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tv   British Foreign Secretary An Attack on London is an Attack on the World  CSPAN  March 26, 2017 10:26pm-10:37pm EDT

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clear that the forces of hate will not divide us. on the same day in new york city, british foreign secretary boris johnson held a news conference outside the u.n. headquarters. the secretary is also a former mayor of london. this is about 10 minutes. >> good afternoon. yesterday the people of london were attacked in a cowardly and despicable way, and our thoughts today are with the victims and their families. on behalf of the united kingdom, i am grateful for all of the condolences that have been expressed here at the u.n. and
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for the minute silence that was held in the security council. you may know that today there are victims in london from 11 nations, which goes to show that an attack on london is an attack on the world. thoughtll you from my -- my talks here in the united states with the u.s. government and with partners around the world that the world is uniting to defeat the people who launched this attack and to defeat their bankrupt and odious ideology. i say that with confidence because our values are superior. betterw of the world is and more generous and our will is stronger. in houses of parliament london have been attacked.
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for centuries, by all sorts of people. the ideas embodied in those buildings, in that palace of westminster -- freedom, democracy, the equality of human beings under the law -- they are stronger than any adversary and they will prevail. it is in that confidence that that they're going about their business as usual in the greatest city of earth. >> many people have said the more successful the world is in dealing with the islamic state, the more desperate it is. could you reassure people on that account? >> i can certainly tell you that york and yesterday in washington, i have seen countries coming together including from the muslim world daesh in its
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heartland's syria and iraq. that will have a big effect. the ghastly paul has seem to exercise from the world is diminishing. fewer people are traveling to that place to take up arms. are exploding the ludicrous pretensions of this so-called caliphate, and i believe we're turning the tide. there is a tide of hate rushing around the world. we globally can turn the tide. it needs to be done not just on the battlefield but in the hearts and minds of those who are subscribing to these ideas. qqq deponents this morning. one was the man was born in britain. one of the victims was american.
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you talked about a common purpose, a unity. you must be concerned a gap is opening up between britain's approach to terrorism and the trump administration's approach to terrorism which is based more and more on banning people from mainly muslim countries. do you think that is a policy that is counterproductive in taking on this threat? sec. johnson: the threat we face is a global threat, and we tackle it into visibly, by sharing information, by sharing intelligence about our foes. i can tell you that the cooperation between the u.k. government and the u.s. administration, u.s. security services, is intense and will continue. of course, we both exercise our own protections in so far as
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people coming into our countries -- it is quite right that the u.k. should have its own system, the united states is introducing its own. we will cooperate to make sure oft, when we have news people who mean to do us harm, that we will work to share the information in order to foil whatever they may be preparing. >> yesterday, your counterpart, the global isis conference, said there is a new frontline, online. what can be done to shut down -- what, if anything, can be done to further shut down and stop people being radicalized with what they are seeing online? nson: i think the responsibility for this must lie with the internet providers, with those who are responsible
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for the great social media companies. take a look at the stuff that is going up on their sites. they've got to take steps to take it down where they can, and i think everybody has a responsibility in this. that i do by the way, believe that we need to go through a period of reflection about how we transmit images of these events around the world in real time. foreign secretary, i think two narratives emerge when an attack happens like in london. on the one hand, those who don't want there to be any links to the islamic world at all, and those that do want to have that link to justify their political ends, whatever those might be. where does the british government find themselves between those two narratives, or otherwise? sec. johnson: i think what we would say is that there is a
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bankrupt, odious ideology that seeks to twist and to pervert the muslim religion, and that they need to be treated as criminals. we need to see the very clear link between extremism of any kind and the propensity to commit terrorist acts. that is the approach we follow in the u.k. thank you very much, everybody. thank you. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] announcer: in case you missed it on c-span, the national coordinator for child exploitation prevention during the obama administration. >> i used to think the hardest thing or whatever have to do was look into the eyes of a child and listen to her story about being abused. i was wrong. the hardest thing i ever had to do was watch their abuse,
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sometimes still photos, sometimes video, sometimes with sound, all heart wrenching. and even now, impossible to forget. announcer: agriculture secretary nominee sonny purdue. >> farmers are really struggling to be profitable, and many times, even the best farmers are not able to produce a product even with the best production capabilities they may have. i think trade is really the answer. announcer: msnbc's chris matthews at the first amendment awards dinner. >> the truth contained in hard news, the truth that arrives on the front news and industry news broadcast, that is what contains the politicians. that is what stops the overreach in power. that is what the country take seriously, and that is what matters this hour, this week, this time in our lives. announcer: treasury secretary steve mnuchin on conference of tax reform. >> the goals of tax reform,
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which are about creating a middle income tax cut, about creating personal tax simplification and making u.s. businesses competitive, where we have a very high business tax rate and worldwide income, we're able to take the tax code and redesign things. announcer: pfizer ceo ian reid. >> no one is using our medicines in the exchanges, because the exchanges don't provide them access. i think we do need to reform the health care, the way it is delivered, and the consequences will be with patients. announcer: and scott pruitt on environmental policy. >> there are exciting things going on with technology across the globe. there are exciting things going on, but not here. most of it is happening in europe, presently, because of the disincentives we have put into play with respect to nuclear. if you care about these environmental concerns, nuclear ought to be in the mix.
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announcer: c-span programs are available at, on our homepage, and by searching the video library. announcer: congressman dwight evans recently sat down with c-span for a profile interview. representative evans represents pennsylvania's second district. host: congressman, democratic pennsylvania, you have been serving in public office since 1980. >> correct. host: what have you been doing over the years? >> i was in the state legislature in pennsylvania. i was chairman of the house appropriation committee, the very same position, and at that time it was called the ways and means committee. i was on the committee 28 of 36 years. basically, i focused a great deal on issues relating to jobs,


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