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tv   Open Phones on Neil Gorsuch Supreme Court Nomination  CSPAN  March 25, 2017 3:12pm-3:36pm EDT

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dent when that precedent produces an absurd result, whose view of the law is not so cold and so arid as to wring out every last drop of humanity and common sense. it requires only the bare minimum of judicial decency to rule the right way in the cases i mentioned, and judge gorsuch did not. that's all the evidence my colleagues should need to vote no, and i urge them and will urge them in the days ahead to do so. mr. president, i yield the >> the senate judiciary committee held confirmation hearing for judge neil gorsuch, the nominee to the supreme yout, this past week, and just saw, it's from the senate, chuck schumer, on the floor of the senate earlier this week on
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a talking about his opposition nominee to the's court. this article from real clear politics going into a little bit more about that, a nuclear confrontation is brewing in the senate over the nomination of judge neil gorsuch to the supreme court with democrats threatening a historic filibuster and republicans promising a historic role change in return. republican leaders said they will resort to a nuclear option, changing senate rules to end the debate on a nomination rather than 60 votes. president trump has endorsed that option last month, urging house majority leader mitch mcconnell to "go nuclear if needed." let's get your thoughts on that and on the nomination of judge neil gorsuch to the supreme court now. the numbers are on the screen. if you are a democrat, call us at 202-748-8920 . republicans, 202-748-8921.
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independents and all others, 202-748-8922. c-span, or you can , on our facebook page. christine is on the republican line. go ahead, your thought. caller: i really think they should do the nuclear deal, and i think democrats are going to fight him on everything, it does not matter who he nominates. host: what do you think of the nominee himself? brilliant,hink he is i think he is a genius, he is calm. i think he is perfect for the spot. host: thanks for calling cured to henry next in anchorage, alaska on the independent line. caller: i do not think he is the right one for the job. host: why not? thatr: because the things he do, the different corporations over the person driving a truck in the freezing
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cold. a teacher who is sick, getting a doctor that's a note from her doctor saying, "you are sick, you need a note." the people of this country show his action. you need a judge with justice. you need a judge that is going to stand up for love, justice, peace, truth, and honesty. we do not meet a judge to santa for lobbyists, stand up for big money, minority 1%. that is what this judge is all about. host: thanks for calling, henry. to pat now in key west, florida
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on the democrat line. caller: yes, thank you for taking my call. eilm very much against n becoming a supreme court judge. the large corporations. it is clear. i think chuck pointed that out brilliantly, the problems with this person. i do not want him confirmed, and i sincerely hope that enough of the republicans will see that this will be a very, very detrimental person to be on the supreme court. thank you. host: thanks for calling. let's move on to like us pennsylvania, the republican line.
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brett joins us now. think that there is a going insincere speeches on on the democratic side of the aisle, particularly with senator ofumer, in grading a lot misinformation and so forth into this campaign against judge think they should obviously vote to confirm him, and i think if the people would really look at the records and look into some of these cases, it ishey would learn that not just about him being in favor of corporate america over individuals -- it is really about him being in favor of applying the law appropriately. do you thinkwhat
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about the republican plan to, if necessary, change the rules in the senate to eliminate the possibilities of a filibuster against neil gorsuch? like on one, i feel hand, you need to fight fire with fire, but on the other hand, common sense should prevail here, or at least, decency, and i believe that they doned attempt to get this the old-fashioned way. but if they would have to come of and yeah, i think they should consider the nuclear option. right, thanks for calling cured to martian now in warsaw, indiana. hi. -- calling. to marcia now in warsaw, indiana. hi. go ahead. iller: i am calling because
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am a retired teacher. after teaching for so many years, teaching the children to respect the class, respect their leaders, and respect all things in general, it is really disappointing to see and hear so many negative comments about the individual, judge gorsuch. i think it is important for them to highlight his positive points as well as the negative points, and the most i have heard are the negative points about this judge. he is an individual -- why are they attempting to say so many and you pickgs from the few things that he has done that maybe they do not agree with. host: why do you think that is, marcia? caller: i think it is a selfish motive here. i sincerely believe that somebody is tasting a mouthful of sour grapes because the
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person they wanted to be there is not there. that theyy believe should be talking about the highlights in his life. that is what i did with my children in the classroom. we highlighted the positives. wethey had something that disagreed with, then we talked privately about that. of course, i understand this is public opinion going haywire, but i sincerely feel that we, as hear the, need to positive. what has he done that is good? the democrats make it, he has done nothing good, and that is incorrect. we can see, read, and here for ourselves. to grill himinue as though he has no integrity, and that is wrong. i just don't understand our leaders doing that to each other. i expect to see them respect each other. i have admired all of them, and
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this is changing some opinions because i am watching how they are treating their fellow man. host: all right, thanks for calling. to hawaii now on the republican line. susie is on the phone with us. go ahead. from hawaii.susie i hope that everybody calling in are people who saw everything and heard everything that was described in the hearings. it was obvious that certain people tried to trip up the , for him to give away what his ideas and thoughts are when come as a judge, as he stated, when he puts on that robe, he is the judge for everybody, unbiased, and follows the law. he follows the constitution. now, if something is wrong with the law, it is congress' job to
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change the laws. then the judges have more say because of the laws that we change. ,o it was very disrespectful senator e sorry for hirono's comments. he was not being evasive at all, he was being true to being a judge, and i hope people understand that and do their own research. thank you very much for taking my call. host: thank you for calling from hawaii today. judge neil gorsuch appeared before the senate judiciary committee over the past week. he was actually at the committee three days out of the four that they met the first day for opening statements, then about 10 hours, i believe, 10 hours on day two of testimony, answering
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questions from committee members. another nine hours before the committee on day three, so quite a few hours before the senate judiciary committee for donald trump's nominee to the supreme court this week. of course, 60 votes currently possiblehold to end a democratic filibuster, and comments from republican leaders that they could go "nuclear," as they say, and change the rules in the senate and remove that 60-vote threshold to only a simple majority would be needed to move that confirmation forward in the senate. i would like to hear from you as we take a few more calls on what you think of that idea, of a nuclear option, removing -- or changing the senate rules. let's go to joey in van nuys, california. your thoughts on that and the nomination itself, joey. caller: first of all, look at the guys he has got in the cabinet. you have got guys dealing with
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the russians. this whole thing stinks, hastings war's then government. -- it stinks worse than watergate. i remember we would go to nixon's headquarters and get all the maps for canvas, and then go canvas for the government, but they were offering us money to go disrupt. most corrupt thing i've seen in my life. gorsuch is full of baloney. host: i am guessing, joey, you would be against changing the senate rules. caller: absolutely! all the republicans try to do is change the rules when they cannot win. it is like the kid that owns the baseball, the that, and the bases, and he brings them to the field, and if he cannot get his way, he takes everything home, and that is exactly what we got.
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housee a guy in the white who has got a big mouth, go to hell package, and you cannot use that now because there's too much information available. i have never heard of these things. and people that are calling in and they are like, "respect the judge" -- when did he respect anybody? he is not respecting anybody. the independents, the bernie sanders followers, they say we are the hell on earth. no, we are not. ony wanted to get even november -- they did not get even, they went into a bigger hole. thank you for your time. by the way, you look like me about 25 years ago. host: i am sorry about that. [laughs] thanks for calling. comments from the vice president, mike pence is in west virginia today at an event for small business owners. remarks, he
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mentioned neil gorsuch. ence: by nominating judge neil gorsuch, president trump has kept his word to nominate a justice to the spring court who will keep faith to the constitution and who will and hold -- uphold the god-given liberties that are enshrined there. [applause] week.ce: you saw it this my daughter was off work. she got to watch a lot of judge gorsuch's testimony before the senate. three days of powerful testimony before the senate. judge gorsuch made it clear why donald trump nominated him to the highest court in the land, then it he -- didn't he? is, america's all this week what president trump saw when he made that decision. judge neil gorsuch is one of the
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most respected, qualified, and mainstream nominees to the supreme court in american history. [applause] it is true. it is true. but remarkable, this week, senator chuck schumer and the in his party in the senate actually announced that the democrats plan to filibuster george gorsuch's -- a judge gorsuch's nomination to be an associate justice. that is something that has never been done successfully in american history. let me say this to you, west virginia -- if we can get the help of senator joe manchin, and with the help of other senators, judge neil gorsuch will soon , ande justice neil gorsuch america and the rule of law will be better for it. [applause]
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vp pence: let me be clear, president trump and i are confident the united states senate will confirm judge neil gorsuch one way or the other. [applause] host: vice president mike pence in west virginia near the state capital of charleston today, and some remarks about judge neil gorsuch. , president trump's nominee to the supreme court. it is time to get your thoughts on the nominee and the possibility of rule changes in the senate to get that nominee through. let's talk to roger now in new york city on the line for democrats. hi, roger. caller: good afternoon. thank you for taking my call. i am a new york lawyer. i've been watching the hearings intently, and i am deeply opposed to the nomination of judge gorsuch. that he has shown a
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singular lack of candor and that he has invoked the rules in what he isaims allowed to say and not say and use the that as a means to innovate or elude questions of .he senators as far as any rule changes are concerned, i think there is no justification and no good basis to do it. should the nominees stand or fall on the full senate, and that is my view of the matter. host: thanks for calling. appreciate that. to dan next and west palm beach, florida. a republican caller. go ahead. caller: this is dan. host: go ahead, you are on the air. caller: ok, thank you.
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i just want to say that it seems like when the democrats lost the race, they all just went crazy. there are so many of these senators that i cannot understand why can -- we cannot pull together and worked with the president, he was elected by the people. that we cannot -- they cannot work for the people. get theaid he wants to government back to the people, we need it. there are people starving to death, not working, these guys in the military come back and cannot get medical care. democrats, all they can do is talk bad about trump, they have no interest in helping him. it is a sad situation. the whole world is watching. look at what is happening in europe.
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ins man that he wants to put to keep these crazy nuts out of the country? look what is happening in england, france, sweden, germany . they are all going crazy. >> figure for calling. connie and carolina, on the democrats line, you'll get the last word. go ahead. >> yes, sir. i'm glad to speak to you. i have been watching the confirmation hearings this morning. i did not realize i could get it on my tv earlier or a would have watched it more closely. as far as the nuclear option, absolutely not. but kanye west the health care bill, a poorly written bill, it was supposed to have ties 1, 2, 3, but if that exist they should have brought it out at one time. the fact that they had to have that number of votes for it to past -- pass is would save us.
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the law still works today. as far as this judge is concerned, i am concerned, because i did not like his mannerisms and how he was talking to the senator from hawaii like, you are not understand this, honey. you will not even notice what i am really doing. he has not as i have been watching, given any real answers . i am pleased to see that president trump is having to learn we are the united states, and that means he needs to work for the people. when the people said no, that is what we we made -- maine. he got in their promised good stuff, but it is going to thefit him and his cronies most. when president obama was in andr making fun of how --
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trump was making fun of how he could not get anything done, he knows what president obama lived with for eight years. see that pleased to some of this stuff is happening, and i'm pleased to see that mr. trump does not get to write his little white-horse through and declare with a glance what it will be like. another thing that is ticking me off is the fact that they all talk about president obama spent so much money by going to hawaii, to palm springs. it said right on tv, he paid every time for his food, lodging , everything we paid for was for the secret service and air force one, which we should. he is on duty 24-7. but now, we providing secret service from lonnie a in new in new york, at the white house as we should, and now they are sending air force one to let him play golf
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in florida! it is a bunch of cracked -- crap. think you for letting me speak. call.ure for the connie mentioned, she was not sure she could watch the hearings. let me assure you, they are here on c-span. you can get them on our website, here on c-spanre tomorrow, day three of the confirmation hearings for supreme court nominee, neil gorsuch. am eastern time, you can watch live on our website,, or listen on the free c-span radio app. coming up monday at noon eastern , the senatean2 judiciary hearing will meet to review the nominations of neil gorsuch, also a couple of justice department nominees, deputy attorney general nominee
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rob rosenstein and associate attorney general nominate rachel brandt. they will meet to discuss the nominations. we do not expect a vote on neil gorsuch on monday, however. they will just have a meeting at 2.on eastern on c-span this is not the only big story in the nation's capital this week, the other the republican effort to repeal and replace the affordable care act, obamacare, went down yesterday as the votes were not there. the health care bill was pulled from the floor when it became apparent to republican leaders there were not enough folks for passage. coming up on c-span, the events related to all of that. this begins with a news conference by house speaker paul


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