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tv   Former Vice President Biden Says GOP Health Care Bill Transfers Wealth to...  CSPAN  March 22, 2017 11:43pm-12:15am EDT

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live coverage is getting underway here. we will show you the entire rally as former vice president joe biden joined house and senate democrats on the steps of the capitol, marking the seventh anniversary of the affordable care act. signed theent obama bill into law on march 27, 2010. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> my intern is freezing. [applause]
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>> good morning. good to see you. here we go. here we are. rep. pelosi: good morning everyone. we gather here on the steps of the capitol to observe the seventh anniversary of the signing of the affordable care act. [applause]
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beneath the great statue of freedom, joined by representatives of tens of millions of americans for whom the affordable care act insurers them from abuse, crushing health costs, and the rest. this is what our founders wanted for us, a happier life. liberty, the freedom to pursue happiness. improving the quality, lowering the cost, expanding access. those were the goals of the of for act which it has lived up to. like every other bill, there is , but todaywant to do we are celibate in the passage, and the implementation, and the good health of america, which has proceeded from it.
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we are honored to be joined by a champion for working class families in our country. we will be joined for hit -- joined by him, the vice president of the united states, joe biden. i am pleased that my governor, from the great state of california, the great governor jerry brown is here. [applause] our colleaguesy and by some special guests, greg stern, tomica whitehead, and kim goodlow, and her son, christopher. i am honored to be here with my grandsons, paul and thomas. now, it is my honor and privilege to present a champion who helped us pass the affordable care act, and has been a champion in its implementation, the great democratic leader of the united states senate, chuck schumer.
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[applause] sen. schumer: thank you leader pelosi, and thank you for your great leadership on this issue. i want to thank governor brown, vice president biden, and all my colleagues in the house. i spent 18 great years in the house and i miss it. not that much to come back, but i miss it. [laughter] most importantly, all of our guests today who will make eloquent testimony to why we need to keep the aca, and put a dagger through the heart of trumpcare. if we can beat trumpcare and prevent it from passing, it will be as our former vice president once said, a bfd. [laughter] .hat was in an off-mic he said it. no matter how you slice it,
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trumpcare is dangerous and would hurt americans in all 50 states. since we are joined by our former vice president, tomorrow is the great seventh anniversary of the affordable care act, i thought we ought to see how trumpcare would affect the current vice president's home state. in the seven years since the aca insed, the uninsured rate the state of indiana has fallen hoosierwith 339,000 getting coverage. what are you going to say to them, vice president pence? health hoosiers have care insurance today because indiana expanded medicaid coverage under the affordable care act. what are you going to say to them, mr. vice president? under trumpcare, this progress
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would evaporate and devastate hoosiers. if viceto wonder, president pence isn't looking out for his own state, who is he looking out for? we know who. the very wealthy in america. the 0.1% who gain the most from this bill. the trumpcare bill is not a health care bill, it is a reduce taxes on the top 1% bill. that is one of the many reasons that americans want it defeated. despite the desperate, last-minute, so-called tweaks and modifications, trumpcare will cause the american people to pay more for less care. house republicans should wake up. you should not walk the plank and take a vote to strip millions of americans of health care coverage.
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we should not ask senate republicans to walk the plank. instead, once and for all, the should work with us to improve the affordable care act and renounce repeal once and for all as well. with event, it is my honor to introduce our next speaker, greg will discuss, who the impact of trumpcare on rural hospitals. i want to say to my upstate new york republicans, thousands will lose their jobs in rural hospitals if you vote for trumpcare. thank you, mr. schumer. i am the ceo of fayette county hospital in illinois, the state's second capital city with the population of only 7000.
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i am here to remind congress that america's rural hospitals save lives. right now, medicaid represents approximately 26% of the total annual revenues for my hospital. the american health care act byks to cut medicaid funding $40 billion in the state of illinois over the next 10 years. that would cut services, jobs, and could even close hospitals. that would affect everyone, especially those in rural communities. it would jeopardize the 320 dedicated and caring employees at my hospital, it would provide cardiac care, respiratory care, diabetic care, and emergency care. we have about 8000 emergency room visits. i would like to share a couple stories about lights we saved in the past -- lives we saved in
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the past month. we saw an older man with shortness of breath. we diagnosed him with a heart attack and got him the care he needed. a delay of care in the e.r. could have resulted in a different outcome. we saw a five-month-old boy in respiratory distress. we intubated the boy and got him transferred to a tertiary hospital. he needed the emergency care from our community. a delay could have been devastating. rural hospitals provide critically important life-saving services across the nation. if the american health care act passes tomorrow, hundreds of rural hospitals like fayette county hospital could face serious risk of downsizing or closing. i am here today because congress needs to understand that we save lives. bille for this repeal
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could make that important work much more difficult, especially for rural hospitals. i urge all members of congress to vote against this bill. i would like to introduce tamika whitehead from fort washington, maryland. [applause] whitehead: good morning, everyone. inm 25 years old and i live fort washington, maryland. ier since i was a young girl, have always trimmed of being an entrepreneur that develops businesses. i tookears of saving up, a leap of faith and started my own venture in real estate. if you know anything about starting a business, you know that it is a lot of hard work and a lot of long hours. whether it is meeting the developing relationships, for taking the time to set up your business infrastructure.
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thanks to the affordable care act, access to quality, affordable health care was not a burden i had to worry about. in january 2016, i was able to get health insurance through maryland's medicaid program. this meant, rather than worry about going without coverage, i could put all of my attention and resources to growing my business. i am here to tell you that there is no weight my business would have seen the growth and success that it did during its inaugural year if it were not for me having health insurance. without the aca, i would have had to get another job solely for the purpose of affording coverage, making it that much harder to grow my business. under the republicans health care bill, 14 million people like me could lose asked the coverage through medicaid, and states would be forced to ration our care. once i'm on solid enough
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financial ground to get coverage through the individual market, if we hit a recession and housing sales plummet, i would have to go without coverage for a few months, which would later lead to being hit with a 30% surcharge on my premiums when i tried to enroll. who will that hurt the most? young adults like me, who are 70% more likely than older adults to experience a gap each year. we should be making it easier, not harder, for younger adults like myself to have health insurance. congress should reject this millennial penalty, and the american health care act. my physical and financial health, as well as the financial health of my business depend on it. i thank you for your time, and now i have the honor of introducing the governor of california, governor jerry brown. [applause]
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brown: i came from california to tell the truth about this fake health care bill. this is not about health care reform, this is about disease, death, and suffering. mr. trump, come down from trump tower, walk among the people, and see the damage of this latest exercise in raw political power will wreck on the men, women, and children of this country. in california, we are talking about millions of real people getting hurt, getting diseases that will not be cured, having heart attacks, not being able to go to the hospital or get a doctor. this is a dangerous bil written by people who don't know what the hell they are talking about.
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it is so big and complicated, that i doubt any member of congress on the republican side have even read it. i know that the people in trump tower have not read it. down from trump tower and talk to the american people. ,e ask you to do what you said cover every american with real health care. thank you. [applause] >> thank you, governor brown. i'm fired up. i am a practicing internal medicine physician, and the president of the national physicians alliance, a nonprofit organization representing 10,000 doctors who are focused, first and foremost, on being advocates for our patients. i'm here to voice my opposition to the republican health care plan, because i know it would be
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disastrous to my patients. i have seen the benefits of real coverage under the affordable care act. my patients who rely on it would be devastated if it is cut in the ways proposed. patients whoess would not get the care and treatment they need because of the significant costs shifted upon them. that massive new cost burden is just one of the reasons to oppose this new legislation. the proposed $880 million in cuts to medicaid are among the many others. would like to highlight the great damage that medicaid cuts would have on our efforts to combat the opioid crisis in america. if you are a senator, or a congressman, and you believe that we need to do something about the opioid crisis in america, there is no way that you can support this bill. this legislation eliminates the
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prevention and public health fund. this fund helps doctors and researchers identify and contain disease outbreaks, combat childhood lead poisonings, and fight drug-resistant, superbugs. eliminating these funds will make my patients, and all of america,s less healthy and increase costs in the long run. as the vice president said seven years ago, the affordable care act was a big flipping deal. [laughter] this republican bill is just a bad flipping deal. it is a bad deal for seniors, a bad deal for children, a bad deal for women, a bad deal if you are sick or will get sick, a bad deal for america. myself and the national physicians alliance welcome reforms to the health care system to make it more equitable
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and higher quality for all, but this bill would be a significant step backward. that is why we and virtually every other major physician organization in america don't support this bill. we urge all our members of congress to scrap this bill immediately and get to the real work of finding bipartisan ways to improve our health system. thank you so much. [applause] i'd now like to introduce kim goodloe from hanover county, virginia. ms. goodloe: thank you all for being here, and i really want to thank leader pelosi for inviting us here today to tell our story. my name is kim goodloe. my son christopher is here today and his wife, jamie. and we live in hanover county, virginia. our family and our small business were saved by both the aca and medicaid. my husband and i along with his
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brothers own a small manufacturing company in hanover county that employs 30 families and has been in business for 27 years. the aca saved our company over $7,000 a month. close to $90,000 a year. same employees, same plan. these savings occurred because of the law protecting those with pre-existing conditions. many of our employees and family members have pre-existing conditions. and two of these family members are our twin boys, christopher , who is here with me today, and his twin brother, matthew, who was unable to attend. they were born with a genetic disease called tubular sclerosis. this brings me to the next part of our family story. medicaid. while chris and his wife jamie, who both have developmental disabilities, are able to live in their own home with the support of family and technology, matthew is affected -- matthew affected by t.s. more severely.
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matthew is nonverbal. he cannot feed himself. he is incontinent. he requires full-time support with all activities of daily living. he has active seizures. he has a shunt. he has a fall risk. and he cannot sleep through the night. he requires 24-hour a day, seven-day-a-week care. with everything that matthew deals with on a daily basis, he still loves his life. he loves to laugh, he loves to hug you. he loves to go to mcdonald's. he loves to go to concerts. and he enjoys being a part of his community. medicaid funding changed our family's lives. it kept me from having to quit my job, from having to downsize our business. it provides matthew with a caregiver so that my husband and i can continue to work and employ 30 other virginia families. he is able to live at home. and be a part of his community. people with developmental disabilities have fought hard
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and long for their rights. this should be a nonpartisan effort. people from all walks of life are impacted by disability. to cut the aca and medicaid and take their services away from them is the federal government walking away from their 50-year commitment to the states and families like mine. our legislators need to reject this bill. thank you. and now i'd like to turn it back to leader pelosi. [applause] ms. pelosi: thank you very much, kim and christopher, to jamika and greg. they are our very special guests, our very important people, our vips. their personal stories are more eloquent than whatever we could say about how important this all is. an earlier speaker once said, all politics is local. but when it comes to health
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care, all politics is personal. and that's what we're here about today. seven years ago, the president the united states, barack obama, signed the affordable care act. [cheers and applause] he signed the bill because he believed, as all of us gathered here do and i think our crowd out here -- let's welcome them -- thank you all for being here. he led the way and signed the bill because he believed that health care for all americans is a right not a privilege just for the few. and that is what we believe and that is what drives us. today we're gathered to say how proud we are of what was accomplished, and contrast it with what is being proposed will be less care for more money. pay more, get less. premiums and out-of-pocket costs will go up. coverage will be reduced.
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there will be an age tax on people over 50 years of age. women will no longer be in the affordable care act -- in the affordable care act, being a woman is no longer a pre-existing medical condition, and that will be overturned. and all of this to give a tax break to the wealthiest people in our country and corporate america, especially the pharmaceutical and insurance companies. we reject that. we reject that. leadershiping to the of our members of congress, the courage of members of the house and senate, and i'm so glad chuck schumer was here with us. looking across the country at the support we have, i'm so glad governor brown is with us today. thank you for joining us. and looking to the white house, the leadership of president obama and the leadership of joer biden. i know he is here. [applause]
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vice president biden, as we know, is an unsurpassed champion for working families in our country. we all agree. [applause] vice president biden's towering legacy of leadership is rooted deep in his connection to working people. others had made reference to his description of the affordable health care the day it was signed. so i won't go there. [laughter] except i just did. [laughter] what i want to say is that joe biden has not only done great things, he is doing great things. with his moon shot fight against cancer, he is leading the way and giving american people hope, giving american people hope. [applause] it is my privilege to present our beloved, esteemed, great , former vice president of the united states, joe biden.
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[cheers and applause] vp biden: how are you, good to see you guys. i just want to tell governor brown, the careful what he whispers to me. [laughter] vp biden: i want to be real clear, i want to set the record straight. number one, thank god my mother wasn't around when that comment was picked up years ago. and secondly, i leaned back. i was not in a microphone. what happened was one of you guys were able to read lips. i was looking this way. so this press is really talented. oh, my goodness. look, the fact of the matter is, you heard eloquent statements from those who have benefited and will be devastated by the repeal of the affordable care act. you have heard from governor brown, who straightforwardly stated exactly what this means. you have heard all of the detail of what the losses will be for ordinary and hardworking american people, middle class
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americans. but you know what, to me what the affordable care act was all about -- i remember sitting in the oval when we were finally decided this is the final product, and the president kidded me about it, but i said, you know what this does? it means an awful lot of people that i grew up with, an awful lot of families that i know are able to go to bed now and not stare at the ceiling and think, my god, what happens if my wife develops breast cancer, or if i end up with a heart attack? i lose everything. i lose everything. what happens if we can't -- our child has diabetes, how will we be able to cover that child? what do we do? this bill is about peace of mind. peace of mind for americans to finally, finally, finally, finally be able to lie there and know that, if god for bid
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something happens like it's happened to an awful lot of us, that i'm not going to lose my house, i'm not going to lose everything. i'm not going to leave my family in distress. you know, the -- when we did the affordable care act, one of the things i said and the president said, and others behind me said, we know just like when social security was passed, there would have to be improvements made. we would watch and see what happens. and the improvements are all doable. they are all within our wheelhouse. you don't have to take this act , which has been incredibly beneficial -- not only, by the way, to individuals, but total health care cost in america. what has happened -- and, doc, you were making the point. every one of the folks behind me as districts in their state or their district where the opioid epidemic is real. you got 1.4 million people who are now able to -- who are addicted to opioids. being able to get the mental
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health care as well as the treatment, drug treatment needed to be able to move them into a position where they can regain control of their lives. elimination of this will cost -- the costs are enormous. the cost to law enforcement. the cost to the community. there are so many, so many hidden costs that will be resurrected here if this was repealed. but you have all been standing here long time and it's cold, let me cut to the chase. you know, this is -- there's nothing fundamentally changed in the republican party in the last 12 to 15 years. except they got a president now who is a little more colorful. [laughter] vp biden: that is polite. but it's about time we were polite. but look, folks, here's the deal. when you cut to the chase, we're
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talking about eliminating close to $1 trillion in benefits that go to people to be able to meet the commitment we made that health care is a right. and we're transferring all of that to the wealthy. that's what this is all about. it's about a transfer tax, basically. eliminating the affordable care act means eliminating an awful lot of things that people badly need. in return for what? so the .9% increase in taxes for people making over $250,000 can be returned to them? so that drug companies and insurance companies and medical device companies can benefit? it's a transfer of about $1 trillion. from those folks out there to everybody in this country. that's what it is. and that's classic republican politics. this is a tax bill for them. this is all about making sure
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that hardworking people -- by the way, middle class people who otherwise seem to be doing all right, seem to be doing all right in their income, except the cost of their health care. we are saying, ok, pal what we are doing is transfer back close to $1 trillion to people, who, in fact, don't need it. they don't need. the last thing -- this is going to mean an additional $57,000 a year in tax breaks for people making $1 million a year. i believe if you lined up all the millionaires in america and said, do you think this is fair? i think they would say no. i really do. i honest to god believe they'd say no. if it means all the bad things that happened before are coming back. i planned on saying a lot more , but the truth of the matter is jerry brown summed it up. [laughter] vp biden: matter of fact, he got me so cranked up i was about to take my tie off. [laughter]
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vp biden: by the way, i think he's the best governor in the united states of america. anyway. thank you. [applause] >> joe, joe, joe. ms. pelosi: protect our care! >> protect our care! protect our care! protect our care! protect our care! ms. pelosi: thank you, mr. vice president, for helping to pass the bill. and for being with us today and continuing the fight to protect our care. thank you. vp biden: i ain't going anywhere. [applause] [cheers] announcer: c-span's "washington
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journal," live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. thursday morning, new york republican congressman tom reed joins us to discuss the house floor vote on the republicans' replacement for the affordable care act and his support for it. and oregon democratic congressman earl blumenauer ways in and talks about why he opposes the republicans' replacement. then mary agnes carey from kaiser health news discusses the latest on the house leadership's effort to pass the affordable care act's replacement. then in alabama congressman, member of the house freedom congress, talks about the gop health plan and why he is against it. be sure to watch and's "washington journal," beginning live at 7:00 a.m. eastern thursday morning. join the discussion. trumpcer: next, president talks about the house republican health care bill and is critical of the current affordable care t.


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