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tv   AIPAC Policy Conference Rep. Hoyer D-MD and Rep. Mc Carthy R-CA  CSPAN  March 28, 2017 6:30am-6:47am EDT

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things will evolve. but as i look out over this vast rise of uncertainty i remain optimistic. so should you. that is because through all of the challenges we face here and around the globe, one thing, one vital thing remains constant. one vital thing remains constant. our unbreakable alliance with israel. [applause] rep. ryan: so i want to say a final thank you. thank you for being here. thank you for using your voice for good. congress, thank you for sending a clear and unequivocal message to the world that the united states stands with israel today, tomorrow, and always. god bless you, god bless the united states of america, god bless israel, and good night. ♪ announcer: please welcome aipac
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managing director for policy and politics, arni christiansen. arni: good evening. our next guests show how democrats and republicans can cooperate to strengthen u.s.-israel relationship. they work closely on pro-israeli legislation and house of representatives and just last week they cosponsored new legislation to impose sanctions against iran for its ballistic missile program. they also make time to travel to israel every two years with new members of congress to see firsthand the challenges israel faces and they continue to join us on this stage for which we
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are very grateful. please join me in welcoming them. ♪ [laughter] >> welcome. >> welcome. >> with everything you have to manage, and must be good to be in front of an audience that just want you to bring peace to the mideast. >> it is a good thing to be with his audience whatever they want. >> absolutely.
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ago thenow, three years three of us were and israel together. and we had lunch together. 40 members of congress, most of them freshmen and with a bunch of young israeli soldiers many of whom had come from america. come from israel to defend israel. they had lunch with members of their congress. >> i had my phone with me and i had a picture of a young idf woman who was with us. they were really excited. i want to thank kevin mccarthy. we have done these trips a lot. this is the first we're done them together, we overlap. we had the opportunity to show what i think was critically important to show that was as paul ryan just said, it is the congress. not republicans, not democrats, the congress. kevin and i work together very closely to make sure that happened. >> when i first became
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ambassador, what i did was the first thing i did was go down to steny. you may see this on tv, we debated a lot but we are still friends when the debate is over. if there is one issue that actually strengthens our friendship it is israel. we make sure that issue is a bipartisan issue. [cheers and applause] rep. mccarthy: but so many times on these trips when we bring freshmen to israel, democrats would go when we come republicans the other, i said, when a week overlap a few days. we started that last year and i will tidy what, it is refreshing because we see the exact same thing that we bond together just as we bond together in our votes and we're going to do it again this summer as well with all of the freshmen. i tell us a little bit about what it means to have a freshmen there and israel.
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or them to understand the issue and for building the bipartisan support. >> they understand the challenges of israel but you do not know it until you see it so you look over. you are sitting within the iron dome and looking into gaza. or the nine mile. it is a life-changing event. we sit there before departing, there is not a dry eye in the place. they were passionate before but as we have all of these physical challenges, i will guarantee you, take my most conservative member and they will want to cut anything in the budget except the aid to israel because they know the importance of it. >> very true. >> and then when they come back to congress with a chance to work together in a bipartisan way, the two of you are lead to push back on iran. to strengthen the ballistic missile program. congressman hoyer, tell us a little bit about it. congressman hoyer: kevin and i cosponsored and we have mr. royce, the republican member and mr. rankin, -- and the ranking
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democrat on the committee. a positive thing for all of you must be them on the foreign affairs committee you see a lot of controversy, competition, disagreements philosophical and political disagreement in almost every committee but you do not see that with mr. elliott and mr. royce. they are working together. kevin and i are glad to work with them. i've had an opportunity to work with a number of leaders through the years and it seems to me as i sort of stay there and the others come and go but roy blunt and i work close together. tom delay and i were closely together as i think some of you know and i am glad to be working and of course eric and i work very close together. and i'm glad kevin is keeping that tradition up and that we are working together on behalf of issues that clearly we have an agreement on, clearly we believe are critical to the
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national security of the united states of america as well as to israel. a partnership that has been maintained now since 1948 is one that is going to continue. i know if anything, if kevin and i have anything to say about it as long as we're in the congress working together. >> a good point, too. i kind of miss not being in the round. >> the ribbing has tested 14 times, ballistic missiles. no other country has been that kind of money without pursuit of a nuclear weapon. that is why did so critical at this juncture. i didn't say when i came in, but how refreshing is it to have nikki haley? [cheers and applause] rep. mccarthy: i love it when
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she tells the un's human rights council they need to change. they need to focus on human rights and stop punishing israel for being a democracy. this is so refreshing to so many people inside congress. >> absolutely right. >> arne, one of the messages we need to send and why this legislation is so important, the jcpoa obviously has been controversial. it is in place. it is being followed now is the speaker pointed out, it is relatively temporary. what we need to do is send a clear message and this sanctions legislation will do that. that notwithstanding the agreement on all that you do if a nonnuclear basis, we are going to step in quickly. the administration is going to do it. the congress is going to do it. to send a message that that activity is unacceptable and we will respond and respond appropriately, vigorously, and toughly. >> and all of these activists
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will be showing up at your office on tuesday morning to make that case as well. >> we're talking about the reset with iran but there are other issues as well. congressmen, water is important to your state. maybe sometimes too little. tell us about possibility of israel and the u.s. working closely together on water. rep. mccarthy: there are many places we can bond with israel. yes on security. but technology, innovation, water, how precious that is. in california, we should solve that, yeah. [cheers and applause] >> a little larger than maryland, but you don't see many republicans here. >> there are more republicans here than in california. rep. mccarthy: california has actually gotten into a pact with
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israel because they know how precious water is but look at what innovation have been able to do. being able to bring salt water into fresh water. one thing i really want to teach california is not to wastewater and send it out to the ocean. so when we are there, we bond together and it only makes our two countries stronger when we are able to have that innovation, be able to find the preciousness of water. what does water do? water grows so much. at the same time it is going to grow our crops, it will grow our crops and relationship stronger. >> the world has an extraordinary need for potable, healthful, drinkable water. that is extraordinarily important. in maryland, one of the things we do is work a lot on cyber security. we have a cyber security center at the university of maryland.
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the cyber security agency is in my state. and we hope the fbi is coming to our state. but we have seen how important cyber security is, we have seen it in this past election but we have done about it for a long time. and the partnership we have with israel which is of course one of the leading cyber security technology proponents in the world, is we think very critically important. so there's so many areas, as kevin points out where not only are we from a security standpoint partners, but we have so much in common from technology, from business, from culture that we cooperated as well. that strengthens that relationship every day, -- >> absolutely. ask something i always
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ask. what we bring up almost every year. not only that 3.1 billion but the mission defense. cooperative missile defense. there's a lot of talk about such a constraint. competing demands. let me ask each of you, within your own caucus is what is the temperature on aid to israel but more broadly, on the american role in the world. funding and american role in the world. rep. hoyer: kevin pointed out earlier, but i think the overwhelming majority of the house of representatives and the united states senate agreed that the best thing and israel is an investment in america's security. america's values. america's future. [cheers and applause] rep. hoyer: i want to caution everybody here. there has been a proposal, i do not know if it will be followed through, of cutting very severely our foreign aid. i do not believe that will adversely affect israel. but what i do believe, to the extent that it is further and further cut in israel as a larger and larger percentage, it will then be a focus and may
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well raise controversy. not that we do not need to support israel but that we have so little going to other places where we need to maintain security. general mattis has pointed that out. kevin, i know you have disgusted as well. discussed it have as well. so we want to make sure that not only did we meet our obligations which we have agreed to under the obama administration, agreed to with the congress of the united states three point three hand half a billion for missiles. i think paul said about iron dome being so spectacular, he is absolutely correct. what a great success that was. we need to make sure not only does is real support remain strong but we also remain strong with other nations not only in the middle east but around the world to make sure that we maintain our alliances that will
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be good for israel and good for us. [applause] >> it's true we have a financial challenge. but if we all trade seats with the middle east, why don't you help the only democracy in the middle east that believes in freedom, gives people the rights. that is where we need to be. what is more important, when we look at our budget, why don't we find our friends first? that is why israel will always win and always be the first. >> thank you, congressman andgressman hoyer, i want to thank all of you because what you do every day, every week, every year is to make sure your neighbors and friends in our country and members of the congress know exactly what the issues are, without critically important
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they are, and give us good advice and counsel as to how we can make sure both israel and united states remain strong and free and successful. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thank you. ♪ ♪ announcer: c-span's washington journal, live every day with news and policy issues that affect you. coming up this morning, framing the upcoming congressional debate on tax reform and examining bipartisan proposals. then, north carolina congressman walter jones in california democratic congressman john garamendi will join us to discuss a bill they cosponsored calling for a complete withdrawal of u.s. troops from
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afghanistan. be sure to watch c-span's washington journal, live at 7:00 a.m. eastern this morning. join the discussion. announcer: here is an article senate.iticos about senate democrats pushed a key neil gorsuche for into next week, setting into motion a major showdown over his confirmation. writesay was expected politico, any member of the judiciary can ask for it be held up for one week. the committee will now vote on april 3, with the gop hoping to get gorsuch confirmed before senators leave town for the two week april recess for easter. membercan see judiciary dianne feinstein on your screen. she and chuck grassley held a brief meeting on the neil gorsuch noti


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