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tv   Washington Journal Representative Tim Ryan D-OH  CSPAN  March 22, 2017 9:02am-9:33am EDT

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espionage. >> rand paul at freedom works rally to replace affordable care act. is this, though, the leadership in the house is and they are afraid, they are afraid to lead with capitalism, they are giving you something half as but doesn't care, fix the problem. and idi hydecamp on family paid medical leave bill. >> the challenge is to reach out to the other side of the aisle loudly for the concept of reducing or helping with help withing paid family leave, to reach across nd say, what should that program look like? >> from tokyo, secretary of u.s. rex tillerson on policy toward north korea. >>the diplomatic and other the past 20 years to ring north korea to points of denuclearization have failed. availableprograms are
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at on our home page and by searching the video library. "washington journal" continues. host: democratic congressman tim ryan is back at our desk and congressman, all eyes on republicans right now. speaker ryan tries to find votes for affordable care act repeal and replacement bill. what is the democratic strategy the next 24 hours? is there anything more democrat than hope rather the er ryan can't find votes guest: they are not looking to us for help, we're here to highlight how bad the bill is betrays uch it really the promises that president trump made to people in ohio going to expand coverage, make investments, take care of people, we need to highlight that so republicans who are voting for that know this y where we stand on issue and what is to come as we move forward. host: how will you highlight
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in the next 24 hours? guest: come on "washington journal" and make sure we message throughout the going to country through th through social media, as well, it is so egregious what is happening here. 55 or 60-year-old ohio, you will get hammered by this healthcare bill. you will see what they took out, affordableovision in care act, you can only charge three times what you are charging everybody else if you 50 and 64. republicans have moved that to say you can charge five times, steel ou're a laid-off worker or coal miner in outheastern ohio, you're going to get hammered, see huge the ase in premiums and at end of the day, you will not be able to pay for healthcare. worked hard last week to highlight cdo scoreing that showed 24 million americans would lose their insurance over 0 years if this republican
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replacement plan were passed. changes were made monday night, cbo e going to see a new score on the changes before this vote happens tomorrow? guest: i'm not hearing you will, they may demand something, who day, a he end of the tweak here or there will not get id of the fact 24 million americans who have healthcare will not in the next 10 years. won't have it in the next year or so. we're going to be up to 50 million people in the united tates who don't have healthcare, for the average person, we were trying with the act and e care obamacare, to make sure more people had access to healthcare, people had preventative care. e know that most things can be prevented. 75% of healthcare costs are from largely iseases that can be prevented. 75%. get the money do, on the front end, prevention, screening, nutrition, that kind
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to reduce cost in the long run, this gets rid of all that. ost: open the phone for viewers, congressman tim ryan with us for 25 minutes. democrats, 202-748-8000. republicans, 202-748-8001. independents, 202-748-8002. it is your number. i know you ryan, remember who challenged your we ership back in december, talked about that last time you were on this program, i wonder it means hts on what for speaker ryan if this vote fails, if he does not pass this and replacement plan tomorrow she in danger? uest: i think it is a huge blow, huge blow for him, if he doesn't. speaker pelosi, who was able to pass legislation piece after piece after piece in charge in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 o. his challenge fhe fails, it will be a mroe to his leadership nd i think it will put
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potentially his speakership in jeopardy. host: you laid out concern about democratic n of the party when you were on the program back in december v. any addressed cerns been in the three months since you were on? think some i internally, a lot of younger people have gotten, newer people promoted within the caucus positions were created, hey were doing a better job internally of helping people get levated, get on t.v. and get the democratic message out. i feel like we're not talking enough about the future of the and where we would take it. it is never too early to do that. of aw we are in the middle big fight and trying to battle because of the fact so many the e will get hurt by healthcare reform bill. we have to continue that fight. e have to have alternative economic message that talks about the future of the country. how are we going to hire steelworkers and hire coal miners who need to get back to wages up.e
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there is a lot of opportunities and i think a lot of exciting happening in the country in silicon valley, how do we get youngstown, ohio, how do we lay broadband all over country. there are people making $55 ucks an hour laying fiber for google. in new york, those $55 bucks an hour, that is a good-paying job, if it is $30 or $40 an hour, democrats need to say, fiber all over the united states of america, gps all over the united states wifi, no dead spots, do l hire people today to this. ost: you are apropriator, what does the budget proposal do for the vision of creating jobs? a great s budget is opportunity for us to watch a president president.
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places like ohio and places like akron, where last million ot a $5 transportation improvement grant, the tiger grant. eliminates the tiger grant, that was $5 million for the city to redo downtown. e got money for the city of kenton, kent state university, transform the downtown. a smart ot to have government program that makes investments that helps us ejuvenate downtown, if you bring tech jobs from silicon valley to midwestern cities, you life, free uality of market will not do that, you need investments, riverwalk, trail, amph itheater, things that will allow young eople to be drawn to the communities. his budget cuts this. he was in ohio saying, we will the environment, he got e.p.a. by 31%. he said, we will take care of city, he guts urban
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development. guts department of labor by 20%. every instance in this budget, military expenditures, he betrayed the convince to ed to vote for him. host: portland, michigan, line for democrats. are on with congressman tim ryan. caller: mr. ryan, question for medicaid.ard to ssi, and i have, a severe anxiety/depression isorder, plus a social i'm worryas well, and ody losing my medical coverage and not being able to make my appointments and that type of thing. worried about losing my ssi and becoming homeless again.
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i'll be quiet and listen to your response. yeah, i appreciate you sharing all that, that's tough the purpose ou are who we're concerned about because of what the republicans are trying to doment i'm not if you were part of the medicaid expansion or not, but you are part of the medicaid expansion, there is a good your you may lose coverage for medicaid. ou will also lose a lot of the mental health coverage, addiction coverage, which is mind-boggling to those who come states like ohio, where we have huge rates of heroin heroin deaths. these provisions, like the put l health coverage, we in the essential benefits package, is going to go away republican reform. so if you have opiate or heroin health issue, or a family or friend does and they under the medicaid
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program, they will lose their coverage and they are also going medicaid money that to ave now, they're going cut it, send it to states and tell the states to handle it and to raisen't have money taxes and will end up having to cut services for these very programs. so this is not good for people medicaid der the program or under the medicaid expansion program and many people.s working class host: chatting about healthcare this morning. president trump tweeting about minutes ago, ee big day for healthcare, working hard was his tweet. visit d you make of his to capitol hill yesterday? guest: it was interesting, on ng to put pressure republican caucus, not sure what kind of success he is going to to watch.i'm anxious we're not involved in the negotiations, they're not try to be a part of the solution. arms e wrapping their
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honored healthcare in the united states and what happens will be -- -- your premiums will go down, that is bs. et's do what is right for america and america, open your eyes. thank you. uest: i appreciate you calling in. first and foremost, the had states like
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hio, $8 billion in the hole after the economic collapse and part of what the american stimulus package was doing was giving money to yeah, we had bail out states, we were having economic great e, going into depression and so some of that money went to states to make police, h, teachers, firefighters didn't get laid off. his is what is frustrating, it is easy to get a bumper sticker, we bailed out the teacher's union. were school districts that were going to collapse and close down, what kids e going to do, let not go to school, not educate kids, this was something we had the republican agenda up to that point was eregulate wall street, you know, gut the sec, the cops that street, e beat on wall so no one is watch whatting is subprime , we had this
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mortgage, things unravelled, the economy collapsed, government left that was able to stay in there. look, i'm not here to say obamacare was perfect, there are things we need to change. as -- uch guest: if you can't get your own doctor, figure out how you can. afford coverage, how do we increase the coverage so people who make $100 to $150,000 a year, not a lot in washington or new york city or end areas, those are working class families. if you're a cop and teacher in making $125,000 a year, you're still living paycheck to many instances, let's help families be able to afford. let's sit down and figure these out, we can do it, but to epeal it, just because you demagogued it, that is what happened, this repeal bill that jammed through hearings and two or three days,
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they blame the republicans. the chairman of the ways and means committee, paul ryan, rip, democrats jam today through. it took us a year, they're doing it in a week. with us in ure out he problem really, john, they demagogued the issue, they blasted president obama for obamacare, never gave it a chance, never wanted tweak, make improvements and got in. the dog caught the car, they figure out what to do now that they caught the car. they have to jam something no sense and akes makes healthcare system worse because they are chasing a policy agenda, not goal. host: fourth committee hearing healthcare act begin necessary 45 minutes. we will be streaming live on, the rules committee setting the rule for the vote take place cted to tomorrow. john in pennsylvania, morning.ent, good
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caller: good morning, john. great if you be got in touch -- first of all, in there has been no market-driven healthcare working for any country in the world. so that is a starting point. hopefully you guys in congress would get together with flowers and the single-payer r healthcare, they were strong going into the obamacare thing, theyhey were arrested when first tried to voice their opinions. they still are out there and it think behoove you guys, because we're not coming or ith plan like obamacare what the republicans want to do, nothing care and move toward payer. bernie had it right. bernie had it right. taxes on everybody couple percent for their lives, like country, and e
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move on. mean, as the budget, i that is doggone hot, put it that way. host: congressman? guest: this idea of universal and everybody participating in the system is exactly right. done he republicans have younger peopleng and healthier people participate increased the as risk, which will drive up premiums, they are taking out healthy people in the program they are basically leaving older and sicker people and if cost for o bend the healthcare, reduce risk for insurance companies, you got to pool of people that some are health and he some aren't. ryan say the other day, people don't want to buy product.acare my response is, who wants to buy insurance? i don't know anybody who wants
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buy health insurance or car insurance or house insurance, nobody wants to do that. you have to. because we know you're going to get in an accident n. ohio, you insurance. this is the same thing. you're going to get sick. now if you get sick and you go the emergency room and eventually the country will pay for it, the people of the pay for it, wouldn't it be smarter to say no the system get in and we're going to make sure we try to keep you as healthy as screenings, preventative care, early detection, go and get a for $20 instead of getting pneumonia and end up in he emergency room costing 10,000. homasasa?ocrat, go ahead, annie. caller: correct. let me state, throwing out affordable care act is stupid. fixing, it doesn't affect me, i'm too poor to i can't buy
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insurance, i'm exempt, okay. i know people that do have it depend on it. the plan that is being put forth republicans, it's just crazy. crazy. it's not -- only going to upper 8%,e elite, the even though a lot said upper 1%, upper 8%.e people with higher income. host: do you think democrats in doing good enough job of making that point in this debate? they're trying, but with majority ruling the way t is, i don't think the democrats stand a chance in blue blazes. okay. education, what devos is putting forth, that has been proven it doesn't work. taking food out of the mouths of children, the after-school programs, for his budget, that is wrong.
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meals on wheels, even things 1% of the budget, no, more than that, programs meals on wheels get their money. host: congressman, a lot there, pick.our guest: i think the transfer of wealth, this is the greatest transfer of wealth from middle class people to wealthiest we've ver seen in the history of our country. the top 400 wealthiest families get about 7d states million tax break through the healthcare reform bill. that is insane and not what donald trump campaigned on. going togned on, we're ask wealth tow pay more, make sure everyone is taken care of. opposite, oes exact if you voted for trump, and this unfold, you really have to start asking yourself, what if you really do going tohe said he was do? r did he get caught up in
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conservative republican ideological wave that swept over capital down here? it seems to me he's do whatting they're not do whatting he wants. good wisconsin is next, morning. caller: good morning. i have two questions. since they started obamacare, how much has it cost us? pretty much too much. they have had eight years to fix have done nothing. remember, nancy said, you will find out what is in the bill pass it. now you're whining? other hat is your question? caller: the price of what this us, they took monfremedicare to get this thing started. see, yeah, see, inaccurate on your point, sad to say. showed, dable care act
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this was congressional budget ffice scoring, in the first 10 years, we reduced deficit by and second 10 on years, it was over trillion ollars, the congressional budget office, nonpartisan, they don't pick teams, they are the referee, they showed our bill was going to bring down the deficit in the long-term and it makes sense that it would. we front loaded a lot of the for preventative care, made sure everybody has preventative care. medicare, your screenings, etcetera, were free. care ouraged preventative for people in the medicare program. whole cbo said the healthcare reform bill was deficit reduction bill and the ded the life of medicare program because things started running more efficiently. to happen now with this program, that is going to off theirllion people
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healthcare, it will reduce the ife expectancy of the medicare program by four years, transfers in wealth primarily .1% of the wealthiest people in the country. making all of that while us sicker in the process. and so this is not a good idea. sense tells you that we need prevention. healthcare % of our costs are chronic diseases that preventable. and obesity ats epidemic, cancer, high blood ressure, these things have escalated. with preventative care wfocus on nutrition, we have to have a conversation about our united tem here in the states and what that has done to contribute to sickness in the how we can s and
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encourage more healthy eating in schools and neighborhoods that food deserts, not a grocery store within a mile of your home to access healthy food. these are things we need to do in comprehensive way. mention cbo scoreing and number of people that would numbers, how about 337uction of federal deficit billion over 10 years under the republican plan. reduction emiums see of 10% in the individual market? uest: yeah, if you kick 24 million people off healthcare program, you will probably save a few bucks, no question about it. but is that really what we're here to do? people off ion healthcare just to help with deficit reduction when our plan deficit by trillion dollars in the second 10 years as far as premiums, this
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doesn't reduce premiums, you hear complaint from the freedom of the main arguments for not voting for this, it doesn't reduce so with cbo said, 10% in ction in increase premiums, however many years from now. slightly, at to expense of getting rid of addiction coverage, in the midst of the worst heroin opiate drug epidemic in the history. .e had -- first week of march this is insane. the president of the united states who talked about drugs entire campaign, he will be the guy to solve it, will tell people who want find way to get sober, maybe for day or two days and need to get treatment, we're
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going to cover it, you're on your own that, is not what he campaigned on. new york city, michael is waiting, republican, good morning. caller: hi, good morning. congressman. i have a comment and a question i consider myself a moderate republican. endanger species. that : exactly, exactly, is important part of what i want to say. living in new york as a used to being in he minority and so my comment first off, i feel like my ndangered species isn't really in danger, we've just been hijacked by the polar sides of spectrum and there's this large swath of moderate epublican and moderate democrats that are being completely ignored because the on the end andre they're still allowed.
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so my question, now that emocrats are in the minority and you are unfortunately in the republican consist railroad anything they want for at least two years, how do you democrat plan to work with republicans to get your agenda parts of your agenda included discussion in the caucus about approaching people a cent rift who is leaning to right and not a right saying, we ing here have no voice, there is a giant political spectrum for majority of the country saying no one is representing us. do you or has this been discussed at all, some kind of bring people can from the center, maybe a little bit toward where we want to be that gives us the opportunity to get our voice eard again, we do feel
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extremely endangered, love to hear your comments. guest: i appreciate that. you that i'm trying to build a democratic party in like you would feel at home in. and it wouldn't be necessarily but i think it pragmatic in our approach to solving problems. a guy like you would fit very democraticew kind of talked about how to build the future and talk in pragmatism on solving problems and guy like you would understand, we are spending healthcare, there is a lot of waste, we need to figure the waste there is $100 billion in overpayments, medicare program in a new-style democratic party is just as concerned about making we're not wasting taxpayer money on overpayments to doctors
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any service rform as we are about trying to provide healthcare for people we trim afford it f. the fat and then recognize that the money to be saved is because put in ing to prevention, stream line it, work on health and nutrition so that money freed up for the 5 or 10% of people that are sick, we have enough money to take of them. guy like you would like that pragmatic.t is in terms of the economy, moderate republican, a moderate progressive democrat, i think all would agree, we got to rebuild the okay, and we've got to put our country in a position where we can change the trajectory of the economy because it is not working for so do people and how do you that? new democratic party, you do all by laying broadband over the country, saying to laid off workers or people you are hired and will make a good living laying aaudband, making sure we have
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smart grid energy efficient and secure and protected from any outside infiltration and those jobs pay well. i don't want the democratic minimum wage about more than they talk about working class wages, more than $25 ng about people making or $30 an hour, i'm for increase wage, so is 78% of the country. i don't want people to want job, i want people to want middle class job where they can go on vacation and send them to college and new democratic party talking about n that stuff. these aren't just make work are jobs that are oriented, mission these job fist we lay broadband, have a smart grid, we'll change tratjectory of the country, we're going to unlock potential youngstown and gary, indiana and all over the south where those communities,
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schooling are home your kid in rural tennessee, you'll have access to broadband that you can download the latest and greatest on the internet to make sure you your that changes trajectory of the workers who have been stressed out for the last 20 years because they keep to ng jobs into a position make good money, have pension, get them into the medicare program and theyville done a service to change the trajectory of the country. one last point, we have to how to get wealth of the coasts back into the get ry, so how do we silicon valley to do business in youngstown? cheaper, space and talent is cheaper and you can make a lot of money there. how do we decentralize purock rase in washington, d.c. and there, obs here thousand job necessary youngstown, ohio, transform the city. do we get bureaucracy out of d.c.,


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