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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  March 29, 2017 7:00am-7:35am EDT

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-- congressman bill pascrell, then ♪ host: good morning, everyone. it is wednesday, march 29. we begin this morning with open phones with the latest on capitol hill and the white house and stories from around the country and overseas. you can start dialing in now. democrats, 202-748-8000. republicans, 202-748-8001. independents, 202-748-8002. you can go to twitter as well or post your comments on facebook. we will get to your thoughts in a minute, but here are the
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stories making news this morning. paul ryan yesterday asked yesterday in his news conference at health care is on the agenda. he said yes but declined to give a timeline. "new york times" with this headline. the president yesterday signed an executive order that would roll back energy and environmental regulations set by the obama administration. "the wall street journal" with the headline -- he says this move will save coal jobs. also this insight "the washington times" this morning. the filibuster of judge neil gorsuch has gained more democrats while mitch mcconnell set a floor vote for april 7. out of london, the prime minister, theresa may has signed a letter last night, she will be
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triggering article 50 today. that is the brexit decision that the voters made it last year. in "the daily mail ." "new york times" with the headline. devin nunes is rejecting demands to bow out of the russian inquiry. this comes after a public hearing was canceled yesterday. those are some of the stories we want to get your thoughts on this morning or any other public policy or political debates happening. stan in new york. democrat. good morning. what is on your mind? caller: good morning. exactly the last thing you brought up with mr. nunez and his program and the nsa.
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the thing that strikes me strange about this is for the better part of a week or so now, there's been the story going around the internet, this deals with the nsa surveillance program going back as far as 2004. as a contractor by the name of dennis montgomery came forward with 47 hard drives to prove that surveillance had been going on as far back as 2004 up to 2010. this was not just donald trump come of this was the supreme court judges. freedom watch went to congress. his exact words were i implore you to look at this organization. mr. montgomery was put under oath and the fbi interviewed him and took his statements on this
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whole matter, what he saw when he was working with the nsa, what he did as part of this program, the legal surveillance program. this is huge and nobody is talking about it. host: let me tell you about the story in "the new york times" on the intelligence chairman. wouldnunes said he continue to lead the investigation despite accusations from democrats that he is too close to president trump to consider an impartial inquiry. the announcement of the committee would not hold a closed our meeting tuesday is expected with the fbi director and admiral michael rodgers before the committee could move forward with the public hearing startled some democrats.
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paul ryan maintained yesterday to reporters that he saw no reason for mr. nunez to step away from the investigation. other republicans have said that he should do so. floyd in jonesville, virginia. republican. go ahead. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call this morning. thankk mr. trump -- mr. trump for doing away with those cold regulations. -- coal regulations. my son is already starting back. he was laid off two years ago and they called him back. they are getting started back up. him for that. a lot of people think we cause
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global warming and all this, but it's not. the world is changing because we have three world ages. first, the dinosaurs were here. we were here in our spiritual body then. then come changed to this world age. there will be a third world age. it will change pretty soon. they can learn about that in mark chapter 13 or go to host: your son was laid off two years ago. why was he laid off then? host: he was off work -- caller: he was off work for two years when obama done what he done. then, he went to work, they are
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starting back up again. if i was buying stock, that's where i would go. host: tell us how much he makes is a coal miner. caller: he doesn't work inside the minds coming he works -- inside the mines, he works outside on the equipment. he's making good money at it. do you think that is the best that he can make in the area where he lives? is that one of the better jobs and that area? caller: in the county, that's about all there was. when they shut down, we lost our hospital, car lots. we were left with nothing. i'm thankful that it will pick back up now. i thank mr. trump for doing what he done. host: front page of "the wall street journal" on this story.
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trump loosens climate rules. being billedes are as job sabers, companies and energy experts say the order is unlikely to reverse the u.s. shift to solar and wind. good morning. caller: i'm calling with respect to what you had paul ryan on this morning -- i don't think he's going to serve president trump very well. when the man was running for vice president, he came out and said they had a way to bring the economy back but it was too complicated to explain. anybody who believes its two complicated to explain to the american people doesn't really have a plan. complicated to explain to the american people doesn't really have a plan. he hasn't done very well at all.
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i don't think the president -- unless something changes with respect to republican party and the speaker -- that the president will be very successful. he needs somebody you can depend on. host: do you agree with republican efforts to repeal the affordable care act? if so, should the president work with democrats on that? caller: yes, ma'am. i believe we should repeal the affordable care act because it's ridiculous. this 2700 pages and nothing in there but conflicts and problems. they been talking about repealing obamacare for seven years. day president trump was elected, they should have started drawing up the bill. it didn't make any sense to me at all. host: "new york times" reports this.
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efforts to revive the legislation in the house could take weeks and congress moves forward with full plate of other time-consuming issues. the new push did not come with much enthusiasm from house republicans. augustine, maine. democrat. caller: hello. host: what is on your mind this morning? -- i think most is are -- regular middle-class people don't understand what it's like for poor people. i'm the single mother of a son with down syndrome and other medical issues. when he goes in the hospital, you can't just put him in there
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and let him stay and come and keep a job. i rely a lot on government benefits. it seems to me now that people don't understand what it's like to have to use the benefits and that we sit around and don't do anything. moneyke up other people's . also, on the affordable care act , i didn't make enough to buy insurance and i didn't qualify for the medicaid program. when the affordable care came , i finally qualified and i'm alive today because of it. got my gallbladder taken out and they found a hole in my intestines. if i didn't have medicaid, i would have been sent home and would have died. host: some states, red states
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like kansas looking to expand medicaid. there's also this on the front page of "usa today." a lengthy piece written by usa today. here is the headline. second trump network tied to alleged russian mob. company's have been linked to 10 wealthy former soviet businessman with alleged ties to criminal organizations or money laundering. trump's russian connections are of heightened interest because an fbi investigation into possible collusion between the campaign and russian operatives interfering in last fall's election. this is a lengthy piece within the "usa today."
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leo in amarillo, texas. independent. caller: good morning, ma'am. that theto mention most toxic thing we have going butus not only as a nation -- the forming of opinions and having a hard line on an issue topict understanding the or having no desire to learn. evidence and of dangerous to our as the person who straps
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explosives to themselves thinking they're doing god's work. the individual who called earlier talking about the three frank, to be perfectly you should explain to him that that is not how it works. host: you get to call in and do that yourself. lauren in south dakota. republican. caller: good morning. i really enjoy your show. this rulened about sayingump has signed that he can build on federal lands. , my mother told me
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that a lot of surveyors were there working in the mountains and nobody knew why they were there. they were there for several years. this should be brought up with moneys idea to make more with our federal lands. this what we are doing morning, we are talking about what you will want to talk about. we are in open phones. you can call in about any public policy or political debate out there. if you were watching the marathon hearings last week for judge neil gorsuch, you may be interested in an update on where the boats stand. -- the vote stands. filibuster has grown.
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three dozen democrats have already said they will vote to gorsuch ore join the call for a filibuster. all 52 republicans appear poised to vote for the confirmation. leaves the gop eight votes shy of the 60 needed to end the filibuster with a dozen members of the democratic caucus still in play. the senate's most senior democrat has given mixed signals. this is from politico this morning. their story about what it means for the judge when the vote on april 7. if neil gorsuch ultimately wins asr these democrats as well
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,enators bennett or angus king his 60th vote would have to come from a blue state institutionalist such as patrick or dianne feinstein. feinstein told reporters yesterday that she would not announce her decision on gorsuch until next week when the committee officially both on his nomination. -- votes on his nomination. michael in kentucky. a democrat. good morning. thank you for c-span. i wanted to say congratulations to the vietnam veterans on vietnam veterans day. here we are, 60 some odd years later.
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look at the political scene right now. the people who are rich, i'm not envious of you, but when is enough enough? it together. we are all going to perish sooner than we think. host: are you referring to what the president did yesterday? caller: yes, ma'am. you'ves the last time seen an armored car pulling a hearse into the cemetery? host: he went to the epa headquarters to sign the executive order. [video clip] president trump: we are keeping our promises and putting power back into the hands of the people. first, today's independence action calls for a reevaluation of the clean power plan. [applause]
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president trump: perhaps no single regulation threatens our miners come energy workers and companies more than this crushing attack on american industry. second, we are lifting the ban on federal leasing for coal production. third, we are lifting job killing restrictions on the production of oil, natural gas, clean coal and shale energy. finally, we're returning power to the states. where that power belongs. states and local communities know what is best for them. they understand it, they get it. it was taken away from them and not handled well. they are the ones we should now and will now empower to decide. host: that was the president yesterday after he signed the environment and energy executive order.
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michael in kentucky said the president is tearing apart mother earth. what is your reaction to hearing the president? caller: what part of that does he not understand? any time a president says a man goes to war and comes back with ptsd that he couldn't handle it and he didn't even show, it makes you wonder, sometimes. are we dragging so much ha terade that we can't see the forest for the clouds? we are survivors. we will continue to make it. today" backside of the front page. 2016 obama memorandum
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adentifying climate change as t national security issue. , an executive order requiring agencies to take steps to reduce their consumption of fossil fuels with 40% reduction in greenhouse gases produced by the federal government. these are 10 that usa today says the president wants to scrap by signing this exact order. -- executive order. virginia in waldorf, maryland. go ahead. virginia? let me try virginia one more time. are you there? you are finally on the air. here we go. caller: thank you. i agree with the gentleman before me. .
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attack on the environment has nothing to do with jobs or people. it has to do with his personal financial investments. the fact that he won't release his tax forms, that is a problem. the fact that he is saying all these jobs are coming through -- we are not so ignorant that we can research. he needs to be impeached. he is a habitual liar who doesn't care about the american public. the tax bill was atrocious. it was a tax break for the rich. he is ridiculous. host: that was virginia and maryland. james in new jersey. democrat. caller: hello, c-span. thank you for having me on.
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the person who used to run is hisrt, steve bannon trump wants to elect people that will basically destroy the system as we know it. russia is playing the trump game against us. he is one pawn and trump is letting russia play the chess game against us.
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i will give the united states saying they are playing a chess game against us. they are winning the time. -- big time. -- it isnon said on tv fact -- host: another public policy , thed to put on the table front page with the headline --
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we will talk about this in our last hour of "washington journal ." the senate passed a bill last week, the house voted yesterday 250-205. -- that weremocrats present voted no on that legislation. that was yesterday on capitol hill. this from "the wall street journal." gop unlikely to risk a government shutdown. they were likely to exclude the most contentious provision from legislation needed to keep the government running past april. we will talk about that with members of congress. the supreme court yesterday took some action. they throughout the standards texas used to decide when a
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convicted murderer was eligible for execution. standards.ew out the of court sent back the case bobby james moore. that out of the court yesterday. keep in tennessee. -- keith in tennessee. publican. caller: thank you for taking my call. would pay attention to what is going on and give trump a chance -- they expect everything to happen at once. it's not going to happen at once when you've got all the democrats bumping heads with you. they don't want nothing to get done. look likeaking it trump doesn't know anything and trump isn't going to get anything done and they keep pulling up the russians, the russians, the russians.
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what about the democrats, the democrats, the democrats? they are a big problem. as soon as they grow up and realize that they are not helping this country and do something right and quit having all their protests and destruction instead of constructing things and cleaning up their own neighborhoods and quit picking on trump and do what's right for this country instead of playing hardball and being sore losers. host: sean in sunnyvale, california. independent. caller: how are you doing? is thewant to talk about weapons that america builds. that everybody builds. we say we are over in iraq for peace and stuff, to stop isis, to stop the taliban and and all that. but, why do we keep upgrading
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our weapons? why did they even build the atom bombs? we can get rid of this type of stuff, so we have to store it somewhere. that isnybody think -- a pretty stupid idea to try to make something that is going to -- that is to fix not normal common sense, but that's the people that have the power. trump has nothing to do with that. --s whole everything is just the whole world right now is spinning out of control. host: taught in florida. republican. -- todd in florida. republican. of the the hypocrisy
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democratic party is out of control. on how to look so stupid we handle our politics, how we treat our government, how we treat the leader of the free world. they have to look at us and go -- if the russians wanted to achieve anything, for us, the way we look now, they achieved their goal. we don't take care of the people. they freak out when the republicans are obstructing president obama. -- some of the policy going on in washington now, it
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is awful. one example come of the supreme court hearing for neil gorsuch. this guy is remarkable. they all voted for the guy 100%. host: when he was nominated for the 10th circuit court? caller: exactly. they are running the guy through the ringer. independents see right through it. how we look in the eyes of the world, i find that more important than all this obstruction that is going on. the guy has been in office less than 100 days. he'sd, don't you think
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trying? host: we will return to open phones later on in "washington journal." i want to try you what is happening on c-span2. we are airing the prime minister taking questions. at the top this morning, she gave a brief update to members of parliament into the investigation into the london terror attacks. this is what she had to say. [video clip] >> i would like to update the house on last week's terrorism attack the names of those who have died and been released. -- terrorism attack. died haveof those who been released. we offer our deepest condolences to their friends and families. services' security
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investigation continues. host: live coverage of that over on c-span2 this morning. she will be talking about brexit, which she triggered today. she signed a letter to the eu yesterday and that will be delivered today. sheowing the questions, will be giving a statement and you will hear from the opposition leader, the scottish leader as well. we will take a short break now. when we come back, we will talk with congressman bill pascrell of new jersey about the president's taxes and finances and later, louie gohmert of texas will be here to talk about working with the leadership in the house on the health care bill. ♪
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>> sunday night on q&a -- >> written was a dominant power in the middle east. nationalists were rising up. the big strategic question the u.s. based, should it support britain against the nationalists or try to create a new order by mediating? bookchael durand on his "ike's scandal." >> what he is trying to present coming in,et union aligning with the nationalists, undermining the british and taking control of the oil.
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we wanted to make sure we had friendly arab regimes that would keep the soviet union out. >> sunday night at 8:00 on c-span's q&a. >> "washington journal" continues. host: back at our table this money, congressman bill pascrell , democratic new jersey. -- back at our table this morning. what did you propose yesterday? guest: we proposed two weeks ago intothere be an inquiry the president's taxes, the supplementals, all the materials that go with the taxes. we are all grown-ups. days when you have a resolution of inquiryu


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