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tv   Leader Pelosi Calls Pulling of GOP Health Care Bill a Victory for the...  CSPAN  March 24, 2017 5:20pm-5:45pm EDT

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it. we are going to show you the nancy pelosi and other house democrats briefing that took place.
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ms. pelosi: thank you. good afternoon.
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i'm very proud to be here with the house democratic leadership. the unity of our house democratic members was very important message to the country. that we are very proud of the affordable care act. yesterday, as you know, was the seven-year anniversary of the president signing the bill. and the american people expressed their support for it. that message became very clear to our colleagues on the republican side of the aisle. today is a great day for our country. it's a victory. what had on the floor is a victory for the american people. for our senior, for people with disabilities, for our children. for our veterans. to be also, it's not just about the 24 million people who now won't have the -- be off of health insurance. it's about the 155 million people who received their health benefits in the workplace, who will not be assaulted by some of the provisions. who was indefatigable in her work to ensure that every american would have the security of the availability of health insurance. this bill went down today. it went down today because the majority of the representatives of the american people in the house of representatives thought this was a bad bill. went in the wrong direction. left 24 million people behind. raised costs for seniors between 50 and 64 very substantially. and everybody else would have paid more and gotten less insurance. and in fact, it was made worse. last night. where the requirements for covering essential services was essentially gutted. but the american people are still going to rely on us. to have that security. and i hope that we can work with the administration and with the other side and not just abandon this effort and not make efforts
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and everybody else would have paid more and gotten less insurance. and in fact, it was made worse. last night.
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where the requirements for covering essential services was essentially gutted. but the american people are still going to rely on us. to have that security. and i hope that we can work with the administration and with the other side and not just abandon this effort and not make efforts to destroy indirectly what we did not destroy directly today. that's our responsibility. as republicans, as democrats. sent here by our people to try to make their lives better. make sure they had jobs. make sure they had health care. made sure that they lived in a safe country. we will not abandon that responsibility. and we trust that our republican colleagues will not either. i am pleased now to yield to my dear friend, the assistant leader, of the democratic minority, jim clyburn of south carolina.
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mr. clyburn: thank you very uch, mr. whip. i join leader pelosi in bserving the words of martin luther king jr. when he spoke on this issue back in 1956. it's kind of interesting, madam leader, king used two words. he said it was inhumane. but he also said it was egregious. egregious and inhumane. nothing can be more egregious in my opinion than saying to a hild born with diabetes, you can never get insurance coverage on your family's policy. nothing can be more inhumane than saying to a man with prostate cancer, a woman with breast cancer, that you have run out of treatments.
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and you can no longer rely upon your insurance. for treatment. i think that's -- i think that what's happened here today is the fact that a majority of the members of the united states house of representatives saw how inhumane and how egregious this manager's amendment would be for this very, very important area of all of our lives. and all of us know that no one of us can guarantee that we will never have a need for these kinds of treatments. and so i am pleased and hopeful that this step today will be a
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step toward a continuation of a more perfect union, the building of a more perfect union. hopefully we can do that very soon with making the affordable care act a better piece of legislation in a bipartisan way. with that, i yield to our chair of our caucus, mr. crowley. mr. crowley: thank you, mr. clyburn. if you sense a little exuberance on our part, maybe just a little bit, it's on behalf of the american people. the victory here today, the defeat of this legislation is a win for the american people. for not only the 24 million americans who stood to lose their insurance, but for all americans who have insurance today and those who want to have insurance, this is a big victory. we did listen to mr. ryan's press conference. we did listen to him about what lies ahead for the affordable care act which he said is the law of the land from here on out. just remind that law needs
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nurturing not neglect. he mentioned something to the effect of letting it fall on its own weight. we can't let that happen. we have a responsibility to keep it, nurture it, keep it moving. but i want to thank the democratic caucus for its unity, for steadfastness and staying together as the chair and one little point of personal privilege, on the issue of new york. there was a provision in this, the empire state kickback, the buffalo bribe. you can fool new yorkers sometimes, you can't fool us all the time. today, new yorkers weren't fooled. with that, i want to recognize the gentlelady from california, the vice chair, linda sanchez. ms. sanchez: thank you, chairman crowley. today's lack of vote is a temporary victory for the american people. for seven years, republicans have made promises about repealing the affordable care act and today they could not deliver. they had seven years to come up with their so-called better way
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and now it turns out that they've been bluffing all along. the american people sent a clear message today. if republicans want to repeal the affordable care act and take away health care from millions of people, they do so at their own peril. but if republicans are serious about wanting a better way for health care they'll work with democrats to improve the affordable care act so that we can make provisions that are roblematic better. but we will not stand idly by and let them tear apart a piece of legislation that has had such a tremendous impact on so many people. they love to knock the affordable care act but the fact is, it's increased coverage for 20 million americans and improved quality and lowers costs for 156 million people who get health care through their mployer.
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we breathe a sigh of relief and that sigh of relief is on behalf of the american public. we see bills periodically that are bad policy but the bill that would have been on the floor today for a vote was just plain heartless. and we are so glad we didn't vote on that legislation today. thank you. reporter: you say you want to work with the administration to help the law survive and thrive. you know donald trump, you know the speaker, in the real world, what would you say to families who say washington is gridlocked, we've never seen people like this work ogether.
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ms. pelosi: i worked together very closely with president george w. bush in the minority and in the house. we passed pepfar, a great humanitarian effort of which the president is also very proud. we passed the infamous tarp which i think is really why we lost the 2010 election. we passed bills that barney franks said were the most -- barney frank said were the best bills for working people. it's not a question who have what people have seen me do with donnell trump but what we did as a matter of record over a long period of time even though we had a disagreement over the war in iraq. but we also stand open. ms. pelosi: one of the most interesting speeches on the floor was when one of our colleagues wsi methmiayoudesh
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on this bill. and we will continue to take this fight to the american people and i thank the constituents across america, today is their victory and we will earn their trust all the ay through november of 2018. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] they failed to bring up a vote on the health care repeal. and taking your phone calls and let us know what you think about this second day of the failure on the part of house republicans
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to repeal and replace obamacare. for democrats, the phone number to call is -- richard has been waiting on the line, cambridge, new york, republican. and it took me three years just to get some kind of insurance and that was through my comp. but as of 2009 when it was supposed to be through the obama administration, it took me another five years to get insurance. we are both on disability. and now -- we get $650 a mon


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