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Paul Ryan
  Speaker Says He Understands Presidents Frustration Over Health Care Vote  CSPAN  March 30, 2017 12:30pm-12:41pm EDT

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the speaker pro tempore: the question is on the motion to adjourn. those in favor say aye. those opposed, no. the ayes have it. the motion is adopted. accordingly the house stands adjourned until noon on monday
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the speaker: wiped out one-third of the jobs in coal country alone. combine our actions with the steps the president has taken to jump start pipelines and stop president obama's assault on affordable energy. after years of sluggish growth give a real boost to our economy. with all of these measures, we are doing something very, very fundamental and that is the point that is worth seeing here. for too long, we have had unelected bureaucrats writing our laws. we have been having unelected bureaucrats dictating the rules we have to live under and the rest of government just goes along with it. now we are turning power from washington into the elected branch of government. we are giving people more control and a say in the decisions that are made in their classrooms, at their businesses and on their lands. this is good progress and we will make more in weeks to come.
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reporter: this involves your caucus relating to the freedom caucus, do you agree that you need to fight the freedom caucus? the speaker: i understand the president's frustration and i share his frustration. 90% of our conference is for to repeal and replace and 10% is not. that is not enough. members need to keep talking with each other until we get the consensus but the president is frustrated that we haven't gotten to where we need to go. he is expressing his frustration and you know he does that in various forms including twitter and i understand his frustration. reporter: the senate is moving forward with their russian investigation exposing that the real immediate danger that russia poses while the house committee seems to be bogged down in politics, is the house
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committee missing the big picture? the speaker: i want the house committee to have a full, thorough and bipartisan investigation and get everything out there, follow the facts wherever they go and get to the truth. that is going to take some time and i'm confident they are going to do that. this has gotten a little political. let's take a pause and get all the evidence, all the documents and find out what happened. and what i'm worried about with russia is, you got elections coming online in europe this year. and so the russians clearly are trying to medical in other countries' elections. we have to help our allies prevent that from happening and uncover it. we have to figure out what they did here and wherever the facts go and also need to do more to help our allies guard against this invasion into their democracy from russia. reporter: a number of republicans said that you need to be $880 billion from medicaid
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savings from the health care bill in order to lower the revenue baseline to achieve significant -- the speaker: not medicaid but the revenue. you know how this works. you are a budget guy. reporter: do you agree there is a direct correlation? the speaker: that's not correct. someone is misunderstanding how blines work. the spending on medicaid has nothing to do with that but the bamacare taxes that affect tax reform. if we repeal the obamacare taxes then that is revenue baseline that we don't have to put into tax reform. if we don't repeal the obamacare taxes, it is my position that we are going to leave those taxes over there with obamacare and address the tax code.
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nothing to do with the spending baseline. reporter: explain this idea of not wanting the president to work with democrats on the health care bill. and in response to chris collins, big trump ally and said the next time that the freedom caucus calls the tuesday group, we should hang up the phone and not get to health care in 2019 and you say we are close. the speaker: 90% of our conference is there. 95% gets us there. i say we are close. here's the point i'm making here, the democrats aren't for repealing obamacare, we are. we work with democrats all the time. patty murray and i did a big budget agreement. we have long histories working with democrats, i don't think it's a stretch of the mind to suggest that the democrats disagree with us on repealing
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obamacare. they aren't going to help us repeal obamacare. if we do what we said we were going to do is repeal and replace obamacare, something tells me the democrats aren't going to help us. they created it in the first place. reporter: fiscal 2017, will you send a bill, will it fund the wall? the speaker: the bill hasn't been completed it yet. and it is premature to get into the contents of the bill. there are 11 other bills that we would pass. the question is it one bill, two bills. that's one for the senate to decide how they are going to package the bill. it's about their calendar and how they work. our goal is to work on the rest of the bills and that's what our appropriators are negotiating. reporter: you are going to send a spending wrapup
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the speaker: we sent them the d.o.d. and i anticipate we will send them the ress. reporter: would taking the posturing and destabilize the market? the speaker: yes. ou all right over there? yes. i think the answer is yes. last part. but the lawsuit is going to take some time. this is a separation of powers issue and i don't know when the lawsuit gets wrapped up. i think it goes into may and it could take us months. it is currently an unresolved issue. reporter: if the payments should be continued -- the speaker: while the lawsuit is being litigated, then the administration funds these benefits. that's how they have been doing it and i don't see any change in that. reporter: to follow up on that. you said the $7 billion would
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destabilize the markets if the lawsuit is successful. why not drop the lawsuit? the speaker: we believe in the separation of powers. we believe in congress retaining its law making power but it hasn't run its full course. while the lawsuit is running its course, the administration is exercising its discretion with respect to c.r.'s. our plan is to repeal and replace obamacare and have the transition occur where these markets are stabilized. reporter: you are encouraging members to talk to each other. will you commit there will be another vote on this bill or similar bill? the speaker: i'm not going to commit to when and what the votes are going to look like because it's my job to make sure that house republicans can come together and draw consensus. what i'm encouraging is figuring out what solutions get us to a bill that everybody can vote for
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and pass. those are the kinds of conversations that are occurring. this is too big of an issue to not get right. i'm not going to put an artificial deadline on saving the american health care system from collapse. it is too important. let's forget about all the beltway talk here and think about there are families that are hurting, there are families that aren't getting the health care they need, premiums are going up double dits, plans are pulling out of marketplaces and no one has a choice in a third of american country. and it's going to get worse. it's important that we do something to fix this problem and that's going to take us to continue to work to get consensus and i'm not going to put a time on it because i want to make sure we get this done right. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit