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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  March 29, 2017 8:40am-9:04am EDT

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suggesting to this demise of the country. the go along, get along has got us in trouble. it has got to stop. i'm not going to stop being the conscience as long as i'm allowed to be here. host: congressman, thanks for your expedition. what goes into your thinking and your fellow colleagues on what goes on friday. we appreciate you talking about that. we are going to take a short break. we will open up the phone lines and you can call in and react to the congressman or any other public policy or political debate. there are the phone numbers right there on your screen. before we get to that, we want to show you the article 50. article 50 has been triggered the british prime minister. there is a tweet showing the eu receiving that letter from the prime minister. she drafted it and signed it yesterday. here is theresa may announcing the two-year brexit process has
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begun and she confirms that the letter on article 50 has been delivered. [video clip] >> today the government acts on the democratic will of the british people and it acts on the clear and convincing position of this house. a few minutes ago in brussels, the united kingdom's parliament representative to the eu handed a letter to the european council on my behalf, affirming the government's decision to invoke article 50 of the treaty on the european union. the article 50 process is now underway and in accordance with the wishes of the british people, the united kingdom is leaving the european union. moment fromistoric which there can be no turning back. britain is leaving the european union. we are going to make our own decisions and her own law. control ofg to take
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the things that matter most to us and we are going to take this opportunity to build a stronger, fair britain, country our children and grandchildren are probably call home. that is our ambition and are opportunity. that is what this government is determined to do. host: the prime minister of britain yesterday explaining that brexit has been triggered and there is a two-year timeline for that to happen. that is happening in london today. thise an open phones here morning for the next 20 minutes or so to get your thoughts on any public policy issue and any key debates happening in washington. you can respond to what you heard from both members of congress on the program here this morning. democrats --(202) 748-8000. .epublicans -- (202) 748-8001 (202) 748-8002 .
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you can join in on twitter or go to facebook. some stories making news this morning -- "trump loosens climate rules." this is something the president signed yesterday in an executive .rder he went over to the epa headquarters to do so, saying the rollback of president obama's agenda will save coal jobs. "the wall street journal" reports that while the moves are being billed as job savers, experts say the order is unlikely to reverse the u.s. utility industry shift to natural gas, solar, and went as leading sources of electricity. that in "the wall street journal" this morning. "the new york times" reporting about devin nunes, the republican from california. the headline saying that the intelligence chairman rejects demands to bow out of russia inquiry. speaker of the house paul ryan was asked about that yesterday if he should recuse himself from this inquiry and if he has seen
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the evidence the chairman says he has seen. the answers to those questions was no and no. republican and michigan. what's on your mind? caller: i hope i said your name right. i think god for the freedom caucus. freedom god for the caucus. the elitist republicans -- they wanted obamacare. how did boehner find out what was in this law before even the freedom caucus new? he said they were never going to change it. they were going to put a band-aid on it and they were just going to push it on the american public. host: ok, patricia. michael in maryland, democrat, good morning to you. caller: hope all is well. is a bag of hot
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air. he just talks and talks. i have one simple question i wanted to ask him. i have been holding on for however long. they had eight years to come up with something better -- eight years -- and they didn't. that's really the only question i have for him. host: richard in connecticut, independent. richard, go ahead. caller: thanks for taking my call. i've tried for years to get through. host: i'm glad you did this morning could caller i. caller: i would like to tell you the truth. all the lefties in the last hundred years have turn this country into a third world cesspool, if you promote sharia, you need to get out of this country no. we need to have term limits for these bloodsucking leeches behind you.
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patriotism plus christianity equals liberty. hi.: jim, caller: after listening to represent of gomer, i can only say that thank god we only have people like him and washington, d.c. who were elected to follow the desires of their constituents. and they continue to maintain that attitude. i can only say that with people like him i think this country is heading in the right direction thanks to people like louie gohmert. that's really all i have to say. thank god for louie gohmert. host: lexington, north carolina, frank, independent. caller: good morning, c-span. i really enjoyed the conversation with a representative from texas. he made the comment that people from 50-64 being hammered. i agree with that because many of our corporations are letting people go when they are 50 years old.
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i wonder why we can't just open up medicare when i was 50 and got laid off to be paying up to medicare instead of blue cross and blue shield, which is so expensive. i felt like i was hammered from 50-64. i wondered why we could open up and let the private sector have 18-49? that would lower the risk he cut the rates would go down. host: there are a couple of other stories to put on the table. "democrats and the president and to close interest tax loopholes." and capitalnt trump democrats head into negotiations that protects reforms, vowing to put the squeeze on hedge fund managers by closing the carried interest tax loophole. it was a point of agreement the held out promise for becoming the foundation for once in a generation deal. there's one problem -- hedge funds managers don't use the tax break for carried interest. a share of investment profits earned by money managers,
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usually 20%, better tax of the capital gains rate of 15% rather than at the top rate of 39.6% on ordinary income. the tax break only applies to investments held for more than a year and hedge fund managers take most of their money in quick trades. hi, john. caller: i don't know why we can't have medicare for all. none of these guys count the death toll. according to the harvard medical center, between 48000 and 50,000 people died before obamacare. that figure has gone down between 18000 and 20,000. to me these guys are terrorists. they ought to be all shipped off to gitmo. host: "the new york times" front page -- the u.s. concedes it plays a role in iraq and death. an american airstrike most likely led to the collapse of osul thating in m killed scores of civilians this
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month. ofh an increase of reports casualties from bombs and iraq and syria, some human rights groups have questioned whether the rules of engagement have been loosened since president trump took office. bill from woodbury, connecticut, republican. hi, bill. caller: yes. host: go ahead with your thoughts. -- all the wondering money that is wasted in this country and a lot of ways. all the congressmen and senators have the best perks and no worries with health insurance for the rest of their lives. why can't they put the mac and people -- and i'm not saying for nothing -- how will they pay for? it? i'm willing to pay for it. instead of all this blowing back and forth, i'm now going on medicare. i thought it's one thing to deal with.
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to give aot supplement plan and another plan for drugs. office, they've got it made for the rest of their life. that's my thoughts. host: ted in new hampshire, independent what's on your mind? caller: how are you? these republicans are saying that they would like to offer choices to the people and let them make their choices. it seems like a ponzi scheme. if you are given five choices and the lowest choice you can , then youcan't afford have no choices. you see what i mean? it's like if you have a steak and they offer you a rake, a chainsaw, and a balloon to try to cut it, the choices are useless. that's my point. host: dave in california, independent. you are next. caller: hello.
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hiis greta there? host: you are on the air and talking to all of us here in the viewers across america. caller: how are you? i'm a little bit disappointed in c-span this morning. you had congas and louie gohmert on -- congressman louie gohmert on and he would be asked a question and you would let him answer the question and then go on and give a history about what goes on in congress. you're not being a very good moderator. he is there to take calls and not blabber, blabber, blabber. -- a kindf upsets me of upsets me that he took to calls and a half hour. host: we do our best to balance that. we want to take as many calls as we can and set the foundation for a conversation as well.
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it is difficult sometimes to get in as many as you want. we did take six calls. caller: ok, i would like for you to monitor him. don't let him keep on talking. host: it's a balancing act of not wanted to be rude and interrupt at the same time. caller: i don't know. i don't think it is being rude. tell him to wind it up. we have got more callers. host: we will go to george in pittsburgh, republican. caller: i hope everyone is doing well. saying -- iguy was think he is right on point. what is wrong with the affordable care act is it costs too much. i'm so glad to hear somebody address that issue. it just seems like everybody talks about obamacare. i think it that is so racist to even mention that.
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attached into the heart of america's racism. they cover up the facts that the banks totally -- as soon as americans would pay for health care, what did they do? raise the cost. that is so shameful. health care is based on human values not profit. with our new administration, it seems like health care, meaning the health of america, is based on how much profit we can make. in america, yes, we create that balance. that's what makes america great. if it falls too heavy on one side, we are creating a monster here. host: listen to what the speaker of the house, paul ryan, had to say when he was asked yesterday about the possibility of another vote to repeal the affordable care act before the august recess. [video clip] >> i will not tell you the timeline because we want to get it right. we have an aggressive agenda and we have been moving quickly with
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this aggressive agenda, but we want to make sure we get it right. we had a very constructive meeting with our members. some of those in the expressed the willingness to get to yes and making this work. we want to get it right and we will keep talking with each other until we get it right. i'm not going to put a timeline on it because this is too important to not get right and put an artificial timeline on it. you are right. that is why i'm so worried about this issue. this law is collapsing. if obamacare just stays as is, that's understandable for the mac and people. -- unacceptable for the american people. that's not what we said we would do. we are going to figure out how we get this done. what's confusing for everybody is we have to use these senate rules. we call it reconciliation. that means you can't pass the bill you want in the house because he gets filibustered in the senate. you pass a bill that gets through and prevents a filibuster. it is that frustration on
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members are grappling with right now. host: that was the speaker of the house yesterday talking about the way forward here for the health care legislation. mike in illinois, independent. during thekuva job conventions. you were glowing out there. i hope my city treated you well. you might want to revisit it. two things -- the trojan horse and the white elephant c. we put a hundred billion dollars fromsocial security and medicaid and we give tax breaks to the rich to pass this through. now they want to take the tax breaks from the rich back and pull the trigger on the hand grenade and pass it to the states to bankrupt the state's. i see it as emergency managers being placed. now the white elephant has to do vetting.gration and
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the have handed over contracting rights to run the database for all these people who are coming to israel. all these muslim and it seems like it is oil in the water and no one is talking about it. host: features and left them, -- beatrice in texas. what is on your mind? caller: i'm wondering if louie gohmert can go on one news. host: on what? caller: one news. host: what are you referring to? caller: louie gohmert, i would like to have an go on one. he needs to talk to black people. host: are you need his district? are you in his district? we have lost her.
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we showed you earlier, the prime minister of britain, theresa may, talking about article 50 being triggered. this is from "the washington post." brexit begins with the price to be determined. tolysts think the failure reach a deal is a distinct possibility and perhaps even likely. johnime british diplomat kerr has said there is a less than 50-50 chance that britain can conclude divorce talks and reach agreement on a new relationship with a blocked by the time the deadline comes around in 2019. the two-year deadline was imposed in part to deter countries from contemplating an exit and gives the union a distinct advantage over any country that decides to bolt. if britain and the european union failed to reach agreement on new trade terms, wto rules would kick in, meaning and certainly higher tariffs on the flow of goods and services across the english channel that
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would probably heard both sides, but it would hurt britain more . brexit's moment of truth. he is an economist at the council of foreign relations and a contributing columnist to "the post." he writes that during the last campaign, brexit campaigners promised millions of savings to the eu budget. britain agreed to a stiff exit bill before other negotiations start. the bill would reflect eu spending projects to which previously committed, plus pension promises to you bureaucrats. the amount remains unknown, but the most frequently cited estimate is about $60 billion, roughly what britain spans annually on defense. extra impressed tag has failed to ruffle the prime minister as she has tumbled briefly -- trundled serenely toward the announcement. her negotiations after that.
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bill, good morning, go ahead. caller: good morning. you and c-span are the best things on tv. host: thank you. caller: can you hear me? i enjoyed listening to representative gohmert. i think he's a good man. he's got the right ideas. i hate to say this and agree with the democrats, but the only way health insurance will really work, if we want everybody to be insured, is a single-payer for the government like and medicare, medicaid. a big percentage of people are already under government insurance. government --the get the government involved in this, but the only way it's going to work is if everybody is on board and everybody pays.
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more democrats are saying they will filibuster the nominee, the majority leader, mitch mcconnell has set a floor vote for april 7. it says that yesterday dick dick durbin joined other democrats said they will vote to block neil gorsuch or expect to join schumer's call for a filibuster. all 52 republicans in the poised to vote for the confirmation. the ico reports that means president and judge gorsuch need democrats. the mccaskill,e donnelly, and bennet and
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angus king. the 60th vote would have to come a plu state institutional leahy, patrick suggesting he might oppose a filibuster. the is the latest on judge's nomination. bill in jefferson township, pennsylvania. bill, good morning. caller: good morning, am i on? host: we talked to you, bill, apologys, we'll take a short and be d come back talking about what happened on the hill yesterday. ali breland us to look at a house vote which will back privacy users.ion for web we'll be right back.
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>> this weekend, c-span city tour with the help of our comcast cable partners will explore the literary scene and chico, california, saturday noon eastern on book t.v. tells us about the founder of chico in his book bidwell and california, the life and writing of a 1841-1900," and -- >> most important relationship necessary th his day congress was his close united ship with the states department of agriculture, he was constantly officials in with d.a. and testing out soil and climate. chico aslly used rancho one of their early experimental
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farms before they actually owned ran their own. >> on sunday, 2 p.m. eastern on we visit istory t.v., the california state university farm. >> it's the number one industry california yet and we're the number one state in the nation in terms of agriculture. is 23 csu campuses, only four have agriculture. chico represents the northern part of the state, we draw tudents from all over california to get experience in agriculture. chico ll go inside the museum to see the altar from the chico chinese temple. eastern onurday noon c-span book t.v. and 2 p.m. on history t.v. on c-span 3. working with our cable cities es and visiting across the country.


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