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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  March 28, 2017 7:00am-8:03am EDT

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homeless men join us to discuss a bill they cosponsored that calls for the complete withdrawal of u.s. troops from ♪ host: it is "washington journal" from march 28 on tuesday. he house ways and means committee meets today. -- watch it live at, or listen on the free c-span radio app. democrats are calling on house speaker paul ryan to get devin nunes to remain himself from the investigation into russia's influence in the 2016 election. this comes after he revealed that the information he released
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earlier about the communications of trump associates was gained after viewing documents at the white house. we will tell you more about what happened and the reaction from democrats. we want to get your thoughts about the new set of events and does it compromise devin nunes' ability to lead the a look inton into potential ties between russia and the white house or the trump campaign and what you think about that. 202-748-8000 for democrats. 202-748-8001 for republicans. .or independents, 202-748-8002 you can post on twitter @cspanwj or on the lasttalking about few days concerning devin nunes and this is what he writes.
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saying the last few days, washington has been assessed about what representative nunez did last tuesday evening, that was the night before the viewedn of the -- he had dozens of reports -- now reporting the chairman was off white house grounds to view documents and on reporters, he went back to the white house to inform the president. the chairman told me he ended up meeting his source on the white house grounds because it was the most convenience a core -- secure location. "we don't have networked access to those kind of reports in congress." he added that his source was not a white house staffer and was an intelligence official. he made contact with the u.s.
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intelligence contractors who ended up saving most of the americans saved in the benghazi outpost. that is more from the story concerning this new information that has come out the last few days. it prompted reaction from house democrats, namely the vice chairman of the intelligence committee who took a look at the status of the investigation between the russian activities in the 2016 election, this is adam schiff of california saying "after much consideration, i believe the chairman should recruiters himself -- recuse from involvement in investigation/oversight of the trump campaign and transition." other democrats commenting including chuck schumer, calling for speaker ryan to remove chairman nunez from the house intelligence committee because of this information. here is what he had to say. [video clip]
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>> chairman nunes seems to be more for the president. he is not cooperating as someone who is interested in getting to the unvarnished truth. his actions look like those of someone interested in protecting the president and his party and that does not work when the goal of the committee is to investigate russia and its connection to the president and his campaign. without further do, speaker ryan should replace chairman noon yes -- nunes. this prompted reaction from the president himself who sent out a tweet yesterday saying "why isn't the house intelligence committee looking bill and hillary bill that allows uranium to go to russia and the russian speech?" we want to get your thoughts on elements of the last couple of days and if it affects this
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investigation going on in the house about russian activities during the 2016 elections you can let us know by calling. 202-748-8000 for democrats, 202-748-8001 for republicans, and for independents, 202-748-8002. andcan also tweet @cspanwj post on our facebook page. florida with stanley in on the independent line. good morning, go ahead. he has got to step down. this thing has the smell of rotten wgg. there are more connection -- rotten egg. this guy is stepping on the scale for donald trump. host: what specifically leads you to say that. caller: because they were at his changed thethey thing in the platform to be less against the russians and all these people, michael flynn, jeff sessions, jeff sessions is
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a smart man and he forgot he talked to the russians twice? this stinks. they need an independent investigation because they will never have a fair investigation as long as republicans hold the senate, the house, and the white house as they are never going to statement and this is run for the american people to see this as trump is praising and calling obama the worst president ever. host: let's hear from the democrat line, paul in washington, d.c. caller: thank you for taking my call. there wasays believed something sinister about this whole russian narrative. i think the thing that convinced me it was all hogwash was when president obama backed away from the allegation that the trump administration has been surveilled. here's the reason i say that.
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bulk collection is collecting everybody's information by way of the nsa. if president obama would have stood up and said absolutely we surveilled donald trump and the trump administration because we had genuine concerns about russian influence on our democracy, that only adds more credibility to the whole russia connection with trump narrative. i think when president obama backed away from that allegation, for me, that is when the credibility of the russian connection was completely lost after that. host: what about these new elements concerning the house intelligence chairman? caller: i think the chairman must have seen information from the white house that convinced him that the trump administration were surveilled. it only makes sense because everybody's information is being
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surveilled. if trump staffers are being surveilled and it is caught up in the dragnet and information can be queried and that information is viewed, it only makes sense. theink the whole idea of democrats backing away saying we were not surveilling, i think it weakened this whole trump russian narrative. host: about these calls for the chairman's to step down, what do you think? nunes stepping down are being called to step down is the process of the democrats trying to control the investigation. i think they lost credibility and more and more they are losing credibility and nunes unfortunately finds himself in the middle of all of this. i think it would have been different if nunes has come back
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had come out publicly and said this was the information he had seen, and let the public decide whether or not there is a real connection. host: let's hear from susan in cleveland, georgia. caller: i would like to make a couple comments. democrats are losing credibility just like the other caller said. the more they whine and fight and try to block everything happen the president trump tried to do makes them look like full's, calling nunes and wanting him to be removed is absolutely ridiculous. he spoke to president trump about wiretapping, not russia. if you look at the photos, you and see schumer with putin hillary with putin and pelosi with him. if we want to do an investigation on russia, let's go for all of them, democrats and republicans. chuck schumer couldn't tell the
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truth because all of the lies he covered up for hillary. this is ridiculous. if we want to know the truth, let's follow trey gowdy, the senator from south carolina. he will to you the truth and we will get to the bottom of this. until democrats whining over -- quit whining over were -- over losing and start working for the american people who elected the president, we are not going to make any headway anywhere. susan fromis georgia. a couple of tweaks this morning. this is ll prater saying steputely nunes needs to aside and let the investigation proceed. jim adding that democrats calling for recruiters also -- refusals is not news, it is what they do. abington, virginia on the republican line, we hear next from frank. to say thatuld like
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susan is an intelligent woman after hearing all the idiots that get on there. the stuff about the russians is i don't know why anybody would worry about anybody speaking to a russian on the telephone when you just take one of the leaders selle democrat party millions of dollars of uranium to russia. it is just crazy. host: any questions about the house intelligence chairman, what do you think about that? caller: i think he is getting blamed for a lot of stuff when you have leaders on the other side like schumer and pelosi and they don't have very much brains anyway, so there not anything to know. anybody that pays any attention, those people are out of their minds. schumer is an idiot. i think this whole thing is one big distraction. an article written to the
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columbus dispatch or says "are you kidding me, 17 national intelligence agencies, really? sameencies with the responsibility of protecting the american people with no duplication of charter or singular purpose. are you kidding me? what are the budgets of these 17 national security agencies? " host: what about this call for the chairman to step down? nower: i disagree because comes the real issue. the grim reacher of change and i tell you the president's name, are you kidding me? i had to move 12 times in 15 months for people who got office with had an all its fixings. the attitude of the professional staff was we were here when you came and we will be here when you leave in between, we will
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tell you anything you want to -- what they cannot stand is someone who comes in and eliminates that job by budget cuts or evaluating them on results. host: we will go on to david in misery on the republican line. i on thessour republican line. we go again. the democrats want to get rid of him because they are exposing him in this big russian light. it has been a lie from the get-go. the leftist media in this country is unbelievable. peons, the lowlife american scum they have no we won and thanks to
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wikileaks the truth is coming out more. host: when it comes to the chairman, do you think he is compromised his ability to conduct this house investigation into russian activity? caller: no, he is doing his job. they just want people to discredit president trump and get rid of him and to come back agendace their marxist down our throats, that is all it has ever been. ont: betty is from new york the democrats line. you are next. you are on. reassure just want to everybody in america to read proverse-- proper's -- 29:12.
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it explains you a liar is and who his servants are. to the house comes intelligence chairman, what do you think of his activities about where he got the information and how he revealed it? caller: i wouldn't trust him with a penny. host: why not? 29:12r: because proverse it is a rule are looking to realize all his servants are evil. host: this comes in light of questions we will receive by jared kushner, senior advisor to president trump also son-in-law, this is "the wall street journal ahe took with blacklisted bank, saying that officials say mr. kushner met and the russian ambassador michael flynn who resigned in february as national security adviser.
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-- theequently had ambassadors thought to arrange a meeting between mr. kushner, the and the meeting took place in december at a location other than trump tower according to a senior administration official. in 2014, the u.s. slapped sanctions on the development the treasury department sanctions prohibit specific financial contact with the bank and others on the list. "the wall street journal" has that story and it was also picked up in "the new york times." -- there is nothing inherently improper with sitting down with a russian ambassador, part of mr. kushner's rolled to serve as chief conduit to it was governments and
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said that he met with dozens of officials from a wide ranging countries. investigators are trying to determine the scope of the russian intervention in the election. is going tos oversee a new white house office replicating private sector efficiency inside the federal government. devin nunes is being asked to step down from the russian investigation about information he revealed concerning trump associates, but how he got that. that is what we are proposing to you in the next 45 minutes. this is all from pittsburgh, pennsylvania. on the republican line. caller: i just wanted to make a
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comment. for the life of me, i can't that this what it is congressman did that was inappropriate. he is the chairman of the intelligence committee. he is investigating various things. he is investigating the russian link, supposedly to the administration, he isn't that a getting -- investigating the leaks to figure out who leaked this information. wherever the sources provide you the information you need to conduct your information. in this case, he went and spoke with, as i understand it, and intelligence official from the executive branch and he got information and it was not otherwise available to him and so what on earth is the big deal? --s is what amazing me amazes me. i think what happens is the democrats are not able to accept
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that donald is our president. i never saw anything like it. and anotherdenial suggestion sometimes you should question or have a program on ,he way they treated gorsuch the candidate for supreme court. even't know why the senate waste their time letting this guy visit with 74 senators when they had already made up their minds. to new jersey on on the independent line. is when youoncern are supposed to be an independent investigator and you are not supposed to be taking sides, you cannot go and talk to the person you are investigating. you have to invite that person to your committee to answer questions and his mistake was that he went to talk to the president and he is one of the
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so there areen questions and in terms of the guy who was secretary of state who was either fired or retired, i think what happened -- he would not have spoken to the russian ambassador without donald trump's advice. the only thing is, when it came out, donald trump did not tell his vice president he was doing that because the vice president would not have agreed with him so there are so many lies and so many things going on and people talk about the democrats whining, democrats are not whining, republicans are whining. i have been whining for seven years and what we need to do is we need to have honesty and we need to have the american people being represented by people they can trust and i think donald trump being president is the kind of things -- think america needs. theyu tell somebody
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stubbed their tell and they don't listen, you have to give them a reality. donald trump is the new reality. we need someone to set us back. of donald trump is what we need. america needs this lesson. it is a hard lesson, but it is obvious we need to learn. host: one of the things that came out -- came up during the chip committee yesterday -- during the committee yesterday -- here is the exchange. [video clip] >> that requires cooperation from the executive branch because there are intelligence places on capitol hill that are secure where this meeting could have taken place. it creates the impression that chairman nunes came over here and with some degree of cooperation with this white house was able to carry out this
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meeting and make the announcement he did, which is perceived by some, most of them democrats, that he was trying to be helpful to the president and this administration. it appears there was some degree of cooperation in this process that the white house granted chairman nunes, making it not just an investigative action, but a cooperative one. mr. spicer: we have asked both the house and senate intelligence committee to undertake this review. it is partially at our request they are looking into this. number two, based on the public comments he made to margaret's organization, he has said on the record that he did not meet with white house staff. again, i think you are trying to make something that he has himself not been the case. >> that is not what i asked you. i asked you about cooperative -- >> we will take a look at that as to whether or not that is an
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accurate statement. host: these calls to democrats about the chairman to step down into the investigation is the topic. in georgia, democrats line. hi. caller: good morning. i am 69 years old and i have been watching politics and this is the worst i have seen. lookople stop and take a when germany became nazi. the first thing they did was to discredit the crest. here we are -- the press. here we are in the news calling it fake news. i think americans need to wake up. if we don't wake up and become one country, we will start being a dictatorship and i thank you . host: let's hear from
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mississippi on the independent line. caller: thank you, c-span. host: go ahead. caller: the russian involvement, it seems to be a lot deeper than what we are finding out on the .ews networks there is something going on there. host: what about this latest with the house intelligence chairman? what you think about this story is a story itself? recuse they needs to himself and get some of the else. that would be fair. host: why do you think that? gettingbecause he kept
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independent -- i am an independent -- somebody that doesn't have a side. don't pick the sides, just the facts and that is what we need is the facts. host: from georgia, independent line, go ahead. georgia, monticello, georgia. caller: thank you very much and thank you for c-span. i think people don't understand is the investigation was possible collusion between the trump campaign and the administration with the russians did, it didn't have anything to do with that. it was perfectly fine what he did. he made a mistake going to the president first, but the meeting itself was nothing illegal or shouldn't have been done. done in that be
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setting. democrats want this investigation because they know it will go on for years as a way to drag down the admin -- administration. twitter, his most effective tweet now would be to remind conservative voters in 2 years there will be plenty of swamp onave both parties. host: the actions of the intelligence chairman is not worry of dust worthy of refusal -- worthy of recusal? guest: caller: caller: i don't think so but he needs to --caller: i don't think so, but
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he needs to share where he got the information. if he tells them and it has nothing to do with russian and andtrump administration campaign collusion, it is perfectly fine. we don't know what he was aboutly told -- told everything. he needs to share that with his fellow members on the committee. real clear politics has a video of the chairman talking on the bill o'reilly program and it has a screen caption of the dialogue from chairman nunes' perspective. "we have long had an investigation and we investigate leaks as they relate to russia. last weekend found out there was additional information that has nothing to do with russia, but has to do with whether americans were properly masked in surveillance operations." that is on the real clear politics site. we are asking you your thoughts
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on this recusal. 202-748-8000 for democrats, 202-748-8001 for republicans, and for independents, 202-748-8002. this is larry, indianapolis, indiana. you are next. thatr: my statement is nunes, when this was first reported, he reported to the speaker of power and that was only said one time on the news. since then, it really reeks with corruption. i think all of them need to step down because this is getting outrageous. host: as far as your thinking about it reeks with corruption, what are you looking at two draw those conclusions? caller: the spoke that he spoke -- the fact that he spoke to the speaker of the house before he even went to the white house.
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he went to the speaker of the house and he said it himself on the news and after that, you didn't hear anything else about that and then he came back with another lame excuse and really, he is presenting himself as being incompetent and i do not think the man is incompetent. i think that is just another ploy of deflection on what is going on because what all of this connection with russia was really supposed to be our enemy and all of a sudden, they are our friends. i grew up with russian, soviet union has always been a threat to our country, a threat to our democracy, a threat to our allies around the nation and all russia -- thehave russian government and if you look at what is going over there now, i am happy to see those people in russia protesting putin because this is getting
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outrageous. it is always said, where there is smoke, there is fire and i am seeing billows of smoke. let's clear this white house, president trump said he was going to drain the swamp, he did, but he replaced the alligators with sharks and all these billionaires and millionaires, it is out of control. host: that is larry in indiana. we are getting your thoughts on these calls per chairman nunes to step down, devin nunes of the intelligence community over the information he received and how he put it out there. 202-748-8000 for democrats, 202-748-8001 for republicans, and independent, 202-748-8002. the lead story in "the washington post" takes a look at an upcoming action by president trump saying he will take the most significant step in obliterating his predecessors' e
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nvironmental today. remove the requirement that federal officials consider the impact of climate change when making decisions. the order sent an unmistakable signal that just as president obama fought to weave climate considerations into every aspect, president trump will rip that out by its roots "the policy in keeping with the president desire to make the united states energy independent." we are want to make our own course and do it in our own form and fashion. is up nexthirley from scranton, pennsylvania on the democrats line. caller: i think nunes should recuse himself and the reason is he never even went and told
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anything ending -- and he won't release anything he says. wake up, america. let them get a special investigation and let them search through everything and see what is going on. this reminds me of watergate. host: what specifically about newness' actions are cause for recusal? caller: he went in the car with hopped out ande they didn't know he was gone. you can't get into the white house unless you sign in, so who let him in? pardon me? host: i didn't say anything. caller: it doesn't make any sense. i think they should go ahead and get a special prosecutor or whatever special and is -- investigation to get to the bottom of this. and all this money. trump making all this money.
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clause? the emoluments nothing makes sense anymore. it reminds me of watergate. host: let's go to david in bethesda, maryland. caller: i try to follow politics as much as possible. i work full time and have a pregnant wife at home. what i remember about one of the main ways they were saying that russia was interfering with the election and why we needed the investigation was because of the dnc emails that got hacked and at the time there was a lot of stuff going on with project veritas. wasn't the main reason that we are all in this mess because the way that russia helped rig the election for donald trump was trying to rig the election for hillary clinton either through sabotaging bernie sanders or
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through these various different avenues they were trying to supposedly bus voters from district to district and all this stuff was heavy on youtube and it exploded among my generation, millennials, we saw all of this stuff and it looked really bad. i'm sure probably there was just as bad stuff on both sides, but for whatever reason, most of the worst news came out about the democrats. i am just curious if there was something i missed where the russians were helping in some other way to donald trump and i know that is part of what the investigation is, but i think a big part of this is at the end of this investigation, we should figure out what really happened and where the -- were the democrats really trying to rig the election or salmon tosh bernie sanders -- or sabotage bernie sanders and if some
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mainstream media could cover that, i would like to know. goinghillary clinton is to make a speech friday at georgetown university in washington, d.c. sayingshington post" that she will talk about the role of women in securing last colombian peace agreement at a ceremony for an award named in her honor. that is a topic close to her. she supported the historic accord between the colombian government and rebels that ended decades of violence and her appearance at her postelection agenda will look like one that she championship -- championed as first lady secretary of state, focusing on women and girls around the world. next up is jd from maryland on the republican line. onler: thanks for having me c-span. david pretty much stole my thunder. ,hat is what the investigation
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that is how it all started and now the democrats want to create their own investigative paragon. this russian thing ain't nothing new. the whole eight years of obama was in there. spiesound like 10 russian and they had the director of aberdeenmand out of found up in eight dumpster -- look it up. host: and the actions of the house intelligence committee chairman, with these think about that? caller: i think he should stay. what i really think is schumer needs to be -- capitol police need to set him up for a 72 hour evaluation. host: nicole is from fort lauderdale, florida on the democrats mine. caller: thank you for taking my call. my comment is that even though
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nunes may not have done something wrong, some people may see his actions as having the look of impropriety in this is because some people in the public americans, such as myself and others, to lose touch. i think the only way to have the people trust is to have an independent panel to investigate any connection that there may be between the russians and the trump campaign or administration or what have you. it must be an independent panel, that way there isn't any question as to whether or not the facts are coming out. host: what is it about the actions of the chairman attorney the most? caller: i wouldn't say that there is anything specific that concerns me, i am not saying he did anything wrong, but i feel like his actions do have or
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possibly have the look of it friday and that raises a question and causes me to perhaps not trust that the investigation is truly independent and without any pressure from the trump administration, so i believe that there should be no democrats or republicans on any investigating panel, it should be completely independent. host: who staffs this independent investigation if you don't want democrats or republicans on it? theer: i am not sure i have answer to that question. maybe a panel such as the 9/11 commission. i am not sure who staffed that panel, maybe it was a collaborative effort between democrats and republicans and if that is the case, maybe something like that could be done here in this situation. i do believe strongly that the
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investigation should be carried out by people who are independent and have no political affiliation. let's go to cleveland, ohio, democrats line. caller: hi. i just have a question. i am a novice, but i listen to and i listen to your now and i want to know why one is talking about when nunes got his confirmation -- information, he went straight to the speaker of the house, paul ryan and they discussed whatever information he has. all we have to do is get paul ryan and ask him what did they discuss.
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nunes said after he discussed with paul ryan, paul ryan and he decided that he go to the white .ouse to tell the president why is everybody ignoring this? i know you heard it. i know morning joe heard it, i know the press corps heard it. the regular meter -- media heard it. why isn't anybody talking about paul ryan's part in this? i will wait for your answers. host: what are you hoping to learn from that if it was revealed? he told him. what everybody is talking about we wonder what he said, what went on, paul ryan knows, they discussed it. host: mary is next in st. petersburg, florida, republican line. caller: good morning, thanks for taking my call.
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i will to you another thing nobody is talking about either, he wasohn podesta when working for hillary clinton, he had money in the russian bank, he was advising her in every way he was due in the process to make a bunch of money on it and nobody has asked him anything and that is why the democrats are worried. they're going to find out more on his side. thank you. what do you think of the actions of the house intelligence chairman, which we are talking about? dems are ahink the little on the worried side about anything and if they would even involve themselves in anything about -- then gossip. they refuse to work on rules and regulations, they dismiss themselves when something comes up.
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they are just doing nothing but connecting their money. host: a story takes a look at jeff sessions talking about the topic of sanctuary cities, adding this. this is stephen from "the times" saying the trump administration officially put sanctuary cities on notice on monday that they are violating federal laws and could lose billions of dollars -- millions of dollars if they continue efforts to -- despite refusing to cooperate with agencies, could have that money clawed back. that would mean chicago, philadelphia, and other cities would lose money going forward and might have to pay back tens of millions of dollars from their treasuries. you can see that announcement on c-span when you go to our website at here is the attorney general from yesterday talking about the announcement concerning sanctuary cities. [video clip] >> the department of justice
7:43 am
have agreed to enforce our neighbors lost -- nations laws, including immigration laws. those require us to properly remove aliens when they are detained of certain crimes. the vast majority of american people support this commonsense requirement. according to one recent poll, 80% of americans believe that cities that make arrest -- that arrest illegal immigrants for crimes should be retired -- required to turn them over to immigration authorities. some states and cities have adopted policies designed to frustrate this enforcement of immigration laws. this includes refusing to detain known felons on federal detainer requests or otherwise failing to comply with these laws. for example, the department of homeland security recently issued a report showing that in a single week, there were more than 200 instances of
7:44 am
jurisdictions refusing to honor ice detainer requests with respect to individuals charged or convicted of a serious crime. the charges and convictions against these aliens include drug trafficking, hit and run, --sexsexy fences against offences against a child -- they make our cities less safe by putting dangerous criminals back on the streets. ust: if you want to tweet about what we are talking about, you can do so @cspanwj. charlie writes the upshot of all of this is the people behind the curtain never liked the fact that president trump extended an olive branch to russia. someone who identifies himself as davy crockett says of course
7:45 am
nunesmocrats want removed, he is getting close to exposing the operation that existed under president obama. let's go to gym in alabama on the democrats line. allowinghank you for my comment. when nunes first came out after speaking with the president, regardless of what he said or where the information came from, he broke a cardinal rule of the founding fathers. the separation of executive and legislative, and the three branches, judicial. he should never have done that, regardless of who gave him permission and that completely through a monkey wrench into the that he should
7:46 am
definitely, i don't care if he is republican or democrat or whatever, should be removed and a private investigation should be set up. let's go to norman in massachusetts on the independent line. oh ahead. caller: thank you for taking my call. i don't know of a specific reason that nunes should recuse himself, but i want to echo what the previous caller said that there shouldot -- not be an investigation that has democrats or republicans on it. 40% of the people who are not democratic or republican would be easier to find. although i am not at all sure and i think really that it is misplaced, there shouldn't be an investigation just based on someone's suspicion when there is no evidence that has been presented.
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it shows how far right the democrats have gone that they are grasping for this accusingsm thing and russia of everything, without any evidence. it is a warmongering thing because russia is such an oil power, it helps to raise the price of gasoline and that seems to be what democrats are really trying for. host: from "the washington times" saying it was spokesman jack languor saying the circumstances require that mr. nunes go to a secure room at the white house to review an executive branch document that it not been provided to congress . the grounds itself included an adjacent building with offices for national security council and other executive branch employees. the spokesman saying because of classification rules, the source could not to blip of the documents in a backpack and walk over to the house intelligence committee space. the white house grounds was the to safeguard the proper chain of custody and
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classification of these documents so the chairman to you them in a legal way. the story goes on to say mr. nunes would not name the source of information. in an interview with bloomberg view, he said it was not a white house effort and it was an intelligence official. michael from missouri on the democrats line. caller: thank you for taking my call. i just have a comment on the nunes saying. i think he said recuse -- should recuse himself from the investigation and i also think he needs to be on the list to be investigated as a leaker. he is just another republican trying to cover another republican. thank you. host: dennis is in las vegas, republican line. caller: hi. can you hear me? host: go ahead. caller: thank you for taking my call. people are saying he needs to be
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recused or kicked out of his condition -- position, this is been going on since the beginning of our government. the guy made a mistake and it needs to be let go. the guy from massachusetts said there won't be any kind of fair investigation if it is under congress or the democrats or the republicans and we won't find an independent source to research this and there is no proof that all of this stuff has been -- to the russians. i think he should come out and just be normal with it. people make mistakes in jobs. they don't get fired for it every time. tot: we will go next elizabeth in green bay, wisconsin. go ahead. caller: hi there. one thing that bothers me about some of the comments is nobody their investigation into the trump campaign started
7:50 am
last summer. what was there that they were investigating? to me, that is big-time because russia is not our friend, whether trump likes them are not, -- host: what do you think about the recent story concerning the intelligence chairman? caller: there is a reason you have your committee and he broke the rules. -- he had to be let in. he just can't walk around the white house and walk in. i worked for a congressman there and it is very strict. you have got to be let in by security and somebody has to be with you at all times and he said he just walked in on his
7:51 am
own so there is so much that is not said and the other thing that bothers me is 8 out of the past 10 weeks he has been president he has been in florida, why? this is a serious job, why doesn't he take it seriously? that is why people call bannon the president because he is calling --pulling all the strings. " had last week "roll call a story after the health care bill was pulled in congress and this showed up on their website concerning a hearing that takes place today and that hearing is about the president's tax returns. this is the headline after health care the feet "kevin brady schedules the markup on tax returns." adding that the ways and means -- said last week that he would mark up a resolution of
7:52 am
inquiry directing the treasury secretary to provide the house tax returnssident's and other specific financial information. a copy of the resolution was not posted with the announcement. the markup on the tax return is democrats are forcing other procedural tool known as the resolution of inquiry according to the ways and means democratic aide and a spokesman said the committee either had to markup the resolution or the minority can bring it up on the war after the committee votes on the resolution. only the chairman or his designee can bring it up, but when it comes to the markup, that takes place today. that hearing you can see to your -- for yourself on c-span 3 this p.m. oon at 4:00 see it on c-span 3, you can view it on, and also view it curtis -- listen it -- to that courtesy of our radio
7:53 am
app you can get for free. carol is in missouri, democrats line. go ahead. caller: what i understood is with the intelligence person, he was given information which is classified because they did it in a secure place and he comes out it goes straight to the news and leaks classified information. i don't understand. that seems to me to be the reason he needs to get off the committee, quit leading the committee. front page of "the wall street journal" takes a look at spending issues. according to the headline, a fight might be gearing up in congress over issues of spending. kristina writing -- increases republican worries they will need more democratic support to avoid a government
7:54 am
shutdown. it is assigned a new reality in washington after mr. trump and paul ryan failed to persuade conservative republicans to back the affordable -- the bill to replace the affordable care act. it goes on to talk about this happens inmit that the end of april. there are more stories on it this morning. cartersville, georgia, republican line. caller: good morning, how are you? host: fine, thank you. thatr: all these people keep talking about the russian involvement, they have no evidence whatsoever. the nightd me of after 9/11 happened, all these
7:55 am
people said it was an inside job and all they do is keep asking questions and really get no evidence whatsoever. all they do is ask questions. adam schiff is doing the same thing. they want nunes to step down and all they know that will do is extend this further and further and further and muddy the waters over and over. that is all they want to do every single day is get up, muddy the waters instead of being clear and moving forward with this country, let's just muddy the water and stir it up every single day. that's all they want to do. they know nunes is getting to the bottom of this and that he really was surveilled and all his information was put to 17 different agencies and all those people had his information so that is really the story, but nunes and adam schiff just wants to muddy the waters and keep talking about russia. if russia truly had involvement, haddad hillary clinton when california and the states -- how did hillary clinton win
7:56 am
california and all the states she won? host: so no concerns about the actions of the chairman as term -- in terms of the way he revealed the information going to the white house? caller: absolutely not. host: why not? caller: how many times did eric holder and loretta lynch go and meet with barack obama in the white house behind people's back without telling them things? how many times did that happen? countless times. host: robert is in greenville, north carolina, independent line. caller: good morning. host: go ahead. caller: at this point, i think everybody in the country including independents, democrats, republicans all know we made a mistake with donald trump. a liar, is unfit, he is he is incompetent, and he is destroying our country with --
7:57 am
from within. let's just bring his taxes out like we should index rose him for what he really is. hims a fraud -- and expose for what he really is. he is a fraud. the chairman needs to go. a lot of democrats are being too lenient. what this guy is doing with his family, his conflict of interest is everywhere. host: tell me why the chairman needs to go. caller: he needs to go because he didn't do proper protocol when he received information and it looks like what he is doing is just trying to protect donald trump and i think he is trying to protect himself. host: one more call on this topic from ron in new hampshire on the democrats line. go ahead. caller: good morning. he really does need to recuse
7:58 am
himself. there was classified evidence he received and instead of sharing it with his investigative team, he chose his side. he took it right directly to paul ryan and the president and republicans. he basically tainted the evidence. that would be just like any other investigation, if somebody is being investigated, you don't take your information to the people that you are investigating first before you share it with your team. there is something really fishy about that along with all the contacts with the russians that the republicans lied about having during the election and everything and got caught in it. there is something going on there and it needs to be youstigated and how are going to investigated if you take your information to the people you are investigating? he needs to recuse himself. he has sabotaged his own investigation and he has got to
7:59 am
go. you can't do that. host: that is the last call we will take on the topic. one of the things that came out of the health care bill was the topic of tax reform. something the administration and republicans want to do and we are going to learn in the next segment what that might mean and what has to be considered as proposals for tax reform,. joining us for that conversation eau.yle pomerl we will have that conversation in just a moment. also joining us later in the program is two members of congress, republican walter jones and john garamendi of california. we will talk about their conversation -- legislation aimed at pulling all troops out of afghanistan among other topics. those discussions are coming up as "washington journal" continues. ♪
8:00 am
>> c-span's voices from the road. we recently visited 17 historically black colleges and universities asking students what issue would you like congress and the administration to address in the first 100 days? here at northent carolina central university. in trump's first 100 days i would love for him to grasp understanding. we all are represented under him. i would also like him to work on building and maintaining relationships with other countries that we have developed over the years. >> i am a senior here. what i would like to see for the first 100 days is just taking care of education. i would also like to see better medicare and expanded obamacare.
8:01 am
>> i am a senior pr major and graphic design minor at howard university. in the first 100 days i would like for him and congress to address the issues with federal funding towards women services. that affects people like myself and lower-class people. a ju-- ima -- i am nior. i don't agree with the muslim band. i have a friend who is muslim and not all muslims are terrorists. as for the wall, i don't think it's going to work either.
8:02 am
i do believe that illegal immigration is an issue. but building the wall isn't going to help. i and communications major. -- am a communications major. i would like him to lower the rate of unemployment. road ons from the c-span. >> washington journal continues. host: joining us now is kyle pomerleau of the tax foundation. he serves as an economist and we are going to talk about the upcoming debate on tax reform. what is the president and white house's overall goal in tax reform? guest: i think what they are trying to do and this is clear from the campaign's reform a tax code that they think is broken.


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