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tv   U.S. House Meets for Morning Hour  CSPAN  March 21, 2017 9:59am-11:05am EDT

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losers. you need a drastic step to nation, starting labeling people, black, white, pink, yellow and green. are eople in this world simply human people or -- peep decided by that their ability for emotional human brain to have developed emotions. much. you very host: from marie tta, georgia, next, ts line, tony up good morning. caller: good morning. i like to say that donald trump elected by 62 million people. e's doing what he said he was going to do. drain he was going to the swamp, just got to question the technique. creatures, so e the water is leaving, i mean,
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you voted for. good day. in marietta, georgia. on capitol hill, including house of representatives, about to gavel into session. we'll take you to them now. the speaker pro tempore: the house will be in order. the chair lays before the house a communication from the speaker. the clerk: the speaker's room, washington, d.c., march 21, 2017. i hereby appoint the honorable evan h. jenkins to act as speaker pro tempore on this day. signed, paul d. ryan, speaker of the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to the order of the house of january 3, 2017, the chair will now recognize members from lists submitted by the majority and minority leaders for morning hour debate. the chair will alternate recognition between the parties. all time shall be equally allocated between the parties and in no event shall debate
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continue beyond 11:50 a.m. each member other than the majority and minority leaders and the minority whip shall be limited to five minutes. the chair recognizes the gentleman from texas, mr. poe, for five minutes. mr. poe: mr. speaker, china is illegally imprisoning an american citizen. this is sandy gillis. march 19 marked the two-year anniversary when sandy was illegally incarcerated by the chinese government. sandy is from houston, texas, andas livd there for almost 40ears. she worked tirelessly to improvu.s. relations with china. she believed closer engagement would improve the members of both the americans and the chinese. sandy traveled to china in march, 2015 with houston mayor pro tempore ed gonzalez.
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their purpose was to help a trade mission to promote business between houston, texas, and china. it was on this trip when sandy was unlawfully arrested by china's state security. the chinese government falsely accused her of being a spy for the f.b.i. she was thrown into solitary confinement and subjected to torture and numerous, relentless questioning. mr. speaker, there are worldwide horror stories about chinese prisons. sandy was hospitalized twice because of the treatment by china's spy agency while she was incarcerated in china. sandy suffers from several serious medical conditions. the chinese threatened to take away her access to medicine, basically threatening to kill her unless she confessed to being a spy. she even suffered a fear-induced heart attack because of their brutality
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while she was in custody. sandy's false imprisonment is a traffic vessey and a farce -- travesty and a farce. here is a picture of her sandy. it took the chinese over a year while she was in jail before they even charged her with a crime. she was not allowed to speak to a lawyer for over a year. according to the chinese government, sandy was spying for the f.b.i. back in the 1990's. that was over 25 years ago. but the chinese government has not been able to provide a sin till -- sen tilla of evidence to back up their false claims. the f.b.i. said that sandy has never, ever worked for them and the passport said she never traveled to china during the time frame that they accused her of going on spy missions in china. in fact, there is documentation
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proving sandy was working in houston, texas, at the time. mr. chairman, i am a former judge and i looked at the evidence and there is no evidence. she should be released. sandy has been denied the basic rights she is entitled to even under chinese law and international law. the united nations has reviewed sandy's case and determined she had been arbitrarily arrested and that her rights had been violat. after two years in jail, she has not had the chance to have an appearance before a judge. sandy spent her entire life trying to improve china's trade relations with the united states. and for her efforts, she was put in jail by the communist chinese. if sandy isn't safe in china then no american is. and on any given trip an american citizen, like sandy, can be snatched by the communists and put in jail just
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on a whim. supposedly the state department has raised sandy's case with their chinese counterparts for over 20 times, but more pressure needs to be applied. we know that china is a gross human rights violator. they persecute minorities in their country. china cannot be allowed to illegally detain and torture an american citizen and face no consequences for their unlawful acts. hopefully secretary tillerson will make freeing sandy a top priority for this administration. the last time sandy's husband, jeff, who i talked to, was able to speak with her was way back in september of 2015. sandy has already missed out on two years of her life with her loving husband and her daughter. so it's time to let sandy go. she's not guilty of any crime. the only crime being committed is by the chinese government for their false imprisonment of an american citizen, and that's just the way it is.
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i'll yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. the chair recognizes the gentleman from maryland, mr. hoyer, for five minutes. mr. oyer: thank you, speaker. i ask unanimous consent to revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. hoyer: mr. speaker, this week we will consider the most important bill that this house will consider in this congress. every day we're hearing from more and more republican members of this house and of the senate who oppose, who oppose, who oppose the dangerous health care bill on the floor this week. just yesterday conservative republican representative justin amash tweeted the following -- very conservative republican from the mid part of
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our country said this, quote, while i've been in congress i can't recall a more universally detested piece of legislation than this g.o.p. health care or health no care bill. this is just the most recent in a long list of statements by republi unr th demerits on the bill to repeal e affordable care act. it's interesting they named it the american health care act. the only thing they struck from our title was affordable. it should tell you something about the bill. they replace it with a system that requires americans to pay more and get less. this bill has been rushed through the committees without a single public hearing, not
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one, no testimony or expert view, and when the committees marked it up it did not have what we call a c.b.o. score. that is simply washington speak for the agency that is nonpartisan, bipartisan, with the director appointed by the republicans to give us the advice of the consequences of the enactment of such legislation. they came back and told us that there would be 24 less million less americans insured by 2026. that would total 58 million uninsured americans as a result of this bill just nine years from now. republicans are rushing it to the floor for two reasons. first, they know that if the american people see what this bill would do and what it would cost, it wouldn't pass.
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as a matter of fact, we have some information on that already because at town meeting after town meeting after town meeting the republicans have held and democrats have held on this bill, the overwhelming number of people that came to those town meetings said this is a bad bill, it will hurt us, it will hurt our health care, it will hurt our families, it will hurt our children. and we're rushing this bill that was introduced just some 2 1/2 weeks ago. it was introduced on a monday night, late at night. it was marked up less than 36 hours later in both committees, and they were so intent on getting it marked up and speeding it along that they held a hearing for 26 hours straight. excuse me. it was not a hearing. no witnesses. ey just held a markup for 26
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hours straight. now, i'm sure, mr. speaker, that millions of americans were awake at 4:00 a.m. in the morning to see what the committee was doing. obviously i'm not sure of that at all. .erhaps that was the strategy now that the c.b.o. score, which i just relayed to, has been released, we know the harm this bill will bring. as i said, 24 million americans kicked off their insurance, including seven million americans who are currently covered under plans provided by their employers. premiums for individual policyholders rising 24% to 29%. this is not my view. this is the congressional budget office whose director was appointed by this republican congress and his predecesr, dr. elmendorf, testified a hring that we
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held because republicans refused to hold a hearing on this bill, and he agreed with the republican-appointed director and congressional budget office. so you have a bipartisan agreement that this bill will harm americans, and not just those 24 million americans, it will harm all americans because their premiums and co-pays and deductibles will go up. states will be forced to drop 14 million americans from medicaid, and i understand the manager's amendment will make it worse while cutting benefits and provider payments. a less fiscally sustainable future for medicare. they shorten the life of medicare, sustaineded fiscally from 2028 to 2025. the list goes on, mr. speaker, of the reasons why this bill will be a disaster for families in our country. the second reason they pushed
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the bill so quickly is because they wanted to bring it to the floor this week. not next week. not the week after. not after thorough consideration. not after hearings. not after listening to the american people, but this week. why this week? because this week marks the seventh anniversary of the enactment of the law they are seeking to repeal. othewords, optics, spin, propaganda, message. that's what their timeline in their bill is all about -- messaging. not results, not reform. political messaging. this is the fulfillment of a campaign pledge based on a premise that is no longer sustainable. seven years after the law's enactment, the facts are clear. it has expanded coverage, improved benefits, banned discrimination against women
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and people with pre-existing conditions and disabilities and prohibited annual and lifetime limits on coverage. now, they keep some of those things in their bill because they were so popular they thought they couldn't get rid of them, but they have voted 65 times to repeal all those benefits. is the affordable care act perfect? of course not. in the areas where it has fallen short, let's fix it together, but this bill, this bill repealing the law and making americans pay more for less will throw our health care system into turmoil and put millions of americans and more businesses at risk. that's why doctors oppose it. that's why hospitals oppose it. at'shy senior organizations like aarp, oppose it. there are literally a thousand organizations-plus that have opposed this bill.
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we are hearing that republicans are making secret back room deals with individual members to win their support. the kind of desperate maneuvering that shows how unpopular this bill is. republicans, mr. speaker, must remember that as the governing majority they will be responsible for what happens to our health care system under their watch. and i do not just mean this bill. i mean the lack of certainty and the turmoil that they have een creating for the affordable care act market since not only trump was elected but since they started attacking this bill some years ago. mr. speaker, i urge my republican friends, for the sake of their constituents, for the sake of the children of this country, for the sake of those who are at risk because
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of health challenges that confront them, i urge my republican friends to abandon this dangerous bill and instead work with us to strengthen our health care system for all of our citizens and i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. the chair recognizes the gentlewoman from florida, ms. ros-lehtinen, for five minutes. . ms. ros-lehtinen: mr. speaker, i'd like to congratulate the rotary club of miami on its 10h anniversary which will be celebrated through the century of services guolla this saturday, march 25. the rotary club of miami is the fifth oldest rotary club in florida and has been working around the clock to make positive and long lasting contributions to our beautiful south florida community.
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through community service projects and philanthropy, this organization has helped establish several institutions that aim to assist some of the most vulnerable members of our society, including the miami lighthouse for the blind, the ymca of greater miami, and boystown of florida. since its inception, the rotary club of miami has been headed by extraordinary individuals with a vision to make south florida an even better place in which to live. the first president was dr. james jackson, who was instrumental in establishing jackson memorial hospital, which is now the third largest public hospital and the third largest teaching hospital in our great contry. another miami staple of the rotary club of miami, is the baskin-palmer eye institute. established by one of the club members and is ranked the nim one -- number one eye hospital in the united states. the rotary club of miami also
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helped found of e largest burn centers in the south. the bonend tissue bank at the university of miami, and the rotary club of miami has also supported education by providing scholarship opportunities for high school, college, and postgraduate students. mr. speaker, i am honored to recognize the rotary club of miami for its impressive legacy. i thank everyone who is involved in this club, supporting this wonderful organization, and i wish the members of the rotary club of miami much continued success in the decades to come. mr. speaker, i'd like to pay tribute to a former member of the house, robert garcia, or as we used to call him, bobby, who passed away nearly two months ago. i had the opportunity to serve with bobby for only a few months before his retirement, but during that short time i was able to see firsthand his
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commitment to our great nation. bobby was a patriot. after graduation from high school, bobby joined the army and went on to serve as part of the third infantry division in the korean war, where he earned two bronze stars. as the first hispanic woman elected to congress, i have been invigorated by bobbie's unwavering passion to fight for bert opportunities for our hispanic community. he was the founding member of the congressional hispanic caucus institute and the national association of latino elected and appointed officials, to ensure that more hispanics become involved in our political arena. bobby was also instrumental in guaranteeing that hispanics were counted in the u.s. census. one of bobby's legacies, mr. speaker, was the creation of free enterprise zones designed to spur job creation and economic opportunities and inner city neighborhoods. bobby also led the effort to
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establish the martin luther king national holiday. the loss of bobby's experience and knowledge is felt in new york, in puerto rico, and all across our country by everyone who benefited from his contributions. bobby garcia's memory will stand as a great example of a tenacious public servant and remarkable life lived. thank you, mr. speaker, for the time. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman yields back. the chair recognizes the gentleman from oregon, mr. blumenauer, for five minutes. thank you, mr. speaker. one of the most disturbing aspects of the republican attack on the affordable care act it and the success we have had in extending care to americans has
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been the specific attack on medicaid. 14 million of the 25 million people who will lose coverage under the republican bill are under the medicaid program medicaid icritical to the provision of health care in the united states. medicaid covers more people than medicare. medicaid expansion has been transformational in the 31 states that took advantage of the provision in the affordable care act to provide coverage to eople who make up to 138% of poverty. roughly $16,600 for a sidge individual. almost $34,000 for a family of four. until then, medicaid has provided extension of care to the elderly, the poor, disabled. it was helpful but very restrictive. in some cases people who earned a modest sum, seven, $10,000,
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$12,000 were ineligible. especially in those 19 states that refuse to take advantage of expand the ity to medicaid coverage at federal expense. mr. speaker, this is america. so even though these poor, expa medicaid coverage at disabled people did not have access to medicaid, many of them did ultimately secure health care, but they got it too late. they got it in emergency room. they didn't get it in a clinic in a timely fashion. and of course the cost for that charity care in emergency rooms or in clinics was borne by the rest of us in increased costs for our insurance. the republican draconian provisions, even before they put into effect an absolutely unnecessary and unenforceable
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work requirement, will be devastating to millions. bear in mind these people now are receiving care in an appropriate clinic session they will be getting it now when it's too late, and that burden shifted on to the rest of us. there will be a tax credit that doesn't help people who don't have enough money to buy meaningful coverage in the private market. and under the republican plan, coverage will become worse, deductibles and co-pays will come higher, and we risk destabilizing the insurance market for the rest of us. now, we have heard on the floor and in committee on the news shows our republican friends and the president talking about the affordable care act in a death spiral. that the insurance industry is collapsing. hardly.
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fascinating article in the weekend "new york times" that looked at the insurance industry. since march of 2010, with the passage of the affordable care act, the overall stock market has more than doubled. it's increased 136%. but the managed care health organizations have increased their stock value almost 300%. the largest united health, 480%. a signal of an industry in a death spiral? absolutely not. the companies are healthy and investors are bidding up their stock. the c.b.o. report that our republican friends did not want us to have before we voted on the bill in committee in the middle of the night testifies to this underlying stability of the insurance market and the affordable care act.
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medicaid under the republican plan will be shifted back increasingly to the states. which have repeatedly proven that they are incable of maintaining high eligibility to help the poor and the near poor, and when budget crunches hit, it is the poor who suffer most with restrictions in their coverage. we have also heard that the republican plan will provide much needed flexibility. that's nonsense. there is already ample flexibility under the affordable care act. i represent oregon. we were able to negotiate an agreement with the federal government under the 1115 waiver program that other states have that represented a unique partnership with the federal government-to-cheeve better care, better results, and restrain chair costs.
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we've got the flexibility. there is no need -- the speaker pro tempore: the speaker's time is expired. the chair recognizes the gentleman from indiana, mr. messer, for five minutes. mr. messer: thank you, mr. speaker. appreciate the opportunity to come here to the floor and talk about what's really happening under the affordable care act. bet attorney by the american people as obamacare. i just left a meeting with the president of the united states where he lobbied my colleagues to make clear to the american people what akiss ater -- disaster this law has been and why it needs to be repealed and replaced with something far better. mr. speaker, there is no doubt that obamacare is failing hoosiers. health care costs continue to rise and people have less coverage and less choice today than ever before. no doubt some have been fitted from the law, but millions more -- benefited from the law, but
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millions more hoosiers have been hurt by the law and worse off today than they were before this law was passed. i have heard from countless hoosiers in the sixth district of indiana who are hurting under obamacare and who have sent me here to repeal this disastrous law. one message from a constituent from greenfield that stayed, quote, i'm a perfectly healthy human being and i used to pay $230 a month with a $500 deductible for my health care. since obamacare, my premiums have risen to over $1,480 a month with a $10,000 deductible. or a dad in shelbyville who lost the health care plan he liked when obamacare took effect. and whose prescription costs for his daughter have now doubled and trimmed under obamacare. or the owner of a small tellycome company in southern rural indiana who tells me that he and his employees have faced
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higher health insurance rates every year since obamacare without -- with out-of-pocket costs increasing as well. it not to mention the endless paperwork and red tape. quote, obamacare, he says, has been an absolute disaster for small businesses he and our employees. i heard from a cancer survivor whose plan went from $199 a onth to over $800 a month. and who couldn't keep her plan or her doctor. quote, i'm a cancer survivor and the old policy has taken me through three surgeries and worked well for me, she says. now we're paying over $1,300 a month with a $500 deductible and the policy paid nothing the entire year. then we received a notice that in 2017 the premium would raise
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again. with a family physician from muncie who told me his patients have, quote, more limited options, longer wait times, for approval of vital procedures and medications and though the confusing nature of the health insurance marketplace and through, pardon mee, the confusing nature of the health insuran marketplace, have ended up with plans they don't understand and couldn't afford, interquote. -- end quote. or the hardworking mom and wife in shelbyville whose husband lost hours at work because of obamacare's full-time employee mandates, and whose own health insurance increased in cost with less coverage. quote, we work hard for our benefits and now the benefits are terrible, she says. i'm paying more for worse coverage and we lost income. t was a double whammy. these hoosiers and so many others are being drushed by
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obamacare, and its burdensome taxes and mandates and fees. we can do better for hoosiers. and this week we will. we will start the process of repealing obamacare and replacing it with something better. this week, congress will vote on the american health care act, the first phase of our plan to repeal and replace obamacare. this is a transformational change that will do away with obamacare's costly mandates, provide much needed relief to hoosiers, and create a health care system that actually lowers costs and increases choice. we're going to keep our promise. come together and get this done.
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thank you, mr. speaker. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. the chair recognizes the gentlewoman from hawaii, ms. gabbard, for five minutes. . ms. gabbard: i'm asking my colleagues to support h.r. 1 27, the ending federal marijuanarohibition act, which i oduced with my republican colleague, a fellow army veteran and former prosecutor from the state of virginia, congressman tom garrett, where we are seeking to address our outdated and widely problematic marijuana laws by federally decriminalizing marijuana. f.b.i. reports have shown that in 2011 alone, an individual in the united states was arrested for marijuana use, sale or possession every 42 seconds. every 42 seconds. mostly in poor and minority
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communities. our current laws are turning everyday americans into criminals, sending them to jail, ruining their lives, tearing apart families and wasting huge amounts of taxpayer dollars to arrest, prosecute and incarcerate people for marijuana use, a drug that has been proven time nd time again to be far less bad than alcohol. dr. donald abrams has talked about how in the 37 years that he has worked and served as a physician, the number of patients that he's admitted to his hospital with marijuana complications are zero. the number of patients that he's admitted due to alcohol use is, quote, profound. so rather than actually helping people, our current laws are turning them into criminals,
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forever impacting their future and the future of their families. over the years we've spent hundreds of billions of dollars locking people up for nonviolent marijuana offenses, creating strain within our criminal justice system, clogging court calendars and resulting in further overcrowding our prisons. now, just a few weeks ago i had the chance to go and visit a number of our prisons and jails in hawaii where i saw firsthand the crumbling infrastructure, the extreme overcrowding and facilities in dire need of upgrades as well as the shortage of services that are actually needed to help rehabilitate people and reduce our recidivism rates. so whether you personally think that marijuana use is good or bad, whether you would choose to use marijuana or not, the question is, should we really be sending people to jail and turning them into criminals for it? the answer is no. the fiscal impacts, the social impacts of our current policy are having devastating ripple
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effects on individuals and our communities and are only continuing to perpetuate the problem. for example, the contradiction that we see currently between state and federal laws on marijuana has created a serious problem for many of our local businesses. i've talked with local bankers in my home state of hawaii who express great frustration and even confusion about the contradiction between our laws. the fact that our state of hawaii has legalized and uthorized marijuana dispense rathersdispenseraries, the federal won't allow any financial opportunities for both businesses and individuals whose financial transactions have anything to do with marijuana. so what this means in a practical term is our state-recognized and licensed medical marijuana dispense ather owners as well as --
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dispenserary owners as well can't get a loan from their local banks. they have to hold thousands or millions of their dollars in conducting their transactions in cash. businesses that provide services to these businesses are unable to get financial services due to gap between federal and state law. as we look at ways that we need to update our outdated drug policies and the need for us to reform a very broken criminal justice system, we need to take into account the growing body of evidence that suggests the medicinal benefits of marijuana, including prevent be -- letic seizures, reduce epileptic seizures, and however the f.d.a. classifies marijuana as a schedule 1 classification, just saying that marijuana is like heroin, l.s.d. and.
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ignoring the fact that 29 states, including my state of hawaii, have already accepted the medical use of marijuana under state law. in addition to passing h.r. 12we ne to require the reme marijuana from scheule 1 based on state-accepted medical use. these reforms that we are calling for in this bipartisan bill are common sense and they are long overdue, long overdue changes that will help reduce the strain on our criminal stice system, reduce confusion and updating those federal laws to actually meet the needs and progress that states are making across the country. thank you, mr. speaker. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman yields back. the chair recognizes the gentleman from california, mr. mcclintock, for five minutes. thank you, mr.
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speaker. any discussion of the american health care act needs to first discuss where we would be without it. obamacare is collapsing. many are paying the hardship penalty than are choosing to buy obamacare policies. in a third of the counties across america, there is only one providetory choose, and we're now seeing counties where there -- one provider to choose and we're seeing counties where there is no provider at all. i've strongly advocated that the house address this crisis in a single comprehensive bill that repeals boil care and replaces it with -- obamacare and replaces it with another. we need to bypass democratic obstructionism in the senate. it only allows us to repeal parts of obamacare and enact only parts of replacement.
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finishing the job will require administrative actions and follow-up legislation in the senate, both somewhat speculative enterprises. so we need to ask if this bill alone is enough to produce a better health care system for the vast majority of people. its biggest defects are the failure to restore to consumers the freedom to shop across state lines and to fully free consumers from having to purchase coverage they don't need and don't want. i am afraid in states that have insurance commissioners who refuse to approve innovative replacement plans, consumers will be stuck in a market still governed by obamacare mandates. this will require follow-up measures. now, critics cite the congressional budget office estimate that 24 million americans will lose their coverage, but this conclusion is largely based on the premise that unless people are forced to buy health insurance that
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they won't when in fact people won't buy health insurance that's not a good value for them and clearly they believe obamacare isn't. we envision a vigorous buyers market where plans across the country compete to offer consumers better services at lower costs tailored to their own needs and wants. and this is the aaca's biggest achievement, replacing coercion with choice for every american. it ends the individual mandate that forces americans to not buy products they don't want. it ends the employer mandate that straps many low-income workers in part-time jobs. it restores the freedom of choice, the best guarantee of quality and value in any market. it allows americans to meet more of their health care needs with pretax dollars. it relieves the premium base of the enormous cost of pre-existing conditions by moving them to a block granted
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assigned risk pool. in making this transition, though, it's important to leave no one in the lurch and that's where we need to heed the c.b.o.'s warning. the fact that many low-income families could no longer afford basic health care is what produced obamacare in the first place. now, when fully implemeed our rorms will correct the government mandates that trapped people in restricd arkets, that forced health care out of reach. but until then, the c.b.o. warns that a 64-year-old, for example, earning $26,500 will see her out-of-pocket health sts balloon from $1,700 to $14,600 per year. this is neither morally defensible nor politically sustainable. the budget committee adopted my motion on a bipartisan vote to ask the house to correct this inequity by adjusting the tax credits to assure that health plans are within the financial reach of every family. i want to thank the leadership
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for responding to this motion by creating architecture in the bill to shift an additional $75 billion for this purchase. as our pro-growth economic reforms cause incomes to rise and our health care reforms bring health care costs down, families will be earning more and will be paying less of what they earn for their health care and reliance on these tax credits will recede. but we need a bridge from the present to the future and we simply can't get there without addressing the bill's initial impact on older, low-income americans. it's also important we ensure stability in the medicaid system as we transition to flexible state-run programs that correct e inequities of obamare that have pushed the elderly, blind and disabled to the back of the medicaid line. this bill does so. i wish it did everything necessary to restore an optimal health insurance market, but it moves us toward that goal, and even as a stand-alone measure, i'm confident it will
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ultimately create a market in most states that will produce better services, greater choices and lower costs for the vast majority of americans. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. the chair recognizes the gentleman from new york, mr. jeffries, for five minutes. mr. jeffries: this is a monumental week here on capitol hill as we will decide the fate of health care in america. despite the evidence that the affordable care act has made a positive difference in the lives of everyday americans, republicans are set to destroy it. but the affordable care act has improved the quality of life for tens of millions of people all across this country. as a result of the affordable care act, people born with pre-existing conditions can no longer be denied health
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insurance. as a result of the affordable care act, young people can remain on their parents' health insurance all the way through to the age of 26. as a result of the affordable ca act women can no longer be discriminated against. with respect to the issuance of insurance simply based on their gender. as a result of the affordable care act, seniors are paying less for lifesaving prescription drug medication. as a result of the affordable care act, more than a million people throughout this country, including in rural america, are able to receive substance abuse treatment. because of them being caught up in the oipped -- opioid addiction epidemic. the affordable care act has made a positive difference in the lives of everyday americans
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. yet, this president says it's been a disaster. this is the same president who for five years perpetrated the racist lie that barack obama was not born in the united states of america, who said that he received more votes than hillary clinton, who claimed there were more people at the inauguration than in 2009. this is an individual who still maintains that his predecessor, barack obama, committed a felony and ordered a wiretap despite testimony from the f.b.i. director to the contrary . et's be clear, what will be an unmitigated disaster is trumpcare which house republicans are working to jam down the throats of the american people.
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trumpcare, the republican health care plan, will result losing lion americans their health care. trumpcare, the republican plan, will gut medicaid, stripping it dead billion, taking aim at seniors, the poor and the afflicted. trumpcare will impose an age tax on people between the ages of 50 and 64, causing some in that category who are currently paying approximately $1,700 per . ar to pay close to $14,000 an age tax on people between 50
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, that's trumpcare, the republican plan, an unmitigated disaster, taking dead aim at the american people, and it will result in tens of thousands of americans dying. it is a death sentence. seniors will die. the poor will die. the chronically ill will die. rural americans will die. people between the age of 50 and 64 will die, and the executioner will be the authors and those who support the republican health care plan. i yield back. . the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. members are reminded to refrain from engaging in personalities towards the president.
10:46 am
the chair recognizes the gentlewoman from connecticut, ms. delauro, for five minutes. ms. delauro: i ask unanimous consent to revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. ms. delauro: mr. speaker, i rise today to share the testimony of one of my constituents. her name is nikisha. a fifth generation college educated woman. founder of ballet haven, a rigorous dance training program. she is an english teacher who has won the teacher of the year award twice. and i regret to tell you that she is also living with and dying from a debilitating disease. and these are her words. i quote. this is her testimony. the debate about health care has turned into something of a spectacle. as if it exists apart from the flesh and bones that are experiencing the consequences of
10:47 am
the decisions being made. i think it's exceedingly important to talk about the felt experience of illness. the feeling like an elephant sitting on my chest daily because i have pulmonary fibrosis. no, i have never smoked, not cigarettes, not anything. ever. i am simply sick. the feeling of my leg bone splintering, waking mup with the pain several times a night, several times aeek, splayed be had fallen from a window. of course that's not what happened. this is just what joints and muscles feel like as part of my rare disease. the feeling of having a widespread flu-like bone crushing ache that does not end. i don't have the flu. i have a rare auto immune disease. this is what my entire body
10:48 am
feels like 90% of the time. the feeling of choking without warning, regularly on coffee, on water, on my own spit. this is what my disease feels like. the feelings i'm talking about what -- are what it is like to not be able to take a deep breath ever because over 70% of my lungs have turned to hardened, stony, scar tissue. the feeling of not even remembering what it is like to take a deep breath. because my particular disease is one that is categorized as autoimmune, it would be self-months before we got a correct diagnosis. autoimmunity is notoriously difficult to diagnose. and unless you are a specialized medical profession or happen to know someone who is afflicted by rheumatoid disorders, you have likely never heard of what i have. syndrome sclareo
10:49 am
determinea. often it is fatial, especially with the amount of lung damage that i have incurred. when after two years of chemotherapy the progression of my pulmonary fibrosis and overall disease process was not successfully remaining stable, i had to go on supplemental oxygen, within six months i was getting so sick that i eventually had to medically retire at 36 years old. it was a heartbreaking decision. i loved my job. i was good at it. without the protections afforded to me through the affordable care act, my objection again, the cost of seeing my numerous specialties, paying for 14 medications, admissions to the hospital, and life threatening emergency trips to the e.r. would be nothing short of financially catastrophic for my family. a rare disease like mine baffles many doctors. it has not been uncommon for my caretakers to have to spend
10:50 am
hours on the phone with insurance companies fighting for a drug that is literally thousands of dollars but necessary for my treatment. when you have a rare illness, you often have to try new things. insurance companies will unabashedly see you as a risk. why? you are expensive. you are rare. you are dying. this is an unholy trinity. since the affordable care act, my medications have been affordable. access to care is not accessible if you cannot afford it. and what the a.c.a. has done is create a safeguard so that the care that my doctors have prescribed for one of their sickest patients is truly accessible to that patient because i can afford it. i come from a family who has for generations always worked, always paid into the system. there are next to no services available for a relatively young woman like me at social services. i know i have checked. i am not old enough for a full teacher's pension. but do receive a small
10:51 am
disability allowance. i receive a small social security check. but i am well below the poverty level. i need you to understand that people like me are not asking for anything for free. i am willing to continue to pay for the quality health care that i have had. i am willing for there to be changes made to it. i find it unconscionable, however, that decisions can be made regarding life and death without actual regard for the felt lives and actual deaths that you will be responsible for if you repeal the affordable care act. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady's time has expired. ms. delauro: we owe it to her and everyone like her across the country. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady's time has expired. ms. delauro: reject this repeal bill. i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman's time has expired. he chair wreck -- recognizes the gentlewoman from michigan, miss lauren, for five minutes. miss lauren: i ask unanimous consent to address the house for
10:52 am
five minutes. mrs. lawrence: i rise today in strong opposition to the american health care act. this week the republicans will call for a vote to push 24 million americans of of their health care and transfer massive health care costs on working families across the country. today i will take a moment to talk about the impact that trump care will have on my district, the 14th district of michigan. under this bill, 70,000 nstituents of mine will lose coverage by 2026. one of the pillars of the existing affordable health care act were allowing states like michigan who for the record has a republican governor, who worked hard to make sure that we were able to have medicare expansion so that we could use
10:53 am
the affordable health care act in michigan. one of the pillars of the affordable health care act was to expand medicaid coverage to millions of people. according to the statistics from healthy michigan, which is our process for affordable health 650,000 chigan, over michiganders enrolled and gained access to health coverage. in oakland and wayne counties, which i represent, there are er 140,000 individuals enolled in healthy michigan, the affordable health care act. under the republican bill, these same michiganders will lose the coverage that they depend on for their long-term care. approximately 200,000 seniors, disabled individuals, children,
10:54 am
and women who receive care through the traditional medicaid will be severely impacted by the republican health plan. that includes half of all the children in michigan. includes over 100,000 children n my district alone. republicans are using the repeal and replace legislation once again to target women's health by defunding planned parenthood. no matter how many times it is substaniated, it is a fact, it has been stated the republicans do not seem to understand or refuse to accept the fact that federal dollars do not pay for abortions. planned parenthood provides a variety of preventive care, including contraception and cancer screening for millions of
10:55 am
americans and women in this planned parenthood to continue their imrtant missioof providing women across the country with quality health care, republicans have decided to jeopardize the health of millions of americans because of a blatantly partisan witch-hunt. i'd like to take a minute to share a already one of my constituents wrote me about her experience with the affordable care act. as a self-employed person for the first time in my life i have been able to have health care in michigan. and that has been through the affordable health care act. i am still very healthy and rarely go to the doctor, but i'm happy to pay into the system every month because i believe that it means to be a good citizen that a healthy community is a safer and happy community. health care to me is very important issue.
10:56 am
my brother has cystic fibrosis. it is only through medicaid expansion that he's been able to receive health care. the thought of the medicaid expansion being phased out and my brother, who i love, being somehow responsible for paying for tens of thousands of dollars per month for the necessary edication to live destroys me. mr. speaker, my constituents they deserve better. i urge my colleagues to oppose the trump care, the american health care act. i will stand here and say that the affordable health care act is not perfect, but if we really do the job that we were sent here to do as members of congress, we would sit down together and fix what's wrong with our existing health care program so that every american
10:57 am
will be le to continue to stay on their health care, still be able to allow their children to stay on their health care, and still be able to get health care without being penalized for a pre-existing condition. let us work together to make health care affordable for all americans. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. the chair recognizes the gentleman from maryland, mr. brown, for five minutes. mr. brown: i ask unanimous consent to revise and extend. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. brown: thank you, mr. speaker. i rise today to oppose the republican plan to repeal the affordable care act. and to address two critical public health issues important to the families of maryland's fourth congressional district. nearly 26 million americans are estimated to have chronic kidney disease. 700,000 people, including 3,000 in my district in prince george's county have irreversible kidney failure or
10:58 am
end stage renal disease, off because of complications of diabetes and high blood pressure where you cannot survive without a kidney transplant or dialysis treatment. and 70% of those patients are on treatment at least three times per week. this is serious -- a serious issue for us to consider today because nearly 50% of all end-stage renal disease patients rely on medicaid. if we pass the republican plan to gut medicaid, we're making life and death choices for these patients who are disproportionately seniors, north, and some of our most vulnerable neighbors. i saw the potential impact of these brutal cuts on my constituents when i toured a dialysis facility in my district. nearly half of all people with end-stage renal disease in prince george's county are being treated at a davita facility. there i got to speak to several
10:59 am
patients receiving lifesaving treatment and i heard how important it was for them to have access to dialysis. many of theseaties simply would not get care if it wasn't for the medicaid expansion subdies to affordable quality health coverage and the consumer protections under the affordable care act that prevent health plans from denying coverage because of pre-existing conditions and prohibiting insurers from dropping people from plans when they become ill e these -- become ill. these are real people who will suffer the consequences of our action it is we pass this pay more for less bill. as republicans rush to pass this bill, to repeal the affordable care act, and replace it with more expensive and worse care, we're also turning a blind eye to the impact on the opioid crisis that is ravaging many of our communities. in my district, in anne arundel county, the number of people killed by heroin and opioid
11:00 am
overdoses in 2016 was more than the previous two years combined. records show there have been more overdoses in the first three months of 2017 than all of 2016 and last week alone over a 24-hour period there were 16 overdoses and three fatalities in anne arundel county. the republican bill offers no solutions for this drug crisis. in fact, it makes it worse by dramatically cutting medicaid and ending the requirement that addiction services and treatment be covered by states. . because of the affordable care t 1.3 million people are getting treated for substance abuse problems. in maryland, medicaid pays nearly 40% of all addiction treatment medication. without this expansion, the clear majority of those people would either fall into the treatment gap, unable to
11:01 am
receive substance abuse treatment because of a lack of insurance or fund or be forced to wait months or years to get into publicly funded treatment programs. the soalled flexibility congressional republicans want to give states wod only mean less funding for substance abuse. this is a step in the wrong direction at a time when we're facing this urgent public health crisis. reducing access to addiction treatment would lead to more drug overdose deaths and more trips to our emergency ropes. we know that untreated addiction -- emergency rooms. we know that untreated addiction leads to more crime. i know this could cost the lives of millions of people in my state and around the country. the g.o.p. plan for repeal will hurt a lot of people. the 24 million americans will be uninsured. the middle-income families, especially the elderly, will pay thousands of dollars for care. the 33 million children and
11:02 am
those with disabilitied impacted by medicaid cuts. the 393,000 women will lose care if planned parenthood is defunded. these aren't just numbers in the c.b.o. report. they are the dialysis patient in upper marlboro or the person getting treatment for addiction. mr. speaker, let us think about all of these families before we vote on this ill-conceived and ill-advised bill. let's not put partisanship before patients. thank you, mr. speaker. i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. pursuant to clause 12-a of rule 1, the chair declares the house in recess until noon today.
11:03 am
replacement bill. the house will meet that day at 9:00 eastern. you can see the house when they return at noon eastern here today on c-span. and president trump was on capitol hill this morning meeting with house republicans about the replacement plan. the hill has more on that meeting. the president issued a stern warning in a closed door meeting with house republicans today saying that republican lawmakers could lose their seats in 2018 if they fail to repeal and replace obamacare. multiple republican sources said. quote, i believe many of you will lose in 2018 if the party is not successful in passing its health care bill. the president told the house republican conference during the meeting on capitol hill, according to a source in the room. and our capitol hill reporter craig caplan tweeted this out. he heard loud applause from
11:04 am
inside the room for president trump as he spoke to house republicans on the health care bill. again, the house is scheduled to vote on the bill on thursday. you can read the rest of the article, by the way, at the house republican leadership, as i said, met with reporters just a short time ago after their meeting with president trump on the health care law replacement bill. and here's what they had to say. speaker ryan: we have the old podium back. o ahead and grab the door. good morning. i want to say we were honored this morning to welcome the presidt of the united states to our house republican conference. i want to thank him for coming to the hill to talk to our members and for his steadfast leadersh t


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