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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  March 26, 2017 9:38am-9:58am EDT

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a junior here. my message is that i know a lot of candidates make a lot of promises, but i would like him to lower the rate of unemployment. >> voices from the road -- on c-span. "> "washington journal continues. host: this is the cover of cq weekly. nothing comes easy as the gop has unified government, but the health-care care bill shows it is far from an landmark legislation. this headline, can republicans govern if they cannot keep a promise they have made for seven years? the white house, and both congressional chambers promising aggressive moves on health care, taxes, and immigration. stumbling on the first agenda item and squabbles that question
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as to whether or not the party will be able to get anything done if it cannot deliver on a promise it made for nearly a decade. that is our question. with the defeat of the health-care bill for now, what is next for the president's agenda? liz is joining us from new jersey on the democrats line. good morning. caller: i don't understand how a man or president under investigation for tyranny, under investigation by central intelligence and the fbi, is allowed to give any kind of legislature. i mean, the nomination of judge gorsuch that belonged to merrick garland. they blocked hearings. it took obama four years to pass legislation on obamacare. they have refused to work with the democrats. i mean, i think we have a coup here. how is he allowed to pass any laws? he should wait.
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obama was considered a lame-duck president. one year left to a point merrick garland. that seat was stolen by the republicans. it is an absolute outrage, and i hope the democrats do something about it. republicans, listen to the democrats. host: it was actually a year and two months. president signed into law the health care bill in march of 2010. just under a year and a half between the time he was elected in signing the new law here it actually seven years ago last week. a call on the democrat line. welcome to the program. caller: good morning. i do not think that the failure of the president's repeal of obamacare is going to have anything to do with going forward. lot.rt of learned quite a but the issue i am considering
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, he could redeem himself if he introduced a really good jobs bill. that is the way i feel. host: thanks for the call. national review has its look and the editorial -- reboot, what should republicans do? they say republicans fell into a losing strategy. they began by thinking they could quickly repeal obamacare and then replace it at leisure. we know many republicans feel that they have already spent enough time on this issue here and we have no sympathy. they have spent seven years of saying they were going to replace obamacare, and they'd did not say they would spend a few weeks on a half-baked plan and then give up. back to work, ladies and gentlemen and speaker paul ryan meeting with reporters on friday. here is part of what he had to say. [video clip]
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>> we want to secure the border. we want tax reform. yes, this does make tax reform more difficult, but it does not make it impossible. we will proceed with tax reform. we will continue with tax reform. i used to run that committee. i spoke with the president, the treasury secretary, and his economic advisers earlier today about tax reform. so we are going to proceed with tax reform. this makes it more difficult. it is about $1 trillion, but that means the obamacare taxes stay with obamacare. we will fix the rest of the tax code. >> [indiscernible] >> i do not think so. members realize there are other parts of our agenda that people had even more agreement on on what to achieve. we have even more agreement on the nature and need of tax reform on funding the government, on rebuilding the military, securing the border. this issue had a big difference of opinion, not whether we should repeal and replace
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obamacare, but just how we should replace it. that is the growing pains of government. we were a 10-your opposition party where being against things was easy to do. and now in three month, we tried to go to a governing party where we actually had to get 216 able to agree with each other on how we do things, and we were not quite there today. we will get there. ryan on friday to we are moving ahead to what is next in the trump agenda. a couple of tweets -- speaker ryan had no business trying to eliminate obamacare through reconciliation. it was never possible. there are too few republican senators. this one says there is no plan defeatace health care -- -- there is no plan for health care, no plan to defeat isis, no plan to create jobs. let's go to a call on our republican line. caller: i would like to see
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donald trump use his executive power to stop all the pain obamacare is going to cause for us. there are a lot of things that the kicked down the road. obama put that in different parts of it. he should get rid of all those things. all the pain showed up right now, maybe people would understand exactly how bad this is. host: thanks for the call. next call from kansas city, missouri, democrat. caller: i would like the democrats to make a deal that they will approve judge gorsuch if the republicans will give them a special prosecutor to look into the russian issue. host: thanks for the idea. .lice, california, democrat what is next for the president's agenda and for republicans in congress? that,: i want to say
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since the president has failed repeal and they becauseall together, the president is saying he wants to repeal it. to say repeal it. i am not on obamacare, but i saw the change in my doctor's office, which i changed my doctor so i could have more saw allcare, but then i the people coming in with children and everything else that it was afforded to under the obamacare. all i want him to do is stop focusing on obama and move on and work with the health care, because i can see where he is taking away a lot of the affordable things. i am one of the baby boomers
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that grew up in texas and louisiana. i was born in louisiana, raised in texas. the thing is, i have been through a lot. i am am a family of 12, number 10 of 12. and we moved to california, and california law is the same as the federal law. and we came here in order to get a bit of life. host: thanks for the call. roger has this tweet test the bill was a failure from the start, nothing connect -- nothing would have corrected the health care, obamacare under another name. this is the front page of the ashington post -- it is number of reporters from the post. the stunning collapse of the republican health care bill now and perils the rest of president trump for the ambitious agenda with few prospects on tax
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reform, construction projects, or a host of other issues despite complete gop control of government. while republicans share the goal of the big tax cuts, the president will have to bridge many of the same divides within his own party within his own party. and paying for the massive tax cuts trump has promised for corporations and middle-class families, it becomes more complicated. other agenda items, including the $1 trillion investment in roads and other infrastructure, proposing crackdowns on immigration, will require the support of democrats, many of whom have been alienated i the highly parse it -- partisan start of trump's tenure. jim is next from south dakota. caller: i get tired of listening to all these people that do not give trump a break. constant from all directions or
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the need to get education. thank you. host: this is the headline from the chicago tribune -- the health bill posey demise may -- the health bill's demise may --ve advantageous contagious. this says voters are not likely to blame democrats for the fact that republicans cannot get their act together, nor should they. only a month ago, trump renewed his pledge to replace obamacare immediately with something great. his failure is not just a broken promise. it means he is abandoning one of his party's central goals. that is from the l.a. times. a call from ohio, independent line. good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call. one of the things i find interesting is that the republicans fought the affordable health care act all the way down the road, and there
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are parts of it that are working well, parts that are not. fighting their opposition is what created the circumstances we are dealing with right now. i would have thought they would have tried to fix the problems with it, rather than to try to just repeal and replace, because that just seems like a personal attack that has nothing to do with repairing health care in this country. host: thank you. caller: i was going to say that his entire administration, when president obama was in place, if they were not such a party of obstruction and fighting, it just seems like a personal thing to change the word obamacare, rather than to really fix the health care system. think both sides can come together and fix the problems with the affordable care act? even hillary clinton said she would make some changes. caller: yes, they should be to fix it, notl,
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just replace it and repeal it. that just seems like a personal attack. the call.k you for vice president mike pence travel to west virginia yesterday and spoke about the failure friday in the house and what is next. [video clip] i ampresident pence: grateful for paul ryan and all of those who stood with us to begin to end obamacare, but as we learned yesterday, congress just was not ready. you saw it did with 100% of house democrats, every single one, and a handful of republicans actually standing in the way of president trump's plan to repeal and replace obamacare, we are back to the drawing board to review know, nancy pelosi, the leader of the democrats in congress, actually said yesterday was a victory for the american people. knows better. yesterday was not a victory for the american people. it was a victory for the status
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quo in washington, d.c., and it was a victory for the disaster of obamacare. victoryomise you that will not last very long. host: vice president mike pence yesterday and west virginia. cq weekly -- spinning their wheels, the health care bill's demise. ann is next, democrat. good morning. are you with us? we will go next to don from las vegas. caller: good morning. how are you? host: how are you? caller: i am fine. it is early. i got up and saw you, and i wanted to speak to you about this issue. , the democrats and the republicans, they fight all the time. but basically, my opinion is the think we have to
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realize that he is a determined human being. he is very, very determined. now just because he lost this issue at this time does not mean he cannot circle back and maybe tighten up some things and maybe get some suggestions from some really and, you know, retool and put back the legislation on the table. it is not dead permanently. it is going to get back on the table because mr. trump is a -- he is very stubborn. he hates to lose. and he is not going to just leave that "raggedy."
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he is going to circle that back later on, and it is going to be a lot better looking. it will look nicer, and maybe then he will get his people, the and he willicans, have the number to get the vote that he wants. host: thanks for the call. if you are saying democrats and republicans in washington, d.c., worked for the banksters. why would they make health care better? on facebook, a lot of you weighing in at this one says trump and all the republicans ran on repeal and replace. they actually had no plan. dan says it shows what we all
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knew, that he takes no blame himself. everyone else's fault. he is not a leader but a bully. north dakota, democrat's line. good morning, jim. yes, after finding out that republicans had no plan and the obvious shortcomings of obamacare with a high costs and t and nobodyol in i wants to go back to the way was before a obamacare, it is quite obvious that the only solution is single-payer government-run health care, like 90 9.5% of the world has already. host: thanks for the call. front page of the new york times -- a fiery gop civil war. we go back to the essay in the l.a. times. it has a reference to two former democratic residents.
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both jimmy carter and bill clinton had rough first years, having a rough time persuading their own parties to a neck agendas, including health care bills. carter never quite mastered the art of congressional persuasion. clinton did better with bipartisan dealmaking on welfare reform and brinksmanship on the budget. trump has not tried this technique's yet. is he willing to learn from his mistakes? john, fresno, california, democrats line. good morning. caller: i was going to say this. trump talking about cleaning the swamp -- i say the whole republican and democrat, the whole thing, needs to be wiped out. they never come together on nothing. their job is to disagree with each other. why they playing with the country? they need to get somebody new and start from there. they will never come together. host: how do they start anew?
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what can they do? are you with us? can both parties come together? caller: they not. that is how they come together, by fighting. that is the only way they agree with each other, by fighting each other. let's go to war and spend money on blowing up stuff, but they cannot do nothing to fix stuff, simple as that. decatur,a is next, alabama. you get the last word. caller: oh, the last word is always the best. i can take my tinfoil hat off now that you got this by people off of their. on health care, the people in the bubble in washington do not understand trump's speech. is one pairch system, medicare for all. that -- if hetach
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would attach that to maybe taxes or something else, it would pa ss, because that is actually what the american people want. for beingks very much with us. tomorrow morning on "washington journal," we look at what is next for congress as the return this week. the house taking up a couple epa regulation bills. the senate will continue the discussion and debate that will advance likely the nomination of judge neil gorsuch. the senate live on c-span2. and we will focus on federal programs and waste in the federal government. thanks for joining us on this sunday. we are back tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. eastern time. "newsmakers" coming up at the top of the hour. enjoy the rest of your weekend. [captions ri


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