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tv   House Speaker Says Members Face Rendezvous with Destiny on Health Care...  CSPAN  March 21, 2017 11:04am-11:20am EDT

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inside the room for president trump as he spoke to house republicans on the health care bill. again, the house is scheduled to vote on the bill on thursday. you can read the rest of the article, by the way, at the house republican leadership, as i said, met with reporters just a short time ago after their meeting with president trump on the health care law replacement bill. and here's what they had to say. speaker ryan: we have the old podium back. o ahead and grab the door. good morning. i want to say we were honored this morning to welcome the presidt of the united states to our house republican conference. i want to thank him for coming to the hill to talk to our members and for his steadfast leadership throughout this process.
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president trump was here to do what he does best and that is to close the deal. he is all in, and we are all in to end this obamacare nightmare. i think what this comes down to is what it said on those banners last night at his rally in kentucky, promises made, promises kept. obamacare was anything but that. people were promised one thing and they were given another. they were promised they'd get lower premiums. instead, premiums are skyrocketing. they were promised they could keep their plan and many, millions lost their plan. they were promised more choices and now millions of americans have no health care choice at all. seven years of this failed experiment is enough. this is our chance to build a better, a fairer and a better health care system for all americans, all of us, the president, the house and the senate, we made a promise.
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we made a promise that we would repeal and replace this disastrous law, and we are oing to keep our word. >> well, good morning. we are just coming out of a conference with the president. enthusiastic. i thought he made a very passionate discussion. i thought he laid out a very clear, concise agenda of what he's actually been doing of keeping his word. mr. mccarthy: as i announced vote ek, the house will on the american health care act to repeal and replace obamacare. reconciliation doesn't allow us to put everything we need in the bill. so we're actually starting on separate legislation. as we said, this is three phases. we'll start with phase three beginning. we'll first have the competitive health insurance act. as you know, obamacare has destroyed the marketplace. one third of all the counties in this country only have one choice. that also creates a monopoly.
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some counties have no insurance, and the government wants to penalize you because you can't even buy them. obamacare created 23 co-ops, giving $2 billion, 18 have already collapsed. so the goal is to provide federal antitrust scrutiny to an industry that's becoming increasingly concentrated. second, we'll provide small business health fairness act. we talk so much about letting small businesses pool together but we also talk about across state lines. this allows small businesses to pool together and go across state lines. i opened my first business when ways 19 years old. three lessons you always learn. you are the first to work, the last to leave and the last to be paid but you know the those that work for you are like family. you want to provide health care for them. but you are at a disadvantage between the big companies and small ones. why not let the small businesses that help drive this nation pool together to have the strength of big business as
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well? because obamacare regulation has actually made it worse. so much when we talk about when we repeal obamacare, yes, it's about health care, but what about the 30-hour workweek? what about the 50 employees or less that's disamated small business? 95% of small business has reported increased health insurance over the last five years. 10,000 small businesses have closed down, costing 300,000 jobs because -- under obamacare. now, this is just part of phase three that we're moving right now. thursday will be a big day. thursday will be the day that we keep our word, that we will repeal and replace and continue on with phase two and phase three. >> it's great to welcome president trump to our conference this morning and for weeks now, president trump has gotten directly engaged in negotiating with our members. mr. scalise: he reached out and said, bring me your best ideas. and you saw every element of our conference come together and bring thosedeas. everybody from republican study
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committees to tuesday group members to freedom caucus members who came forward and president trump brought those ideas together and we agreed in the package we put together last night to add all those elements to the bill, elements that make it even better for families because at the heart of this is the acknowledgment from president trump to awful us that obamacare has failed the american people. and i think it's important to get back to the reason that we're doing this is because we are leading a rescue mission to finally let families be in charge of their health care decision. c.b.o. confirms that literally saying 14 million people will choose to get off of obamacare if we give them that freedom. i think that's a novel idea. freedom for families to make their own choices in health care. that's in our bill. ver $900 billion in tax cuts direct relief and money back in the pockets of working families is in this bill. you know, national right to life is scoring a yes because it's probably the woast
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pro-life bill that will -- probably the most pro-life bill that will get to the president's desk since partial birth abortion. that's revolutionary. what's revolutionary is the states running their medicaid program without having to come beg washington bureaucrats to help improve the health care of families in their states. all of these reforms and more are in this bill that's coming up for a vote on thursday. and it's really great to see not only that the president is all in but the president has made it clear that this is the first step in us finally getting our country back on track and following through on those promises that have been made for years that we would not only rescue people from obamacare but then it sets the stage for all the other big things that we want to do to cut taxes, to get our economy back on track, to get regulations out of the way and make washington work for families again. again, it was great to see the president here and express to our members that he's all in and he wants this bill on his
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desk for signature and the only thing that's necessary is for very republican to vote yes. mrs. mcmorris rodgers: president trump is a man of action, and the people have demanded action of us. we promise that we would repeal and replace obamacare and that's what we're doing this week. our first step, the american health care act, has gone through three committees and will go through the fourth this week and then be brought to the floor for a vote and i encourage you go to to get the information. it's been open, collaborative, we've engaged the people and we've engaged each other and we've listened and this bill reflects those conversations. president trump has been a key partner every step of the way and he rei firmed that commitment to us this morning. we're ready and we are eager to get this bill to the senate. as we cross the finish line on phase one, we're also going to work on additional phases. phase three, the legislation that will help reduce cost and increase more choices.
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the legislation to remove the antitrust provisions for insurance companies to give small businesses the opportunity to join together in association health plans. this is about freedom. these are conservative, patient-centered reforms that will increase choices and we know they will make health care more affordable and more accessible. seven years ago this very week obamacare was signed into law, and since then we've seem premiums go up, deductibles go up. the only thing that hasn't gone up is pasht satisfaction. whether you are a family of four, single, young, old, one of the most vulnerable in our community, under our plan, you will be able to pick the best health insurance plan to meet your needs, not a plan that the government thinks you should have of the -- should have. doing nothings is not an option. obamacare is collapsing and we are on a mission to create a better health care future for
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very person in this country. >> seven years ago i made up my mind to retake my seat to come back because what had taken place seven years ago this week. mr. walberg: as i talked with people even as recently as sterday in a town hall meeting and i talk approximate our comprehensive plan that includes a third phase that goes to the heart of getting back control to individuals, i'm so delighted that a bill that sam johnson and i have worked on for years that gives the opportunity for association health plans to allow small businesses and their employees to experience the same benefits that i'm proud to say come to my union workers, my auto manufacturers because an economy of scale to have a plan that works for them. this association health plan will be an amazing asset as we move forward in completing what it takes to go from a plan that
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has destroyed health care in this country to a plan that gives options and approaches that small businesses that employ 85% of all my work force in my district the opportunity to van affordable plan that meets their needs, that gives them choices and helps them to succeed. so it's an exciting time for me as we talk about this first step, this first phase, but the third phase we're already able to say these are the types of things that we promised and we're going to carry out and give opportunity to our people. speaker ryan: questions. reporter: the revelation esterday by director comey about collusion with russia, how certain are you the inaudible] how certain are you -- speaker ryan: is that the opposition research one? is that what he's talking
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about? look, i don't think we learned anything new yesterday with comey's testimony. we have an investigation that's been going on in the intelligence committee. there's one federally. we're going to get to the bottom of things all things russia but it's very clear we have seen no evidence and have been presented no evidence that donald trump or his staff were involved in this with the ussians. reporter: the president said many would lose their seat if they didn't pass this. do you agree? speaker ryan: absolutely. the president of the united states came to us and said we all made a promise to the american people and we need to keep our promises. everybody running for congress in the house, everybody running for senate, the president himself said to the american people, you give us this chance, this responsibility, this opportunity, with a republican president and republican congress and republican senate and we will repeal and replace obamacare. we are using the tools to do that. that's this budget
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reconciliation. you can't put everything you want in this bill. that's why we have a three-phase process that we're very confident works. but the president was really clear. he laid it on the lines for everybody. we made a promise. now is the time to keep our promise and we keep our promise the people will reward us. if we don't keep our promise it will be hard to manage this. yeah. were you doing things with your hair or ask a question? i saw your hand. reporter: [inaudible] speaker ryan: i disagree with that because we have a lot of caucus members that are supporting this bill. we have been working with all of our members on many of their concerns. i would simply say a lot of the members' concerns have been incorporated in this process. so if you take a look what we've been able to add to this bill, conservative wins, giving states to take a total block grant for medicaid, giving states to have incentives for work requirements, not having states gaming the system, this is the most pro-life
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legislation we had since partial birth abortion. we made the tax cuts effective in 2017. all of those things were requests by these members. and so in this -- in this day and age, in this business, in politics, if you get 85% of what you want, that's pretty darn good. we know we can't get 100% of what we want every time around here in this particular case because of the senate rules. we don't want to put something in this bill that the senate is tell us is fatal to the bill being brought up in the senate. so that's why we're going to pass the best possible legislation we can. we got it there. of the president helped negotiate these changes. send it over to the senate and the senate without jeopardizing the bill can make improvements to the bill but if we do it here we'll jeopardize the entire bill. i think people respect and understand this legislative process. i think members once they realize this in the final analysis that we're getting the vast majority of the things we think should be in this day and at the end of the day there really is a choice. do you want to stick with the obamacare status quo?
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do you want to stick with the idea we made a promise and we are not keeping it? or do we want to replace this law with a much better law, something that makes good on our principles and gets our country in the right track? i think i feel very good. the president, i got to say, the president just came here and knocked the ball out of the park. he knocked the cover off the ball and explained to our members how it's important to unify. how it's important to work together. how we are advancing our principles and we are doing what we told the american people we would do. this is our chance and this is our moment. it's a big moment and i think our members are beginning to appreciate what just kind of a rendezvous and destiny we have here. thank you. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> well, the house gaveled in at 10:00 this morning for morning hour speeches. they will be back noon for legislative bill.
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those bills serving as a runup to thursday's bate and vote on the republicans health care law and replacement bill. they will meet at 9:00 eastern. you can see the house when they return at noon eastern here on c-span. judge neil gorsuch, president trump's nominee to the supreme court, started his testimony today before the senate judiciary committee. a full day of questioning by members with today's hearing expected to go into the evening and at least one more day ahead with remarks from outside groups. live coverage all day on our companion network c-span3. a reminder you can listen using the free c-span radio app. and we take you now to a house hearing on opioid abuse and the continuing public health threat of the synthetic opioid fentanyl and the federal response. we join this in progress. ms. degette: this has risen from 649 tested to 13,000 samples tested in 2015. would you agree with that statistic? >> i would.


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