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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  March 22, 2017 8:34am-9:03am EDT

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1950. when the results came back from the drugstore, i was just hooked. when i was in the marine corps, the marines sent me to the navy photography school in pensacola air station. got professional training in the subject. harvard, i away to worked for the university news office as a photographer in order to help pay the bills. job becauseerfect it was something i could do whenever i had the time. easterny night at 8:00 on c-span's "q&a." announcer: "washington journal" continues. host: time for open phones here on "washington journal." 25 minutes, phones are open to talk about any public policy issue you want to d discuss whether we talked about it on
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today's program or not. up first, william, seminal, alabama, line for democrats. what's on your mind? caller: in 1945, we dropped two bombs on japan. the world settled down. seven years later, i was in japan going to school. ande got about 20 countries control something like that . let's drop a bomb on each one of them and blow them off the face of the earth. seven years, they will settle down and i will see the museums. i'm a military man. thank you. host: let's go to herald in california, republican. good morning. caller: one of the things i like to comment about is about president obama's budget. as a matter of fact, i served in the marine corps during vietnam. one of the things i strongly object to is not so much the
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increase in the military budget, but it's how the military contractors bilk the government for millions of dollars and they do not get a dollar value. he increases the budget. yet at the same time, one of the first things i learned -- i got an early out to go back to school myself. one of the first things we learned when we got there was an economics course we had to take. it was guns versus butter. right now, the u.s. -- what they are starting to do is no better than north korea right now. it's guns and butter. do we produce guns with military contractors, continue to rip off the government? or do we cut our meals on wheels for poor people in this country who can't feed themselves at the expense of rich people -- not just rich people, superrich people, who get more money and sheet the other people?
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we have a president who takes a vacation to maintain his home in two different places and how everything else is splurged. i think this is horrible. i think it's despicable he would sayomething like this and america's number one. america is not number one. it's donald trump who is number one and that is all i have to say the moment. host: some news coming out of north korea. a lot of concern about their nuclear capabilities. this story in "the wall street journal" saying north korea attempted to fire a missile from its east coast on wednesday morning, according to south korea's ministry of defense. the failed launch cams after the country claimed a breakthrough with its long-range rocket engine. south korean officials say the unidentified missile exploded midair and was found in the waters between japan and the korean peninsula.
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vanessa is up next. good morning. caller: good morning. i like to say thank you to all of our vets who have been in war, including my father who just died in september. my question today or my concern ivankais how of trump. host: just listen through your phone. your question is about ivanka trump. caller: what makes are qualified -- her qualified to be an advisor to her father? andgets security clearance classified information. how does she get by this? how to she get any approval from our congress or our government. ? how does that help us and how
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does that hurt us? host: what you think about ivanka trump from the campaign trail and her influence on the president? caller: i think that she's an intelligent young woman. i think she believes in her religion because she converted to judaism. i believe she has been loyal to her father. i don't have anything against her, but i'm just not sure where this nepotism is coming in. i do understand that when president kennedy was elected president he was able to bring his brother bobby in as attorney general, but he had to be vetted through our congress. trump iske ivanka getting information -- what makes qualified to get classified information? host: do you have concerns about jared kushner becoming one of
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donald trump's key advisors in the white house? caller: i do. i have concerns about both of them. it seems that jared did get some sort of approval or did get some sort of qualification where it seems like she was just slipped under the rug or slipped in the room while no one was looking and now we can't do anything about it. i guess my question and the reason i'm glad you have this venue is because i do not know where to go to complain about this at this time. i would like to put it out there to see if maybe the journalists or c-span can bring it up more. let's discuss it, because i feel like it's not going to be in a better interest. i think it's going to be a detriment. host: let's go to cannes and lancaster, south carolina, independent. it's open phones. caller: i hope you give me a little time like you gave the lady before. i've got three comments. russia interfered in the election.
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i do in a vote this year because i didn't like neither of the candidates, but my brother said he didn't see not one russian at the polls. for universal health care, the only way that this congress can make health care better is universal health care. the last thing is the military-industrial complex. i think it was eisenhower. beware of the military-industrial complex. we all overspent in every air claim. the superrich are getting by. this is a race to the bottom. all the illegal immigration, great jobs, the pay is down. job is atfacturing least $17 an hour, but in south carolina, you start out at nine dollars or $10. it's time for a revolution.
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a march on washington to take this country back. host: you mentioned the effort to repeal and replace the affordable care act and the debate over health care in this country. coming up in about an hour and 20 minutes will be the fourth on theee hearing republican plan to repeal and replace the affordable care act. it is the american health care act, the name of that legislation. it will have its hearing before the house rules committee. the effort there is to create a rule for the bill can go to the floor tomorrow for a full vote in the house. that is coming up at 10:00 this morning. you can watch that online at some other events happening this morning -- the third day of hearings for judge neil gorsuch and his confirmation hearing in the senate judiciary committee. that is happening at 9:30 a.m. you can watch that on c-span3,, and listen to it on
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the c-span radio app. one other hearing to keep you apprised of -- the labor secretary nominee by president trump. that is alexander costa. this is his second nominee for that position. he will go before the senate health education, labor, and pensions committee for his confirmation hearing. that is happening on c-span2 if you want to watch that, starting in about 20 minutes. a very full morning this morning. we will try to keep you up-to-date on all the c-span networks. host: andy is in lynchburg, virginia. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. i guess i would like to start off with -- i would just discuss altogether how i would think trump presidency is illegitimate. after the election, i remember calling into my senator and was
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just dismayed that we would even vote -- and college electoral college vote based on the fact that we knew that russia had interfered in our election. they have been running a misinformation scheme for years. we don't know how many years . i'm kind of asleep when it comes to this kind of stuff. the things that are happening with russia is beyond politics. watchingost just like a soap opera. it's very interesting to go through and sort of find things. i interact with twitter users. i can tell if they were to say something back to me and say this is a liberal snowflake, so
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forth and so on, and they claim that they were a military person , for instance. i used to live in texas and i have many people i'm familiar with and friends and family with that are republicans. these people, the way that they were talking with me just through twitter, they would have a point of view that was not american. i could tell. host: what is that mean -- a point of view that is not american? caller: their words were so slanderous, just so extreme the way that they would put something. screenshot the messages from them sometimes every once in a while. host: you think you are interacting with fake accounts? ,aller: for sure i was
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especially right after and before the election, right before the electoral college vote. there were thousands of fake accounts. i could tell everything, not everything on time, of course. whenever i would particularly notice one, the grammar would be slightly off. host: when you have these discussions, do you ever talk person-to-person or just social media? i talked to people person-to-person that were republicans, yes. of course, i'm just saying that these specific accounts that i would notice, they would always have emojis in the name. they would always have an extreme view and be dis-informed -- misinformed about things. i would look at their likes or their friends of friends. i'm a sleuth.
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i'm just so curious about this stuff, so on in store for, like a detective. i can find people that were following them that were russian . you could tell that they were writing in russian or they had message with people in russian. host: you think this is a concerted effort to change american public opinion? caller: oh, absolutely. this is a misinformation campaign that has been going on for i don't know how long. of course, it is. so many states need a cyber force with the link between russia today and sputnik. these were people pretending to be americans. host: let's go to victoria and organ on the line for democrats. what do you want to talk about? caller: good morning. you had someone on to talk about the war against isis, your previous guest, i believe.
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i think our biggest war in this country -- i think we may have more people. from hypothermia -- die from hypothermia if they repeal the heating assistance. more people die from illness than will ever die from terrorist attacks. i'm a practicing registered nurse for 50 years. i think tom price took a different both than the hippocratic oath, which says first, do no harm. host: big torilla, when it comes -- victoria when it comes to the budget cuts that president trump has proposed in his 2018 budget plan, he wants to decrease nondefense discretionary spending, domestic programs, and foreign aid programs to $462 billion next year's budget and boost defense spending by $54 billion to $603 billion overall.
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we will be talking with one of the appropriators who will be taking up the president's budget plan. that is congressman tim ryan, democrat from ohio, coming up in just a few minutes on "washington journal." we have about 10 minutes left of open phones. we want to hear from our viewers on public policy issues you want to talk about. bill, pennsylvania, republican. go ahead. caller: what i want to say to the american people is i'm going to europe in june for two months. it's going to be a disaster. they will be robbing you and staring at you all over the place. you don't have no chance at a secure life. host: why do you think that is? what has changed? i thinkthe reason is every government is playing games with the people. with the people, they keep making big mistakes, keep voting the same people over and over again. they have a guy who's been there
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for 30 years. the own thinking is done is put money in his pockets. it's time for the amazing people to wise up and open their eyes and say enough is enough. term limits and go to work like everyone else and take care of our country and stop playing games with the american people, our country, and our service people. now you can tell me all you want was a shipmentin for 35 years, so i know the whole world. with youri ask certainty about what's going to happen with this trip -- are you still going to go? caller: it scares me because my son is a finger in greece. he is 40 years old and i have to go over there. i've been here 62 years from athens. i would say to the american people that the best president next to barry goldwater's donald trump. he's going to be the best president.
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i've been with him from day one. --ust get killed five times almost got killed five times. i will say his daughter will be the next one. i hope the amazing people stop playing games and act like human beings instead of making all this craziness and all the riots in the streets. you have to have borders. the only way you're going to keep these people out of here. host: got your point. speaking of travel overseas and overseas travel to the united states, more discussion about that new ban on carrying electronics aboard u.s. bound flights in several of today's papers. that is the new band that prohibits electronics larger than cell phones such as laptops and dvd players and the cabins of flames -- cabins of planes from nonstop flights from airports mostly in the middle
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east and africa. the department of homeland security adopted the security measures in response to incidents that used simple devices, a bomb in a soda can suspected of destroying the russian metro jet flight above egypt in october 2015 and a laptop suspected of blowing a hole in the side of a flight in somalia in february 2016. that is the story from "usa today," along with a map of airports that a been affected. mike, round rock, texas, republican, go ahead. caller: good morning, thanks for taking my call. you are slipping me in between all these trump haters this morning. i don't know if you read the article. have you read the article about rockville, maryland? host: you're talking about the rate at the high school? caller: correct. i've not seen that story on any mainstream media station other
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than fox. times." was "new york sean spicer says the rate case against undocumented student shows a crackdown. he says the rape case at the maryland high school in which an undocumented immigrant had been charged. caller: i saw that could i'm glad you're talking about it. my point is the mainstream media is not covering it. all of you trump haters snowflakes don't know anything about it and don't want to your about it. host: this is a story in "the new york times." sean spicer is saying that it's an example of why the trump administration was committed to a crackdown on illegal immigration. caller: i hope that kind of opens some eyes among your trump haters and what he is trying to do to protect us. that's my point. they can take it or leave it, but that's the truth. if they want to ignore it, that's their problem.
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thank you. host: surely in new jersey, go ahead. caller: yes, i'm calling in reference -- i don't watch the news too often because there's too much violence and stuff, but i didn't like the idea of trump or mitch mcconnell threatening people, the politicians that if they don't vote for something about the next elections. that is not what i voted him in for. i voted him in to take care of us people not to threaten people. unfortunately i voted for him. thank you very much. host: let's go to daniel and iowa, republican. good morning. caller: yes, sir. i've just been watching quite a bit of news with you guys on c-span networks. there's quite a bit of troubling information i've been witnessing there.
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i would just like to comment on a few things. the new justice elect or wanted to get nominated would probably be a good idea for our nation. he protects the edited these -- entities of the state, senate, house, congress and everything on that. the constitution and the bill of rights and that nature. host: did you watch anything of judge gorsuch's confirmation hearing? caller: i caught the last 10 hours last night. i saw the first 10 hours. i've been watching quite a bit. host: what struck you the most in that hearing? what line of questioning? caller: the biggest issues i'm having is that they are kind of
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grilling him pretty good. from what i'm getting out of it, he is nonbiased, which is a good thing for a judge. he is going to do the litigations through the proper channels as far as what you do as a litigator or a judicial person. is going to want to protect our constitutional rights as people and organizations such as companies or what have you, or even the government. that would include our constitution. we also have what's going on since 9/11, this war that's to world war ii . it has been a 16 year war, going on 17 years now. i don't know what it has cost us an actual money. i'm sure it's in trillions of
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dollars. our infrastructure is down. we need new roads. we need new bridges. it has been that way for quite some time. i know they are doing the best to channel the tax dollars that we have. it is just frustrating that the american people are paying taxes upon taxes upon taxes for when we buy cars and groceries and everything else or whatever goods we might buy. you got your wholesale and retail in the markup on the retail is so high, even though the chinese can go work for pennies on the dollar when we are working for $10 an hour. there's really no -- what you differential to compare to get the rate down to for theorkable level companies to even want to go overseas like trump says. host: that is daniel in iowa. daniel mentioning watching 10 of the 11 hours of the confirmation
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hearing. i want to focus on this picture from the confirmation hearing. you can see all those individuals sitting behind judge neil gorsuch at the table. it is his wife over his shoulder. that is former senator kelly ayotte, who is helping to shepherd judge gorsuch through his nomination hearings. over on the side, some of judge gorsuch's lockers -- law clerks who joined him at the hearing him. them and the work of law clerks in this question and answer section yesterday. you can see today's hearings starting at 9:30 a.m. this morning. day three of the judge gorsuch nomination hearings. we will be showing it on c-span3. warrenton, oregon, line for democrats. caller: good morning there.
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my only question is -- why hasn't mr. trump than two bethesda for his executive physical, which has been attended by every president since richard nixon? point 2 -- i'm wondering why after mcconnell being ahead of the 114 and 1/15 congress that5th are famous for doing nothing why he has not been brought to task. why don't we just start the draft and get it over with? get some of these idiot millennials off the streets. get them on coming get them going, and get them gone. thank you. ted is our last color. last caller in open phones this morning. coming up next on "washington journal," we will be joined by
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congas mint tim ryan to talk >> in case you missed it, here are clips of c-span programming week.past congresswoman elizabeth este on ill preventing veterans with mental health issues to purchase guns. >> the result of this bill would it should pass, more 1sech70,000 veterans would be a background check and buy a gun. >> mary mccord on russian yahoo.g of >> we are announcing indictment of four individuals responsible hack into the network of e-mail provider ahoo, the theft of information about at least 500 million yahoo
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accounts and use of the information to obtain contents yahoo and other e-mail providers. on the g.o.p. healthcare plan. >> i think the president is committed to those folks who he calls forgotten american, the folks that have suffered over in an ts eight years economy which has not worked for them. if any he stays true to those principles, one, he will do well politically and come up with a good product. hoping the president hangs with that. the senate nan at judiciary commission on russian interference in democracy. > russians have a long history of influence operations and trying to shape debate and discussion and sometimes the in foreign countries, this goes back well before invented.were what is significant about 2016, infused old tactics with information stolen through espionage.
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>> rand paul at freedom works rally to replace affordable care act. is this, though, the leadership in the house is and they are afraid, they are afraid to lead with capitalism, they are giving you something half as but doesn't care, fix the problem. and idi hydecamp on family paid medical leave bill. >> the challenge is to reach out to the other side of the aisle loudly for the concept of reducing or helping with help withing paid family leave, to reach across nd say, what should that program look like? >> from tokyo, secretary of u.s. rex tillerson on policy toward north korea. >>the diplomatic and other the past 20 years to ring north korea to points of denuclearization have failed. >> c-span programs are


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