed out, that or a big the majority burden on the public system having to deal with children who problems in the ublic -- in the school
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settings. >> take ten minutes. look at the bill. half an hour. hour. look at the bill. what needs marketplace. work on that. fix that. and then leave it alone. if it works. it again.t, tweak
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comment.y president trump met with the republican study committee. let's take a look at what he said after that meeting. to say that nt these are folks that were either or a maybe. and we had a nice meeting. during en talking all the night. not just over the last 20 minutes. his has been going all night long. and we're doing some incredible things. i'm 100%eryone to know behind. i want everybody to know that speaking has not been properly about how great this is going to be. a y have not been giving it fair press. the press is -- as you know, in
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many cases, i call it the fake news. news. this is going to be great for people. watch, i say that's not the bill we're passing. know also want everyone to that all of these nos or a.ential nos are all yeses every single person sitting in this room is now a yes. certain changes. and very frankly -- although the grant is very important because i want the states to get the money and run the program if to run it because they can do it better than the federal government. better than the federal government. obamacare is dead. not even a healthcare plan. i watchethe architect of the said theerday where he american people are stupid to have voted for it. saying d bill clinton this is the craziest thing i've ever seen and only because its last nows it's on dying feet.
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the fake news is trying to say about it.s host: barbara is calling in from independent our line. what's on your mind this morning? caller: good morning. call. you for taking my a couple of comments. as far as the affordable care one of the rned, things that has not been iscussed is that in the cbo analysis, it did not and i epeat did not say that the affordable care act was about to implo implode.'s the second thing is in regards to charter schools. request of c-span. we talk a lot about what's urban america. we rarely talk about what's america.g in rural when we talk about charter chools, what about charter schools in alaska? charter schools in idaho. harter schools in north and
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south dakota. places where you have small thatations and the concept . 're hearing,
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caller: should not be more than 00,000 and probably less than 50,000. i don't know what the guy from illinois was talking about. however, next he made a mistake by putting the department of cabinet level. the job needs to be just to dismantle it, send it back to u.s. office se the of education like intended to fund projects. also early child development one of the first and highest in the country. one of the lowest in development remedial math. educational projects. rid nd has already gotten of pre-k because kids need time to be kids. o we were looking at the wrong kids. use the actual assessment test nd you can find out where the problems are. ou can't hold the teachers and administration responsible for high drug areas. be figured into the project.
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it's one big problem. obody is looking at the solutions. host: okay. carl. what's on your mind today? thank you for accepting my call. not to draw away from the button issues of the healthcare plan and the charter schools. maybe wanted to interject a bit of information. covered s ago you guys the release of the president's tax returns from 2005. now, the question i have is i found it to be a very nteresting development that there was controversy over who riginally released this information. you're aware that releasing tax by anyone rmation even an officer other than felony. can be a my question is some people have a theory and maybe it's true. not.e it's it's just speculation that the president released this
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himself.on wouldn't it make sense for him to release it himself because returns cast him favorably. y other question is if it was released by a third party -- -- which would be a felony because it wasn't himself, they didn't do a very job if their intention was to cast him in a negative light. question. >> okay. some of our headlines about president trump's budget blueprint and how infrastructure. something the president has spoken a lot about. his budget was billed as a blueprint acting on his campaign but neglected in his to ade of spending cuts ederal agencies for the military and border protection
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was e of h -- on the trail.n mr. trump la meanted that merican airports were third world and said that he would rebuild crumbling roads in the country but there was no sign in the budget release this week of he trillion dollar infrastructure plan that mr. summer.outed last for want to thank mr. trump putting the u.s. back in
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u.s.s.r. patriotic, nt to be maybe they should start referring to our country and itizens for the name that we really are, the u.s. citizens, united states. right. if you're ununion type people, nonunion, guess what, one.lready belong to it's called the united states of america. thank you very much. is calling from our republican line. hi, joe. >> good morning. first thing, health insurance is not healthcare. of overy sick and tired and over and over hearing that healthcare.ance is it's not. is calling in el from florida on our democratic line., good morning. how can the s american public or an individual
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or try to tart attempt the impeachment process notonald trump because he's eally maintaining anything positive for the united states. weakness we showed towards russia, they became able miles of en very few our coastal united states. whatsoever for healthcare on their end. that president obama cabinet put together. nobody's asking him where his tax returns are again. again. and they've been on television he's comele day since into office on things that he's hearing we're not so how is the --
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process of impeachment started? makers on on news sunday at 10:00 a.m., representative mark meadows will on. he is the republican from north carolina and the chairman of the house freedom caucus that will be sunday at 10:00 a.m. let's take a look. we've got a you pretty sophisticated account caucus es notom just for our members but we also each out to some that are not members of the caucus but specifically vote in a more fashion.ive and if the vote were held today, some minor as i hear hey're talking about some potential small tweaks based on that, there's not the vote -- the votes e close to and i can tell you the whip has een working very hard on even the undecided so i can assure
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needs to be bill changed not only to pass the the but certainly to pass senate as well. is ow far off are you or this leadership? how far off are they from the votes that they need to give of the necessity to make changes? > well, you know, they don't ever give their whip count. based on a ou that number of different scenarios, be more than 40 nos at this point and there still has 30 e at least another 20 to undecided. now, undecided typically when undecided, you have a -- buty to go yes and so in some of these undecideds nos.y are leaning they're just trying to not put a the sand and say they're open to look at negotiations and
9:51 am host: and that's congressman newsmakers. on matthew is on our independent calling from connecticut. caller: i just want to make a the charter about school situation. i think they've become a necessity due to the fact that do have failing school systems in many districts. however, i think it has to do with the way things are funded. you know, you have your local education who has their budget and they're running your normal school system and then charter schools which are gaining state funding happens is ifally the state decided to give new haven, connecticut, say, more
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money, the board of education -- says well the board of education is getting more money from the state so we're going to on their budget so the schools don't get anymore money. his is why the charter school systems are gaining ground because there's nothing to hold of education or city accountable to continue the funding. so you end up with the current situation and schools seem like a good option because, you know, now get their say to and say, well, we're going to put these standards and pay for you're going and be held o, you know, accountable. it.t's the way i see who's controlling the purse strings host: okay. and some headlines post. in the washington it reports the justice department is not going to back cfpb in its ongoing legal challenge and will not support
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the consumer financial in a tion bureau onumental court battle over whether its construction is unconstitutional. bill is calling from waynesboro, ennsylvania on our democratic line. good morning, bill. caller: hello your mind today, bill? caller: i would like to talk about the healthcare bill that his friends are ing very hard.
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you would also think they pass a card around for everyone to look for what to say because they all say the same thing. say that this ey is a patient-centered plan. i never hear an explanation of centered actually means. i think it's really an insurance centered plan. another example they talk about money available to the state that they can handle things better than the federal government. and i think in some cases that's questionable. lso they don't seem to really care that many people will just have no healthcare at all. seem to care that they're damaging medicaid and medicare as well. that's about all i would like to say. thank you. host: another programming note
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the hearing on fbi the comey is going before house intelligence committee at a hearing to answer questions influence in the 2016 presidential election. this is the first public hearing on the issue. c-span 3 will have live coverage monday morning at 10:00 a.m. eastern. you can also watch it on as well as listen on c-span radio through the radio alpine, calling in from alabama. morning.good let me start with you remind me of my beautiful niece. to say that each time i see you i think about my niece.ul but, okay.
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i'm calling in reference to the situation in schools education period. during the years of egregation and we just had a wonderful time in scho. not the best. but we came and the children i attended school with came from homes.ent we need to get to the root of education g on with and the children. these homes are horrible. teachers are going to continue the ve problems and children are going to continue o have learning negative situations. nd i have been running a service for years and i am putting it back together. i have never seen children so -- in my life. just i'm looking at this
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and -- we have to get to the root of this problem, people. are coming out of the worst homes in the world. they have no manners or morals -- let's get to the root of the problem. their parents should be held accountable for the children to behave. i'm speaking from experience. i'm an old-timer. about. what i'm talking it's awful and we need to start top uraging these girls to having children if they are not really and equipped to the -- and please stop blaming the white man. the root of the
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problem, people. as black people let's start responsible for our own children. thinking thezy and taxpayer is going to give you everything free so you can sit continue to breed these children on to society. it's bad. it's really bad. host: okay. mary is calling in carolina.h thing. the arts i live in a town where everybody ame from out of town to bring their arts here. and they're getting government and they got, like, four or five pieces of pottery in the window. you can go in there and walk
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around. nobody is ever in there. the shelves are empty. getting $60,000 rants or whatever and it's cutting out -- nobody is giving him a chance. knows what he's doing. ost: okay. and shelly is calling from massachusetts. hi.ler: have s the first time i ever called. i just voted and i'm 62. voted for trump. channels are all talking about how they hate trump, blah blah blah. and then you hear about bullying. disgusting what they're doing. i think everybody haenough. why are they doing it?
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do you know? that's all for today's washington journal. when we'll be w joined by scott paul, the president of the alliance for manufacturing who will be here to discuss the trump administration trade agenda and it might impact the u.s. manufacturing sector. also jennifer mathis will join to discuss a recent proposal to allow employers greater employee's eir medical and genetic information wellness rkplace
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programs. >> next the senate confirmation earing for the the u.s. trade representative. then the swearing in ceremony or the new administrator for the centers for medicare and edicaid


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