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  President Trump Meets with Health Care Professionals Ahead of House Vote on...  CSPAN  March 23, 2017 12:14am-12:25am EDT

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news and policy issues that impact you. thursday morning, new york republican congressman tom reed joins us to discuss the house floor vote on the republicans' replacement for the affordable care act and his support for it. and oregon democratic congressman earl blumenauer ways in and talks about why he opposes the republicans' replacement. then mary agnes carey from kaiser health news discusses the latest on the house leadership's effort to pass the affordable care act's replacement. then in alabama congressman, member of the house freedom congress, talks about the gop health plan and why he is against it. be sure to watch and's "washington journal," beginning live at 7:00 a.m. eastern thursday morning. join the discussion. trumpcer: next, president talks about the house republican health care bill and is critical of the current affordable care act.
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he joined medicare and medicaid services administrator seema verma, who was hosting a discussion on women's health care. pres. trump: thank you very much. i'm sorry, we just getting an update on london. thank you very much, i appreciate you being here. it is a great honor, a very great honor. i want to thank vice president pence, secretary tom price, and --inistrator seema verma incredible job, by the way -- for the time and energy they put
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into repealing and replacing obamacare ahead of tomorrow's crucial vote. i want to especially thank seema , the administrator for the centers of medicare and medicaid services, a wonderful job she is doing, and definitely a complex job, but you have it under control, right? we are hosting this very important meeting to discuss the vital role women play in health care and the hardships inflicted bill.m by the obamacare isinistrator seema verma playing the leading role for us in helping us to repeal and replace it. the doctors, nurses, and health care professionals here today represent the millions of women -- millions and millions -- who play a vital and indispensable ' health care.ans
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unfortunately, obamacare is making it so much more difficult, as we all know, and putting an arm as barriers in the way of helping patients who we are going to help. we are going to get this thing done, get it figured out. it is a tough situation our country has been put in. not easy. doctors and health care leaders have changed the face of health care in america, saving and improving countless american lives. in 1960 five, only 9% of accepted medical school applicants were women. last year, nearly 50% of newly accepted applicants were women. congratulations. good job. good job. 38% of physicians and surgeons are women, and that number will continue to grow. for oura big victory society, big victory for america. i will also thank all the women nurses and health care aides for their incredible service and dedication to our country. what you do is workable.
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-- is remarkable. unfortunately, obamacare is making it harder for health care professionals, men and women alike, to do their job. -- as insurers flee obamacare is broken marketplace -- it is broken badly and insurers are fleeing -- millions of patients can no longer access to health care professionals they trust. keep your doctor, keep your plan did not work out that way. that is one of the more vital reasons why we must repeal obamacare, one of the reasons we are here today. with that, i want to turn it over to administrator o verma. you can speak for this little while, then we will clear up the room. verma: thank you, mr. president.
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he has been very supportive and i am very appreciative to be part of this great health care team. and thanks to all the women who came today. it is great to see so many strong, professional women on the front lines of health care. obamacare has just been a broken promise. instead of meaningful health care, we have higher costs, less races, and more mandates. right now, we have the government making decisions about our health care, not patients and not doctors. as a mother and a woman, the most important thing about my health care is being able to pick out the dr. i feel comfortable with. unfortunately with obamacare, we have less choices. one third of counties and five states only have one choice of health plan. that tells us we are not getting the choices that americans deserve. the problem is getting worse. we have more insurers saying they are going to leave the marketplace. i think the other thing that concerns me is hearing from providers. many are faced with dealing with
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regulations and mandates instead of focusing on high-quality care and spending time with their patients. they are forced to deal with regulation. i came to d.c. because i was so concerned about the direction our health care was going in because of obamacare. . i want to be part of the solution i'm very excited about the american health care act. i think this is an opportunity to finally get rid of obamacare and move toward a system that is going to drive cost down, give americans more choices, and put patients and doctors in control of their health care. once again, thank you for coming today and i look forward to hearing all the stories. pres. trump: thank you, everybody. the house is
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continuing negotiations -- visited 17 historically black colleges and universities, asking students, what issue would you like congress or the administration to address in the first 100 days? the first 100 days, i would like congress and trump to bring awareness, understand the stigma, and allow better health care for the underserved population. >> my name is rafael, a junior. my question for president trump would be -- the thing i would want him to tackle in the first 100 days would be different crisis in michigan. lead in the water is unacceptable and it is unacceptable it has gone on this long. for a to have made some executive decisions in this run a map time he has been president, i think flint,
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michigan and the lead crisis would be one of the top things he could use his executive position for. senior majoring in communications. trump, whileald you have done the immigration then, what are you going to do to create more unity? there is a lot of hate going on in the world. what would you do to fix it? >> my name is nicholas rogers, a senior majoring in broadcast journalism. one of the main issues i would like to see the president take on his relationships between minorities and law enforcement. [indiscernible] my name is sarah, an education major at morgan state university.
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what i want more than anything from congress is education -- money to education. i am from west baltimore. there is a lot of poverty, crime, violence, but not a lot of education. currently, 1000 teachers were just laid off. as a future teacher, i would like to see more money spent on education, especially for children of color. announcer: voices from the road on c-span. the house is continuing negotiations on the health care bill. they are back in tomorrow and will debate and vote on the republican health care law replacement plan. they will also take up the same day rule, allowing house leadership to bring up the health care bill anytime between thursday and monday. we will have live coverage when the house apples and at 9:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. you can also watch online at and listen on the c-span radio app.
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the senate judiciary committee holds day four of the confirmation hearing for supreme court nominee neil gorsuch tomorrow at 9:30 a.m. eastern. public witnesses will testify. watch live coverage on c-span3. announcer: the house rules committee debated the gop health care replacement bill. we will hear from the chairs and ranking members from the budget, ways and means, and energy and commerce committees. congressman pete sessions chairs the rules committee. >> come to order and good morning. welcome to the rules committee.