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tv   Senator Patrick Leahy on Neil Gorsuch Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing  CSPAN  March 20, 2017 3:18am-3:25am EDT

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purchasing a cake off of the shelf. or can i buy a big mac. note,that uplifting please join me in thanking our panelists. [applause] >> ahead of monday's supreme court confirmation hearing for judge portion -- judge gorsuch, c-span caught up with the members of the committee to discuss their approaches to the hearing. here is for vermont senator pat leahy. >> do you remember who the first nominee was in your supreme
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court hearing? >> the first nominee that i recall was justice john paul that would fill almost immediately and unanimously. we have had a lot since. some contentious and some not. some failed in the committee but we still allow them to go to the floor. judge borton eating one. he what -- being one. he went to the floor with a number of republicans ainst him and he w defeated. and i think of these as a chance for the american people to have a window on how supreme court justices think. the supreme court is one court that does not allow cameras in it. i think it is a mistake and the american people have a far -- wouldderstanding
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have a much better understanding if there were cameras. you would know what they say. >> how many confirmation hearings have you done? >> i will have been here for 16 andi was chair of a couple ranking member of a couple others. and they are all different. they are all fascinating. geti go into them trying to some idea of who the person is in front of us. if they are confirmed, you never, ever in your life will have a chance to ask them another question. >> has the way that you prepare for these hearings changed over the years? some ways, it is more intense what we go into. things that i might have considered routine before now i've look at more intently. how do you predict where they may go?
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and there is no automatic way of predicting. but i think it is a mistake if anyone goes into the hearing saying that they will just ask a few questions and believe they learn everything they need. the hearing is a tip of the iceberg. there are thousands of pages we go through before the hearing. that is the iceberg. >> do you coordinate with other senators on questions you are going to ask the nominee? >> i talked to the other senators to see what they think. i have found a number of tnators who are not on diciary committee who will come up to me and say -- are you going to ask this or that? they have an interest in it. not to be.sible dianne feinstein who is on the democratic side has had a number of meetings to discuss with us the area of questions.
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let us see if we are covering everything. >> is there a specific opinion that you want to focus on? >> there will be some. i want to know if this is somebody who will look at everyone that comes before the will he be predisposed to the rich and the powerful. of cases.ed a lot i have argued a lot of appellate cases. would they come into the courtroom and think that the judge will think me -- will treat me the same no matter who i represent. if i do not have that feeling with any judiciary nominee, i will not vote for them. that they would just go to the and i thinklass
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that judge gorsuch, there are some statements and opinions that he has made that might make someone worry about that. >> can he change that opinion in this hearing? >> this hearing can make or break on whether he goes on to the supreme court. it has in the past. i mentioned the bork hearing. house waseagan white trying to get him to withdraw his name. >> you are chairman of two supreme court nominations. >> justice sotomayor your and justice kagan. what i try to do is make sure that everyone gets a chance to ask all of their questions. both republicans and democrats. when i was chair, i wanted to make sure that everybody could ask any question they wanted and
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to have the time to do it. >> senator leahy, thank you's much. >> today, live coverage of the confirmation hearing of judge gorsuch. it begins at 11:00 a.m. eastern on c-span two. it is expected to last at least three days. you can also find it online at, listen to the hearing on the c-span radio app, and we will repair it monday night at 8:30 p.m. eastern time on c-span2. now, aiscussion on homegrown terrorism in the united states from washington journal. this is about 35 minutes. st: we went to welcome back author peter bergen. his new book in paperback now, "united states of jihad: investigating america's homegrown terrorists." good sunday morning. let me go to a premise of your


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