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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  March 21, 2017 7:00am-8:04am EDT

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on russian interference in the 2016 election. 8:30, more about the budget proposal and the affordable care act with illinois representative robin kelly. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] and --he judiciary committee and after the first day of opening statements, members of the committee. you can see the testimony that takes place at 9:30 this morning and watch for it on c-span 3. president trump wellhead to capitol hill to build support from republicans that are on the fence about the republican health care plan after they introduced new changes to help gain support. in the first hour this morning, we are devoted to your calls and
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tweets about fbi director james comey's testimony yesterday, about whether members of the trump campaign -- with the russian government. here is how you can call and let us know your thoughts. 202-748-8000 for democrats. 202-748-8001 for republicans in .or independents, 202-748-8002 if you want to tweet your thoughts, you can do so @cspanwj or post on our facebook page. in this hearing is available on our website at if you want to watch the total hearing. you can go to and watch it there. it was during the hearing yesterday taking a look at russian activities into the 2016 fbi director james comey talking about the existence and nature of the fbi
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investigation. here is what he had today -- to say. director comey: i am authorized as partrm that the fbi of the counterintelligence mission is investigating the russian government's efforts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election. that includes investigating the nature of any links between individuals associated with the trump campaign and the russian government and whether there was any coordination between the campaign and russia's efforts. as with any counterintelligence investigation, this will also include an assessment of whether any crimes were committed. because it is an open ongoing investigation and is classified, i cannot say more about what we are doing and whose conduct we are examining. host: we will show you response from the white house to the hearing yesterday and some other elements that occurred. we want to get your thoughts on this in the first hour. 202-748-8000 for democrats.
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202-748-8001 for republicans. .or independents, 202-748-8002 "the washington post" talks about the hearing and claims of wiretapping by the administration of trump tower both denied by the fbi director and the nsa director. "furthermore, the fbi's far-reaching investigation shows no signs of concluding soon and is a distraction for the white house, spurning -- spurring moments of presidential. .nd rash tweets the impact of the testimony could easily be overtaken. if the white house is disciplined enough to marshal the agenda as well as the nomination of neil gorsuch to the supreme court through congress. all that really matters this week is neil gorsuch moving forward and a house passing step one of obamacare repeal."
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hearingudge gorsuch's takes place today amidst all of this. 9:30 is the start time and you can watch it on c-span 3. republicans are set to vote on thursday on the first step of the aca repeal and replace. that will take place thursday and you can catch all of that action and information if you go to our website at . we will start this morning with loretto from pennsylvania on the independent line. trump. i still back i don't think it is his fault. you can't be responsible for what somebody else does, you know. nobody's fault if someone gets pregnant if they are stupid enough to open their legs.
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i don't think they should law.ce that stupid obama that is the stupidest thing they ever did. host: let's go to frank in connecticut. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. one comment. given the gravity of what was discussed at the hearing yesterday by director comey and admiral rogers, this investigation, if it is going to have any real impact on elections in 2018 and moving forward, this is not something that anyone can sit on. i am not going to say one way or other toward the trump administration or clinton or obama, this is what i know. an actives investigation affecting the united states government, that investigation should be done as quickly and as expeditiously as possible and the american public should know exactly what happened as soon as that is
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completed. it cannot go on for years and years. host: even though you say that, to you expect this to be concluded any time. even the fbi director suggested this could take quite a bit of time to fully look at. caller: that is exactly my point. thank you for asking me that. what does it mean? the information and every question i heard yesterday when they asked some things physically, have you talked to this person. i can't comment on that, i can't comment. that is fine. that either means they have talked to them or they haven't. either way, they should know they need to be talking to if they have been looking at this since last july. they should get it done, get those people in, get the report done as quickly as they were able to turn around that there was no evidence to support wiretapping, i think that was done within a few weeks and with the email scandal last year, they were able to get information within a couple of months on something that big.
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this get to the bottom of because, frankly, if something really was done wrong, it has got to be handled, it has to be addressed right away and if nothing was done wrong, it's get it out there and say nothing was wrong and get about moving our country in the direction of handling other issues we have got to handle. host: ok. let's move on to wendy in minnesota on the democrats line. caller: i am wendy and i had a commercial claim with domino's pizza and i would go to the doctor and i had been abused and choked by the police and stuff like that, but i survived. i am not trying to put down all police forces because i am going to school for criminal justice. host: to the point of the investigation ought -- the hearing on the investigation yesterday. isler: my comment to that that i think the american people should have leadership as far as
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one?ng about the romey james romey? host: james comey. caller: right. as far as the russians, i think they are nice because i have had russian drivers. i do not think something is going on. the obama thing was a lie and the wiretapping was a lie. as far as the romey thing, i think something is going on, but it is not what they think. i do not think the russians are doing anything, wiretapping or nothing like that. host: joe from george on the republican line. caller: i love c-span. i think this is just a lot of -- donald trump has won the election. i don't think russians had anything to do with it and i think he will be the best resident in history. secretary tom price is from
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georgia and my son and i think he will be the best in history. host: what you think about the fbi director making the statements yesterday? caller: i think it is a waste. i think they will tie up his administration with all of this and all the stuff we need to take up, tax reform, cutting taxes, health care, all of that -- it will get in the way of that. i think the democrats just do not accept that donald trump is the president. i think he is the best one in history. let's get away from all these investigations because nothing will ever get done for the american taxpayers and i am one of them. --t: chattanooga, dem tennessee, democrats line. just telling my and when he was saying him,obama was wiretapping there are three things. diverting, he is
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people from the russian connection. number two, his daughter just dropped into the white house to get an office who just gave away all her business. why does she need an office? number three, to go back to the birther issue, saying that obama is not from america. america needs to look at what he is not saying. host: what do you think of what was actually said at the hearing on russia yesterday? comey needsink that to investigate the right person when he should have been investigating him through the campaign. they need to go back and figure out whether or not the american people -- or not. int: let's move onto craig cedar rapids, iowa, on the
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republican line. caller: i notice one thing in all of these hearings that is so evident. when the democrats start talking because of the egregious things they support for power, money, and votes, it just makes everybody unhappy that the people who are being -- -- interrogated start looking almost angry and democrats just don't get it. they are lying to the american people and they are lying to themselves because all they care about is getting back into power and they will support anything for votes no matter how bad it is. host: where did you see that yesterday? caller: i was watching comey and when he was being interrogated like the nuremberg trials. it is terrible how these people treat one another. he looked very unhappy when they were asking some of these engines and we know why they were asking him of these questions.
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they want to be back into power aretheir consciences hardened and scared because of what they support for power, money, and votes and they don't get it because they have made their minds up so much, they are not even qualified to serve in our government anymore because of what they support. host: the editorials this morning from papers taking a look at this hearing. "the new york times was good starting by their headline "haunting news on trump and russia." must be thatrity the investigation is shielded by meddling from the trump administration which has shown a proclivity to lie, mislead, and bfuscate." added --ork times -- ors added
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if you go to the editorial of "the wall street journal," they take a different approach. "james comey doesn't say much." handing out the headlines that the democrats wanted about the false accusation, but offering little to educate the public about what actually happened. mr. comey refused to answer between -- he kept mum even though the director of national intelligence, james clapper, -- even though others had said publicly that they had seen no such evidence. they added that if mr. conley won't help, the hope is that the intelligence committees will go further to classify relevant details.
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the public needs to know if whether the obama administration used cloak and dagger methods for partisan purposes. let's head to mike in california. caller: good morning. basically, what i would like to say is there is a lot of investigating that seems to be going on, but most of it is speculation. the public needs to know that trump is a businessman and not a politician. they answerow can these questions when you are confronted with fbi and so forth as far as the investigation, it was just a basic overreach of everything that is still going to satisfy thely democrats. i think that was the whole intention of the investigation was to be publicized on c-span. that's all i need to say. host: he was invited by republicans to testify.
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mr. comey was invited by republicans to testify in front of this committee. caller: i think it was both democrats and republicans. it is like a political ping-pong. when comey released to the investigation 10 days before the election in regards to hillary and wikileaks and so forth, i think this was time for the for comey to stand up for the democrats and for the republicans to have the same thing they try to impose on hillary. it is going back and forth, both ways. host: let's go to hamburg, new york, claudia. good morning, you are on the independent line. caller: i was listening to the hearing and listening to the different republicans and seem to bend they hard-line and they are not being objective. when i listened to that whole
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hearing, there is a lot of conflict of interest when you have all of these trump administration who are business people and they are looking at and living in russia and having this issue about the sanctions being an issue. i think we need to have a special prosecutor and mr. attorney pruitt who was supposed to stay on with trump and was later fired. i think that is the best way to go so it will be clear and objective and get to the bottom of it because there seems to be a lot of connections that the republicans don't want to see because -- if you step back and look at the whole issue, just look at the issues, there is something going on there. think if the session had russianmeeting with the person in april which wasn't brought up until i heard it in the session.
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there are a lot of things that is now coming out and it needs to be brought out to the american people. host: from "the washington post," they talked about the reaction from the white house to elements of the hearing. it was sean spicer's defense strategy was in part two from themr. trump figures in the investigation and spicer was telling paul manafort was a virtual nobody, someone who "played a virtual -- very limited role for a limited amount of time." from the indie of primary through the summer election -- and the start of the general election, sean spicer also talked about the element of the hearing that dealt with the claims by the trump administration of wiretapping of trump tower by the admin of -- obama administration. sean spicer responded and here is his reaction. [video clip] >> comey says he has no information supporting that
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president obama wiretapped president trump. have said there are half-truths -- they dangerous and we are alienating allies and we need to be able to trust our president. with that, i need an answer from you as -- of how do you gain trust? spicer: you want to talk about a series of missed truths and myths -- misdirection, if you look at that opening statement, it was filled with them. i do not need to use that as a basis to respond to. i was watching a lot of the report response on twitter -- reporter response on twitter initially to his diatribe and i think there were several folks that talked about how he is missed characterizing taking things way out of context. somee this as a basis of sort of authoritative -- >> he is saying there is no
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investigation -- information. april has addressed this multiple times. we are at the beginning phases of this and we have a ways to go. host: the new york times is highlighting people that adam schiff mentioned. he eliminated the aides believed to have contact with the russians. carter page, paul manafort, roger stone, a political adviser, michael flynn, who was forced out as the first national security adviser, and others. adam schiff relied on a trump-ed dossier of russia contract but together by christopher steele, who was paid by mr. trump's republican rivals and later by linton supporters. let's go to carry on the democrats line. myler: thank you for taking call. i believe the russian ties run so deep with this administration that it will probably blow america's minds if and when we
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get to the bottom of it all. it is shameful, unpatriotic, and disgusting. i also want to say maybe a lot of these trump people need to stop tricking the kool-aid and start thinking for themselves. do their homework, follow-up on the lies, be more involved. host: why do you think those ties exist? what evidence would you kind of site? caller: i take notes every day when i watch the news, there are many ties that go back many years with trump and his people. all we have to do is do your homework. we have the internet available for real news so we can inform ourselves, so we can be sure that this man is in office for us and not for russia and for his own monetary gain. host: we will go next to sherry
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in rock rapids, iowa, democrats line. caller: i just wanted to say that i think that like troy gowdy and the other republicans are more interested in the eli -- in the leaks than they are anything russia had to do with the campaign and it is horrible because i remember back when they were doing the email saying the leaks were coming out of the congress in those committees and i believe, if we look into it, i think a lot of the leaks are coming right out of the trump white house from trump people because they like the drama and the confusion. thank you for listening. ist: from new york, this sean on the republican line. caller: hello. thinkd like to say that i
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the president should follow the movie "the godfather," and keep his friends close and his enemies closer. democrats are doing anything they can to discredit republicans no matter what they do. the only thing i would say to the president is don't let them know what you are thinking all the time and i thank you for taking my call. host: why would you advise him that way? caller: because when you let everyone know what you are doing, that is what happens, they know what you are doing. if you don't let them know that they have to guess and the reason they have to guess is because they don't know. so what i would say to the president is don't go out and tweet every little that of information you have or you want to give to the american people, keep it close to your heart and bring it out when it is appropriate and the same thing back, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. if russia is not our friend, then we want them closer than
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our friends so we know what they are doing. is he colluding with russia, i don't know. we won't know for a long time, that we do have to go on in this world and we do have to get along with our neighbors. there is a saying, fenses make good neighbors. it is just a border between two countries. to keep people coming into our country, it is just like keeping people from coming into your backyard. you want to invite them in and once you invite them in, then they are welcome to stay. host: do you think that the trump white house, given what the youaled yesterday, think this will limit their effectiveness tried to get an agenda together? d think that hinders that? do you think that yesterday's testimony will hinder efforts by
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the white house and republicans? caller: no, i think director comey is exactly right in not giving out any information more than he is supposed to and it comes down to the leaks. i think no matter what the democrats or republicans do, as long as there are leaks going out, it undermines the whole process and whether it is a true leak or a false leak, all it does is put commotion in the world, in the united states because you don't know whether the truth is or not or -- and the press is just reporting what they hear. if they know anything and it comes to them through a leak that is illegal, then they should be held accountable and they should reveal their sources. host: ok, let's go to another sean in sunnyvale, california, independent line. caller: thank you for taking my call. as far as the probe goes, does
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it really matter? they still don't really probe his taxes and that is what everyone has been asking for. at the same time, with the ties to russia, if they did help him win, it doesn't mean much because he is a businessman and there hasn't been a president since jfk that has treated america as a business. america isn't a business, it is the land of the free. you can't really pimp us out like that. can you really get mad at him if he was pimping us out to russia and helping him win? hall he is is a businessman -- all he is is a businessman and now is -- that is how he looks at america. host: you are saying if they came out and confirmed those connections it wouldn't matter in the long run? caller: yes, it wouldn't matter in the long run because people need to wake up and see we are
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not a business, we are a group of people that deserve to live here and have armed to live here live here and in the constitution, it says we have the right to overthrow any government we do not agree with and i do not think that our government appreciates us to read i think they are treating us as a business. host: charles is next and charles is from connecticut. go ahead. caller: good morning. comments. i think what trump and his surrogates do before january 20 has to be treated differently from what happens after january 20. i think those are two different points and january 20, when he becomes president, is important. i was disappointed. i understand that comey cannot
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answer a lot of questions, but he certainly did a great dance around many of the questions that were asked of him and third, i thought representative laid out a long red herring, certainly things that can be looked at, but he agreed that it is all circumstantial and perhaps coincidental and may not have any truth in it in terms of the connection between donald trump and his representatives and the russians. that is my comment, thank you. host: for all that you listed, what was your main take away from the hearing? what did you get out of it? caller: i think there certainly on, but our going president lives on tweets and i think responding just to tweets gets us in a lot of trouble. we should respond to what people are actually saying under -- under oath in terms of
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testimony. i think director comey has a lot to do and he certainly covered himself well during the hearing. i listened to about three quarters of it. host: what did you think about the series of tweets the president and the white house put out over wiretapping claims? caller: i think they have to stop tweeting. i do not think the president is well served by his tweets. host: let's go to washington, d.c., this is shelley on the republican line. on the republican line and i am appalled at what my party is doing because they are not defending the united states constitution by allowing an unhinged person by any understanding, destroy our country and sell us out to a foreign entity that means us no good.
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you people keep saying he is a businessman, but business has nothing to do with not following our constitution and continually lying and putting out this kind dishonesty to mess up the minds of the american public. there is a problem here because we, as americans, do not want to read. we want to forget history. go back and look at how hitler came to power. look at what stalin did. this man is a danger, not only to us as americans, but he is a total danger to the world. host: as far as the hearing, what did you get from it yesterday and speak specifically to that. caller: i got the fact that republicans want to cover up what they have been sold, the bill of goods. it infuriates me to think that
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anybody, trey gowdy wants to do away with freedom of the press. because he was a prosecutor and he is mr. benghazi, wants to elevate himself. when i think at the way they try , sessions,r sessions to me, is the most deplorable person in the republican party to donald trump. host: okay. we are continuing calls and taking a look at yesterday's hearing from fbi director james comey. the nsa director also testified yesterday. you can give us your thoughts on it. 202-748-8000 for democrats. 202-748-8001 for republicans and 202-748-8002 for independents. gowdy,ler mentioned trey his line of questioning taking a look at these leaks and asking
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questions. "the hill" saying it was him asking the fbi director yesterday whether reporters could be prosecuted for leaks despite a long-standing tradition in court history of not prosecuting the press. the story also adding that the fbi director said there was not an exception for u.s. officials. you can watch this hearing for yourself at c-span. here is trey gowdy asking mr. comey about laws that could apply to reporters if they are found out about publishing classified information. [video clip] >> is there an exception in the law for for an -- current or former u.s. officials that request anonymity? >> no. >> is there an exception in the law for reporters that want to break a story? >> that is a harder question as to whether a reporter incurs criminal liability and it is probably beyond my kin.
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>> i don't know about that, but the statute uses the word published, doesn't it? >> it does. that is a question i know the department of justice has struggled with. >> i know lots of people have troubles with it, but you are not aware of an exception in the current dissemination of classified information statute that carves out an exception for reporters? >> i am not aware of anything carved out in the statute. i do not think reporters have been prosecuted in my lifetime. >> there are a lot of statutes in this administration for which no one has ever been prosecuted or convicted and that does not keep people from discussing the statutes, namely the logan act. to the lead go editorial of the washington post, the headline reads "the real story is not the leaks." republicans seem to be following who,ues of the president while flailing to retract his
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accusation against mr. obama, is seeking to direct attention elsewhere. "the real story they should be looking into is the leaking of this ited information" -- the president tweeted this. congressional republicans ought to consider a larger national interest, russia's intervention was not incidental or haphazard, but part of a concerted campaign to disrupt western democracy. even now attending to interfere in ongoing elections in france and germany. it is essential that congress discover the truth about to help alliesty protect themselves. is in new hampshire on the line for democrats. theer: thank you for taking call. the previous call was right on. i agree with that.
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she is right on the money. i would like to remind these debate,hat during the during the trump-clinton debate, trump looked right at the camera and said russia, if you are listening, see what else you can find out. why do people not remember that? there are very selective memories. thank you for taking the call and you have a good day. host: tampa, florida, is where factory lives. lives.dent -- zachary independent line. caller: i am a former marine so i believe in this country and i think this russian interference into our election is a serious problem and the fact that the current administration and the current president continually russiahis connections to is a real concern for me. there was a movie a few years ago called "the manchurian
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candidate." mis-information and the denial of the connection to these people, he is saying his financial ties to russia are insignificant. the money for his properties are being financed by the worst of the worst in russia. most of his financial problems have been financed by his bank. i think we have serious problems here and we need to look at it from that perspective. we do not care that he is the president, we get that. he won the election. i have no problem supporting him if he does things properly and honestly and if he is doing it for the benefit of the people of this country, not the people of russia. this not going to nato and this carving out and releasing sanctions on russia. what about the american people? i think we really need to look and need to be seriously looking at why this office, this whole
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administration down the line, manafort, doesn't know ma nafort, he doesn't know him, that is false. it is true that he is part of the whole process. host: even as the events of yesterday took place, several other events taking place this week on capitol hill, it is the second day of testimony for judge neil gorsuch before the senate, taking a look at the confirmation process. they consider sending him to the supreme court. you can see that live at 9:30 today. watch it on c-span 3, or listen on the c-span radio app to find more about that. republicans in the house are planning to vote thursday on the replacement plan for the affordable care act. the story this morning in usa today takes a look at the as aom caucus, saying that
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bloc of voters, they will not healththe republican's care bill, quoting mark meadows saying "we are not taking an official position. i am going to encourage them to vote for their constituents." that is mark meadows talking about that. if you go to the hill's website, it talks about an effort by republicans to change elements of the replacement plan to make it more palatable for some republicans, adding that leaders on monday night released a set of changes to the replacement bill. they include two measures that conservative republican , allowingmembers want states to require medicaid recipients to work and allowing states to choose a medicaid block grant over the cap system in the current bill and the revision includes a change targeting york state that is expected to bring several wavering empire state republicans. that would cut off medicaid reimbursement for county
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actuations to medicaid. that is available on the hill website. pay attention to c-span for the next couple of days, especially as the vote is scheduled to take place. on the republican line, this is sandy. caller: i have got a couple points to make. the lady that called in and said trey gowdy was -- wants to destroy the first amendment, that comment, if she was a reporter and reported that in the newspaper without ever -- any evidence to the fact, that is not a fact because trey gowdy is a patriot. he has done nothing but protect the first amendment. timeshed the hearing 1.5 and i did not see anything trey gowdy said that he was after the first amendment. i was in journalism school and yes, reporters have an obligation to report the facts, not their feelings, not how they like the candidate or do not like a candidate, they have to report the facts so that we have
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facts in front of us. my second point is which president, president trump or president obama had an open mic during a conference or meeting in 2012 where the president said to putin underneath his breath, wait until this election is over and then i can do more? which president said that? it was obama, that is who said it and i am so sick of this left, they are constantly trying to put trump down. god put trump in office. we knew about hillary and we never would have voted on her anyway. what about the leaks being true? does anybody care about that? even admittedta it. the left needs to grow up, shut up, sit down and let the real
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leader lead. -- on capitol hill this morning as he meets with republicans who might be on the fence about the affordable care act replacement bill and plans to meet with several of them to gain support leading up to thursday's vote. another trump in the news is ivanka in the business section of the wall street journal talks about how she will be working out of a west wing office and in the process of getting a security clearance and government issued devices. address concerns she handed over day-to-day control of our company to her transfer the and assets to a new trust overseen by relatives of her husband. details of the arrangement, which have not been disclosed, indicate how much trump -- how much power mrs. trump continues to hold over the brand that bears her name. she may address potential
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conflicts in one of two ways, recuse herself from related white house businesses or a potential --veyo veto a potential deal. miss trump is the sole beneficiary and her expanding white house role. on monday she said the trust was .art of a voluntary pledge johnny from woodbridge, virginia, democrats line. i wish i had a patent on give on these first world republicans. i would be a billionaire. i don't believe the russians helped donald trump as much as the press. every day you turn it on, it is
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donald trump. every minute you turn it on, it is donald trump. they can let him tweet all he wants, just forget about it. get maybe things will better. just don't bother with it. ,ost: debbie from florida democrats line. caller: i was just wondering, i have been wondering this for quite some time about the leaks. yesterday, they said it was illegal for someone to leak information. toldn't it be illegal receive that information and use it? sort of like you would be receiving stolen goods?
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it seems like that would clear up a lot of things. host: are you speaking specifically of the press who receives information or anybody who receives that type of information? caller: if you made it illegal for everyone, the press, any , ieign government, domestic guess, specifically, since we are talking about the press, everyone. the information would be who was if the person going to receive it would go to jail for receiving it -- receiving stolen goods. not that the person who stole it from the government, but they ,re leaking and that is a legal so if you made it illegal to print it or use it against the .ountry or even just use it
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it seems like that would clear up a whole bunch of these links. -- leaks. host: let's go to joann in minnesota on the independent line. caller: i have 3 point would like to make. yesterday, during the hearing, comey referred several times that he failed a lot of what is printed in the media is false, but he is not allowed to say or dispute it and he mentioned several times that much is what is printed in the paper is false and yet, in the morning, you often use the newspapers to make a point, some of it being true and some of it not being true, so are you passing on untrue? information number two, they talked about investigating with trump and if there is something going on,
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does it need to be investigated? i heard a while back about podesta's connection with russia and people connected with maybey's campaign and that needs to be checked on also and number three, president obama -- i am not sure if it was his chief of staff right before the inauguration was interviewed on one of the main sunday talk shows and he stated that the russians interfered with the and 2012, but08 it was not reported because the democrats won. if you notice, they didn't make a big fuss until hillary lost and then, if they did interfere, and i do think they were trying to take hillary down, i don't think they were necessarily trying to help trump, but they
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wanted to take hillary down. i think everybody is just getting a little excited and making a little too much and i wish the media would be honest. as the former caller said, a journalist is supposed to report the truth. i used to love watching the news and listening to journalists and i don't believe hardly anything and journalism is a casualty of all of this and i feel sorry for our children coming up, they don't know what to believe, what to trust. walter cronkite and edward r. murrow once stated "our job is to report the news and not make the news." a democracy is where you hear both sides. this journalist putting all of their feelings and thoughts into
7:47 am
it, i think it is totally unfair to the people of this country. calling.nk you for aurora, indiana, republican line, robert. caller: thank you for taking my call. people run trump down like he is a dog. the man is not charging anything to be president. he is standing there trying to get this country straightened out, but these idiots out here want to take everything for -- forget about russia and think about our country and our president. that's the way i look at it. host: so the events yesterday are not a concern of yours? caller: yes sir, i want the truth, but we are not going to get it from the media. host: what did you think about mr. comey's statement? caller: we need the truth from the people we elect an office.
7:48 am
host: what did you think of mr. comey's testimony? caller: i don't know. i am kind of undecided on him. he is mini mouse on some things and unspoken on others -- outspoken on others. york,joe from new republican line. caller: good morning. the one thing i wanted to comment on three i listened to the hearings yesterday and it made ad to me that comey statement that the only reason he was commenting on an ongoing investigation, which he could do normally, was the trump information -- administration gave him permission to do so. everyone seems to be losing that point, unless i misunderstood him. host: if you want to watch the hearing from yesterday, go to our website at and watch it for yourself. you can take advantage of not only seeing it at your convenience, but some of the
7:49 am
other things we put leading up to the hearing as well. also available, neil gorsuch's testimony from yesterday. it was the opening statement yesterday of members from the committee and judge gorsuch --self and you can also see watch today at 9:30 live on c-span and go to other avenues to see that. the washington post highlights some of the lines of questioning judge gorsuch will receive in his first full day of testimony. particularly, what democratic members of the committee will ask. it says senator did durban and christopher kunz of delaware put judgefy -- gorsuch to clarify his views on religious freedoms. area -- senator richard blumenthal connecticut says he plans to draw out the nominee on
7:50 am
president trump's "vicious attacks" on federal judges. "in the midst of a looming constitutional crisis" as the fbi director was testifying yesterday and he goes on to say the possibility of the supreme court needing to enforce a subpoena against the president is no longer idle speculation. the independence of the judiciary is more defense than ever and your -- is more critical than ever and your defense -- it0 is where you can see today. here is judge gorsuch during his introductory remarks to the committee and the battle bit from his opening statement yesterday. [video clip] ago, a student many years i found myself walking through the old burial ground in boston where paul revere, john hancock, and many of our founders are
7:51 am
buried. there i came across the tombstone of a lawyer and judge who, today, is largely forgotten , as we are all destined to be soon enough. his name was sumner and written on his tombstone was this description of the man. "as a lawyer, he was faithful and able. as a judge, patient, impartial, and decisive. in private life, he was affectionate and mild. in public life, he was dignified and firm. allayed by thee directness of his -- he was silenced by the weight of his virtues and rancor was softened by the amenity of his manners. mr. chairman, those words stick with me and i keep them on my desk. they served for me as a daily reminder of the laws -- laws's
7:52 am
, of the integrity hard-working work it takes and the encouragement to good habit when i fail and when i falter. at the india middle, -- at the end of it all, i can ask for nothing less to be described as he was and if confirmed, i pledge to you that i will do everything in my power to be that man. host: see more of today's activities on the website and more of yesterday's activities when you go to the website. catherine from illinois on the democrats line. caller: the only thing i want to say is donald trump came in and said "i want to drain the swamp. " what he is doing is adding more dung to the swamp. i think it is too bad that hillary did not get in there. she would've been wrong against
7:53 am
russia.- strong against i am all for having the tax issues corrected and health care fixed, but nothing is going to get done now, which is really sad, i think there is more dung in the swamp and it will not get fixed for another election. that is all i wanted to say. host: matt is up next from springfield, massachusetts. in the i served 23 years massachusetts house of representatives as a democrat. there was a time when i was a republican. i served active duty in the united states army in the korean era. i listened to the hearing yesterday attentively and i listened to the director of the attempt to be as objective as i think he could
7:54 am
be. and iened to both sides listened to the chair of the committee and the ranking member of the committee as they made said statements and both they wanted to see an investigation -- they wanted to see truth surface, the truth come out. one of the things i would recommend strongly is that an , anpendent prosecutor independent commission be established to deal with this investigation. it is too serious to allow to be done on a partisan basis. i hear the animosity directed toward democrats and sometimes directed toward republicans, but we have to get away from the and theons self-righteousness you keep hearing and in the interest of this nation and the interest of
7:55 am
the united states of america and, in fact, the world, we need to get to the bottom of this. we cannot allow an effort on the part of any agency in the global alterity to attempt to the normal direction of the election in any sovereign nation. host: let's go to rudy in cherokee, north carolina, on the republican line. watching have been daily. my question is this, if the democrats were so concerned about russia hacking the happened ond this obama and hillary watch, what did they do to prevent it? they waited till after the elections to start crying about it?
7:56 am
thishave been informed of since 2008 that russia had been trying to hack the elections. , has anybody forgotten about the benghazi where they literally left soldiers and americans and innocent lives destroyed because of it. host: okay. that from rudy in cherokee, north carolina. lori is next from georgia, republican line. caller: i watched the hearings yesterday and i will pick back up on them today, also. i think people are losing sight ,n the fact of how serious whether you want to call
7:57 am
yourself a republican, a democrat, an independent, or whatever, we are american citizens and the mere fact that we have russia, a country that is dangerous as they are and the truth of it is they are in our ourety today with democratic process and so forth and people trying -- seem to be trying to overlook that and say that democrats are just whining because they lost in this other stuff. as citizens, we do not know the full details of everything that has gone on just like no more than president trump new when he walked into the office the first day to take over the job. until you go in there, you don't know the full circumstances. for people to sit back and point fingers about what president obama did or did not do when it had to do with russia, we have a history where russia has caused
7:58 am
us problems with spies here in the united states, with people here in the united states as far as citizens go, trading secrets. the mere fact we had someone that was nsa and was a foreign agent and that didn't seem to bother anybody and these parents that have got children that are soldiers today, husbands and wives that our soldiers, families that are disrupted because we have soldiers out fighting wars on our behalf and so forth and then we possibly could have someone in our government that is working -- who is very much so an enemy to the united states of america, not have our best interest at heart. host: that is lori from georgia. one more bit of tape from yesterday's hearing. president trump sends out a tweets during the course of the hearing saying that the nba and
7:59 am
tellell russia that -- congress that russia did not influence the electoral process. -- they were asked about the accuracy of the tweet. >> the u.s. intelligence committee does not do analysis or reporting on the political process or opinion. >> so thanks to the modern technology in front of me i have from the president saying the nsa and fbi tell congress that russia did not influence the electoral process. so that is not quite accurate, that tweet. >> i am sorry, i have not been following people on twitter since i have been sitting here. >> the nsa and fbi tell russia -- congress that russia did not influence the electoral process. this tweet has gone out to millions of americans. this is the tweet as i read it to you "the nsa and fbi tell
8:00 am
congress that russia did not influence the electoral process." is that accurate? react.s hard for me to we offer no opinion, have no view, have no information on potential >> so it's not too far of a thecal leap to conclude assertion that you call told the congress that there was no influence on the elector process is not quite right? wasn't ourinly intention to say that today because we don't have any information on that subject. that was not something that was looked at. host: that whole hearing you can see on our website at as well as other information there, including events of today. commenting on events of today and this week, to members of congress joining us. first we will hear from jodey arrington. he is a new member of congress as well.
8:01 am
program, we will be joined by democratic representative robin kelly of illinois. "washington journal" continues after this. ♪ >> this week is c-span's anniversary week. 38 years ago on march 19, 1979, the house of representatives opened its debates to tv cameras for the first time and the cable television industry launched c-span to bring the congress into america's homes. >> gentlemen, please take a seat. mr. speaker, on this historic
8:02 am
day, the house of representatives opens its proceedings for the first time to televised coverage. i wish to congratulate you for your courage in making this possible and the committee who has worked so hard under the leadership of congressman charles rose to make this a reality. television will change this institution, mr. speaker, just as it has changed the executive branch, but the good will far outweigh the bad. from this day forward, every member of this bobby must ask himself or herself, how many americans are listening to the debates which are made? when the house becomes comfortable with the changes brought by television coverage, the news media will be allowed to bring their own cameras into this chamber. in the meantime, there is no censorship. every word is available for broadcast coverage and journalists will be able to use and edit as they see fit. the solution for the lack of
8:03 am
confidence in government, mr. speaker, is more open government at all levels. i hope, for example, that the leadership of the united states senate will see this as a friendly challenge to begin to open. >> the gentleman's time has expired. mediummarriage of this and are open debate has the potential, mr. speaker, to revitalize representative democracy. the cable1986, industry launched c-span2 to carry the senate life. all of our congressional coverages webcast live, archived , and searchable for free at radio, and online are provided as a public service of our cable and satellite affiliates across the nation. announcer: "washington journal" continues. guest of thest morning is representative jodey arrington, republican of texas. he is a member of the budget committee as well as the ag


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