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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  March 29, 2017 9:24am-10:00am EDT

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tax reform. >> the goals of tax reform, reating middle income tax cut, about creating personal tax simplification and making u.s. competitive, where we have a very high business tax income.rldwide you know, we're able to take the tax code and redesign things. c.e.o., ian read on pharmaceutical cost. our medicine sing in the exchanges because exchanges don't provide them access. to reform the healthcare, the way it is deliverd and consequences will be for patients. >> epa administration scott on environmental policy. >> there are exciting things oing on with clean coal technology across the globe, in the nuclear space, not here, happen nothing europe because of disincentive we put into play with respect to nuclear. if you care about some environmental concerns,
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mix.ralize the >> c-span programs are available at, on it is home searching the video library. >> "washington journal" continues. host: we are back in open phones ere for the remainder of today's "washington journal," getting your thoughts on the debates happen nothing the ngton and across country. one of them is over healthcare and what happens next. signalling he wants to talk, continue to talk bout repealing the affordable care act and possibly doing so with democrats. att night he had a reception the white house for senators and their wives, the headline from politico, trump breaks silent treatment with senator schumer of new york. hello, chuck. the president still hasn't spoke one-on-one with the home state highest ranking democrat in washington, since taking office. take a look at the president's night. last president trump: we're going to
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make a deal on healthcare that, an easy one and will happen quickly. i think it will happen. promising, been democrat, republican, promising that to the american people. of good things are going to happen there. we'll talk about infrastructure, the talk about fixing up military, which we need, there has been depletion, we will make strong. and i think never been a time we needed it so much. doing a going to be great job. host: that was president last reception marks at for senators and their wives, healthcare there. on that your thoughts issue and many others that are being debated in washington? new york, in democrat. john, thanks for hanging on the line. go ahead. morning.h, hi, good host: good morning. caller: thank you so much for a comment.make you know, i've been thinking about this, i got a problem with democratic party or my
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community, i knew there was last years, i knew i had to do something. worker, but stal one thing i hardly hear people talking about is health going uphow much it is over the years. when my wife and i got married, i think i paid $14 a week for at that surance and time, nobody even talked about that. it was nontopic. was like everything -- everybody had it, it was just there. $8000 a making about year. i paid $14 a week for my wife son.y worth about 100,
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$600. it was about $100. well, it should be about $85 a eek if you took the cost of living according to that. we pay about n, $150, that is not bad. but what i know people that are $300 a week, that is something that they really, i talking about insurance, they should talk has the cost because that gone way out of balance of where it should be. okay, john. melinda in aurora, illinois. hi, melinda. your mind? caller: hi. i was watching the congressional this morning and back and forth with c-span journal."on be ge people, whether they democrat, republican,
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larger ent, look at the seeing how what is going on with the cabinet and -- in washington, d.c. and picture on our oreign influence government and put aside their ifferences with republicans or be united as country. if there is confusion about for the facts on your own, whatever party you are in. our democracy. it is at stake. melinda.y, "wall street journal" front page, story about the president's move on the signing nt yesterday, executive order that he said will save coal jobs. what the president had to say when he went over to
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e.p.a. headquarters yesterday to legislation. er e is senator tom carpent defending president obama's clean power plan and what he had president's the claim it could save coal jobs. donald trump is shirking our nation's responsibility, disregarding undoing ience and significant progress we made to ensure we leave a better, more ustainable planet for generations to come, with the of his despite all the rhetoric, this order proves this administration protecting us about jobs or our environment. under the obama administration, saw the longest stretch of continuous job growth, longest growth in jobs in this country, i think in u.s. history. million jobs and counting. thanks to investments made over last eight year, 3.2 million
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people have a job in clean sector today. clean power plant is part of all of the above energy strategy as nearly $20 billion investing clean coal since 2009. i think all of which i've supported and i suspect we all have. many tive west virginian, of you know, my dad works in a coal mine, i understand the in today'soal miners day and age. the clean power plan isn't the market ustry's problem, forces are the problem. et's be perfectly clear, this executive order will not bring back the coal industry. donald trump saying so otherwise is just not true. the men and lt to women who voted for him. policy, vironmental healthcare, etcetera, all on the able this morning on "washington journal." renda, manchester, washington,
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democrat. caller: good morning, greta. the g.o.p. can't pass healthcare, they don't believe in it. too much smoke to say there is no fire and on the tax return, the way the means gosh, when he came there is elevator, conflict waiting to happen. he will not release tax returns disclose everything going on, that is what happens. means committee, g.o.p. said it is traditional. you don't have a traditional that is one thing, there is too much here and those tax g.o.p. i can't believe at this time is going, hey, how much can we defend you? don't you release it? what are you hiding? mother earth, what you said the environment, i do feel bad for the coal people, lots of business go out of and we try to work with them.
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of motherjobs in lieu earth, do something to help industries going away. remember g.o.p. wanted to throw the whole auto industry bus, so the other things you can talk about, about i mp, i want to support him, desperately do when someone comes in i didn't vote for, but day one, made it awful tough. host: all right, brenda in us ington state giving several issues to respond to in open phones. democrat, dial in at 202-748-8000. share your thoughts. republicans, 202-748-8001. independents, 202-748-8002. let's hear from steven in flatwood, kentucky, independent. steven. caller: hi. thanks for having me on. y -- i would like to congratulate mr. trump on raining the swamp, however, in keeping with his policy on
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keeping the alligators that were i think that he should nominate don blankenship position in the e.p.a., since he is knowledgeable of the coal industry. until he getswait out of jail. thank you very much. kentucky with his thoughts, seeking nominat n nomination, the president's pick to serve on the supreme court, neil gorsuch. count stand for a possible filibuster. schumer has called for one from there are 26 that agree with him, there are three emocrats that have said right now they will not take part in a filibuster, the republicans need these to end the filibuster. senate joe manchen. hydecamp said she will not. ilibuster, the leader of the party, chuck schumer, along with several other senators, 26 in the question is
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for the udge and president is what will the other democrats do? democrats who plan to vote no coconfirmation, it is filibuster.hey will of the eahy, head company.y ben carden, as well, came out notnst the nominee, but has said if he will filibuster. mitch ority leader, mcconnell set a floor vote for april 7, the committee will fficially vote on him next week, the senate judiciary committee. follow all that on jennifer in forest falls, california. democrat. good morning. caller: hello there, greta, i job.k you do a fabulous host: appreciate that. aller: i very much appreciate walking the journal in the morning, you guys are very fair.
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was hing i wanted to say that the reality is that trump and company are the worst choice americans i feel have ever made and i think most people even for him agree ed with this. i just think the right-minded for trump, they suffer from lack of education and they basically have a way of thinking, but the current times, like i said, you. c-span, thank i wish people would get back to get educated and then actually admit what trump and damage are doing, the they are doing to the country. thank you. in : that was jennifer california. a democrat. scott in fairmont, indiana, a republican. there, good morning. caller: hi, how are you? host: doing well, sir. your mind this morning? caller: i live in rearville, and no global d warming for 18 years.
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facts that are in there are what the scientists, o-called scientists put in the computers and they are wrong, collusion with trump and the russians, democrats are lost.cause they they want a minute, and whatever about our the story own government and f.b.i. to make it look like that russia or china has had our own government. host: rockville, maryland, independent. my name is abliza. i want to talk about health reform. this issue, until republicans democrats -- rules on
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internet privacy, 15 republicans with 200, no, along
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along with all democrats 205 votes, a close vote yesterday on the floor. listen to some arguments that made. this is congresswoman marsha talking n of tennessee about the myth about this rule. there will ds claim be a gap for isp's in the f.c.c. rules when they're overturned. this simply is false and let me you why. has the . already authority to enforce privacy obligation of broadband service case-by-case basis. the ant to section 201 of communication act, they can police practices of isp's that unreasonable. section 202 and 222 also protect consumers. -- of the communications
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a act, the attorney general have to go after companies for unfair and practices. third, litigation is another pursue onsumer consist against the isp's for mishandling personal data. providers have privacy policies f. they violate the what, they can be sued. certainly crats will understand that as they have any trial lawyer friends and i urge them to speak to the trial bar. market is free another great equalizer. an you imagine the embarrassment for an isp that is selling data?lly host: that was the republican rules of gainst the the f.c.c. put in place under
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the obama administration. democrat of massachusetts, michael capuano, talking about what republicans yesterday. >> the question, what the heck are you thinking? what is in your mind? would you want to give up any of your personal information corporation for the sole purpose of them selling it? one good reason why omcast should know what my mother's medical problems are. you know how they know? with her, he doctor they told me what it was, i had talking hat they were about, i came home and searched it on the net and searched the drugs that she was taking. same with my children. just last week i bought the internet. i should you know what size
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take? any of that or information? going ompanies are not broke. that is not the situation. is not in this is plain and simple. don't get this, when i was growing up, i thought one of the tenants of the republican party i admired the most was privacy. it's mine, not yours, not the governments, it's mine, you can't have it unless i give it to you. number, social security number, credit card number, passwords, everything is mine. and yet, you just want to give it away. one good argument, let's level the playing field nd you're right, i agree with you, you don't level the playing field by getting rid of the field, you level it by
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aising those not subject to this rule. host: that was congressman from massachusetts arguing against f.c.c. back the regulations put into place in ctober when the obama administration was in place and the f.c.c. lead by tom wheeler. catherine, in milwaukee, open phones this morning. mind?s on your host: are you there? caller: yes, i am. host: did i already talk to you, i'm sorry. caller: i haven't. watch "washington journal" every morning and really appreciate the program and information and i especially that you he callers have. variations of all types of view, i very much appreciate that. i have to go along with your man earlier, i on really consider that privacy is right.vidual and i do not agree with this dea of allowing that to be opened up to commercial people
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profiting from whatever information they can gather about you. he only one other thing i'd like to say, i think we should give mr. trump a chance, he too long, in office but maybe we can keep an eye on a littlethe same time, less criticism about the man. thank you for taking my call. was catherine in detroit, michigan, democrat. caller: yes, how are you? morning. caller: i appreciate the good work you are doing. had someone on to discuss the united states national healthcare act? hr676 introduced by john conyers of detroit. host: okay. what would it do? paragraph, e is one it says elements of the bill. irst paragraph, expands medicare program to provide all individuals residing in the and territories,
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tax fubded healthcare that includes all immediately care, primary care, intervention, prescription drugs, emergency care, long-term care, mental health, dental services and vision care, to the canadian bill and healthcare universal healthcare europe.e in this is something conyers introduced year after year, they to even take it up, it seems to be so popular. two or three -- ready to go. just wondering, have you had someone on from conyers office the healthcare act? host: we've had mr. conyers on reach out again. thank you for the suggestion. relating to what you were states weigh expanding medicaid, growing number of states consider under the he program affordable care act after last
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week's collapse of the gop development that could make it harder for republicans to undo the law. the g.o.p. kansas legislature voted to expand medicaid over state's republican governor. states including virginia, are on and north carolina taking steps toward growing the medicaid program. the a.c.a. seems unlikely to go and federal money appears more secure. ohio, in finally, republican. hi, danny. caller: good morning, thank you. would like to discuss with you, somebody called in and supportersmaybe trump weren't as smart as other people. those, question for somebody called in earlier about global warming. i have a question for those. 2 emissions cause -- al warming, then when off, then all more carbon 2 emissions went
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atmosphere than all humans that ever walked the planet. multiply that with all the earthwakes, then we would all be dead by now. i would like to mention, the book silent spring, e.p.a. got its start. they said that emissions, they was killing eggs and killing birds and fish, they before the congress studies, did over 30 scientific studies and found out of ddt no evidence killing people n. fact, ddt of d hundreds of thousands lives during world war ii for getting malaria fever and also saved all kinds lives in central america until they banned it.
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host: okay. administration was concerned about the zika virus, would wipe out the zika virus in a moment. host: an independent from nebraska, good morning. caller: good morning. want to respond to the lady from california who had the were ty to say people who supporting trump needed better education. to this lady is, has late ever had a minimum wage job? did.n't believe she ever if she did, she would probably supporting trump herself. thank you, that is my comment. host: okay, margaret. cohen's upshot column with you this morning. of out was not a driver clinton's defeat, sort of related to the what you're about, who supported mr.
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trump and who didn't. was weak, turnout mainly among black voters. the weakness has been it is evident that large numbers of white working lass voters shifted from the democrats to mr. trump almost -foir, president obama's white working class supporters supporting mr. trump or voting for a third party candidate. birmingham, alabama, a democrat. hi, charles. caller: how you doing? a couple clear up things. i'm a democrat, but i'm not mad win, the democrats didn't i'm mad because of president trump said after all this was over, he would reveal his income he records and he hasn't, hasn't been transparent. -- keep saying give him president trump a chance. he had a chance to be candidacy, during ad a chance when he became
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president electricity and been in office three months, couple months, hasn't been transparent. this is lower down to earth than air pollution, you know, but people are mad because e does not want to be transparent about his taxes. you know, if you don't pay can e taxes how concerned you be for american safety? host: okay, charles, if you are the debate in the ways and means committee over he president's taxes and finances, find it at, and talked to a congressman who introduced a resolution to allow at ress to be able to look the president's tax returns going back the last 10 years. again, find that conversation on our website sacramento bee, their front page, forum rally backs immigrants. below that is headline,
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anctuary city have sizeable opposition despite defunding threats from the trump administration, california narrowly support cities eclaring themselves sanctuary cities. there are cities and counties disregard -- arrested and are pending release from kuft de. the numbers t there, the pie charts, do you favor or oppose sanctuary cities. 56% favor them. oppose. should cities ignore detention yes, 53 said no, they should not ignore detention federal from the government. a republican in chicago, good morning, go ahead. caller: hello. how are you? host: doing well, sir, what is mind.r caller: well, you know, each new party, know, the have their, you know, plan
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concern. has been going backward the last 10 years and administration, th -- within trump's first 100 lot of optimism and like you can see a whole new these e toward business days, it is coming back to the states. th hat -- during the last administration. host: elizabeth, independent line, you are on the air. morning.yes, good thanks for c-span, you do a great public service. a bit about k medicare for all. i was one of the ones that helped write the medicare for here in delaware. what we found is and i don't think a lot of people understand it. we have 850,000 citizens. spending 8.5 billion on
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we went to e f. long-term r all -- care, personal care and the saved 2.5 billion dollars. o country in the world has a free market healthcare system, it does not exist. you have got european decent s deliver iing healthcare and they are -- they longer, you know, it is just when you do the numbers, we found out that the for profit taking e companies were $.80 out of every premium dollar. they could take 40%. they are upset they don't have to pay theiring in c.e.o. millionaires, their shareholders and all of that, has something to do with
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healthcare. need to understand for all is the most affordable, outcomes, we should push for that. thank you very much. ost: arline, san francisco, democrat. your turn, arline. good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call. i totally agree with the previous callinger about single all. medicare for and it could be that the states have to introduce it and california has 562 in the state senate. and it is single payer medicare for all bill. backed by the bill. the physicians, so i think that passes, we are very and i love it will jerry brown, our governor.
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host: okay, arline, erica warner, a reporter for the associated press on capitol hill moments ng this out ago. the capitol police advised due washingtonctivity at and independence avenue southwest near the capitol, until avoid this area further notice. we'll keep our eye on that this morning. weekend, the hill newspaper reporting liberal groups are planning protests judge neil gorsuch. a group of these organizations to protest this weekend, the people's on april 1. the purpose of the protest is people to get the chance to hear everyday americans voice neil ns about judge gorsuch and the trump administration's agenda. sandra, republican, hi, sara. caller: good morning, thank you you do a great job
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and i love watching the washington journal" and being able to call in and at least voice some concern or maybe some to raise up. i was watching the congressional earings this morning on where we're trying to say, let's get from donald rn trump. i am a republican and upon to that, i just assumed it was the law. t is the law they are to release it and it is not. of s not and it is that big a concern. it is something we feel as mericans should be disclosed and we are accepting our we make , why don't that a law? if there are, you know, people debating it right now, hy not put forth a law to say if you run for president, you
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must disclose a certain number return for your tax before being able to run. thoughts in virginia. bill also in virginia, virginia beach. good morning. caller: good morning. thank you for letting me speak. democratk, just to the earlier that said that republicans, we need more fairly educated, i've been to college and spent navy and they send you through schooling, too, o i think there is a lot of perceptions out there that threw, get back and start working together, you know, when navy, no matter who was the president, i had to commander-in-chief. if the country would come together and try to work together, you know, we could things, but i think, you know, if the democrats are willing to filibuster ust to and we got things like that going on, how are we supposed to
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move forward? i think the more important thing is figure out how to get forward and actually make things better for the american both infrastructure, immediate medical issues, tax are way more important that what is being disclosed may or may not be lost. kay, independent. the house is about to gavel in here in a minute, give us your you can.quickly, if caller: hi, yeah. i'm happy the fellow just called on hold for a while, know what he was going to say. i'm with him, i'm an independent. i agree, we have to work together. the argument about democrats ane republicans being smarter than more liberal than the other, i'll bet a lot of
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people, mixture of people right they are all hink liberal, whatever youa call them. they may be liberal compared to donald trump and i have to say, i'll bet money everybody who smarter than is dopd donald trump. independent, camp hill. hi, darla. caller: good morning, thank you taking the call. you look lovely today. i want to talk to you about trump's tax return. host: okay. caller: i was wondering, aren't entitled to see every senator and every congressman's tax year to see what foreign businesses they are also involved in? to : i think they have disclose some information, darla, but not necessarily their tax return. caller: why not? host: i don't know, when we were congressman, he made it sound like there are -- the e to leave it there, hois


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