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tv   [untitled]    March 25, 2017 12:36am-1:34am EDT

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the republicans need to regroup, get back together, and may moving forward with tax reform, the president -- something he wanted to pass, he talked about it a lot on the campaign trail. members right now are going home and they are not very happy. >> the house leadership pulling the health care replacement bill today. hill"hooper of "the joining us to talk about it. thank you for being here. >> c-span's washington journal, live every day with policy issues that impact you. coming up on saturday morning, your reaction to house republicans pulling the health care replacement bill. join the conversation with your phone calls, emails, facebook comments, and tweets. be sure to watch c-span's " washington journal. live at 5:00 eastern on saturday morning. >> sunday night on "q and a," a conversation with thomas soul,
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who recently retired from the column he wrote for 25 years. >> unlike today's left, i never felt i had to avoid being what people with different views thought. so during all of my years as a marxist, i read everything the political spectrum. there is a book on burke i first read when i was an undergraduate at harvard. i treasure that book. i can tell even then. i understood that there were reasons why people have different views. it is not just a question of being on the side against the forces of evil. i think the new administration in washington has some very good people, better than most of
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-- than most recent administrations have had. the only question is if the president will listen to them, and we will not know until more time has passed. >> sunday night at 8:00 eastern. >> now, we will show you some of the four hour floor debate before house speaker paul ryan decided to not let it go to a vote. this is just under an hour. >> i would like today, if we can -- to speak in favor of the american health care act, a bill that repeals many of the worst aspects of obamacare. it begins to repair the damage caused by the law by bringing choice, competition, and patient centered solutions back to the health care system. standing here today in the house is a proud moment for me. i was working at a nurse in the
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1990's, when fresh off of the failure of hillary care, the clinton administration pushed for something called 10 care. as the story goes, the democratic governor sketched out a program while sitting in a local bar. i saw firsthand the negative impacts of government run health care on patient care. i saw the cost rise and the quality of care fall. i saw the burdens being placed on doctors, patients, hospitals, and care providers. i thought patients faced with fewer choices and more regulations. and i saw the devastating impact that it was having on our state budget, gobbling up as much state spending that could have gone to education and to structure, which were getting squeezed. i cannot sit idly by will this
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was happening in my state, so i decided to get involved in public service. it is what inspired me to run for office in the very beginning. >> the house will be in order. members, please remove conversations from the floor on both sides of the aisle. gentlelady from tennessee. >> in 2000 and nine in 2010, i saw the same inputs will that principle -- principles and values being enacted, i thought my experience would be valuable. i told the people in my district that if elected to congress, i would fight to repeal and replace obamacare. in 2011, i sponsored the first piece of legislation that repealed a part of obamacare.
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today, we take the largest step yet in rescuing the american people from the damage that has been done by obamacare. we are united in our goal to repeal obamacare and replace it with patient centered health care. right now, obamacare is imploding. we were promised premiums that would decrease by $2500. instead, average family premiums have soared by $4300. we were promised health-care costs would go down. instead, deductibles have skyrocketed. we were promised we could keep our doctor and health insurance plans. instead, millions of americans have lost their insurance and the doctors that they liked. in short, the affordable care act was neither affordable, nor did it provide the quality of care the american people deserve.
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the american health care act is the first step in our efforts to deliver patient centered health care reform. this bill returns to the american people freedom and choice in their health care decisions. it gets government out of the relationship between patients and their doctor, where it never belongs, and puts people back in charge of their own health care. it brings the free-market principle of competition to an industry that has long been dominated by government intervention. today, we are faced with a stark choice. do we vote to continue the damage of the obamacare to our country and constituents, or do we vote to go down another path, a better way of doing health care in this country? while no legislation is perfect, this bill does accomplish some important reforms.
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it's zeros out the mandates, repeals the subsidies, and allows people to choose health insurance plans that are unique to their family instead of purchasing a one-size-fits-all plan that is mandated by some washington bureaucrat. and it modernizes medicaid, a once-in-a-lifetime entitlement reform. ending medicaid open-ended fund structure will pay that play an important role in addressing the future but the deficit and our growing national debt. i will stand by my colleagues who stay in this fight and continue to make this bill better. the members of the budget committee, which i chair, outlined four principles they believed would improve the bill. that allowed to significant changes to allow more state flex ability in medicaid and ensure that tax credits truly serve the people they are meant to serve. sought tocked --
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eliminate federal obamacare regulation that has robin up the cost of health care for all americans, and give those powers back to the state. at the same time, we also ensure that states have the resources to provide maternity and newborn care, treatment for mental health and substance abuse. i agree with these changes and i applaud my colleagues were the work to make sure that we truly reverse the damage that obamacare is doing to our health care system and economy. obamacare's legacy is clear. more government, less choice, higher cost. our vision for health care in america is the opposite. more freedom, more choice, and lower cost. put simply, the american health care act is a good first step, but it is only a first step. my good friend and our former colleague, dr. tom price, will use his position to address some of the regulatory burden of obamacare through administrative action.
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we have voted already and will continue to vote on individual pieces of legislation to implement more patient centered free-market reform that we cannot address through reconciliation. in fact, we just passed two bills this week. one would allow small businesses to join together to purchase insurance, and the other would increase competition by tearing down antitrust regulation. that bill received 416 votes. this shows these bills are commonsense measures that include bipartisan support. the day is finally here. we have an opportunity to fulfill that promise that we have made to the american people. i, for one, cannot sit idly by and let this opportunity go to waste. campaigning is easy, compared to governing. but our constituents did not elect us to do what is easy.
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the elected us to do what is right. i urge my colleagues to join me in voting yes on the american health care act to rescue the american people from obamacare. thank you mr. speaker, and i reserve the balance of my time. >> the gentleman from kentucky. >> i yield myself such time as they may consider. after seven years of campaigning against the affordable care act, congressional republicans have finally produced what they cynically describe as a replacement plan. sadly, however, this bill will unravel all of the progress we made under the aca, and in expanding access to health insurance to 22 million americans and improving the quality of coverage and care to tens of millions more. it nearly doubles the amount of uninsured people in this country. that is medicaid by almost $900 billion, and weakens the trust fund. that was bad enough, but the last-minute changes to this bill are astonishing and appalling.
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this legislation now allows insurers to end coverage for prescription drugs, hospitalizations, outpatient care, maternity leave, lab services, and pediatric care. that is not progress. that is a health crisis for every american. my republican colleagues are well aware of this. white else would they have withed this bill last-minute changes in secret? wiles would complicated legislation affecting the lives of millions be sent to the floor just two weeks after it was introduced, with no congressional hearings? not a single one on a bill that impacts the health care of every american family. why else would they rush the bill to the lore without an -- to the floor without an updated congressional budget office estimate of how much coverage and care would be lost by this back room deal that ends consumer protection.
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i get it. i would not want to, nor what i know how to justify giving nearly $1 trillion in tax cut to corporations and the wealthy, paid for by threatening the health and well-being of millions and millions of american families. and who is getting these windfalls? companies with annual profits more than $3 billion. and gilead sciences, $13 billion in profit in 2016 alone. when the cbo released its report last week showing the 24 million hard-working americans would be left without health care coverage by 2026 if we pass this bill, the premiums will rise 15-20% next year. people will pay thousands of dollars more in deductibles and out-of-pocket costs, and older americans will be priced out of the market by an age tax. i thought for sure it was dead on arrival, but there was no way my republican colleagues would walk this plane. -- plank. but here they are, and they are trying to take millions of american families with them.
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14 million americans will lose health coverage next year if this bill is approved, trautman million -- 21 million would lose coverage of the next three years alone. wiping out all of the coverage gains from the aca in three years. for pretty much everyone else on the individual market, deductibles and other costs would be higher. for lower income individuals out-of-pocket costs will be much higher. insurance companies will again be able to sell plans that offer much less financial protection, and we will return to the days when millions of people in this country will live in fear that they are always one serious illness or accident away from bankruptcy. this bill will result in the largest transfer of wealth for -- from struggling families to the well-off in our nations history. giving $1 trillion in tax breaks to millionaires, billionaires, and corporations. it is robin hood in reverse. this is far worse, because access to life-saving care is being stolen. i do not say that casually. i have met constituents of mine
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whose lives have been saved because of the affordable care act. this from one of my constituents. my name is kevin schweizer, i am 62 years old and a lifelong resident of louisville, kentucky. i worked hard, took risks, and built a successful small business that i sold at age 69. my wife and i were excited about our prospects as we headed into early retirement. as a retiree too young for medicare, i purchased health insurance on the open market. left -- later, i was diagnosed with lymphoma. i have undergone multiple scans and two cycles of chemo, but since the diseases in my what i will be fighting it for the rest of my life. a cancer diagnosis a life changing event that not only attack the body, but the mental stress is just as tough to deal with. thanks to obamacare, i can rest easy knowing my illness will not bankrupt my family, and i will be able to provide for my wife even after i am gone. i also heard from a young woman named sarah, who suffers from
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chronic kidney disease. she was able to get health e d wd notcause of the aca.e n gone to the hospital at all. the doctor told her if she had arrived one hour later, she would have died. the health of my constituents is at stake. they and other constituents i have heard from who have serious and chronic health conditions will need high-quality, affordable health care coverage for the rest of their lives. under this bill, they will get less coverage, it will cost more, and they will be priced out of the market, leaving them no where to turn for the care they need. that is not all. because of the last-minute changes to this bill, insurers will be able to sell stripped-down coverage to people with pre-existing conditions. they will be able to reduce coverage for chemotherapy drugs,
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cancer treatment, insulin pumps, and treat chronic divisions across the board. basically, if you have a serious health care problem, the care you need may not be available at all. when they were promised that the existing coverage would be reserved and everyone would have insurance and it would be better. they understandably believe they would be treated much better than this. none of those promises are in this bill. in fact, the opposite of every one of those promises is in this bill. the promises made to every family and our congressional failscts in this bill them every time. mr. speaker, i urge my colleagues to oppose this legislation and reserve the balance of my time. >> it is my pleasure to yield two minutes to the gentleman from california, mr. mcclinton.
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>> i thank the gentlelady for yielding, and i would remind my friend from kentucky that every promise made to the american people in support of obamacare was rapidly broken. we are now at this moment in time, when we are watching the death throes of obamacare. more people are paying the state tax panel. they're claiming hardship in exemptions. in a third of our counties, there is no choice at all. you get one provider. soon, we are warned some regions will not have providers at all. premiums soared an average of 25% last year and this year we are warned it could be 40% or more. critics tonight say that 24 million americans will lose their coverage. the cbo believes people will not buy health insurance unless we force them to buy health insurance.
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in fact, people will not buy health insurance that is not a good value for them, and clearly obamacare is not. we replace it with a vigorous buyer's market were planned across the country will compete to offer consumers better services at more prices, tailored to their own needs and wants. we assure these plans are within their financial reach with $90 billion of additional support that the cbo simply ignores. the ahca's biggest convention is -- biggest achievement is to replace coercion with choice for every american. this individual mandate forces americans to buy products they do not want. it ends the employer mandate that strapped many low income workers in part-time jobs. begins to restore consumers freedom of choice and a vast guarantee of quality and value in any market. it allows the americans to make more of their health care
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purchases with pretax dollars. it relieves the pre-existing conditions base by moving them to an assigned risk pool. obamacare is collapsing. providers are fleeing. this may well be our last offramp on this road to ruin. >> mr. speaker, i remind my colleague that his vote will result in over 30,000 people in california to lose health care coverage. >> i want to think our leader for your steadfast leadership. mr. speaker, i rise in strong opposition to this bill. whether you believe it or not, health care is a basic right. this shameful bill steals from those who can least afford it,
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including seniors, veterans, people living with hiv, children, the disabled. it would rip away health care from 24 million people. it would reduce benefits, make families pay more for less, and transfer $600 billion in tax cuts to the very wealthy. this is outrageous. access to women's health is denied by defunding planned parenthood, medicaid as we know it will end. and working costs for families and seniors will skyrocket. and this also removes benefits like maternity, mental health, and emergency care. this is a tax bill to the wealthy. as a woman of faith, i am appalled by the hypocrisy displayed in this bill by people who say they are religious. i want to remind you in the scriptures, the book of mark chapter 12:31. love your neighbor as yourself. this bill shows the disdain for the most vulnerable, and would
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lead to the death, destruction, and disease of millions of americans. i hope republicans remember to love their neighbor as themselves today, and vote no on this mean-spirited ill. -- bill. this is a matter of life and death, and the american people deserve better. >> it is my honor to yield two minutes to the gentleman from ohio. >> thank you mr. speaker. the american people spoke loudly and clearly last november. in fact, they have been speaking loudly and clearly ever since this fatally flawed bill since -- bill called obamacare was signed into law. and now we are hours away from a vote that people have been waiting for years for. this can be distilled down to simply this. each member of this body must ask themselves this type of question. are they willing to allow
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obamacare to remain the law of the land, or are we going to begin to restore health care decisions to the american people and their doctors? those who choose to vote against the american health care act, regardless of how they attempt to justify it, will be voting to keep obamacare in place. this is an inescapable fact. a fact that will remain long after the smoke and spin of pundits has disappeared. this is regardless of how the votes go. there is no such thing as perfect legislation. in a body of 435 men and women representing 435 parts of the nation, but there is consensus among the american people that this law should be repealed and replaced. today, the people's house will either of knowledge the will of
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the people or we will defy it. with that, i yield back. >> mr. speaker, i remind my colleague that his vote would cause 40,000 people in ohio losing coverage and health care, and i yield 1.5 minutes to a gentleman of massachusetts, i would like deal to you. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i would like to remind my calling that the latest poll put the will of the american people at 70% in favor of this bill. i would like to read a letter from my constituents. this constituent is the republican governor of massachusetts, who knows that trump care destroys our ability to ensure access to quality, affordable health care coverage. another republican in my state, mr. romney, worked with the
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createtic legislature to health care. republicans and democrats worked together to improve it, and they created a system of higher approval ratings than trump care or obamacare. we can do this. health care should not be like -- be partisan. it should be investing in our people, our families, and future so that americans can live healthy, productive lives. but that is not with this republican trump care does. michael was prescribed oxycontin by his doctors and became addicted, but he was able to enter a program to medicaid, which would be cut by trunk -- trump care. he is now back at work. he says the affordable care act saved his life. i'm a veteran and i get my health care at the v.a., but
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sometimes it's a six week. if this passes, this will take veterans off their insurance and create longer wait times. >> the gentleman's time is expired. >> it is now my honor to yield two minutes to the general one from minnesota. a distinguished member of the budget committee. >> i arrived today in support of the american health care act. i asked the other side, what is it you are trying to preserve by voting no? premiums rising double-digits for years for the last seven years? my home state of minnesota rising by over 67%. young healthy people being priced out of the insurance market. 8 million choosing to pay a penalty rather than buying insurance? that is the genesis of the death spiral in insurance markets. that is what this bill is trying to correct. deductibles, co-pays.
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i need a deductible on my own policy. a skyrocketing deductible. there are deductibles of $13,000. that is not access. people are denied prescription drugs. there is a prescription drug tax. a thousand counties with insurer? one is that what you are trying to preserve on the other side? emergency state legislation trying to pop up and ensure the state because health care is failing. and $1 trillion in taxes and spending bankrupting the country. that is what the other side is trying to preserve, and voting no on this bill -- we have a choice today. you can embrace the status quo and to see the market spiral out of control completely, or you can vote for change and do the right thing. i yield my time. >> the gentleman from kentucky. >> mr. speaker, i remind my colleague that his vote for this bill would result in 50,002
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hundred people from his congressional district in minnesota losing health coverage and care, and i yield one and a half minutes to the gentleman from new york, mr. jeffrey. >> the trump presidency has been characterized by chaos, crisis, and confusion, and this republican health care debacle has been no different. the american people clearly understand that trump care will be an unmitigated disaster. under trump care, working families will pay more and get less. under trump care, premiums will increase. under trump care, co-pays will increase. under trump care, deductibles will increase. out-of-pocket expenses will increase, 24 million americans will lose their health coverage.
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individuals between age of 50 and 64 will pay a regressive age tax. health care is a matter of life and death. that is why we take it so seriously. trump care will lead to increases in death, disease, and destitution. that is why we disapprove of horrible piece of health care. [applause] >> it is my honor to yield two minutes to the gentleman from texas. >> thank you madam chairman. mr. speaker, obamacare's disastrous effects have wreaked havoc on our small businesses, broken the backs of middle and working class families, and have had a disproportionately negative impact on rural america. those are the folks i represent in west texas. bill before usnt is far from perfect, and let's be honest, there is no such
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thing as perfect legislation. it reverses course and takes us in the right direction. it repeals the mandate and restores freedom to individuals in the markets. it restores about $1 trillion of taxes. it reduces deficit spending by over $100 billion, making it the largest reform since the 1960's. it rolls back regulations. it gives maximum flexibility to and begins to de-federalized health care. we promise that if we were given control of the house, presidency, and senate, we would repeal and replace obamacare? and now that we are given the opportunity to keep and govern our promises, we cannot let perfect be the enemy of good. the debate is now closing. we have two choices. we either pass a good but imperfect bill, or relieve -- or we leave obamacare in
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place. that is an unacceptable alternative. we have a moral obligation to do something, to not stand idly by while people suffer under a system that is failing them. if we are going to restore the greatness of america and transfer power back to the people, we need more than policy solutions. even perfect policy solutions. we need the political will and the courage to lead. this is a rescue mission, mr. speaker, and it is not without risk, but i have faith in the president and his team. i have faith in the state and the free market, and above all, i have faith in the american people. i yield back. >> mr. speaker, i remind my colleague that his vote on the 60,000ll result in over people from his congressional district in texas losing health coverage and care. i yield two minutes to the gentleman from new york and a distinguished member of the budget committee. >> i thank the gentleman.
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mr. speaker, this measure never needed to be an ideological fistfight. democrats were always willing to take into account serious and constructive alternatives to the law that we have today, to make it better. two make it more affordable for the american people. but this bill is a blatant takeaway from the american people, of money and protection. if you are 50 to 60 years old, you get clobbered. if you are 64 years old, may 20 $6,000 a year according to the republican led congressional budget office, your premiums go $1700 a year to $14,000 a year. fact, united health care is one of the largest private health insurers in america.
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fact, united health care will have $200 billion in revenue this year, and they paid their chief executive officer $66 million in compensation for 2016. fact, united health care is under investigation today by department of justice for stealing billions of dollars from the medicare program. fact, the republican health bill on page 67, in seven words, this -- gives united health, their hype paid executives and their cronies massive tax cut to continue to screw the american people. mr. speaker, we can do much better. we are prepared to do much better. this is a financial assault on good, hard-working americans
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that want to do one thing at the end of the day after paying too much money for health care throughout the year. that is when they need their health care, it is available to them and their family. i yield the balance of my time. >> it is my honor to yield two minutes to the gentleman of new york, distinguished member of the budget committee. >> thank you, madam chairman, mr. speaker. i want to point out to my colleagues that a fundamental change would be helpful to the health care we have before us. that would be for the first time we are equalizing the treatment of people who do not have employer-provided health care. those of us who have employer-provided health care, 170 million americans, that is not a taxable event for them. it is not a taxable event where they have to pay tax at the end of the year on the value of that employer health care. and if you are a person that does not have employer-provided
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health care, if you are a husband and wife with two kids, making x amount of money and your employer does not provide health care, you will see no tax subsidy through the tax code. this bill, through the advanced refundable tax credit, will give someone the choice to buy health care and give them the opportunity and means to buy health care that they previously have not had. it is not a markedly important distinction, frankly, from the affordable care act, where you could only buy the health care through an exchange of approved policy. this policy on this legislation today law for the flex ability and freedom to buy the policy of their choosing, not one dictated by washington. that is a fundamental important distinction between the status quo and what this legislation would offer. mr. speaker, my colleagues, i urge support for the bill.
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it is not perfect, as we all know, but it is something that is long overdue. i would also point out that the numbers my colleague from kentucky uses are really based upon fantasy. those numbers are simply incorrect, and the people of our state and country will have health care under the provisions of this bill, and we will work hard to ensure that they do. thank you, and mr. speaker i yield back. >> i remind my colleague that his vote for this bill would involve 65,000 people using -- losing health coverage and care. and now i yield my time. republicans crafted legislation that lived up to health insurance for everybody, they would have broad bipartisan support. but that is not what they did. this threatens not only disruptions to our health care system, but to middle-class families.
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families who sit at their kitchen table trying to figure out how to pay their mortgage, buy groceries, and also get health coverage for their kids. this republican bill does nothing to help them. in their rush to check a political box, republicans have crafted legislation that does nothing but hurt working americans. in the last 24 hours, it has gone from bad to worse. make no mistake, the changes made in the 11th hour to a p's -- two appease the most extreme members of congress has put health care even more out of reach. the reality is that there bill robs $75 billion from medicare, forces older americans to pay five times more than others, and billion inred $12
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out-of-pocket costs and put them on middle-class families. but this is about people like rachel from washington, who suffered a heart attack and blood clot at the age of 35. she now depends on frequent tests, medications, and doctors visits to stay healthy. thankfully, it is all covered by her insurance. rachel told me, "i am horrified by the talking points that equates repealing the affordable care act with getting freedom back. for me, the loss of the aca gives me nothing but the freedom to die sooner and worry more. ". i am not voting against this bill because it is a republican bill, i am voting no for families like rachel's. health care does not need to be a partisan issue, and i stand ready and willing to work on common sense solutions that expand coverage and reduce costs, but i was sent to make my constituents life better. this is not do that. i encourage my colleagues to vote no.
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>> i yield two minutes to the gentleman from florida. >> thank you mr. speaker. i rise to repeal the disaster that is obamacare. obamacare functions of a wet blanket over the american economy. stopping businesses from growing and impairing the rights of individuals to make their own decisions. mr. speaker, i.e. implore my conservative colleagues to vote for this bill and give us a chance to get out from under this disastrous law. this legislation represents $1 trillion in tax cuts, $1.15 trillion in spending cuts. .115 billion in deficit the funding plant. had. along how long have we been fighting to defund planned parenthood? closes the loophole that allows tople to enroll in obamacare only check their status in the
1:15 am
country subsequently. people are able to work that she should not expect us to pay for their health care. work requirements is fundamental. block health care for states so they can be liberated from the oppressive hand of the government. also blocking states from additional medicaid expansion. we have been engaging in these conservative fights for years. finally, today, we got the chance to put a wind on the board. i am joining our president thomas because, many conservatives in this congress in voting for the american health care act. when we do this, not only do we enhance our economy, free up opportunities for broader prosperity in america, but we allow people to be in charge of health care. we move from a government center
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to system to a patient centered system. that was the promise we made in the elections come and that is the promise i intend to keep by voting for this bill. i yield back to the gentlelady. >> determine from kentucky. next i remind my calling that is about for this bill will result in 56,000 people from his aggression of district in florida losing health coverage and care. i yield one minute 45 seconds to the gentlelady from florida. >> i stand in opposition to the pay more select care act under which americans will suffer from higher cost, less coverage, a crushing age tax and a ransacking of the medicare trust fund. under the age tax, americans aged 50 to 64 will be forced to pay higher premiums than others, no matter how healthy beer. under trump care, a 64-year-old
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will pay more in their premiums every year under this bill. in addition, trump care will take away health care from 24 million hard-working americans and will force families to pay higher premiums and adaptable. for families enrolled in the aca marketplace, premiums are expected to increase. it will also punish millions of people who experience a lapse in coverage by forcing them to pay a higher premium each month in order to receive care. tell that to suzanne from florida who has two daughters heading to college, lost her husband to cancer, and then lost her insurance coverage. she was able to obtain coverage under the aca. this bill apparently isn't harmful enough for the far right extremists and the republican party.
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mr. speaker, this bill is like taking a sledgehammer 2:00 that is moving a little slow rather than working on fine tuning instead. the moralnd morals -- piece avoid deflation. as a breast cancer survivor, i urge you to make sure you don't devastate our health and make sure we don't have our -- >> the gentlewoman from tennessee. >> it's my honor to yield two minutes to the gentleman from indiana and the vice chair of the budget committee. proud of they budget committee. we did great work last week. everyone was heard. six motions on the republican and democratic side. the debate was civil. jones weren't raised. worked icks --
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my hope that as we pass ,his bill off before the house that it goes to the senate and the bill will continue to be improved. that is the legislative process. i am proud of the members of the budget committee for starting the process. we did good work. you don't have to pass this bill to find out what in it. this process will continue. i'm very pleased also that we ramps thatid block are available to cover are able-bodied children and adults. a huge step forward and letting states have the flexibility they need to decide who needs this assistance. how they should get it, and what
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they should get in terms of health care. this is good legislation. this is what we were sent to do. we are keeping our promises to the american people by passing this legislation. i urge my colleagues to vote yes. >> i remind my friend from indiana that his vote for this bill will result in 37,000 people from his congressional district losing health coverage and care. i yield 1.5 minutes to the gentleman from pennsylvania. >> mr. speaker, i rise today in opposition of trump care. the republican plan to cut medicare and medicaid, increases health care costs, and takes health care away from tens of millions of americans. all while providing the largest transfer of wealth from working families to our nation's
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richest. all of this in the name of choice and freedom, but we all know that under this bill that is just code for from -- survival of the fittest. economic darwinism. let me bring this closer to home for me. care, 36,700 of my constituents covered by the aca medicaid expansion now stand to lose life-saving coverage. here is one of them. a constituent, a 17-year-old with down syndrome, her parents know firsthand why medicaid is important. medicaid has been critical to keeping their daughter alive and saving their family from bankruptcy. even though her parents both work, the cost of her care is too expensive to afford. not to mention, the mother is a
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breast cancer survivor and the father suffers from parkinson's disease. medicaid provides them the peace of mind knowing their daughter will receive the care she needs and they aren't alone to fend for themselves given the tough hand they have been dealt. her and everyone in my district, say no to trump care. i yield back. >> it is my honor to yield two minutes to the gentleman from louisiana. >> i rise in passionate support of freedom. fact and details of the minutia of these plans. i will share with you a fact. 200 years ago, my ancestral forefather was born a young poor irishman, born into indentured servitude. of a land whisper
1:23 am
born across the sea, a land where a man could own his own property, a land where a man could keep the toil of his labor. so he garnered his courage and saved his money and booked passage upon a cargo vessel converted to carry human beings. his sleeping berth measured to bike to i-5. by five. two what could have driven him and yours and all our ancestral forefather's to come to this land? freedom. freedom drove us and it is .reedom for which i stand
1:24 am
the affordable care act known as 8000 pages of regulation and taxation. there is not a man or woman from sea to shining sea that believes that this body and produce 8000 pages of freedom. the american health care act is 134 pages of a reasonable legislation, based upon the best .nput of free market principles a vote against the american health care act is a vote against freedom. pages oft against reasonable legislation. i urge my colleagues to vote -- my colleague that his vote will result in 50,100 people from his district in
1:25 am
louisiana losing health coverage and care and i yield 1.5 minutes to be gentlelady from washington . >> mr. chairman, this reckless republican plan is a betrayal of the american people. how is it a betrayal? callously stripping 24 million people's health care. that's a betrayal. putting an age taxon people age 50 to 64 who will pay up to $14,000 more in annual premiums, that is a betrayal. gutting essential benefits like maternity care and prescription drug coverage and emergency fundamentally destroying protections for americans with pre-existing conditions, that is a per trail. 880 billionicaid by dollars and stripping the safety net for our seniors and kids and people with disabilities, that
1:26 am
is a betrayal. on the states will have to come up with billions of dollars. this bill is not about freedom or choice. this bill is a travesty and the american people will pay the price. this is not a health care bill. the only people who benefit are millionaires and billionaires and insurance companies, who will get $1 trillion in tax benefits while working americans pay more and get nothing. this bill is your greed and real people with suffer and die from it. vote no and protect our care. c-span's "washington journal" live every day. news and policy issues that impact you. coming up saturday morning, your reaction to house republicans health care replacing bill. it joined the conversation with phone calls, emails, facebook comments, and tweets. "washington watch
1:27 am
journal" live at 7 p.m. eastern saturday morning. -- at 7:00 p.m. eastern saturday morning. beginning at 10:00 p.m. eastern, a panel discussion on the english language with an the author of "hell in a handbasket." karen, and dan, and then at 2:00, a discussion on civil protests. author.another that will be followed by a panel on the media.
1:28 am
tom, frank, and april. watch the 21st annual virginia festival live at 7:00 eastern. conceding that there were not enough votes for passage, speaker paul ryan pulled the republican health care replacement to build minutes before a vote was to take place. we will have reaction to that decision in a few minutes. first, a look at the final minutes of floor debate before the bill was withdrawn. >> appreciate the lady yielding. mr. speaker, we are faced with a choice of the fact that there isn't infinite demand for health care.
1:29 am
we have limited resources to do that. the real question is, does obamacare take up that task? do we as individuals and families and caregivers make those hard choices for ourselves? i believe the bill moves us toward that direction. this is about how you pay for health care. insurance is not a magic bullet. scheme inis simply a which we risk manage together, put a certain amount of money in a bucket, assuming all of us will suffer the risk we will want to cover. do, that is how the system works. there is too much cost for the resources available. it is hard. did republicans spend six years railing against obamacare and not have the fix? this is exhibit a. this is hard stuff. even among republicans, we've
1:30 am
got more than 218 and can't agree among ourselves what ought to go forward. but i know this. we're down to the final choice. do we keep obamacare and the failure confronting us and will continue to be there or do we take a chance on moving forward something -- moving toward something different? giving states back the opportunity to decide for their indigent population how should they take care of them? i don't think anybody in washington, d.c. can come up with a plan that fixes that for all 50 states. i trust my colleagues in austin to make that happen far better than anybody in d.c. this bill moves this in the right direction. s that hard choice but for me it's relativity -- relatively straight forward. keep obamacare with a no vote, move toward a brighter future for health care in this country and the way we pay for it, who pays for it and how we get that done by a yes vote. i encourage my colleagues to vote yes. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady reserves. the gentleman from virginia is recognized. >> i remind my colleague that his vote --
1:31 am
mr. scott: i remind my colleague that a vote for this bill will make things worse by 686,000 people in his district losing health care coverage and care. i yield one minute to the gentlelady from florida, mrs. wilson. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady is recognized for one minute. mrs. wilson: thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, i would like to begin by asking my republican colleagues one simple question. don't you have don't you have constituents who get sick and need an insurance? everyone gets sick, rich and poor, black and white, women, and havingn, insurance helps us give us peace of mind. it helps us make sure medical needs are not exacerbated by a financial crisis. if the affordable care act is repealed, your constituents and millions of people will be kicked off their insurance, and that is a shame. they will suffer and their families will suffer.
1:32 am
i have health insurance and so does everyone in congress. we even have a clinic and doctors at our disposal in this capital. doesn't every american deserve the same treatment as members of congress? instead of moving backwards, republicans should partner with democrats to amend and strengthen the existing law. by working together, we can create a plan that works for all americans, not just members of congress. vote no. [applause] further consideration of hr 1628 is postponed. according to cause 12 a of rule one, the chair to close -- declares the house in recess.
1:33 am
[booing] speaker of the house paul ryan told reporters that obamacare was the law of the land for the first the able future/ -- forthe first seattle seeable future. this is 10 minutes. that was at the central core of the , trying tocampaign repeal the health law known as obamacare.


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