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tv   Theresa May Tells Parliament Theres No Turning Back from Brexit  CSPAN  March 30, 2017 12:04am-12:40am EDT

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ca fm the middle east. we wanted to make sure we have frndly arab rimes. at 8:00 eastern on c-span's q and. >> during this week's prime minister's eson time in the british house of cmons, theresa may tookuestions o the official triggeringf e uk'sxifrom the european unio this is 35 mines qstions to the prime mist. house of cmo. >> they were each afraid and
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palm. i'm sure members of the house wi join me in offering deepest ndens their friends and famili. and the security investigation continues and two have been arrested and remain in custody. i have ministerial colleagues and othe and fther such meetings laterod. m ich her sentiments and congratulate her by next weekend sinclast wk. i congratulate the prime minister, austin 50. this is the monts tion for the whole of the unedingdom anthe campaign to stay in, recognize we ought to use is party, sole supporofoth sides for negotiations to deliver the whole of thuned
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kingdom particular northern ireland. but cod i ask the prime minister to confir ithe extremely improbable event tha a border poll should take place rerdg e ture of the garden in the united kgd during her missiono fully support any official campaign. in regard of the eu and scotland's. >> the honorle genem is absolute right, anthe people of the united kingdom voted a the european union. thuned kinoma country that works for everyone, not just a privileged few. fully commitd to ensuring the
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unique interests of northern ireland establh r negoatg si, our posio has been clear on the belfast agreeninuding the principle of connthat nohern ila's constitutional position fo nohern ireland to determine but as o maniftoade clear we have a prefenha northern ireland should remain part of the ited kingdom and we will never be neutral in expressing our support for fat. th is fundamentally in the strength of our union. >> pupils and parents deserve good schools and real chce in education including schools cused ashamedly,an my right honorable friend tell us about applications for the new vef but we are genuinely free to beun as theyis and schools that work f everyone.
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>> i believe schoo shoul b free to be run and putting autonomy in the hands of stro leers so they can deliver an cellenedatn and wants to get out of the way of outstanding education fighting toetp theyp of schools parents want,o move the ban, ana complex area. and the following the publication of the white pape >> jeremy corbin. >> the emergency services ashe prime minister did especially those that responded to stnsr tack last weesday and those that turned to help the explosion last
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saturday. anlo lovednes and especially thank the police fo their ongoing investigations. coulthpre minister assure us the police will te l e next azeri support and resources to take us through the diffilt period investigating what pped last wednesday? >> i join the right honorable gentlemen onheor oour emergency services, a wide range of incidents that takplace e focused, and day in and dayut on emergency svis. anpuing ouelves in general fothwork we do. i can assure him, my right honorae iend, and the metropolitan police on the vestigatiotanglace in thatck last week and looking rwd security arrangements, they have the resources to carry out their vita work. >> jeremy corb.
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>>e all pay tribute, but there are prle bween 2015, and 2018, real terms in government fuing fopoce forces, 330 million. can th pme minister assure the house pice all over the country ve necessa roues to do the job. >>ri minisr? >> it reminds me the what we ha de proteed the budget and the former secretary, prior to the 25 bour party complex that savings can be found, 5 to 10%s stbo doable. we protected the pole budget. i have been eango police forces and they are very clear, the word they are doing his
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resources they need. t polic federation surv celyndertaken reveals % of serving police officers, the way in which their fundi h been treated. nce 20,ndheront line. and will she think ainbo cuts to polici a graee policing on the front lines will be protected so every community n be assed in the mmity. >> rightonorable gentlemen we heard protected the pice buet let's think about wha happened since 2010? since 2010 we havse cme
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tritnally measured by the centiv fines by surge. that is the work of hard-working police officers up and down, they have been backed by this government. and crime mmsiers, there habe pformance police, and nessy. and do their b, see crime as a record low. >> mister speaker. to fly typhoon from my constucy to romaa,o support nato allies on the rd with russia. president vladim putin is locking up polical oonts, will mrit norable friend coiras we leave the eu that
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e ited kingdom wl ntue to lead nato idending this vil rder and pay triteo armed forces, who safeguard o democracy at home and abrd. >> i am ve hpy to join my honorable friendn yi tribute to the men and women of r armeforces, they are the best in the world anthey rked tirelessly to keep our fah and we o tm every gratitude for doing so. i so assure her our commitntthroug nato as strong as er, and meet our nato pledge on gdp, and $17 billion on the equipmentlan and she has referred for the royal air force in romania. and the ronissancsquadron and that shows a clear
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commitment. >> wascie rselves with condolens of the pme minister andeader of the labor party. and after that. the prime misr promised before triggering tie 50, d the agreement. >> last year the prime ministe deheromiseorhe agreement for scotla, wales an northern ireland. and triggered article 50 and has done so without an agreement d
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no agreement. why has she broken her promise and broken her word? >> i have beenerclear. the first of this, the first visit i me stju, developer uk wide approach. the uk approach was taken netiatio iwould be the united kingdom government that took forward that poti and i remind the right honorable gentlemen scotland is partf e united kingdom. >> the prime minister did not de h would see the uk approachn reement for northern ireland, the is no
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agement. the british government was elected with a higher percentage of the vote wi a bigger elect oralante yeery the scottish parliantot 659eople in scotland should have a choice about thr future. and colud, a period of democratic approval. that choice would be exercised this parlment.
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and and and the european uon the european union. the scottish nionali party. order this is very unseey heckli. inhe scottish courts you would be st down >> independence is the only subject they wished to talk abt. e ntleman and his colleue now is not the time -- the referendum. today of a days we ou be coming together as the united kingdos the best deal.
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>> thank you, mister speaker, proving vocational and technical infoatn vital to closing our productivity gap. can th prime minister is only vocaon ecationils e equal safe for academic education. as wlee the , young people can be equipd build the hi skilled eno oth future. >> my right honorae ie raised an important issue. itasssential for young people we get vocational-technic education the rig eeem anfos, the productivity gap, we want to deliver a world leading technil ucion system that will create genuine optionsor people. d e dg, the right horae friend the chancellor announced a signict ckage to implement t mt ambitious
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po 1rerms since 70 years aginvesting an eraal billion pounds a year in enans techca education, studying high lever technical qualifications for institutesf technology. >> and almost 3 months mns many smaller companies face disaster. small business says the extra annual cost is at least 2700 pounds a year. a burden on business, have she got it wrongonatnal suranc bktcked now, and as wel-- >> the honorableentlemen, and
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indicated for the smallest businesses below thehreshold, d trying to move to greer organizati othway in which it operates, tt will enable a better service for people completing their forms and we always remember th. >> it is iornt to lk at long-term solution the prime minier loo acases in my constituency and how t system works for the council and general hospital. >> primeminist. >> i am grateful forhextra money, to billion pounds, in ocean care, with pressure and demandn cial care but it is important to assure the best
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pracces lired across the country. it isn'tusabt money. and t sustainable solution hes cal auorities to raise standards acro t stem, they are in a green paper this aro t state-funded system on a more secure sustainable long-term -- the pme minister didn't protect policeudget, she told ptected the school budget. does she stand by the statement. we protecd hool budget anpua record budget int scols. >> today, mister speaker, e public accounts committee says of the department ofduti, understand the pressure schools are already under.
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they went on to say funding per-pupil is reducg rl terms and goes on to saychl budgets will be cut by $3 billion equivalent to 8% by 2020. the public accous comtt i wrong on this? >> 2 billion pounds going into ouschools, the quality of education inurchls, 1.8 million more cldn, and the pocy from this government to srt every child gets a odchl place. >> many parents'day experience with childrenn schools ty t tters from e schl aski f mey. if she received a letter from her daught at school asking
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foa stee donation to pop up reduced funds the ho is receiving. thisovernmt's cu t schools are betrayi a generation of children. of therime minisr rht, parents are wrong, teaers are wrong, the i fs is wrong, the education policy is wrong, the blic accousomttee which includes eight conservive members is also wrong loswhh organization does pack the prime nister vw on education spending in ouscol >> i just said to him rejec scolunding and we have,he real term proction to scol project, and the school budget hasore people in 1920 but i al say t him the quality o
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education, 1.8 million more children for the lab vement and also say time and time aga, ki questns lead to more spending. let's look at what heas don rently. sinceanrymore spending, on 1 march and 8 march,or spending, th15 oar and the 22nd of march, re spending. he doe'tal for more public spending. wh it comes to spending money they haven't got, they can't help thsees the same old labor spends today and give somebody else the bill tomorrow. weon't do that until the next generation.
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>> mister bi wiggi >> prime minister. >> i sure eryone joins me in paying tribute, in very dangerouconditnsit vital equipmt to armed forces helping us to victor i'm sure my noble friend will recognize for practical reass it inopoible to pursue individualsut as part of business would be happy to work with him to look at the first way to recognize the collective effort. >> these ladies find chemicals inhehees turn their skins yellow and theyre nicknamed canary goals. righhonorable ie is exceptionally busy but could s spend a few moments to meet me and these canary gir to recognize eiseice. >> i would be happy to do that.
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and was vitalo the war effort. and s solutely rtis and extremely dangers. >> thank you, misterpeer thgornment has established, and providers like the cooperate diital inditeno charges for children and young ppl i know the prime minisr a compassionate woman with chilen funds. will she agreed to work with me eablish this fundo in some comfort to parents inhe daeshour. >> pay tribute to the honorable lady. on this issue annot just a
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passionateampaign but ha spoken on many occasions. and the welcome divisiotan by the co-opt, waive the funeral fees, we dwa -there is some financial court available but warloinat this issue and what more can be done though itroed up in a piece of work aabet office leading on thatie owork tme with her and talk about the idea. >> the pmeinter will know e dget ge 0illion pounds for the welsh waiver governmento provide business reef willhe prime minister aee e leader peter faulk, welsh labor mu not commit to spending thaton with wsh
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sinesses,. >> absolutely right,heig honorable chancellor, 0 million pounds. they will e that to support their own -- a very --he fourth of may. if uk government action with workg family that will assure whales benefits and econoes work. >> the e.u. referendum mpgn urge people to pay back contl of he msf money. e im minister will trigr toy,nd fulfill the promise made by cabinet coeae with the british public.
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>> pmeinter. >> im ryhappy. stingerct cfoably an era of repose. >> i am very hpyo llhe honorable lady whethis count leaves the european union we will haveonolf the budget and we will fight how the money is snt >> thank you, mister speaker. with modification schools in my constituency welco the nation fdi fmu a given the leader of e opsion, next question, given the 40chools at the botto of theunng, and less scope
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for efficienci. wi mrit honorable friend provide more immediateuprt >>s my horle friend is sang, what we are doing, the lottery ofchl nding, the school funding is at record high which iretion t minimum funding lels i said bere, the representations on the issue will be considering thcoulti, a lot of responseto that, aisri compx reform, general reement th ror is needed an carul csiring the representation. >> after ne months o t primary straps approach brexitorern ireland is adck, scotland is going for a referendum, e glh are split down the mdl
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and the commons committees. eyon't like home truth which has the prime minister coidedn ter oinking article 50 its not the ta >> what the uk gernmenis dog ioking article 50 is putting into practice the democraticotofheritish people, a referendum. erwas a referendum in 2014 in scotlanwh t scottish ople voted to remain -- his lleagu, ssive praice. >> max warman. tee quaerofy cotients voted to leave the eupean union. does the prime minister age with me, triggering article 50
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marks warsd ment not only f ts country's control of immraonnd sovereignty t also steninto the views of people who werfootn too long. >> i agree with my honorable frnd invoki artic 5 not only shing tolace the views of thbrispele as set out in the referendum on 23 je t crucially that was not just a vo of lein the eu, it was a vote about cngg is country for the futu a this govement h ale pn for itain that will change the country, a more global outlook of atrger economy, or ited nation. >> thank you, mister sak, the people expect the prime minier to folw r rts manifesto andbi ba
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majority vote of this parlme. why does sheayhe first minister oscotland should do the opposite? >> whai say i at th pnt inime, w face a histoc moment, seing inross negotiations for the futurof this country and relationship to the europe unionnois the me toutoghe >>aingand awareness to bring many of these peoe, mi mbs, all suffering fr tm,et research receives 1% of all search funding r cancer and is a bigger ccer
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killer for adults under 40 commending all theseeoe and seei what re we can dto crse funding forra tor research. >> iis gdecd of rearch and that is importt. the people who are rain fund many of them will have d certain experiences in one waornoer of braitumors an it is important we recognize the e ny killers out there who dot cee blitand support of others ande n't recognize their importancand coenthe raising fus. >> as we enter the world of article 50 can the pre nier say what she is doing to insreatnaanlocal government priorize purchang d buying of brith goods and rves, tug i have toay
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police vehicle don't give as much cause for optimism. >>ri minisr? >> we have been encouraging the procurement of britisgos d services but we can do for local authorities iseople arou t country want local authorities to take their best interestnt thathe can vote consvative. >>an i congratulate my right honorae r e ime minister in ioking artie 50 taynd does she agree with me, this may t e of the phony war, the end of ptung from the he benches and focus in dail fo ery industry, every sector and every community for a deal we can get behind? >> prime minisr. agree with my honorable frie. w is the time to come together and be united to ensure that we workorhe bespoib deal for e it kgdom and best
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fureor us all. >> the prime minister has bn emphasizing her determination r nstut rts of the it kingdom on this histor y. others are content to moan and whine, we what to see the delivery hpen, andorern ireland, some of the responsibilities in terms of this, we went toeet up and nng,orthern ireland gornntcoitns in the y tt. if oerst ay from ppl who shouldn't walk away, would sheork more cse, dhe inre of northern ireland. >> we wa to wo tetr to assure we can protecthe best interests of northern ireland. ensuring w have government and
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nortrnrend is important r e ture and so wean build on significant progress ma irentears for people of noreriranani ge all parties to come to the tas, finding a way through iso nortrnrendan restore government. >>ilthprime nistergree social media compani nd to take aionoto remove extremists from their atrm and foot the bill,oi tir rty wo at tpayers expense. >> the queion of worng with the company to aure extremist materials removed as quickly as posslendoing for a number of yearsthrough unrtrosmetwork we have a process which enables to take marials down. taken down since february 2010,
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and inhe last couple years, i know mrit noblfrnd will be meeting the companies later this wk to talkbo this important iue we don't want to see extremist mateals onhe internet. wh wwa to see his companies taking actioto remove material that is enurinhate. late onatdanit a massive pliodestated my constituency we arehiing of all those at areur it is a merkel more people were not injured. the community faces significant eieltion. will the pri mister in with min thankinalthe who looked aery mmity over the weekendndn rece days and will she arranged a meeting withheectary of state, treild the barrier
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>> the honorableady to commend and thank all of those who woed so rdn ergency services a oers to support her local commit anth wk will continue. it doesn't hpeover the weekd, being geno e community into the futuran counities and local governntwork t meet with her and discuss how that mmunitcabe mbers opaiant continued to debate the exit fromheurean union. this i35 minutes. overcome the iacofhi explosn. >> oer. atent, the pmeinte >>hank you, mter


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